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She walked into his room with a sexy swagger, the single strand of hair falling over her forehead, enhancing the sexiness of her eyes. Mahesh felt his cock stir in arousal, at the mere sight of this sexy vixen. Mahesh was a successful CEO in a multi national company, and Tanya worked in the marketing department. Mahesh was a handsome man, 45 years of age, who kept himself fit by having regular workouts. His wife Kavita was a beautiful lady 38 years of age and mother of two children, Kavita was a lissom lady 5'6" tall, and carried her 36. 30, 38 figure in a manner that would have put a teenager to shame. Wherever she went she got admiring looks from the men, and no one ever believed that she was the mother to two children. Mahesh and Kavita were sexually very open, and had experimented with swinging a couple of years ago with a couple Rahul, and Pinky, whom they had met up with on a cruise in Singapore. They had since continued their lifestyle with a select set of friends, with whom they took vacations filled with great companionship and sharing, their open lifestyle has added to their sexual drive and a kind of bonding that they had never felt before.
Tanya was one of the sexiest girls in the office, 25
years old, 5' 4" tall,with a body that was
proportionate, and filled out at all the right places.
She had tits that were 34 " and an ass that was so inviting, that Mahesh would often sit and fantasize what it would be like to hold it while shoving his hard cock into her wet pussy. Good morning, sir she said, breaking himout of his reverie. Oh, good morning Tanya, you are looking great and cheerful today said Mahesh. Oh yes Sir, the AMCO contract that we have been trying to close for months has actually come through. They have agreed to our terms, and signed the contract. Shipping would begin next week, which means that we will easily cross our targets for the year she said grinning like a cat that had the cream.
That's great news Tanya, said Mahesh. A lot of credit goes to you, and you have followed up on this, and seemed to have charmed the guys to signing the contract. Tanya blushed at this and said, "Well Sir It was a team effort, and credit goes to everybody. I just want to show you some small changes that we have made in the agreement she said and moved next to him to operate the laptop lying on his desk. Her proximity, and the womanly smell of her subtly enhanced by the perfume, put Mahesh in a tizzy. Far from looking at the computer screen, his mind was only on this sexy girl standing so close to him. As she was explaining the changes to him, his cock had grown to a full erection, and he had to shift in his seat to settle it properly in his jockeys. When she was done Tanya moved away, and couldn't but help notice the bulge in her boss's trouser.

Tanya was an ambitious girl, she held an MBA from a premium institute, and was really good at her Job. Being a great lookers she was extremely confident of her self, and had a no nonsense approach to life. While she did not have a steady relation ship with any one particular guy, she did get her gratification from Sumit, two years her senior from college, and working in the same organization. She was smart enough to keep her liaison discreet, and made it clear to Sumit that theirs was a relationship, which had no emotional attachments, and stopped at pure sex. She was in awe of her boss Mahesh, and admired him for his knowledge, and the fact that he was a successful CEO of the dynamic organization. In addition to this, she thought that he was devilishly handsome, and silently wondered how he would be as a lover. She was also aware that she had a devastating effect on most of the men in the office, and that included Mahesh. While she did admire that attention that she got from most of the guys, she treated them with disdain, making it very clear that they could fantasize all that they could, but they would never get even 10 feet near her.
With Mahesh, it was a different story. Apart from the fact that he was her direct boss, who could shape her career – being the ambitious types- , she also had this attraction to a mature person. She had seen Mahesh at business meetings, and knew him to be polished, and suave. Therefore, whenever she got a chance, she made it a point to tease him with discreet glimpses of her cleavage, and often bent over to pick up some thing that she "carelessly dropped', giving him a great view of her perfect ass. Today also, she felt the flush of success of closing the AMCO deal, and also the sexual tension caused by her close proximity to her boss. She felt a warm flush go over her body, and felt her pussy getting wet with arousal. She slyly looked down at Mahesh's crotch, and could see a distinct bulge in his trousers, which made her even wetter.
Mahesh could sense the sexual tension in the air, and he decided to throw caution into the winds, and make an attempt to get into the pants of this hot little girl. "Well Tanya, we should be celebrating this great occasion, so why don't I take you out for Dinner "he said." Sure Mahesh, that sounds great, but wouldn't you be inconveniencing your wife?" She said. "That's no problem, she has gone to her mothers place for a couple of days with the kids, and I would be eating out any way, having you for company would save me from having a lonely meal," said Mahesh. "Oh in that case its fine" says Tanya, already excited at the thought of what it would all lead to later in the evening. Well that's all set, the Marriot has a new Chinese restaurant that I have wanted to try out, and I shall pick you up at Seven thirty.

Mahesh drove back from his office all excited. He was pretty confident that the underlying sexual current that existed between him and Tanya would fructify into a hot encounter this night. He dressed up in a casual Armani shirt, and light kakhis. In addition, was at Tanya's door at seven thirty sharp, with a nice bunch of red roses.

When Tanya opened the door, she just astounded him. She was dressed in a black cocktail dress that was not too short, but was draped on her in such away, that it highlighted her  perfect figure. The dress had a halter neck, which left her back open until just about her ass, and left a little opening at the front, which showed the perfect amount of cleavage. A hint of nipples under the sheer material left Mahesh wondering if she was wearing a bra underneath. The dress ended just short of her knees, and hugged her rear, accentuating her firm ass. She had showered, and let her hair loose, which gave her a wet and wild look. From the look on Mahesh's face when she opened the door, she knew that her efforts in dressing up had not gone waste. "Thank you for the flowers Mahesh, they are perfect," She said all excited. They are the least that I could get for the wonderful Job that you have done said Mahesh. Would you like to come in for a while she said. . "I think we should be going, since I Have a table reserved for us at eight "said Mahesh. Saying that Tanya locked up the door, and left her apartment.
The restaurant had a perfect ambience for a cozy romantic night. Being Christmas season, it was done up in a fine festival decorations; candle lit tables, and a soft band playing. Mahesh had called in advance, and asked for a secluded table, and had ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon, which was lying in the ice bucket perfectly chilled. Tanya was absolutely delighted at the choice of venue. The restaurant had a warm cozy feel and got her all mushy and sexy at the same time. Champagne and dinner were perfect, Mahesh was a perfect host, and had a great sense of humor. He kept the conversation and the champagne flowing steadily, through the evening. Even though the sexual tension was thick in the air, he made no
attempt to lead any conversation to sex, and this made Tanya even hotter with anticipation. As they were going through dessert, the band began to play some soft romantic numbers. Mahesh began to hum the number under his breath. Hearing this Tanya said that she loved the song too. Taking the cue, Mahesh asked him if she would like to dance. Sure, she said, and Mahesh led her to the floor with an arm around her Hip. This was really the first intimate contact that he had made with her during the evening, it sent an shiver down her body, and she could feel her pussy get moist with arousal. The champagne and Mahesh`s arms around her was making her feel so good that she wished that the song could go on forever. As Mahesh took her into his arms, he could feel her firm tits gently press against his chest. Mahesh was a great dancer, and he found to his pleasant surprise that Tanya was as light as a feather in his arms, matching his steps in perfect unison, As he danced for a couple of more numbers, Mahesh was hard in arousal.

Just the presence of this sexy girl in his arms made him rock hard in anticipation. He slowly moved his arms down from her hips and gently cupped her ass, pulling her to him ever so gently. As she moved closer to Mahesh, Tanya s body came into contact with his bulge in the trousers, and she involuntarily let out a gasp of pleasure. She looked up into his eyes and could see the desire lurking there. Enjoying this slow but subtle foreplay, she moved in closer, and rubbed her breasts into his chest. Mahesh could feel her hard nipples graze against his chest, confirming his suspicion that she was not wearing a Bra underneath. He could feel her rubbing her legs against his hard on, and knew that she was enjoying this sexual banter with him, without them both saying a word about it.

Not wanting to prolong the build up any further, Mahesh suggested that they settle the bill, and leave from the place. He wanted to build up the game with this girl, knowing very well that both of them were at the height of desire, and they would have ended up fucking on the dinner table given the opportunity.

Mahesh drove her back to her apartment, and played some soft romantic music on the way. The champagne and dinner had set a perfect mood, and he did not want to spoil the mood by pushing things too fast. Rather he wanted her to make the next move, knowing very well that the confident personality that she was, she would not hesitate to get whatever she wanted.
As he dropped her of at the Door, Tanya invited him inside for an after dinner nightcap. She pointed out to the compact bar that she had, and asked Mahesh to fix her a Baileys Irish cream, and help himself to whatever he fancied. "Does that give me the choice of helping myself to whatever I fancy ? " he asked tongue-in cheekier you will have to wait and be patient she said as she went in to the loo to freshen up. Mahesh prepared her drink and pored himself a nice goblet of Cognac. He waited for her to come back and moved to the balcony to enjoy the chilled air and a view of the city from the 20th floor. He heard the bedroom door,and nearly dropped the drink in his hand as he saw the vision that emerged.

Tanya had changed into a sheer robe that covered her from neck to toe, but was open in the front, and held together by a tiny belt at her waist. The garment flowed on her body like a gossamer sheath, highlighting every part of her sexy figure, and at the same time revealing nothing. Mahesh could see the swell of her breasts standing proud, the flatness of her waist, and the subtle swell of her pussy. "Hope you did not mind my getting a little comfortable Mahesh "She said in a sexy voice. As she moved to take the drink from his hand Mahesh felt, his elbows gently nudge against her breasts, and hardened nipples. Why don't we move to the balcony the view is great, and the weather is perfect said Mahesh? Sounds like a great idea said Tanya as she moved ahead first, with Mahesh following her closely behind. As she stepped into the chilled air outside, Tanya abruptly stopped drawing her gown around to keep out the cold. Mahesh, Following her closely behind bumped into her, and grabbed her with his hands instinctively. As he leaned into her his rock, hard cock ground itself into the contours of her backside. In addition, at the same time his hands wrapped themselves around her narrow waist. Tanya let out a soft moan and felt a shiver go through her body out of desire as much as from the cold. She let out a sigh, and leaned back against Mahesh, sighing with desire. She pushed her self back against the hardness of his cock, and pushed her head back against his chest. Mahesh could feel her ass grinding against his cock, lowered his lips to the back of her neck, and gently kissed her on her shoulders. Tanya felt a rush of goose pimples on her arms, as she felt a trail of soft kisses on her sensitive shoulders and the area below her earlobes. Mahesh couldn't wait and moved his hands slowly upwards from her waist, and with great anticipation cupped both her breasts with his hand, all the while continuing to shower her shoulders and earlobes with gentle nibbles and kisses. The breasts were even more than what he had ever imagined in his dreams. A perfect 34 size mounds, that stood up proudly and
firmly, nipples erect as pencil erasers. They were a perfect fit in his hands, and as he began to knead them in his hands, he felt Tanya's hands move behind her and grip his hard cock with her hand Mahesh continued to enjoy the feel of her breasts, at the same time loving the feel of her hands on his cock, which was threatening to burst out of his trousers. He gently slipped aside her robe, reached under to get the feel of the braless breasts, and started to roll her nipples between his thumb and fingers. Tanya began to moan in pleasure, and turned around to face him, throwing her arms around his neck and lifting up her face to him. Mahesh looked into her eyes, which were wild with desire, and gently kissed her, she kissed him back with a passion that surprised him, and they were kissing and tonguing each other in wild abandon.

Mahesh cupped his hands around her ass and ground his cock into her crotch, which got her moaning between her kisses. Tanya pushed him into a couch that was there in the balcony, and started to tear at his belt and trousers. Mahesh eager to move ahead, rapidly undid his belt, and slipped his trousers off his waist. Meanwhile Tanya had already pulled down his boxers, grabbed his throbbing cock in her delicate hands, and was running her nails down its length driving Mahesh crazy with desire. Tanya then drew out his dick to its full length, looked into Mahesh s eyes with desire, and began to lick the head as the drops of precum began to emerge. She reached below and began to lightly scratch the underside of his balls with her fingernails almost driving him over the edge. As he was throwing back his head in pleasure, he felt a warm mouth engulf his cock, and a tongue swirl around the head, giving him a blowjob that was driving him to an orgasm. He initially wanted to hold it back, but then decided to let Tanya continue with the wonders that she was doing with her tongue, and also realized that if he would come now, it would give him more staying power when he would fuck her later in the night.

Predictably, with the kind of treatment that Tanya's hot mouth was giving him, he did not last long, and he felt the orgasm build up deeply and wave after wave of pleasure hit him, as he erupted in her mouth. Tanya kept bobbing her head on his dick with out missing a stroke, and sucked up all his seed in her delicate mouth. Mahesh let out a groan of pleasure and pulled up Tanya kissing her and feeling the salty taste of his sperm mixed up with her saliva. He pulled her on his lap, and as she faced him, he opened her robe by untying the knot at her waist. He leaned forward, and started sucking on each of her nipples, which began to harden and grow with encouragement from his hot mouth. He could feel her pussy; grind against his cock, the only thing that separated the two was the sheer material of the thong that she was wearing. As he continued to suck and knead these amazing tits, Mahesh let his finger rub against the mound of her pussy from outside of her thongs. Tanya let out a loud moan. As she felt Mahesh, s strong fingers move against her cunt. She began moaning loudly, and Mahesh decided to lift her in his arms and carry her indoors to the warmth of the bedroom.
Tanya kept kissing him all the way to the bed, and Mahesh laid her on the bed, and quickly divested her of her robe. Now she lay there in all her beauty, naked save for the thong that covered her dripping pussy. Mahesh quickly stripped off his clothes, and could feel Tanya eyes take in his body with admiring eyes; quickly he got into the bed with her, and began to lay a trail of kisses from her forehead to her belly button, lingering over her breast on the way down. As he was doing this, he had slipped his fingers under her thong, and was rubbing her mound from outside, causing Tanya to push up her hips against his hand with pleasure.

Finally, Mahesh could not wait any more, he pulled Tanya to the edge of the bed, and raising hips gently slipped the thong off. He took a moment to savor the sight of the wonderful soaking pussy in front of him, and bent down to inhale the musky aroma. Tanya was clean-shaven, and the contours of her cunt lips stood out proudly. She was already wet, and her juices were running down her thighs. Her clit was large,prominent, and stood out like a finger. "Oh God Mahesh, eat me please "she pleaded. Needing no more encouragement Mahesh began to kiss her all around her mound, playing special attention to area between the thighs. He had learnt from one of the ladies in the swinging circuit that the area between the thighs, and the pussy, is one of the most erotic zones, and it had never failed in getting the woman into a state of high arousal. After licking all the area around the mound, he lifted Tanya's legs in the air, and ran his tongue along the length of her pussy. Starting with her ass hole, he split the pussy lips with his tongue, and ended up at her clit, which he gently took between his teeth and nibbled on. He had repeated the procedure three times, and the first of the many orgasms that Tanya would experience that night hit her. It came like a tsunami out of nowhere, and washed him with repeated waves of pleasure, she screamed out in uninhibited manner, and Mahesh was worried that the neighbors would end up calling the cops. Mahesh kept sucking on her relentlessly, and was sucking up all the nectar that was emerging from her pussy. He had now moved his focus to her clitoris, and was lashing it with his tongue, and nibbling on it alternatively. Tanya was bucking on the bed trashing her head from side to side in pleasure, and grinding her hips into Mahesh s mouth. Her juices along with the saliva of Mahesh had rolled down, and created a wet spot on the sheet. Wetting his fingers with the juices of her pussy, Mahesh began to probe her ass hole, and as he opened, up her pussy and shoved up his tongue into the depths. At the very moment, that he did this he slipped one finger deep into her ass hole, which took Tanya over the edge into the most powerful orgasms that she had so far. OHHH fuckkk yessssss.She screamed. Mahesh kept up the relentless pressure on both her asshole and clit until she was drained out by cumming. Once he was done with this Mahesh rolled over to the bed and Tanya and he started to kiss each other slowly. Mahesh could not have enough of Tanya`s sexy body, his hand kept fondling her all over, and his cock was slowly getting back to life. As the kisses became more passionate Mahesh says baby I want to fuck you now "Tanya was more than willing, and she was just waiting for that big fat cock to fuck her like a real man does. First, let's get this guy to be in a proper condition to do justice to my wet pussy she says and goes back to sucking Mahesh s cock to its proud erection. In the meanwhile, Mahesh has also been fingering Tanya s pussy into a state of complete readiness to accept his throbbing cock.
What's your favorite position Mahesh asked her. Let me ride this big cock like a cowgirl said Tanya, got on top of him, and guided his cock into her soaking cunt. OH, fuck said both of them together as the hot cock entered her tight but wet pussy. Tanya was positioned perfectly above Mahesh for him to reach up and cup her tits that were hanging tantalizingly over him. Tanya began to ride him and started to squeeze his cock with every stroke that she was giving, and as a result she quickly reached her orgasm with a cock in her. At this stage, Mahesh decided to take thing under his control. Tanya s cowgirl riding almost had him off even though he was doing it after such a short while. He quickly rolled on her back and raised her legs in the air, giving himself adequate room to enter her pussy in missionary position. He kept fucking her in this position till he was sure that she was nearing another climax, At this stage , he raised he and placed on her knees with her ass sticking in the air to get into his favorite doggy position. This was what he had always dreamt about, and after some delicate probing. His cock made into her from back. Tanya was enjoying the big cock invading her from the back, this way she was able to get complete penetration. and was able to accommodate the cock completely. Mahesh reached around and grabbed her tits for support and started fucking her with full vigor. He felt Tanya pushing back to him, and sucking his cock with her squeezing actions of her pussy. This was too much for him to take, and he felt his seed building up
again, OHHH baby you are so fucking good … I am Cumming again said grunting amid his rapid thrusts. Yes baby cum for Tanya, said she as she felt herself beginning to come for the umpteenth number of time. As he felt his climax building up, Mahesh started to increase the speed, and the only sound that echoed in the room was that of flesh banging flesh. After four minutes if intense fucking Mahesh let out a roar like a Lion, and started to shoot another big load of Cum in top Tanya s tight pussy. Exhausted they both collapsed into a heap on the bed whose sheets were drenched with the sweat, and the combined juices from each of them. Mahesh was the first to recover his breath. "Tanya you were outstanding darling" said Mahesh. You were the best Mahesh she replied. Today I have learnt the difference between a man making love, and a boy just fucking said Tanya. They Laid in each other's arms, and drifted off to sleep. I hope you have a lot more in store for me darling said Tanya as she dozed off. " The night is still young darling replied Mahesh, gently probing her ass hole indicating what he had in mind for later.


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