Friday, June 7, 2013


 I am Tanuj aged 37 married and have two children from Calicut Kerala. I want to narrate an incident that happened with me 20 yrs back. I was just 17 and was undergoing my high school education. I was very studious, well behaved, smart and handsome boy. I never had any interaction with any girl of my age and never thought of sex or masturbation which students of 17 yrs today seemed well aware off.
My aunt who was 30Yrs and a very beautiful women used to stay very near to my home she had two daughters and both were very young. I used to regularly go to their residence and had a very pleasant relationship with them. One morning early hours my mother told me to go to their home and deliver some items I reached my aunts home at 0830 AM by the time both her daughters and uncle had gone from home and she was alone she opened the door and I saw her wearing only a petticoat and a blouse I had never seen her or any other lady in that dress before that day I was amazed to see her figure and the beauty but she was normal as ever I gave her the items and was about to leave when she asked me to help her in some items shifting activity I in the state of nervousness helped her in the job and at the same time I was having a hard on watching her figure suddenly I started shivering and fainted in front of her.
She caught hold of me and shifted me to the near by sofa I lied down there for some time and she brought a glass of water Then she enquired me about the happening, At start I was hesitant but when she comforted me on her shoulder I told her the truth and she kissed me on my forehead and took my hand in her hand suddenly I felt a lot of excitement and I felt my seamen flowing out I jumped from her capacity and went to toilet to see that I was already passed out by her shear touch and left to my home immediately.
After a few days my uncle went on a official trip to a remote village in a far location, Usually my aunts mother used to stay with her during my uncles absence but this time my aunt told my mother to send me to stay with her. I jumped to the opportunity and went to her house late after 10 PM she was wearing a maxi and was watching TV serial I sat very near to her and started watching her beauty She understood my feelings and again kept my head on her shoulder slowly she started kissing me and made me very comfortable in her arms she then took my hand and kept it on her breast which was naked inside her maxi. I again felt a very high percentage of voltage flowing in side me. She then took me to her bed room and asked me to be smooth and easy.
Due to my anxiety I again couldn’t control my feelings and I passed out. After a few 30 Minutes she made me to understand the sexology and a ladies body her feelings and what all actions I have to make to make her happy and to be successful in sex. I did what ever she told me to do I pressed her nipples and breast took those sharp nipples in my mouth, kissed all over her body, smelt her vagina kissed her and licked her for some time Finally as she was having her first ever orgasm of her life she told me to insert my organ then as I was pumping hard inside her she had a great orgasm one after other and then I finally discharged inside her.
This love for life continued for 3 years when I finally went for a job to Delhi. During my vacations I used to always satisfy her needs and she always stayed happy till I got married at age 25 to a young girl and as of now I am having a very successful life with my wife. I then never touched my aunt after I got married and she too understood my feelings.
After 16 yrs of service I returned back to my hometown to get into a new job at Calicut. Last year my aunt who was then 49 yrs old had a big problem, a disease that made her bedridden and is till now under treatment. The disease was her blood flow in the whole body was very irregular and she had difficulties in handling her day to day activities. She had a lot of treatment and is presently undergoing an ayurvedic Treatment. She is helped by a maid servant and a neighbor Muslim Lady. This Muslim lady too had a similar disease when she was 35 and had undertaken the same treatment as my aunt is presently taking.
The Muslim lady massages the body of my aunt on daily basis and the maid servant look after the house hold activities. As I regularly visit my aunt’s house one day I saw the maid working outside and the Muslim lady was massaging my aunt, I peeped through the door and saw both of them involved in lesbian activities during massaging, sounds of sexual pleasure were clearly heard outside and just then the lady saw me at the door. She called me inside and explained me that it was a part of treatment that she had learned from other experts and she too had overcome her disease through this treatment and is now completely cured and fully healthy she told me that my aunt had told her all about my relationships which I had with my aunt. She told me that my aunt needs a good stimulation of her sex organs and an orgasm thus the flow of blood through her veins will start and soon she will recover and asked me to help to bring her to an orgasm.
I thought for a while and started to massage her breast and lick her vagina, I saw my aunt again trembling in pleasure and started shaking her full body, the lady standing besides me was also happy with the development and as my aunt was to have her orgasm the lady stopped me from inserting my organ, and advised me to keep licking till she finally collapsed. She then explained me that at this age if I try to insert my organ then she may develop some other complications. Now my aunt for the past 4 months is undergoing this unique treatment and is getting recover very fast. The lady always guards during this foreplay with my aunt and keeps a thorough vigil. She now understand my feelings and allows me to insert my organ on cunt a while with my aunt and remaining times she allows me to insert her and fulfill her desires as she always watches all that goes on between me and my aunt as she too gets warm during our foreplay she allows me to insert her from any angle and even sucks my organ which I had always tried to experience with my wife and never have been successful.
I now understand how good sex is to cure a disease and this episode has given me a new partner in that lady who is now 43 and ever so strong and lavishing well built with huge breasts and well experienced, she gives me all that I need and I am able to give her all she needs. My feelings today are to be shared to one and all who have a healthy sex life but may be lacking sexual pleasures with ones own partners.

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