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Being an avid reader of the sex stories on the Internet I understand the fantasy many men have of sex with their daughter-in- laws. I can under stand since I have the same type fantasy about my daughter-in- law. It is nothing she has ever done that would even give me a hint that she might also have the same feelings for me. I have never said anything out of the way to her to make her even wonder about my secret feeling for her. I just go through life admiring her from a distance; wondering what it would be like to make love to such a beautiful young woman.
Amy is my son Steve's wife. They have been married five years and have two young girls. The children are four and three years old, and are the joy of my life. Steve is an only son and thus his family is the only family I have. My wife left me after Steve was born to go live with her lover. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had left me for another man, but she left with a woman she worked with at her job. It was quite a let down to find she preferred another woman to me and her son. She never got in touch with him or me again.
It turned me off on women so much that I never remarried. I looked for female companionship only when I felt the need for sex. No other woman had ever interested me for very long at a time until Steve married Amy.
She wasn't a really beautiful girl but she was quite attractive and had deep brown eyes that could look through you. At first it was her eyes that drew me to her. Her hair was long and she kept it tied in a ponytail around home. When she went out it would cascade down her back almost to her waist. Her legs were long and shapely. Her breasts were small, just a b cup I would guess. This changed after her last child. Once the child was born her swollen breasts didn't loose much of the size she had gained while she was pregnant.
I like to think of her as the new improved Amy. She worked her body back in shape after the pregnancy. Her legs were still long and firm and her stomach was as flat as it was before she married. With her now larger breasts she was quite a sight in a swimsuit.
Amy and Steve had built a house that backed up to mine. I had a fairly large farm that stretched from the country road where I lived back across a field to another country road. It was less than a mile between the houses and there was a small lane that joined the two houses together without getting on the main roads. When we traveled from one house to the other we used the back entrance.
After my wife left me I concentrated on working and making a living for Steve and myself. I was fairly successful and now I don't have to work any more than I like. It was my own company and I had good people working for me. Steve had gone to work in the company after he graduated from college. One day it would all be his. In the mean time I had all the free time I wanted.
As I mentioned before, I had liked the looks of Amy from the first time I met her. She and I had become good friends and spent a lot of time together after they married. She was pregnant soon after they married and the first child was born. She had just begun to get her figure back when the second child was on the way. After she was born Amy was a little over weight and her figure was suffering from it. At this point many women would have given up and let nature take its course. Amy wasn't about to let that happen.
For several weeks she worked out each day. She would bring the girls by the house and I would watch them while she exercised. The gym in the house was just like Steve had left it when he moved out. Amy was the only one that got any use out of it. Slowly I began to see the results from her hard work. I made sure to compliment her on how good she was looking; something Steve wasn't doing. This lack of attention from him is what brings us to the present time.
Amy and the girls had come over to swim in the pool that I had installed for the kids. Steve had always wanted one but it took my grand kids to make me have one installed. If I had known Amy would have used it as much as she does I would have installed it a lot earlier. My favorite pass time was watching her in her bikini swimming laps in the pool. This particular morning wasn't any difference.
I watched as she played with the two girls. Every now and then I would get in the water and help her keep them entertained. Something was different about her this morning but I couldn't put my finger on it. With the girls around she was smiling as she normally did, but when she was away from them there was a sadness about her that wasn't part of her usual personality.
The morning came to an end and we went into the house to fix lunch. Once the girls were fed she put them in a spare bedroom where they could get their afternoon nap without us having to be too quite. She turned on the bedside speaker where we could hear them when they woke.
While she was putting them to bed I finished in the kitchen and mixed us a drink and carried them down stairs to the playroom. I had a small wet bar in the room with a couple of stools. I set the drinks on the bar and set down to wait for her to join me. I heard the speaker come on in the bedroom and knew she was about to join me. I still had on just my swimsuit and she still had on her bikini. We would be back in the water as soon as the children woke from their nap. Until then we would have a couple of hours alone. I had come to really like these few moments alone with her.
She came into the room and I watched as she climbed on the stool next to mine. I could not keep my eyes from searching out her long bare legs as she propped her small feet on the bar stool. The top of her suit showed a lot of bare skin that I never got tired of seeing. Over the last five years she had gotten more and more open with me. She had to know that I liked to look at her since I didn't make any effort to not get caught looking. As her figure had slowly returned even better than before I had taken the opportunity to brag on her. In response she had been willing to let me see more than most father-in-laws were allowed. This pleased both of us.
Amy picked up the drink and she took a big swallow. A second later she took another. This wasn't the way she normally took her afternoon toddy. Another swallow and it was gone. I had just sampled mine but I asked her if she wanted another. Her answer was to just push the empty glass towards me.
I refilled hers and handed it back to her and set down next to her on the other stool. I turned towards her and watched as she took another big swallow. "You better slow down or you will be on the floor." She turned towards me and out knees was touching. I looked into her pretty eyes and knew she was about to cry.
"What is going on this morning? You haven't been yourself at all." Just asking the question broke open the dam. Tears flooded her eyes as she slid from her stool and moved between my legs for me to hold her in my arms. Though we had always liked each other she had never held me as close as she was today.
She was crying so hard her whole body was shaking. I just held her close until some of the crying stopped. She may not have known it but her breasts were pressed firmly against my naked chest. Her hips were between my legs and her cunt had to be touching my cock. Only the thin material of out swimsuits separated our bodies.
I never meant for it to happen but I could feel my cock getting hard. I knew that she was going to notice it once she started to settle down. I knew I should try to separate out bodies before she noticed but I just couldn't bring myself to move away from her. I had often dreamed about holding her just this way.
Her face was buried in my neck and her hot breath wasn't doing anything to help the condition I was quickly getting in. Her arms were around my neck and she was holding on like it was life or death. My arms were around her waist and I could feel the naked flesh of her back under my fingers. I couldn't resist pulling her tighter to me. My cock could feel the heat from her cunt and I was finally completely hard. My cock was throbbing against the crotch of her suit. I knew exactly where my cock was touching her and it wasn't going to be long before she would know also.
The crying finally stopped but she didn't release me. I knew the moment she realized the condition I was in. Her body tensed up and she moved back. Her arms stayed around my neck but her cunt found a small amount of separation from my cock. Her head moved back from my neck where I could look into her eyes. I saw her glance down at my cock that was standing how hard and firm in my suit.
"I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't intend for that to happen."
She lifted her eyes from my cock to my face. "It is mostly my fault. I have put you in a bad spot."
I smiled and tried to make a joke out of it. "I'm not complaining about being in such a spot. Anytime you need a shoulder to cry on you or more than welcome."
She said, "At least I am glad to see that I can at least turn on another man." She then explained why she was in the condition she was in today.
"I think Steve is cheating on me. He hired that new secretary last year about the time I started trying to get my body back in shape. I am sure he is spending more and more time in her bed. He hasn't touched me in months. Even after I loss the extra weight he hasn't shown any interest in me."
"I don't think Steve is running around on you. Sometimes men just do strange things. Why would he want to run around on such a beautiful wife?
"She is younger and doesn't have any children to work around just to have sex. I could take it if it was just a one-night stand. I wouldn't like it but at least I could understand why he would do it. I am just afraid I am going to lose him to her for good."
While she talked I noticed that she hadn't moved any farther away from me. If anything she had moved a little closer. Her head was now resting on my chest while she talked. My hands were still on her bare waist. The heat from her body kept my cock rock hard and it was almost touching her crotch where it had been earlier. My hands were starting to stroke her naked back and she seemed to relax as I touched her.
For what ever reason my hands seem to drop lower on her body until they were on her hips. The firm feel of her butt was now beneath my fingertips. I pulled gently on her hips to bring her back in contact with my hard cock. I didn't want to force her but I was surprised when she let me move her forward without any resistance at all. We were back where we had been earlier only this time she wasn't crying. My cock was touching her cunt through the material of our suits.
I brought my hands back up to rub her naked back. She didn't try to move away from my cock. For whatever reason she might have had it felt awfully good to hold her so close.
She was no longer talking as my hands worked over her back. It had been months since Steve had made love to her and she welcomed my touch on her body. I glanced down to see her eyes tightly shut and her hands around my shoulders. I had fantasized about doing this very thing to her. In my wildest dreams I had never thought it would come to pass. I was expecting her to call a stop at anytime. I could always apologize and claim I had loss myself and forgot who I was with.
I brought my hands from her back around to the front. As I lifted them to her face I let them trail across the nipples of her tits. I could feel her tremble as I touched them and the nipples harden to my touch. I brought my hands to her face and lifted her head up, bring her lips up where I covered them with my mouth.
I felt her tighten up at the first touch of my lips on hers, but then she relaxed. Her lips were soft and I could taste the salt from the tears she had cried. I moved my tongue across lips and applied a little pressure on them. She knew that I wanted her to open her mouth and with a little gentle probing she open up. My tongue pushed it's way inside to taste even more of her sweetness. I took my time and didn't try to force her. I wanted her to be able to stop anytime but sure hoped she wouldn't.
I released her head with my hands but she didn't turn away. Her hands went to the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her lips. Her tongue was answering each thrust I made with one of her own. She was just as much into the kiss as I was. My hands went to her back. I had to see her firm full tits without any covering over them.
My finger found the ties that held her top on. It was simple to untie. One slight pull and the top was loose. Only her body pressing against mine kept the top from falling to the floor. I moved back just enough to pull the top from between us. With it gone I pulled her back to me. Her naked hard tits were now pressing my naked chest. I could feel her nipples pushing against my shin. If it was possible my cock grew even harder.
She continued to kiss me through all of this. She was making small moaning sounds deep in her throat. I could tell she was as excited as I was. Her hips were now pushing against my cock even harder. I didn't know how far she was willing to go but until she stopped me I was going to find out.
My hands left her back and went to the top of her bikini bottoms. My thumbs slipped under the edge and I pushed down. At this point I don't think she was even thinking what she was doing. I knew I was taking advantage of her in the condition she was in. I reasoned that if it weren't me then she would find someone else. It had been to long for such a hot-blooded woman to go without sex.
I pushed the suit down. My cock pressing against her prevented it from coming off. I was about to try to back away a little when she did it herself. The suit went on down her legs as far as I could reach. She gave a couple of wiggles and it dropped to the floor. She stepped out of it and moved back to my cock. One piece of material was gone and only my suit stood between us. My dream was closer than ever to being answered.
I broke the kiss finally and leaned forward to take her tit in my mouth. This brought a lower moan to her lips. As I kissed and sucked she pulled my head hard against her tit. I had trouble at first moving from one tit to the other. At first I think she was afraid I was going to stop. When she found out I was just moving from one of them to the other she helped me.
I stopped and picked her up and set her back on the stool. I pushed her legs open as I kneel before her. It was easy to push her legs apart as my lips found her hot cunt. Sampling a young hot cunt has always been one of my biggest pleasures. I love the taste of hot pussy juice as I use my tongue on the young cunt. Amy's was the sweetest I had ever tasted. My tongue was buried deep in her cunt to get all the sweet nectar she had.
I wanted to bring her off fast and quick where I could taste her and them feel her hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock. She had not climaxed in months and it didn't take but seconds before she grabbed the back of my head and did her best to pull my head in her cunt.
Her hips were fucking at my tongue as she climaxed from the fucking my tongue was giving her cunt. She almost smothered me she had me pulled so tight to her. Finally she relaxed and I was able to take my mouth away from her juicing cunt. As I stood back up I made sure my suit stayed on the floor. I was naked when I again moved between her legs.
Amy didn't seem to notice that it was now my naked cock that was touching the opening to her body. With her on the stool she was just the right height for my hard cock to center her cunt. With her legs wrapped around my waist I slid forward into the hottest pussy I had ever been in. She was wet and offered very little resistance to my hard cock as I pushed forward down deep in her welcoming body.
Her being so hot and wet made it easy for me to slide deep in her body. She was really tight around my cock as I finally pushed to the bottom of her cunt. Her arms were again around my waist and tried to pull me even deeper. Soon it was hard to tell who was fucking whom. She was kissing me and rubbing her naked tits against my chest while her cunt was answering ever stroke my cock made in her. I had never fucked a woman that wanted to fuck like her.
Amy was cumin again soon after I entered her. When she finished that climax and was coming down from the high she was on I caught her under the ass and picked her up from the stool. I was careful to make sure my cock never slipped from her wet cunt. I moved over to the sofa and lay her back. Her legs went around my body and her arms pulled me down again. I started pounding her cunt with all the speed and power I could muster.
For several minutes we fucked with an abandonment that I had never felt before. Finally I could last no longer. I could feel cum building up in my balls and knew it was about over for me. "I am about to cum do I need to pull out?"
"NO! NO! FUCK ME HARDER!!! Fill me up with all you have! I want to feel it entering my body. OH, this feels so good!"
I couldn't help myself. If I fathered a hundred babies with her I had to feel what it was like to empty my cum deep in her body. Then it was over. I unloaded more cum in her than I had ever shot before. When it hit deep in her cunt she came again. It was two totally exhausted people that finally woke to the cries of the baby. Their nap was over.
At first neither one of us realized that it was the kids waking from their nap. My cock was still embedded deep in her cunt and her legs still wrapped around my hips. The cry of the children brought her back down to earth.
Suddenly she seemed to realize that it was me over her. She pushed against my chest to get me off of her. "Get up! Let me up!" She was about to panic, as I was slow to move. As soon as I rolled away she was on her feet. She hunted for her suit and quickly pulled up the bottoms and was slipping on the top as she rushed up the stairs to the children. She didn't look back at me as she left the room.

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I took my time and put my suit back on. I was expecting to join them back at the pool as we usually did after their nap. When I got back to the pool I heard the old golf cart that they used to ride between the two houses leave. I wished I had been able to talk to her about what happened. It was easy to see that she was embarrassed and wanted to get away.
I usually saw her and the girls three or four times a week but Amy didn't come over again that week. Steve brought the girls over Saturday morning but said Amy had some shopping to do and couldn't come. I knew that I had to see her if for no other reason than let her know it was my fault things got so far out of hand. The weekend passed and she still didn't show up. I even went over to their house but the car was gone and no one came to the door. I didn't see her staring out the window as I headed back home.
Monday she still didn't come over. Tuesday I went in to work. I usually put in an appearance a couple of times a week just to let them know who the real boss is.
My secretary for many years was a tall black lady named Lisa. Lisa and her husband Robert had been my friends for several years. Lisa was a beautiful black lady that could make any man's cock hard just by walking by. For all the years we had worked together she and I had never been sexually involved. Robert was my good friend that helped me through the days when my wife walked out on me. I was not going to ruin my friendship with him just to sleep with his wife.
Robert was a unique person. He loved Lisa and was faithful to her all these years. That was pretty hard to do considering the type work he did. No one knew that Robert and I were partners in his business. Years before he needed money to get started and I let him have what he needed. Without me asking he made me a partner. Now he didn't need any of my money as he had all he would ever need. Still each month I received a check from him for my part of the business.
Robert ran an escort service. He furnished white dates for black businessmen. Most of the women were married white women that need to make some extra money to supplement the family income. Some of the husbands knew what their wives did and others did not. The escort service was just a fancy name for a whorehouse. Only these were classy women that didn't mind sleeping with black men for the money. Some of them would have given it away if it hadn't been for Robert.
Lisa met me at the door the way she had for years. She knew about Robert and me and as long as he was faithful to her she went alone with it. "It's about time you finally came in to work. If you had stayed out any longer I would have forgot who you were."
I kissed her on the cheek and gave her ass a friendly pat. "You know you just miss having me around everyday."
As she had for the last twenty plus years she said, "Keep your hands off my ass." She smiled as she went back to her desk.
"Lisa come in the office, I need to ask you something." She followed me in the office and shut the door when I motioned for her to sit down.
I knew I could depend on her to tell me all she knew about the new girl Amy thought Steve was cheating with. "Who is the girl Steve is seeing?"
"Her name is Gail and she has been here almost a year. I hate to tell you but Steve has been fucking her almost from the start."
"That is what I have been hearing." I didn't tell her it was Steve's wife that had told me.
"Who is she and where did she come from?"
"She is young, maybe twenty-one married to a marine that is in Iraq. He is due back in a couple of months. Very beautiful if you like blondes that have long shapely legs and big boobs." She laughed when she said that.
"I gather Steve likes them that way. I need your help. I am going to put a stop to this before Steve ruins his own marriage."
"You may be to late. He seems to be pretty taken with her. He has quit slipping around and they are seen together often."
"How is she fixed for money?"
"She needs all she makes. Her husband doesn't send much home. She needs this job more than she needs Steve. He just doesn't know it yet."
Lisa left to find Gail and send her to my office. She knew who I was and that I was the owner of the company even if Steve did most of the work. I settled down at my desk and returned a few calls that had come in over the last few days.
There was a light knock on my door and she came in when I called out to her. "Shut the door and come have a seat." I could tell she was very nervous by the way she moved. She took a seat across from my desk. The short dress she wore came up mid way on her thighs. It was easy to see why Steve had become so infatuated with her. She was very beautiful and her figure was just as Lisa decribed it.
I figured the best way to handle this was to come right to the point and not give her the opportunity to collect her thoughts.
"I can see why Steve has such a crush on you. You are very beautiful but don't I see wedding rings on your finger?" She started to speak but I didn't give her time. "I can see why Steve is fucking you," I wanted to shock her with the f word, "but why are you fucking around with him when you have a husband?"
She started to protest but I stopped her. "Don't bother to denigh it. Everybody knows about the two of you. Now I am telling you right now that this is going to stop. He has a wife and kids at home that needs him. Now we can do two things; I can fire you are we can find you another job. Which will it be? Either way you will not see Steve again. No matter what he says or tries to get you to do you are through with him. Do I make myself clear?"
All she could do was nod her head. She knew that I would do exactly what I said I would do. I had a lot of friends in high places that could make life miserable for her.
"Now that you know you are leaving here do you want another job?"
Tears were starting to run down her face when she finally spoke up. "I am sorry about Steve. I didn't set out to get involved with him. John had been gone a couple of months and I was very lonesome. We were well involved before I realized it, Steve a lot more than me. I just needed companionship and a good job. Steve got really serious about wanting to be with me all the time. I tried to slow him down but he wouldn't stop. I am really relieved that it is over. I just need the other job. I have very little money."
"I'll see what I can do. Now go lock the door and come back over here."
She looked at me with a stunned look on her face and didn't move.
Again I said, "Go lock the door and come back over here. I want to see why my son was so infatuated with you."
She slowly got to her feet and moved towards the door. She had a choice to make; she could just open the door and walk away or she could lock the door and know she was going to be fucked again. With the fucking came the opportunity for a new job. At the door she hesitated before turning the lock.
"Good decision. Now come over here?" She walked towards the desk and I pushed my chair back and motioned her to set on my desk between my legs. I could feel her tremble as I ran my hand up her bare legs to her dress. I didn't stop as I pushed them higher, caring her dress with them.
Her legs were really shapely and firm. They felt good to my fingers as I moved higher. Finally I reached her panties. I could feel the heat coming from her cunt as I let the back of my hand touch her pussy. I reached higher and caught the top of her of her panties and rolled them down her hips. "Raise up so these will come off." She did as I told her and soon her cunt set naked before my eyes.
By now her dress was around her waist and I pulled her closer to the edge of the desk as I went down on her. She had a sweet tasting cunt as my lips went to work on her. Now I am one that really likes the taste of a sweet young cunt. Hers certainly qualified for both. In short order she was having her first climax. I could see why she needed companionship with her husband gone. She really liked sex.
As she was recovering from the quick cum I pulled the dress over her head and unsnapped her bra. She was naked before me as I quickly slipped my pants and under wear off. I pulled her off the desk and down across my legs. As she straddled my legs her cunt came in contact with my cock. Her hand reached down and guided me to her opening.
Soon I was buried deep in her hot young cunt. I didn't have to do much as she went to working riding my cock. She was good and what made her so good was that she liked what she was doing.
Soon after we both climaxed. I think that she thought if she fucked me really hard that she might be able to keep her job. No way that was going to happen. As long as she was around Steve wasn't going to be able to stay away from her. I was beginning to understand why.
We finished and dressed. "I am going to send you to see a friend of mine. He will give you a job if you want it. I can guaranty you will make a lot more money than you will here and all the companionship you want." I called Lisa to the door. "Call Robert and tell him I am sending him a new employee." Lisa smiled as she left the room. A couple of weeks later I ran into Robert. "That new girl has really taken a liken to the job. She is always ready when I call her."
I can't say the same for Steve. He tried to find her and finally did. When he found out she was fucking black businessmen for money he finally gave up on her. Thankfully he never knew it was me that started her out on that road. I piety her husband when he gets home. He is never going to keep her satisfied.
That brings us back to the present. I still hadn't seen Amy since that day. I really missed not being able to have her again after the great sex we had. Steve and the girls came over but she always had some reason she couldn't come. I even started working more at the business.
It was Saturday and I was at the breakfast table finishing up my morning coffee and the newspaper when I heard the back door open. I looked up and Amy was standing in the doorway. "Come on in and I will fix you a cup of coffee." I wanted to tell her how happy I was to see her but I could tell that now was not the time.
She took the coffee and set down across the table from me. I didn't say anything. I wanted her to talk when she was ready.
"I want to thank you for helping with Steve. Lisa told me what you did."
"I couldn't stand seeing you so unhappy."
"He isn't completely back but he is making an effort to save the marriage. I am having trouble forgetting what he did. Then I think about us and what we did and I wonder why it is any different."
"I took advantage of you when you were at your weakest. I should never have done that."
"I knew what was happing and didn't try to stop you. In self-defense I could say that it had been a long time since I had been loved, but I didn't even try to stop you. I wanted it just as much. I am sorry it took me so long to get my thoughts together and come see you."
"I have never felt with anyone the way I felt with you. It was really a dream come true for me. I was afraid I had loss your friendship for ever."
"I enjoyed it more than I realized. I should never have just left that day."
She got up and walked around the table to me. She sat down cross ways on my lap and put her arms around my neck. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest as she put her arms around my neck. She kissed me gently on the lips. "Steve had to go in today to work. The children are with my folks for the weekend. Could we maybe finish what we started before?"
My cock spring up hard and firm against her hip. I knew she could feel it and I wanted her to know that I was more than ready to continue where we left off. I stood up and picked her up as if she was a feather and carried her to my bed. When I sat her down she started to unbutton her shirt. "NO! Let me undress you!
She stopped and stood before me. My hands went to the buttons of her shirt and slowly, as one would open a special gift, I opened one button at a time.
When each button was opened I pulled the shirt from her arms and lay it on a chair. I returned to reach behind her and unsnap her bra. Her breasts flew out at me when the tight bra released them. My hands went to them and I let the hard nipples rest in the palm of each hand.
My lips soon replaced my hands as they covered them and sucked the hard nipples. I could tell she was breathing hard as I took my time and touched every inch of them.
I dropped to my knees and open the belt that held up her jeans. I rolled them down her thighs and to the floor where she stepped out of them. She was naked except for her thin panties and I made my way to them. Still on my knees I worked them down her flat stomach and over her beautiful cunt. I pushed them down her long legs and she stepped out of them.
As she stood before me completely naked I knew that this time she knew who it was that was going to make love to her. I pulled her naked body to my face and covered her cunt with my mouth and tongue. Her hands came down and pulled my face close to her cunt and I went to work on it.
Forbidden sex is the best and I knew that I was doing something that society would not approve off. I was sucking my daughter-in- law's pussy and knew that this was just the beginning of a long beautiful day.
I pulled my mouth away and stood up. She went to work on my clothes just as I had hers. It ended the same way with my cock in her hot mouth. It was feeling too good and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I pulled away. "No! I want the first time to be in you. We have plenty of time for everything else later.
She threw the bed covers off the bed and climbed up on it. She lay back and opened her legs to me while reaching up her arms towards me. She was beautiful as she lay waiting for me to claim her body for mine. The first time we had been together it had been so fast that I had not really had time to enjoy her beauty. This time I was going to cover every inch of her.
Now was not the time to prolong things. She was ready and so was I. She took my hand and pulled me down and towards her. Her legs came up and she bent her knees to make a place for me. As water pours through a funnel her raised knees guide me straight and true to her opening. My cock was on course for the wonderful cunt that waited for it. She didn't need to use her hands and neither did I as my cock made swift work of finding her open cunt.
As a hot knife through butter my cock sunk slowly deep in her welcoming body. She was tight and hot as my cock continued it's journey until there wasn't anywhere else to go. I was in her completely and I stopped to enjoy the feel of her cunt wrapped around my cock. I could feel each beat of her heart as my cock throbbed in her.
I had watched as my cock sunk home in her before taking my eyes from where we were joined to look at her face. She was watching where we were joined as I had. When her eyes met mine I leaned forward and kissed her sweet lips. Her mouth opened and she sucked my tongue in.
Her arms were around my neck and her legs had now closed over my body. We were joined as close as a man and woman can be from our lips to my cock in her cunt. I had often dreamed about being with her this way. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought it would happen. I was twenty years older than she was but her love for me made me feel like a teenager. What we had now was better than just sex. It was a closeness that we had for each other that made it so special. Tomorrow we could worry about what we did to her husband and my son, but today no one mattered but us.
It was just to good to stay still and I started working in and out of her body. She answered me with each move I made. Soon we established a rhythm as if we had been together forever.
Nothing can last and soon she had her first climax. I held her tight until she was ready again. When she made the first move I knew she was ready to go again. I knew that I was nearing the end and picked up speed as I whispered in her ear. "I have to cum now. Do you still want me to stay in you?"
"If you pull out now I will kill you! Let me feel you as you soak my cunt with your juice. I want all of you in me."
It was too much to ask for me to hold back any longer. I was pounding her body like there was no tomorrow. Every stroke she was answering with her body. She was crying for me to love her harder and cum in her. I did my best to answer her every desire. My cum exploded in her and she went with me. I buried deep in her body as if I wanted to climb in with my cunt. My hands pulled her hips tight to mine as my cum drained from me to her.
It was several minutes before I finally rolled off her with a loud pop. It was still longer before I felt her hands on my cock. Her hands were followed by her mouth, which soon had my cock back hard again. This time it was her that climbed aboard and sat down covering my cock with her wet cunt. My hands covered her breasts as she fucked both of us to another climax.
True to her word earlier, she had come to spend the day with me. How many times we made love that day I couldn't count. I just know it was a tired woman that drove away that afternoon to be home when her husband got in from work. I went to bed and slept the complete night away. Even the dreams I had were good.
That day started what came to be a permanent thing between the two of us. Amy had a hard time forgiving Steve for what had started all this. For his part he did try to make things work better at home for a while. It wasn't long before he was back with another secretary. This time he was just in it for what he could get out of her.
It made things awful easy for Amy and I to continue together. Each day she would come over with the girls. When it was time for their afternoon nap it was our time together. Our sex together was the best it ever was. We never grew tired of each other. Knowing we were doing something that every one would disapprove off just made it that much better.
Amy knew about the other women with Steve but as long as he didn't take any of them serious she was perfectly happy with our arrangement. Not nearly as happy as I was. I was living my fantasy to the fullest.


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