Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am Smita 28 yrs old house wife, I am married to anil and we lead good life. Having kids was not on our priority list. We have a few common friends and we are cool about flirting with each others friends but nothing on a serious note. Sex was normal between us and we enjoyed it. Anil's friend Varun relocated himself to Pune. He was a divorcee and we knew the girl whom he was married to for a year, she had an affair and later they split. Anil suggested that he looked for a house near our place so that he gets company and does not feel lost in the new city. I also suggested that he join our gang and who know he might stick a cord with someone in our group.

We used to go out to dinners and parties with friends and Varun got accepted within our friend circle. He is a quite kind of a person but fun to be with. Once we had the diwali party at a friends place, Varun was also invited, we all set out to the party and after reaching there he complimented my looks. He whispered in my ear "Smita you are going to kill a lot of men tonight" I asked why ? he said wait and watch. I started getting conscious at every men and Varun would give me naughty stare from a distance. We had a good time and as we were heading back Anil refused to drive as he was slightly drunk and Varun had to drive. As we reached home he helped me out of the car and put his hand around my waist to support me, it was an innocent gesture but it did strike something inside me.

As we settled Anil said, why don't you sleep here anyway its weekend and he went upstairs to sleep. I made the guest room ready and asked Varun to feel at home. By now I had problems looking straight into his eyes. He asked Smita "Coffee milega" ? I said "sure" He said he can help and followed me to the kitchen, he sat on the kitchen table as I made coffee for both of us. I kept the coffee on the table and said "Let me change" he too went to change and I was thinking what night dress to wear, I picked up a red night dress with slightly deeper neck and it was just about my knee length.I checked on Anil if he wanted coffee, he was fast asleep, I came down and saw him in Anil's boxers. I said they "fit you well" with a grin.

We were having coffee and he looked at me and said "you were the most beautiful women in the party" I said you made me conscious about this fact and I was conscious looking at every man who was speaking to me, he laughed and and said "I swear! you were the best". He looked at my feet and said you have beautiful legs and in a spontaneous response I asked "Are you checking me out ?" for which he said "yes" with his naughty stare which i could not handle. I could see his eyes glaring at my 28c/30/34 figure.Now I could feel his leg touch mine under the table, he gently touched my calf muscles with his feet and I slowly pulled back without reaction. he said "sorry" I asked "for what"? he was open in saying " for touching you" I smiled and said so helping me out of the car was also deliberate hmmm, I asked what happened to you Varun ? He said, "Smita Sorry to say you are irrepressible, I just cant keep my hands off you. Let me be honest here, you have the perfect height 5'4 I guess, I nodded my head, your assets are well built, your body is curvy, your hair, clean hands and feet drives me crazy !! so I end up touching you. I must admit your neck and lips invite me to kiss you. Saying this he looked straight into my eyes, I just looked down. He asked me "Did you feel bad ? I am being frank here" I kept quite and later said its getting late we should sleep. Saying this I got up and switched off the lights on the ground floor and was heading to the stairs. He came behind me and asked Smita, be honest did you feel bad and held my wrist. I stepped on the stairs to move and he came along.

He pulled me which made me turn around and we were face to face again as he is 6ft tall and I was facing him standing on the stairs. I said "NO" I guess this gave him some extra courage to put his palm around the back of my neck and he came close to me and hugged me with a warm embrace, I just did not know how to react, I was cold as ice, I whispered hoarsely 'Varun... please...." before I could complete he was breathing on my neck and kissed me on my neck, while he held me tight around my waist, even if I wanted I could not escape. He pushed me against the wall in this dark stair way and kissed me on my forehead and cheeks and tried kissing on my lips. I managed to break the hug and ran all the way to my room, and that was it I didnt sleep the whole night thinking of the experience.

Next day morning Anil asked me to call Varun for breakfast as his room was closed, I knocked and entered the room to see him asleep, I tried to wake him up but he didn't react, I had just turned around, he just held my wrist in a snap and kissed my hand ! I was shocked, I was like "What are you doing? Anil is here" He was cool about it, I told him to come for breakfast and escaped out of his room. At the breakfast table he was speaking to Anil while his feet was on mine, I was going cold all over my body I just could not take this any more. My husband got a call from an old friend of his and he had to go to meet his old gang. When Varun also announced that he also was leaving as he had some work, I felt bad and said, 'why don't you have lunch with me and then go anyways Anil is not here for lunch'. Anil left and I locked the door and turned around to see Varun behind me.

He held me again by my waist and hugged me tight and told me that I did not let him sleep last night,next thing he did was slide his hands inside my t-shirt and feel my waist, I just couldn't take it and from nowhere my hands were around his shoulder. He pulled me closer and kissed me all over my neck and bit my shoulder. My breasts were being pressed against his broad chest and I was loosing control all over myself. He bolted the door and said lets go to your room and I followed him up the stairs where he threw me on the undone bed and hugged me tight. He broke the hug and told me " You are so soft do you mind if I kiss your lips"? he did not wait for my answer I could feel his his lips pressing against mine, I hesitated and backed out, he did not force me but pulled me closer and gently sucked my lower lip, he was kissing me passionately and I could feel his hands around my waist going down on my thighs as he pulled my legs around him.

The hug just got tighter and my nails were digging on his shoulder. He asked me if I was ok? I said yes coz I was enjoying this new found pleasure inside me. He switched on the AC and covered ourselves in a quilt, and slid his hands inside my T-shirt to feel my breasts, I did not stop him from here, he was in total control of my body, he slid out the T-shirt and I was in my black bra. He went down on my cleavage kissing it and sucked all over my breasts over the bra while playing with the other in his wide palm. In a few mins my bra was off my body and he took off his T-shirt too, he had mild hair on his broad chest and it was very cozy as he hugged me to kiss me all over my neck, shoulder, breasts and now he started to suck my nipples one by one as he pinched then slowly. As he sucked my nipples I arched my body just to be pushed on the bed to be sucked harder again and to be bitten on my breasts gently.

He pressed my boobs with care and never did for once feel if he was on a attack mode.In no time my tracks and panties were off my body, I was naked against him. He was kissing me all over my body starting from my neck all the way down to my navel and waist. I could not handle the tickling feeling on my stomach when his stubble's touched me and let out a moan, this was enough for him to turn me around on my stomach and kissed me all the way down on my spine and later bit my shoulder really hard. I pleaded , please... Varun stop, but he was not here to listen to me and was licking my back. He stepped out of the bed and dropped his boxers the sight of his already erect cock scared me. It must be 7" in length and thick, It was a sight for me as I had not seen a dick in real life other than Anils which is around 6". He knelt on the floor and pulled my legs to the edge of the bed, before I could realize he started kissing my inner thighs and was working his tongue to my already wet pussy. He first licked me slowly with the tip of his tongue and started rubbing my clit with his finger and was licking all the way down on my love hole. In pleasure I was pulling his hair and my legs were on his shoulders. In no time I had released a stream of my love juices in his mouth. He came up and kissed me on my lips and whispered " your turn now" and guided my hand on his warm hard cock. I knelt on the bed and he stood at the edge and guided his monster cock into my mouth and I was licking it and sucking it without any hesitation, It was slightly large for my mouth as I ended up gagging couple of times. He made me take off my hands from his dick and kept pumping it into my mouth holding my pony tail. He whispered "use your tongue" I told him "dont cum in my mouth I dont like it" He smiled and said " You will like it" and pushed my head deeper on his cock.

From his breathing I could realise that he was building up to cum and I was being cautious that he does not cum on me, and in a second a gush of white semen was in my mouth, he held my head tight and pushed his dick down my throat, I gagged but he did not spare me till he emptied his load down my throat. He pulled some tissues from the bed side and wiped me clean and kissed me on my lips and wiped my tears. He went down to the kitchen and got some juice from the fridge while I covered myself in the quilt. I drank the juice he offered me with some chocolates. He slid inside the quilt and hugged me tight and asked "did you enjoy" ? I said yes but not the last part, he said " There is no fun when u spit the cum" it is part of our relationship so it has to be respected and kissed my lips. I could feel his cock grow on my thighs, he looked at me with a naughty smile and asked shall we? And I nodded my head as I was turned on badly with his fingers playing on my nipples and his lips on my neck and lips. He slid his right hand between my legs and started to rub my clit slowly while he kissed my upper body. He went down and licked my navel, encircled my navel with the tip of his tongue and went further down to suck my clit and lick it hard. I was moaning slowly, I said "Varun ab bus bahut ho gaya" let me go.. he continued to lick so passionately that I could hardly stop him from doing so. I wanted him more.

I was turned on he started to slide his middle finger inside as he licked my clit. I just couldn't control myself and pulled him up and told him "I cant take it any more" He said relax and asked 'shall I enter you" ? I did not have an answer, I guess he understood what I wanted, he asked do you have condoms? I told him its in the side table, he took a condom and put it on as i watched him. He pushed me on my back and spread my legs, he was on top of me kissing my lips with lots of passion, I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing all around my pussy. as he kept teasing me and every time the tip of his cock touched my pussy I would let out a moan. Suddenly he made the move and entered me a bit, I sighed loudly as it came as a surprise to me, while kissing me on my lips and playing with my tongue he kept going deeper and deeper into me. I could feel him touching deep inside where i was not used. I was moaning and wriggling under him. He started sucking my nipples and started to fuck me slowly occasionally telling me that he loves me. I could feel his dick grow inside me and all the dots on the condom was tickling me driving me to a huge orgasm. He licked the tears from my cheek and continued to fuck me a bit faster, increasing the thrust, I moaned loudly enough for him to hear me. With every stroke he was going deeper and deeper into me. I was thinking he was about to cum, but he pulled out and turned me around in the doggy position and re-entered without mercy, deep and hard. He held my hair and went on stroking me faster as I kept moaning. He changed multiple positions to make me cum once more. I was tired but he was not ready to listen he put me back in missionary position, and put my legs on his shoulder and kept stroking me, nearly after 5 mins he started grunting and I could feel his cock pulsating deep inside me as he stroked he was cumming and I felt I was in heaven and I too started to cum hard as this was the most shattering orgasm of my life. He collapsed on me with his nose in my cleavage. I hugged him with my legs and dug my nails deep inside his skin and bit him hard.He let me go to the washroom while he slept for a while. I dressed up and woke him up for lunch with a kiss.

He had a bath and came down to the kitchen, kissed me and we had lunch, he left post lunch. I went had my bath by the time Anil was back. I was feeling guilty for what I did, I could not have sex with Anil for a week before I could reconcile. We had a few more sessions after our first encounter. Its been a year now Varun moved to Bangalore with a new job.


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