Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Kelli and Barbara’s domestic tranquilly was shattered once again by Craig.
Their idyllic lesbian life could not have been a more happy partnership. But once again, the ogre of Barbara’s past, raised its head, as Craig, having got over the initial lust of his new girlfriend, finally realized that Barbara was going to get the lion’s share of the wealth that he alone had created during their marriage.
Craig’s girlfriend, was not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, and initially, the sex had been so good, that he looked through her shortcomings. The only thing she was not short on in their relationship was the incredible sexual thrills she gave him.
Kelli was working very hard to sell the Rush’s home, so that she and Barbara could get on with their lives.
After numerous offers had been presented, each having some slight element lacking to satisfy Craig, Kelli had finally received a full price offer from an Oriental gentleman. The man had lots of cash, and very few questions. She loved this type of buyer as it meant a good, solid and fast escrow.
In fact, the Chinese gentleman wanted the Rush’s house so bad, that he offered five thousand dollars more than they were asking. This made the deal all that much more solid. A ready and willing and able buyer. Kelli knew from experience that Orientals if anything, always tried to strike the hardest bargain.
Only now, Craig was balking.
“I want Barbara to redo our marital settlement agreement,” Craig said with more than just a hint of malice in his voice.
Kelli had agreed to meet with him at Coco’s restaurant, a neutral ground, now that she and Barbara were inseparable.
“That cunt is getting everything I worked for. She could probably find ice cubes in hell faster than I can create that kind of estate again,” he continued, his tone becoming darker.
Kelli was in a situation she detested.
He was right.
Barbara was getting almost everything due to his own greed for a new woman. In the cold light of day, she knew that his arguments would stand up in divorce court, no matter how much mud slinging Barbara could manage to dredge up about his abusive past. Her lesbian relationship with Kelli was well known to Craig, and he would stop at no lengths to use it if he had to.
An expose of this kind could quickly ruin the young real estate agent’s career.
Kelli’s mind raced as she tried to come up with solutions to the seemingly unsolvable problem.
She went back to the office and discussed the details of Craig’s demands with her broker. He was no help. He was perfectly correct in pointing out to Kelli that the proceeds of the house sale were a matter to be decided by the parties in the divorce. Real estate law did not come into play at all.
Discouraged and dejected, Kelli decided to put the problem aside for one full day, and let Barbara and Craig’s lawyers try to come to a settlement.
The buyer of their home put all cash into escrow and was ready to close the deal as soon as Craig and Barbara signed the Grant Deed. It could have been the quickest sale in history.
Now, it was bogged down.
To top it off, Mr. and Mrs. Fu, the buyers of Barbara’s home, were anxious to move in. They were calling constantly to see if their offer was still valid.
Kelli usually handled this kind of pressure with ease, but her whole world had begun to revolve totally around Barbara and she was increasingly less able to put things in perspective.
Coming through the front door, Kelli smiled as Barbara immediately fell to her knees and assumed the proper greeting position.
Will I ever get tired of this? she wondered as she smiled at her submissive lesbian lover, who was now into the second set of ten kisses, these, on Kelli’s thighs.
“Oh darling, he’s being SUCH a bastard!” Kelli sighed then shuddered as Barbara placed the tenth kiss on her pussy.
“I hope you’re lawyer knows how to get him to be a little more agreeable. I just want to get on with our life together.”
“You know Barbara,” Kelli continued, “I make enough money for the two of us, and you really don’t need it.”
But what if you ever leave ME? Barbara thought to herself.
“Let’s just get to bed early tonight, darling. Maybe things will be different in the morning,” Kelli said as they walked upstairs together, arms around each others waist.
The deep love they felt for each other had not subsided a bit. Even though Barbara had worried once in a while what might happen when she got older and Kelli found another younger woman, their love had just deepened and grew even stronger, the longer they stayed together.
As they snuggled under the sheets together, sleeping in the spoon position, Barbara and Kelli didn’t realize it, but the answer was being worked on, some miles away.

Laura tossed and turned in her bed as the night wore on. She had become so intensely jealous of Barbara now that she and Kelli were living together. Her rage grew with each passing day as her contact with Kelli was now limited to that of the traditional boss subordinate relationship.
She and Kelli had not made love forever, it seemed, and Laura’s jealousy was had no boundaries. If only she could get that bitch Kelli out of the picture. If only she could have Barbara exclusively as HER lover. Oh, how happy she would make the woman, Laura was sure.
Fitfully, she tossed again, punching the pillow hard.
“Damn! Damn the cunt! Damn! Damn! Damn!” she cried as she finally fell asleep.
The next day, Laura put her plan into motion.
“Hi Kelli,” Laura smiled sweetly at her boss as she came into the office.
“I’ve made some fresh coffee and brought in biscuits. Care for some?”
“Yeah, sure,” Kelli responded halfheartedly, not really paying attention. She had slept fitfully herself the night before.
“I’ve also prepared your daily agenda, and here’s the morning hot sheet,” Laura said as she placed the steaming mug and two fresh biscuits with jam on Kelli’s desk.
As Kelli leafed through the computer printout, her eyes scanned for new listings in Rancho Cordova.
While she was very good at her business, she realized that she didn’t get all the listings available. Just too many bases to cover, but she kept an eye on her competition. She never let anything get by, and making notes on the new listings, she noted her calendar to call on those homes when the current listing expired. If a house didn’t sell in the initial listing period, usually six months, she was a cinch to pick it up on the rebound.
It was too early to make calls for listing appointments, so she took the time to scan the local Realtor Board Newsletter, again keeping abreast of the competition. She noted that Ed Lopat’s memorial service was attended by over one hundred fellow realtors.
“Fuckin’ stupid ass wipes,” she thought to herself. “Didn’t those jackasses know he had been screwing them blind his whole career?”
Too early to call people at home, but not too early to call the escrow companies to see how her numerous deals were doing.
She always fretted just a bit whenever the escrow companies didn’t have immediate answers to the myriad problems that arose in any real estate transaction.
She was especially interested to find out if the Fu’s had made any new waves over the purchase of the Rush’s home. Once satisfied that everything was on track there, except for the fact that Craig Rush had still not come in to sign the Grant Deed, Kelli breathed a sigh of relief and picked up the phone.
“Hi darling,” she whispered as Barbara lifted the receiver on the other end, “just wanted to say ‘I love you’ and have a terrific day.”
She listened for a moment, then answered.
“Don’t worry, I think we’ll get him squared away once his lawyer gets those photographs of that night you, Laura, he and I spent together.”
“I’ll see you around six love, bye now.”
Kelli hung up the telephone and drew an invisible pattern on her desk as she pondered her next move.
Deciding to go cold calling in Rancho Cordova, she picked up her purse and headed out the door, only to hear at the last moment, Laura’s lilting voice.
“Uh, Kelli? Could I see you for just a minute?”
“I’m in a hurry Laura, what’s up?”
“I… uh… Oh, never mind, it slipped my mind,” she said offhandedly.
Laura was about to try one more power play, but the look in Kelli’s eyes said ‘Don’t fuck with me’ and Laura’s mind flashed immediately to the night of punishment at the pretty girl’s hands. She thought better of it.
Instead, after Kelli was in her car and safely out in the parking lot, she picked up the telephone.
“Hi. Don’t worry, I waited until I was sure she was gone. I’m so glad you agreed to see me Barbara. When do you want me to come over?”
She was out the door and in her car five minutes after Kelli left.
Driving into the Rush’s driveway, Laura noticed the large ‘SOLDASK FOR KELLI STROUD’ sign on the For Sale sign, and she inwardly smiled.
“We’ll see who has the last laugh.”
Barbara Rush hesitantly opened the door just a crack, and seeing that it was Laura, quickly let her in.
Kelli had worn the bush shirt and a pretty flounced skirt. Her young body showed off its delicious curves and delectable thighs to their fullest as she walked inside. Barbara had a lump of desire in her throat as she soaked in Laura’s pretty looks.
“I shouldn’t be doing this,” Barbara started to say as Laura cut her off with a full kiss on her mouth.
“Oh God, I’ve wanted to do that ever since I was forced to make love to you Barbara,” Laura shook as she held the older woman tightly.
“You just don’t know how I’ve longed to see you again. I’m sorry if I bugged you with my telephone calls, but oh Barbara, I will never get the scent of your sweet body out of my mind — ever,” the young girl said as she placed her lips once again on the yielding mouth.
“Mmmmm,” Barbara sighed. “I really really shouldn’t be doing this Laura, but I have to admit, you were so exciting. I won’t forget either, the way we had to please each other. It was so exciting. You know I love Kelli… very much… and this makes me feel, well… you know… kind of unfaithful?”
“Oh Barbara, don’t be silly. We both know how attracted we were to each other. What’s the harm in exploring it a little more. Besides, what if Kelli ever decides it’s over between you two?”
The words shook Barbara’s very soul.
But she knew there was more than a grain of truth to the young girl’s remarks. She wouldn’t hold her beauty or firm tits forever. What if Kelli took off one day for a younger lover?
Laura saw the self centered fear rise in Barbara’s eyes.
“Forget it Barbara. I didn’t meant it. I shouldn’t have even said it,” Laura’s brows drew together in an agonized expression.
She was finally there, as Barbara had caved in on her constant telephoning, and now she almost ruined the mood.
“Come here, Barbara. Please? Come here,” Laura continued as she held the other woman’s arm and steered her towards the couch.
“Come close to me darling.”
As Barbara sat on the couch, Laura was immediately all over her smothering her face with kisses in a need that had been buried since that night of forced lovemaking. She kissed the older woman’s eyes, mouth and ears, then down the nape of her neck, then back up to full on her mouth, darting her tongue deep inside Barbara’s open lips.
“Oh Laura,” Barbara said, her eyelids half closed in passion.
“You are so young… so beautiful!”
“I could just look at you for hours Barbara. There is something about your sexuality, your maturity, your sensuousness. I was attracted to you from the first moment we met.”
“You were?” Barbara said, as she removed the comb from Laura’s hair, letting it cascade down over her shoulders. She looked even younger now. Her billowing silky locks of contrasting blonde shades mingled their fresh washed scent and created the prettiest, most sensual look imaginable. The two woman were rapidly getting turned on.
Without further hesitation, Laura was unbuttoning Barbara’s blouse, and freed her breasts, bending to suck the firm white flesh into her needy mouth. Her lips teased Barbara’s nipples to hardness with alternating nips of her teeth and open mouth. Barbara started moving under her touch.
At the same time, Laura was unbuttoning her own blouse, anxious for her pert breasts to be bared to receive the same touch she was giving the other woman.
Soon their clothes lay in a heap at the end of the couch as the women sensuously ground their bodies together, kissing deeply, sighing as they took their time arousing each other’s hunger to fever pitch.
“You are so beautiful,” Barbara sighed.
“You too, Barbara,” Laura moved against her.
As Laura worked her mouth back up Barbara’s body to the nape of her neck she started with small open mouthed kisses and lingered there, teasing the flesh, bringing little twinges of pleasure as her mouth again worked its way back down to the hard nipples. She rolled them around in her mouth, nipping, biting, then sucking them deeply as Barbara’s thighs started to rub together in aroused need.
Her pussy scent hit Laura like a thunderbolt, as her own pussy responded by leaking its thick fluid on Barbara’s stomach.
“God, we are both so wet!” Barbara almost shrieked as Laura bit her left nipple.
“Hmmmmm, love it!” Laura gasped.
Sliding over the edge of the couch, the young girl took both of Barbara’s knees and held them lightly as she separated her legs. She knelt down between the yawning thighs and bent her head to taste the smell hat had just excited her.
“Oh Barbara, I could smell this forever,” she said as she pushed two of her fingers in the dripping slit and brought them to her nose. She inhaled deeply and her cheeks flushed scarlet as she sensuously placed the fingers in Barbara’s mouth.
“Taste yourself.”
Barbara’s mouth opened and licked her own pussy juice from Laura’s fingers.
“Mmmm, tastes like honey,” she panted.
Lowering her head, Laura breathed lightly on the wet lips, and bent to kiss them.
She couldn’t control herself and jammed her face and tongue deeply into Barbara’s cunt, licking the inner walls of her vagina like a woman possessed. Barbara’s thighs wrapped tightly around the kneeling girl’s head as she placed her hands in the blonde hair, pulling the adoring face hard against her.
Her body started moving up and down against the sweet lips. Her cunt started twitching from the incredible pleasure the young girl was bringing her.
“Ooooh, that feels so good Laura.”
“Mmmmmmmm,” came the muffled reply.
As Laura’s tongue slid over the hard clitoris and buried itself once more in the slippery folds, she started a rhythmic side to side movement inside Barbara’s cunt. From time to time she would thrust her tongue deep inside the pussy, and roll it around, bringing fresh spasms from the squirming flesh underneath her.
“Oh! My God!”
“This is only an appetizer,” the young girl lifted her head and said in a huskier voice, her eyelids drooped with passion.
Barbara did not have long to wait, as she stretched her long legs straight out then brought them together again over Laura’s naked back.
As her pussy lips swelled in passion, Laura went into action and without missing a beat lashed her furiously working tongue on Barbara’s clitoris. She dug her index finger into Barbara’s foaming cunt, and slid the next finger into her now lubricated asshole.
This touched off a fresh orgasm in the woman.
As her fingers worked in and out of both of the holes, she drew a cry of passion from Barbara’s throat.
Her moans of passion were inarticulate now, sobbing and protracted moans of release as her body thrashed on the couch, cumming in torrents.
After they had spent their passions, they sat on the couch like lovers newly reunited, and shared their secret innermost thoughts.
“Oh Laura, I never knew it could be better than it was with Kelli,” the older woman softly spoke.
Laura lifted her head to take in the full impact of what Barbara was saying.
“With you it is just so soft, so incredibly sexy, so loving. None of the submission or pain that Kelli likes to have with her sex.”
“I kind of liked that at first,” she continued her confession, “it was sexy as hell. But lately, her twists are becoming more and more kinky, and even though I still enjoy her, making love to another woman has never meant as much, or been enjoyed as much by me, until now.”
“With you,” she added.
“Oh Barbara, I feel the same way,” Laura’s eyes shined brightly with happiness as her plan was working perfectly.
“I’ve got an idea…” She started to unfold her story to Barbara, who listened with rapt attention.

“Fucking lousy day,” Kelli muttered as she drove back down the freeway to San Carmel. “I never did like cold door knocking and now I remember why!”
Having spent the afternoon soliciting business house to house, she was surprised at the last home she visited by a man who invited her in.
Then practically raped her.
She bolted through the door to the safety of her car and vowed this would be the last time she went door knocking.
Her skirt was torn where the man tried to force his hands underneath to fondle her as he backed her into his bedroom. She should have known better than to go inside whenever a man answered the door… dressed only in a bathrobe. Her mind had been so preoccupied with the Craig and Barbara divorce that she just had not been thinking right.
She noticed a tear in her nylons and swore again.
As she increased her speed to keep up with the flow of traffic she was cruising along at seventy miles an hour and back in San Carmel in ten minutes.
It was six o’clock when her wheels touched the pavement of her driveway.
As she opened the front door, a look of dismay crossed her face as Barbara was not there to welcome her home. Something was wrong, her sixth sense told her before darkness fell over her eyes from the blow to her neck.
Kelli slowly regained consciousness and was aware that she had difficulty moving.
What happened?
Am I paralyzed?
Where am I?
As light gradually crept back into her eyes, she realized she was in her own bed, but she could not move.
Trying to move her arms and legs, felt like lead weights were attached to them.
She didn’t know it right away, but she was right.
Barbara and Laura entered the room to watch the girl regain consciousness. They had spread eagled her on the bed, tying her hands and feet to the four corners and added heavy weights to the ends of her limbs, stretching her taut.
Kelli Stroud was naked.
Naked and in bondage.
Laura started to tell the bound girl it was payback time. Time to get even for shoving her aside. Kelli tested her bonds, but couldn’t move an inch. She wondered what would come next.
Both Laura and Kelli wore nothing but panties and heels, and the twin sight of naked flesh made Kelli’s pussy lubricate, even in the predicament she was in.
God she loved women.
Laura took a thin leather belt from the night stand and started to lightly strike the bound girl on her thighs, then moved up to her breasts. Kelli twitched at each lash, and started to jump in her bonds, but she was powerless to escape the stinging blows.
After covering her body with a series of lashes that marked Kelli’s flesh from her shoulders to her ankles, Barbara brought some warm oil in and rubbed it over the writhing girl’s body. After that, Laura started whipping her again. The stinging blows were enhanced by the oil, and Kelli felt every measure that Laura laid on her. She was in agony after a hundred more blows struck her struggling body.
“Owwww, oh why are you doing this?” her cry sang out.
“Time to pay the piper Kelli darling,” Laura sneered.
“B… Barbara, why? What have I ever done to you?” Kelli continued.
Without a word, Barbara pulled her panties down over her hips, and stuffed them into Kelli’s protesting mouth, gagging her completely.
“There, that’s better,” Barbara spoke as she turned to Laura.
With a quiet yet stem voice, Barbara told Kelli that she was in for more. She untied the girl’s ankles from the end of the bed and brought her legs back over her head, attaching them now to the same corners that held her hands.
They informed the hapless Kelli that she was going to get a punishment enema, her ass was so helpless exposed and open now.
The two women walked into the bathroom and arranged the equipment making sure their words and the sounds of the instruments were loud enough for Kelli to hear in the other room. It gave the bound girl plenty of time to contemplate the very filling intrusion that would soon be coming.
They could hear her whimpering through her gag as they returned holding the bag.
“You know you deserve this, Kelli,” Laura started.
Barbara held the insertion hose as Laura arranged the bag on top of the four poster to ensure maximum flow.
Taking some Vaseline, she lubricated the insertion nozzle and plunged it into Kelli’s gaping asshole, and another moan escaped her gagged mouth as the hard plastic slid in to its full length. Laura and Barbara took turns playfully pulling the nozzle in and out, fucking the crinkly rosebud as they brought Kelli to another state of anticipation.
It seemed the bound girl actually enjoyed it as her ass wriggled on the bed and seemed to move towards the nozzle, trying to capture it deep in her ass.
Laura reached for the clip and with a flick of her fingers, started the hot punishing flow into Kelli’s abdomen.
As the four quart enema emptied into the girl’s body, the cramping became severe but Laura and Barbara helped it along with several hard spanks to her exposed ass cheeks.
“Take it all Kelli.”
“You know you need this, don’t you Kelli?”
Kelli Stroud was in agony by the time the bag emptied its last drop into her now distended belly. Her ass was on fire from the slaps both women were giving her along the way. She suffered painfully at the hands of her lover and Laura, and her pain wracked body started to shift into a trembling of need.
She wished the two women would stroke her pussy also.
The pain had turned into pleasure.
As if hearing her unspoken need, Laura bent low to lick and kiss the bound girl’s gaping slash, as her hand played with the nozzle still in the bound girl’s ass.
Another moan of desire came form Kelli, as Barbara now started kissing and sucking her nipples.
After bringing Kelli to the peak of release, both women, almost as if a signal passed between them, abruptly stopped their ministrations on the struggling flesh.
They stood up, pulled the enema syringe out of Kelli’s ass and replaced it with a thick butt plug, holding the punishing fluids in her body.
“Enjoy you enema darling,” Barbara said as they walked out of the bedroom.
“We’ve got a lot of plans to make. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to let you release it,” Laura added.
“Sometime,” they both said in unison.
Their smiles grew larger as they knew the torment Kelli would suffer, unable to expel the fluids.
“Oh, almost forgot,” Laura added as she walked back in with a Polaroid camera.
She flashed several pictures of the bound and suffering Kelli, and tossed the camera on the bed, taking the pictures with her. She placed one picture next to Kelli’s head. The tormented girl looked over and could see that there was no mistaking the subject of the picture.
Her face was clearly visible. “I might just have to put these up in the lunch room at the office,” Laura sneered as she took the remaining pictures with her.
Kelli’s wail of anguish rose in the room.
As Barbara and Kelli left, they each laughed at how they were able to turn the tables on the conniving, power hungry young real estate agent.
Unknown to Kelli, Craig Rush had come to his senses once more as did Barbara.
While Kelli was out knocking on doors in Rancho Cordova that afternoon, Craig and Barbara’s lawyers reached an amicable settlement, and the divorce would be final in a week.
Also, Craig and Barbara both had signed a statement stating that no commission was to be paid to Kelli Stroud. They knew she could fight them on this if she wanted to as real estate contracts were pretty tight, but figured they would somehow find a way to make her agree.
With the pictures safely tucked away, Barbara knew now that Kelli wouldn’t fight her at all.
She and Laura packed their bags, and took off together for the new home Barbara had purchased for her new life as the lesbian partner to the young Laura Conway.
Their love was so simple.
So pure.
None of the hatred and pain that she had experienced with Kelli.
The two women made love long and often, and each time it was sweeter than the last. Their’s was a true, lesbian love.
Before leaving, they mailed the key to Barbara’s house to the escrow company, and knew it would only be a day until they received it.
They tucked a little note inside with the key, telling them to make an immediate inspection of the house, especially the master bedroom as soon as they received the key.
They knew that Kelli wouldn’t suffer any damage from holding her punishment enema for twenty four hours, and only wished they could have been there when the people from the escrow company found her tied to the bed, writhing in pain… and pleasure.
A month after the startled escrow secretary entered the Rush’s home, Kelli was hauled before the Ethics Committee of the Board of Realtors and stripped of her license.
Without any means of support, she soon lost all of her toys, her possessions, her own quickly acquired wealth. She was last seen in the company of a stern looking biker woman, a bull dyke who loved to inflict pain and submission on her various love partners.
Kelli had degenerated into the role of abject sex slave, still looking for the perfect woman in her life.
She would never find her. She would only find a cruel sadistic woman, who would fulfill every depraved need she craved.

“You are a very beautiful girl, Laura,” Barbara said as she softly stroked her young lover’s arm.
Laura blushed again. “No, no, you’re the one who is beautiful,” she stammered.
Barbara laughed. “Tell me, what did you think of the way we left Kelli, honestly.”
“Well, it served her right,” Laura replied.
“I take it you didn’t like that?” Barbara whispered, her breath now close to Laura’s ear…
“I… I guess I didn’t like her way of doing business, or the way she was treating you Barbara darling.”
“You know what you like, I am sure. That is why I am so happy we’re together.” Barbara refilled Laura’s wine glass.
As Laura watched Barbara walk to the kitchen for more wine, she looked at her longingly, again, as if for the very first time.
She was so tender with her.
So loving.
So incredibly sexy for an older woman.
Barbara Rush had such a beautiful and graceful walk, like a princess. Her long island skirt blew softly around the outline of her legs with each step she took and an occasional glimpse of white thigh protruded through the slit, fueling an immediate hot flash in Laura’s stomach.
And the silken sheer blouse clung to those nipples which now were rock hard underneath the softly moving fabric.
Returning with two filled wine glasses, Barbara sat down again next to her young lover and spoke the words she never thought she would.
“Laura, darling, let’s get married. I know a minister who will marry lesbian couples, and I want to prove to you that I will stay with you forever. I even want my name to be the same as yours. Barbara Conway. It has such a nice sound to it. Barbara Conway,” she said as she enveloped the pretty girl in her arms, and kissed her deeply.

“Your pussy hair is too thick,” the voice matter-of-factly said.
Kelli could feel fingers pulling through her cunt hairs, grabbing them, twisting them.
“A little singe or two should take care of that!”
The heat of the poker approached her pussy and Kelli again tried to scream. She was almost screamed out.
The poker’s heat seared her cunt lip as it burned away her pubic hair.
“I’ll bet you’d also like me to tattoo the insides of your cunt lips wouldn’t you,” the voice took on a sadistic tone.
Kelli’s voice trailed off, her fear choking in her throat.
She bucked arid strained against the tight leather holding her immobile, terrified of the blazing hot poker that her tormentor wanted to sear inside of her pussy. How could anyone be so cruel?
She had come here only to be tattooed.
A nice, feminine tattoo.
A pale, pink rose on her left buttock.
Or was it right buttock?
She started to play games in her own mind.
Question and answer.
Answer the question.
She was terrified and did not want to think of what might happen to her next.
“No, I think I’ll wait until the next visit,” the voice said.
“I haven’t finished with this yet…”
A fresh brand was placed under the crease of her left buttock.
She screamed into the darkness.
“Oh yes my little pet, you need much more marking.”
The crease under her right buttock now felt the searing white hot poker.
Kelli started to choke on her own spital as the pain was unbearable.
Her words and screams were unintelligible.
The branding continued.
“My you look so lovely,” the quiet voice whispered into her ear as the poker burned her flesh over and over.
Kelli looked like a martyr of biblical times, her flesh burned and tormented for the sins of her soul.
The pain passed through the threshold where pain and pleasure mixed. She now welcomed the searing heat. Welcomed its cleansing fire. It washed away all the sins of her past.
Her pussy throbbed as her backside burned.
Her clit distended.
Another marking place.
“Ah, this should be properly tattooed also!”
Kelli’s screams faded as her throat turned dry.
“I’ve had about all of the screaming I can take from you,” the voice huskily said.
“Perhaps you’d like me to cauterize this??!!”
The poker came with in inches of Kelli’s lips and the intense heat startled her as she tried to move her head away.
She couldn’t.
She immediately conjured up what her face would look like if she were disfigured there by the terrible tattooing of a white hot branding poker.
“N… no… I… n… noooo… NOOOOOOOO!!”
Her voice returned to its terrified pitch as her body convulsed in absolute terror.
She would never kiss again.
She would never lick pussy again.
She would never want to be licked or kissed by anyone again if she was burned there.
She would never be desirable again.
Her agony continued, as the poker was withdrawn as fast as it was put there.
Kelli’s pussy was dripping wet now.
She didn’t know why.
Somehow, the terrible agony she was undergoing touched off the deepest submissive streak in her soul. The terrible ordeal was exciting her.
“Ah, I see your pussy is wet. You slut.”
The voice was talking matter-of-factly now.
“Well, what if I seal it closed right now.”
She could feel the heat between the tops of the curves of her inner thighs, and again tried to recoil from the terrible instrument.
ARAWWWWGHAWWWWWW!!!!!” her scream tore out again as the iron touched the insides of her thighs in two quick short strokes.
Her thighs twitched involuntarily as they tried to relieve the horrible pain.
Kelli orgasmed at the same time.
“Unnnnhhhhhhhhhh! OH GOD!!!”
The poker touched her again, an inch below the first two marks.
Her perspiring body jerked and heaved.
The passion and the pain mingled.
Kelli was transported into a rapturous state she never new existed.
Her pussy flowed like an untamed river as drop after drop of cunt cream pooled on the floor between her legs. She was cumming without any stimulus to her most sensitive parts.
She was cumming from the pain and pleasure of her punishing tattoo.
Cumming hard.
Bucking and jerking.
She started to whimper as she grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly, her tormentor’s hand was on her clitoris, now distended longer than it had ever been.
Her feet pressed harder into the floor to strain her aching pussy towards the hands that were now softly stroking and exciting her pussy even more.
“You are nothing but a naughty, naughty little girl, Kelli. Shame on you for wanting to tattoo this lovely body,” the hands continued working their magic.
The first blow caught her just below the crease of her buttocks, where the charred thin lines still throbbed.
Kelli cried out again and pulled hard against her bondage trying to free herself from the agonizing pain.
It didn’t work.
Soon, fresh tears were running down her pretty face as her tormentor started to give her a paddling over her fresh branded tattoo.
The pain though, was somehow very highly erotic. So erotic that Kelli could hardly stand it. She wanted the fingers in her pussy again, as her paddling continued. The feelings grew more and more stimulating as each blow to her tender raw bottom fell with more force.
She no longer tried to escape the awful blows that landed on her raw flesh. Instead, she was trying only to satisfy the raging needs of her dripping pussy. She wanted to cum again, and cum hard.
The hand reach around her hips again and started to stroke her pussy. Her ass churned in desire as far as the tight leather straps would allow as she pressed her wet slit against the soft fingers.
“Unnhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” she moaned against the stroking fingers.
ARGHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as the blows continued down on her burned buttocks.
Again, the paddling on her buttocks commenced with renewed vigor. Kelli’s tormentor knew just how to bring her to the edge of a pleasure filled release, then draw her back with more pain.
The feeling of the hand smacking her punished and tattooed ass was driving her wild. She wanted more. Much more.
Kelli thrashed wildly in her bonds, held tightly in place for over two hours now.
A steady stream of moans and groans filled the dank room. The smell of her cunt juice and perspiration smacked her nostrils with a tremendous rush. Blow after blow landed on her ass.
The pain was growing worse, but so was the pleasure. All thought had been driven from her mind except the wonderful feelings in her pussy and the terrible pain in her body. The hot sensations of the instrument of pain, and the fingers of pleasure overrode everything else.
“I’m going to free one hand, Kelli.”
Was it over?
She felt her right hand start to loosen as the tight leather strap was removed.
“I want to watch you play with your pussy as I continue with your punishment,” the voice gently whispered.
Kelli could still not see her tormentor.
But she couldn’t believe her ears, either.
She knew that once she started touching herself, that there would be no way that she could pretend that she wasn’t loving what was happening to her.
On the other hand, if she refused, she was terrified of what her tormentor would do to her further. Her whole body was on fire from the terrible tattooing and she craved a release from both the pain, and the pleasure.
With a choked cry mingled with pain and desire, need and fear all mingled in the same gut wrenching groan, Kelli reached between her legs. She could hardly believe that just minutes ago she had cum. Already, she was so wet and so hot that she couldn’t hold back.
Her hand moved with a will of its own, stroking her wet lips, driving her senses even higher.
She heard footsteps behind her as her tormentor watched her play with her pussy. Kelli loved to masturbate and she really got into it. Her fingers were mashing wildly in her juicing cunt.
As she felt the hand descend on her raw ass meat again, Kelli’s fingers started to fly in her pussy and onto her clit. The sensations were so intense both down there and back on her buns that she almost lost control. She didn’t though. She kept masturbating herself hard.
“Count, Kelli,” the voice started.
“I want you to count each stroke I give you.”
The command was almost too much for Kelli. In her present state she could hardly concentrate on her clit when she was being spanked. She was so hot that she didn’t think she could keep an accurate count.
Not that she cared.
Her tormentor could spank her a thousand harsh whacks, the pleasure was so great.
As she started to count each stroke being delivered to her punished globes, her voice contained all the emotion of the moment. It spoke of the burning pain in her ass, the incredible arousal in her pussy.
No matter how hard it was to concentrate on the pleasure and the pain, Kelli did not lose count of the strokes. Nor did her hand ever leave the delicious folds of her cunt.
She needed that contact. It was the only thing that kept her from going out of her mind from the arousal and the horrible pain of being spanked over her fresh branding marks. Her hand quickly became a blur as it flew around her oily slick clit.
She started cumming hard. Harder than she had ever cum in her life. Her pussy was a steady stream of cum juice, raw clit and puffed pussy lips. Her fingers were lost inside of her folds as she bucked her pelvis hard against them.
The paddling on her ass started to slow down.
Her hand started to slow down.
She jerked for the twentieth time in orgasm as the mind blowing experience drained every last ounce of reserve from Kelli Stroud’s body.
She moaned her final moan of release and suddenly felt something very hard between the crease of her ass cheeks.
Was it a cock?
Or a dildo?
She never knew exactly who her tormentor was.
She felt the thick head pressing hard on her punished buttocks.
There was no lubrication, other than her pussy cream that had flowed down under her cunt and between the lowest part of her ass. She felt the hardness dip down into the slick goo, then back up to her asshole.
The thick member started to press home.
For the first time since Kelli had been commanded to touch herself, she took her hands from her pussy and tightly clenched the flesh of her inner thigh.
She grabbed hard.
She wanted to not deny the entrance of the thickness now invading her most private hole.
It started out gently. Soon, a wild thrusting started into her ass as the thickness buried itself in her rectum a full nine inches. She was completely stuffed.
And loved it.
She started wiggling again.
As much as her bondage would allow.
Kelli felt as though she was being torn apart by the way that the thickness thrust into her. The cock, or dildo, was so deep inside of ass that it was almost like being permanently impaled. It was a feeling so intense, so hot, that she almost passed out.
Hands grabbed her hips and used the leverage to push even more deeply into her asshole. Now, with every thrust, she could feel her sore thighs pressing against flesh.
That was all it took to start her cumming again.
“Ohhhhhh yessss!”
Her screams flowed from her throat as Kelli shook and trembled, convulsed and jerked in another orgasm, and she passed out, totally, completely, thoroughly spent.

The voice brought her awake in an instant.
“We thought we lost you there for a moment,” the smiling face of the tattoo artist looked down at her.
“I didn’t mean to use so much anesthetic, must be losing my touch,” the smiling gentleman quietly helped her up as he spoke.
“Like it?” he asked.
Kelli looked into his hand held mirror and admired the pale pink rose tattoo on her left buttock.
“You must have been having a terrible nightmare,” the man continued.
“Let this heal for awhile before you bath.”
“Come back in two days, and I’ll help remove the skin that didn’t take the ink. Don’t worry, it will not be painful.”
“And,” he added, “I won’t need to use the anesthetic.”

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