Saturday, June 8, 2013


As Sue Ellen and I reached the driveway, Frank had his pride and joy idling there, awaiting us. His pride and joy was a restored 1957, aqua and white, Chevy, tudor hardtop. The car was a 283 cid. V8, fuel injected, and sported full dual exhaust from headers back. The exhaust included one glasspak muffler, so the car emitted a low, throaty grumble as it sat there idling.
I remembered those cars, rather fondly as I had lost my virginity in the back seat of one just like Frank's. That event occurred twenty years back in the spring of our senior prom, a month before high school graduation. That fucking was the start of my nympho insatiability.
Well, anyway, Frank held open the driver door and pulled his seat back forward for me to climb into the rear seat. I took my time climbing in as it was a tight squeeze through the space, but also because as I bent over to do so, my very short skirt rode up and gave Frank an unobstructed view of my bare rear end and my naked pussy, fully exposed and open.
I heard the gasp before I felt a quick hand go between my legs and grab my pussy for a long, drawn out feelie as Frank slowly drug his hand across my labia, trailing his middle finger deep in my pussy slit. And, his hand came away wet.
"All right you two, I saw that," said Sue Ellen, "and I smell it, too! You're such a slut, Mary Jane. Let's don't get too excited, at least until we get back home."
I grinned as I settled back into the rear seat and Sue Ellen on the front bench, snuggled beside Frank. The drive to the boat would require thirty minutes. I decided to pass the time with some teasing.
Seated on that rear bench, my thighs ran slightly uphill to my knees and my skirt rode up considerably. Even with no ride up, the view was clear, and with the ride up, I might as well have been wearing nothing from the waist down. Frank didn't miss a beat of the display from his rear view mirror.
I made eye contact with Frank as he watched my hand rub my pussy mound. I was rubbing with thumb and finger on either side of my slit while my middle finger trailed right down the crack. The heady aroma of pussy juice wafted in the air as Frank gulped and started breathing a bit harder.
Sue Ellen glanced into the mirror and then at Frank's crotch and gave a smirky giggle as she said, "What's the matter, Frank, is it gettin' a little warm in here? The windows are all down already."
I could see Sue Ellen's hand go down between Frank's legs as she stroked his dick through his pants. I was really getting into it by then and my hand moved even faster as my breathing became more labored. Frank groaned, audibly as Sue Ellen got him unzipped. She dug out his cock and dove down, mouth agape, to blow him. Frank could barely keep the car on the road. It didn't help matters that the car was a manual tranny with a floor mounted shifter for Sue Ellen to dodge around.
I moaned and with a light outcry, shuddered into a mild orgasm. I guess that was the trigger for Frank because I saw him shudder and moan loudly as he shot his wad into his wife's mouth.
Sue Ellen managed to get it all down without spilling a drop on Frank's suit pants or on his beautiful seat material. In my case, I'd seen the towel hanging from the seat back strap and had managed to catch my pussy emissions without soiling the back seat either.
Sue Ellen said, "Great! You guys both get off and I'm left hanging high and dry, highly in need of relief."
I giggled and Frank chuckled as he said, "Way the ball, or should I say balls, bounce right now, sweets, your time will come."
A few minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot of the riverboat dock. After we climbed out, Frank rolled up the windows and locked the car. Sue Ellen and I each took Frank by an arm as we walked from the lot to the boat landing. We checked in and boarded. The boat was already crowded. Our class graduated 650 and I think at least half of them made the reunion and most had a companion along. It was a good thing the boat was a big one.
Irony of ironies, the first three persons (and spouses) I met on board were the football captain, basketball captain, and baseball captain from our senior year. I'd fucked all three in their respective seasons! Those three were already light headed and their spouses looked none too happy. They knew about my school reputation and that I'd fucked their husbands back then.
I was looking forward to maybe tasting some of that cock fruit again tonight to see how well it had aged. The wives likely sensed that. After helloes, introductions, and cursory conversation, our happy little threesome moved on.
Fifteen minutes or so later, the boat vibrated a little as the engine came to life and the boat slowly made its way out to the channel. And what a magnificent boat it was! The huge, four deck sternwheeler was magnificent in gleaming white paint with its bright red and gold trim with a majestic rear paddle wheel, also in brilliant red.
Of course, it was no longer powered by steam as in the riverboat heydays of the nineteenth century. The boat was powered instead, by a monster Caterpillar marine diesel, or so Frank, a Caterpillar executive, told me later that evening. The main or bottom deck contained the monstrous dinning room and a galley for receiving the meals from the caterer as no meals were actually cooked onboard.
The seating was self choice, so the three of us chose a table near the glass wall separating the room and the outside deck. The entire boat was air conditioned, but I like to be close to an exit in confined situations. This also enabled me to gaze at the beautiful, moonlit river scene as it rolled past the slowly moving boat.
Frank sat between Sue Ellen and me and he got a cheesy grin on his face when he felt a hand on each thigh as we sipped our before dinner aperitif. The meal and boat tickets had been purchased in a mail registration three months previously and had cost quite a lot. But it looked as as if it was going to be worth every penny of the cost!
The meal lasted through a number of courses from appetizer to dessert and was served flawlessly by a most efficient small army of waitresses. I heartily dislike the euphemisms of today, such as waitperson! These were women--i.e., waitresses. There were a number of male waiters as well.
We began with a champaign cocktail which was quickly followed by chilled asparagus. Glasses and plates were barely emptied before we were served a Lemon Sorbet, which was in turn followed by a citrus and walnut salad with Parmesan and peppercorns.
"My Lord," I gushed, "no wonder our tickets for tonight cost so much. This meal is fantastic and worth every penny. Everything else is just icing on the cake."
The next course was haricot verts and the main entree of filet minion with pink peppercorn sauce and classic breast of lobster ragout with a separate plate holding a duchesse potato. This entree was served with whipped butter, rolls and croissants. Desert eventually followed and consisted of a thick slice of chocolate cake ice cream roll and a heavenly chocolate ice cream parfait!
"Lordy, Lordy," exclaimed Frank, "I sure am going to have to work off some of this poundage."
"And I just bet I know exactly how you want to work it off too, don't I, Frank," I exclaimed.
Frank just gave me a sexy and lustful leer in answer, along with an under the table finger wipe or two of my nearly exposed pussy. I noticed Sue Ellen also sported a cheesy grin of lustful pleasure. She was getting her fiar share of attention as well as I.
At that point, I said to my two companions, "Excuse me, but I have to go to the powder room for a bit."
Sue Ellen said, "Wait, I'll go with you."
So the two of us trotted off to a most luxurious "powder room." It was one of several and quite large to accommodate the crowds the boat usually held. I was told there was one like it on each deck for the ladies and an equally elegant and large facility for the men on each deck.
There was a large number of vanity/mirror seats and an unbelievable number of toilet stalls. There was also a somewhat more secluded and darkened "lounge" area to one side. I entered a stall, concluded my pee, wiped and pulled down my skimpy skirt. I didn't have any panties to pull up as you recall.

As I exited the cubicle, I bumped into Mary Rose, former captain of the cheerleading team our junior and senior year. I'd seduced her already our sophomore year and had numerous return bouts with her over our last two years. She had first thought of herself as "straight," but I brought out her true bi side. She loved it.
"Well, hello there, Mary Rose, how have you been?"
"Just great, Sue Ellen. Lexie Sue and I have been together five years now. We both have great jobs and life is good! I just wish she could've come with me tonight, but her mom is sick and she went to Iowa to be with her."
"That's great!" I said, "At least the first part. I'm sorry to hear about her mother." I hugged Mary Rose and gave her a peck on the lips.
Mary Rose responded with a passionate lip lock. One of her hands was instantly inside my flimsy top, caressing my naked boobs. She broke our kiss to say, "Oh my God, Mary Jane, I've really missed you!"
"I have an idea, Mary Rose, why don't we drift over to the lounge area and talk about it?"
Sue Ellen came with us as we settled onto a sofa and then said, "I'm going to go back to the banquet. You two get reacquainted."
Mary Rose was all over me before Sue Ellen had taken three steps. One hand and her mouth were at my boobs and the other was on and in my pussy almost faster than I could blink. I was oozing pussy juices in seconds.
It was the work of but a few more seconds for Mary Rose to drop her jeans and thong and open her blouse to reveal her naked orbs. We quickly got into a sixty-nine on the couch and ate each other's pussies like a second dessert. We were each humping the other's mouth with vigorous thrusts of our hips, breathing in gasps in our frenzy. Mary rose suddenly sat up, and from her large handbag on the floor, pulled out a long, double dong!
We Xed our legs while sitting up and I took one end pushed it into Mary Rose's gleaming, dripping pussy while she did the same to me with the other end. Our pussies were just able to touch as we humped away at each other on that double implement of impalement. Not the same as a real piece of man meat, but, none the less, definitely pleasurable.
"Damn, Mary Rose, you carry the damnedest things around in that big old satchel of yours."
We both shuddered into a shaking orgasm, one after the other, to the smiles and soft clapping of a number of other classmates who stopped to watch. Only somewhat embarrassed, we each disconnected from the instrument of our pleasure and rearranged our clothes.
After a pause to catch our breaths, we both got up and went to the sinks to "freshen up" once again. In the mirror, as I washed my face, I noticed at least two other women passionately kissing in the darkened lounge area. Putting our clothing back into order a final time, Mary Rose and I kissed a fond goodbye and we both exited the powder room to rejoin are respective groups.
But, since there was still a long time before the boat got back to the dock, I decided to see who else was around that I knew rather than go back to the banquet. I climbed up to the second deck level and ran into a trio of guys who had chummed together all through school. I has also fucked two of them, John and Ron, while Don had been on my "still to seduce" list. I never managed to snare him before we graduated, though.
"Hi, boys, long time no see," I said as the three looked up from their conversation.
"Well, hello Mary Jane. How the hell you been?" asked Ron.
"Fair to middlin'," I replied, "How 'bout you guys?"
"Oh, I don't know, about the same," said John.
Both Ron and John had by now caught the look on my face and in my eyes and had sidled up on either side of me. They wasted no time to work their hands onto my naked boobs that they'd quickly exposed by pushing aside the thread of cloth that covered them. Don's face had a hungry, "I want some too," look about it, but he was hesitant.
"Where's the wives, guys?" I asked.
"Powder room," said Ron and John in unison.
"Downstairs," added Don as an after thought. Don absently leaned against a cabin door and he nearly fell in as the door swung open.
"Well looky here," said John, "an open cabin just waiting for us!"
John pulled me in and the other two followed, closing and locking the door behind them.
"Unh, I don't know about this, guys," said Don.
"Oh hell, Don, your wife isn't going to find out, if that's what is bothering you," said Ron.
"Yeah, it is," said Don. "If she found out, there'd be a great deal more than hell to pay!"
"Well she's downstairs and we're here, so how's she going to know?" asked Ron.
Don replied, "Well, if I'm gone very long, I'll have to have a damned good story to account for my absence."
"Oh, for shit sake," said John. "Here, I got a twenty and Ron, if you got a twenty or even a ten, give it to Don. Don, you tell your wife you got in a crap game in the men's and won forty bucks. That should keep her happy, especially if you give it to her."
With that, Ron and John, who were standing in front of me, dropped their pants and boxers and John said, "Ok, Mary Jane, do your thing!"
And I did. I knelt down, grabbed a dick in each hand, and alternated suckin' and jerkin' cock, two big fat suckers at that.
Ron said, "Don, get your ass around here and join the circle suck, now!"
Don finally stepped around with the other two and I saw a tent in his pants that was gigantic. Ron and John were both fair sized in the cock department, with Ron about an inch or so longer and fatter than John. That's what I was working on until Don unveiled himself.
He was hesitating still, so I turned from Ron and John for a moment and got Don's belt undone, unzipped him and dropped his pants. He was trembling, but stood still as his cock tented out his boxers like the center of a circus big top.
"Shit, Don," said Ron, looking on, I knew you had a big one, but how the hell big is it when it's hard?"
Don didn't answer, but as I ever so slowly and teasingly inched his boxers down, an unbelievably giant cock suddenly popped free and banged me right on the nose. That sucker had to be at least as long as the legendary John Holmes or more. When I grabbed it, I couldn't get the fingers of either hand to touch as I grabbed hold!
"Shit," I said, "No wonder your wife keeps tabs on you and doesn't want to turn loose of you. She doesn't want to share this big fuck daddy with anyone."
I could barely get the bulb of his cock head into my mouth. Two inches was the total I got my mouth around.
"I want Don first," I said, "No argument. I've never had man meat this big. Too bad I never got to you in high school, big boy, but I'll make up for that right now."
I got Don to point of explosion and stopped. Then I returned to the other cocks, sucking and jacking each in turn until they said I had to stop or they were going to shoot off.
"Ok," I said, "Now I want Don on his back on the bed where I want to do a 'pole dance' with just him to start. Then you two can join in also. Come on, Don baby, hop up there, quick now!"
Don hesitantly did has he was bid. Nervous he was, but none the less, precum was bubbling freely from the eye of his cock head. Oh Yeah, he wanted it all right! I climbed up on the bed and straddled him. It was quite a stretch to be on my knees and still stay above his cock until I was ready.
There was a sudden noise at the door. The four of us froze. In the dead silence that followed, nothing more was heard outside the door other than footsteps receding.
"Shit!" Exhaled on the the guys.
"Yeah, scared the piss out of me," said Ron.
I relaxed again and slowly, I lowered myself down until I could wiggle Don's cock up and down my juicy slit. When I thought I'd got enough lubrication on that fuck stick, I centered my love canal over the target and slowly lowered my self down.
It was damned tight and slow going to get my pussy to stretch enough to take him all in, especially with the other two making bets with each other as to whether I would be able to do so or not.
Well, let me tell you, it took some doing and some time, but I could definitely feel that cock hit bottom against my cervix and it must have displaced my insides some in order to get as much of that monster in as I did, but there was still a lot of dick left out in the cold! I've never felt so damned stuffed full. Heaven and hell at the same time, believe me. I also fleetingly wondered if I'd ever have a tight pussy again.
After a pause to acclimate to the fullness, I did my fiercesome 'pole dance' on Don's massive missile. I orgasmed once before I stopped short of letting that man missile blast off. Don moaned both his pleasure and his frustration.
"Ok now, Ron, you get around here in front so I can suck you to heaven and John, you get behind me. When I bend forward, I want you in my ass, if you can get in. Don has things pretty well bottled up, but you can try."
While I remained impaled on Don's monster, I sucked on Ron and John tried the back door. He had plenty of lubrication, but he never managed more than an inch with the monster in my pussy pressing the rear entrance track too much. When Ron and John switched, Ron had even worse luck. John was the first to shoot his wad, a lot, down my throat. Ron managed to help himself shoot off all over my back moments later.
As they withdrew, I looked down at Don. He was sweating buckets and pumping slowly to meet my down thrusts and enjoying every second of it. But eventually, he reached his breaking point too, and shot more cum into my pussy that I thought any one man could hold in one shoot.
Jesus, did he unload a ton of cock cream. That hot goo was back flushing in torrents down around his cock and out onto his balls, me, the bed, and everywhere. I followed him with one of the most blasting and pleasurable, multiple orgasms I've ever had, rolling back to back for quite some time before I finally calmed down.
Don had the damnedest look of pleasure on his face as he said, "Shit, Mary Jane, I've wanted to do that ever since I transferred in our sophomore year, but I was too shy to ask you out and you were too busy with all the others."
"Well, I hope we don't have to wait ten years for the next reunion before you and I do this again."
"I don't think you have to worry about that! But now, we had better get back, we seem to be slowing down. I think that means we are about to dock. Not to mention that my wife will be on her high horse about where I've been"
That's when the door broke open.


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