Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We had a neighbor whose family had husband & wife (both at their mid 30s) and an old lady (younger female’s mother-in-law). The couple didn’t have any kids though they were longing to have one. They had some medical problems. The old lady was not approving their idea of adopting a kid. I was staying with my wife and one daughter. Over the time, we developed good relationship with them. Times passed.

Couple of years before the old lady came up with a proposal. She approached me with confidence that I should help her Daughter-in-law to conceive!It seems they both had long discussions before approaching me with this demand. I refused and explained them the consequences. It seems they determined to convince me to have sex with younger lady and help her conceive! I sought time to take the final call. I had never imagined having this kind of relationship with old lady’s daughter-in-law (DIL). I observed her carefully whenever we happened to meet. She has short in height (could be 5 ft), good healthy body with well developed boobs and wide but bulged buttocks. She had small face with good shaped lips and cheeks. Her skin was quite fair and glowing. I must appreciate her looks. She had maintained herself.

Couple of months passed. They waited me to get back to them which I didn’t. One fine morning, the old lady invited me over breakfast when my wife and kid were away at their mother’s place. I could see only the old lady at home who fed me the breakfast and coffee. After couple of minutes the lady re initiated the topic and pleaded me to help her DIL. With two minds, I agreed and went inside to talk to her DIL and I could see her in good mood and happy with my decision.

I asked her whether she shares her MIL’s thoughts. She nodded her head in acceptance! I asked to come to my residence after an hour or so and left to make up my house. She came after an hour with an light yellow saree with matching blouse and simple make up. I took her in my arms and kissed her cheeks. I was very happy to feel her very very smooth skin texture. I ran my hands on her bare back, and ass cheeks. Midly pressed her ass cheeks to feel its softness. She called me by my name and asked me to take her to bedroom. I said lets do everything slowly. We had entire day in our hand. I lifted her and made her sit on my lap while I got myself parked on the sofa set. The TV was on. I went on kissing her entire face slowly….kissed her forehead, both eyes, nose, cheeks and deeply kissed her on her lips. She put both her arms around my neck and responded quite well to my kisses. I asked her to take out all safety pins from her saree and took off her Pallu. I was exposed to her well grown milky boobs and the low cut blouse helped me see them very clearly. I kissed the line where both boobs met. Kissed her bare shoulders, kissed her balls exposed. With my right hand, I started feeling her legs, and ties and in the process,

I lifted her saree above her knees. Kissed milky, softy thies. While I was busy doing so she was mildly kissing my face and neck. Her warm breath was driving me crazy. I took her to my bed room. Took offer her saree, petticoat and blouse leaving her only on two piece of white color inner wares. Asked her to sleep on her stomach. I sat on the bed and ran my hands right from her toes to head covering, her legs, bulged buttocks, lower and upper back. Squeezed her both buttocks on panty. She asked me come on only my underwear and I obliged her. I came up on her. Started kissing legs, thies, bit her both buttocks on panty itself. Kissed her low and upper back. Pulled her panty down to see her naked buttocks. I went crazy on having look at them. I kissed both of them nicely, ran my nose on dividing line. Squeezed them open the ass hole. The brown hole invited me to kiss and lick it. I spend good time licking her ass hole which left her moan a lot.

I put her I removed the panty and unhooked her bra. Her entire naked back made me quite hot. Kissed her again from toe till neck and bit her buttocks midly. Turned her to see her red blushed face. Kissed her face and went to concentrate on her huge balls. Since she didn’t have kids, the nipples were very brown in color but erected. Took them in hands and massaged them, squeezed them. Took nipples in mouth one after the other and suck the balls for almost 20 mins each. Kissed her upper and lower stomach. Licked her belly button which was quite sexy. She was making lots of moaning which left me crazy and ran my face on her lower abdomen. I could see her pussy oozing out drops. It was completely wet. I separated her legs to see her juicy pussy. It was quite wide and was smelling great. I just took it entirely in my mouth and started eating it slowly. She was shouting with pleasure and was begging me to eat it without showing any mercy.

I was holding her ass cheeks in my hand while my face and mouth was enjoying her juicy cunt. She was lifting herself and asking me to lick her pussy.I separated her pussy lips to see pink flesh.. Pushed my tongue in it deeply and drove the tongue in all 360 degrees internally.I spend almost 20 minutes licking insider her juicy pussy. She has pushing my head towards pussy by asking to me eat it completely. I took out my inner ware leaving the solid 9 inch length with 1.5 inch of diameter rock hard cock exposed to her. She was looking at it with wide eyes as if she saw such a huge cock for the first time. She took it in her hands, squeezed it. Encircled the tip with her tongue leaving me in heaven. She grabbed entire cock in her mouth and gave an excellent blow job. I was getting exited and didn’t wanted to come in her mouth.

I asked her to get back to bed on her back. Slid a pillow below her buttock and asked her to wide spread her legs. Spend another 20 minutes licking, eating her cunt. She was repeatedly begging me to take out tongue and push the rock hard 9 inch cock into it. I teased her for another ten mins licking, biting her ass hole and pussy. Finally I gave up to her pleadings. I brought myself on her. Put the rock hard cock into the entrance of her pussy. Slept on her with my stomach on her, my chest on her fundoo boobs. Took her in my arms kissed her neck, lips and blew slowly in her both ears.

She was breathing quite heavily. I pushed my cock into her pussy for a great experience. My cock was moving in and out of her juicy pussy and she was calling me by name, asking me to fuck her hard, marry her, make her mother and all other provoking words. Her moaning gave me a great energy to fuck her for 15 mins before I came in her pussy heavily. She held me tightly when the juice moved deep inside her. She was too happy and kissed me on my cheeks and thanked me. We went to bath room and cleaned each other. Next two days we enjoyed at her residence fucking in all positions. Third day her hubby had to go away from Pune on office duty. I took her to Lonavla’s luxury hotel. Spent three days and two nights fucking in all possible styles. I didn’t leave any of her holes. Fucked in her mouth, cunt and ass hole.


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