Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Coming home was a bit of a surprise for Mona. She expected that her mother would be at the airport, but there was a driver waiting for her instead.When she entered the house, it was deserted. There was a note on the table from Namitha her mom, telling her she was sorry, but she had got a call from a friend who needed help. She would be back that evening. Everything at home had changed, the furniture, the decoration, everything. Thankfully her old room had been left untouched. Cleaned and repainted exactly as it was when she left it a year ago. About 10 minutes later a girl breezed into the house and introduced herself as Pyria. She was the maid. What had happened to good old Sunita? Pyria didn't know. Mona noticed that Pyria was about her age, maybe a bit younger. She was tall and held herself well. Her clothes were quite modern and well fitting, showing off her shapely bottom and full arse. Had she met Pyria on the street, she would not have taken her for a maid. Her long dark hair was open and the low cut kameez she wore revealed her assets. She had dusky skin and hazel eyes. Mona took all this in and wondered what a girl like Mona was doing working as a maid. Do you need anything Maam asked Pyria. What I need is a hot shower and a long massage. But that will have to wait. I hope mom hasn't cancelled my membership at the club. Mona family was well off, she was the only child and since her father had left a large estate when he passed away, her mother had never had to worry about money. Mam, you don't need to go to the club, I can give you a massage if you like. I have very good hands. Mona looked a Pyria's shapely hands, she had never seen manicured nails on a maid before. Why don't you have your shower and I will unpack for you, then if you want I will give you a special massage to take out the tiredness of the flight. Hmm, well ok if you can do it that would be fine, she said walking away to her room.

She stripped and entered the bathroom and stood under the hot shower, the water bathed some of the ache out of her and Mona spent a long time caressing her body. She was proud of her figure and loved to show it off. Here she would have to dress more conservatively, but in the States her normal attire was tight jeans, or short denim skirts. She was blessed with perky 34C breasts and regularly wore tight shirts without a bra. She loved the way her fellow students tried to goggle her, and some of the lecturers. She had milky white skin and green eyes. At 5ft 8 she was a natural looker and kept her body trim by regular exercise, both at the gym and in bed. She had a regular boyfriend for a while, but had dumped him a few months back and had a couple of one night sessions with a few times. It had been a while since she had had decent sex and had resorted to using her fingers to satisfy herself lately. In the warmth of the shower, she had started to tease her nipples and was lost in her own world. She didn't hear or see Pyria enter the bathroom with her towel. It was only when she turned off the water she noticed the maid. She was embarrassed and felt angry, but Pyria's face didn't show any signs of shock or embarrassment and she just smiled and handed her the towel. You have a beautiful body Mam she said.

How dare you just walk in here Mona practically shouted. Mam I knocked and called, I thought you called back to come in. Then I saw you were showering and I was going to leave the towel, but then you finished. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, but I am not. Mona snatched the towel and wrapped it round her body. Get out. Pyria left immediately and Mona instantly felt sorry for her outburst. She walked into her room and called Pyria, she came instantly and stood meekly at the door. Don't do that again she said firmly, but without any harshness. Yes Mam, would you like that massage now? Ok, but let me put on some undergarments first. If you wish mam, but they would only get spoiled with the oil and will hinder the massage. I will leave till you are ready. No wait, what the hell, you've seen me naked already, Mona lay down on her bed and pulled the towel over her back.Pyria took some warm oil from the table and started to work on Mona's back. She was straddling Mona, with one leg on each side, but not putting any weight on her. Soon the maid's expert fingers were easing the knots out of Mona's neck and shoulders and she started to doze in and out of sleep. Pyria worked lower and lower on Mona's back till she reached her buns. Now she poured more oil directly on to Mona and she felt a stream of it run down her crack, passing her arse hole it dripped towards her pussy. The sensation of the warm liquid and the gentle kneed was turning her on and she bit her lip to stop a moan escaping. Mam, you are tensing, that is not good. Relax and breathe deeply said Pyria. She was now working on her thighs, every stroke Mona felt Pyria's slender fingers glide only whiskers away from her pulsating pussy. Mam,

I think you are too tense, if you want I can help you release some of what is holding you. Yes, hmm Mona managed to mumble through her pursed lips. How could she get rid of the maid so she could give her clit some attention, but in the next instant she felt Pyria's fingers slide down her crack and touch her pussy lips directly? She almost screamed, but the sensation was electric. She had never been touched like this by a girl and the feeling was incredible. Pyria's finger was now entering her pussy and the other hand had slid under her hip and was making its way to her clit. She tried to twist to stop this, but her body was not responding, it wanted more of this touch and it took all her effort to stop her from moaning aloud. Then as Pyria finger her clit and fucked her with 2 fingers it was too much to take and Mona climaxed in a loud orgasm, flooding her maid's hands in warm juice. She lay there panting whilst Pyria calmly wiped her hands on a towel. Would you like me to stop, or shall I continue with the massage? she asked. Mona turned over and looked at the maid. What did you do? You were not able to relax mam, I thought it would be better if you were satisfied first. I have never cum that fast she blurted, before realizing what she had just revealed. If Mam is angry, I will leave. She said getting up. No wait. Finish the massage, it is very good. But take off your clothes first. If I am like this, I don't see why you should not be. As you wish Mam, She stripped her clothes without any reserve and stood before Mona. She looked at the naked maid standing there unashamed. Her breasts were large and shaped like ripe mangoes. Dark nipples small and tight were erect and stood proudly. Pyria had a very slim figure and wide hips. She had shaved her pussy, but left a strip of hair which looked very erotic. Would you like me to continue? Yes please said Moan lying on her back. She expected Pyria to start on her neck and chest, but instead Pyria parted Mona's legs and put her face between her legs.

Mona felt the maid's hot breath and then her tongue pushing at the door to her love canal. She moaned out loudly now as Pryia's tongue circled her pussy lips before entering her. She was holding her hair, pressing Pyria's head further into her mound. As the rhythm of Pyria's tongue increased, Moan bucked and screamed with pleasure and in moments she had another orgasm. With her legs thrashing wildly, she came again and again. Only when Pyria finally stopped did Mona's orgasms subside. She lay there panting as Pyria wiped her face clean, then proceeded to massage her breasts and stomach. She fell asleep at some stage and woke to find she had been covered by a sheet. The room was dark. She got up and dressed before leaving the room. Her mother was in the lounge. Mother and daughter hugged each other and sat down to talk. She called Pyria to bring some drinks and snacks. Mona was shocked to see Pyria was dressed in a mini skirt and t-shirt. It was a low cut V neck thing and her large breasts were stretching the fabric. Mona looked at her mother who laughed, oh don't look so shocked Mona. I heard you have already had a special massage. She reached over and stroked Pyria's bare leg. Pyria normally works naked don't you sweetheart. Pyria smiled and calmly took off her clothes. Mam prefers it this way she said to Mona I think I do too she laughed back More of Mona and Pyria soon.


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