Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It was pitch black. Kelli tried to focus her eyes. She fluttered her lids repeatedly.
Pitch black.
She felt something caressing her face, but couldn’t tell exactly what. She opened and closed her eyelids again.
A shiver of apprehension ran through her. Something was wrong.
She started to move her right arms up so that her hand could rub her eyes. Maybe her eyes were just full of sleep.
She couldn’t raise her arm.
She tried the left.
Fear replaced apprehension.
What is going on? her mind started to race as cold fear now shook her. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t move her arms.
What’s happening to me?
She shook her head from side to side as panic now overtook the fear.
No movement possible. Only her eyelids moved. Open and then closed.
Pitch black darkness.
She thought she smelled leather.
It was the thing covering her face.
Then another smell crept into her senses.
She could smell this new, acrid scent getting stronger and stronger.
The agonizing scream tore from her throat as a searing fire scorched her left buttock, burning the flesh, scaring her naked white ass. Kelli couldn’t see what was happening. She could only feel.
And smell.
She could smell burning flesh.
It was her own!
And the pain was intense. More intense than anything she had ever felt in her life.
It was horrible!
She passed out as the hissing sound approached her again, and her right buttock felt the terrible heat sear into her tender white skin.

She awoke with a start, sitting bolt upright in her bed.
She was perspiring heavily from the nightmare that had just seemed so real.
Touching her face, their was no leather mask. She could make out the furniture in her bedroom as the morning light crept in through the drawn blinds. Kelli took a deep breath and slowly worked her thighs over the side of the bed. She sat and reflected for a moment before getting up to take her morning shower.
It was so real. Her forbidden fantasy.
She had always wanted a small rose tattoo on her left buttock. But in her dreams, her desires ran even deeper.
She wanted to be branded as a mark of ownership. She wanted a tattoo like no others. In her dreams, the hot iron seared a rose pattern that covered the hillocks of her buttocks. Her became nightmares.
So real.
So painful.
Yet — very exciting.
Kelli felt the dampness between her thighs. She had cum in her sleep!
As she finished applying her makeup she made one final check on her outfit for the day and adjusted the hem of her dress to ride closely with the new satin slip she purchased. The slit on the side showed a nice portion of her well shaped thigh as she took several steps around the room.
Kelli Stroud was the top real estate agent in the San Carmel office of The Henry Company, she had a full slate of listing appointments today and wanted to look her best.
Kelli was often accused of using her incredible beauty to get new home listings, and more than once the accusations went beyond beauty to using her very shapely body to acquire, and beat out other agents in the office for new business.
Kelli stood five foot six.
There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts stood out firm, not too large, and not too small. Like the rest of her, they were perfect. Her legs were dynamite and often admired around the office as she wore tasteful, yet exciting clothes that always showed them off to her best advantage.
She seemed taller than she was as she always wore at least a four or five inch high heeled pump, and her flowing blonde hair topped off one very fine specimen of female beauty.
She was the youngest real estate agent to win the coveted President’s Award for top production, and at the age of twenty two was now earning over one hundred thousand dollars per year.
Kelli could afford to live in a Spanish style condominium that cost more than the homes that other agents twice her age, were able to afford.
She had it all. Age, looks and money. All that is, except the fulfillment of a deep seated need to love just one special person, and be loved in return.
And the one thing her money had not yet bought her, was the coveted tattoo. She still had to work up the courage.
She had her share of boyfriends through college and there was never a shortage of men to ask her out for dinner and ‘other things’. But Kelli Stroud wasn’t just looking for a good time, she wanted a deep, intimate relationship.
Like the last one she had.
But on the other hand, she didn’t want a new relationship to end up like that one ended, for it had ended on a very sad note.

Annie was Kelli’s room mate their senior year at San Diego State. She was a backwards girl from Iowa, and Kelli wondered just how she was able to get as far in life as she did. The girl seemed so naive about everything, and was just barely passing her course work. She fretted constantly over graduation.
Over the year, Kelli and she had grown close as two room mates do, and shared much about their lives.
Annie never shared anything about men.
“You know Annie?” Kelli asked her one evening after a long walk through the campus.
They were sitting on their beds, relaxing prior to getting a good night’s sleep.
“I’ve always been the one it seems to spill my heart out to you about the guys I date. They always come on so strong, and I have yet to find that one special person. But I got to thinking, how come you never date?”
“Oh Kelli, I just never took that much of an interest in boys,” Annie answered, playing with her toes as she watched her room mate closely.
Annie may have been backwards and naive, but she had those corn fed wholesome looks, and a great body to match, and had her share of guys try to ask her out.
Kelli even heard rumors in the gym one day that Annie was a closet lesbian.
“Why not?” Kelli continued questioning her room mate.
“I… uh… oh I don’t know. I just never seemed to be attracted to them, you know?” the young girl answered.
Kelli got off her bed and took the two steps to her room mates bed. She sat down next to her and softly asked, “Annie?”
“I heard something one day that kind of surprised me, but I never told you about it.”
Kelli spoke even softer now. “I’ve always been curious about, well… you know… uh a woman having a feeling for another woman. Did you ever have those thoughts?”
Annie’s eyes filled with tears as she turned to Kelli and blurted out the story of her earlier seduction in high school by her gym teacher.
A woman.
She told Kelli that she found herself so turned on by the experience, that she could never get interested in boys again. That teacher had made her feel things she thought she’d never feel. Both emotionally and physically.
She continued telling Kelli how her first attempt at sex with a man… a boy, really, ended in that young farm hand’s fumbling and ineptness at making love to her. Compared to what her gym teacher did for her, she judged all men by that experience. Annie had been a confirmed lesbian ever since.
Kelli, always the experimental type, was fascinated by the idea of making it with another woman, but had not experienced it up to this point in her young life. Sitting so close to her room mate, and feeling a closeness that she had not felt before at Annie’s sharing, Kelli could not help but notice how really attractive and pretty Annie was.
She let her left hand rest lightly on Annie’s knee as the girl finished her story.
Annie didn’t resist her room mates touch and continued on with the exploits she experienced with her high school gym teacher. The more detailed the events became, the more Kelli’s interest perked up until she found that she was actually getting excited by the tale of lesbian lust experienced by Annie.
Her pussy started to get wet as Annie told of the first time she had tried dominance and submission with her teacher. Kelli’s thighs started to work together as her clit started to tingle from the erotic episode.
Her hand slowly moved across Annie’s thigh as Kelli listened raptly to the conclusion of the girl’s first S&M experience.
My God, Kelli thought, I am really getting turned on!
Without realizing it, she turned to her room mate and slowly turned the girl’s face to hers with her free hand and found her lips gently closing on Annie’s mouth.
“Mmmmmm, oh Kelli, thank you,” Annie breathed. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since I first saw you. I was so afraid you would reject me.”
“I’ve never kissed another girl before Annie, at least not like we just did,” Kelli replied, and with that returned her open mouth on the other girl’s and started kissing her passionately, her tongue slipping inside Annie’s mouth as her arms encircled her body pulling her closer.
For just an instant, Kelli questioned whether what she was doing was wrong, but it passed as quickly as it came as her arms now started encircling Annie’s buttocks, stroking, pulling her trembling body tighter in their embrace.
“Oh, Kelli, here, let me undress you,” the more experienced young girl said.
Annie’s expert hands quickly grabbed the bottom of Kelli’s blouse and it was over the other girl’s in an instant. Her hands quickly undid the snaps of her bra and she caressed Kelli’s breasts with her fingertips as she slid the straps off her body, exposing her stiffening nipples.
She leaned close and encircled one of the nipples with her mouth.
“Ummmm, that feels nice Annie.”
Annie attacked both of her breasts now, sucking gently on each nipple, then laving her tongue around the underside of the firm ivory softness as she placed open mouthed kisses all over the sweet breasts.
“Mmmmm, Kelli, I’ve got to have more of you,” she breathed as Kelli started squirming under her room mate’s tongue.
Taking her fingers, she hooked them in the waistband of the blonde’s panties and slid them over her hips, drawing them down her thighs and tossing them on the floor. Her left hand quickly went between the other girl’s legs and her fingers buried themselves in Kelli’s now sopping pussy, as she returned her mouth to her breasts.
Kissing her room mate’s body as her thumb found her hard clit, she worked her mouth all over Kelli’s upper torso, turning under her arms, to gently place her tongue in Kelli’s armpits and licked the sensitive flesh there.
Annie’s tongue felt deliciously wicked moving under her sensitive flesh.
So erotic.
Kelli was on fire.
Her thighs clamped around the hand on her pussy as she ground against it, and a moan of desire escaped her lips as she reclined on the bed, pulling Annie with her.
“This is so different. So wonderful Annie, please don’t stop,” she panted breathlessly.
Annie had no intentions of stopping as she kissed and tongued her room mate furiously now, giving her a tongue bath as her desire was ignited by the reactions she was bringing from this beautiful creature.
Annie couldn’t believe that she was actually holding Kelli so intimately. She had desired her for almost a year.
Her tongue continued on down Kelli’s body, licking and sucking in little nips as her hair trailed behind over the other girl’s nipples, exciting Kelli even more.
As her face reached Kelli’s parted thighs, her room mate seemed to push her pelvis up in an offering, as her head quickly dipped between them to taste the honey flowing from her damp slit. The smell of Kelli’s sweet cunt juice flared Annie’s nostrils, as she placed her mouth directly on her room mate’s pussy.
Kelli couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling. She didn’t want it to stop and her hands reached out to hold Annie’s head and pull it into her pussy.
No guy had ever eaten her like Annie was doing.
“Oh, Annie!”
“Push your tongue in my cunt,” she moaned as Annie quickly complied.
Annie worked her tongue in small circles all over the wet smooth walls of Kelli’s pussy, as her lips encircled her hard little nub.
Kelli came almost immediately from the sensuous face lapping at her slit.
“Oooooh! Jesus!” she yelped as her body bucked once in a tremendous quick orgasm.
“God, Annie!”
“Ooooh God!”
“Eat me darling!”
“Eat my cunt!” she sighed.
Annie was lost in the heady scent of her room mates pussy as her lips and tongue continued their work. She loved to eat pussy, and Kelli’s had to be the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted.
It was building again, quickly.
Kelli started thrashing about on the bed as her friend seemed to want to put her whole face inside of her body. Her fingers twisted in Annie’s hair as she held on for dear life. Her legs rose up and clasped around her head as she rode the face between her legs to another orgasm, whimpering in a release that was totally new for her.
And very exciting.
Later, after they had quieted, and held each other in post orgasm tenderness, Annie confessed her deep seated feelings for her room mate, and thought that this would be the start of a long lived lesbian affair. She was sure Kelli was as equally attracted to her.
It didn’t make any difference that Annie knew she was the first to bring Kelli to explore the ways of female love. She fell head over heels in love with her room mate and felt that she had been the one true love she had searched for since coming to State.
Kelli, on the other hand, was certainly turned on to cunt lapping by another woman after Annie’s expert ministrations, but had too many plans of her own to want to make it a permanent affair with Annie.
She took her time and with much patience and gentleness, told Annie honestly of her feelings. She didn’t see the terrified look in her room mate’s eyes. She thought that Annie had accepted her honest sharing.
It was not until two weeks later, that Kelli found out just how wrong she was.
Coming home after an evening class, she was shocked to find the paramedics at the dorm, and her room sealed off by the County Coroner.
Annie, in her despair over not seducing Kelli as her permanent lover, had taken an overdose of sleeping pills.
It was the last conscious act of her young life.

Gathering up her handbag and keys, Kelli went down to the garage and got into the blue BMW she had bought with her last commission check.
“God, this business does have its rewards,” she remarked to herself as she slid across the leather and started the engine.
Her first appointment of the day was fifteen miles north in Rancho Cordova, and she covered the freeway quickly putting the throaty engine to work.
As she drove north, she marveled at the acres and acres of prime land still awaiting development on either side of Interstate 15.
Whoever said they were running out of land in Southern California? There was plenty of it! But the prices had been getting way out of hand.
Nothing like it in the world, she mused as she found the exit and worked her way through the morning commute traffic to Barbara Rush’s home.
As she approached her first appointment of the day, she did what she always did when coming to a new prospect’s home. She drove through the neighborhood, taking note of homes that were comparable to the one she was about to inspect. The neighborhood was upper middle class, and all the lawns were picture perfect copies of each other. The homes differed slightly in style and facades.
Shouldn’t be too much of a problem to price this one, she thought as she drove slowly through the neighborhood.
She noticed several other competing real estate agents doing the same thing and waved to several that she knew. The competition for listings was high as the demand for homes in Rancho Cordova had skyrocketed when people began to be priced out of the San Diego housing market.
It was interesting, she thought.
People can’t afford a home in San Diego, so they drive over seventy miles one way to a lesser priced home in Rancho Cordova. If they really stopped to think about it, over the life of their purchase, they are probably paying as much, or more for a home when you add the tremendous cost of commuting that distance twice a day.
Oh well, not her problem, she mused. She would be glad to list, or sell any home, for any client, anywhere. She just had to continually be the best, and offer more than her competition. She was no slouch at that, she knew, and smiled confidently to herself as she pulled into the Rush’s driveway.
As she exited her car, her lithe thighs slid again through the slit in her skirt, and she knew she was giving an eyeful to any neighbors who might be watching. She was proud of her beauty and incredible good looks. She always presented herself well.
If you’ve got it, use it, was her personal motto.
Barbara Rush greeted Kelli at the door and after a grand tour of her home, they settled in the living room to discuss prices, marketing time and advertising.
“Where are you going to move to?” Kelli asked the standard question every real estate agent has been taught from the first day.
“Well,” Barbara answered, her eyes somewhat downcast, “my husband and I are getting a divorce and he’s going his way I’m going mine. Come to think about it, I never really thought about where I would move to. Got to sell this home first.”
“I understand,” Kelli replied. “Why don’t you just tell me what’s going on, and I’ll see if I can help you,” she continued.
She patted the couch next to her, taking care to cross her long legs very slowly, accentuating their curves. She was sure her panties peeked through the slit.
Barbara walked over to Kelli and hesitantly sat down. As she did, she broke down and started sobbing the litany of abuse and torment she had been living with for the past four years, with her husband Craig. Sobbing uncontrollably at this outpouring, she placed her arms around the young real estate agent absent mindedly, and laid her head against her breasts as the last sordid details poured forth from her sobbing body.
She went on to relate how Craig wanted her out of the house now so it would quickly sell. She told Kelli how four other agents promised her that she wouldn’t have to move right away, if the Rush’s would sell the house through them.
“There there, Barbara,” Kelli said as she softly stroked the blonde hair nestling against her.
“Everything will work out for you. Just trust in me. I’m always here to lean on through this, if you need it,” she continued as her hands gently stroked the sobbing woman’s back.
“Oh Kelli, that feels so nice. It feels so nice to just be held by another human being without being told how terrible I am.”
“Do you think I’m terrible?” she wailed again as a fresh wave of crying coursed through her.
“No, I don’t,” Kelli replied as her fingers now massaged Barbara’s back fully, softly, languidly as her other hand stroked her cheeks and ran their ringers through her hair.
“I think that you have suffered enough in your life. Why don’t you just let me take care of you for awhile Barbara? I’m sure I can work something out with my broker to allow you to live here until we get your house sold.”
“Oh Miss Stroud, really?” Barbara replied. “Gosh it just feels so safe and warm sitting close to you like this. Please just hold me Miss Stroud, please?”
“Kelli, Barbara… just call me Kelli,” she replied.
“Oh Kelli, yes. Please just hold me. Take care of me. I just can’t go on anymore. Please help me.”
“I will Barbara. Don’t worry another minute about it okay?” the young girl spoke as her hands now undid Barbara’s blouse buttons, almost without her knowing it.
Her hands next unclasped the older woman’s bra and it slid off her arms. She began to massage the firm breasts underneath.
“Oh Kelli, I feel so strange,” Barbara breathlessly said as the girl’s fingers took a nipple between her fingers and stroked it to hardness.
“Oooh, Kelli, that feels so good, please don’t stop,” Barbara’s breath was labored now as a warm wetness started flooding her between her tanned legs.
Both bodies were starting to press together in sexual arousal, the older woman’s needs fast being stroked into a fire by the beautiful young girl.
Kelli’s thighs wrapped tightly around the fingers between her legs as she started moving her cunt against them, getting more of her honey on the loving fingers inside of her now.
“Would you like to suck me?” Kelli asked.
“Ohh Kelli, may I please? I’ve never done this before.”
“May I?”
“May I please suck your cunt?”
“Give me your mouth darling,” Kelli said as she took the woman’s face in both of her hands and guided her head down between her thighs, forcing her to her knees in front of her now.
God it looked so hot, the naked Mrs. Rush kneeling before her on the living room floor. Her thighs spread wide as she guided the seeking mouth and face to her sopping wet pussy. This was going to be good, she thought as she laid back on the couch.
Barbara Rush’s lips and tongue worked furiously, tasting the sweet cunt juice of a woman for the first time. Her own cunt started to drip between her knees as she knelt in front of the young agent, slavishly licking her pussy.
Barbara felt a wellspring of lust and need, opened now fully for the first time as her eyes looked up to see the pretty face of the woman whose cunt was smashed against her face and mouth.
Watching the arousal she was giving to her.
The girl’s eyelids half closed in lust as Kelli moaned her need to the woman on her knees.
Kelli’s thighs were wide open now as her hips starting moving up and down, fucking Barbara’s pretty face with her cunt.
Kelli Stroud started moaning uncontrollably, her thighs thrashing around Barbara’s head as she trapped the slurping mouth between them, pulling her hands into Barbara’s hair as she ground her pussy even harder onto her face. She bucked in orgasm after orgasm at the tongue snaking its way inside the slippery wet folds of her pussy.
God she was incredibly hot!
This was going to be the finest listing appointment she went on this year.
For sure!
“Ooooh Barbara, that feels sooo good,” Kelli moaned.
“Oh yes baby, keep it up. Keep your mouth on my pussy.”
“Yessss! NOW!”
“Put your tongue in deeper!”
“Suck me!”
“Lick me!”
“Taste me Barbara!”
“Ooooohhh! Barbara! I’m cumming!!”
“I’m C-U… C-U-M-M-I-NGM!” Kelli screamed as a wave of orgasm rushed up from her pussy through her nipples and screamed its way through her convulsing body.
Her passion filled moans continued for what seemed like an eternity as Barbara’s mouth worked its magic all through her very core.
After they had made love, Barbara Rush, half in embarrassment at her naked need, half in wishing to hold this pretty young girl to her again, signed the highest commission listing contract that Kelli Stroud had ever obtained.
She was in very high spirits as she returned to the office.
Driving back down the freeway, Kelli whistled in the rapture of a young girl who had just been thoroughly pleased.
When she was driving back through Rancho Cordova on the way to the freeway, she had spotted Ed Lopat of Associated Realtors, a known land shark and cut rate broker. She watched in her mirror as he pulled up in front of the Rush’s home. Was he in for a surprise when he found out that The Henry Company had obtained the listing, she thought to herself as she drove out of the subdivision.
On the way back to San Carmel, Kelli took a side route through Valley Center and drove by the tattoo parlors. She had found several out of the way places in the phone book, as she was still not sure if she wanted to go through with it. She just wanted to spot them out.
As she drove up Second Street and turned onto Broadway, she felt creepy. The area of Valley Center she was driving in was not the best.
Illegal aliens seemed to be everywhere, looking for a ride.
Or work.
Bums and wino’s spilled against vacated buildings, holding their dreams in their empty bottles.
The characters she saw go in and out of the three parlors lining the block just north of Washington, made her shiver. They all looked like bikers, ex cons or whacked out war vets, the latter living their dreams on the colors in their arms.
Kelli drove slowly past St. John’s Tattoo Parlor. The name of the place always amused her. Must be the name of the owner, she thought, as she slowed to look at the artwork in the window.
The pale pink rose that she wanted tattooed on her ass, always caught her eye as she drove by. This would be the place she decided.
If she went ahead with the tattoo.
If the nightmares would stop.
The connection was still too strong.
The subconscious desire to be tattooed, merged with a deeper subconscious desire to be branded. To be someone’s property. To be a submissive tattooed and branded slut.
As she increased her sped and made it through the traffic light at Mission, she turned left and headed for the freeway entrance.
As she neared San Carmel, she pulled off on Valley Parkway and cruised through the drive up of Carlos Burgers. That session with Barbara Rush had made her hungry!
She was always aware of her thin figure however, and only ordered a salad and skim milk. She was back on the freeway in minutes as she ran through the rest of her appointments in her head.
“Let’s see, got that old shack over by the feed plant,” she talked to herself above the radio’s soft music.
“That ol’ duffer will probably list when he gets a load of these legs,” she smiled as she rubbed her thighs together.
“Then the McMurphys. The Irish always seem to have a knack for twisting the most out of you. I remember the moves Jim McMurphy put on me last year when they aborted their listing. When I didn’t fuck him, he cancelled. Maybe I ought to let the Mrs. see him in action,” her thoughts continued as she wondered how she might get him into a compromising situation and have his wife find out about it.
As she pulled into the parking lot of The Henry Company she saw Laura Conway’s car in the driveway.
“Good. My secretary’s here.”
Laura had been having some marital problems recently and Kelli could never know when she would or would not show up for work. She had a young baby also, and finding a sitter was always a chore.
Laura was important to Kelli and she counted on her being at work every day. Kelli wasn’t successful in her career just from her actions in the field. Laura had access to the broker’s computer, and always stole the hot leads for Kelli prior to even the broker knowing about it. As a result, her success was assured.
Laura also was Kelli’s newest acquisition. She was attracted to the other young girl immediately when she applied for the job.
Dressed in a bush shirt, and shorts that showed her pretty legs, Kelli’s stomach turned somersaults of lust as she wondered what Laura would be like in bed.
It didn’t take long for her to find out.
The second week of Laura’s employment, Kelli had invited her over to her condominium on the pretense of helping her with some listing solicitation letters.
They enjoyed several bottles of wine as they hand addressed over two hundred envelopes, and both girls were giddy, yet tired from the effort.
Laura had been especially blue that day as her husband had come home very late the night before with a present for her. She suspected he was cheating on her, but couldn’t prove it. They had not made love since the baby was born and that was over ten months ago.
Laura Conway was sad, frustrated and very, very horny.
Kelli went out in the kitchen to make some coffee to take the edge off all the wine they had been drinking and when she came back into the room she sat down beside Laura.
Kelli caught Laura looking. She sat up and faced her, with a dreamy look in her eyes. Laura wanted to kiss her soft cheek, caress her lovely hair in her fingers.
Kelli was smiling at her. Laura looked to her lap suddenly.
“I… I’m sorry, Kelli, but I…”
Laura looked at her again and found her still smiling, waiting for her to continue.
“I’ve never felt this way before,” Laura said. “I feel sort of like the first time I was with a boy and I knew he was going to make out with me. Kiss me. Or pet with me,” she continued.
Laura took a deep breath and leaned back on the couch. She didn’t quite know what was going to happen to her, but she felt safe with Kelli and felt ready to experience whatever she was about to show her.
Kelli Stroud reached into Laura’s blouse and very deliberately cupped her breasts. Her hard nipples grew even harder at the soft touch.
Her clit was throbbing now between her honeyed thighs and her pussy lips were already wet. Laura’s whole body had anticipated Kelli’s touch and it was ready for anything.
“Laura,” she whispered in a husky voice. “Would you like to come to bed with me?”
Laura hesitated for just an instant and Kelli continued in that soothing voice.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I will take care of you in a way that you have never been taken care of before. Just trust me darling,” she continued, her hands creating insistent pressure on Laura’s nipples.
Laura was powerless to reply and weakly followed the young woman into the bedroom.
Kelli took her secretary to the bed and slowly undressed her, wishing to savor every last moment of unveiling the new flesh she would make quiver and cum tonight.
As she slipped Laura’s blouse off her shoulders, she ran her long fingers over Laura’s collar bone to the center of her naked throat. She then traced a line down between her breasts. She bent forward slightly and opened her mouth to the beckoning nipple.
When she released the nipple, it stood hard and erect. She did the same thing to Laura’s other nipple and the young girl’s legs twitched in response.
Kelli unbuckled Laura’s skirt and let it drop revealing two marvelously tanned and well shaped thighs. She pulled down her pantyhose and panties, leaving Laura standing there in only her high heels.
The pose was provocative and extremely sexy, and Kelli’s own pussy started flowing.
Now Kelli took her own long skirt and blouse off and bared her naked flesh to Laura for the first time. When Laura saw her co-worker’s long tanned shapely thighs, her beautiful tight breasts and hard nipples, she felt her stomach chum in hungered lust.
Kelli stepped close to Laura.
They wrapped their arms around each other’s bare backs and pressed their breasts together, rubbing their hard nipples against each others.
They stood like that for a few moments, each hugging the other, trembling, sighing, not wishing for this first moment of lesbian contact to end.
Finally, Kelli pulled back and ran both of her hands over Laura’s hips and buttocks. Then she moved one hand around in front of the young girl and ran her fingers between her pussy lips.
“You’re wet!” Kelli softly whispered.
Her words brought a response from the young secretary as she pressed her naked flesh closer to Kelli’s.
Laura could barely stand now, and her pussy was sopping and reaching for the fingers touching her there. Kelli was touching her so softly, so sensuously it was almost frustrating and her sexual hunger mounted rapidly. She wanted Kelli Stroud more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. She wanted her young boss lying naked beside her. She wanted to suck those beautiful breasts and nipples, and have her fingers deep in her cunt.
Kelli moved her backwards into the bedroom.
Laura’s knees were bent over the side of the bed and Kelli was kneeling between her tanned thighs, her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth, licking her lips in open naked need. Laura knew what was coming next and whimpered in anticipation.
Kelli parted the young girls legs and stroked the insides of her thighs. Her light touch raised goose bumps on the downy skin and sent tingles running up and down Laura’s spine. Her finger tips played lightly in the young girl’s pubic hair and she blew softly on the rapidly wetting slit.
Then she began to kiss her thighs, licking now and then. Light, gentle kisses, unlike Laura had ever known. Kelli’s face was incredibly soft and smooth as satin, a silken brush moving over her skin. Not like the hard stubble of her husband.
Kelli moved her large full lips up and down the young girl’s legs with no hint of going any further. Just as Laura was relaxing and letting herself completely enjoy this erotic experience, Kelli moved her open lips to the juicy cunt lips beckoning for her kiss.
Blowing warm air onto the pouting pink slit, Laura’s clit became very hard and her hips moved involuntarily on the bed. Kelli’s moans of pleasure at taking this young girl for the first time rose in the room.
She pushed her tongue out and slid it between Laura’s legs, and the young girl’s pussy muscles reached out and tried to grab that tantalizing tongue, but couldn’t quite grasp it. If the sensations flooding her body had not been so pleasurable, it would have been terribly frustrating for the young secretary.
Now Kelli licked where Laura’s legs joined her hips, the crease that had been marked just minutes ago by her bikini panties. Her tongue was as strong as a finger and she pushed gently, yet insistently.
By now Laura was pushing her pussy up toward the beautiful girl with involuntary thrusts. Kelli’s tongue found its way into the juicy cunt and Laura cried out in pleasure.
Quickly, Kelli buried her mouth in that sweet young pussy and was all over it at once. She licked the young girl’s clit, then her pussy lips, dug her tongue into her cunt for a minute and then back on the hard little clit. She ran her tongue all over the inner walls of Laura’s sopping wet slit nibbling on the hard little nub, then running her tongue inside some more.
Laura’s insides were on fire and her cute little butt was squirming under the ministrations of the pretty real estate agent, now aggressively loving her in lesbian passion… She could hardly believe the sensations coursing through her body.
Then Kelli’s fingers were working into her and thrusting them inside the sopping wet slit, slipping easily in as Laura’s pussy juices wet the way.
She looked up over the young girl’s stomach and Laura could hardly control herself seeing this beautiful woman looking into her eyes as her mouth worked feverishly in her gushing pussy. Her face flushed beet red with excitement and her tits were swollen and hard. Her clit throbbed like it never had before in her young life. She couldn’t help herself now and knew it was too late to turn back as an orgasm started to shake deep within her.
Laura was bucking on the bed like a bitch in heat. Her body was wet with perspiration and flushed. All of her muscles were tense.
And then it came.
She started to cum.
Her pussy started a series of spasms, clamping tightly on Kelli’s fingers. She was moaning so much she wondered if she were crying.
Whimpering in pure animal lust at the pleasure going through her convulsing body.
Kelli was talking to her, urging her onward and even higher. Her word’s of lust excited the writhing girl even more.
“Cum Laura. Cum hard on my mouth,” Kelli murmured into Laura’s pussy.
“Cum Laura, give it to me.”
“Give me all your juices. Cum for me darling, oh please cum with your sweet young pussy juice into my mouth!”
Laura’s moans became a scream of release and she could feel her body shaking violently as wave after wave of pussy cream flowed into Kelli’s eagerly lapping tongue.
OOOHHH KELLIIIII!!!!” Laura screamed as her thighs clamped even tighter around Kelli’s head, urging her on even harder.
“Yes baby, cum for me!”
“Cum for your Kelli!”
“Cum hard!” Kelli mouthed into the juicing cunt.
“Release it baby. Let it flow!!”
CUM LAURA! NOW!!” she screamed into the slippery petals as her finger slid under Laura’s clenching buttocks and slipped into her asshole.
That was all it took.
A bone rattling orgasm shook the neglected young secretary as Kelli continued to eat her out for another ten minutes.
She brought her down slowly.
Shudder after shudder coursed threw Laura’s body as Kelli licked her lightly, lovingly tenderly.
In the afterglow of their lovemaking, and on into the night, Kelli and Laura discussed even more plans to ensure that Kelli would stay the top agent in The Henry Company.
Laura was a rapt listener, and eagerly agreed to everything that Kelli proposed. She wanted to ensure that she experienced more of the same loving that she experienced tonight.
Laura no longer cared where her marriage was going.
She might even have to divorce her husband.
She had read somewhere about lesbian couples having the children from one of the partner’s living with them. Perhaps this is what she would do with Kelli.
She didn’t know if she was rushing things or letting her thoughts get way ahead of her. Laura only knew that the beautiful young girl who ate her pussy tonight, gave her the best orgasms of her own young life and she wanted more of the same.
Much, much more.
After Kelli recovered from the seduction of yet another pretty girl, her thought about how she would handle it at work in case Laura had any second thoughts. She never knew how someone she had seduced would feel about lesbian lovemaking when they woke up the next morning.
Would Laura confess all to her husband. Kelli doubted that.
Would she be able to look at her at the office tomorrow? Kelli thought she would.
She was sure that the terrific orgasms she induced in the young girl were not faked.
What if she ever got tired of Laura, or found someone else?
Kelli didn’t have to worry about any of these things, as Laura’s thoughts of giving back to her new lover what she had just received, encompassed all her waking thoughts and dream filled sequences. Laura didn’t know just how much she had given over her soul to Kelli, in lesbian lust and love.
And how much she would extract in return.

Ed Lopat had just left Barbara Rush’s house in disgust. “That cunt has beaten me out of a listing for the last time,” he angrily muttered to himself as he slammed his car door and gunned the car down the street.
Ed Lopat could not understand how Mrs. Rush could pass his low commission opportunity by. He further couldn’t understand how she could pass HIM by. He had made sure to wear his tightest slacks today, and his ten inch cock bulged very noticeably in his crotch as he took care to always face Mrs. Rush during his listing presentation.
“Weren’t all these housewives horny?” he thought as he drove onto the freeway ramp at seventy miles an hour.
Ed Lopat could never have known how Mrs. Rush’s horniness was taken care of in the hour before he arrived. He would never know. His anger at losing this latest listing to Kelli Stroud and her fucking The Henry Company, spurred him on to even higher speed. As his turbo Porsche hit the oil slick left from a recent light rain, it flipped over six times on the way to the other side of the freeway ramming head on into a ready mix truck barreling along the opposite way at sixty five miles an hour.

The nightmare continued.
The leather mask was suffocating her as she struggled in vain against the ropes holding her arms to her side.
The branding iron seared her buttocks again as she screamed until she was hoarse.
She slumped against her bonds, only to be awakened by a pail of cold water splashed on her naked torso. The cold against the searing heat caused her to jerk in agony.
“Now, my dear, the petals have a deep red to them. I had to mark them twice,” the woman’s voice came from somewhere outside the discipline helmet.
She couldn’t see who was tormenting her flesh so badly. But the voice sounded familiar.
Her mouth had been filled with a wadded pad so that her agonizing screams would be muffled. She had been screaming so horribly from each touch of the white hot poker, that her cries were now raspy and hoarse. She didn’t need to be gagged any longer.
She would not have been heard if she wanted.
“You do like my tattoo, don’t you darling?” The voice continued.
In her agonized state, Kelli couldn’t quite make it out. She only knew that she had done a terrible wrong to someone, and now they were making her pay.
She could hear the bellows heating up again as her body broke out in a fresh wave of perspiration.
She jerked and trembled.
Her knees went weak.
She could feel the overpowering smell of burnt flesh in the room.
She wanted to cry out that she wanted a tattoo, but not this kind.
She couldn’t utter a sound.
She wanted to be branded.
Or did she?
Her thoughts became more confused as she felt a soft hand caress her upper thighs.
“Ah, a perfect spot for the stem. Maybe a few small marks for the thorns. We can’t have a rose tattoo without a few thorns now, can we Kelli?” The woman’s voice rose in the hot room.
Kelli started to cry.
Her tears turned to a torrent as she felt the heat of the poker approach the tender backsides of her upper thighs.
She tried to move away from the heat.
But couldn’t.
AAAAGGGLLMMMPPPHJHHHHHH!!!!” her muffled screams renewed.

She startled Laura as she bolted straight up in bed.
“Kelli!!” Laura shouted, shaking her young boss.
“Kelli, wake up!!”
Kelli started to open her eyes.
She turned and grabbed onto Laura for dear life.
“Kelli, darling, you’re only having a bad dream,” Laura spoke as she felt the girl clinging onto her.
“Ohhhhmmmmph,” Kelli slumped against Laura’s breasts as she realized she was awake.
Her hand instinctively went to her buttocks under her short nightie and felt for the branding marks.
There were none.
“Oh God Laura. It was horrible.”
Or was it?
Kelli Stroud felt her panties damp again.
The nightmare had caused another orgasm while she dreamed of the hellish pain.

As the marketing of their home started in earnest, Barbara and Craig Rush became increasingly hostile to each other. Craig wanted his wife out of the house. Barbara had no place to go.
For the life of her, Barbara Rush never could understand why her husband has insisted on a divorce. She always heard that men hit a mid life crisis and supposed that is what was happening to Craig.
She never did have concrete evidence of his infidelity so she just continued to take the abuse both verbal, and now physical, that her husband heaped on her each time they got under the same roof.
“Maybe he’s flipped out?” Barbara thought to herself as she awakened.
“Maybe Craig should seek psychiatric help,” her thoughts continued as she showered and dressed for a day out of the house.
Kelli had called her early and said that four potential buyers wished to see the house today, and rather than sit around while some namby pamby people picked her house apart to set her up for a low offer, Barbara decided a day at the beach would do her good.
She hadn’t been out to Del Mar in ages it seemed, and the white hot sand, and azure sky seemed to be beckoning her.
She dressed casually wearing a halter top and cut offs, and admired her maturing, yet very attractive body as she placed a pair of pumps on her feet.
“Sexy as hell,” she thought. “Maybe I’ll attract one of those young stud lifeguards,” she continued as she drove over the Del Dios highway to Del Mar.
As she drove through the serene countryside on the way from San Carmel to the coast, her thoughts wandered back again to her meeting with Kelli to list the house. Without being aware of it, she felt a wetness between her thighs and her pussy tingled as the remembrance of that pretty girl’s warm sucking mouth on her clit.
Barbara Rush? she asked herself, are you really a lesbian?
Spreading out her towel near the lifeguard station she exchanged looks with the handsome bronzed young man sitting high above her. He seemed to be oblivious to the comings and goings immediately around him, as his eyes seemed to be fixed in a perpetual stare out to sea.
Of course that didn’t stop him from checking out all the hard bodies that walked near his station. He did it in such a detached way.
Barbara Rush felt a heat inside of her that her body could still attract the looks from young men. She immediately felt a second twinge of pleasure at this new thought going through her.


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