Friday, May 17, 2013


'All the great scientists through out the Ages have taken risks.' said Kylie, pausing for effect. Most of her students in the lecture were not paying attention at all. Kylie could hardly blame them. It was only five minutes until the weekend. 'Like that guy, the polio guy ... that guy that tested the polio vaccine on himself ... and the scientist that invented shoes ... oh what the hell ... class dismissed.' There was a cheer and the room emptied quickly. Only a few students stayed behind to ask her some questions.
'Kylie, you're a scientist aren't you?' asked Paul, one of her cuter students. Kylie was only 26, and if she wasn't on the staff, she would be dating half the men in her class.
'Yes. Yes I am.'
'Are you a great scientist?' he asked.
Kylie knew what he was hinting at. 'No, not at the moment. But maybe after the weekend. My research in photo-sythnesis is finally paying dividends, but the university is reluctant to fund further research. I think I may have to take matters in to my own hands.'
'What are you planning to do? Nothing dangerous I hope?' asked Paul.
'You'll see. If I'm successful, my name will be mentioned in the same breath as the guy who invented the polio vaccine.'
That night, Kylie was alone in her lab. She filled a syringe with her experimental drug. Kylie paused before injecting herself with it. Although the calculations and tests had all gone smoothly, she was under no illusion as to the danger she was putting herself in. Instead of being mentioned in the annals of history along with that polio guy, she could end up in the book of freaks, along with The Fly. 'Still, fortune favours the brave.' Kylie said to herself. She pulled off her jumper, exposing the soft flesh of her breasts. The injection had to go in to a well padded part of her body, and so it was with no regret that Kylie plunged the needle in to her left breast.
The syringe drained and Kylie extracted it. She could feel the cold liquid spreading through her body. Kylie put her jumper back on and closed the lab. There was nothing she could do now.
When Kylie awoke the next morning, she decided to go the lab and do a check up of her body. She put on a tank top and shorts and stepped out of her house and in to the streaming sunlight. As she walked along, Kylie began to feel her chest get heavier and heavier. Her breasts began to bounce with more and more force as they gained in weight.
After about 100 metres, Kylie stopped and looked at them in alarm. In just two minutes, they had grown to twice their original size. Kylie grabbed them. In the past, she had been able hold them comfortably in both hands, but now, they were a true handful. Even as she stood there, she could sense that they were expanding at a slow rate. Kylie ran back to her house, tits bouncing, and slammed the door shut. Out of the sunshine Kylie felt her breasts stop growing. She picked up the phone and dialled Paul.
'Paul, you've got to help me! My experiment has gone terribly wrong!' she said.
'What's the problem, Kylie?' he asked.
'Um, it's hard to explain over the phone, but I need a lift to the lab. My car is in the shop.' she said, unwilling to tell him her problem.
'I'll be right there.' he said.
Despite the warm weather, Kylie put on four jumpers and waited at the door for Paul. His beat-up truck pulled up outside her house. Kylie made a mad dash for his vehicle and jumped in the front seat. As soon as she was belted in, Paul put his foot to the floor and sped away in the direction of the lab.
'Are you okay?' he asked, swerving hard to the right and risking a glance in her direction. Even through the jumpers and with her arms crossed over her chest, Paul could tell that something had happened there. His eyes popped out of his head, but he was forced to cut short his perv, as the road beckoned.
'It's my experimental project ... it's gone horribly wrong ... ' Kylie wanted to say more, but bit her lip, afraid to give Paul the wrong impression. 'I need to get to the lab, so I can examine my breasts in more detail.' Paul almost crashed the car when Kylie said that. The rest of the trip was made in silence, but Kylie could tell that Paul was straining to see her enlarged breasts through the corner of his eye.
At the lab, she made Paul wait outside. Kylie ran in and looked around in dismay. The lab was built fairly recently and was a large and airy space, with plenty of windows. The piece of equipment she wanted to use to examine the structure of the cells in her left breast was too big to move, so she had no choice but to strip down and place the large mammary under the scope. In the mad rush to block the sunlight before, Kylie had not had a chance to see her breast, but now, as she moved to place it under the viewing piece, she was shocked to see how much it had grown. Both of them were twice as large as they had been only that morning. Kylie placed the left one on the pad and grimaced as the cold metal came in to contact with the tender flesh.. Her nipple went rock hard. Having part of her body on the viewing pad made it awkward for her to operate the machine, but she managed. After about ten minutes, Kylie's worst fears were confirmed.
The door clanged open and in walked Paul, 'I thought you might need ...' Kylie spun 'round to face him. Paul gasped when he saw that she was topless and that her breasts were large and pointed at him. 'Huminah Huminah Huminah' he said. Kylie grabbed a jumped covered her shame. 'I thought I told you to wait in the car.'
'What's going on, Kylie?' he asked. Kylie sighed, 'I'm not one hundred per cent sure, but I think the serum I injected in to myself is making my breasts grow larger whenever they come in to contact with sunlight.'
Paul whistled in surprise, 'Wow.'
'But I must do more tests ... to see if the effect is temporary, or if it will spread to the rest of my body.'
She turned around and placed her breast under the scope again. Paul stood in the background, watching. After another ten minutes, Kylie found the equipment getting increasingly painful and after half an hour, the machine popped, as her breast got too big to fit under the small screen. It was enough time for Kylie to confirm her worst fears.
'It's my worst fears ... confirmed.' she said to Paul, putting on all her jumpers.
'What? Is the effect only temporary?' he asked.
'No, the opposite in fact. The effect is permanent and will steadily increase in speed. However, it is only local. Only my breasts are affected.'
'What does this mean? Are you bound forever to wear thick black clothing? Perhaps you could move to Melbourne.' he suggested.
Kylie gave him a wan smile. 'I'm afraid its much more serious than that. The sensitivity of the breast tissue to the energy from the sun is increasing. At the moment, sunlight is needed to make them grow, however, if left unchecked, it will get worse. Even at night, covered in the thickest material, energy from the sun that passes through the Earth will affect me.'
'Energy passes through the Earth?'
'Yes, every second of every day, billions of tiny little particles travel right through you. Most of the time you never notice them, but my breasts will shortly begin to absorb these particles and using them to grow.'
'But ... but ... but how big can they get?'
'We're talking pretty big. I don't really know. Surely I'll die from internal damage before they get too big.'
'We've got to get help. The government ... someone!' said Paul.
'Calm down, Paul, calm down. I've emailed all the experts I know. I have a small team flying out here. They should arrive in two days.'
'Two days? How big will your breasts be then?' asked Paul.
Kylie could tell that discussion of her growing bosom was exciting Paul.
'Big.' she said simply.
Kylie shut down the lab and walked out to the car with Paul. The exposure in the lab had made her breasts grow considerably and now the large melon sized balls of fun were straining against the fabric of her jumpers. Kylie had never been a "large" girl and had, on occasion, envied the woman with the fuller chest. Now she was one of those women and she was not enjoying it one bit, no sir, not at all. Paul had lapsed in to a near coma since the episode in the lab, and Kylie could tell from the obvious bulge in his pants and his flushed appearance that his hormones were running rampant.
Paul dropped her off at her house and told her not to worry. Kylie thanked him for his help and promised to let him know the minute her situation improved. She bade him farewell and began to walk up the path to her front door. Paul hung around for a few seconds, wondering if this was the end of his day. It was. Kylie shut the door and sealed herself off from the outside world.
Kylie spent a restless night that night. None of her pyjamas fit her expanded chest, and she had been forced to sleep naked. As she had lain on her back, Kylie had been acutely aware of the extra weight pressing down on her chest. The sensations of suddenly have large breasts were new and disturbing to her. Kylie rolled on to her stomach, but that was even worse. She could feel the two sensitive lumps under her. Sighing in surrender she rolled back on to her back and settled in for a long night. Try as she might, Kylie could not ignore her new breasts. 'This is horrible. I am obsessed with my new breasts. Are they the only thing I can think of?' she asked herself silently. 'Am I destined to be defined through my tits?'
The team was to arrive in two days. By the second day of her wait, the energy from the sun was affecting her during the day, even in the darkened confines of her house. By the time her friends arrived, her breasts had grown to the size of a round watermelon. When Alan, the leader of the group and one of her friends from the scientific community entered the darkened room for the first time, he almost came in his pants. Kylie had peeled off the thick layer of clothing and rubber she was using to shield her breasts and had displayed them for Alan in all their glory. They were so round and supple, without a single blemish or stretch mark.
'This is astounding.' he said, trying to maintain a scientific air about the discussion. 'I would have expected gravity to drag those babies to the floor by now.'
'It was part of my serum, the cells in my breasts are super springy. My back and my internal organs will haemmorage before my breasts start to show their age.'
'You know, a lot of women would pay a lot of money for that kind of technology, minus the haemorrhage bit ... although ...'
'I hate to rush you Alan, but I am afraid that in the next two days my breasts will start to grow even at night.'
'Hmm. This is a fine pickle you've gotten yourself in to.' said Alan as the rest of the team flooded in to the room, setting up every conceivable piece of equipment you could thing of.
'Say Ahhh.' said Alan, leaning over Kylie. She opened her mouth and said 'Ahhh.'. Alan nodded with satisfaction and Kylie closed her mouth. For the last three days, Alan had subjected Kylie to a battery of tests and experiments in an attempt to understand and reverse her every expanding breasts. He had, of course, insisted that at all times her breasts remained uncovered, so that the team could 'monitor' the situation at all times. If the situation wasn't so dire, Kylie would have found it amusing that it was only the male members of the team that seemed to 'monitor the situation at all times..'
'So, other than the swelling, has there been any other effects in the last week?' asked Alan, filling out another survey.
'Well, just yesterday, they have started to get really, really sensitive.'
'Please describe it.' The breasts were now the size of soccer balls, and Kylie often found herself subconsciously leaning them on something for support ... her hands, a table, a team member taking measurements.
'Well, the slightest touch makes them tingle. John left the window slightly ajar last night and a cool breeze came in. I nearly wet myself, the feeling was so intense.'
'Hmm. Is it an erotic sensation, or a purely environmental one?'
'Oh, extremely erotic. At the first touch, the skin contracts and my nipples go rock hard. I've also noticed that my ... well, I get a bit moist.' said Kylie. She knew that her best chance of survival was in giving the scientists as much information as possible, even if that meant revealing deeply intimate details about herself.
'Tell, are your super sized breasts playing a larger part in your masturbation fantasises?' asked Alan.
'Doctor!' exclaimed Kylie, blushing.
'I only ask for the purposes of scientific endeavour.' he said.
Kylie looked at her feet guiltily. 'Yes. Yes they have. I was in the shower this morning and I started to wash them. They felt sooooo good, I just couldn't stop. Before I knew it, I was rubbing my fingers in my cunt. The orgasm was so intense. More intense than it has ever been before.'
'Interesting, interesting.' said Alan, scribbling away in his notebook.
'Is that your report?' asked Kylie, pointing at his notebook.
'Um, no.' replied Alan, 'It's my letter to Penthouse Magazine. I'm not quite sure how to start it. "Dear Penthouse Magazine. I have always read your letters' page with a degree of scepticism, until now." What do you think?'
'It needs work.' she said. John, the hapless team member who left the window open the previous evening, chose that moment to open the door a little too long. A gust of wind swept in and hit Kylie's chest full on.
'Oooooooh.' she moaned, her chest a rippling sea of erotic energy. 'That felt so good.' She could not resist raising her hand up and stroking the large mounds of trembling flesh attached to her front. The sensations made her hornier and hornier, and, past caring, she moved her other hand in to her panties and began to run her clit faster and faster. 'Oh, yeah.' she said, grinding her hips on to her fingers.
Alan, John and the rest of the team were stunned.
By the end of the second week, Kylie lost sight of the team. Her breasts had now expanded to each equal the size of a small car. Using a specially designed harness, the scientists had suspended Kylie and her breasts up in the air, so the pressure would not crush her. They concentrated on the front and underside of the breasts, venturing only to the rear to ask Kylie questions.
One evening, John and Alan were studying under one of the suspended breasts.
'Well, I can't get over how surreal this is. I don't think my hard-on has gone down in two weeks.' said Alan. The entire team had spent so long discussing emotions and sexual responses that talking about one's own urges was now blase.
'I know what you mean.' replied John, he reached up and stroked the soft, milky white flesh. It looked like a giant peach or sphere. 'It's so beautiful. So ... erotic ... like the underbelly of a whale.'
'It just makes me want to lick it, and nibble it and fondle it and hug it and rub myself all up and down it.'
They looked at each other for half a second.
'I'm sure one quick nibble would be okay.' said Alan. John nodded and they both proceed to kiss and caress the giant breasts. It began to quiver and shudder. On the other side of the huge mound, they could hear Kylie begin to pant.
'Oh, Oh, Oh, more.' she pleaded, lost in a haze of ectasy. They complied, rubbing and grabbing as much of the soft breast tissue as they could. Kylie began to buck and pump herself, desperate for release. 'I'm so hot. God! I have to cum! Oh oh Oh FUCK!' she screamed, masturbating herself as fast as she could.
The next day, it was official: They were now the biggest breasts in the Southern Hemisphere.
'I'm afraid we are going to have to take some drastic measures,' said Alan, addressing Kylie directly to her face.
'What ... what do you mean? Isn't stringing me up like some sort of puppet drastic enough?' she asked, pointing at her harness.
'We're running out of material that can support such rapid growth. Also, we believe it is only a few more days until the sheer gravity of the Earth tears your torso from the rest of the body, at which point you will be dead. We can't amputate because of the reinforced cells and we believe we are still nine days away from a cure.'
'But ... But what can you do?' asked Kylie, looking at her van sized breasts in horror. Even the constant fondling and licking of visiting journalists was unable to calm her.
'Well, I've been on the phone to the United Nations. NASA has a shuttle on the launch pad and they're ready to put you in orbit. The weightlessness there might just buy us enough time to reverse this incredibly ghastly mess. This incredibly ... hot ... mess.' He said, reaching out to stroke the top of her breast. Kylie moaned, 'Do it. Do what ever you want, just, don't leave me horny, please, I beg you.'
'Don't worry Kylie, the team will accompany you in to orbit.'
By the time Kylie reached a stable orbit, her breasts were the size of two large houses. So big in fact, that the scientists were able to set up base camp on her chest, although they did lose John when he fell down a crevasse.
'No high heels!' bellowed Kylie.
Each step on her gigantic floating breasts was a like a little jolt of sexual energy that was pulsed straight in to her brain and then in to her crotch. The fact that she was in orbit meant that the energy from the sun hit her breasts in larger quantities and more powerful doses. She could feel her breasts growing every second, and it was not long before she was a person attached to two tits so large they rivalled the moon.
'Kylie, we can stabilise you!' announced Alan a few days later. He injected a new serum in to Kylie and she felt her breasts slow down. 'That's a relief.' she said, looking down at the Earth. Some spectators down there had begun to express alarm that her cup size would soon rival that of the radius of Earth. A few had even suggested letting her go adrift.
'Now, you have to reverse the process.' she said. Alan nodded but looked decidedly down. 'What's wrong?' Kylie asked. 'We need a break, we've been working non-stop for almost a month.' replied Alan. Kylie nodded.
The team set up a mock beach party on her right breast and began to celebrate their success. Kylie wondered if Paul was wanking off to her image every night. Certainly, her tits were visible from orbit. The team set up a volley ball court and began to play a few games. Each bounce and jump made Kylie increasingly horny and she felt her nipples begin to harden. They were the size of skyscrapers and their contractions caused a breast-wide quake. It knocked all the scientists on to their backs and they began a new game. The men loved it, bouncing up and down on soft, fertile breasts. It was a dream come true for many of them, and some of them could not resist masturbating as they went up and down, up and down.
Kylie felt the hot jism splash on her soft tissue and she immediately orgasmed. 'Wow! It must be some sort of chemical reaction.' she said to herself.. The constant stimulation had her wet again and within moments she was cumming again. As well as an oversized chest, the serum had apparently made her appetite for sexual pleasure also oversized.
The party went of for days, with people exploring every nook and cranny of Earth' new satellite. Finally Alan came up to her, exhausted but happy.
'Well Kylie, we've discovered an antidote. But I want you to reconsider, some of us on the team believe that your gigantic breasts are a gift. A glorious gift to you and to us. It seems a shame to get rid of them.'
Kylie was stunned. Since that fateful day, her life had become a mere extension of her tits, and now this man was saying that in general, people preferred her tits to her. 'Alan. I must admit that the experience has been amazing, but I don't want to live my whole life as a life support system for two ginourmous (giant and enormous) tits.'
Alan nodded. 'I thought you'd say something like that. I'm happy to inject the serum in to you, but first, I want you to look at this crystal my old gypsy grandmother gave me.'
Kylie looked at the crystal Alan was holding up and noticed that it was spinning. There was something at the centre of the rock that Kylie could not quite make out, so she stared deeper, trying to see the picture. Soon, it was all she could think about.
'Kylie, can you hear me?' asked Alan.
'Yesss.' replied Kylie, heavily hypnotised.
'Repeat after me. "I love my breasts."'
'I love my breasts.'
'"I want my breasts to stay this way, forever!"'
'I want my breasts to stay this way, forever!'
'"I will only called them titties, tits, fun-bags, boobs or boobies."'
'I will only called them titties, tits, fun-bags, boobs or boobies.'
'"My breasts are more important than me."'
'My titties are more important than me.'
'And finally, "I must act like a stupid slut if I want people to like me."'
'I must act like a stupid slut if I want people to like me.'
'Very good, Kylie. When I click my fingers, you will awaken.'
Alan clicked his fingers and Kylie came awake.
'Well Kylie, I'm going to inject the serum now.'
Kylie's eyes widened in alarm. 'Oh no! Please Alan, don't do it. I like my boobies just the way they are.'
'I'm sorry, Kylie, but it must be done.' he said, lifting the needle.
Kylie began to cry. 'Alan! Please, don't! Isn't there something else we can do?' she asked. Alan paused, 'Like what?' Kylie smiled coyly at him, 'Surely you would prefer a blow-job to all that boring science stuff?' 'I sure would.' he replied.
Two days later, the prime minister of the world declared the new breast moon to be a national heritage park, with a viable eco-tourism industry. In honour of Kylie, they dedicated a small plaque to her at the local brothel near her old university and announced the introduction of a new bra size: AAAAAAAA, especially for her. Like the football jumper they retire in honour of a really good player.
Shortly after that, aliens arrived and gave the Earth technology to solve all its problems. Apparently the rest of the universe considered the Earth too primitive to make contact with, but the horny aliens could not help but notice that the Earth had "developed".


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