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The incident happened some 5 years ago, and happened in the backdrop of the 9/11 incident. In the broader sense you can say that what
happened was the side effect of the 9/11 attacks.
I belong to Lahore, Pakistan, and am the eldest among the 4 siblings.I come off a relatively wealthy family and that's why I was getting
education in a good university in Lahore. I was doing my graduation in computer sciences. Our university offered the students an opportunity
to have four semesters in Pakistan, and if one could afford financially, complete the remaining part of the graduation in an American University. I was never an exceptionally well student and that's why never thought of going to USA, but my younger sister Maheen was a very talented person. She was a year junior to me in the same faculty and in the same University. With some embarrassment let me
admit that most of my assignments were prepared by her. We are very very friendly siblings and had excellent company of each other.

In 1999 we decided that we should benefit ourselves with the opportunity at hand and must have a degree from an American
University. By the end of year 1999, me and my sister Maheen, reached USA. As we could afford it, so we got a small flat on rent but it was
perfect for us. Atleast it was better to have a smaller flat that was exclusively our's instead of sharing a relatively bigger flat with about a dozen other people (as done normally by Asian students). And I also had to keep it in mind that sharing a flat with some other boys could be uncomfortable task while my sister was to live there as well.Our flat comprised of only one room, a washroom, a small TV Lounge, and a small kitchen but it was sufficient for us. As my father sent a reasonable amount to us, we didn't need to do any job. We spent one and half year with reasonable comfort, ease and peace of mind. But then one day my Daddy called me and told me in a light hearted manner that we should try to find some job as his coffers were being sucked up. Later it was revealed that a partner of him, fraudulently seized a sizeable portion of my Dad's business, and to make things worst my Dad lost another 23 million in another business. Our wealth was no more with us. However my family back home still had resources to try to rise again but they surely didn't have resources to feed their two children at America. We required the University fees, conveyance, rent for the flat and food. All these
things required money. However we too had not lost everything. I told my sister that it's the time we've to taste the adversity and fight our way back to prosperity. She is a very
understanding and compromising girl. She assured me that her support was with me. And from the second day we started finding some
job. My sister's cuteness, attractive face and quite a sexy figure ( I hope you know what do I mean) were incentives for all the employers
and she hardly heard "NO" from the employers. I was not unlucky either, but considering the vulgarity of the American society, it was my wish that both of us (me and my sister) get work together at the same place. It was bit difficult but at last we got a job at a Gass
Station where the owner sought our services on our condition that we'll both work there. It was the end of August 2001.

Our first day at the Gas Station was the first of September 2001. The manager of the station was a prejudiced American in his mid 40's. He
had plenty of discussions with me on the issue of Muslim Terrorism etc and I tried in vain to clear his doubts about the political backdrop
of all the disputes involving Muslims.

It was only the irony of the fate that soon after taking the salary for the first week at service the dreadful incident of 9/11 occurred. And then started the real bad days.The very evening, when the owner of the station came back, he was naturally disturbed because of terrorist attacks at twin towers.However it was beyond my worst nightmares that he'll fire us from the
job. But it's what he actually did. He called the Muslims with bad names and after handing us the wage for 4 days he kicked our asses out
of his station.

These were the days when me and my sister were having off days from University. So we didn't have to face any immediate threat. But as the date to submit the University dues came closer, the panic started creeping in. We tried desperately to find a job but to no avail. In those days we had the company of a couple of very nice American class mates. They were Pilaar and Robert. They were also staying in a
small flat near to ours. As we failed to make the payment for the rent of the flat, our American friends invited us to join them. It was a difficult time so we accepted the offer with gratitude.
Now some intermediate details. As you know our South East Asian Society is quite
conservative, however it was not the case with the society where we were living at that time. You see there are different standards of morality and modesty in the two societies above
mentioned. In our Indian, Pakistani, Bengali societies a boy fears even praising a girl for her beauty. But in USA, our friends would openly praise my sister Maheen, not only for her facial beauty but for her figure as well. It was difficult for Robert, to understand that in our Asian society, it's quite embarrassing for a girl to be praised in that way, specially infront of a family member.

As we were living at their place we were no one to object to such comments from both Pilaar and Robert, on my sister's sexiness. As Pilaar and Robert were having open sex relationship, they were very open to discuss some very intimate affairs infront of us. A very
embarrassing moment came one evening when Robert, who was a little drunk, was jokingly showering his lover for a sexy girl, who
was Pilaar's rival in the class. Naturally Pilaar got exasperated and asked what did that girl had which Pilaar didn't have. Robert said
"BOOBS". I glanced a look at Maheen, she was smiling. She surely had opened up a little in that society. Had it been Pakistan, she would have fainted listening to such open reference to Breasts. However her smile was not to last long. The very next sentence that Robert said was :
"Pilaar, you should ask our lovely Maheen, how she got such big BOOBS. What she did to have them and most importantly, how does she manages their shape. These are really lovely. I wish I could fix these on you." Pilaar knew the apathy of my sister and burst into laughter.
Robert was drunk so he also didn't think that he has said something embarrassing for me and my sister. Frankly speaking, I was not also
embarrassed. I knew if we were to live in USA, we were to be open minded. Afterall Robert was not abusive or offensive. And he was not lying either. It was a fact. My sister had breasts that would make any pornstar shy. She is just like our sweet sexy and busty Aysha Takia.
After that incident when we went back in the room (we used to share one room and infact one bed), Maheen with bright pink cheeks said to me in an apologetic tone, "Bhai, I'm sorry. Infact mere pass koi dosri saaf shirt nahin thi, iss wajha se mujhe yeh shirt pehen'ni pari"
(Brother, I'm sorry, I didn't have any other clean shirt to wear. That's why I had to wear this one". And then I noticed what she was referring to. As she is my sister, I had never taken notice of what she wears (in case it exposes some of her skin). She was wearing a skin tight pink tshirt. From western standards it was still very modest. But from Asian standards
it had all the sexy things. It was sleeveless, it showed a bit of her midriff in some postures, and if she bends you could see a reasonable
portion of her cleavage (however she was always careful while wearing such clothes that her cleavage should not be shown). However that moment I could not help appreciating her beauty. She could be the pivot of masturbation sessions of many guys in the Universities.
However she was wrong to think that it's her shirt that attracted the sexy comments from Roberts. Even when she used to wear the baggy
Shalwar Qameez, her breasts stood out proud ALWAYS. Seeing that she was unnecessarily worrying about being complimented that way, and knowing that she must adopt to the western society I tried to console her. I said, "Hey Maheen, why are you worrying so much? It's perfectly OK. You are cute that's why he
praised you. And if you are concerned that Robert was too explicit in complimenting any part of your body infront of me, then don't give it a thought. I didn't mind it and I think it's perfectly OK." Then I asked Maheen to come close to me so that I could talk to her. She sat
on the bed beside me. And I continued, Maheen, I know what I'm going to tell you is abnormal. A brother is not supposed to discuss such matters with his sister but as we are alone here and we have to manage all things alone so we have to have really frank and very open relationship and communication." I further added, "I have
noticed that you are too uncomfortable regarding the ogling eyes at your body. It
should not be the case. I have noticed that you seldom wear skin fitting shirts and whenever you do wear such shirts, you also wrap a dupatta around your body so that no one can guess those bulges. You should be proud of your body but you are apologetic. Don't you see the girls all around the globe. They use breast developing creams, they use expensive breast implant surgeries to have something that you have naturally." Maheen blushed hearing it, but I thought it was the right time to open her up a little for the American Society. I asked, "What's your size?". Maheen almost fainted hearing me saying it. She said, "WHAT"? I asked again, "What size of bra do you wear"? She was now blushing to the extreme but there was no
reason to decline to answer the question and she said coyly, "34 C". "Ah, that's perfect I think". And then, just to keep the bold
conversation rolling I added, "Isn't it that you have developed more ever since we've come to USA". She replied in affirmative. I joked,
"Is it because some lucky American guy is playing with these"? Now it was too much for
 her. She feigned anger, blushed and finally smiled coyly and replied,"No never. I'm as pure as I was in Pakistan". I whistled and said with
lot of confidence and determination in my voice, "Well Maheen, I would not mind if you let some boy do it. It's the natural desire. But the only thing I advise you is to be careful and use all protective measures if you are having such an affair, or if you decide in future to have such relationship." I finished the day's conversation at that point. The doze was enough to keep her thinking all night long. But telling you guys honestly, I didn't think that she was "THAT" kind of a girl. For her, I had the typical mindset of a brother. I always believed that she had never given any thought to SEX and that she was the nicest girl in the entire universe.

But a week after the above mentioned incident, I had to change my mind. And why would not I?? I had no reason to stick to my previous
mindset. I won't go into the details as it is not the real theme of the story. But to tell you how it happened, I must tell that I saw Maheen fingering and masturbating herself one day. Maheen, my innocent sister was not
masturbating in a light manner. She was finger fucking herself like a bitch in heat. She was furiously rubbing her CHOOT, her clitoris, her breasts, she was pinching her nipples and
forcing a finger in and out of her well soaked pinkish CHOOT. And on top of it, she was moaning quite loudly. She believed that I was not at home. Seeing my sweet innocent sister in that condition was a shock to me. Honestly telling you guys, I always thought that she was not "THAT"slut type of girl and I had always wanted her to be a nice girl. But she was a normal girl, like all other girls (dear guys she was just like your sisters who, I can challenge, do finger fuck themselves). So I was telling that it was a shock to me, but even bigger shock and surprised was inside my trouser....I was having a hard DICK watching my own sister's nudity
and sexual appetite. From that day I started visualizing my sister in a very UN-BROTHERLY way. I won't say that I started lusting for her,
but I surely started imagining her as a possible sexual partner for me. I started masturbating while thinking of my real sister. I know it's too bad, but it was a fact nonetheless.

From that day onwards, I started being more open while being with Maheen. Previously I had the habit of changing the channel whenever
some indecent, vulgar, obscene or sexually exciting material was shown on TV in the presence of Maheen. I relinquished this habit. I
intentionally started showing her some indecent scenes with a "Damn Care" attitude. I gave her the feeling that it was OK for me if she watches the DIRTY stuff. It's all natural. I knew that she saw such things, but while being with me, never. And I wanted her to be open in my presence.

You guys would ask, why I was being such a pervert. I should have found some girl in that Open Society and should have started dating
her. But the problem was that, while I am quite good looking, I lack the guts to befriend a girl to the level of taking her to my bed. I am simply not good at making girl friends. I am a bit serious kind of person with little wit. So finding a girl was quite difficult for me, but on the other hand, the sexual activities going all around me in that society was making me frustrated. So although it was bad, yet it was very rationale, that I started lusting for a girl who, I believed,
could be within my reach. And it was my real sister.

The days were not good for us. And we were having difficulty finding a job. It precipitated me to give her another lecture. That night Maheen was ironing her clothes that she was to wear the next morning for a job interview. The dress was a white color Shalwar Qameez. She would surely look gorgeous. But I thought that she might be wearing too much, specially when she had the dobatta wrapped around her in a
decent manner. I thought to myself, tomorrow there'll be a sexy bitch in this decent dress. I thought to myself, why she wears such decent
dress while actually she wants to be NANGI with some boy. Why she wraps a shawl around her bosom while she secretly wishes her breasts
to be explored by some guy. And why doesn't she wear skirt while she actually desires a boy's hard DICK fucking her PUSSY hard. I thought
that probably it's because, despite wishing all it, she cann't wear revealing dress merely because she was living with her real brother.
It's when I decided to talk to her, and this time quite explicitly. I told her that it was the time for her to show some skin to her employer. I even clearly mentioned that showing her cleavage should not be a problem for her. She was shocked to hear it from me. I tried to be a bit logical. I told her that she must give some reason to her employer to give her the job. There are enough foul plays in the world and we can do nothing without being foul to some extent. I said that there may be many other candidates for the job, so she must provide some reason to her employer to select her among others. I was intentionally using the
DIRTY LANGUAGE, just to excite my sister and to give her the feeling that for me it was OK if she behaves like a little slut. I wanted her to feel relaxed and OPEN while being with me. I said, "If your boss has another candidate who shows some skin, he'll surely prefer her.
You should not wear way too decent dress and thus give an impression to the employer that you are untouchable. Maheen, I'm not asking you to be a prostitute or a slut, I'm not asking you to have sex with your boss, rather I'm asking you to just give an impression to your boss that IT IS POSSIBLE. Give him the feeling that at some point in time he can fuck you. You should show some skin and make him believe that in future he'll get to see some more skin. If you succeed in arising curiosity in him to see the remaining hidden parts of your body, he'll surely give you the job. Right now we are in dire straits and we need this job." I continued my
lecture for some more time and convinced her to wear some hot and revealing dress. It may seem quite unreal to you guys that how can a
brother ask his real sister to show her cleavage etc but you must try to think logically and try to imagine yourself in the same situation.
I saw Maheen's cheeks becoming blood red due to shyness. However she was an understanding fellow and she accepted that I was right. Howevershe said, "Bhai, it's still very difficult for me to wear such a dress. I've never ever worn such revealing dress. How can I do so in future. And how would I wear such a dress to an office where many people might be looking at me". And it was that moment when I came up with a solution. It was quite bold but yet a very able solution. I felt myself sexually
aroused, excited and hot when I said, "Maheen Yaar, I have an idea.Why don't you wear some sexy shirt right now? The thing is that I'm
your brother. If you wear such a dress in my presence you'll feel shy surely. But being in such a state infront of your real brother is too
taboo a concept. And even for a prostitute it's not easy to expose herself to her real brother. If you spend some hours with me in that state you'll surely open up to a great deal. And the next morning if you wear this dress and remain in presence of some American guy who is not related to you and for whom such a dress is still a modest one, you'll feel much more confident. And wearing such a dress would mean nothing to you." Again I had to come up with some logics and coaxed her to do so. Now I was
traveling on a forbidden path. I was about to take the first step towards the Incest.

Now I was quite eager to see some cleavage of my sister and was having an erect dick in my
trouser. I don't know whether Maheen was having the same incestuous feelings or not. But I could tell that she raised very little objections to my plan and had consented to such idea without much fuss. Probably she was having the
hormones building in her system. After all she was a young girl with natural sexual desires.
Maheen asked me which shirt to wear? She didn't have any cleavage showing shirt. I asked her to get some from Pillar. But unfortunately
Pillar was not at home and had her wardrobe locked. Now both, me and Maheen, were eager to give a try to my proposal and wanted to come up with some solution. Finally I said, "Yaar, if you have decided to give it a try then be bit more bold. After all the more bold you behave
infront of me, the more confident you'll be tomorrow while dealing with American guys. I'm sure you are wearing a bra. Are not you? So
why don't you just put off your shirt and be only in your bra?" And then I proceeded to say with a wink, "Provided that your Bra is not
transparent one." Maheen gave me a semi-shy, semi-confident smile and said, "Bhai, bra is not transparent still I feel that it is too much.
Wearing a shirt with low neckline and showing some cleavage is one thing but having not worn any shirt at all and sitting beside my real brother in just Bra is another thing". And then just imitating my style, she proceeded to say with a wink, "And if I muster up so much courage and become so brave and courageous to be in only my bra and sit beside you (my real
brother) then I'm sure I'll have no problem even if the Bra is a transparent one." I could sense some sexual relationship developing with this conversation. I asked Maheen to go for it.

I was in heaven when I saw Maheen standing up and pulling off her shirt in one swift motion. She was not a tease. She was quick to get rid of her shirt and stood there with her back towards me. She was not reluctant at all, but only a bit shy showing her front to me. Her back looked
magnificent. She was wearing a maroon color
bra. Boys always get hard when they get to see even the strap of a bra of a girl. But I was more
hard than normally merely because I was lustfully watching my sister who had nothing but her bra on, on her upper body.

Then Maheen, suddenly turned, pretending to be brave and normal. But I could sense the tension and shyness. Maheen looked more erotic than any other girl I had ever seen. And her bra had it's part in it. It was a very very revealing sort of bra. It could hardly cover her nipples and surrounding aerola. I am sure her aerola was quite small, otherwise her bra was so short/small that for any other girl with slightly bigger aerola, such bra could show lot of it. It was a PUSH UP sort of bra and her already big breasts were looking even bigger. The bra had pushed her two juicy breasts hard into each other. And it had created a very dark and deep line of cleavage which could be any boy's dream. And on top of it, the thin material of the bra had made her nipples way too prominent. Too prominent that it had left nothing to imagination. My goodness it was a sight that worth mentions a lot of praising. I wondered why didn't Maheen just change into some less sexy bra and then proceed to do this stuff. She could easily opt for some more
decent bra. So was she doing it purposefully? Was she seducing her real brother. Did she actually want me to look SO MUCH of her skin??
And fortunately, the circumstances told me that the answers of all thequestions was in affirmative.

I whistled and praised her for her beauty and said with a wink and smile, "Yaar, Robert was right in lusting for these nice globes". She
feigned anger once again and with a smile said, "Thanks God, you are not lusting for these. Or are you?" I thought did she really want me to answer this question? However I left it to be answered at some later time. I asked Maheen, what's the size of her breasts. I intentionally used the word "BREASTS" instead of "BRA". I wanted to be more explicit and dirty. She shied away and didn't answer. I teased her and said, "OK, OK, tell me the size of your bra". She didn't
answer it as well. Seeing the heavy atmosphere in the room, I asked her to lay on the bed and we can have some chit chat. It was really a
strange and alien idea. A sister wearing one of the most sexy and revealing bra, showing lots and lots of cleavage laying on the bed just next to her real brother and talking about movies. But it's what I wanted. We were talking about
different topics when I very cleverly put my hand on her belly. She was so engrossed in our chit chat that she didn't even notice it. Or
probably she purposefully ignored it or
pretended that she didn't know about it. Some more time and I started making circles with my finger on my sister's umbilicus. It's when she noticed it and asked in a light hearted manner, "Bhai, what are you doing. I'm sure you are not
lusting for me". I smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, I'm lusting for you. Don't you feel the same way?" I tried to put it in a simple way and tried to pretend that I was also joking. And seeing that she didn't mind my answer at all I proceeded to ask the same question, "Maheen, yaar what's the size of your breasts". This time
Maheen felt quite brave and said, "why don't you guess it?" and with that she straightened herself and invited me to have a detailed look
and observation of her breasts. Now I was sure that she wanted it. I had succeeded in bringing the slut from her inside, the same slut that I saw on the day when she was fingering her PUSSY. I smiled and jokingly said, "Well for that
I'll have to use my hands rather my eyes. Afterall practical experience counts more". She feigned anger and jokingly said, "Control
brother control. I guess I should arrange some girlfriend for you."

But I could now sense that she wanted it as much as I wanted it. I pushed her hands aside and started sliding my hand from her belly to
her breasts. Maheen suddenly became quite. Her body tensed up and she seemed to have held her breath. However she didn't make even an minimum effort to stop my hands. She was observing the journey of my hand towards her breasts very keenly. And at last my hand reached her breasts and touched the lower part of her bra covered breasts. Maheen released some of her breath and seemed to have tensed more. I wanted it to take long, I wanted it to be more erotic than lustful. I wanted it to be more romantic than dirty. I first caressed the lower part of both of her breasts and then continued my journey towards grabbing the complete breast of my sister. The atmosphere in the room was still tense. And when finally I grabbed, for the first time in my life, the complete breast of a girl,who was my real sister, Maheen released all of her breath, she closed her eyes, her body eased up and she pushed her breasts up in order to press it hard against my hand. She was loving it and wanted it to go along way.
We both new that it was the ultimate result of what we had built so far, and it was the DESIRED RESULT as well. We knew the idea of
"Making her bold", and "Just Trying TO Judge Her Breast Size" was all fake. We were two hot people who wanted Raw Sex. And infact one of the most Taboo and dirty form of sex . The BROTHER SISTER SEX. I massaged her breasts for some time and then put my face between my
sister's breasts. I pushed my face hard in her cleavage. I licked all the exposed area of my sister`s breasts making her hot with desire. She
was now moaning lightly. I started pinching her nipples through her bra and then I used my lips and teeth on her still covered nipples. She was now loving it to the maximum. And then with out my insistence,she pushed my face away and again in one swift motion, my sister pulled up her bra to reveal her totally naked breasts to me. She looked into my eyes with a lot of confidence and authority and said with a naughty smile, "Now it's what we call confidence and boldness".

I could now hardly think of anything else. My sister's AYESHA TAKIA sized breasts were a treat for me. It could be treat for anybody. At
that time, I didn't know about the sexy, big breasted Ayesha Takia, but now I have someone's boobs to compare with my sister's breasts. I can say that my sister has the same big, juicy breasts as Ayesha Takia does have. I wonder does her brother lusts for her as well or not?? Any way, I was sucking her nipples and licking her whole upper body part. And it's when I said, "Maheen I want to have sex with you". This time, it didn't sound a Brave statement. We had already gone a long way. Didn't we? However Maheen didn't answer it. She only let me play with herself and her moaning became louder. Then Maheen, moved her hand towards the front of my shorts. My god, I was about to feel the lovely hands of my real sister on my dick. But now nothing appeared too "OUT OF THE WORLD EXPERIENCE". I had super hard dick as my sister played with it. I asked Maheen, "Are you virgin"? I was expecting an answer in affirmative but was amazed to hear, "No" from her. I was sure that some American Bastard might have taken her virginity. But now her virginity was not an issue for her. I wanted her to become a slut for me, so what difference does it make if she has already done it with someone else or not. I asked with whom? And a second surprised awaited me. She told
that she lost her virginity to Yasir, one of my best friends in Pakistan. I could not believe my ears. My best friend had taken my sister's virginity when she was only 17. He had been fucking my sister during all the years and sometimes even in my house while I was still
at home. I knew now that my sister was a real bitch from an early age. I asked her to remove my dress. She made me totally naked in no time. And then I removed my sister's Shalwar and her underwear to make her totally naked as well. It was hot and erotic. It was so Taboo yet so real. We embrace in a tight hug and we started kissing each other. We both were feeling each other's ASSES and each other's backs.
And then Maheen, asked me to lay down and she started giving me a little hand job and then proceeded to suck my dick. She surely had
learnt a lot over the years while fucking with my best friend. After some blow job and hand job, I wanted to pay back the favor. I now asked her to lay on bed and I sat on bed beside her.

My sister's PUSSY looked angelic. She had well swollen lips, her CHOOT was soaking wet. She had trimmed her pubic hair in a very nice manner. I had always believed that pubic hair add to the charm of a girl. She should have NO hair under the area where her pussy lips begin so as to feel clean and hygienic. But on her pubic bone and surrounding area, there should be some hair so that it must look erotic and hot. And Maheen's PUSSY and PUBIC AREA was exactly the way I had always liked. My hand slid down and found a light patch of hair covering a very wet pussy. Her pussy was very warm and also very very wet. THE wetness of Her pussy said it all. SHE was horny to hell. Maheen spread Her legs wider and gave me better access. She was so horny that she didn't want it to happen slowly. She wanted the real fun to begin soon. She wanted her real brother to fuck her as soon as possible. SHE let out a loud moan as my fingers began to rub Her clit.I moved my hand down and began to rub Maheen's swollen lips, one finger tracing the wetness between Her virgin inner labia. Maheen was feeling warm all over and instinctively began to move against my
touch. I slipped a finger inside her wanting pussy, and began to move it in and out. Maheen's pussy gripped my finger. It's when she boldlytold me something that was not a secret to me. She told that she was not new to fingering. SHE admitted that she had been fingering eversince she turned 14. So I had no problem in inserting my finger in Her lovely CHOOT.

Maheen was geting sweaty as I was fingering Her pussy. THE feeling of something foreign invading Her virgin pussy after a long time was
overwhelming. Here she was having Her wish gratified. I slipped another finger in, this time with some difficulty and taking time because she was so tight, and began to move in and out of my sister's CHOOT in rhythm; and she was thrusting Her hips forward to meet my
intruding fingers. I wanted to fuck her in a romantic manner, but she wanted it fast. So
I had a plan. I was to finger fuck her to an orgasm, so as to release the immediate tension building in her body and mind. And then I was to make slow, romantic love to my real sister.
I put some of her love juices to her breasts and nipples and licked those from her breasts. It may seem dirty, but she was so sweet, so
clean, so cute smelling that it didn't seem dirty. And it made her hot to extreme.I began to move my fingers in and out of Maheen's pussy faster, while she began to thrust Her hips with more force, each thrust grinder Her clit hard into my palm. She could feel the wetness of Her pussy
trickling down to Her ass. While fingering I would occasionally lick Her clit with my tongue and every theme I did it, she would tense in excitement. I also placedlove bites on Her GAAND. I could feel the beads of sweat popping up over Her body, and the burning and tingling in Her groin became almost unbearable. I knew she was about to explode with a furious orgasm.
"Yaar main farigh hone wali hoon". (Dear I'm about to cum) my sister murmured.
Maheen's body flew back and grew tense, Her thighs clamped around my hand. Her pussy clamped down firmly on my fingers and began sent a torrent of her cum shooting from Her pussy, soaking my hand. Maheen's pussy continued to spasm around my fingers as an intense orgasm swept over Sania's body.
After making her relaxed for a while, now it was my time to enjoy the slow and long love making to my real sister.

My sister was there, laying on the bed totally NANGI (nude) for me. She held out her arms, inviting me to embrace her naked body. I movedinto her waiting embrace. I cannot describe the feeling of her naked breasts pressing against my chest or how firm her ass felt as my hands massaged it. Our hands roamed over each other's body, caressing and
massaging each other. I gently laid her down on to the pillows and laid down aside of her. I took her in my arms and pressed her tight against my body. My hard, erect cock was pressed flat against her stomach, just above her pubic area. The sensation of her hot flesh pressing against my cock was unbelievable. I began to place gentle kisses all over her face; first her temple, than her eyes, ears, ear lobes, cheeks, and finally her neck. When my lips reached her neck,
Maheen threw her hand back, exposing her neck to my kisses and even light love bites. I left a trail of kisses from her neck to her magnificent breasts. I kissed and nibbled all of her right breast with the exception of the nipple, and
then I moved to the left breast and did the same thing there. After a few minutes of suck stuff, I began to see her expression change. It went from one of bliss and satisfaction to one lust and wanting more. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and my hands went back to her breasts, where my fingers found her nipples again. In no time, I had restarted the fire within her.
Then, I spread my sister's legs apart and she very shamelessly displayed her most hidden part, her pussy (CHOOT) to her real brother.
I placed just the tip of tongue at the bottom of her pussy and very gently moved up until I touched her clit and then moved down to the
bottom of her moist pussy; all the while savoring my first taste of my sister's juices. I continued doing this, pushing more and more of my tongue into her pussy; staying longer at her clit. Maheen's moans became louder and her hips pushed back against my tongue and lips. I
reached up and pinched her nipples, while still licking her clit.

Then we decided to do the 69 stuff. We moved each other in position with me laying on bed and she being on top of me. I felt her lips go
around the head of cock. What a sensation, my sister's hot moist lips encircled the head of my cock and the tip of her tongue caressed it.
I propped my head up on a pillow and was able to watch my sister's attack on my throbbing dick. It was very erotic to both watch her
suck, no more like making love to my cock, and feeling the sensations her lips, tongue, teeth and mouth were causing my body to feel. I
watched her take as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and then slowly watched my glistening cock emerge from her lips. All the while, she was playing with my balls. Even in normal circumstances, it could have been a treat, but she was my real sister and it added to the attraction and excitement.She must have sensed I was on the verge of erupting my load of brother juice into her mouth because she stopped. She looked up at me and suggested that we should fuck now. Before we proceeded Maheen told me that she had always been more horny than other girls. In Pakistan she had the opportunity to fuck my best friend, but here she didn't have such luxury. But during the course of past few months she had become so horny that she had decided to fuck any nice guy she came across. She told that she had discussed her situation with Pilaar and Pilaar had given my sister her anti-pregnancy pills in case Maheen finds some good boy real soon. Saying that Maheen said that I could cum in her CHOOT without any fear. That was another treat to me, because I had always believed that ejaculating inside a girl's pussy is even hotter than pulling your dick out at the last moment and ejaculating on herbreasts.
She then lay down on her back and held out her arms inviting me to come and enter her. I moved on top of her, placed my cock in the
entrance to my desire for so many days and gently began to enter her.
Maheen's pussy was moist and well lubricated; I felt very little resistance as I went deeper into her. Soon, I was totally inside of her, my sister; I was actually fucking her. It was so bad yet so cool. I was in heaven. I had never fucked a girl and it felt better than I had imagined. I looked down at my sister and the expression on her
face told me that the little bitch was loving it too.
I slowly removed my cock from my sister's pussy, when it was almost out I pushed it back in, filling her completely. I did several times
and then I began to fuck her in earnest. Maheen had her legs wrapped around my waist allowing me to thrust deep into her hot inviting pussy. I knew I would not last long, the combination of her sucking me and the thrill of finally making love to my sister was more than I could stand. My pace increased, I was pushing as deep and as fast as I could, I was close to coming. My slut sister Maheen, who was quite experienced in fucking and having her CHOOT pounded by my best friend, sensed this; she reached around and fondled my balls. That was all it took. It had happened. I started coming for my sister, inside mysister's CHOOT. I shot waves after waves of my hot cum deep inside a very forbidden womb, womb of my sister. Maheen received every drop of my cum in her womb with contracting and relaxing of her pussy muscles.
She was experienced to hell, just like porn actresses. Once I completed the orgasm, I
collapsed on top of her. My head rested on her magnificent breasts, my mouth moaning into them. It was spectacular, in the simplest words. My dick was still inside my sister's CHOOT although it had softened.
We held each other, like lovers on their honeymoon, which was close to the way I felt.

We were content to stay that way forever, but
unfortunately, we had to get dressed and return to normal brother sister relationship before our friends, Robert and Pillar got home.
However, we had made our bed and were determine to lie in it.
The story didn't end here.


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