Friday, June 7, 2013


The Christmas Holiday was nearly over and the New Year was approaching.

A few weeks before this particular Christmas of 2006 I had made love with two married women, both of them friends back from my schooldays. Carol, with whom I had lost my virginity in a camping tent, and Rachel, my work associate and long time platonic friend. On Boxing Day, at her request, I had introduced Rachel into the bed containing a sleeping Lisa, my air stewardess fuck-buddy, and it was to become their first bisexual encounter. Prior to this, on Christmas Eve, Lisa and I had engaged in some erotic cybering on the Internet, setting the mood for the sexually active holiday to come. A few days ago, Lisa had returned to her flying duties, or so I thought!

New Year's Eve

Kevin, Rachel's errant husband, wanted to spend the night with his slutty girlfriend, which left the way clear for me and Rachel to see the New Year in together. After joining in the festivities in a Soho nightclub we returned to my apartment slightly drunk, and both predictably horny.

In the club we had met a mid-thirties couple who were clearly into each other sexually and, to my delight, showing a definite interest in us too. To the smooth jazz, Rachel and I had danced close with each other's partner and the woman had made her intentions very clear by grinding her belly against my prominent erection. Without hesitation, I returned the compliment by reaching beneath her short skirt and fondling her bare ass, pulling her hard against my eager cock. Her response to that was a discreet hand down the front of my pants! Encouraged by seeing Rachel enjoying similar attention from the man, I sucked the woman's tongue into my mouth and slipped my fingers inside her thong and into her slithering wet crotch.

Midnight came, and we returned to our partners for Big Ben and Auld Lang Syne. Naturally I wanted to stay on and follow this horny scenario to its obvious conclusion but, unlike the recent occasion when Lisa and I had, for the first time, swapped partners with an American couple in a Central London hotel, Rachel seemed disinclined to go this route, although she later admitted that she had really fancied the guy, and they were clearly keen on having sex with us. Annoyingly, she explained she wasn't feeling too good and could we go home? We did however exchange numbers with the couple, David and Sheila. Naturally I was disappointed but, as things turned out, the thought of what might have been soon dissipated. I was about to receive compensation, in a big way!

New Year's Day 1:40 am

I slid naked under the warmth of the duvet, cock at the ready, the cover tented invitingly upwards. Rachel was fiddling about in the bathroom, apparently feeling markedly better. No sooner had I asked what she was doing to delay the proceedings, when the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell can that be?" I muttered.

"I'm still dressed, I'll go," called Rachel. She ran lightly down the stairs.

I heard distant voices and buried my head in the pillow. Turning out the lights, Rachel returned, muttering something about a drunken reveler, knocking at the wrong address.

I heard the rustle of clothing being removed and a hot naked form slipped under the covers to join me, her hand gravitating naturally to my erect cock. We hadn't had sex since Boxing Day, the day she had shared my bed with Lisa, and after the near miss in the nightclub I was ready to explode. When I leaned over in the dark to kiss her, I realised immediately that something was not quite as it should be. She smelt of Chloe, Lisa's perfume! I was about to open my mouth when another naked form eased into the bed behind me, and the manner in which she nibbled my ear I knew that this was really Rachel.

"Happy New Year," whispered Lisa from below me, still clinging on to my cock.

"And from me too," laughed Rachel as she pulled me down onto my back.

"What the fuck?" was about the limit of my reply.

"Sshh," whispered Lisa, "You missed out on Boxing Day, we want to make up for that."

My eyes getting used to the darkness, I watched my two favourite women lean over me and kiss each other tenderly on the lips, Rachel's hand joining Lisa's on my cock. Sensing this could be a great start to 2007, I reached around both girls' backs as they started to snog, their hands now leaving my cock to stroke each other's breasts. Then, all my saved-up fantasies came true as, their mouths still locked together, they lowered their heads to the dribbling tip of my cock, their lips parting sufficiently to slide wetly down either side of my pole.

Since my very first blowjob at the tender age of fourteen I had dreamed of two girls doing the work of one. Now, fourteen years later, it was about to come true, my very first threesome, and with two women I loved dearly. This was by far sufficient compensation for not getting to fuck the swinging Sheila earlier that evening.

I shuddered as first one mouth enveloped my girth, then the other, each girl stopping to kiss each other, their saliva dribbling erotically back onto the head of my erection.

Lisa, ever the expert, and still kissing Rachel, wrapped a hand around my prick and squeezed it gently, releasing a pearly drop of pre-cum from the head. Rachel grinned and greedily licked it up and ever so delicately spread it over Lisa's lips, and they kissed once again.

If the male reader has never experienced the sheer pleasure of two women going down on you, try not to go through life without making it happen. It is an indescribably exciting experience. And ladies, it is by far the best treat you can ever offer the man in your life! And you might just get to enjoy the attention of the other woman too!

Almost as quickly as they hard started, they suddenly stopped sucking, and sat up, Lisa switching on a bedside light. They were both gloriously naked. Shaking, I compared their breasts.

Neither girl had huge tits, only Carol back in November had given me that privilege. Lisa I knew had a boob job, although her tits were still on the small side, they were full and round with deep purple nipples, the very ones I had chewed on lustily as she had first sat on my cock that night in Paris.

In contrast, Rachel had two tiny pink buds similar in size but surrounded by large pimply aureoles. Her breasts suffered only the smallest of droops and were soft and cuddly where Lisa's were less wielding. Neither of the girls had given birth to any children. That would change in a couple of years' time when Rachel finally conceived with me on a deserted beach in the Cote d'Azure.

All four nipples were erect with excitement and, from the girls' next move, I knew they hadn't set this up just to fuck me, they were in my bed to satisfy each other again, as they had in private on Boxing day. I was confident I wouldn't this time be relegated to the living room to wank over another lesbian movie while, within earshot, they lapped away at each other's pussies!

Lisa endorsed my hopes when, with her hand disappearing towards Rachel's groin, she whispered into my ear, "Will it embarrass you to watch me make love to your new girl friend, Tom? And if you're really good, you will get your fun later."

I grinned from ear to ear as I watched Lisa softly caress her lover's breasts, "Try me."

They both laughed as they watched my cock surge at the mere thought of that action, "I can't promise to be good, but how about sensational?"

I settled back on the pillows to watch my girlfriends make love. While I had once witnessed two girls playing together through a peephole in the college shower, this was a totally different experience. I had already made love with both these women and knew instantly how each would taste and react to the other. I also knew in advance how Lisa would suddenly screech embarrassingly in climax, whereas Rachel would groan increasingly louder as she approached orgasm, only to end up shaking silently with a huge sigh.

I stroked my cock gently, I wanted my orgasm to be inside one of these girls, or both as it subsequently worked out, and not on my own belly. I watched as they laid beside each other and kissed and caressed, hands exploring breasts, fingers delving urgently into highly lubricated pussies. When Rachel saw Lisa place a juice-laden finger to my tongue, she dipped a finger into her lover's soaking cunt, and did the same.

"I believe you know the taste, Tom?" grinned Lisa as I hungrily sucked the delicious pussy mix from her fingers. Removing my hand from my cock, I made to investigate the sources of the two different flavours, but Rachel stopped me, and Lisa too shook her head.

"Naughty boy, watch and play, but don't touch. Your turn will come."

I apologised, but didn't return my hand to my cock, I was so afraid of ejaculating too soon. I grinned grimly when I realised that for the second time in my life I was truly capable of cumming without touching myself. Embarrassingly, it had happened once, with Carol, the day after my first ever fuck in a camping tent in Devon. At the time, only 18, she disapproved of boys masturbating in a girl's presence.

"Why wank your cock when you have a pussy here to fuck?" she had said to me, sitting naked on the riverbank.

I had just watched her finish a sexy strip tease. We had intended to try fucking for the first time in the water, but I came too soon, just watching her. No hands! She was astonished as I was, and it has never happened since.

On this occasion I sat on my hands as I watched the lesbian scene unfold, Lisa now kissing Rachel's breasts, while her lover reached below to fondle Lisa's erect nipples. The girls were lying crossways across the bottom of the bed, and through her fine pubic hairs I could discern the peach outline of Lisa's little pink secret. I hoped I wouldn't have to wait too much longer to slip my length inside her, meanwhile I was committed to watch the show developing before my eyes. Lisa had put out the light and once again the room was in partial darkness, creating a mysterious atmosphere, which only enhanced the erotic occasion.

My adrenalin went further into overdrive when Lisa's tongue reached delicately into the folds of Rachel's secret place. Knowing it so well I could almost taste it myself, the aroma of both pussies was wafting up to my nostrils.

The girls did not, as I had hoped they would, clamber into position for a soixante-neuf, but they did, going by internet standards, eat each other out in turn in a truly professional way. If I didn't know them both better I would have believed they had started their bisexual lovemaking from their childhood.

Rachel was the first to delight me with a deep heartfelt orgasm. I watched her tremble as Lisa tongued away furiously at her clit, her fingers a rapid blur in and out of her soaking pussy, her own hand teasing herself.

As Lisa moved back up Rachel's perspiring body, her face wet with female cum, Rachel looked at my aching cock, vertical and unattended and she whispered in Lisa's ear. Lisa looked at my predicament, turned back to her lover and nodded.

"Fuck her, Tom."

Rachel's words at last music to my ears, I stood up, moved to the end of the bed, and gripped Lisa by the ass. She hissed into the air as I slid sweetly and deeply straight into her welcoming tunnel of sex.

"Don't cum yet Tom," Lisa hissed into Rachel's mouth, "We have a surprise for you."

Assuming this surprise to be a double cum into their greedy mouths, I resisted the temptation to fuck this horny stewardess with the reckless abandon she deserved. Instead I stayed motionless inside her tight cunt while I watched them both kiss. And they didn't just simply kiss, they devoured each other's mouths like two hungry animals.

Apart from the erotic nature of the occasion it was interesting to watch how two women do kiss each other. These two literally made love to each other's mouth, their tongues delicately exploring inside and out and feverishly exchanging saliva in their act of passionate lesbian love. They both groaned and sighed as their hungry lips became one and I realised studying that erotic sight, how poor we men really are in the art of kissing. I swear that if they weren't aware of my presence both of them would have been capable of cumming without any genital contact. As it was, I was finding it difficult to hold back from that state too, and I wasn't even moving!

Without any warning, Rachel pushed her lover away and, involuntarily my cock popped out of Lisa, shining with her wetness.

Without hesitation, Lisa knew what she wanted and fell on to her back, and Rachel raked her tongue across Lisa's hard nipples.

"My turn now," she whispered, then looking back at me, my cock wavering in the night air in anticipation of its next objective, "You are allowed to fuck me too you know."

As if she now had any choice! Little Tom had been made briefly cuntless and was keen to rectify that situation. As Rachel's tongue slid between the wet folds of Lisa's swollen pussy, my own larger organ slipped effortlessly into the familiar tight aperture that was Rachel's love slit. It was only at this moment that I was able to compare the difference between my two favourite fuck-holes.

Neither of the two women had bred any children but Lisa was nowhere near as deliciously tight as Rachel, but her pussy was silkier. Fucking her was easier than Rachel but because of that, less of a challenge on my cock. To compensate for that she would use her muscles more whereas the tightness of Rachel was often enough for her to get me off twice inside her. Lisa's vaginal lips were more obvious than the nearly non-existent ones of her lover, the way they seemed to surround my cock as I fucked her was a truly erotic sight. Lisa's orgasms always caught me off guard unless she warned me in advance. Impishly she rarely did, the only indication would be her fluttering eyelids, whereas Rachel would start to shake and groan long before she reached her own shattering climax. I concluded they were both great to fuck, and that was precisely what was happening right now.

"Tom, slow down." Rachel removed her mouth from the very wet cunt below her.

My deliberations had carried me away and I had started to fuck her with hearty abandon.

"You have a surprise coming Tom, please don't cum in her just yet," endorsed Lisa, her own face screwed up in ecstasy from the ministrations of Rachel's flickering tongue, "Please be patient."

How can any red-bloodied male be patient I thought, with his cock in the pussy of his lover while she eats away at the wet hole of hers? Fortunately the sight of seeing my long time platonic friend attending to the carnal desire of my American fuck buddy was enough to divert my attention from my own needs. I reached around to caress Rachel's little breasts, and leaked a dribble of pre-cum deep inside her pussy. I wondered where I would deposit the main course. I truly had no idea at the time that it would not be in either of them!

Rachel's fingers were working rapidly inside Lisa's pussy, no doubt stimulating her g-spot, something I knew she enjoyed, and her tongue was no longer loving her clitoris, it was attacking the swollen button with relish. While Lisa had been tentative in her deliberations, Rachel was looking the complete expert. Lisa let out a surprising squeal and I watched the eyelids flutter, the end was nigh.

Without any warning Lisa screeched and stated to thrash her hips around on the bed. It was all Rachel could do to hold on to her and complete her mission, fortunately I was there to steady both girls, at the expense of the comfort of my cock, which had slipped out during the proceedings. Lisa I saw was crying softly so I moved up the bed to kiss her while Rachel wound her down slowly with her tongue. I licked the little trail of mascara that had dribbled on to her cheek, in my aroused state barely noticing the bitter flavour. My cock and mouth were now ready for the taste of something much more mouthwatering!

Rachel moved up the bed and, with a wet face smelling very familiar, joined in the kissing. For a while we lay there, a tangle of tongues, two women on post orgasm, their lover desperate for his own.

Rachel suddenly pulled back with what turned out to be an exaggerated fit of coughing and I heard a noise, a door creaking.

"What was that?" I muttered. Floors often creaked in this old building, but not the doors.

"My fault," she replied with difficulty, Lisa's tongue was back halfway down her throat, "I left the inner front door open, it must be the wind, listen."

Indeed, through the window, we could hear the wind getting up, more snow was forecasted for the next few days.

Rachel winked at her lover, "I think it's time for his treat, don't you sweetie?"

Lisa nodded and pushed me onto my back, the two girls positioning themselves either side of me, Little Tom pointing invitingly at the ceiling, knowing this was his moment, al last they were both going to make me cum.

Then, unexpectedly, their mouths didn't head in that direction, instead they started to lick my cheeks, one either side, only breaking off to kiss each other over my face. The move was unexpected and highly erotic, my cock now fully charged.

"Close your eyes Tom," the two naked forms grinned knowingly at each other, "And enjoy."

I did so, and with eagerness muttered, "Mmm, I've waited years for this! My two favourite women giving me a blowjob."

"Maybe, Tom," Rachel whispered conspiratorially in my ear, "Maybe not."

Puzzled at her remark I opened my eyes, both girls were staring at me with a strange expression. Were they going to pull out of this at the last moment? Was this the ultimate prick-tease? Perhaps Lisa had inherited a mean streak from her slutty sister Karen?

Rachel placed her hand over my eyes, "Close them, Tom, or you won't get your surprise."

"Whatever," I replied, shutting out my vision of the dim light, "Please get on with it, I so want to cum."

I laid still, awaiting that delicious moment of mouth on cock, better still, two mouths, but the girls continued to lick lavisciously at the corners of my mouth, and I bucked my hips up and down with impatience.

"Lay still Tom," whispered Lisa, "And keep those eyes tightly shut,"

I felt a movement on the bed, close to my groin, at last one of them was getting into position, but why all the secrecy?

I knew my cock was leaking liberal amounts of pre-cum and jumped when at last a tongue came into contact with it and transferred the liquid to the mouth of its owner. Both of these girls had sucked me off several times but I couldn't discern whose mouth it was that suddenly slid down my complete length, my cock briefly touching the back of her throat. Rachel usually gagged when this happened, so I concluded it had to be Lisa who had proved to be a deep-throat specialist.

Except that Lisa's familiar breath was still lingering on my mouth and Rachel's hands were still over my eyes!

Suddenly it dawned on me, this was the surprise, someone else was sucking my cock!

For one mad moment I didn't want to open my eyes, I didn't want to know who this mysterious person was, I just wanted to enjoy the ministrations of the stranger. How she got into the apartment I didn't care, I just knew I had three women in my bed, a dream I would have thought preposterous. Then, for one shocking moment, as the mouth worked deliciously up and down my cock, I wondered if, in their scheming ways, the two women, aware of my once faint bisexual curiosity, had planted a male stranger's mouth on the end of my dick.

Suddenly I had to know, and pushed Rachel's hands away from my eyes.

My first sight was of Lisa's grinning face, then of a mass of blonde hair covering my groin. Blonde hair with purple steaks.

Carol. Carol bloody Ferrer.


The very same Carol I had fucked in my client's house only a few weeks ago and was supposedly at home with her husband in Turkey. The same Carol who had taken my virginity all those years ago on that campsite. And the same woman who, after turning me into a virile man, had got me to shaft her from behind up against a woodland tree, and consequently got her pregnant, albeit only temporarily. Fate had taken its hand and a month later she had fallen off her bicycle and miscarried.

I must have looked aghast, and if I hadn't reached that state of horniness beyond no return, my cock might have slackened in shock. But I held firm inside the blonde's mouth as I silently asked the question to Rachel. What did she know about last November? Did she know I had shagged this very woman only hours after we too had given in to our own carnal desire?

I assured myself that if she did know, she would hardly be grinning. But how the hell did she know her intimately enough to join in our threesome?

She spoke at last, "Enjoy Tom, this is our thank you for all the pleasure you have been giving me and Lisa."

Lisa moaned in agreement, she had already moved down the bed and had one of Carol`s nipples in her mouth, and Rachel was fingering her cunt. This vision was enough for me and I bucked my hips upward requesting renewed attention from Carol. For a moment she removed my cock from her mouth, blew Rachel a kiss, then one at me. Nodding towards Rachel I quizzed Carol who instantly recognized my question. Thankfully, she imperceptibly shook her head. Rachel knew nothing about my recent sexual jamboree with her.

I must have still looked worried because Rachel then whispered in my ear and gave me my third surprise of the night, "It's okay darling, I want you to fuck her, I want to watch you fuck my secret lover."

As the revelation swirled in my mind that Rachel had been bisexual all along, Carol turned around and presented her ass to me, her cunt clearly moist and ready to receive my cock.

"Fuck me Tom," she spoke out loud, "Fuck my cunt while we watch these two lovebirds at play."

I don't know how many people it takes to make an orgy, but I am sure this was the start of one. And from this point my memory is a blur. Yes, I fucked Carol, the way she preferred, good and hard, from behind, and accompanied by the dirty language she liked to hear. It took little effort or time to spunk deeply into her slutty cunt.

I was out of this world, here I was having uninhibited unprotected sex with a married woman while watching my fuck-buddy make love to my married school-time sweetheart!

4:15 am

It was still dark when we all eventually collapsed on our backs, exhausted and stinking of sex. In the faint light I smiled when I saw the girls mavoeuvring to find a dry part of the bed sheet, I was pleased that a considerable amount of the contribution was mine! As far as I can recollect I had, in addition to Carol, fucked the other two girls once each, and licked all three pussies as the girls lay in a row kissing and continuously orgasming. All of us were too excited to sleep and I lit us up a couple of weeds and the lust continued, albeit more sedately, into the dawn.

8:20 am

The three girls were all asleep, curled up naked together under my duvet, while I lay awake, reflecting on the night's events.

I list count of how many times I had cum, I think it was four. Definitely once deep inside Carol, then the others had watched me shoot into Lisa's mouth and we all cheered when she made a great show of swallowing the lot. I had ejaculated over Carol's tits as we both watched the other two engage in a highly erotic soixante-neuf, but the best was what I had waited for all night.

Instead of two mouths pleasuring my cock I now had three. No porn film I had seen could surpass the moment when I pulled out of Lisa and shot my fourth load. I allowed my spunk to be released slowly so the girls could gather it on their tongues and spread it around my cock, and I watched in sheer delight as they French kissed each other, sharing my taste on their lips. Then in turn, they pressed their spunk-laden mouths to mine, and I could taste my own cum. I didn't mind, I had been there before with Lisa, and anyway, I was too horny to care. I was on cloud nine.

Having drunk the least the night before, I was the first to rise and headed for the toilet.

As I waited for the liquid to flow I looked into the mirror at the scruffy vision, and a shadow moved into view behind me. Carol reached around and placed her hand around my cock just as I started to pee.

"Ugh, all sticky," she muttered.

I wasn't surprised, his nocturnal journey had involved three mouths and three pussies. I recollected that it was amazing that in our horny state no assholes had been invaded, neither with cock nor tongue. Speaking only for myself of course, what the girls had done with their fingers I was unaware.

"Sorry," I grinned into the mirror, but she held on, guiding me as I continued to piss, "But some of the goo is probably yours!"

"No problem," she replied. I watched in amazement as she held my cock steady while I peed, and of course I started to grow in her hand. Pissing with an erection can be disastrous in an enclosed space but by the time I was hard, I had fortunately finished.

My cock was now fully erect and in view at the bottom of the mirror.

"He looks lovely, Tom. Remember what we did in Kamile's bathroom?"

How could I forget anything to do with this kinky woman? After a couple of hours of hot sex we had showered together and, rather than hop out to the loo, she had peed in the cubicle, some of it directed intentionally at my cock. Both turned on, we had fucked again.

"Of course I do, and thank you," I replied, admiring myself in the mirror, "Not clean enough to suck though."

To my amazement, Carol looked into my eyes and then squatted on the floor, "Wanna bet?"

Calling my bluff, she shook my cock free of the remaining drops, wiped it with a tissue, and took me in her mouth, and sucked me rapidly as though her life depended on it.

Then just as quickly, she stood up and kissed me on the lips. "Not now Tom, more of this later, we have all day, remember it's a Bank Holiday?"

It was just as well, I don't think I could manage another orgasm just yet, not even if Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and the great lips of Angelina Jolie all went down on me at once! Well, just maybe!

I was spent, and Carol sensed it. Although she had been a late arrival to my bed she must have been pretty exhausted herself, especially when she told me that she had been masturbating in the living room waiting for the right moment to join us.

She grabbed my arm, "Come on, lets make some tea, get some spunk back into those big balls of yours."

Shivering, we waited for the kettle to boil. The heating hadn't kicked in yet, so we cuddled together to share our heat.

"So Rachel let you in then, with Lisa?"

"Yes," she grinned.

"Had you not met Lisa before then?"

"Only on the phone, to set this up."

I admitted to her that it was very well planned.

"When did you first think of it, Carol?" I was interested to know how it fitted in with our recent fun at the house in Chigwell.

"Oh, about three months ago!"


She laughed at my bewilderment. A voice called out from the bedroom, "What's going on out there you two?"

"Just making some tea, Rach, you guys want some?"

"No thanks. Take your time." Some giggles followed her words.

Carol laughed, "Sounds as though they are at it again!"

I ignored her, searching the sink for two clean cups, "So tell me then, you had this all planned before we even met at Kamile's?"

"Uh huh. Even before you fucked Rachel in your office!"

I froze, "You knew about that?"

"Yep," she grinned and, then looking at me with a serious expression, "But she doesn't know about you and me, apart from our camping days of course. I still have fond memories of that day I taught you doggie sex."


"Tom, before you get your knickers in a twist…" she reached down to my semi erect cock, "…and I'm glad you're not wearing any. Let me tell you how this all came about, okay?"

"Okay, lets take our tea in there." 'There' being the slightly less cold living room with the inviting sofa. Despite my temporary exhaustion, something told me that, with the other two preoccupied in further carnal desire, I was soon to fuck this woman yet again. We pulled a rug over us as we snuggled up together semi-naked on the sofa.

"Remember the first time we had sex, Tom?"

"How can I forget? I remember how I kept asking you for a date."

"Well, it wasn't because I didn't fancy you, I happened to know that Rachel did too."

"But we were just good friends. That was all."

"Yes, after I realised that was all it was going to be, then I let you fuck me."

"So how come you are okay with what Rachel and I did the very night before we two got together?"

"Because Rach and I are lovers, Tom, we have been for years. But what you and I did that evening will remain a between ourselves. We all have to have a least one secret."

I wondered if this New Year could possibly spring any more surprises. And if you read '24 Hours' you will know it did. And how! I believe the Chinese call the coming year as the Year of the Pig. Well, I truly believe it should be renamed as the Year of the Rabbit, the women I was to meet certainly fucked like one!

"You two? Lovers? I don't believe this. For how long?"

She laughed as we heard the familiar sounds of sex permeating from the next room, and gave my cock a squeeze, "Ever since our first date Tom, she found out about you and me in that tent. She was ever so jealous."

"But she never gave me any indication she wanted to have sex with me."

"No, because she also treasured you as her best friend, and that once you fucked her you would move on, just like all the other boys she had."

"So what actually started you off with her?"

"Do you remember the party at the Simpson's, the place with the pool?"

"Yes, in Clapham wasn't it? I think I was with that Indian girl from the Post Office."

"Mmm, Narita, she was bloody sexy, I slept with her myself!"

"Shit! Just how long have you been bisexual Carol?"

"Forever Tom. I had sex with a girl, Trudi, you wouldn't know her, long before I even looked at a cock. If it hadn't been for this nice fat thing," she lifted the rug to look at the erect cock firmly gripped in her hand, "I might even have become a lesbian."

I put my cup down and slipped my hand between her sticky thighs. She opened her legs to allow my fingers to slip into her slick pussy. "I'm very grateful you didn't."

"So am I, Tom," she shivered as I delved in further, "I think we should fuck soon to keep warm, don't you?"

I nodded, but wanted to know more. "You were saying? About the party?"

"Oh yes, I was in the pool and furious because the boy I came with was chatting up some other girl, when Rachel joined me. She said something about your mum being sick and you had to leave early?"

"I remember, I was actually after the same girl your boyfriend was!"

She laughed, "You bastard! You were with Narita. Typical man, always looking for something better."

"I couldn't help it, she came on to me, who was I to object? She was clearly into sex in a big way, I heard later that she went home with not one boy, but two! And I wasn't either of them!"

"Serves you right, you dirty sod. As it happened, my boyfriend was one of them, fucking creep."

"We men of small brains and large cocks are only human, darling! They say we don't have enough blood to run them both at the same time!"

Carol smiled, "I can quite believe that! Anyway, Rachel came up to me and we shared our woes, she was all sad because she had missed her chance with you and I looked like going to bed without any cock. Suddenly we saw the funny side and hugged in the water. Next thing we were kissing."

"Wow, she never told me about that. In fact, up until Christmas she told me she was only curious about other women."

"She wouldn't have said anything, Tom, not even to you. She has always been embarrassed about that side of her life, until Boxing Day that is! The curious bit was to break the ice with you."

"So did you have sex there in the pool?"

"God no, too many people around! I'd already been with girls before, Tom, but never like that, not in public. The contact of our skins told us both this was going further, so we got out, dried ourselves off and went down to the bottom of the garden. There were lots of bushes down there, but even then we had to be careful, it was a warm night and we weren't the only couple around with some serious amorous intentions!"

She felt my cock leak into her hand, "Enjoying this aren't you?"

I grinned, and wriggled a finger against her furry g-spot, "What do you think? So did you make love to her?"

"Not that night no, we just kissed a lot and touched each others breasts through our bikini tops. We didn't go any further than that, although I was desperate to feel between her legs, especially if she was as wet as I was."

"Lovely, so when did you do it properly?"

Carol shivered. Despite the rug, we were still cold, so we cuddled closer together.

"The following weekend, she actually approached me saying how much she enjoyed the kissing, and that it was so different from the greedy boys, and could we do it again?"


"My dad had gone fishing for the day, my mum was shopping, and my brother had spent the night at his girlfriend's house, so we had the place to ourselves."

Carol was starting to wriggle under my probing fingers, and the sounds of sex from the bedroom were turning us both on.

She shivered again, "Tell you what, Tom, why don't we fuck and get warm while I tell you about Rach?"

Carols cunt was so wet from the combination of saliva and semen that I slipped into her from above without effort, her pussy squelching as we started to move together.

She humped her hips upward to meet my thrusts, "Fuck, that's nice, Tom, thank you."

"My pleasure, darling, you are heaven to fuck."

She reached up and held my chin, "You know what?"

"What?" I grinned.

"My definition of heaven is you inside me 24/7."

"Mmm, the mind boggles! So, carry on, about you and Rach."

I pulled the rug over my back and, as I resumed fucking her, she talked.

"We had a couple of my dad's whiskeys to settle our nervousness and I started the ball rolling by talking about how boys kiss. In no time we were kissing each other on the sofa, just like this." Carol lifted her head to mine and I devoured her tongue. She tasted of tea and sex!

I thrusted harder into her.

She gasped, "Fuck, that's deep, Tom."

I kissed her nose, "Go on, or I shall stop fucking."

"Okay, okay. We were feeling each other up through our clothing, and Rachel remarked that it didn't feel the same as the pool. I laughed and agreed that we were overdressed for the occasion. So we slowly stripped each other down to our bras and panties, and kissing all the time."

I speeded up my motion with that vision before my eyes, especially as I had recently become acquainted with both of their bodies. "Were you still on the sofa."

"Yes, but it was leather and all squeaky so I suggested my mum's bed."

"Your mum's? Why not yours?"

"There was more room, and anyway mine still had a picture of you on the wall."

"Not the one of me naked?" She had photographed me before that memorable doggie session in the woods. "The one with the hard-on?"

"God no, my dad would have killed me, although I've still got it!" She grinned up at me, thrusting her pelvis at me to meet my strokes. "Mum might have been interested though, she was the one who watched the porn in our house."

I remembered her mother and admiring her slender figure, "She was very sexy then."

"She still is, Tom, she's having a whale of time since Dad left, She's 47 this year and getting more cock than I am! Barring this weekend of course!" She giggled, and I kissed her lips.

"Good for her."

"You remember Ian Gray, that tall Canadian guy I was going with?"

"The blonde bloke with strange eyes? I think I remember Rachel telling me she fancied him too."

"Everyone did, Tom, including my mum, and that was what I was going to tell you. I'm certain he shagged her after he and I broke up."

I laughed, "She's really something, your mum, pity she's not here tonight."

Carol shook her head, "Tom, she is so not into girls, I can tell you that for certain. She knows I am, but that's as far as it goes. She likes doing this too much." And, as if to emphasise her words, she thrusted her pelvis hard up at mine and my balls slammed against her ass.

"Anyway, don't you think you have had enough girls to fuck for one day?"

At that precise moment a loud screech shook the apartment walls. Lisa had bottomed out again! We continued to fuck, knowing that Rachel would now demand her share of the orgasmic spoils.

"So go on, tell me more about you and Rachel."

Carol was staring dreamily at the doorway, then turned back to me, "Sorry, where was I?"

"In your mum's bed with her."

"Oh yes. We just carried on under the covers, kissing and touching and feeling each other through our pants."

"The way people do," I laughed and, sensing the approach of her orgasm, took an available nipple into my mouth.

"Her panties were damp, just like mine. I remember being close to orgasm and we still had our undies on! I was trembling almost as much as she was."

"I bet. Just like now I would imagine."

Carol was indeed shaking, and she reached down to her clit, sensing my own approaching release.

"Go on, the tension is killing me here."

She continued, "I wanted us both to get fully naked but I knew it might break the spell, so we just fingered each other inside our pants until we came. It was so lovely, Tom."

"I bet. So did you make love properly? You know?"

"I think we would have done, I was desperate to go the whole hog with her and see how sweet she tasted, but Mum came home and caught us."


"Exactly! We had fallen asleep, see. Both of us half-naked on the bed."

"What did she do?"

"Well, she didn't rant and rave, she wasn't like that. She just looked calmly at us, told us to get dressed and see her in the kitchen."


"Rach was shit scared her parents would find out, but my mum was okay with it and said she would tell no-one. She just said to use my own room in future and at least what we were doing wouldn't get us pregnant. Again," she added, looking pointedly at me.

I recalled the shocking moment when the then eighteen year-old Carol had informed me of the conception we had created that day in the woods, followed, thankfully, by the miscarriage a few weeks later when she fell off her bike.

"Wow, one very cool Mum. So when did you two do it properly?"

"We could hardly wait, but it was a few weeks later, on that school trip to Normandy it happened. I think you did the same trip the following year?"

I nodded, I had slowed my thrusting so that we could climax together.

"There were two double beds to each room, so Rach and I made sure we got the same bed together, and had proper girlie sex for the first time. The girls in the other bed giggled when they knew what we were up to."

"Wasn't that a bit awkward?"

"Not at all, Rachel and I weren't the only item on that trip, some of the others in the other rooms were fooling around too. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to let their hair down, away from home and all that. We found out later that the girls in the next bed to us had both masturbated in the dark while listening to us."

"What? Each other?"

Carol shook her head, "No, sadly, that would really have completed the picture. They were both fully into boys at that time, they just did themselves."


"Even so, what a horny atmosphere!"

"It was! Sex was definitely in the air that night. One of the girls in the next room to us sneaked in a local lad she had met. I don't know where her original sleeping partner went."

"Perhaps they had a threesome?"

"Not what we heard. Apparently she just laid there while they got on with the sex."

"Fuck, how cool is that?"

"Very. But you have to remember I was more preoccupied with my own new lover."

"That little hotel was a sex pit! I remember when I was there that three of the other boys pulled some local French girls. We didn't have double beds though."

She laughed, "Perhaps all the sex we had made them change them."

The vision of pairs of schoolgirls making love in every bed took me over the top and I blasted the remains of any spunk I had left in my balls into Carol's cunt, and she quickly frigged herself off before I had finished.

Well past the exhaustion stage, I fell onto my side and pulled the rug back over our naked sweating bodies, now fully warmed. I looked into my grateful married lover's eyes. Through the open doorway I could hear the other one groaning softly to the attentions of Lisa.

"Talking of sex pits," Carol laughed, cocking her head towards the bedroom.

Although temporarily exhausted, part of me wanted to rejoin them, but Carol shook her head.

"Leave them be, Tom. Especially as Lisa is her only lover apart from me."

"Does Salik know you about two?" Her husband was an envoy in the local embassy and spent most of his time traveling in Europe and often, as rumour would have it, accompanied by attractive women.

"Yes, he's okay with that, but only if it's girls. It's quite acceptable for him to fuck the opposite sex, but not me. That's the way the Turkish are, at least the ones I have met."

She moaned as I nuzzled her neck and bit her ear, "But you let me fuck you the other day."

"Three reasons, Tom. My sister-in-law Kamy will keep it secret because she is being naughty herself, and two, because I had last night already planned I knew we would end up fucking anyway."

Carol was fingering the ooze seeping from her pussy. "Shit, it's going on your sofa, Tom." She wiped away the mess with the corner of the rug.

"It wouldn't be the first time," I laughed. "And the third?"

"Third what?"

"The third reason you let me fuck you in Kamile's house?"

"Ha ha, quite simple! I was so fucking horny Tom, I hadn't had any cock in months. I was desperate for a good fuck." She snuggled in to me, soothing the wilting sticky mess that was once an erect cock. "And seeing we had already had sex all those years ago, I guessed that a reprise didn't count with my husband's silly rules."

"I am so glad that Kamile tricked me into meeting you that day," I whispered, not wanting to reveal our secret to Rachel. The reader can find out more in my earlier story "Essex Girl."

"Well, it was my idea," she giggled, "And all the time you thought you were going to fuck Kamy!"

I laughed.

"Not that I would have minded," she added, "I just wanted you first that's all."

It had gone noticeably quiet in the next room and Carol observed my eyes drooping, "Let's sleep for a while, Tom. We might need it for later."

Together, we drifted off in that traditional aftermath of passionate sex; naked, warm and sticky.

11:45 am

The tap on my shoulder alerted me to the aroma of my favourite smell, after pussy that is, frying bacon.

Rachel kissed my ear as Carol roused too. "Come on sleepy heads. We're cooking breakfast."

She pulled the covers off our naked bodies and drew back sharply, "Phew, you guys smell like a brothel."

I sat up, "And how would you know, miss?"

Rachel ignored my remark, "You two better go shower, the food will be ready soon."

I looked at my watch, we had been asleep more than two hours! Lisa and Rachel were in knee length t-shirts looking splendidly clean and fresh. I felt like shit. These lesbian types obviously didn't go through the exertions that we men have to bear to please our women. And ourselves of course!

Eager for food, neither of us fooled around in the tiny cubicle, we just soaped each other without getting too aroused. I doubt if that had been the case with the two previous occupants!

My apartment only possessing two kitchen chairs, the four of us sat on the floor in a semi-circle in front of the stoked-up fire, gorging on eggs, baked beans, bacon and buttered toast.

"So who's idea was this little gathering to entertain me?" I asked, following my first mouthful.

"It wasn't for you, big head," smiled Rachel, Not originally anyway."

"I don't understand."

Carol chipped in, "Rach and I had talked for ages about introducing a third girl into our fun, but Lisa was always difficult to tie down."

I laughed, "I've never had any trouble tying her down!"

Lisa laughed, her mouth full of egg, " Tom, it's not only the men who fancy threesomes, you know!"

Carol, also laughing, continued, "And the only time we could all click was last night, and we could hardly turn you out, could we Tom? Not on New Year's Eve anyway."

"No," added Rachel, "So we had to put up with some cock for our troubles."

"Sorry if I was an inconvenience," I mumbled, my own mouth equally full. I leaned forward to stoke up the dying embers.

"See?" laughed Carol, "As soon as we mention the word cock, he has to poke something hot."

I grinned and dug her in the ribs, "It's getting to be a habit with me."

Unbelievably, Little Tom decided to show an interest in the proceedings.

"Bloody hell, he wants to fuck again!" smiled Rachel, reaching into my groin.

We all laughed, but accepted that we'd had enough for the time being.

We did all have sex again later, after taking a walk in the snow, followed by a coffee in Starbucks in Kingston. I reveled in the attention I gained from being accompanied by three sexy women, especially when Rachel and Carol held hands and exchanged subtle kisses!

In the café, Carol received a text and, while the other two were engrossed in each other, she showed it to me.

'Happy New Year sweetie! Very boring here, had sex last nite with my husband, how worse can it get! Hope you had a better time. Love and kisses, Kamy xx PS If you see Tom, tell him I want his cock when I get back'

Carol reminded me that, while her own husband Salik was working in the Far East, her sister-in-law had gone home to Turkey for the holiday.

"Shall I tell her?" she whispered, "You know, about last night?"

I grinned, "If you want." The thought of fucking the very desirable Kamile at long last aroused me considerably.

Conveniently, Rachel and Lisa went off to the restroom together and I watched Carol type out her reply. I grinned at her wording.

Hi my darling Kamy, if you must know he is with me right now and says he can't wait to fuck your brains out. He's a bit tired poor thing having just had me and Rachel and his own lover Lisa too! See you soon, love you, Cxx'

When the two girls returned from the loo, looking considerably flushed (forgive the pun!), we returned home.

"You two were gone for ages, Lisa," I remarked as we ploughed through the powdery snow.

She grinned, "There was only one cubicle free, so we had to share!"

The thought of the two of them together in that tiny space had my head reeling and I smartened my step. Little Tom was ready for further adventures!

The fire I had lit earlier had heated up the apartment considerably, the girls were obviously in a horny state too and in no time we were all down to our undies squeezed tightly into my two-seater sofa watching some lesbian porn. Lisa was on my left, Carol and Rachel snuggled together on my right, the erection in my boxers inviting attention from any one of them.

Lisa soon got bored with the TV, got up from the sofa and knelt between my legs. Seeing her release my cock from its prison, Carol grinned at us and took up a similar position with her girlfriend.

Enjoying the attention on my cock, I reached across to release Lisa's little tits from her bra and squeezed a very erect nipple. Not one to miss out, Carol started to finger Rachel's pussy. This highly erotic group fondling gave me an idea I had read about on the Internet.

"Daisy chain you guys?"

Rachel looked at me, puzzled, but Lisa muttered incoherently on my cock and nodded, and Carol simply grinned. I ran and grabbed a large rug from the bedroom and laid it on the carpet. As we laid flat on the floor in a circle Rachel cottoned on to the idea and without hesitation buried her face between Lisa's thighs. I grinned and delved into Carol's soaking pussy while she herself went down on Rachel. Lisa completed the chain by taking me into her hot mouth.

In this sexy circle in front of the hot fire we all sucked and slurped in a silence only broken by sighs and moans. Before any of us got close we reversed the circle from anti-clockwise to clockwise, and I now found myself teasing Lisa's clitty while Carol engaged her greedy mouth on my cock.

When she suspected I was close to cumming, she called out, "Lets all try to cum together shall we?"

"Mmm" was the reply from the other two. I was almost speechless, totally absorbed in this atmosphere of total debauchery.

"I'm ready," I panted.

"Me too," groaned Carol while I watched Rachel suck lustily on her cunt.

"Give me a few seconds you guys," muttered Lisa, "Trailing a bit here."

"I'll soon sort that," I grinned, sliding a finger into her tight little asshole.

"Fuck!" Lisa screeched at the invasion and a few seconds later looked over at me, "Call it Tom, I'm ready now."

Watching Lisa also finger Rachel's asshole prompted Carol to do the same with me, triggering my own orgasm that I had been holding back for the last half hour. Hearing me groan with relief, the oral and finger ministrations increased in intensity, three tongues in vaginas, four fingers in assholes and a united female orgasm was achieved, their bodies humping with ecstasy, their voices crying out in relief. In her own moment of delight Carol had gulped and inadvertently swallowed my cum. Not that I was complaining!

I rested my head on Lisa's sweaty thigh, "Fuck," I gasped.

"Fuck is the right word Tom, that was a cum and a half!"

"I agree, Lisa," said Rachel, removing her face from Carol's groin, "I never thought I would cum while licking another pussy."

"Nor me," laughed Lisa, her face wet from Rachel's own cum.

For a while we all laid on the floor, gently caressing each others' bodies, the smell of sex strong in the warm room.

"Tea anyone?" I questioned.

The girls howled with laughter at the absurdity of the situation. We had just completed an orgy of oral sex, and here I was suggesting afternoon tea!

"How British!" laughed Lisa. Her birthplace was the scene of the famous Boston Tea Party.

However, my offer was gladly accepted, and putting on my boxers to cover my dribbling appendage, I headed to the kitchen. Lisa called out that they would all take a shower first.

As I boiled the kettle, I wondered if the three of them would fit into my tiny cubicle, but from the giggles I heard coming through the flat, I assumed they had managed it.

6:00 pm

Lisa had to return to Heathrow to resume her duties, and she departed with a fond farewell, which lasted a full ten minutes.

"God, how I wish I could stay and fuck with you all again," were her parting words as she climbed into the waiting taxi.

Carol and Rachel cooked dinner while I showered and washed away the smell of sex.

Over steak and chips, Carol asked a question, "Tom, do you mind if it's just me and Rach this evening? We don't often get the chance to be together these days."

I pretended to be disappointed, but to be honest I was knackered. However, at some point in the evening, when Rachel was on top of Carol on the sofa, I was allowed to watch the erotic scene and managed a weak ejaculation over Rachel's round ass. As requested, I refrained from fucking either of them.

Later, we spent that night all cuddled together but, until early the next morning, there was no more sex. I awoke to two pairs of lips arousing my cock and, while the two girls fingered each other to orgasm, I obliged them with my first one of the day. Erotically, they happily shared my sperm.

After all showering together, Carol returned to Kamile's empty house and Rachel and I set off for work.

Over our desks we grinned at each other and both uttered the same word, "Phew!"

Beryl, the elderly receptionist and office spy, asked if we'd had a good Christmas. If only she knew!


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