Friday, May 17, 2013


My father told me that I'd have the house to myself for a few hours when I got home from school one day...I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for everyone to leave so I could get my boyfriend to call me and we could (for the umpteenth time since we got together) have phone sex....although this time I wouldn't have to hold back any noises, I'm VERY, VERY vocal.
Just before my father left for work I went on the computer and I held back my good news about being home alone until I was completely alone and had taken the liberty of enticing myself with a few erotic stories that my boyfriend had sent me. Then I let him know the good news.....I'm home ALL alone for a few hours....he asked if I wanted to "talk" (our little code word for phone fucking) and I let him know I was ready willing and able.
After a while he called and I went into the living room and sat down on the leg bent at the knee, my foot against the coffee table. The other leg at a 90 degree angle and resting on the ground.
As usual we started out talking about how our day had been so far and making small talk.....then he said the magic words, "I wish you were the one here stroking my hard cock" and I let myself moan as my body reacted to his words. He asked me what I was wearing, my reply was, "My grey sweater and a pair of boxers" he made sure I wasn't wearing panties or a bra and asked me if I'd take my sweater off....I readily obliged.
He took his time....talking about how he would kiss my lips, my neck, then move down and play with my breasts and nipples......I held myself back longer then usual....not sliding my hand lowed over my stomach and past the waistline of my boxers until he described how he'd kiss lower and lower until he was slowing running his tongue across my clit.....I couldn't hold back any longer.....I slid my hand down underneath my boxers and left it resting just above my pussy for a moment, savoring the warmth that was emanating from within me.
Slowly I slipped one finger within my warm pussy and was more than a little surprised at just how wet I was. I slipped a finger deep into my cunt and drew out more of my warm juices and rubbed them all over my aching clit.
His words flooded me with pleasure as my fingers ran across my clit and darted into my hot all felt so wonderful and I didn't have to hold back my moans and yelps of pleasure....I heard him cum before I did but I kept going.....I could feel it.......I was cumming........I was cumming.......I got louder and louder.....saying his name......making noises that barley resembled words.......then I came and my body shuddered.
I kept my hand above my throbbing pussy and slowly slid my finger over my clit as I moved the leg that had previously been resting on the floor up against the little mid-piece on the couch slowly slid my finger against my still throbbing clit and heard his breathing getting harder again.....which only proved to excite me more. I continued to play with my clit as his breathing increased and I very rapidly felt myself cumming again.....VERY hard and VERY fast. I moaned and screamed and yelped as the orgasm overwhelmed me.
I laid there for a while.....breathing deeply and feeling my body tingle all over with the warm sensations of afterglow. His soft voice brought me back to reality and I could hear the excitement in his voice when I reassured him that yes I had cum twice. He made a comment about my possibly wiping all of my warm juices on the pair of purple panties I had sitting in my room waiting to be mailed to him.....I did as he asked and walked (still topless) from the living room into my bedroom....closed the blinds.....removed my boxers (which I expertly had managed to keep fairly dry)....grabbed the pair of light purple panties from my desk and slowly moved them along my sopping pussy to soak up all the juices that I hadn't already licked away using my fingers.
We talked for a while longer until he said something about my possibly writing about what had just happened between us....gladly willing to put my talent at writing to the test and my expanded vocabulary to good use I brought the phone with me into the computer room, sat down, and began writing out this little story just for him.


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