Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I am describing a true story and changing the name and place of all characters for obvious reason. I was only 25 years old that time, just returned from abroad with a chartered accountant degree. I landed a job at the port city of Chittagong in a reputed multinational oil company. Like all other officers, among other things, I had a big bungalow from the company in a gated residential area. I was asked to get my family there to live with me but, I did not have none. My sick mother was living with my elder brother and his family, who was a professor in a varsity at other end of the country. My only sister was married and lived with her family in Europe. My boss arranged me a maid by one of our junior employee to cook for me and take care of the big bungalow. He also suggested me to get married soon because, my fellow officers family living around me are a bit uncomfortable for my bachelor status. The maid I had was a married woman, almost of my age. She had a three years old daughter. Her name was Maloty. She was a hindu woman. My boss asked me, whether I had a problem with that! I obviously did not have any prejudice. Infact, one of my childhood best friend is hindu. Our family is still very close. The maid I had, was not gorgeous but clean, healthy, well built. Medium complexion and appearance with nice boobs and buttocks. She was an expert in her job. A very nice cook. She used to come few hours in the morning and another few hours in the evening. She used to leave her daughter with her family.

There was not much recreational facility in my life beside going to the officers club in the evening to play cards and play tennis. Initially, I did not have any bad intention about my maid. One of my colleague used to tease me that I was lucky to have such a nice maid, do I use her in bed? Actually that guy made me think about having sex with my maid. We did not have internet that time. I used to watch a few porn book, that I brought from abroad. Once I looked at those picture before I go to bed and kept them by my night stand. Somehow I went to sleep unintentionally. Next morning, I was late to wake up, Maloty knocked my door. I looked at the wall clock and went to the bathroom in a hurry. When I got out of the bathroom, my room was properly cleaned and the bed was done nicely. I could see the porn books on bed, folded by my pillow. I was embarrassed to see that. Because Maloty apparently had looked at those pictures. I hid them under the mattress. She was always shy and very respectful to me. I was having my breakfast but, she was not attending the table, which she always did. I was not looking at her but she was asking me by the door, whether I needed anything else. I replied, no. From that point of time, I tried to avoid her. On the other hand, she got easier to me. She started to smile at me, talking a bit more than normal conversation. I am pretty much sure she was looking at the porn's, everyday, because I often find them displaced. Once, I hard myself in tennis game, from a fall. There was a few bruise in my right arm and buttock. I had to take a day off from my office. I had pain all over my body. She asked me to massage my arm and leg. I said ok. I was laying on the sofa and she was nicely massaging my arm, I felt very good with her soft touch. Then she asked me to lose my trouser to massage my buttock. I turned around myself and she pulled my trouser to my lower hip. She was massaging my butt with her both hands, inserting one hand inside my short. I could see her breathing got heavier. At the end her hands were shaking .I also got so excited, my blood was like boiling. I looked around, her eyes were closed, rubbing my ass creak. Suddenly the phone rang. We both opened our eyes, she saw a big bulge in my short. She covered her face by one hand and laughed. The phone call was from the watchman. She was late this evening going home. Her husband was worried and came to pick her up. She told the watchman to ask her husband to wait another few minutes because I was sick.

She quickly straightened up a couple of chores and left with a smile saying, 'amar bachcha kadche hoyto, kal sokal asbo' (my baby perhaps crying, I will be back tomorrow morning) The next morning, it was weekend. I was anxiously waiting for her, but there was no Maloty. I had some readymade stuff at home, I had breakfast with. I called the watchman to inquire about Maloty .He came down few minutes later and told me that, Maloty's daughter was very sick, she won't be able to work. In the mean time, a temporary replacement maid would be here in the evening. Around early evening, the watchman accompanied a beautiful young girl to my home. This is the replacement maid. She was Maloty's sister Mallika. She was absolutely stunning. She does not look like a maid at all. She is about 18-19 years old, goes to school. Tall, attractive figure, big nice firm boobs. I was amazed to see such a smiling face in my home. Since her 'jamai babu' (BIL, sister's husband)is not allowed here he will wait outside till she finishes her work. She was talkative, smart, seems much matured than her older sister. Without asking about anything, she started to work around the home. She was asking question and approaching me without any hesitation. I made up my mind to get her under my arm. Her cooking was not as nice as her sister but, she was good at everything. I told her that, her sister massaged my bruise in arm and hip and I need that massage again. She smiled and said 'biswas hochche na didi apnar ga tipese boley, apatoto apnake sobur korte hobe' (I don't believe my sister massaged your body, till then you have to wait). She left around nine in the evening. I could not sleep at night properly .I probably dreamed her face vaguely. She came back next morning. Watchman opened the main door for her. I was sleeping. After finishing few chores she made breakfast and knocked my door. She did not wait for my response, just opened the door. I was only in my shorts. I tried to grab my blanked, she looked at me, said'o ma go, apni evabey nengto hoye ghuman? thak kaz nai, ebar bathroome jan' (my god!you sleep half naked, don't worry, go to the bathroom)I was kind of careless, I wanted her to see my body. She was staring at me. When I was having my breakfast, she also took a few pieces of Loaf, standing at the corner and eating. Usually maids don't dare to do that. I was watching TV in the drawing room, she approaches me after finishing all her chores.'Ekhon ager moto digomber hoye ashun, jodi malish korte chan' (now you can get half naked like earlier, and lay down to get massage).I obliged her like she was my boss. She started to massage my hand.'dekhen abar anno kono kaj shuru korben na jeno, meye manush sporsho korley to apnader hush thake na' (don't start something else with me, you guys get wild at a woman's touch'.

I was stunned at her remark. I look at her face that smeared with a wicked smile. I asked her, 'koto jon tomar shate erokhom dustumi korechey' (how many guys banged you so far? )She replied'Ma go ekjon e jothesto' (one person is good enough) 'vaggayban lokti key' (who is that lucky guy? ) I asked.'ek diney shob bolthe hobey? (can't tell you everything at a time).She was laughing loudly. I could not take it anymore. I pulled her towards me, hugged her tight. She was laughing loudly. I stopped her laugh, kissing her deep in mouth. She also hugged me with her both hands around my neck. I started to squeeze her big boobs on top of her dress. She held my hand and asked, 'apnar uddeshya ki, sudhu furti kora, naki aro kichu?' (what is your intention? just sex, or something else? ) I told her that for the time being nothing else. We both are youg, we should enjoy our bodies first, and think about that later. I started to undress her. She was holding my dick in her hand and exclaimed' a go, eto muta, amar gudey dhukaley more jabo' (oh my god, it so big, I will die, when it goes in my pussy!)Her erected big nipples made me crazy. I was sucking like a hungry dog. She was running her fingers in my hairs and moaning loudly. I was kissing all over her body, after fully undressed her. She was sucking my lips, chin, chest and neck. She took off my undies and stroking my dick. Now she started to suck my prick like crazy. I slowly put my right hand in her clean shaven pussy. It was wet. I rubbed my middle finger in her pussy leaves and slowly pushed it inside. It was very tight but, I realized she was not a virgin. She was shivering her body and deep throat me. I was on the verge to explode. I told her that. She pulled me on top of her and asked me to mouth fuck her. In few minutes I released my love juice in her mouth. She very efficiently swallowed most of my cum, held my buttocks tight with her hands. She licked my limp prick nicely with the spilled cum around it. She was saying'Oma go ki misti' (Oh my god, how tasty it is).


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