Friday, June 7, 2013


I left the resort hotel early the next morning. After the long flight I had slept or tried to, for twelve hours. Now I was longing for some exercise before the meetings would start. I headed away from the hotel along the beach. I could see the beach reaching out to a point up ahead. I was making that point my turn around destination. The walk was beautiful. Palm trees lining the shore, clean sand and clear water. The tide was out, so I walked bare footed in the packed moist sand.
As I came to the point where the beach extends out into the ocean I looked farther down the coast. I didn't see her at first, but when she stood up on her surfboard, she caught my eye. She was very graceful as the board carried her towards the beach. As she came closer I saw that she was nude. Her long hair was black. Her skin color was a copper. Her body was petite and perfectly shaped. Her small beasts were pert. Her buttocks tapered slightly into her legs. An island goddess.
My name is Smith. My friends call me Smitty. Two years ago my boss commanded me to attend a conference in Bali, all I could say to him that I was scared to fly over water and surely he could find someone else. He sent me anyway. Now the very thought of her small nude body wiggling on to mine, still caused me to establish a raging hard on with a wet tip. Arti would be twenty this week.
She jumped off of her board, in to knee deep water and looked over at me and waved. She made no attempt to cover herself or hide from me. I slowly walked towards her. When I was close enough that I thought she could hear me I complimented her surfing skills. She gave me a polite thank you and asked me if I surfed. I told her no, that my part of the world was a thousand miles from the ocean. As she walked up the slope of the beach to near where I stood I could now see that she was a grown girl rather than a woman. I felt guilty looking at her beauty, yet compelled to feast my eyes on her.
She told me that I looked thirsty. Saying I was a long way from my hotel. She held out her hand for me to shake, saying her name was Arti. I took her petit and soft hand into mine and gave her a firm handshake. Arti pulled my hand to follow her . I'm thinking, boy are these island girls friendly or what.
I looked over my shoulder back towards the hotel and not seeing a soul, I did follow her through the shrubs and into the coconut grove where I saw a small white house. There were a number of chairs sitting under the trees and she invited me to sit. She excused herself and walked to an outdoor shower and rinsed herself off. I tried not to stare at her by looking over the property but my gaze would always return to her. She stepped out of the shower and found a towel and dried herself, then wrapped the towel around her waist. She excused herself and entered the house.
For a few minutes I waited. Feeling foolish and guarded I was about to leave when she came back out wearing a flowered wrap covering her breasts down to her mid thigh. She sat a tray of tall drinks down on a small table and handed me a glass. I took a slip and found the drink delicious. Arti sat down in the chair next to me and we chatted for a better part of a half hour. Then abruptly Arti stood and excused herself saying that she had to attend classes. I stood and thanked her for the drink and started to walk back down to the beach, but before I could go, Arti invited me back in the morning. I smiled and told her I would love to hear more about her life and of the island.
The rest of my day was taken up with the conference that I came to the island for. During the long afternoon I would daydream of Arti, nude on her surfboard. Her beauty was remarkable. I still could not believe how open and friendly she was.
That evening sitting around the tables with other people and listening to their stories about shopping and sight seeing while on the island, I wondered what tomorrow would be like. After a few drinks, I purposely yawned and excused myself from the others going to my room. I wanted to get into bed early this night and up early the next morning. It took sometime for me to fall asleep as I was excited for tomorrow to roll around. I lay in the bed on the clean white sheet rolling around my cock hardened as I buried into the mattress. I figured that I would have to jack off in order to go to sleep. I visualized Arti's nude body rubbing up against mine. I feel asleep sexually satisfied shortly after cuming.
The alarm sounded just before daybreak. I got up, shaved and showered. I found my new swim trunks that I brought along and went down to the cafe. I ordered java and some fruit. I sat on the patio over looking the beautiful water and watched the sunlight brighten the day. With the fruit eaten and a java refill I headed down to the beach.
The tide was going out, so once again I had an easy walk. The walk took me twenty minutes to reach the point. Upon arriving I looked for Arti on the beach and then out on the water. I was disappointed when I didn't see her so I sat on the beach and waited for her.
My gaze fixed upon a large ship sailing across the sea off on the horizon. I didn't hear Arti approaching me.
I was startled when I felt Arti's hand on my shoulder. I turned quickly and stood up.
There before my eyes was Arti, a beautiful girl with her surfboard totally nude with a small flower in her hair. She said to me, "I'll take you surfing now". With another tug on my hand I followed this blossom in to the water. She pulled the surfboard next to me and told me to lay on it. I did as I was told. She explained to me how I would paddle. She then climbed onto my back and told me to paddle.
Arti's body was light on my backside. I knew her breasts where pressed against my back. My sexual brain tried to feel there position but she was totally tight against me, with all of her naked body pushing down onto mine. Oh, how I wanted to roll over.
Arti had me stop, she told me to watch the wave that was coming at us and then yelled, "Go".
I paddled for all I was worth, soon I felt the wave starting to push us at a greater speed. I held on to the sides of the board staying down, Arti held on to me. When we reached the beach, Arti said that was a sexy ride. I smiled. Then she said, "Lets do it again." Arti pulled me back into the water.
This time Arti instructed me to get on top of her and hold on. She would attempt to standup with me doing the same. As we paddled out to the deeper waters my face was beside Arti's, I really had an urge to kiss her cheek. Her little butt was wiggling as she paddled, doing crazy things to my cock. We waited for the wave she wanted. She turned us towards the shore and off we went.
The board gained speed quickly and I felt Arti trying to stand and lifted myself onto my knees, allowing her to get up. She stood up fully as I wrapped my arms around her hips. I know my fingers where very near her pussy. She stepped forward pulling me upright. I was up! We where racing towards the beach. I felt such exhilaration. Then in a flash the board slipped out from under me and off I went into the surf. I landed on my back and was flipped over by the wave. I held my breath and swam with the wave.
Arti had the board tied to her ankle, I found her waiting for me in waist deep water. She was so excited that I had done it, even though I thought it was a short ride. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Not on the cheek or forehead, but on the lips. God, I felt lucky.
Arti released me and said we would eat now. I followed her to the white house.
Arti placed her board up against the house and took my hand, once again and led me to the outdoor shower. She opened the valve and the shower pelted her with clean water. God, she looked beautiful with the spray dripping off of her golden body. I think she saw me staring. She pulled me closer and into the spray. She reached down, grabbing my trunks pulling them down. She commanded me to wash the salt and sand off. Of course I wanted to comply.
Arti reached up to the small board and found a bar of soap. She took the bar into both of her hands and worked up lather. She placed the soap back on the board then turned to me and lathered my chest with her soapy hands. She was standing facing me, I looked down into her eyes and she smiled back at me. I looked at her hands as the made slow circular movements over my nipples. I then looked down at her nipples wishing they would come closer. They did.
My hard cock touched Arti's stomach. She pushed harder against it crushing it between our bodies. I bent down and placed my lips on hers. We kissed softly but passionately. When our kiss broke apart we looked into each other's eyes. Arti smiled at me and then wrapping her arms around my neck she lifted herself up, wrapped her legs around my waist.
I took my cock and placed it in her opening. My hands then held her butt as I inched myself deep inside of her. Arti's face was buried on the side of my neck. She was so light that I could lift her whole body up and down on my cock. As I looked down her beautiful back, I filled her pussy with my cum.
We washed ourselves off once again. Arti took my hand and led me into the house. The house was beautifully decorated in a tropical fashion and was equipped with all of the modern conveniences one could want. She asked me to sit at here table and began fixing us food and drink.
As Arti and I ate, she expressed her hopeful ideas of finishing her college in the U.S. I halfheartedly listened to her. My mind was on devouring her body. I was hoping the day would continue with more sex with her. I can't tell you how sexy her small petite body was. She was the most perfect formed woman ever. As I was day dreamIng I felt Arti's foot traveling up my leg. Her toes stopped at the head of my cock. She was making it twitch as her toes flicked the tip.
Arti stood and walked over and sat down on my lap. My cock was hardened under her butt as we began kissing passionately once again. We where truly making love this time. Our kisses where slow and soft. Our tongues zipping in and out of each other's lips. Arti swiveled around placing a leg on either side of me. Her small hand grasped my cock and placed it between her pussy lips. She started rubbing my cock back and forth using her pussy. I could feel her wetting herself, for what was to come. My cock ached for her.
Arti slowly moved off of me, leaving my cock gleaning with our wetness. She knelt between my legs, her eyes had a hungry look about them and her mouth was open. We starred at each other for a second which was broken has she leaned towards my cock, sucking it into her waiting mouth.
I closed my eyes and took the dream into my mind, wanting it to never end.
I felt myself readying for the orgasm. I hands went to either side Arti's head, I held her and announced that I was cuming and tried to move her way from my hot load that was climbing up my cocks straw. She responded by grasping my cock sternly, telling me she was not moving. My back arched away from the chair, I whimpered and shot my load into Arti's little mouth. I slumped back into the chair and looked down on my little bronze lover. She smiled at me as a gob of my cum leaked from the corner of her mouth.
Arti pulled me out of the chair and kissed me. My cock was still hard and dripping with cum. She then led me to her bedroom and lay down on her back. Arti spread her legs wide and said, "Now, you pleasure me."
I lay next to her and was kissing my way down her sleek bronze warm body. Her scent of coconut oil and body was mesmerizing me. When my face found her wet spot she lifted her butt off of the bed asking for more. I pushed my tongue deep inside of her, my nose wiggled on her little clit. I could feel my cock humping the mattress looking for a wet hole to enter. I licked her feverishly, moving my tongue from her clit to the folds of her pussy and then ending up with a thrust into her hole. I was paying a lot of attention to her pussy. She tasted divine, I ran one finger up inside of her. She wiggled her little bottom so I inserted another finger. Reaching deep and upwards I find her "G" spot. I could tell that Arti was ready to orgasm. With my lips I bit down on her clit and sucked while teasing it with my tongue.
Arti keep repeating her orgasms, one right after another. The first one sent tingles inside of me, but the last one made want to fuck her. With my tongue I licked my way back up her body. Taking care of each of her brown nipples. My mouth covered hers in a deep and lasting kiss. My cock was bouncing around in between her legs and jabbing for her pussy. Finally, my cock entered her sloppy wet canal.
I fucked Arti feverishly, only wanting one thing, to cum inside of her. It didn't take me that long. I pushed in and held my cock as deep as I could. I felt my throbbing cock pumping it's cum, splashing deep inside of her. Arti was holding me tight with her own orgasm. We laid there in ecstasy, I was just holding still catching my breath but Arti was shivering for time to time with those mini orgasms.
Lay there on Arti's bed I said, " I love this place of yours, it is so relaxing, so sensual and so beautiful. As I lay there in her bed Arti straddled me, a knee on each side of my waist. I looked up at her face and smiled at her smile. My gaze flowed down to her pert brown breasts, at that moment I felt something touching my stomach, I look farther down and notice my cum dripping from her onto me.
Arti turned around and faced my cock. She took it into her hands and began kissing it. Her pussy was now near my face. It was wet with me dripping out of her and sticking to her clit hood. I leaned up and took her clit in between my lips and tasted our love making. She rubbed her pussy into my face with a renewed vigor. In no time Arti had me hard. She turned around and lowered herself down, very slow and seductively to the tip of my shaft. Taking my cock into her hand she rubbed herself with my cock head. The tip of my cock was wet so I arched my back forcing it into her.
My back stayed arch as long as I could hold her weight and she ground down on my cock. Finally I relaxed and lay still allowing Arti to grind her pussy on my cock. Arti would lean back, then forward, rotating around. I knew that she was building an orgasm up. I reached back and grabbed her little hips in my hands and with all my force pushed her down onto my hard cock. Arti had her orgasm.
I pulled Arti to my lips and we kissed. Her little tongue was darting in and out of my mouth. God she was so erotic for such a young woman. My finger went searching for her anus. I had no idea if she would tolerate me in there, but I had to try. I think she liked it. As I had the tip of my finger in her and felt her hips gyrate. With my other hand I pinched her clit. I was hard to hold onto her clit as she moved around. I had the feeling I was putting her body sensations in overload as she screamed with her next orgasm a fell into my arms quivering.
As she lay on top of me breathing hard I unloaded myself into her pussy once again. We were a gooey wet mess, but happily exhausted with our lust for each other.
I had to tell her. I didn't know how. Then again, I thought that I could just be fooling myself, thinking that she loved me. But this would be my last night on the island. I had to say something. So I told her. She cried. I felt terrible, so I made her a promise. She could come to the U.S. and visit me. She told me that would be nice. But I was thinking that she never in a million years take me up on the idea.
So, here I am, at my hometown airport, waiting for her flight. And, of course it's late.
At first over the internet we talked of a visit. Then our thoughts turned to her finishing school here. Of course we would see each other on the weekends. Then I thought of her little bronze body next to mine and the cum stained sheets on my bed. So I made up my mind and told her she would stay in my apartment, as it was a two bedroom after all. But I didn't have a bed for it. I'll just buy a few extra sets of bed sheets for my bedroom.
My apartment is now our paradise.


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