Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Craig and Kelli walked the woman to the side of the bed, and removed her discipline helmet.
The shock on Barbara’s face registered as she saw her cruel husband standing next to Kelli.
And then saw the writhing naked body on the bed.
Immediately, Kelli pushed her by the small of her back and Barbara stumbled onto the bed, next to the girl. She felt a weight on her back as her ankles were tied and pulled up snugly to her calves and then tied to her wrists. She was in hogtie and the pressure on her limbs was tremendous.
“We’re just going to leave you like that awhile, Barbara,” Craig sneered as his weight shifted and he moved to the younger girl’s back.
Turning Laura on her back, he pulled her down so that her head was directly under the arch of Barbara’s pussy.
“Eat the pussy directly above your face Laura,” Kelli commanded.
It made her hot to direct the naked girl.
Laura’s tongue shot out and immediately buried itself in the wet slit.
“We want to see her orgasm on your face bitch!” she continued as she slowly stroked the young girl’s inner thighs.
This made Laura’s face move even faster into the syrupy slit.
“While you’re doing that, I’m going to give you something special,” Kelli continued.
She walked to the closest and brought out a dual plugging belt. It was made of thick leather and had a ten inch dildo fastened in the crotch, with a large butt plug fastened directly behind it.
She thrust the thick instruments into Laura’s pussy and asshole and pulled the leather belt deep into her crotch, buckling the straps around her slim waist.
“Now, enjoy your plugging my little cunt, and keep lapping that pussy.”
“We want to see her hogtie get even tighter as you excite her and she strains against her bonds.”
Watching the two bound women excited both Kelli and Craig to the point that they started fondling each other. The lust filled scene in front of them was better than anything they had ever seen.
The two women were writhing in passion as one ate the other with abandon, while the other’s pussy and ass were pulsing on the thick phalluses imbedded deeply inside of her.
“This is just too hot,” Craig said as he stroked his hard cock.
“I’ve got to fuck this tight little pussy once more while she eats my wife.”
And in an instant he was at the side of the bed ripping the plugger belt off Laura’s body. The plugs came out of her pussy and ass simultaneously with a popping sound.
He immediately knelt between her young thighs and buried his massive prick to the hilt.
Laura responded by thrusting her face even deeper into Barbara Rush’s pussy, causing the bound woman’s dam to burst, flooding the young girls face with pussy cream as she ground her pussy on the pleasure giving lips between her thighs.
Craig pulled the young girls legs wide apart as his cock rammed in and out of her hot young cunt. His balls slapped against her buttocks as he prepared to cum again.
Watching the pretty girl tonguing his wife’s pussy, and seeing Barbara’s passionate response in humping the pretty face, brought him to orgasm quickly as he pumped load after load of fresh hot cum into the girl under him.
Finally, he was spent, and pulled out of the tight hole. He backed off the bed to observe the afterglow of Laura’s fuck, her face still licking the juicy pussy plastered against it. Another orgasm hit her from the furious fucking she had just received.
Laura’s pussy felt like raw meat from the thrusts of Craig’s cock, and her body was on fire with need as she tongued yet another wave of juices from the bow tied older woman atop her face.
The scene was hot.
Kelli watched the threesome in front of her. She had accomplished quite a lot sexually in her young years, but this was one of the hottest raw sex experiences she had ever arranged.
And, the night wasn’t over yet!
She had several orgasms as Craig, Laura and Barbara had massive ones, and there would be only one scene that brought her to her own gigantic climax.
She would dominate both women, while Craig assisted her. If she really got kinky, she might even dominate him, but men were not her thing.
Craig was the lucky one that night.
Before dawn broke, both Barbara and Laura would be reduced to a level of submissiveness and pleasure that only few experience.
They would come more times than they ever thought possible in one night.
They would come to know a sexual release, that was heretofore unknown to them.
They would become obsessively attached to Kelli Stroud, thus continuing to secure her position, as the top real estate agent in San Carmel.
After Craig had rested from his two cums in as many hours. Kelli and he tied Laura’s face to Barbara’s thighs, leaving them to sensuously move each other’s body on the bed, drawing another orgasm from each of them in their own afterglow.
Kelli and Craig went down to the bar and fixed themselves a drink.
Scotch for Craig.
Another small shot of brandy for Kelli.
As she looked at him, Kelli couldn’t deny that Craig was a handsome man. If she were so inclined, she would have gone for him big time. He had that lean, yet muscular build, that is seen more on younger men than middle aged men. His hair was dark and wavy with not a touch of grey. His teeth were perfect, and his smile sincere. She wondered if Barbara Rush’s many tales of his abuse over the years were really true.
They were.
Discussing in an offhand way of what they might do next, Craig had a peculiar look in his eyes as he sipped his scotch.
Kelli wondered if it were the booze, or if a small switch had been turned on somewhere in the back of the man’s mind at the events he had just participated in. His tastes in erotic publications was well known to her, but they were the run of the mill bondage and SM magazines almost any adult bookstore carries. She never spotted anything more severe in her close inspections of his bureau drawers.
After finishing their drinks they returned to the bedroom.
Laura’s tongue was still gently swabbing the older woman’s pussy as if she couldn’t get enough of her. Barbara Rush moved erotically on the bed, her pussy over Laura’s mouth, as the young girl did the task her bondage was designed to do.
“That’s enough cunt!” Kelli said upon opening the bedroom door.
She untied Laura from Barbara’s thighs, and pulled her next to the older woman. She now tied Laura into the same tight hogtie that she had Barbara in, and untied Barbara’s restraints.
“Kneel on the floor, Barbara,” Kelli commanded in a monotone.
Immediately, Barbara dropped to her knees.
Craig’s hand pulled back and came down across her face in two quick blows, one on each side.
“Fucking bitch!” he shouted. “Crawl over and bring me those ropes.”
Barbara fetched the ropes from the night stand and returned to Craig presenting the ropes in her outstretched palms.
She knew abuse before from Craig, but not this. Not the ropes and sexual enslavement that Kelli had taught her. She only knew that now her husband was going to do something to her. She wasn’t sure what.
At her husband’s command, she crossed her ankles, keeping that position as he tied her ankles tightly. He pulled the ropes so hard around her delicate ankles she could feel the cords bite deep into her flesh.
After he had tied her ankles, Craig instructed her to cross her wrists over her thighs. A length of rope was looped around both of her smooth legs and her crossed wrists. By the time he finished, she was tightly bound in a crouched position.
She moaned as Craig took yet another length of rope and started to tie her breasts tightly.
Barbara’s breasts were extremely sensitive from the pleasure she had just received and her nipples were stiff. As the ropes wound tighter and tighter around them, they squeezed the breasts flesh unmercifully. Her nipples were as hard as rocks as the blood was forced into them.
“Unnnhh,” she moaned, as his fingers flicked the hard jewels several times.
Barbara looked the perfect submissive tied up like this, and Craig stepped back to admire his handiwork.
Without knowing when, Barbara became intensely aware of her thighs pressing together. She was becoming so turned on that she could smell her own juices that were flooding her pussy, opening it widely.
During her husband’s rope work, Kelli joined Laura on the bed and laid next to her, softly stroking the young girls naked bound body, almost absent-mindedly, as she watched the scene in front of her. Her eyes stayed fixed on Craig as he walked over to her rack of whips and selected several, testing them by swishing them quickly through the air.
Barbara Rush trembled at the sound.
Selecting a cat-o-nine-tails, he felt the length of the thongs, and tested the thickness of the handle. This was no longer a diversion. The whip that Craig selected was not for playing games. It was for serious discipline and punishment.
The older woman whimpered as she saw her husband coming towards her with the whip in his hand. She was not entirely sure of the pain it would deliver, but somewhere, an unmistakable excitement started to creep into her.
She uttered a small cry of distress as he advanced on her.
Craig took a spot behind her and allowed the leather lashes to slide gently over her naked back. He could see his wife tremble as she was not sure what was coming, or when.
In the end, Barbara found herself longing to beg him to whip her, just so the waiting would come to an end.
Craig would whip her at his own pleasure to satisfy the lusts that had been building up in him for the past several years. His desire consumed him.
He pulled the whip back and brought it down hard on her back. Barbara cried out in pain as she felt the scourge of the whip bite inter her tender flesh.
Once he started Craig really let himself go. He whipped her with a force and a precision he had only ready about, but DID in his fantasies every day. He would occasionally break the rhythm of his lashes just to keep his wife off guard. She would never know exactly when the next lash would fall, or where. This uncertainty kept Barbara on edge, making her jump at a lash that didn’t come, or failed to tense herself at the right time, to minimize the pain of her whipping.
Soon her back was covered with red welts, and the whip marked woman was moaning and writhing in agony.
“Oh please Craig,” she sobbed, “Please, don’t whip me anymore.”
Her pleas only intensified the force of his swing as the thongs continued biting into the red flesh moving under them, “When did the pain become pleasure?” Her agonized mind wondered as the cat came down again and again.
Finally, his passions seething, Barbara’s husband let the whip fall by his side.
Kelli, was so turned on watching Barbara’s whipping, her fingers went deep inside Laura’s flowing wetness, as she moved up on the young girl’s face beside her and gave her a taste of her pussy. She urged her on with quick sharp slaps on her breasts.
By this time Barbara was so turned on that she could hardly stand it. She longed for her husband to take her right then and there. She ached to be fucked by him until her pussy was as sore as her back. If he had not walked away after dropping the whip, she would have bent to kiss the feet of the man who had tormented her all these years.
Bent to kiss them.
Beg to be filled by his raging prick.
Craig came back beside Barbara and slowly undid the tight knots. He removed the ropes that had held her immobile through the tortuous back whipping.
He didn’t free her fully, however. It was more exciting to take her as he had seen in those many fantasies over the years. Craig decided to take his wife as a slave should be taken, in full bondage and helplessness.
He only untied her wrists and legs. He left her breasts in tight tit bondage. It added to Barbara’s passion.
He retied her so that her hands were tied to her thighs, just below her hips. He would then be able to spread her legs as wide as he wanted to.
Barbara’s pussy was wide open and very wet. Being in bondage and whipped like a slave, had made the older woman lubricate herself more than she ever had before. Craig turned his wife over so that she was in the proper position to receive his cock.
As her hands were tied to her sides, her head was forced to the floor. She looked the perfect picture of submissiveness, open and ready. The blood began to pound in Barbara’s temples as she awaited the use of her body.
As Craig approached her again, she could see how hard he had become from warming her up. His cock jumped, and a small drop of fluid beckoned at the tip. His cock looked larger than it had ever looked before, and Barbara moaned in arousal. She needed this thick meat now.
Needed it like she never had before throughout their whole marriage.
A fire of lust smoldered in her half lidded eyes, as she looked back between her legs to see her husbands bare feet, then his knees as he knelt behind her raised rear. Her pussy and anus gaping. Which would he enter?
With a groan of unsatisfied need, Craig gripped the smooth hips of his bound wife and plunged into her.
First her pussy.
Then her ass.
He took several long hard strokes in each as he grabbed her hips tightly.
Barbara screamed as the thick meat attacked her openings, first one then the other.
He fucked her fast and furiously, with brutal strength. His finger tips dug into her flesh hard now as he pulled her body to meet his thrusts, wanting to bury his shaft inside of her openings to the hilt.
Which he did.
Thrust, after painful thick thrust, he pumped away in passion, feeling his nuts go tight, his cum rising in his balls as he fucked his slave wife hard. All the desires, the needs, the wants, the passions that had been building up in Craig Rush over their entire marriage were now being fulfilled.
He looked over at Kelli, fucking the young girls face fast now, her pussy sliding over the lips and nose of the girl on the bed. Passionate sighs and moans came from the mouth servicing Kelli Stroud’s cunt. It added to his own excitement. The smell of cunt and cock filled the room, taking him yet another step higher.
Barbara was lost in a wave of passion. Every thrust of her husband’s cock sent waves of pleasure coursing through her, filling her with greater pleasure than he had ever filled her in their entire marriage.
Was this what it was all about? she wondered as his balls slapped against her ass cheeks.
Her need built so rapidly that she could not help herself any longer. She cried out to be fucked hard, fully, filled like a slave should be filled. She began to beg.
“Please Craig, oh please,” she whimpered. “Fuck me. Fuck me HARD!”
“Fuck me Craig, fuck me as your slave. Use me. Fill me with that meat.”
“Yessss!!! Put it in my ass again.”
“Deeper! Harder! Open me!!!” Craig’s mind and body responded immediately as his thrusts became animal like, his senses reeling from the intense pleasure of fucking his bound wife.
“Please Craig, harder! I’m going to cum!!” she half shouted.
Kelli’s body was bucking wildly now on Laura’s face, spurred on by the cries filling the room. She was lost in her own world of sensuality as the young secretary’s tongue slid deep into her pussy.
“Oh please, Craig. May I come?” Barbara wailed. “Please? Let your slave cum? I need to cum soooo bad.”
As Barbara’s body shook in release, her husband reached under her and grabbed both of her bound breasts, squeezing them hard, stroking the nipples, bucking his cock deep into her pussy as he unloaded his built up load of hot sticky cum. They climaxed together in a rush of sensual passion.
Kelli climaxed at the same time as she slid her asshole onto Laura’s nose, pushing her rump down fully on the young girl’s body, watching her thrash about on the silken sheets under her.
It was now Laura’s turn.
Kelli had several orgasms on the girl’s face as she watched Craig use Barbara and punish her with the whipping. She was really turned on.
But the thing that would bring her over the top would be the punishment of Laura. The little blackmailing cunt needed to be taught a lesson once and for all.
Craig helped Kelli pick up his still bound wife and carry her over to the bed, where they dumped her without ceremony.
Laura was still tightly tied, and they released her bondage just long enough to allow some circulation to return, and then retied her, arms and elbows behind her back.
Craig ran his hands all over her young flesh as he occasionally swatted her tight buttocks with his hands, bringing red palm marks to those naked globes. Laura knew she was going to be punished tonight, and submissively awaited her fate.
Pulling the ropes securing her elbows together with one last tug, Kelli breathed hard. “There, that ought to hold you! You little cunt!”
Kelli ordered the helpless girl to the center of the bedroom and gave a command.
“On your knees, bitch!”
She did not immediately comply.
“I said, on your knees, cunt! Now!”
Laura dropped to her knees, her face close to Kelli’s beautiful legs as she looked up at her boss with tears in her eyes.
“You will obey every order that I give you. Do you understand me?” she continued as she lifted the girl’s face by her chin and looked directly into her eyes.
“Yes,” Laura softly answered.
“Good,” Kelli said, giving her a slap in the face, just hard enough to sting.
“Don’t forget it!”
“Yes Kelli.”
Letting go of her chin, Kelli started to circle the kneeling girl.
“I think you are a low life fucking cunt. You are a worthless blackmailing little piece of shit. And not a very good blackmailer at that. Isn’t that right?” she said with a sneer in her voice.
Kelli could see Laura’s mouth open, and her throat swallow but no words came out.
“I asked you a question bitch!”
“I… uh, I…” Laura stammered.
Kelli lowered her hand to grab the bound girl’s left nipple, twisting it hard.
“Say, ‘I’m just a lowlife cunt. A lowlife blackmailing slut.’”
“I’m a f… ffu…” Laura tried to say it but the pain in her nipple was cutting off her speech.
Slowly, Kelli pinched the squirming girl’s nipple even harder.
“I said say it!!”
“I’m just a lowlife cunt. I’m just a lowlife blackmailing slut,” the girl managed say.
“That’s what I wanted to hear. Now that wasn’t so hard was it Laura?” Kelli said with a hint of triumph in her eyes.
Releasing her nipple, Kelli walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down. She ordered Laura to come to her. When she started to get up, she said, “No! On your knees you slut! Come over here on your knees!”
When Laura reached Kelli, the young real estate agent put her hand on the nape of her neck and pulled her across her lap with her ass pointed up to the ceiling. She looked very erotic drawn across Kelli’s lap, and Craig’s prick started to rise again as it was his turn to enjoy the show now.
Laura’s ass was so rounded, so smooth, Kelli was immediately filled with a rush of pleasure as her palms glided gently over the white flesh. Her pussy started to wet and she wondered if Laura could feel it drawn over her lap.
“Now, my darling, it is time for a little discipline,” Kelli started.
She raised her right arm and cracked the palm of her right hand hard into the rounded ass cheeks.
“Ow!” Laura squealed.
Again, Kelli slapped her rapidly reddening bottom.
“Oooh Kelli, please don’t,” she half whispered.
“Don’t even presume to tell me what to do.”
“This is what happens to low life, blackmailing little cunts,” she exclaimed.
She let the girl’s bottom have it now.
“Oooooh!” Laura started screaming as Kelli’s palm struck her without stopping.
The more she screamed, the more Kelli spanked her, and the harder her blows became. Laura’s pain filled cries filled the room.
Kelli loved it. Spanking this lovely young girl’s ass was really turning her on. And she did deserve to be punished. Laura started grinding against Kelli’s lap as the blows continued to rain down upon her punished buttocks. She was now getting turned on by the spanking she was receiving.
“You are a hot little cunt, aren’t you?” Kelli asked, continuing to wallop her across the red cheeks.
“This is how I treat blackmailers,” Kelli breathed hard with the exertion of the harsh spanking she was administering.
“Oh please, Kelli. It hurts. Please stop,” Laura pleaded.
Laura was writhing from the stinging blows but she was indeed getting turned on. Kelli used her free hand to feel between the bound girls legs and found Laura’s cunt was indeed sopping wet.
She began to play with the struggling girl’s pussy, slipping a finger into the slick slit. Laura moaned now in pleasure at the finger moving around in her pussy.
“You want it, don’t you slut?”
“Yes Kelli,” she answered in a voice filled with need.
Raising her right hand again, Kelli started slapping the girls ass harder.
“What do you want Laura?”
“I w… wan…” she started.
“Say it, what do you want?”
“I want to c… cum, Kelli,” she panted hard now.
“No, I don’t think so. You need to make ME cum bitch!” Kelli replied as she pushed Laura off her lap to the floor.
Kelli now ordered her secretary to the center of the bedroom again and forced her to bend over so that her forehead touched the carpet. Her ass was in the air, her arms pinioned behind her. It was an erotic sight.
Reaching down for her, Kelli grabbed a handful of Laura’s hair and forced her head up, dragging her to the side of the bed. Kelli sat down and spread her thighs as she pulled the pretty face towards her.
“Lick my pussy!” she ordered.
Slowly, Laura began to lip the wet lips of her beautiful boss which caused Kelli to clasp her smooth thighs around the head between them.
Kelli gasped as Laura’s tongue slid into her gaping wet gash, and began to move rapidly, licking, sucking, then rising to her clit as she took it between her lips, kissing it in an intimate kiss of pure lust.
Kelli’s hands moved to the back of the bound girl’s head as she pulled the slave face deep into her pussy, throwing her legs over the girl’s shoulders, grinding and bucking her hips against the hapless face as she came in wave after wave of orgasm.
“So! You like to dominate another woman, do you?” the voice reached her again as the fire in her buttocks started to subside.
Kelli didn’t know how many times the white hot tip of the poker marked her flesh, but she was sure that her whole backside and lovely thighs now carried the horrendous tattoo of the branding iron.
When she wanted to be tattooed, she didn’t think it would turn into this.
She was weak from exhaustion. The continuous burnings had removed all of her resistance and she slumped against her bonds.
She heard a squeaking noise. Suddenly, a full length mirror was rolled in front of her. Then, another was positioned behind her.
She couldn’t see the person who was positioning the mirrors around her bound body.
“I always like to know if my customers are satisfied,” the sneering woman’s voice said as she grabbed Kelli’s hair.
“Take a look at your tattoo, darling.”
“Look nice?”
Kelli was afraid to open her eyes.
The hand yanked hard in her hair.
“I said LOOK at it!!”
She slowly opened her eyes and her bound form came into vision from the mirror in front of her.
She was bound in thick leather straps securing her arms to two poles on either side of her body. Her thighs were spread and secured to the bottoms of the poles.
Her head was held rigidly by the choker collar which also had two small leather straps pulling tightly in opposite directions and attached to the poles.
She was afraid to look at the mirror behind her.
The smell of burnt flesh smashed into her nostrils as she looked for the reflection of her backside in the mirror in front of her.
YIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!” A scream of agony tore from her lips as her branded ass and thighs came into view.
OOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed into the darkened room.
WHYYYYYY????” Her screams continued.
Large dark brown mottled marks made horrible curving patterns in the shape of a misshapen rose petal. Deep welts from the burning rod formed the rose stems. Smaller ones made up the thorns. She was marked for life!
“Ooooooo…” her wailing continued to come from her throat.
She started to sob as she realized no one would ever want to touch her body again.
No man.
Especially, no woman.
The horrible branding she had just been through would ensure that.
She sobbed harder now, and slumped again against her bonds as the realization that her desire to have just one small petite tattoo, led to this.
Who was her torturer?
From whose body did the voice come from. Kelli was in a nightmare but didn’t know it.
She couldn’t figure it out.
She had only entered the dark shop to finally get the tattoo she had wanted, thought about, then decided to get.
As she passed through the black curtains into the back of the shop, the candle light flickering off the walls cast an eerie glow in the room.
Strange place to give tattoos, she had thought.
But then, this tattoo would not be just another tattoo. It was to be a small pink pale rose, on her ass cheek. The back room was the only place to tattoo so sensitive a spot, she was told.
But the voice coming to her was not that of the parlor owner.
Her nightmare continued.
“I think we might add another little design to this lovely tattoo,” the silken voice whispered as Kelli could feel hands touching her raw bottom.
She winced, then moaned in pain at the touch.
“Perhaps I should tattoo the words slut slave right here…”
The hand slapped her right at the end of the large ugly rose.
AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!” Kelli screamed again as her torture continued.
And she was getting wet again. She could feel her pussy starting to juice from the pain and the agony of the past hour.
Or was it an hour?
How long had she been here?
Her mind was a jumble of confusion, pain, pleasure and fear.
The mirrors were rolled back from her as quickly as they were placed around her. She could hear the bellows start to pump, and the heat in the room grew once again. The rattle of metal shook her consciousness as the poker was turned over and over in the flames, bringing the tip once again to a smoking white heat.
Her pussy convulsed in orgasm.
She had crossed the line.

It was an abandoned, lust filled, crazy night as both Craig and Kelli fulfilled every depraved passion they had ever wanted to fulfill with the two helpless women. Craig felt that punishing his wife was his anointed station in life. Barbara suffered even more cruel and humiliating punishments and lesbian submissiveness throughout the night.
At one point, she had to clean all three of her partners after a cum filled orgy, licking the two other women’s pussies clean, and Craig’s cock. Then she had to rim both of the women’s assholes after deep ass fuckings by Craig, until they were baby pink again. Barbara Rush had never tasted more cum in her life as she did this night.
She was spanked and whipped several more times, as was Laura.
Kelli took all of her frustrations out on her young secretary and before the night was over, Laura vowed never to try anything funny with Kelli again. She had thoroughly learned her lesson.
At some point, Craig slipped away in the early morning hours, and Kelli awoke to only two women. She had her fill once more of lesbian love with both of them, before allowing them to shower and leave.
It was to be a full week at the office, and the real estate business was a twenty four hour a day business. Deals and possible deals appeared at the least likely times.
The next day, Laura came into the office very subdued. She could barely glance at Kelli, already hard at work at her desk.
With the barest acknowledgement, Laura sat down at her own desk and busied herself, stealing leads. She listened in on phone calls and gleaned the other agents business as best she could.
She was now totally in Kelli’s pocket, and did everything she could to assist the agent, thinking of no personal gain. She did hope that Kelli would only continue to be her friend, and lover.
Barbara Rush recovered from her extremely erotic first encounter with lesbian submissiveness and wanted more. She began to use her time to make the rounds of all the adult book stores in downtown San Diego, and bought every available publication on lesbianism and bondage.
She was hooked.
She always dressed frumpy, and wore sunglasses and a scarf when she visited those stores.
If she only knew that from time to time she was standing next to some of the most respected people in the city, she would have been aghast. She still had not come to know that safe sex, so long as the participants are willing, is not wrong.
Her stomach turned a particular kind of warmth whenever she leafed through a magazine or newspaper depicting young girls in tight ropes, and leather restraints.
If the person doing the restraining were also a woman, her pussy invariably started getting wet. From time to time she wondered what it would be like to be the dominant partner, but her soul was that of a true submissive. She would never play the dominant role.
She almost orgasmed every time she thought of bending her face down to Kelli’s feet, to give her the required ten, open mouthed kisses of ‘hello’.
The marketing of the Rush’s home picked up again, now that Craig had agreed to the higher commission along with Barbara.
Kelli went all out taking half page ads in the San Carmel newspapers, and even paid for a color brochure, which she normally wouldn’t do for a house valued under half a million dollars. She now wanted Barbara out of that house, and maybe, just maybe into her condominium as the lover she had been searching for.
There were no problems from Craig, and he actually started treating Barbara with a small amount of kindness. He was courteous to her whenever they had to meet and sign the various divorce agreements, or real estate listing addenda that Kelli always seemed to need signed.
The participation in the submission of his wife was a fantasy fulfilled from their earliest married days, and Craig was quite content to get on with his life.
Barbara was now middle aged. He wanted a younger woman like Laura, to command, to make his sex slave. He started on his pursuit in earnest and soon was living with a girl he met through a swingers magazine.

As Barbara leafed through the magazine, her cunt started lubricating, looking at the tightly bound females. She knew they were just models, but she also knew that women did actually participate in this erotic form of foreplay.
She did, didn’t she?
She was sitting in her large living room stuffed chair, totally naked, one leg draped over the arm, her other leg stretched out in front of her. As she turned the pages, her fingers would go into her cunt and press her clit giving her continuous pleasure. She loved to masturbate, and especially now, as she fantasized about being the girl in the centerfold of Lesbian Bondage Times.
God it turned her on to be tied up.
And, if her face could be forced into a pussy, made to eat another woman’s cunt, her pleasure tripled.
As she stroked herself slowly, she crossed her smooth thighs over her wrist, trapping her fingers inside of her. She jerked hard against her hand as another wave of orgasm swept through her.
“Did I just hear you cum darling?” Kelli’s voice drifted in from the foyer as she entered Barbara’s home.
She walked over to the naked woman and kissed her full on the mouth.
Barbara immediately dropped to her knees in front of Kelli, wrapping her arms around the young girl’s thighs as her head started to bow to Kelli’s arched instep, starting the ten kisses of ‘hello’ on her feet, thighs and vagina.
Kelli patiently waited for Barbara’s tenth open mouthed kiss on her pussy.
“I am so glad, we decided to live together Barbara. Until your house sells, we can have our choice: your place, or mine,” she laughed as she helped the older woman to her feet, cradling her head.
The greeting ritual never failed to excite Kelli. It was such a masterful stroke of dominance, and immediately put her in the mood for lovemaking, no matter how tiring her day.
She again kissed Barbara’s open mouth deeply, her tongue invading the soft lips of the naked woman, as she hugged her tighter.
“I decided I’d like to do something special for you darling,” Kelli’s voice had an air of lightness in it.
“I’m going to cook us a delicious dinner, and then we can snuggle up on the rug, and be comfy this evening. Sound good to you?”
Barbara Rush could not believe her luck in having this gorgeous young woman come into her life.
Even though their lovemaking at times hit the rougher edges of S&M, Kelli did have a genuine love and concern for her as a woman, a human being, and now a partner in a lesbian relationship. She loved when they kept house together, just like a man woman marriage, each helping the other.
“Why Kelli, that is so nice of you.”
“Well, darling, I do want you to know I appreciate you, and I am so happy to have found you. If you only knew how long I have been searching for someone like you Barbara. I don’t want some other woman to come along and grab you up,” Kelli went on.
“I don’t think that would ever happen,” Barbara’s words came throatily, as she watched Kelli walk into the kitchen.
She is soooo beautiful, she thought as she watched the younger girl’s hips move gracefully, her flounced skirt showing off generous amounts of her shapely legs. Her stomach got all warm, at the thought that this young girl actually loved her.
She never wanted to jeopardize the relationship.
Even though Barbara had been called several times by Laura since their night together with Craig, she had not met with her. She did have to admit to herself that Laura’s face under her grinding pussy, while she herself was in tight arms behind her back bondage, was quite exciting. She even dreamed once or twice of a repetition of that scene. But Kelli’s attention and love, meant more to her than a quick tryst with Laura.
Beside, she remembered, Laura had already once tried to blackmail Kelli, and probably was just not one to be trusted.
Kelli happily prepared an Italian feast of tortellini, alfredo sauce and loads of garlic bread. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of a home cooked meal, as the two woman sat down to eat, making small talk about their day as a couple would. It was a very domestic scene.
“Oh, Kelli! I almost forgot to tell you,” Barbara excitedly chattered.
“Craig called today and he has agreed to drop his demand for a share of the house proceeds to less than half.”
“I don’t know what’s got into him recently, or maybe what he has gotten into, but he certainly has been agreeable lately.”
“Yes darling, isn’t it a wonderful change?” Kelli interjected.
“It seems that new girl he took up with is quite the woman he needed, and he just wants the divorce to be over fast. I’ll bet he’d even give up more if you pressed him.”
“When I saw him last, that night I had to deliver an offer, she was there, and quite a sight I must say, I guess since he participated in that scene with you and I, he didn’t have any reservations about showing his new trophy off to me. I’ll tell you, that girl was really in a predicament while I was there. I almost couldn’t concentrate on the business at hand,” Kelli continued.
“Well Kelli, as long as I have you,” Barbara started, reaching for Kelli’s hand to gently kiss her fingertips.
“As long as I have you, and we have each other, Craig can have all the girl’s he wants. I have absolutely no reservations about the divorce now.”
“Isn’t it amazing what a little good lesbian pussy licking will do for a woman,” Kelli’s eyes sparkled in answering Barbara’s unspoken fears.
Her gaze bore right into the older woman’s and Barbara just held the soft hand of her lover close to her lips as she felt her heart turn over and over in feelings of love.
“Let’s get this mess cleaned up darling, so we can go relax for awhile. It has been a rather strenuous day,” Kelli said, a hint of exhaustion in her voice.
“I think I’ve got just the thing to help you relax, Kelli,” Barbara said, helping her pick up the dishes and carrying them to the sink.
“Would you mind doing them tonight and loading the dishwasher Barbara? I’m going to go upstairs and change my clothes.”
“Here,” Barbara answered taking the dishes and silverware from Kelli, “I’d be happy to. Go freshen up.”
She turned to kiss her lover on the cheek, as Kelli left the kitchen.
Barbara was finishing up the pots and pans by hand as Kelli returned from her shower.
Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of the older woman, naked except for a pair of black patent pumps, standing at the sink, toweling the pans dry.
As she gazed on the woman’s tight white buttocks, she again marveled at how well kept her body was, and a pang of desire rose in her chest.
Barbara was always the submissive partner in their relationship, but on occasion, Kelli liked to try the other side.
She could never let Barbara be the one to be dominant so she turned to professional Mistresses whenever that need became overwhelming. But seeing her lover like this, she couldn’t help but pad up softly behind her, and dropped to her knees. Barbara’s ass cheeks were right in front of her face.
Kelli’s hands gently went to the firm globes and caressed them softly as she placed her face deep into Barbara’s ass crack. She stuck out her tongue and pushed it as deep as she could into her lover’s tight asshole.
“Ooooh, darling, wha…” Barbara started to say.
Standing up, Kelli gave her a playful slap on the rear as she helped her finish the dishes.
“Just wanted you to know I find your ass so pretty darling. You smelled very musky, and I just had to have a little taste,” Kelli said as she placed the towel on the rack.
Hand in hand, the two women walked into the living room, stopping at the wet bar to pour themselves a glass of wine. Barbara built a roaring fire and they settled themselves on the thick bear rug in front of it.
After Kelli had showered, she had put on her sexiest teddy and now, laying next to Barbara, her long tapered legs glowed from the fire’s dancing shadows. She looked so beautiful, that Barbara could not resist again, bending down to stroke, then kiss the legs she had come to love more than anything.
Trembling with need, Barbara threw her naked arms around Kelli and pulled her quickly to her.
As always, Kelli was quickly aroused by the woman’s willingness and naked need and desire for her, now that they were together, and she wrapped her own arms tightly around Barbara pulled Kelli over until she was underneath her and pushed her face down close to Kelli’s dripping pussy.
Her lust was overpowering as Kelli nudged her throbbing cunt close to Barbara’s glistening, parted lips.
The hot panting woman clasped Kelli’s ass cheeks with a desire beyond control, then pushed her warm mouth full onto Kelli’s dripping slit and began sucking and tonguing her clit all over the sensitive bud until Kelli was moaning and thrashing with passion and completely lust driven. Her legs thrashed furiously against the bear rug in delirious ecstasy as her need built quickly. She had never known such love for another woman.
Kelli felt a rush of pure explosive lust shudder and coarse through her body as she savagely ground her pussy against her lesbian lover’s needy mouth.
Barbara’s lashing tongue had already brought her to the verge of a powerful climax. Her moans and thrashing grew wilder and louder.
Kelli crushed Barbara’s face lewdly against her wet pussy, her clit felt like it was distended an inch and every sensation in her body was focused on that heavenly nub of pleasure.
Barbara’s lips insistently sucked on the raw bud, her teeth grating over it in a sensuous furious face fucking.
Kelli was screaming her passion now, as she grabbed Barbara’s hair and pulled it painfully, driving her face even deeper into her cunt.
“Oh Barbara! Oh darling sweet slave! God you make my pussy so fucking hot!”
Barbara started to rotate her hips, so powerful was her need in exciting Kelli so, and the overpowering smell of her cunt juice permeated the living room.
Kelli lewdly licked her lips hungrily as she leaned forward and cupped Barbara’s tight buttocks in her hands and pulled her pussy down onto her ramming tongue. She pressed it deep into Barbara’s cunt.
“Ah yes, darling, yesssss!!!” Barbara sighed, as Kelli’s tongue explored the channels of her slick vagina.
Kelli was furiously biting and sucking on the hard nub between her teeth as Barbara continued humping her face.
“Suck my cunt!” Barbara shouted.
“Now Kelli, put your tongue down into my asshole. Lick my ass Kelli, tongue fuck my brown hole! Taste me there!”
“Oh yessss!”
“Push it in deeper!”
“All the way in now, lick my asshole!!”
“Fuck it with your tongue!!”
The bear rug was being crumpled into a heap as the two thrashing bodies tumbled around on it.
“I think it’s coming now darling!”
“I love you so much!!!”
Tongue diving deep into pussy now, licking, drawing out the delicious cream.
Thighs clasping tightly around the beautiful face adoring her pussy. Her calves lifted and her toes pointed straight up in offering.
Two quick violent jerks from her hips and the orgasm crashed home.
And in complete exhaustion from their love making, both Kelli and Barbara collapsed, their bodies tumbling apart as they panted to catch their breath.
Their bodies touched lightly, their arms and hands stroked each others naked, glistening flesh as they held each other tenderly.


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