Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I saw her for the first time on the second day I had moved to Bangalore. She was wearing a top and a full skirt. Although the top was not enough to hide me noticing her bulging boobs and also the neck of the top was quite deep that I could notice the beginning of her cleavage. She just glanced at me when I was just checking out her stuffs and went back to what she was about to do. And believe me she was looking straight into my eyes and that was enough to heat up the whole of my body. It made me increase my heart beat and I was feeling some warmth although it was one of those cool December mornings in Bangalore. She was putting her clothes for drying in the sun on the common balcony we shared in the first floor of the building we were leaving in. She was shorter than me. Much shorter in fact. I am around 5'11 and she must be just 5'6. I was sitting on a concrete slab and having a cup of tea when she entered the balcony with a bucket full of dresses to dry. Most of the times she had her back turned towards me. She wasn't fair. But she wasn't really dark either. But what gave me a real hard-on while watching her was the site of her skirt clinching on to her mature round-ass. And every time she bent to take dresses form the bucket, her wet skirt was clinching more to her ass.

The skirt was somewhat wet because she had just come after washing her clothes, I suppose. The skirt was clinching to her ass such that I could clearly see her ass crack and every time she bent down and stood straight she had to pull down the skirt a little from behind so that her skirt became normal. So that means she was quite aware of the site I was enjoying from behind. Anyways she finished her job in about 5 mins. Her 1 and half or 2 year old son came to her in between and was playing with her. After finishing her work , she turned back towards me and gave me another look before entering her room. This time she didn?t have that strange look which she had, when she looked at me the first time. I felt like she wanted to pass a smile when I saw her looking at me then. Anyways that was the first encounter. From her looks I could make out that she must be at least 27 years. So there was this married, not so fair, short , sexy lady with big boobs and protruding round ass as my neighbor and how can I start the day without jerking off thinking of her :) I was in Bangalore looking for a job after completing my studies in Chennai. Was staying at a friend place who was staying with his cousin there. They both had jobs and most of the time I was alone in my room. We lived in the first floor a 4-storyed building. They were 2 flats in each floor and luckily I was sharing the flat with hers on the same floor. The first encounter with her made it a habit for me to have tea exactly at that same time everyday in the balcony itself. I was noticing her every day with a huge bulge under my shorts. And sometimes I used to jerk off wildly thinking about her. After a couple of days I found out the time she came to pick the dried dresses. Since I was in the room most of the days it began a habit for me to observe her. I started wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts at home. I am just an average guy with an average body. I am fair. And I don't have an eight inch or ten inch dick. It is just a six inches and from all those encounters that I have had till date I suppose that it is more than enough to please any lady. After noticing her for a few days I came to know that her husband got night shifts and goes to office by around 7' o clock in the evening and came back at some hour early morning. Along with her son there was also a very old lady in the house, which might be her mom or her husband's. So I started seeing her almost every day in the balcony. After a couple of weeks, she was in the balcony picking the dried dresses at around noon time. I had gone out and just came back. I noticed that she was on the balcony. So hurriedly I went inside and changed my outfit and wore a t-shirt and shorts and came back and stood in the balcony acting like I was talking to someone over the phone. I wasn't looking at her this time. But I had this strange feeling that she was noticing me then. I was confused on what to do. I badly wanted to go and say a 'hello' to her after all these days of noticing her.

But all my hopes died when she went to her room all of a sudden and I was angry towards myself for losing a chance. Just then she again came back on the terrace with her son. She was feeding her this time. She had a bow in her one hand and with the other hand she was supporting the kid on her hips. And the boy was crying, not wanting to have the food and she was trying all her best to feed him. Suddenly the boy got down from her hips and came running towards my room and entered it as the door was open. He went inside and got into the hall. She too came running behind. I was watching all this and even I entered behind her. She got hold of the kid and he holding on to a chair in the hall. She saw me entering behind her and suddenly she looked at me and said sorry for what happened. I smiled and said very pleasantly that it was ok. She was having a very hard time handling the kid. But somehow she lifted d kid with 1 hand and was able to put her on her hips with the bowl of food in her other hand. So I just asked her wither I should carry the bowl for her and without saying anything she just gave me that bowl and took the kid and went to her room. I was waiting for her to come back for the bowl. But I could hear the kid crying loudly from her flat and though that it was good to go there and give the bowl to her. So I went to her flat and gave her the bowl. She said thanks and sorry once again. To which I just smiled n said that it's ok. Next day morning, as usual, she came with the dresses. She smiled at me when she saw me. I was noticing her with more interest. After finishing her work she came towards me. She was wearing a t-shirt and track-pants this time. And the bulge of her boobs itself was able to make me horny. I just felt like lifting her up and taking her to my room. My friend and cousin go to office by around 8' o clock in the morning. And I have usually had my tea after them leaving. She came to me and asked for my name. I introduced myself and after that asked for her details. She replied to everything that I had asked. I was sitting on the concrete slab all the time and she was standing in front of me all the time. And as usual I was having a very huge bulge inside my shorts all the time which was covered by the over lengthy shirt that I was wearing. She spoke to me about her husband and son and her husband?s mom who was leaving with them. She was so cute and she talked so well. She had a definite class in her and all her talks were very intelligent. I was getting impressed with the way she was putting things across. So became acquaintances after that. We started talking every time I saw her on the balcony. And sometimes her son used to come to my room or sometimes she used to leave her son with me saying that she got some work in the kitchen. So we both were getting used to each other. All this things happened in a month?s time. I joined for a course in between. It was just a 2 hour class though. But still I managed to be in time for the balcony sessions with her. In between I went home for a week?s time. When I came back she was angry with for not tell her that I was gone be away for a week .I was impressed by this response from her and felt really happy. And that is when I asked for her email-id. I added her on yahoo messenger. And is after that I came to know that she spends a lot of time online. So we started chatting through yahoo every night and she used to be online on line very late at night. And slowly I got her phone number also. She used to give missed calls when she comes online. But over relationship was a healthy one. From acquaintances we were getting to be friends. It was then I happened to have a new girl friend from the class which I was attending. And thanks to her for so forward thinking that I got to fuck her within a week?s time after meeting her. And all the lust that was inside was in fact released on me. She was just an 18 year old and that is when I realized how much my dick is missing a matured cunt!

We used to bunk our classes and she used to come to my room for the fucking sessions. And during those times my balcony and yahoo sessions with my hot sexy neighbor got interrupted a little. But little did I know that making someone miss me will bring out their lust for me :) One day as usual in the balcony she came to me and asked why is I so busy all these days. I just told her that it is the course and stuffs and tried to divert the topic. But she smile at me mischievously and told that she knows what my actual 'studies' are. I was wondering whether she had noticed me brining my gf to my room. Well she didn?t tell me anything more about it and I knew that she was not going to tell me anything more about it just like that. That night I was chatting with her in yahoo. And I told her openly that I had got a new gf and that?s why I am not as free as I used to be before and told sorry for not telling her about her before. She was happy about the fact but asked me to talk to her whenever I got time. She was asking me more about her. And suddenly she asked me to 'play it safe' as she had seen me entering my room a couple of times. I was shocked on her telling me this. And I just tried to convince her that she came to my room and we were just spending some time together and that nothing 'unhealthy' was happening. She just laughed for that and told that she knows what guys at my age will do with a girl when she is alone in your room. I just blushed hearing that remark. But suddenly I got bold and told that it seems like she too have got experience in this field before her wedding. She laughed again and suddenly my internet connection got disconnected. I wasn't able to connect back. And to my surprise she called me up on my phone. We just talked generally for some time and suddenly she teased me telling to 'play it safe' to which I replied that I will listen to her as it's from an experienced person. She was laughing al the time and told that I?m still a kid. I started to fight on that topic and told her that if she sees me 'properly' she will come to know that I am not a kid anymore. She laughed hearing that and asked me to go tell that to my gf. After that I told that I did mean that, I don't mind showing it to her too. She suddenly became silent hearing that from me and I immediately felt that something was wrong and told sorry to her. She started speaking again and told that it's because she never spoke to anyone like this after her wedding. She was just feeling a little confused on how to continue the talk and told that she got limits and respect the fact that she is married now. I said sorry again and we again talked for a few mins until I asked about her boy friend?s before her wedding. She was quite open to me and told me that she had gone out a couple of times with a few guys and also reminded me that she didn?t go to any of her boyfriends room to have that kind of pleasure that i was having. I started laughing at this and told her that then those guys were dumb enough to not to day that with you and also added that if it was me instead of those guys I would have definitely taken her to the room. She laughed again and told me to remember that I got limits while talking to her. But she wasn't harsh or angry while telling it this time though. Next day i saw her in d balcony. She was early in fact and I got an instant hard on when i saw her. She was wearing a saree this time. I watched her sitting on my usual place. Also she was talking to me in between. Her kid was also playing on the balcony. I couldn?t take my eyes of her exposed belly part. And I was keeping on checking her out even while talking to her. Suddenly she asked to me look at her face and talk instead of looking somewhere else and smiled mischievously. I just blushed hearing that and told her that I am not a kid like she thinks. She came towards me and told softly that it is all up to me to make my girl friend believe that and not her. I blushed again and told her that I am bringing my girl friend to my room that day.

To my surprise she blushed at that moment and I was smiling too. After some time my girl friend came home alone. Due to the instance horny feeling that I was having due to all those talks with my neighbor the last day and that morning I was fucking her really hard. I was keeping on making her cum with my dick and fingers and tongue and we did it around 3 short within an hour?s time. Suddenly I got a message from her teasing me to' play it safe'. I was happy to see that message in fact. Again she was keeping on messaging me and I replied to a few messages also. She even teased me in of the messages saying that she could hear our moans all the way up to her room. I was really happy to see that she is really open with me now. After she left I went and sat in the balcony. It was around noon time. She came from her room and smiled at me very naughtily and asked me how it went. I blushed on her asking that and told that I am exhausted all thanks to you. She suddenly got confused and asked why her. I just laughed for it and told nothing. She kept on asking it again and again and I told that I will tell her about that during chatting at night. We were talking for some time and she even made tea for me that day telling that I must be really exhausted. She had told me that her husband had bought her a new laptop. So that same night while talking to her I felt so horny that I felt like seeing her. I wanted to see her on her webcam. In fact I wanted to see her on the webcam and jack-off. So I asked her about her laptop and stuffs. She kept on talking about her and told her that when I bought a laptop its webcam was not working when it was connected online. So clever I asked her to check whether she had checked her webcam. I asked her to invite me to see her webcam. She did that and I was quite surprised to see her in her night dress. She was lying on her back and had kept the laptop on her belly and was chatting to me like that. I could see her huge boobs and she was wearing a sleeveless dress. Seeing this I asked whether she is going to make me exhausted again. She was laughing and asked me to on my cam too. I immediately did switch on my cam and before that I removed my shirt. So she could see my bare chest now. She was surprised to see me like that and as if teasing me told that I was looking like a macho. She was keeping on teasing me and we started talking from topic to other. All the while we were seeing each other on the cam. Suddenly she asked me why I told that she was the one who made me exhausted in the afternoon and just a little while before. I told her in the beginning itself that she was not supposed to get angry with me if i told the reason for that to which she promised that she won?t.

So I told her that I was really horny after the talk I had with her yesterday night and today morning and that I was thinking of it all the while doing it with my gf that day and because of which I had a very intense love making session that day. She blushed hearing that. Suddenly she called me up. She was breathing a little heavily. I was horny again hearing her voice. I asked what happened to her voice. She didn't tell me anything for a few seconds. After a couple of seconds i could hear a sigh of relief from her voice. She started talking to me normally after that. I knew that she was making herself while talking to me. The very thought made electric shocks in my body. I wanted to her fuck her somehow. And I wanted to fuck her really badly. I was still talking to her on the phone. Even I wanted to jack-off listening to her voice. I started doing it. I wanted her to know that I was doing it. I started giving light moans. She never asked anything. But kept on listening to me. She didn't disconnect the call. She listened to me fully. And when I was finished I told her that I want clean me up and I will call her back after that. But her phone was switched off when I called her back after that. It was already 4' o clock in the morning. I was really eager to see her the next day. So I was in time at the balcony sipping my cup of coffee. She came as usual with the dresses and started doing the work and talking to me as usual. I was really horny watching her. The site of her wet dress crunching to her body made me hornier. But it was very open to do something from there. But I decided to try something before she entered her room. I wanted to touch her at least. So slowly I went and stood next to her in the pretext of helping her put the clothes on the grill. I could notice her cleavage through her blouse. And she really had exposed a lot of her belly this time while wearing the saree. All this was making me go mad. I still didn't have the guts to do anything. She finished her work and was about to enter her flat. There was a common varanda in which our doors of the room faced each other. And the balcony was at right angles towards the varanda. No one will see if there is someone in the varanda, except if someone is there in the vwranda due to its architechture. So just before entering her room , while she was on the varanda I went behind her and hugged her from behind.

I was pressing my dick on her ass and was cupping her boobs from behind. She just put down the bucket and turned her face towards mine. She too was full of lust I just could not control myself and made her lean against the wall and smooch her very hard. I was kissing her everywhere. I even went down and bit her pussy over her dress. Stood up again and hugged her tight. Lifted her up a little holding on her ass and made her spread her legs around my waste. Pressed my dick so hard on her pussy that she even let out a small moan. Suddenly her kid shouted and she went inside. I tried calling her and she didn?t pick up. I was getting all tensed to know what had happened. I still did not know whether it was just an act of impulse from her or whether she really wanted to do it. That night I saw her online and again she was talking as if nothing had happened. She suddenly requested to see me on cam. I removed my t-shirt again n sat with my bare chest in front the cam. I told her that I wanted to see her too. She was wearing a really low-cut night dress which was even a little transparent. On seeing this I asked her whether we are going to do the same thing we did the previous night. She smiled a little and slowly closed her eyes. I called her up. She was again breathing heavily. I kissed her over the phone. She kissed me back. She was doing it. And she was doing it vigorously. Her moans were so loud. And i wanted to cum with her. But before I could been start she had already cum, And she was so pleased after that I was putting on a mock fight for not letting me do it with her. She was teasing me too. And suddenly I asked whether she is interested in doing it in real and not over phone. She just smiled hearing it and told that let the time come for that. I told her that there is time now as we are just a wall apart. She said she can't come out of the house at this time as the keys are under the pillow of her mother-in-law. But I wanted to at least touch her badly. There was a window opening from the kitchen to the window. So we made a plan. I slowly went out of my room and entered the varanda and stood near the window of her kitchen. She opened the window slightly. First I put my one had inside and started feeling her. She also had her hand over mine. I put my hands inside her night dress. She had removed her bra panties and that provided me easy access. She lifted her dress up for me and if had nice time playing with her cunt. She was guiding my fingers into her cunt and once again she was on the verge of an orgasm. She was enjoying it thoroughly. She was lifting herself upon her toes for helping my fingers reaching her cunt fast. I my right hand fingers were inside her and my left hand was around her waist hugging her close to the window. For anyone seeing me from outside would think that I am standing there and hugging the window bars. She soon came on my fingers .She was relaxed immediately. I stood there looking into her lusty eyes.

She then guided her hands towards me. Pulled down my shorts a little. Took my dick out and started stroking it. But she couldn't do it properly because of the angle in which she was doing it. Soon I happened to hold her hands which is already around my dick and helped her doing it fast. It just took a few minutes before I came in her hand. She washed her hands in the kitchen itself and again came towards me. I grabbed her boobs again and took them out of her dress again. I wanted to see them fully. I groped her ass and started squeezing them. And all this made my dick real hard again. It was getting really late and both of us didn't want any more trouble to happen. So we went inside our rooms. She called me up and told me that it was the naughtiest experience she ever had. Next day again we had a small encounter in the varanda before her kid interrupted us. This became a routine. We were having bits and pieces of sex in the varanda and during almost every night we had our window sex. We were exploring our bodies through the cam when the varanda and window sex still left with us more lust. Finally the most awaited day came. Her husband had to go for a wedding of his colleague. She made an excuse and didn't go with him. His mom had to attend a routine check up and she was taken to the hospital by her husband's nephew who was also in Bangalore. Her kid was the only problem. She said that we will deal with the kid somehow. The kid was just 1 and half years old after all. So at around 11' o clock after making sure that her husband had left for the wedding and that her mother-in-law had left for the clinic I gave her a call. She picked up the call almost immediately she told me that the her flats door is open and asked me to come inside and lock the door behind me. When I entered the house I saw her putting her kid to sleep. She was still breast feeding him. The site of her boobs in his mouth gave me an instant erection. Even I wanted to feed on her boobs. But I did not want to wake the half asleep kid either. I decided to give a show for her and started removing my clothes in front of her. I removed my dresses slowly. I was full naked in front of her now. She couldn't resist the site and stood up and came to me. I lifted her up in my arms and took her to the hall. She was wearing the same old skirt n top. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. Made her lie in the floor and lied on top of her. I waited for no foreplay and just wanted to fuck her hard. She was already wet seeing me naked. Her skirt was literally on her boobs and her legs were around my waist. I just raised a little guided my dick into her pussy and pushed it hard inside. She let out a loud moan and immediately I closed her mouth with my one hand (right hand to be exact). Thus I was totally on top of her, fucking her. I was pushing it so hard and deep and every thrust made her whole body vibrate. My chest was crushing her boobs and we were looking straight not our eyes. But she kept on making muffled voices thanks to me holding her mouth close. She was now spreading her legs wide apart. Her hands were on my waste now pushing it harder inside her, Every time I was thrusting it in. I soon came inside her and I never felt exhausted like that before. She still didn't have an orgasm. I was still lying on the floor. She immediately climbed on top of me bringing her pussy next to my mouth. I started licking it. The aroma of her wet fucked pussy along with my semen in it made me feel punkish. I tried lifting her up and getting out from her pussy chain. But she was real horny and wouldn't let me stop. She was almost rubbing her pussy on my chin and over my mouth sometimes thrusting it deep on my nose. This sensation again started giving me a hard-on. I grabbed her boobs from there started squeezing it. I was all exhausted a moment ago and I am all back in my spirits now. I wanted to fuck her again. I started fingering her. We got up from the floor and she went sat on the dining table with her legs falling down from it. I went and sat on the floor between her legs and started fingering her. Her pussy was all wet n it was getting wetter n wetter. She was lying on the table on her back with her hands above her head. Her hair was spread on the table and her legs were over my shoulders and I was licking her pussy along with fingering it.

Suddenly she rose up and told that, she is about to come and asked me to fuck her. I immediately got my dick to her pussy and entered her. She was hugging me around my shoulders with her hands and she had her legs wrapped around my waste all the while sitting on the table. I entered her and started fucking her on the table. She was clinching so tight to my body that I happened to hug get ass and lift her up all of a sudden. It took me a while to sustain the position like that. I had my dick deep inside her pussy. I was standing on the floor lifting her up with my hands easily. I just lifted her up a 4 or 5 times giving her very deep strokes before she gave a shudder and came with me still holding her like that. Soon she got exhausted but I was still hard. Seeing my hard on she now made me sit on a chair next to the table. Sat in front of me on her knees and took my dick in her hands and slowly guided it to her mouth. Oh she was a really good in sucking it. She was teasing the tip in between with her tongue and then taking it fully inside her mouth. She was literally sucking it off. She was licking my inner thighs and even licked my balls. It seemed that my dick was just enough for her mouth. She was looking into my eyes in between and even her looks could give me impulses. I knew that I was about to come and gave her signal about that. Immediately she stood up in front of me. She then came on sat on my dick spreading her legs across my lap facing me. Her boobs were on my face and I knew I wasn't going to last for much time. She was jumping on my dick and I was squeezing her ass all the while and with a very huge shudder I came inside her. She was smiling looking at me when i came over the situation. She thank me for everything and with my dick still inside her she kissed me very hard almost making it semi-hard again. She stood up from there and went checked her kid. To our surprise he was all awake and playing with his toys. She tried to breast feed him and was again having her milk and going to sleep. The site of her milking her baby all naked in her bed made me horny again. I wanted to tease her. So slowly I went next to her all naked. Put a blanket over her and the baby. She was lying on her sides and I went lied behind her. Believe me, my dick was hard again by that time. Even I was under the blanket now and I slowly parted her legs a little and entered her pussy from behind. I did not want to come fast this time and I wanted to tease her this time. My dick was fully inside her now. Slowly I took it out and kept it at the entrance of her pussy without really putting it deep. I kept on rubbing her entrance with the tip of my dick. Her tits were firm again and I badly wanted to suck the boob which was not in the kids mouth. I started playing on her boobs from behind. She was fully parting her legs now and asking me to start fucking her hard while still feeding the baby. I wanted to tease her more and did not listen to her. I kept on playing with her boobs, licking her ear lobes , kissing her neck and rubbing my chin over her bare back. I even went and bit her ass and thighs. She was so frustrated now and the baby won?t go to sleep also. She made me dress and even she got dressed. She left the kid in the house and took me to my room now. We entered my room and she made me naked and started licking my dick. When it was hard again she made me lie on my back and climbed on top of me in the reverse cow-boy position. She really wanted a go and she started jumping on my dick. The site of her ass jumping on my dick made me even hornier.

I knew that I won't be able to hold for so long with her fucking me like this. So when i had this sensation that i was about to cum I made her stop. I now went in between her legs and started licking her pussy again along with fingering it. After a few seconds i made her stand by the window side making her lean to the front a little. I made her round ass protrude out , and went and stood behind her. I started fucking her in doggy style. But because she was a little shorter then me and that she had big round ass and my dick was not that big enough to reach her deep standing in that position , we had to stop doing it like that there. I took her to the study table in my room , made her bent over it and literally made her lie on the table with her back towards me with her ass and legs out of the table in fact. So she was now completely in front of with her ass near my dick. I just gave her hard thrust and my entire dick was fully inside her. I grabbed her long hair and that made her lift her head up a little. I was thrusting deep in her pussy and she was moaning very loudly. When I felt that I was about to come I took my dick out and fingered her for some time and start fucking her again like that itself when I feel that, I can hold it for some more time. After a couple of times following this procedure she finally told me that she was about to come. It wouldn't take much for me to cum along with her. So I gave her faster n deep thrusts and she moaned very loudly while she can and I continued banging her and a few seconds after she came I too emptied my semen inside her. We cleaned up hurriedly and she went back to her room. She called me up after a few mins. and asked me to be ready for quick session very soon :). So that was the starting of my encounter with her. We had sex for almost a year. By that time i had got a job in Chennai and left for there. And never ever had I enjoyed sex as much as i have enjoyed it with her.


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