Saturday, June 8, 2013


I could hear the ship's horn in the distance, the black and yellow cab I was riding in was moving in and around the heavy traffic. But certainly not fast enough for me,not by a long shot!. I needed to get on that ship, and nothing was
going to keep it, between me and a long overdue vacation, and more importantly a
chance to release myself from the haunting ghost of a relationship that expired without my knowing it had died. Finally, I not only had heard the horn but as we drove in closer I could make out the outline of the ship, although huge in status, my wish was to find someplace on that ship where I could find solitude to relax and think about my ex and where we went wrong. Indeed had we gone wrong? Having paid the cabby I grabbed my bags and made way to the gate;, it amazes me how many people can fit on a ship this large, being a city unto it's self. I
felt better about arriving late when I noticed at least twenty couples and singles in front of me who had, as of yet, not checked in. One by one they checked in and moved right along to the
boarding plank and everyone one of them turned around half-way across the plank to wave at some obscure person in the crowd, even if they didn't know anyone, which was most of them. Apparently thanks to the success of the TV program Love Boat, it became a ritual, sad really, but fun to look at, - then again if it
wasn't for that, I -would not have - seen her. She was part of a threesome, two women and a man, but I couldn't tell from either her body language or her tugging on the gentleman's sleeve whether she was with him, with her, or just a friend. But what I saw was a striking blond, with a beautiful tan that only paled in comparison to her facial beauty. With a glowing smile she turned around and waved at everyone. She was enjoying herself and I in turn was enjoying myself watching her. Then as she turned in my direction our eyes met each other, normally upon making eye contact with someone I usually look and within a spilt second I look either down or in another
direction, that's my nature of course, most of us do that -, but not this time, not with her nor her with I. We just kept staring at each other as if we had known one another from a distant- past,
but sadly we had not, which made this connection mysterious and erotic. I was going to make it my job on this trip to get to know her. We smiled and then just like that, it was over.
"Ticket please."
"Huh", I responded suddenly, as I was being shocked back into reality. I handed the guy my ticket and then immediately looked back up to see her again, but it was too late; she and the others had disappeared -into the -throng of the
passengers on the ship. Never had I been drawn to someone with such an instantaneous bond
of attraction., What did she have over me, or maybe more aptly put, what did we have over each other. Like looking into the sun for too long, my retinas were burned with her image;, realizing I may not find her again I also knew I had two weeks with a finite number of people to look for her, and look for her I would,regardless of the consequences. At this point I didn't know her name, whether she was married or engaged or single, I didn't her age, but I knew I wanted her to know me and I her.
I left the ticket counter and proceeded up the ramp -deciding to release myself of social constraints, and have some fun, I turned and waved at everyone. "In or a penny, in for a pound", that was going to me my motto for this trip.
I was shown my room, a little smaller then most hotel rooms I've stayed in the past, but big enough to endure a two week cruise to the Greek Isles and back. Certainly big enough to enjoy it with a potential special someone. Once I had completed the menial taskof -putting away my clothes and -toiletries, I had decided to take a shower and get dressed for dinner, who knows I might even see her at dinner, and I wanted to look my best, after all we might even end up at the same table; probable wishful thinking on my part. After the sweltering sticky cab ride to the ship, the hot water felt so good on my body, I was -simply accomplishing - a cleansing process, but I was also very aware of my sudden horniness, I couldn't get her out of my mind. I could feel my penis growing, with the expectation of knowing her even further, with a raging hard-on that I needed to do something about, cold shower or happy ending, thinking of her I chose the latter, and I started to stroke myself slowly at first then quickly
exploding with the sheer thought of -her and I making unbelievable love on the high seas.
Once dressed, I headed to the dinning room, I immediately scanned the room for her, but with 4 dining rooms on this ship my expectations so fostered a saddened reality when I saw so many people coming and going. I hadn't really thought I would see her, but I figured it was worth a try. I had decided on a light buffet,
it was getting late and I wanted to turn in early. I grabbed a plate and headed to the salad buffet. As I reached for the tongs to gain access to the tomatoes my hand brushed against a woman's hand.,
Without even thinking I looked across to the other side of the buffet and apologized for the -accidental touch, and then I smiled, it was her, call it Kismet, call it Faith, the important thing was that it was she. Her beautiful eyes immediately looked up as if to say don't worry, but when our eyes met we immediately knew that this was no ordinary accident. Her eyes started to scan me while I scanned her. She was wearing a low cut dress without a bra and she was intentionally toying with my eyes by jiggling those easily c-cup breasts in front of me.
And then I spoke " I'm sorry for my forwardness in reaching for the tomatoes, I just happen to like plump juicy tomatoes in my
salad" as I smiled with a grin.
"Oh really", with an equally grinning smile, "personally I prefer a crunchy cucumber in my.salad."
"That may be true" I said " but in order to make it crunchy you need to put it on ice, otherwise it begins to wilt under these strong lights"
"I'm not familiar with that hint from Heloise, but I have had some success in bringing back wilted cucumbers to a once rigid state"
"Wow, you must as a green thumb?"
And with a chuckle she said. "Oh, thumb well as other aspects"
I felt like our sexual flirtatious battering could go on forever, but I could see we were holding up the line. And then I asked the question. "I think we're holding up the line, I suggest we move along. Would you like to join me for
"Sounds interesting, unfortunately I am otherwise tied up"
I glanced over her shoulder and saw the same man and woman who were with her on the plank earlier in the day, but I also sensed that she wanted to be with me as well. I should have found a way to join them at the table; at least I would have understood better where she stood, but I chose instead to back off.
With a weak smile I said, "No problem perhaps another time."
"Perhaps sooner than that, how about drinks tonight in about 2 hours at the bar on the Aloha deck"? And as she said it she gave me that naughty look of women who are out to have fun.
I was psyched. "Works for me, by the way, if we're going have drinks I should introduce myself, I'm Frederick". My smile promptly returned to my face.
"Bree, like free with a B,see you then", she smiled seductively, and with that walked back to her table.
As she walked away I stared at her outfit, a designer, low cut royal blue dress that fell down to mid thigh, exposing very nice taut legs. She definitely had the body to fit the dress nicely, I also felt that she knew I was staring at her
because of the way she walked away; it
was just so sensual. No one walks like that in real life, I thought. I could immediately feel my dick getting hard. The discomfort of not quite fitting in my slacks, as inconspicuous as necessary for social appropriateness, caused me to be very conscious of my movements.
I sat down at a table of singles and made small talk with several of them, but I positioned my seat so that my direct line of vision was always on her, on Bree.
From time to time I would look up and notice she was staring at me, as well. I would be half listening to my neighbor next to me but in truth my mind was preoccupied by this woman across the room, and the curiosity of the relationship
she had with this couple, this man and woman.
It's funny when ever you want time to go by faster it does not, and this particular case was no exception. At 10:15 P.M. I decided to leave, early, and head down to the bar in order to scope out a couple of great seats. Asit turned
out, the crowd was mildly heavy so I was glad to have gotten there early. I was able to find a booth in the back of the room, that would provide us with some privacy (after all this is a bar) it also provided me with a vantage point from where I could see all of the new customers coming in. I was able to flag down the waitress, as she walked by my table; I ordered a gin and tonic, then sat down and waited. I would take a sip, look up at the doorway and then look at my
watch. Twenty minutes crawled by, when I realized that I had finished my first drink. I hailed the waitress, ordered another drink and then returned to my routine, doorway, watch, sip. On second sip she walked in, still wearing the same beautiful dress I saw her earlier in. It didn't take long for the bar stool vultures to start eyeing her and circling her as potential live prey. I immediately stood up walked over and grabbed her hand. I could sense she was
both pleased that I took control of the situation but also put off by my forwardness.
" Excuse me" I smiled, " but I didn't want you to become another victim of a senseless attack of barflies. They happen to be in season this time of year, and unfortunately you're wearing something that attracts them."
She turned to me with a rather curious shocked look. "Really, and that would be?"
"A pair of legs, breasts and a pulse".
"I see.and what about you'? Grinning with a cute smile " Doesn't it take one to know one?"
"Your right, sadly, I'm a recovering barfly, I'm currently in a 12-step program which requires me to apologize to every stool on which I sat, which would be that stool over there to the right, Number 56. We shed a tear together, just
before you came in.but I would rather not talk about it, if you don't mind, it's still painful".
I could tell she was more at ease, and even squeezed out a chuckle at my poor attempt to make her comfortable. We sat down at the table, across from each other, and I hailed the waitress and ordered Bree her drink.
"I'm glad you could make it, I was concerned that you might have had second
"Well to be honest, I wouldn't normally ever meet someone in this fashion. That said I can't put my finger on it, but when our eyes met while boarding the ship,
I sensed that we had kinship without ever having met, does that sound bizarre"?
"Well, bizarre if you believe I had the same feelings"!
I couldn't believe my luck, inside I was a little boy doing summersaults. For close to 2 hours we talked about everything, where we grew up, what we did for a living, and why we came on this cruise with a destination to the Greek Isles. We found many similarities in our stories, but nothing that would cause us to feel the way we did about each other. Bree talked about her reason for taking this trip but never mentioning the man and woman in her party. So being curious, I decided to ask. " I notice you with that man and woman are they friends of yours?"
She hesitated. "Let's just say they are... very close friends, for now I would like to leave it at that, if this is acceptable to you?"
"No problem, I'm cool with that". Not wanting to push her away I agreed and dropped any more mention of it. I wasn't looking to get lucky with them anyway.
"Besides I don't need to know them, only you".
She smiled, and reached over the table and touched my hand and left it there for
several minutes.
"Well it's getting late; I need to get some sleep."
And as she rose, she bent over across the table allowing me to view, her beautiful cleavage. At this point I had two choices, and which choice would determine the outcome if we would have another date. I could keep staring into
her eyes, making sure not to have my eyes
wander downward or I could have a nice look at her breasts, something that most guys in the room would have taken advantage of. However I chose to look directly into her eyes, as I kissed her hand.
"Good choice, I'll see you tomorrow." And with that she kissed my cheek and left.
"Wait, where will you be?" Not wanting to sound too forward.
"I am not sure why..why don't you , give me your room number"?
"453, 2nd level".
"Very well, I'll contact you tomorrow. Sleep well, Frederick."
I was dazed and confused.did we make a date for tomorrow or not? I walked back to my room still puzzled by her, yet at the same time, bedazzled.
The next day I walked around the various decks with hopes of seeing her, but to no avail, she would have to find me if she was interested. I decided to hit the gym. I was in my second set of leg squats when I looked up to see her looking down on me and touching my right leg with her hand. "I can feel you're hard."
Smiling I answered, "If you think my leg is hard then, I can show you something else that even harder at this moment."
"I bet.would like to work out together?" she released her hand from my leg and touched my arm.
I was only too happy to take advantage of the opportunity to watch her beautiful body. "Are you sure you can keep up with me?"
Grinning she said, "That Frederick, will not be a problem, I'm only concerned that my workout will exhaust you"!
"We'll see, Bree".
Our workout became more of an erotic sexual bantering, trying to select those pieces of equipment that suggested positions of love making or those that allowed us close proximity to each other. We were both loving it. We continued to talk between sets, but always small talk and nothing specific to our current
position with a significant other. I choose not to ask her anything further about the other couple and remained fixated on her. She was not only easy on the eye to look at but, amusing and quick witted. When our workout was finished, our bodies might have been exhausted from the workout but we were both so horny, I asked her if she would be interested in showering up at my room, she just smiled,
"Cabin showers are kind of small, I'll have to take a rain check."
"Well then maybe we can meet later, for drinks or dinner?"
"Would like to but, I may not be able to get away."
"Ok, no problem, I'll catch up with you later".
As she walked away I was repeating in my head what she had said, and wondered what she meant, she wasn't wearing a wedding ring and yet something didn't sound right. Unfortunately, I couldn't get her out of my mind. Wedding ring or not, I wanted her, and honestly I believed she wanted me.
On the way back I stopped for a juice drink, and then entered my cabin for a quick shower. The water felt refreshing but all I could think about was her, and how much she was still a mystery to me. Bree seemed an enigma and a dream all
wrapped up in a beautiful creature. I grabbed my towel and returned into my bedroom, Bree was right, these bathrooms are definitely are not lover friendly.
"So you're the kind of guy who takes long showers, huh,? "I guess you take the
rinse and repeat seriously".
I was beaming with delight, there lying under my sheets was the very naked body of a beautiful woman, sitting up exposing her breast to me, suddenly I realized that all parts of me were delighted at this vision. I wanted to touch her just to make sure she wasn't my willful imagination.
"I would love to know how you got in here, but frankly I could give a shit right now".
We both smiled, I walked over and sat next to her in bed and for the first time kissed her, her lips were soft and moist, and her tongue tasted of peppermint.
She moved over allowing me the ability to lie next to her, our naked bodies touching each other for the first time as well. As we continued to passionately kiss I could feel her heart pulsing, I could feel her nipple getting hard and
wanting to be touched, to be sucked. As we kissed, my right hand gently caressed her cheek, and ear lobe, she rested her hand on my right arm as if to say, please don't stop.. I slowly left her lips, though wanting more of them, I proceeded to kiss her neck and soft shoulders. She must have quickly taken a
shower before coming to see me, the light fragrance of grapefruit orange body lotion was still fresh and sweet tasting to my lips and tongue, I was about to dine on the epicurean delight of "Bree in the buff", what started as a pleasure to the eyes had in reality become a feast for my tongue and lips. By the time my
lips had made it down to her clitoris I was in sheer heaven, here laid before me a women who took great pleasure in allowing a man to pleasure her, a women who knew her body and was able to communicate what she enjoyed and wanted from a man.
I longed to please her and in return she allowed me to take control, unconditional; I could think of no greater compliment for a real man. In order for unconditional pleasure to occur there needs to be a trust created between two lovers; in some relationships this trust exists from the start, both lovers instantly know how to and communicate openly with one another allowing them the opportunity to explore their passion together, and then there are some relationships that can go on for years and never create a trust nor bond. Those relationships are the ones, which cause me sadness. As for Bree and I, we were instinctually aware of not only our own sexuality but that of each other, that we could easily bring on sexual euphoria, without losing our identity or integrity.
Slowly I licked her clitoris with a very gentle swirls, I wanted to make my presence known without causing discomfort, I placed one finger first and then a second one inside her as I continued to lick and slide my tongue around her vulva. I created a hook with my index finger so I could feel around for her G-spot, finding it I caressed it smoothly, applying a gentle pressure. I could see from the expression on her face that she was in a blissful moment of
enjoyment, although she had not cum yet I knew I was in the right place, and the heat from
my breath on her vulva was only adding to her wetness. I began to move faster but not too fast, applying more pressure and allowing her moaning as guidance and a clear indication that she was about to cum "Let it out baby. Enjoy the moment. Scream for me Bree".
I could tell that I was giving her carte blanche to not only physically enjoy the moment but vocally and emotionally, as well. Her moaning became louder she was finally expressing out loud what she had felt inside and she wanted the world to know it, or at the very least the right side of the Promenade Deck. I was in my personal glory listening to my lover enjoy
herself, and that I could be there to share it with her. After she came I had the unexpected taste of some of the best sweet nectar ever produced by a women, I couldn't get enough of her, even after she wanted me to stop in order to catch her breath I was ready to go down on her again. That afternoon I gave her oral and manual pleasure four times, and each subsequent session brought stronger and more intense pleasure than the previous one. After the first, particular session she reciprocated her feelings by wanting to devour me, or at the very least my penis, and devour she did.
Without mincing words she ravished my body by sucking on my thick and permanently hard penis. I couldn't have stopped her if I had wanted to, she wanted me to cum in her mouth and she was determined to make it happen. I
suddenly felt an incredible heat rising from the stem of my penis, she had decided to take it all in. Her hot heated sexy breath was firing up my balls. Her left hand was rubbing my nipples
and pinching them, while with her righhand she was massaging the out side of my anus, I was entering a level of ecstasy reserved for the very few and very lucky. My feet began to tingle with a numbness as if blood was being sucked from them and redirected to my penis. I found myself moaning and trying to catch my breath between them. If men did have a G-spot she definitely found it. I could feel my penis getting thicker.
"Baby, I'm "
And with those few chosen words I did. Honestly I'm not sure how much came out,
but I could see from her lips that she had taken it all in, less the few drops of semen that lingered on the left side of her check and lips, which she wiped off and spread on her tits. She came back up to me and we cuddled into each
other arms and returned to kissing, both of us tasting each others nectar, and together creating a taste for the heavens. Neither one of us spoke a word for what seemed minutes, we were both content to just lie there, caressing each others bodies and kissing. That afternoon we, spent the next five hours making
love, ordering room service and napping in each others arms.
Around 6:30pm she awakened from our nap and hastily dressed. I was just waking up when I noticed her tucking a beautiful foot and
adjusting the strap into a sexy black sandal.
"Where are you going baby, I thought that perhaps you could spend the night"?
I think she was hoping not to wake me. "I'm sorry sweetie, I need to get back, I have other pre-existing arrangements" .
Iwas trying to hold back my confusion but it overcame me and perhaps not the best
of me.
"Bree, is everything Ok, had I done something wrong?"
"No, not at all, you're a beautiful lover, and I would love to stay with you, but I have other obligations. I promise that we will spend some more time together".
"Ok". Still confused I asked, "Can I see you tomorrow?"
"Probably not tomorrow, let's plan on meeting on the Island of Skiathas, the day after tomorrow we can spend the entire day there. "Does that work for you baby?"
What was I going to say? At this point I was hooked, although I never considered myself cuckold, she had me under her spell.
"Ok, we'll meet on the island. Let's plan on having a picnic on one of the beaches."
"Perfect idea." And with that she kissed me and left.
The following day I didn't see her, although there was a card lying on the floor as I entered my cabin that evening. I read it.
My Sweet Frederick,
I just wanted to thank you for sharing yourself with me. You are as amazing as you are caring Although we've only known each other for a couple days I feel as if we've known each other for years, maybe even life times. Please don't be mad at me, I realize that you are still not aware of my situation. But you must believe that I would rather be in your arms tonight than to be elsewhere I can not wait until tomorrow when we can share the day together.
The note touched my heart. Interestingly, I felt the first promise for a future together, and that allowed me to sleep with content, knowing or more aptly put, hoping that somewhere on this ship she was lying in bed thinking of me, as I was of her. I closed my eyes and slept like a baby, content in believing that someone cared for me..
The ship landed on the dock of the Island of Skiathas; one of the many islands surrounding Greece, it's known for it's beautiful beaches and magnificent sunrises. As we departed the ship, she and I headed to the local outdoor markets,
always observant of not openly touching each other as to not arouse suspicion.
We decided that each of us would select and purchase key items from the marketplace and then scramble for the beach. Giving each other a long glance, we smiled and went on to the business of purchasing our items. I was able to
quickly discover the wine shop and purchased 3 bottles of wine, some mild cheese and fresh bread. As it turned out Bree was able to
purchase a big blanket, some fruit, fresh butter, fresh mint and a couple bottles of water. Without further ado we ditched the party and ran for the beach, I was able to grab a basket to
carry everything in and we decided to walk further along the beach. A mile or so down the beach we discovered the most amazing scenery, the sand beneath our feet was snowy white and the rock formation in front of us had created a tunneling effect allowing visitors to walk from one side of the beach to the other. As we
glanced back we could see in the distance our ship, still anchored to the local pier. We assumed we could always get back to the pier just by walking along the beach. We both smiled at each other, and for the first time we could openly hold hands in public. it felt nice to walk along the beach holding hands. We proceeded to walk through the tunnel, and as we did we could feel a sudden chill, as the rocks blocked the mid day suns' ray, and then just as quickly we were again immersed in the warmth of the Greek sun, but what was most interesting was
that the people lying on this side of the beach were totally nude, while the side we had just left were either fully clothed or topless.
"Well..when in Rome.or Greece as the case may be"
She smiled and started to disrobe, as did I. We grabbed our blanket and laid it out and sat down. A couple of people looked at us, but for the most part everyone kept to themselves. In fact a couple of them were making love in the
open. Nobody pretty much cared. I started to rub sunscreen all over Bree's body beginning with her feet and moving up, I think I was enjoying this as much as she was. I was patiently, massaging and rubbing every aspect of her body both front and back.taking my time to rub and stroke her breasts for a long time.
"I think you've covered them well with lotion, my dear".
"Skin cancer is nothing to take lightly, I want to make sure your well' s
"I see and what do you expect to do with that tool doctor"? she asked, pointing to my swollen penis, "Is that a thermometer, going to take my temperature? "
"Well it all depends, certain parts of the body give the most accurate reading, depending on where you place it, you can be a couple degrees off".
"Oh is that right?" she gazed up and started to stroke it gently, "I think we need to find a private spot for our exam", she continued. "Suddenly I feel a little flush, and I believe that I will need your tool to take care of that".
With that we left the blanket and food and went into the forrest behind us, it didn't take us to long to find a secluded spot, nor was it difficult to figure out that others had the same idea because we could hear moaning in the bushes
next to us. In some respect this really turned us on.the idea of having sex while listening to others doing the same, which just added to our horniness. We found ourselves pressing our bodies close together. Both of us could distinctly, smell the combinations of the coconut sunscreen, sand and ocean, it was so
erotic that I knew it wouldn't be long until we both came. I found myself going down on Bree, kissing and caressing her body and breasts, as I worked my lips down to her juicy and awaiting pussy. I immediately started to lick her clitoris,
with her standing there, and me on my knees, my face buried in her, I was licking and sucking it to the high heavens. I could hear her moaning and feel her moving her body continuously to thrust herself deeper into my mouth, I took
my hands and grabbed her ass, assisting her to impale my tongue into her juices as I sucked on her clitoris. Her moaning was getting so loud that we were attracting an audience. Couples and single men were starting to stand around us watching her caress her own breasts, although I couldn't see the others, I could
hear them, not familiar with the Greek language I could only guess what they were saying. Bree, on the other hand, could see them,and though she was at first taken back she found herself getting wetter, being the recipient of that wetness, I was truly enjoying this. Her moaning was getting louder, and she began to rub and pinch her breasts. The men around her started to stroke their own penis, while keeping an eye on Bree. This only made her hornier, and I could feel her first orgasm, as she trembled with the excitement of being viewed and the freedom to let loose her hidden desires.
Without missing a beat, Bree reached down and started to kiss me, with not only passion but with lust as well, with both of us on our knees, our tongues were intertwined with delight. Some of our audience decided to leave and create either their own show or continue to watch someone else, but some stayed, mostly
men to watch and see if Act II would be as hot. After a while we didn't even see them. Bree, decided our show had just begun and she decided to something about it, she started to stroke my cock slowly with her hands, then proceeded to gently push my body to the ground and moved her mouth to the tip of my penis, slowly circling it with her tongue where
she could tastethe sweat, the heat and natural body oils, I gave off. Next she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth and she was obviously determined to erupt this volcano she helped create. I could feel my penis building with excitement; she was in full control, she chose not to let me cum in her mouth, she had
decided that she wanted to feel me inside her. Bree crawled on top of me and impaled herself on my penis. Instantly I could feel her wetness and the tightness around my penis. It felt so nice to be inside her, so natural, so real,
I didn't want the feeling to end. I decided I would remain rigid and allow her to rock back and forth, and rock she did, she motioned her body to move back and forth slowly, allowing my penis to firmly massage her clitoris and g-spot giving her an intense rush. The men around us were getting a rush of their own, those who has just blown their load previously were again ready to charge ahead with
another hard-on, I could tell looking up at
Bree she was enjoying her view, with the pleasure of watching men looking at her and stroking their penis. Unaware to both of us, a young Greek man, got closer to Bree and started to reach down and massage her right breast. Alarmed at first, Bree felt a heightened erotic sensation of pleasure, having this stranger caress her breast while impaled on top of her lover. Never had she thought she would
have found herself in this situation but now she didn't want to give it up. She was suddenly having multi-orgasms; she could feel them coming on one after another, and I was doing my best to remain rigid for her. I could see the
pleasure on her face and I wanted her experience to be enjoyable and memorable.
The young man continued to massage her, giving nice and firm squeezes, with an
occasional pinching of her nipples. In response, Bree took his penis and started to stroke it. I could feel my erection coming to an end, I was about to explode inside her.
"Baby, I'm about to cum", and with that I experienced an intense orgasm, even
more powerful than our afternoon love making on the ship. It was fortuitous for us that the young man also erupted all over her breast.. Bree took his penis and spread the remaining of his semen all over her nipples. Then she released his penis and fell on top of me. As he walked away, smiling (I'm guessing), Bree and I just stared into each others eyes, and returned to kissing. I could feel the guy's semen as she pressed her breast against my chest, but I didn't care, I was in heaven at that moment. I knew that this was the woman I wanted to
be with, and any pleasure I could bring to make her happy I would do it. Our intense lovemaking session led to our exhaustion and we soon found ourselves napping, her on top of me, and my arms around her body protecting her.
When we woke, we could feel the temperature had become cooler, which lead us to believe that we had slept for at least a couple of hours, our bodies wanted to continue to cling to each other for both heat and tenderness, but we were both quite hungry, so we chose to get up, clean each other in the ocean and return to
our blanket for warmth and nourishment. The ocean was indeed cold but in some ways it was refreshing against our naked bodies, just as quickly as we entered the waters, we bathed and left it, returning to our blanket.
As we sat down to eat, we noticed that the beach was practically empty of the sun worshipers and love makers. Finally we had the beach to ourselves. We discovered that this solitude was exactly what we wanted. I picked up some discarded branches and leaves and started a fire to help keep us warm. As we
continued to look out onto the Aegean Sea, I reached over and wrapped my arm around her and in turn she rested her head on my shoulder. Eventually the mixture of the sea air, the taste of fresh cheese and bread, and the warmth from
the fire, made us sleepy again. But we were suddenly awakened by a far away familiar sound. In the distance we could hear the ship's horn. "Last call for the day I guess, we won't be able to get back to the ship until morning, stranded on Skiathas for the night".
She didn't say a word, nor did she have to; she had made her choice, at least for tonight. We both knew what that horn meant, and we also knew we didn't want to leave. So we looked out onto the sunset and realized that we were going to spend the night on the beach, with the luke-warm climate surrounding our naked bodies at night, next to a roaring fire, and the stars above as our audience to an unbelievable night of continued lovemaking. As I continued to stare out on the waters I slowly turned my head toward her, without uttering a single word I
looked into her eyes, and kissed her. I didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but we would have tonight and sometimes.even one night can be an eternity...


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