Friday, May 17, 2013


I looked at her and then I took another look. She was worth two looks, at the very least. She was blond, she was built and she was beautiful. She looked a lot like Barbara Eden from the old TV show I Dream Of Genie, only better; she was a lot younger looking and much more voluptuously sexy than Miss Eden had ever been.

Her body was absolute perfection, from the part in the thick mop of her platinum blond hair to her small, slipper-clad feet. The ripe, heavy mounds of her breasts and her womanly hips accentuated her impossibly slim waist. Her hips made a cradle of her flat, firm belly, and her ass was achingly perfect, as were her long legs.

She was dressed as Miss Eden had dressed on the show, except for one small detail. You could, in the right light, catch tantalizing glimpses of her gorgeous body through the sheer material of her harem outfit. And the light was right more often than not. The soft pink of a pouting nipple, the golden fleece that covered the mound of her sex, the tight crack that split her delightful ass, all were seen in fleeting peeks as she moved.
"You are NOT losing your mind," the blond said firmly. "I am real. I exist and I am a Genie. Your Genie, now. And yes, you may call me Genie."

I'm Jerry Allen, a fifty-three year old bachelor living in Vermont, and with those words, my life changed in ways you won't believe.

It had been a month since Genie had finally consented to go to bed with me, a month like no other in my life. Not only was she, hands down, the most beautiful woman I'd ever bedded, she was easily the most insatiable as well.

One night, after a particularly strenuous bout of lovemaking, I asked her if she was trying to kill me with sex. She laughed and replied, "Sweetie, I have almost five hundred years of celibacy to make up for. I'm still just a wee little bit horny." She gave me a merry grin and continued, "What's the matter? You getting tired of me?"

"Hell no!" I exclaimed, taking her into my arms. "I'll never get tired of you, babe."
"I should hope not," she said comfortably. "You should have more than enough variety with the harem you've got."

I smiled and shook my head. The 'harem' she was referring to was my sixteen-year- old niece Becky and her two BFF's, Henderson and Terri, and my cousin, twenty-six year old Peggy. Between the four of them and Genie, I was getting more ass than a toilet seat.
"And whose fault is that?" I teased.

Genie rolled her eyes and I laughed. When I had suggested that I should stop having sex with the girls and Peggy, Genie had not approved.

"It's your choice, of course," she'd said, "But I don't want you to stop on my account. It doesn't bother me that you're bedding them and it shouldn't bother you either. They all need you, in one way or another. Your sexual affairs with them will slow and stop in due course, and become a pleasant memory for all of you."

She was right, of course. Henderson's affair with me was still going strong, as was Terri's. Henderson regarded me as a handy cock, someone to fuck that she knew was safe. She was just as likely to pop in for a fast fuck as not. Her overnight stays were rare, but athletic.

Terri's relationship with me was a little more complex. She thought of me as sort of a father figure, with benefits. We made love as often as I would allow an overnight stay, but she also sought out my advice on everything from clothing to which college she should go to.

Becky was not as pushy as the other two. She stayed with me because she loved being with me and because she wanted to become a good lover. Every night we spent together almost always involved doing something new in bed. I'd had to resort to using the Kama Sutra to find new things to teach her.

And as for Peggy, well, she just loved to fuck. She lusted after my cock and I returned the compliment by lusting after her entire body. She was a wanton in bed, always ready and eager to please. She was a joy to fuck, as responsive as anyone could wish for, fucking just for the love of it. She was on a par with Becky, staying the night whenever she showed up and using me to satiate the lust that she had for the college boys that she served in the bar where she worked.

"I'm not going to be one of those women that you men talk about in the Frat house," she'd told me one night. "If I take one of them home and fuck him, the word will be all over the campus the next day." She snorted and grabbed my cock. "As long as you're willing to use this big fucker on me, I can keep 'em all heated up and hot for my ass without having to put out for 'em, and that keeps my tip jar full." She looked up and me and grinned. "It's not that much of a chore ballin' me, is it?"

I laughed and assured her that it wasn't, and demonstrated it by pinning her to the bed and doing just that, fucking her brains out until neither one of us could move.

I woke up to the smell of breakfast wafting through the house. I turned my head and Genie wasn't there, although the bed was still warm and the sheets retained the scent of her. I yawned, stretched and got up, took my morning leak and washed. And then I went downstairs, still naked and looking for her, my semi-hard cock leading the way. I found her in the kitchen and watched her from the doorway as she prepared breakfast.
Her hair was a wild, tangled mane around her face and shoulders, and she was wearing one of my button down shirts. It was hanging open and from the side, all I could see of her body was her lush jutting tits capped by her pink nipples, and her long, shapely legs. She looked spectacular. There was a sparkle in her eye and a bounce to her step that had not been there in the first days after I had found her. I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her, resting my hands on her firm belly as I bent down and kissed the side of her throat.

She tipped her head back and to the side, presenting me with the graceful curve of her neck, and pushed her tight ass into my cock. "Mmm, that feels nice," she murmured after a moment, and then turned in my arms. I bent and claimed her mouth with mine, our tongues dueling together as we kissed. She put her heart into it, rubbing that luscious body up against me, her heavy tits and spiked nipples grinding into my chest.
"Oh my," she gasped, pulling away from me as our kiss broke. She turned to flip the pancakes that she was making and I reached out and goosed her, making her jump.
"Good morning, sweetie," I said, hastily dodging back as she turned and swung her spatula at me. "My, but we're jumpy this morning."

"You'd better sit down and let me work," she said, shaking the spatula at me, "Or these are going to be vulcanized instead of cooked."

"Ok, ok." I stood back and gave her my best leer. "I gotta say, honey, I like the uniform."
She rolled her eyes at me and then laughed. "You would," she said. She turned back to the stove and swiftly put together a plate for me and then set it on the table. "Eat!" she commanded.

I sat down and began to eat as she poured two cups of coffee and joined me at the table, setting one cup in front of me. "What's on your agenda for today?" she asked, stealing a strip of bacon from my plate.

"Well," I said, taking a sip of coffee, "I thought that I'd go downtown and let the Red Cross siphon me for some blood. Other than that, my day is wide open. What about you?"
"I'm supposed to deliver the statue to Pan today," she said. "And if you'll come with me, I thought that we might try something new afterwards."

"Oh?" I was deliberately noncommittal. I had not been back to Genie's world since the day I had balled a pixie and incurred Oberon's wrath. He is king of the Pixies and he had demanded compensation. His idea of compensation had been sending one of his satyrs to fuck Terri.

I had freaked when I heard what he wanted, but we got around the problem with a few of Genie's spells. I hadn't been back to her world since.

"Jerry," Genie said softly, taking my hand. "I know that you don't want to go home with me, and I really can't blame you. I should have warned you, I should have explained the rules." She smiled ruefully. "All I can tell you is that it is impossible for anything like that to happen again. Everyone there knows about you now, and they know that you're a stranger in a strange land. They have orders to help you now."

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "So..."

"That's right," she nodded. "It's impossible for you to break any important rules now. They won't let you."

"Hmm. What's this 'something new' you have in mind?"

She gave me a bawdy grin and swiped another piece of bacon. "You'll just have to come with me and see, won't you?" she giggled, sitting back and eating my bacon.
"Aw, come on!" I protested. "That's not fair!"

"No," she said smugly, "It isn't, is it?" She licked her fingers and grinned at me as I grumbled and finished my breakfast.

Genie was smiling as she came back into her house from her studio. "He liked it," she said, plopping down on the couch next to me. "He liked it a lot!"

"So Pan was happy with your statue of him, huh?" I asked.

"Yes indeed," she smiled. "He liked it enough to tell me that he was going to contemplate it and find a gift for me."

"Really? What kind of a gift does one usually get from a God? And while we're on the subject, what is he the God of, anyway?"

Genie gave me a startled look. "You don't know?"

"Nope," I shook my head. "I'm a little weak in Greek mythology."

"Pan is the God of fields and pastures and flocks and herds," Genie replied. "He's also the leader of the satyrs." She moved a little closer to me on the soft cushions of the couch. "I don't know what kind of a gift he'll give me, but it'll be some small thing that I wouldn't do for myself, probably."

She swung herself around and settled herself on my lap, straddling my legs. "Never mind about Pan," she said seductively. "He's not the male I want to think about right now." She did a little something with her hand and suddenly, we were both naked. She smiled in delight as my cock began to harden, rising in salute to the perfection of her body.

"Um, do you see something you like, Jerry?" she giggled as her hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock.

"I do believe I do," I replied, running my hands up her sides and cupping the mind-blowing fullness of her breasts. She arched her back and sighed as my fingers found her nipples and squeezed them, tugging on them and rolling them between my fingers.
Her eyes drifted shut and she sighed again as I continued to play with her breasts. She loved having her tits fondled and caressed, and her soft hands stroked my cock and played with my balls as I teased her rigid nipples. And then she rose up and centered the drooling head of my cock between her labia, and we both gasped as she sank down on me, sheathing my cock to the hilt in her tight pussy.

And then the room changed and I was lying on her bed as she slowly posted on my rod. I didn't miss a beat, I was used to being moved around like that now. One thing I had learned was that Genie preferred making love on a bed. I pulled her down to my chest and she clung to me as I rolled over, putting her on her back and thrusting into her, my hands going to her fantastic boobs as I stroked into her.

And then I got the shock of my life.

'Human.' The voice was low and deep and in my head. I stopped moving and looked around the room. Genie didn't respond to the interruption and it took me a moment to realize that she was paused, just like she had paused other people when I asked her to.

'She cannot hear us, and will not know that we have talked, ' the voice said. 'You are the one called Jerry, Genie's Master.'

"Yes," I said aloud. "I am. Who are you?"

'I am called Pan by your people, ' he said. 'You wish to make Genie happy.' It was a statement, not a question, and I knew then that he could see into my mind.

"Yes," I responded. "I do.."


"Why not?"

'You love her.' Another statement.

"I ... don't know," I answered slowly. "I suppose I do."

'She is a servant, ' Pan said. 'A tool. Something to be treasured, yes, but nevertheless, still only a tool. How can you love a tool?'

"Maybe to you she is a tool," I said quietly, "But not to me."

'Do you love your hammer?' he asked. 'For it is the same thing. Loving her is... '

"Stop playing word games!" I interrupted angrily. "It is not the same and you know it! She is a person! She feels! She's not a hammer, she's a living breathing person!"

'You love her.' Again, it was a statement, said with some satisfaction this time.

"What do you want?" I asked. "Why are you here?"

'She has done a service for me, and I promised her a gift. I have found it.'

"Wonderful," I said sourly. "What's that have to do with me?"

'You shall be my gift to her, ' he said. That startled me and raised a host of questions in my mind.

"You want to explain that a little?" I asked.

'You remember that she said my gift to her would be some small thing, something that she wouldn't do for herself?'

"I remember."

'One of the small things that she won't do for herself is to keep you, although she loves you and it is well within her powers.' And as his words echoed in my head, the room grayed out and a scene from the past played out in front of me.

I could see Genie and myself on the sand at Lazy Lady Island. My boat was beached in the background, with Henderson asleep on one of the seats. Genie and I were talking on the beach; she was explaining her rules to me.

"What, ah, what do you consider 'the usual'?" I asked.

"I can make you rich, and famous, and handsome, and irresistible to women ... all the usual stuff men ask for. But no immortality. The only way you can die now is from one of two causes, old age ... or me. You'll have to settle for that."

"Ok. That sounds reasonable, I suppose."

The scene grayed out and I was back in the room again.

"I remember," I said distantly. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to him at that moment; I was still digesting those three words. 'She loves you..' he'd said, and my heart soared as I realized that I did indeed love her, and knowing that she loved me made me happy in a way that I had never known before. Pan spoke again, interrupting my thoughts.

'If you agree, Human, I shall grant you immortality, a boon that she will not grant you for herself.' His voice in my head softened and he continued, 'She loves you, Human. The continuation of that love shall be my gift to her.'

"Oh my God!" I said faintly. My ears roared and the room dimmed as the implications of what he proposing crashed in on me. Immortality! I could live forever! I'd never grow old; never suffer the pains of old age as my body and mind began to fail. Genie and I could love each other for as long as....


And then I started to think of the opposite side of the coin. Having to watch all the people I love age and die. Having to face the certain boredom that the passing years would undoubtedly bring, just as Genie had faced the tedious centuries locked in her bottle. And just that quickly the future became a daunting prospect, one that I was not sure I wanted to face.

'Think about it, Human.' Pan's voice had lost the softness it had showed for a moment. He was back in God mode. 'We shall talk again.'

And the world started up again.

It was a very confused Genie that began moving under me after Pan released her. My hard on was gone, wilting away as Pan and I had talked, and it was something that she could hardly miss. Her eyes widened in surprise as the cock she was fucking went from hard to soft in what was to her, the blink of an eye. She caught on immediately.
"Jerry, what happened?" she asked as she scooted backwards, out from under me and sat up.

"Um, we had a visitor," I said, sitting up next to her.

"Who was it? Pan?" Her guess surprised me.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"What did he want?"

"Ah, he ah, said that he's found a ... gift for you," I said slowly. I wasn't sure if I could tell her what he had said. But, he hadn't said that I couldn't tell her, either.
"And?" Genie prompted me.

"He ... um, he's says he wants to make you a gift of me," I said uncomfortably.
"Oh no! Absolutely not!" She rolled off the bed and to her feet. "Pan!" She was shouting.

"Pan, damn your flea-bitten carcass, you talk to us, right now!"

"Genie, what can I do for you?" Pan voice was back in my head.

"What did you do?" Genie asked angrily.

"I merely had a little chat with your Master."

"Jerry said that you found a gift for me. And don't think that I don't know what it is! I forbid it! Do you hear me, Pan? I forbid it!" Genie was angry, as angry as anyone I'd ever seen.
"It is for him to decide..."

"No! I will not allow you to do that to him! I do not require any company in this miserable life! I will not be responsible in any way for condemning him to this hell!"

I gaped at her, stunned by the revelation that she hated her life. Before I could think about that any further, Genie spoke to Pan again.

"We would have an audience alone with you, Pan, right now!"

"Perhaps later, when I...."

"Now, Pan! I will brook no delays from you, not over this!"

He sighed and gave in. "Very well, Genie. Come ahead."

Genie did her hand wave thing and we were suddenly both dressed, she in her Harem Girl outfit and me in shorts and a polo shirt. I looked down at myself and inanely wondered if I was dressed well enough for an audience with a God.

"Genie," I interrupted her just as she was about to do her wave thing again. "Wait a minute."

She looked at me and her face softened. "Jerry, trust me in this. You do not want to be immortal. You can not imagine the terrible price you will pay for eternal life."
"No," I said slowly, "I don't suppose that I could." I took her hands in mine. "Can he hear us right now?"

"No. Genie said shortly. "We are alone."

"Then let's sit and talk about this for a minute."

"There's nothing to talk about," Genie said. "I've had to endure thousands of years of the terrible boredom of life, and I know that I shall never escape it. I WILL NOT condemn anyone I love to such a miserable existence!"

"Genie, I ... I was going to tell him no."

She gave me a look filled with approval, and sadness. I swear, I could feel her pulling away from me emotionally, trying to distance herself from the pain of knowing that my love for her wasn't strong enough to join her in immortality.

"A wise decision, Master," she said stiffly. "Let's be on our way, so you may tell him so, face to face."

"In a minute," I said. "Sit down and listen to me. I think I might have an idea, but we need to talk about it first. I have to have your input. Hell, I need to know if it's even possible."

"Very well, Master."

It almost broke my heart, hearing her calling me Master again, but I couldn't blame her. Intellectually, she knew that Immortality was a curse, not a blessing and she was ready to take on a God to prevent it from happening to me. But emotionally, she could not help but be disappointed in the fact that I didn't love her enough to join her.

We sat down on the edge of the bed and I again took her hands in mine. "Sweetie, there's one thing I have to know, before I tell you what I'm thinking. Will you be completely honest with me and tell me the unvarnished truth?"

"If that is what you wish," she said.

"Yes, I wish it very much," I said. I looked into her eyes and asked my question. "Genie, what do you want, more than anything in the universe?"

"She answered me immediately, without a second's hesitation. "I want to be mortal." And then she burst into tears.

Genie and I were holding hands when we popped into Pan's presence. I would have to say that, on the whole, Pan was not a very impressive God. In fact, he looked like just another satyr to me, half man and half goat. He was lounging in a chair that could probably be called a throne, if you weren't too picky about the definition of the word 'throne'.

He was attended by a throng of nymphs, ranging in age from barely nubile to clearly mature, every one of them beautiful and, judging by the looks I was getting, very horny. But the one that caught my eye right off was the one sitting on his lap, impaled on his cock and leaning back against his chest while he caressed her breasts.

It was the thirteen-year- old cutie that lived down the street from me.. And then I noticed that Becky, Henderson, Terri and Peggy were also there in the crowd.

Genie felt me tense up as my anger began to grow, and realized what was bothering me immediately. "It is not them, Jerry," her voice said in my head. "They are just physical copies. None of them know who you are. Calm down, ok?"

"Ok." I said. But my anger was still smoldering inside.

Genie gave Pan a scathing look and he sighed, "Oh very well," and the crowd of nymphs vanished.

He looked at me and asked, "Have you decided, Human?"
"I have," I replied. "Pause her."

He looked at me and raised an eyebrow as Genie started to say my name. She froze before she could get it all out. I looked at her as he said, "She cannot see or hear, Human. What have you decided?"

"You must think a great deal of her," I said quietly.

His eyebrow rose again and he laughed. "Why would you think that?" he chuckled.
"One doesn't reward a tool for a good job," I said dryly.

He looked at me for a moment and then nodded. "I hold her in high regard," he admitted. "What of it?"

"Why don't you give her what she really wants?"

"I'm trying to," he said.

"No," I said softly. "You're not. You're taking the easy way out. You know what she really wants."

"I will not let her die," he said. "She is what she is, I cannot change her destiny."
"You don't have to," I said. "Well, not much, anyway."

"Explain yourself."

"Let her die when her Master dies. When her jar is discovered again, bring her back. It's not the time when she is serving a Master that weighs so heavily on her, it's the time in between Masters that she despises." I turned and looked at the woman I loved. "If you hold her in such high regard, give her what she really wants."

Pan had a look of surprise on his face. "You're a God," I said softly. "You can do this small thing for her."

"You would advocate death for the woman you love?" Pan asked.
"I'm doing this because I do love her," I said. "If you..."

"Enough!" Pan said, holding up his hand. I stood silently, waiting while he brooded on his throne. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he looked up. "I shall miss her," he said, "But that will make the reunions all the sweeter. It is done."

I let out a breath that I hadn't realized I had been holding. "You are an unusual man, Human," Pan said. "Have Genie bring you back occasionally. We would like to know you better. Until then, fare thee well."

And then we were back in my house. I turned to Genie and opened my arms. "Welcome to the world of mortals, darling." I grinned at her as a stunned look appeared on her face.
"He did it?" she whispered.

"Yeah," I nodded. "He did it."

And the she was in my arms, her face buried against me as she burst into tears for the second time that day.

I woke up to the smell of bacon wafting through the house. I rolled over and looked, and sure enough, Genie was gone, already up and making me breakfast. I jumped out of bed, took a leak, washed up and brushed my teeth and then went looking for her, still naked and with my morning hard on leading the way.

I found her in the kitchen, no surprise there, and watched her as she prepared breakfast.
Her hair was a soft, golden curtain around her face and shoulders, and she was wearing nothing but an apron. She looked fantastic. There was a sparkle in her eye and a bounce to her step that warmed my heart as nothing else ever has, or could. I walked up behind her and slid my arms around her, cupping her breasts as I bent and kissed the side of her throat.

She smiled and ground her ass into my cock. "Mmm, that's nice," she murmured after a moment and then she turned in my arms. I bent and claimed her mouth with mine, our tongues dancing together as we kissed. She put her heart into it, her heavy tits and spiked nipples grinding into my chest.

"Ummm," she moaned, pulling away from me as our kiss broke. She turned in my arms and moved the pan of bacon off the burner and shut it off. And then she was back in my arms, kissing me again as her soft hands caressed the length of my cock.

She gave me a sloe-eyed smile as our kiss broke and backed towards the kitchen table, towing me along by my cock. "Make love to me, darling," she said in a sexy, fuck me voice, "And I might feed you breakfast when we're done."

"Promise?" I asked as she sat on the edge of the table, shed her apron and lay back, her legs coming open and showing me her golden, fleece-covered slit.

"Oh yeah!" she moaned, as my cock slid into the tight, wet heat of her.. She clung to me as we made love, breathlessly whispering endearments into my ear in between her moans of satisfaction. I made love to her slowly, drawing it out and making it last. She had several orgasms, cumming powerfully on my cock as I stroked it into her.

Somewhere during our lovemaking, she had moved us to our bed, and we finished our erotic interlude with simultaneous climaxes, my cock jetting its load into her as she bucked and writhed beneath me. I rolled to my side and gathered her into my arms while our orgasms were still fading.

"Mmm," she sighed, snuggling close. "Gods, how I love you."

"I love you too, babe," I murmured, caressing her ass. I kissed her and looked into her startlingly blue eyes. "Any regrets?"

"Oh no," she whispered, smiling into my eyes. "Not for a second, my love." I smiled as she kissed my throat and burrowed closer. That was a question that I asked her every once in a while, ever since that day we went to see Pan together.

Pan had done more than we had asked of him. He had backed us up in time, arranging things so that I discovered Genie when I was thirty-three, not the fifty-three that I had been. In my personal timeline, I had become my parent's mid-life baby.

In essence, Pan has given us an extra twenty years together. Everything that happened to me before Pan's intervention did happen, just as I related it to you in this story, except I was twenty years younger. I don't fully understand how that could be done, but it there it is.

So I'm thirty-three, not fifty-three, and Genie and I are together. Married, in fact. I still have my 'harem, ' as Genie laughingly refers to the girls and Genie still doesn't mind sharing me with them.

And we are living happily ever after.


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