Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Wendy would hardly speak to me that evening. It wasn’t until the next morning that she seemed to return to some semblance of normality. Still, it was like walking on eggshells, wondering what would induce her into a furious temper. She was yelling at almost everyone that morning, including me.
Annie, the slut, had been hanging around the boys since day one, spreading her legs for the better built among the boys.
She came sauntering over near where me and Wendy and Heather were sitting in the afternoon, one of the boys with her, arm around her waist. Her eyes were gleaming with malice as she looked down her long nose at us.
“Well, Wendy,” she said. “I’m surprised to find you sitting down here.”
Wendy glared up at her warily.
“I mean, it’s so HARD, there,” she sneered. Wendy’s glare deepened. She turned her nasty eyes on me.
“Meghan dear, you really should go and talk with Larry, he claims to have found some lovely fruits to eat. Why he was just now telling me about how good the CHERRIES are here.”
Wendy leapt up, her arms grabbing Annie’s shirt collar and twisting her around, to throw her to the ground. The boy grabbed her by the hair and jerked her backwards. Wendy gave a strangled cry of rage, and was pulled back, still clutching Annie’s shirt. It tore apart in her hands, coming in half and leaving Annie’s breasts exposed.
The guy threw Wendy down on the grass as Annie jumped to her feet spitting out dirt and glaring at Wendy furiously.
“You dirty little no class whore!” she screamed.
“Fuck off Annie!” I yelled. “You’re the biggest slut in school!”
“At least I like MEN!” she sneered, holding the frayed ends of her shirt together.
“Come on Annie. Leave the little queers alone. Let’s go down to the beach,” the guy said.
“Yes, of course you’re right Peter,” she said, frostily.
They moved off, and me and Heather helped Wendy back to the stone she’d been sitting on.
“I’m going to get that fucking slut!” she vowed.
Unfortunately, relations with the boys continued to go downhill. While we girls were all miserable, they seemed to be in their natural element. They seemed to almost be enjoying themselves on the island. Their regard for us and our “whining and bitching and complaining” seemed to get steadily worse, along with their treatment of us.
The next day, I was wandering alone through the woods at the edge of our beach, within screaming distance in case one of the trio that got us before showed up.
I heard a sound and stopped. I soon identified it as the sound of running feet, and something crashing through the brush. I stopped, afraid it was a boy, or some kind of animal. Then the figure raced out of the trees just in front of me and almost ran me down before I called to her.
She stopped suddenly, her eyes staring at me in shock. I rushed over to her and put my arm around her, already suspecting what had happened by the way she was holding her torn dress together.
“What happened?” I asked, sympathetically. She shook her head and shivered suddenly. I held her tighter, and her legs seemed to give way and she slowly dropped to her knees with me beside her.
“What happened Carolyn?” I demanded, not unkindly.
“I… I…” she shook her head again.
“Where’s your glasses?”
She looked at me dazedly and then patted her dress pockets, allowing her dress to fall open. She was naked underneath, and her skin was covered with little scratches and bites. I found her glasses poking out of a pocket and put them on her face. Her breathing seemed to steady, and she started talking, at first slowly, and then in a big rush.
She’d been walking along, exploring, much as me and Wendy had been. Her goal was more esoteric than ours. She’d been looking for edible plants. She’d found a little stream and sat down to rest.
As she’d lain there, her feet cooling in the water, and her hands behind her head. Several boys had surrounded her. She hadn’t been particularly worried by this, even though it was against the rules for us to wander off, but as she’d sat up they’d grabbed her, and then…
“I… They… tore my dress open,” she stammered. “They stripped me naked, laughing and calling me dirty names all the while. Then they pushed me down on the ground and knelt around me. I screamed at them… called them names… threatened them, even tried to reason with them,” she gasped.
“They just ignored everything I said. Their hands were all over me, touching me and… and… you know,” she couldn’t meet my eyes, staring down at the ground instead.
“Then one of them got on top of me. They held my arms and legs apart and then… then… he… he did it to me!” she swallowed several times.
“I’d never done it before,” she said, hollowly.
“He just… kept pushing against me… into me, pushing his… cock up into me! I couldn’t move, couldn’t resist! Then he started doing it to me, moving up and down, thrusting into me over and over! When he finished, another one did it, and then another, and then another!” Her voice was rising as she spoke.
“I… I don’t even know how many times they did it! Then they pulled me up onto my knees and one of them stepped in front of me and held his… his… erection against my lips and told me to suck him. I refused, but then they twisted my arm and pulled my hair and I had to do as they said.”
“He knelt in front of me and they forced me to my hands and knees. Another one got behind me and started to do it to me again, shoving his organ into me with a terrible force. They took me again and again,” she sobbed, holding her face in her hands.
I held her against me and tried to console her, but then she started talking again.
“The worst part though, the absolutely worst part… was… was…” she stopped, words locked inside her.
“Go on Carolyn, you can tell me,” I urged.
“No… no…” she shook her head. Then she turned and stared at me with wide eyes.
“Meghan, I… I had an orgasm!” I stared at her in shock.
She nodded franticly.
“More than one, several. I… I’ve never… I’ve never felt anything like it in my life,” she stared down at the ground again. “My whole body shook and trembled and my mind just seemed to… explode with pleasure. They… they lasted so long I thought I would die.”
“Wow,” I said.
“Please!” She grabbed my hands and held on tight. “You mustn’t tell anyone about this!”
“But Carolyn…”
“You have to promise me you won’t tell anyone, not even Wendy or Amy!”
“All right, if you want.”
“It’s not… it’s not what they did… it’s what I did. I, don’t know if I can even face myself again, knowing what a… a… a whore I am.”
“Oh don’t be stupid, you’re not a whore!”
“I don’t even know who they were,” she said sadly.
“You don’t?”
“I had my glasses off. You know everything is a big blur to me without them.”
Well, of course, things couldn’t keep on happening like this and stay secret long, but I held my tongue. I could see where she was having trouble facing what had happened though, wow!
Two days later me and Wendy were ambushed on our way back to the cave from the beach. Wendy had vowed to get Annie back, but it was Annie who had worked out her revenge first. She appeared right in front of us as we marched along, a huge muscle-bound boy on each arm.
One of them was the boy she’d been with before when she’d taunted Wendy. Cathy was standing just to one side, with another boy. I thought I remembered his name as Tad. I didn’t recognize the other one. I sensed trouble immediately and put a restraining hand on Wendy’s collar, trying to pull her backwards.
“Well, well, Wendy dear,” Annie cooed. “You and your little friend out doing a little EATING?” The others snickered and the boys leered at us.
“Why don’t you kiss my ass?” Wendy snarled. Annie’s eyes got all round and she looked at one of the boys with false injury.
“Did you hear that Peter?” she cried. “Oh what dreadful language. What a foul mouth the child has!”
“Someone should wash her mouth out with soap,” Cathy sniffed.
“Maybe she needs a spanking,” Annie purred, raising her eyes at Peter.
“Maybe she does,” he grinned.
I started backing up, my hand dragging Wendy with me, but I banged into something, actually someone. It was another boy behind us. He grabbed me, throwing his arms around me, pinning my arms to my sides. There was a second boy there, and he shoved Wendy forward so hard, she fell to her knees.
“What a bad little girl,” Annie said, mockingly.
Peter grabbed her and dragged her up by her hair, then Tad moved forward and grabbed the waistband of Wendy’s pants and jerked them down off her flailing legs, leaving her naked from the waist down.
Then he ripped open her shirt, and he and Peter worked it off her, leaving her nude. Annie watched Wendy struggling with a cool detached amusement, her eyes sparkling with every grunt or curse Wendy made.
“Filthy language for a little girl to use,” she sneered.
Peter knelt and bent Wendy across his knee, so her ass was facing Annie and Cathy. Wendy’s entire body was flushed red with fury and humiliation as Peter brought his hand up and then swung it down against her buttocks with a loud crack.
Wendy gasped, but kept her teeth gritted together, determined not to give Annie the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. Peter was undeterred. He brought his hand up again and then swung down once more, and then again, and again, and again.
I struggled uselessly against the boy holding me as Peter spanked his big hand down against Wendy’s ass cheek over and over. Her ass turned a deep shade of red as he smacked her. I could see Annie’s smile deepening. Wendy’s ass cheeks were a flaming red, and each time Peter’s hand came down it left a white handprint, that quickly faded to red.
“But this isn’t good enough,” Annie sighed. She turned to Tad. “Didn’t you tell me that the younger boys at your academy were caned for speaking out of turn?”
He nodded, grinning.
“Well, that’s what’s needed with this child.”
“I’ll find one,” he offered. He poked around at the side of the little trail and then pulled a two and a half foot long branch off a small sapling. He quickly stripped the leafs off and held it over to Annie.
“Yes, I think that would do much better,” she snickered.
Peter was holding Wendy’s wrists locked together behind her neck. He shoved her off him and then positioned her on her knees. He knelt on her hair, keeping her firmly in place as she knelt there, face and shoulders pressed against the earth.
“Leave her alone you FUCKING whore!” I screamed. “You keep your mouth shut Meghan or you’ll get it too!” she snarled.
She stood next to Wendy, examining the blonde girl’s upturned buttocks, all red and tender. She smiled again, and her eyes narrowed. “What do you think of this little ass Tad?” she asked sweetly.
“Kind of skinny and bony, if you ask me,” he sneered.
“Yes, I think so too.”
“Her pussy looks all right though,” another of the boys cackled.
“Oh poooh. They all look the same,” she said.
Then she brought the switch whistling down to crack against Wendy’s buttocks. Wendy’s body jerked against Peter’s hold on her and another gasp of pain escaped her.
The switch whipped down again, splatting against Wendy’s aching ass cheeks, then again, and again. Annie’s eyes got round and excited as she whipped Wendy’s ass. Her arm whipped down as fast and as hard as she could, tearing at Wendy’s behind.
Finally she dropped the stick, rubbing her arm and gasping for breath.
“Yeah Annie?”
“You know, Jack was telling me how he fucked her in the asshole the other day. I’ve never seen that before. I find it amazing that one of you boys could get his big stiff penis into such a little place.”
“Want me to show you?”
“Please,” she said primly.
With that, Tad stepped forward, passing an uncertain looking Cathy and dropping to his knees behind Wendy. His cock was stiff and hard, and he pointed it right against her asshole, then lunged forward. Wendy cried out in pain then, struggling again, as if newly come to life.
“I think she wants you to hurry,” Annie sneered.
“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get it all,” Tad grunted.
He drove his loins forward, jamming another inch of prick down her anal tube. His cock pulled out slightly, then surged forward again, driving another two or three inches into her.
“That really is amazing isn’t it everyone? You wouldn’t think such a skinny little ass could take such a big hard cock in it.”
Tad shoved his cock in balls deep, making Wendy moan and shiver uncontrollably. Then he started to tear his cock in and out of her as the other four boys, Annie, Cathy, and I watched. He sodomized her for several long minutes, his hips slapping repeatedly against her buttocks.
Again, I found myself strangely excited. Not only did the sight of Wendy getting fucked like that excite me, I… almost wanted to be in her place. Somehow the idea of a… a beating, a whipping by one of these powerfully built boys, turned me on to an incredible degree. My loins were unconsciously humping forward and back in time to his humping, rutting of Wendy.
My skin reddened as I caught myself, and I looked around to make sure nobody else had noticed. They hadn’t luckily. They were all busy watching Wendy and Tad. He was really pounding it into her now, his hips hammering her forward against Peter’s knees.
His fingers dug into her hips as he groaned and humped obscenely against her, driving his brutally hard cock deep up her asshole. Then he grunted, and leaned backward, driving his prick far up her body and then mashing and twisting it around inside her. He gasped and deposited his load down her rectum, then collapsed forward.
“Ohhh yeah, she’s tight,” he groaned. His hands were under her, squeezing at her titties, playing with the nipples. He let her asshole suck down the last of his sperm and then pulled his limp cock out.
“What about you Stephen, don’t you want to fuck the little dyke?” Annie asked another boy.
“Annie, for God’s sake!” I cried.
“Oh fuck off Meghan,” she dismissed me.
We heard voices approaching from the beach just then and Peter shoved Wendy away, standing and moving down the trail. The others all moved away as well, including the boy who was holding me. He shoved me down near Wendy and I hugged her tight, holding her shivering body against me as she cursed low under her breath.
She managed to get to her feet though and stagger off into the bush. I grabbed her clothes and raced after her. We wandered through the bush for almost an hour before she finally dropped exhausted near a small stream.
We were there for hours before Wendy had calmed down enough to begin the journey back. The Captain was furious with us. Annie had told him we were going exploring, which was a violation of his rules of course.
He ordered us to stay at the little camp for two days as punishment, sort of like getting grounded I guess. Of course Wendy wouldn’t let me tell anyone about what had happened. It was just too humiliating for her to have it become general knowledge.
So the next day we had to hang around the camp while the rest of the girls wandered down to the warm waters of the beach, and the boys busied themselves in their jobs.
We didn’t have anything much to do there. The water was much too cold for swimming, and the boys scorned any help from females. We explored the front of the big cave a little, before being tossed out by the Captain. Then we just sort of lounged around by our hut, glaring at whatever boy happened to be walking past.
I guess our sullen silence finally got to Captain Brown. He ordered us to follow a group of boys into the jungle and collect long palm fronds for the walls of the huts.
We were both worried and glad for the order. We were worried the boys would do something to us, and glad of the relief of boredom. After all, we’d been hanging around the fucking huts the entire morning, and it wasn’t like we could watch TV or anything.
Still, we kept a close eye on the six boys as we trooped down the little trail. None of them had been involved in the attacks on Wendy or me, so we thought we were probably safe. At the first sign of trouble though, we were ready to take off into the bushes and trees.
We travelled for about forty five minutes, before we came to the sight the boys had picked out. There weren’t much in the way of bushes around, just some short grass, and a lot of tall palm trees.
The boys each climbed a tree, and tossed the leaves down to the ground. Wendy and I scurried around from one tree to another, picking up the fronds and putting them in a careful pile. After about half an hour, we had a couple of piles that were almost waist deep.
The boys came down, and we unpacked a little lunch to eat before going back. So far they hadn’t been bad to us. They hadn’t been very friendly, but at least they hadn’t called us names or anything.
Me and Wendy felt safe enough sitting down and eating with them. They pretty much ignored the two of us. Well, that’s not true. They didn’t much talk to us, but they kept eyeing us when they thought we weren’t looking. This wasn’t all that important a sign or anything, I mean, that’s what boys always do.
These boys though, were different. We hadn’t yet fully realized that. It wasn’t just in their physical conditioning, it was in their mental conditioning as well. They had been taught, we later learned, that women, were basically useless except for the bed and the kitchen.
They had also been told that they were inferior to men, by a long long ways. Since these guys also had been told how much better they were than the average guy, you can imagine how much they thought of us.
After lunch, the guys decided to take a swim. We weren’t far from the beach. They just shucked out of their pants, one by one, and trotted down to the beach. They didn’t even seem to care that there were two girls there.
Me and Wendy got more than an eyeful as their pants came down too. They didn’t try to hide themselves at all. They were all powerfully built, so I guess they thought they had nothing to be embarrassed about. Wendy and I just sort of looked at each other as they dropped their pants.
We thought we were about to be jumped, but instead, they just moved away to the beach, leaving us alone.
“Shouldn’t we get the hell out of here?” I asked, worriedly.
“And go where?” she scoffed.
“Can you find your way back?” I thought about it and then glumly shook my head.
“What’s the difference anyway? So what if they fuck us?” I looked at her in shock.
“Well, it won’t be the first time will it? Who cares?”
I was amazed at her apathy. True she’d already been through so much, nothing these guys could do would likely be worse, but who’d want to go through that again? I flushed slightly as I thought about my responses before. Maybe I would.
We waited there, sitting on the grass, legs folded out beside us. I figured the guys would have done something by now if they were going to. That wasn’t their way though. Work first, then take care of a little pleasure.
When they returned to the little clearing we were in, all six of them had erections. None of them were raging boners or anything, but all were stiff to one degree or another.
They didn’t ignore us now. The six of them gathered around us and a silent communication seemed to pass between them. The tallest moved toward us then.
“Take your clothes off,” he ordered. He wasn’t angry, or anything. He said it in a matter of fact tone of voice, as if he were telling us to wash the dishes or something.
I expected Wendy to take flight immediately, but to my surprise, she stood up and stripped off instead. My jaw dropped as she calmly disrobed and stood naked in front of them. She was shivering slightly, I noted.
“You too,” the tall one said sternly, looking down at me.
“I will not!” I cried. I jumped up, but one of them instantly grabbed me from behind. I kicked out at two in front of me, but they easily avoided my clumsy efforts.
“Down on your hands and knees,” the tall one said. He wasn’t talking to me. The others were busy stripping my dress off. That wasn’t hard at all. They simply jerked the straps aside and pulled it down the length of my body.
Then I was naked, being held easily from behind, by one of the boys. His hands were like steel bands around my upper arms as he held them at my side, despite my squirming.
Wendy was already down on all fours, her head bowed.
“On your knees bitch,” the older one said, glaring at me. I was shoved down beside Wendy, and just managed to get my hands down in time to keep my face from splatting into the grass.
Then I felt hands on my hips as the big one, who seemed to be the leader of this group, knelt behind me. I twisted around, trying to push him away, noting the other boy kneeling beside him, behind Wendy. I got a slap on the side of the head, and a stern order to stop thrashing around until he told me to.
I whimpered slightly, my skin red with humiliation as all these boys ogled my nudity. I was especially aware of the leader behind me, and his hands running over my ass cheeks.
Then I jumped, as his hand palmed my cuntmound. I gasped as I felt my own wetness against his hand. He grunted in satisfaction, and then I felt his prick push against my vaginal lips.
Wendy gasped, and my head turned to the side to see her jerked forward. The boy behind had his cock deep inside her and was just beginning to draw back.
Then the leader thrust into me, driving his erection down my fuck tube with unremitting force. He pushed it fully into me, until his balls were pressed against my cuntlips. His hands slid up and down my side, and under my chest to cup and fondle my hanging breasts.
Then he started to rut into me, just as the boy fucking Wendy was doing. There wasn’t any point in protesting. Neither of us was capable of resisting physically. Like Wendy had said, we couldn’t even find out way back again.
It was a very brutal form of sex. Neither of the two of them varied their rhythm or direction at all. Each of them stroked into us with long, even, powerful fucking thrusts that tore their cock heads from our deepest depths to our cuntlips on each thrust.
Their hips battered against our buttocks, sending us swaying and jerking back and forth in time to their skewering thrusts. Their cocks pounded into us with hard, brutal force, unconcerned with our comfort, only with the satisfaction of their own lusts.
The other four simply watched as Wendy and I were fucked their like two bitches from a dog pack. Unlike the group at the beach, these didn’t offer any catcalls, obscenities, or insults. They stood around patiently waiting their turn, as if what was happening was entirely normal.
When the boy fucking Wendy dropped his load down her pussy. He got up with a sigh, and one of the others took his place. He jammed his entire length into her without any preliminaries, and her body started jerking back and forth like mine again.
The bizarreness, the sheer carnal hedonism of the act shocked me. My loins were bubbling with a mild excitement, but my mind was burning with lust, lust brought about by these lewd and amoral actions.
I somehow… liked being treated like this, robbed of any decision or choice. Used, fully, as they were doing, like I was some kind of sexual animal for their pleasure! Something deep inside me responded to such an idea, responded with a power and force that overrode all my courage and will.
My mind felt somehow… rubbery, pliable, like it was willing to do whatever anyone asked, without hesitation. I felt myself sinking down into my body, dropping my personality and merging with my lowest carnal instincts and impulses.
Then I heard Wendy cry out. My eyes were only half open, but I turned weakly to eye her as she shook and shuddered on her hands and knees beside me. At first, I thought she was in pain, then I realized, from the way she was humping her ass back against the boy fucking her, that she was cumming.
Then I was cumming too, my pulsing, burning belly flaring outward, engulfing my entire body in a halo of ecstatic pleasure as my body was rocked with orgasms. The churning, pumping cock inside my cunt hole, sprayed out a long series of sperm wads, and then gradually softened and withdrew.
I was hardly aware of it though, another cock took its place and began to rut into me. I knelt there, my mind detached, apathetic, only my body awake and alive. My cunt clamped and spasmed around another rutting, pistoning cock, and my body gloried in it.
“No… no… My ass… my… my asshole,” I heard. “F… fuck my… ass.” It was Wendy, I realized. My head turned aside and I watched as the boy screwing her, obliged, pulling his long thin pecker out of her belly and stuffing it into the little round hole.
Her eyes were dulled, her mouth hanging open wide, spit, dribbling down as she was reamed out. She grunted in satisfaction, rutting back against him. I came again.
Both of us were fucked by each boy, at least once. I don’t remember much of it, just endless humping, rutting, and groaning. Even most of the return journey is a blank. It was like I was in some kind of a drugged daze for the entire time, waking, only partly, as we entered the little camp.
Not long after we got back, the shit hit the fan. Amy came running into camp naked, shrieking at the top of her lungs. Miss Carter held her as she whimpered and bawled about being raped by several of the boys not far from the beach.
Miss Carter had gotten furious, glaring around at the boys gathered there, and then yelling for Captain Brown. The Captain hadn’t been very impressed though.
“If they act like sluts, they’ll more than likely be treated that way Miss Carter,” he sniffed. Her mouth opened in shock and she stared at him furiously.
“I can’t believe you said that!” she gasped.
“Believe it. It’s true enough. These little whores are running around all over the place naked, or damned near. I won’t ask my men to fight against their natural urges.”
“Are you insane!” she yelled. “Are you saying they have a right to rape any girl they want?”
“Might makes right in my world Miss Carter,” he glared. “Besides, my men are busy working hard all day, hunting food, building this camp. These little sluts lie around on their pretty little asses all day doing nothing. It’s their duty to give comfort to the men.”
“You are insane,” she said, dazed, shaking her head.
“No Miss Carter, merely logical,” he said, coming over to stand before her. “These girls aren’t good for a damned thing right now except one. I should think they’d be grateful enough to have something they can contribute, instead of whining and howling like that,” he eyed Amy distastefully.
“These are just young girls!” she cried, in exasperation.
“They look fully grown to me,” he barked, his eyes sliding up and down Amy’s nude body. Miss Carter tried to shield Amy from him with her own body.
“I’ll have them, and you arrested when we’re found,” she growled.
“If we get found, which is beginning to become a rather academic exercise in thought Miss Carter,” he said.
She blinked at him and started to say something, but he held up his hand and interrupted her.
“If those two were going to tell anyone where we were, they’d have done it by now. I think there’s a good chance we could be here for years.”
“That’s ridiculous.”
“Perhaps, but realistic. I see no reason to deprive my men of womanly comforts for that period.”
“I won’t allow them to be used as whores!” she screamed at him.
He laughed loudly.
“They are whores, Miss Carter. All women are whores, when it comes to that. They all sell their crotches to whoever pays the highest price. Including you,” he sneered, nastily. “Don’t tell me you don’t either. I know you sluts. You’re all alike.”
“Come on girls, let’s go away from here,” Miss Carter gritted, her face red.
“What you need, MISS Carter, is a long hard ride,” he taunted.
All the girls were there, except for Annie and Cathy. They all eyed the yelling pair with a mixture of shock and apathy. Carolyn didn’t seem to care, her face was dazed, and listless. Penny was watching with wide, frightened eyes. Kelly and Holly were watching and listening like they couldn’t believe it.
As if an unseen signal was given a couple of the boys grabbed Miss Carter, and calmly stripped off the yelling, struggling woman’s clothing. When she was naked, they pushed her to her knees in front of the Captain.
“We’ll have no more of this arguing,” he said, sternly. “My word is law around here. Understand?”
She continued to struggle against the boys standing on either side of her. They each held on hand up to either side of her head, and neither looked particularly tired from her struggles.
Then the Captain’s hand lashed out and his open palm cracked against Miss Carter’s face, sending her head rocking to the side. “Understand?” he demanded. He slapped her again, this time knocking her face to the other side.
“Do… you… understand?” he punctuated each word with an open handed blow that send her head jerking back and forth.
“Yes,” she whimpered.
“Good,” he said, smugly.
He grabbed a fistful of her brown hair and jerked her forward, away from her two captors. He pulled her forward so she fell on her face, then moved behind her and dropped to his knees.
“We’ll demonstrate just who is in command here,” he said. He pushed her legs apart with his knee, and then dropped his pants down, pulling out an enormous, simply monstrously large penis. There were several audible gasps from the shocked crowd of girls, and a scuffling off to one side.
I turned to see Penny struggling with a boy. She was trying to run off into the trees, and he held her easily, turning her to face the center of the little camp.
I gaped at the size of that cock. It looked like a salami. I had never seen one so thick before, it was almost like he was disfigured or something. I was glad it was Miss Carter getting it and not me.
He pressed the tip of that massive swollen cock against her brown thatched pussy mouth and pushed forward. Miss Carter moaned, and tried to crawl forward, but his hand grabbed a fistful of hair and held her in place.
He pushed forward for an endlessly long time. I didn’t think his huge prick would actually fit inside a woman. But inch by inch his hips got closer to her straining buttocks. We all stared in shock as it pushed relentlessly into her body.
“Gather round everyone. I want nobody to be in doubt about who gives the orders on this island,” he said.
The boys started moving closer, pushing us girls ahead of them, so we formed a circle only a few feet away from the groaning, sobbing Miss Carter and her tormentor.
I could see her cunt clearly now, could see the straining widely displaced cuntlips as the were pushed brutally apart by his monster prong. I was stunned by the sight. I hadn’t thought a woman’s pussy slit could pull so far apart. It was like she was giving birth to that huge fat prick, except in reverse.
Miss Carter shuddered in awful pain. Her teeth were locked tight together and ground against each other as that huge meat pole pushed cruelly into her belly. I was honestly afraid she would die, that mammoth penis would crush her lower body and kill her.
But instead, it just kept on moving forward. I swallowed, transfixed in horror as I saw her crotch hole, gaping wide, her pussy lips taut and stretched, distended by the immense size of the prick impaling her.
Then he seemed to reach bottom. No matter how much pressure he put on it, his salami of a cock wouldn’t go any deeper. He pulled back slightly, tearing several inches of meat out of her round gaping fuck mouth, then he slid his hands firmly around her waist, and jerked back.
His powerful muscles strained as he exerted force, jerking back on her body while at the same time throwing his hips forward. Whatever was blocking his giant prong, it gave way under the brutal assault. Miss Carter gave a blood curdling scream, and the last couple of inches of prick thumped into her body.
Miss Carter went insane. Her fingers clawed the grass and dirt, her body twisted and shook and shuddered on the massive pole, her mouth gurgled and grunted continuously, and her head rolled and twisted and bobbed up and down.
“That,” gasped Captain Brown, “Is how you tame a bitch whore of a woman.” He pulled out a few inches of his cock and then slammed it back into Miss Carter’s distended belly, making her quake and scream again.
Most of the boys had hard ons, and were wide eyed at the sight of their Captain and Miss Carter. They watched as Miss Carter’s face fell into the dirt, and her head rolled back and forth in the sand.
The Captain pulled his immense prong back down the length of Miss Carter’s fuck hole almost to the end, then slammed forward, again bringing a scream from Miss Carter, and another series of shuddering, quaking convulsions.
With a sense of shock I realized that Miss Carter was cumming, cumming with a fury that was on the verge of madness. That massive penis embedded in her warm depths was driving her insane with every movement.
The Captain rammed his long, fat tool down into her slit again, jerking her body forward, her face driving into the dirt again. He was almost literally fucking her into the dirt.
Then I heard a pathetic plea from my right. I turned and saw little Heather being stripped by a pair of boys behind her. I heard cursing from the other side, and saw Kelly and Holly being similarly disrobed.
Penny was already naked and on her knees. She was sobbing in terror as a pair of boys knelt in front of and behind her, both with long, hard erections. Then I was thrown to my knees as well. My skirt was shoved up over my waist and then pulled forward over my face and off.
A hard cock pressed against my pussy, and then drove inside. It had little difficulty. My cunt was burning hot, and wet with my own fluids. My eyes kept watching the Captain’s giant penis as it drove slowly in and out of Miss Carter’s fuck tube.
Heather gave a squeal of dismay, and I turned to see a boy pressed firmly against her small buttocks. He pulled back slightly, and I saw the dark outline of his hard penis which connected him to her cunt. His hands slid up and down her body as he started to fuck into her.
The boy behind me was rutting furiously, driving his prong deep into my fuck hole. I groaned with both pain and excitement, wanting in some deep hidden recess of my mind, to be as thoroughly used and reamed as Miss Carter was.
My eyes glazed over slightly, and my body got weaker and weaker as the sexual fever burned into me. I saw Annie sucking a boys cock not far away, and Amy, whimpering in fear as two boys squashed her between them and shoved their cocks into her asshole and cunt at the same time.
I grunted as the guy screwing me sped up. He fucked me hard and long, then spewed his cum into my guts. Another boy replaced him, and then another. I looked around dazedly to see Miss Carter lying on her back at the center of the little clearing. Her legs were spread far apart, her cunt gaping open.
Her eyes were open wide as well, but she wasn’t looking at anything at all. Off to one side, Wendy was on her back, her legs pushed up by her ears. A boy was rutting into her anus furiously. Her eyes were dreamy as she took the hard driving cock into her asshole.
Then I saw Heather. Her hands had been tied behind her back with something. She was kneeling in front of one of the older boys, his face was a mask of cruelty as he sat on a tree stump and forced her face down onto his prick. Another boy was rutting into her from behind, his long prick slicing back and forth between her small cupcake like buttocks, driving deep into her rectum.
Wendy was half squatting, half sitting on a boy, his cock up her pussy. Another boy was behind her, his prick stuffed into her anus. A third boy knelt in front of her, manhandling her fat tits around his cock. He ripped it back and forth in her cleavage as he grunted in happiness.
My hair was grabbed suddenly, forcing my head and body upward so I knelt with a straight back, looking up into… My mind went blank and I tried to move away. A pair of boys seized me by each arm, pinning me in place. The boy fucking my asshole stopped, his hands going around my chest, holding me immobile.
There in front of me stood the Captain, his grotesquely swollen penis pointing straight out.
I blinked in shock and tried to pull away again, but I could barely move a muscle.
“Well, little one. We shall see just how trained you are shall we?” the Captain snickered. “I know all you sluts are taught how to suck cocks by the time you’re ten, so we’ll see how good a job was done.”
He pressed his fat cockhead against my mouth. One of the boys pressed his fingers against the side of my jaw, digging in and making me open my lips far apart. His cockhead pressed between them.
He wasn’t erect yet actually. His cock was semi-flaccid. If he’d been erect, that huge thing, never could have fit into my mouth.
He pushed it forward, into my mouth. My lips, pulled as wide apart as the could possibly get, managed to accommodate the girth of his monster prick. It slid into me, until the tip hit the back roof of my mouth.
Of course that left about ten inches outside, and the Captain wasn’t willing to settle for that. He kept pressing. The boys pulled back on my hair and head, forcing my face upward toward the sky, giving the Captain a clearer angle… to… push… DOWN!
My eyes opened in shock. I would have screamed, but not a sound escaped my lips. I couldn’t believe it! My bewildered mind didn’t know what was happening, couldn’t understand it. His cock shaft pushed straight down and into my throat!
My throat must have bulged outward. I couldn’t see it of course. That immense slab of meat shoved down the length of my throat until the fat, bloated tip emerged inside my chest cavity. I could feel it there inside me, drooling and pulsing.
The Captain sighed in pleasure as his balls came to rest against my lower lip and jaw. My throat ached with pain. My chest was starting to strain from lack of oxygen. The Captain simply left his enormous cock in place as it swelled with excitement.
I could feel it getting bigger, fatter, wider, harder. It shoved my jaws even further apart, threatening to snap the bones. That giant horse cock was killing me, without even moving!
I felt the boy behind me, give a little lurch, and his cock spurted jism up into my anus. The sight of that prong going down my throat setting off the boys lust with uncontrollable force.
The Captain slowly, slowly withdrew the long, fat cock. The fat cockhead popped into my throat at the lower end, then rasped down along the length of my throat tube, and finally popped out into my mouth.
I was on the verge of fainting for lack of air by this time. I gasped and gulped in great wasps of oxygen, my chest heaving as I sucked in the warm noxious fragrance of his body.
Then he pressed forward again. I shook and sobbed with denial, but the boys holding me wouldn’t let me move aside. The swollen cock shoved down through my throat and into my chest again.
It was the strangest feeling, that big, fat, cockhead down in my chest. It hurt, but kind of strange, you know, sort of ticklish like. My throat was the part of me that was really hurting. It felt like I was choking on something really really big. It kept trying to swallow it, but there was just too much meat there to go through. My throat shaft was distended and swollen out by the immense slab of cock inside it.
I couldn’t really suck him at all. His cock filled my mouth so much, my tongue was plastered to the roof of my mouth, squashed and unable to move. I think the Captain derived his pleasure solely from the tightness of my throat around his shaft, and the feeling, whatever that was, on his cockhead down in my chest.
I almost fainted again, but he pulled the fat tool out of my throat long enough for me to suck in some air, before he shoved it back into me again. I couldn’t see anything that was going on around us anymore. I could hear shouting and groaning, as well as some crying and screams.
All I could see though, was the front of the Captain’s belly, and then way up the length of his body to where his face smiled nastily down at me from a great height.
The Captain started slowly sliding that fat cock tool in and out of my mouth and throat. It rasped and scratched against my teeth as it moved back and forth, and I wondered at why he didn’t feel any pain. I thought that my teeth must surely be taking the skin off his prick as it sawed back and forth.
The boy who had been fucking my asshole hadn’t taken his cock out of me after he’d cum. I could feel his prick, still up my asshole, hardening again as he watched my mouth and throat being reamed out. He never moved, afraid to disturb the Captain’s concentration probably, but his cock sort of squirmed a little up inside me as it hardened and lengthened.
I had eight pairs of hands on me, but all they had been doing up to now, was holding me in place. They were firmly around my arms, and shoulders, and latched in my hair. Now, I felt a pair of hands making their way down onto my rounded breasts, squeezing them tightly.
I was sure they belonged to whoever was right behind me, and had his cock up in my rectum. I hardly noted either the cock in my asshole or the hands around my titties though. I was too busy just trying to keep from fainting because of that giant cock down my throat.
I don’t know how long the Captain fucked my throat like that. I lost all conception of time. Finally though, he pulled that massive prick wand completely out of my mouth. My jaw could hardly open that extra few millimeters for his cockhead to escape, but it did.
I stared dazedly at the mighty prick as the Captain fisted it just in front of my face. My mouth was still partly opened, having been pried apart so wide, for so long, that it seemed incapable of closing without a mental command.
Then the Captain’s cock exploded. Jetting wads of sizzling white sperm gushed out the round hole in the tip and sprayed against my face. It poured into my mouth as it lay gaping open, splashed against my hair, my forehead, my eyes, got up my nose, and dribbled down my chest, over and between my titties.
His cock was like a hose as it gushed forth a seemingly endless stream of salty white sperm, covering my face with the stuff as I was held there dazedly unmoving under it’s spray.
I guess the Captain moved away then. Two of the boys let go of my arms and pushed me forward. I fell on my face in the grass, unmoving. The boy behind me started to slowly work his prick in and out of my anus now that the Captain was gone.
I ignored him for the most part. His prick worked its way in and out of my bottom until he too sprayed his stuff into my body. He pulled out and got up and walked away. I was fucked several more times by other boys, but I can remember little of it.
Most of what happened to me is little more than a blur. I can remember better what happened around me than what happened to me. I guess that’s because my senses were dulled by the abuse at the hands of the Captain and his boys, but my eyes could still see, after all, and my brain record what they were seeing.
None of them seemed to be much better off than myself.
Amy was not far from me. She seemed to be practically catatonic. She lay on her side in the grass, eyes opened but unseeing. A boy was on either side of her. They knelt at her crotch, each pushing a cock into one of her holes. Her leg was shoved way up in the air at what must have been a painful angle, but she didn’t complain.
Wendy was squatting over a boy who lay on his back. She was facing his head, and pumping up and down on her strong athlete’s legs, sliding her asshole up and down on the boy’s erection. Her eyes were dazed, but there was a strangely happy and almost content smile on her face.
Penny was on her hands and knees. She was still whimpering, or trying to. She had a boy’s cock sliding back and forth between her lips. Another boy knelt behind her and drove his cock into her pussy with brutal force.
Carolyn, like Wendy, almost seemed to be enjoying herself. She was flat on her back. Her legs were up against a boy’s chest as he threw his hips forward and down, jamming his penis into her pussy hole repeatedly. She grunted with pleasure each time the cock slammed into her belly.
Holly and Kelly were bent across a fallen tree trunk side by side. Both were being reamed out from behind and in front. Their hands were tied behind their backs because they’d given the boys some kind of trouble.
Miss Carter was bent backward across a big rock. The rock was waist high and her ass was on one end of it, a big cocked boy slamming his hips into her crotch, driving his cock down her ass tube. Her head and shoulders dropped over the other side of the rock, but a boy there held her up by the hair so she could suck his cock.
I lost consciousness somewhere around then. The girls say the orgy, or mass rape-a-thon, or whatever it was, went on for hours.


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