Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I am Shalini aged 27.. I am working as a software professional. This happened a year back. I was in a project working under a lady manager. I am fair, 5'7", with a figure of 36-28-34. People say that I am sexy & I have attractive big boobs. Since I go to gym regularly I have a toned body with flat stomach. My manager is Vinitha. She should be around 33 and a divorce. I always get confused with her behaviors cause when no one is around, she will put hands around my hips. Once when I was in her cabin, I bend down to pick something and I was wearing a lot cut salwar. When I got up I saw her staring at my cleavage. I got shy and pulled my salwar up. She told 'you have excellent boobs' I don't know what to respond I jus told 'Thanks Ma'am' Once when I was standing in her cabin, she moved her hands over my back till my butt and pressed my butt. I wasn't sure she did it on purpose, or accidentally. Since she was my manager I dint say anything. I got used to her staring and comments on my boobs, hips, butt.

She will brush my boobs at times never knew whther it was on purpose or accident. 1 yr back, Since it was recession, many jobs have been cut. My appraisal time has come and my manager didn't do it. Vinitha kept postponing it and told she wasn't so happy with my performance. I was very worried that if she gives me low rating, I will be kicked out of my company. The next day I came to know that vinitha has to attend a meeting in our Bangalore head office and she has to be there in Bangalore for 5 days. She called me thru' phone and told that I should accompany her . I tried saying something 'cos my boy friend was coming that weekend, she stopped mid way and told 'Shalini, remember your appraisal? if you deny this, I will give you low rating and I know you can't afford to lose this job'. I told 'Sorry Ma'am, will come'. She took me shopping that day afternoon saying clients may come and I need to dress up nicely. She picked formal skirts, tops and blazer for me and as well for her. She told company will pay for the dress. So I didn't bother much. Later she took me to inner wear shop. I felt very shy. 'Shalini, you can't wear bra that shag your breasts. you have wonderful boobs, this shop has good ones.'. 'But Ma'am it will be costly' I told. Vinitha replied 'yeah I know…Company won't pay for inner wear. But I will put it under some other expense. You don't worry'. She picked me nice laced up brasier and panty which came in thousands of rupees. When I wore it made my boobs much sexier. but they couldn't cover my full boobs, only half of it. I don't know how to tell Vinitha and she force fully got them. We travelled by flight and reached the hotel I was surprised to see that she booked a double bed room and told that I have to stay with her only. I could feel that something is wrong. But I couldn't say anything. I should say here how Vinitha looks like. She is around 5'9" very fair and has short hair till her shoulder. I had long hair till my waist.

She has somewhat smaller boobs than mine. She looked attractive and very fit since she goes to gym. She has a very good ass which sways nicely when she walks around in jeans/skirts. when i got ready to take bath she asked me to wear brown color skirt, white shirt and brown color coat and a red color bra and panty inside. I felt embarrassed when she picked my inner wear colors as well. when i came out of bathroom, wearing my shirt & skirt, she sat in d bed starring at me. my Shirt was very transparent and my red brasier was visible. She slowly walked towards me and pressed me against the wall and stroked my hair. She was so close I could feel her breathe. I froze and blurted out 'Ma'am…."Shalini, undo ur 1st 3 shirt buttons'. I was shocked to hear that. I stared at her with utmost shock. she continued' what Shalini? u forgot your appraisal and job? don't u want ur job? U want it right?' Now, I know what she wants from me and what was coming. I needed my job badly. So, I shake my head saying yes. she lifted my skirt slowly and massaged my inner thighs and whispered 'undo your buttons dear' I got so aroused with the way her hands worked on my thighs I undid 3 of my shirt buttons as she told. she opened my shirt and looked at my boobs. She touched my left boob with her right hand and massaged it slowly. 'So huge boobs, would love to feed on it?'. saying that she massaged both my boobs over my bra on both hands. I was tensed but started getting wet . She kept massaging my inner thighs and suddenly touched my clit. I was in shock and my body started shivering. I didn't expect this from her. I hold her hand to pull it hand and muttered 'Ma'am…'. She moved my hand away and moved her finger on my pussy over the clit saying 'u r so wet'. I felt totally embarrassed hearing that. I don't know why I got aroused by a women's touching. she stroked my pussy over my panty for like 5mins and became totally wet. I heaved for breathe and she intensified the massage. I wasn't sure whether I am a Lesbian but i was really like her massages. She took me before the mirror and came behind me. Kissed my neck, shoulder and slowly undid all my shirt buttons. Cos of all the massaging she did, my nipples became erect and the bra slipped out of place. I could see most of my boobs outside the bra. She took my left boob out of my bra and kneaded my nipples. I felt more aroused seeing my boobs cupped around her hands in the mirror. She did the same with my right boob..I really enjoyed it but wasn't sure where this is heading. She turned my head and started kissing my lips..She bit it and sucked it. Suddenly she moved away from me and pushed me from her telling 'go cover your boobs. Get ready.' I was very disappointed and wasn't sure why she did like that,. I wasn't sure whether she was testing me or she really need me. I was very scared also on what she might do with my job. We started to meeting in the car but she didn't speak a word what happened in d room. All she spoke is project and estimation and meeting. I wasn't sure whether i was hallucinating or the incident really happened. She made me run around to get coffee, getting print outs & i didn't even ate my lunch properly. she treated me like an office assistant. I felt like crying.

But my nipples and pussy were sure that she massaged it only my mind wasn't sure. I went to restroom and washed my face and when I turned, Vinitha stood there. Only we two were there in the restroom. She came close to me and kissed me on my lips and massaged my boobs. Then I started crying. She got terrified 'what happened? Why are you crying?'. I dint say her..then she hugged me, kissed me and told that she loves me. I was pretty confused and couldn't control crying. She asked her why she suddenly pushed me aside and behaved like that. She told she was scared that she won't be able to leave me and might miss the meeting. Saying that she French kissed me, kissed my neck..unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my boobs. The bathroom was inside our conference floor and only we two are women. So i wasn't much scared that any woman will come to Restroom. But cleaning people may come. I told her that, but she didn't listen. She pulled my right boob out and start sucking it hard and fast and her right hand worked on my pussy. I couldn't control anymore and started moaning and heaved. I pressed her head further onto my boob and I was getting get. she sucked real hard. She put her right hand inside my pussy and rubbed my clit. she massaged it harder. I was getting more wet. I begged her to suck my left boob also. she told No. I got mad, I wanted my other boob to be sucked as well as I was so aroused. She told No and I shouted at her to suck. she replied 'still I am in control Shalini, I will do what I want to do. This doesn't change anything.' I was shocked and didn't move but muttered ' Sorry Ma'am'.'Now lift ur skirt and masturbate yourself'. I saw her with utmost fear. She screamed 'do it you bitch'. I parted my legs..lifted my skirt and pulled my panty down. ' I rubbed my clit slowly then faser till I get an orgasm. When my juice ran down my thighs, she sat down and licked it till my pussy. She made a quick lick on my pussy. It sent shock waves on my back. Suddenly i heard sm1 coming. She asked me to hurry into the toilet and get adjusted and she walked away. I went inside and got myself adjusted somehow and same out. Saw a cleaning lady and smiled at her and walked away. Rest of the day went in meetings and we reached guesthouse together. she didn't speak a word. As usual she spoke about project how it went ..reviewed the notes. We reached guesthouse by 7pm and again attended some calls from room. We went to have dinner by 8:30. Dinner also she didn't speak a word about my appraisal or the way she behaved. My whole body was pulsating after everything. I expected till 10pm but nothing happened. we went to change dress and I picked a knee length skirt and low neck tops and watched TV sitting in the bed when she came out I was in awe. She wore a see thru pink nighty, with nothing inside. No bra no panty. She had nice boobs and nice ass. She looked like a sex goddess. I stared at her pussy and boobs. She caught me seeing and winked. I lowered my head. She came to me and told she need to sort out the appraisal issues. I know what was coming. I shake my head. She sat near me and keep her hands on my thighs. She moved my skirt up and massaged my inner thighs. 'Shalini, you took so many leaves last year and you were on bench for long which is a big negative for you'. Saying that she worked her hands up my pussy. she parted my legs much wider and massaged my pussy.
"your performance is also not that great. '..'if I want I can screw your appraisal and send you out'.

I swallowed and looked at her and told in a shivering voice 'pls don't do that Ma'am'. 'You have a great body. If u would allow me to screw your body I won't screw your appraisal. Will you be my sex slave?' "Yes Ma'am'.'Thats my slut.'.Saying that she removed my tops and bra and kneaded my left nipple. She pinched it and did the same on my right nipple. She leaned down and sucked my nipple very hungrily. When she bit me i let out a scream. She made me to stand up and pulled me closer and my pussy was near her mouth. she removed my panty and kept her mouth on my pussy. I was already wet w/ her stroking. my clit has become pink and was bulged. was already filled w/ creamy juices. She lick it and started sucking it fast. I moaned and pushed her head onto my pussy. She parted my legs further and sucked like a mad dog. I got my orgasm and cum in her mouth. I was fully nude and she was in her see thru nighty. I opened her nighty zip and touched her boobs. rolled her nipples between my fingers, pinched it and massaged it. She asked me to kneel down and told'My Pussy(cat) got lost. Find it now..' I understood and lifted her nighty and i saw her clean shaven pussy. I crawled between her legs and touched her pussy . I slowly rubbed it w/ my fingers..I opened the lips of her clit and stroked it 1st slowly then faster.,' You found the missing pussy?' she moaned No Ma'am. There is a hole here Ma'am. Shall I go inside and search'. "yes You there'. She removed her nighty over her head and we both are nude. she is sitting in the bed with her legs wide open and I was kneeling down, w/ my face near her pussy. I inserted my middle finger in her cunt and grinded it against her walls. I inserted one more finger and grinded harder. She moaned and made sounds. I made a circular motion inside her cunt faster and faster., Her Moans became more and she filled my hand w/ her juices' She moaned 'yes..yess..faster do faster u bitch..'. I got excited and inserted one more finger and moving back & froth like a swinging motion inside her. She moaned 'fuck the hole..bitch' 'Found the pussy…' she yelled..'Guess I can find with my mouth and tongue' what are you waiting for you slut then. put your tongue and mouth there and pull the fucking pussy out' I parted her legs much wider..and i cud see her hold..I sucked her pussy. I rolled my tongue around her clit, parted her lips and licked harder. I kept grinding my fingers inside her cunt and sucked her pussy harder. then I removed my fingers from her pussy and inserted it again. My fingers are generally very long and I inserted fingers insider her pussy and fucked hard. She screamed with pleasure 'fuck my pussy you bitch suck it harder'.

I got mad and pushed my fingers in and out as fast and hard as possible..and sucked her pussy with my mouth as well. I lifted her ass so that I can insert my tongue into her cunt. I fucked w/ her tongue and as well w/ my fingers..She screamed 'fuck going to cum..fuck hard' she climaxed and cummed in my mouth and hand. I licked it fully. She was tired but was happy. She pulled me close to her started sucking my boobs. She massaged one boob and sucked the other..she told that she s so craze about my boobs and she would love to suck it every day. She sucked for like 20mins and my nipples became red with all sucking and biting. I became hot and wet again. Cunt juices started flowing. I moaned 'Ma;am fuck me…'I badly wanted to get my vagina fucked. She went down and i thought she will lick me. But she walked up to the closet opened her bag and came with something, Its s strap on dildo. She strapped it around her ad i got scared seeing its size. It was massive 10 inch n was very thick. she told she want to fuck me hard. I begged her not to.'you will tear my pussy if u fuck me with that"yeah that's the whole idea'.'Pls don't do this to me Ma;am"u wanted ur cunt to be fucked right..u bitch..U r my slut now. If I want to tear your pussy..I will do so. U want this job right?' I was so scared N told yes. Then 'Part ur legs and show ur fucking cunt to me you bitch'..she screamed and parted my legs wide. She knelt b/w my legs near my pussy and positioned the dildo near my cunt.She rubbed my cunt w/ the dildo..all over. I became very hot & badly wanted to get fucked. She kept rubbing her dildo on my cunt and my juices started coming ..I yelled 'Ma'am pls fuck me'. She grinned and kept the tip of the dildo near my hole. Though i wanted to get fucked badly I was scared seeing d massive size of the dildo. She slowly inserted the dildo in my tight pussy..and It was very painful. She gave a little push and my pussy lips felt very much pain. I told her to remove the dildo..she didn't listen..but stopped for a while. Only 1/4th was inside me. I thought I can't take any more. Already I was in pain. Suddenly Vinitha gave a big push and she inserted the huge dildo into my pussy at one shot. I dint know what happened. I screamed & I almost blacked out. I thought I was dead. I don't know how long I lied like that. When I opened my eyes..Vinitha kissed me on my lips..and I felt that the dildo was still inside me. Slowly Vinitha pulled d dildo out and when I thought she is going to pull out..she suddenly inserted it again, I screamed..I was in immense pain and tears started rolling on my cheeks. I begged her not to do this,..she told I will soon enjoy the pleasure. She slowly started inserting and pulling down the dildo and fucked me. Slowly d pain eased out and a pleasure started building up inside me. I wanted to to fuck harder..and feel the 10 inch dildo ram my inside. I yelled 'Faster.Ma'am..faster..d pussy is yours. Tear it apart Ma'am' She seemed to have got aroused and she picked one more dildo from her hand and inserted into her clit and started to fuck herself as well..

She fucked me like an animal..she fucked even more harder and we both finally cum together .. we shuddered and she fell over we. she got up after few mins and stared licking my cum..and came to me and kissed my lips. I could feel d taste of my cum on her lips. I licked her cum and kissed her back to give d taste of her own cum.we hugged each other and slept off. she kept her hand over my boobs or my pussy. We stayed for a week together and she fucked me in every possible time. She took bath w/ me and fucked me. licked me, sucked me in office rest room. Night again, she will fuck me several times. She got me so many expensive gifts and took care of me nicely. She apologized for behaving so badly to me initially cause she don't know how to fuck me, cause she liked me d moment she met me.. so took her authority to make me submissive. She fucked me so nicely..softly roughly all ways..I totally forgot about my boy friend. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to love him as I did before. I & Vinitha we literally fall in love w/ each other. By d time i reached back, my body was sore w/ all fucking but was excited @ the same time. Vinitha used to call me to her cabin and fuck me even in office hours. at least she will take a quick suck on my boobs or pussy. I will stay in her apt on some days in a week and we enjoyed. She gave me a promotion and we both travelled abroad together. Now we stay together and we enjoy all our time. on d weekends..we will walk around d house nude and will have sex all the time. We love each other so much and US gives us the freedom to live d way we want.


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