Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Bernard nodded. His eyelids felt heavy. His lips felt puffy. The handsome teenager flicked at the corners of his mouth with his tongue tip. He watched as Melinda spread her legs. He fell to his knees between her legs. He sprawled on top of her and they both moaned with pleasure as they pressed their naked bodies together. Bernard could feel her huge melon breasts pressing against his muscular chest. He could feel her nipples. They were hard. Like pebbles. They throbbed against him. Melinda could feel the entire length of Bernard’s huge dick pressed up against her lower belly. For the first time the little girl knew exactly how deep inside the cock was going to have to go if the complete penetration they both needed so desperately was to be achieved. The base of his cock was pressing against her tiny golden pubic patch, just above her pulsating little man in the boat, and the tip was twitching a little near her navel. Melinda knew that the tip of Bernard’s cock would be lodged deep inside her belly by the time her inner cunt lips got around to gripping at the base of his purple lance. Melinda feared for a moment that she had bitten off a tiny bit more than she could chew. She tried to push her fears into the back of her head. She tried to think of nothing but the womanly pleasures she would know once Bernard rammed his dick past her cherry. Melinda did not want to think about anything that might get in the way of the physical joy she knew she was about to experience. She didn’t want to do anything that might stifle her sensual bliss. The little girl kissed hungrily at Bernard’s mouth and they were both panting like wild animals in heat. She wondered if she should tell him that he was her first male lover. She decided, upon consideration, that honesty was always the best policy.
“I have a confession to make.”
“I have never been with a guy before — you know — like this.”
“Uh uh.”
“You are a virgin?”
“You are redundant. I am absolutely a virgin,” Melinda said. She didn’t know if this was true, exactly. She had gotten her pussy eaten repeatedly. She was no stranger to sexual pleasure. She just had never taken a cock inside her. Melinda decided to keep her lesbian love a secret.
“I’m honored to be your first man,” Bernard said sweetly.
“Please fuck me now. I can’t wait any longer,” Melinda said.
Her voice was shaky, desperate, wanton. She begged him with her sincere baby blue eyes. She flapped her long blonde eyelashes against her high cheekbones.
Bernard placed the palms of his hands flat on the ground on either side of Melinda’s pretty head.
He pushed down.
He straightened his arms.
Bernard arched his back and lifted his upper torso. He moved so that only Melinda’s erect nipples were touching his chest. He got up on his toes. The boy looked as if he were about to do push-ups on top of the little girl. Only the tip of his long thick cock was touching her, between her bellybutton and her mound. She moved his hips backward so that his piss hole ran through her pubes. The head of his cock was so hypersensitive at that moment that he winced as the hairs brushed his urethra — despite the fact that her pubes were downy soft. The handsome teenage boy supported the weight of his upper body with his left hand exclusively. He moved his fingers as far apart as he could in the grass. He bent a little at the knuckles and dug his fingertips into the warm soil. Melinda felt very natural. Being naked in the woods alone would be nice — even if she weren’t about to get her cherry popped.
With his right hand Bernard reached back and grabbed the base of his cock. He wrapped his fingers around it tightly and clenched his fist. He gave his thick dick a couple of quick squeezes — just to make sure that it was as long and thick as possible. He was satisfied with the experiment and used his hand to guide his cock tip. Melinda found it impossible to keep her ass still. She was grinding her buttocks against the warm grass. She could tell that her natural lubrication was dripping into the ground. So natural, Melinda thought to herself. Bernard rubbed his quivering piss hole against the little girl’s twitching love button for a moment.
She whimpered.
She whined.
“Fuck me,” the little girl said breathlessly. “Pretty please!”
Bernard ran the tip of his pole of manhood ever-so-slowly up and down the little girl’s pussy. He loved the way she sounded when she begged for his cock. He could tell that she was in his control. He knew that he could tease her for as long as he wanted. He liked the feeling of power. But he also wanted to get laid — so he wasn’t going to tease for too long. Melinda could feel the ache of desire inside her cunt getting worse than it had ever been before in her entire life.
Finally he moved the throbbing purple head of his thick lance to the base of her drooling poontang. He moved his hips from side to side and got the head of his cock between her inner labia. He clenched the muscles in his ass cheeks. He pressed his buttocks tightly together — as tightly as he could. One would not’ve been able to pry those ass cheeks apart with a crow bar at that moment.
He moved his hips so that his cock was at the appropriate angle for vaginal penetration. The little girl knew that her virginity only had a few seconds to live. She found it very difficult to breathe. Melinda gasped desperately as she felt the pressure increasing at the mouth of her fuck hole. The pretty little blonde could feel her swollen inner pussy lips stretching until they were gaping. Soon the lips that surrounded her fuck hole were struggling to grip at the ring of scar tissue at the base of Bernard’s glans. She could feel the tip of his cock on her cherry. He could feel it too. It was tight, firm. He could tell that it was going to take some brute force to get inside her. He was very big. She was tiny. He knew he was going to hurt her. He knew that there was no way he could keep from hurting her. He figured that his best bet was to get the pain of initial penetration out of the way as quickly as possible. The handsome teenage boy took a deep breath. He filled his lungs with air. Then he stabbed down with his ass as hard as he could.
Melinda heard a tearing sound.
She felt a horrible pain.
Her cherry popped like a cork out of a champagne bottle!
Her hymen tore brutally away from the walls of her inner cunt.
Melinda let out a sharp cry of agony at that point.
She felt as if her cunt had been stabbed with a kitchen knife.
She could feel something warm and sticky mixing with her cunt juice.
She shivered as she realized that this was blood from her recently opened wound. The blood was the same color as the fingernail polish she and her sister always wore.
She could tell that Bernard’s cock would be covered with blood by the time he finished fucking her. All of her muscles stiffened as the horrible agony shot up her spinal cord to her reeling brain.
“Should I stop? Does it hurt too much?” Bernard said.
It was clear from the tone of his voice that he did not want to stop.
Bernard Shakey wasn’t even sure he was able to stop.
He could feel the raw savage animal within him emerging.
“NO! GOD! NO! DEEPER!” Melinda screamed at the top of her lungs.
They were alone deep in the woods. They did not worry about being discovered.
Melinda Madison made no attempt to stifle her exclamations of pain and lust. The pretty little blonde was pleased to find that the agony of her initial vaginal violation was transient. It soon faded into a dull ache — and that ache blended perfectly with the ache of desire she was feeling. There was a ball of molten yearning at her core.
Bernard could tell that it was going to be no easy task getting all nine inches of his prick inside the little girl in spite of the fact that he had removed the major barrier. Her cunt was shriveled and closed from lack of use. He had to pry it open with the thick head of his cock. He had to stretch her hole to full capacity.
Melinda could feel the tip of Bernard’s dick moving inside her bleeding cunt a fraction of an inch at a time. The tip was getting ever-closer to the magic spot. She could tell that something marvelous was going to happen to her when the head of his cock reached that spot. She could tell that she was going to come in a brand new way. She knew this instinctively, and she began to press up with her ass. The little girl tried as hard as she could to relax the muscles at the sides of her vulva so the penetration would be more comfortable for both of them.
Then Bernard took another deep breath, paused and stabbed down as hard as he could. The tip of his prick banged hard against the mouth of Melinda’s womb. She exploded into the first vaginal orgasm of her life. She could feel her inner pussy walls convulsing around his huge glans. His cock was less than half way in and she had already stiffened and trembled with her ecstasy. Bernard could feel his hot sticky semen swirling around his swollen testicles. The head of his prick felt like it was going to burst. Her pussy was the tightest thing he had ever felt on his pole of manhood.
Melinda found her deep-vaginal climax to be shorter and sharper than the clitoral comes she had known.
But the best thing about the new kind of come was that she could tell it was only the first of many that she would have during the course of the fuck.
Melinda Madison lifted her feet out of the grass. Bernard’s cock began to slide it more quickly. She was wetter and more relaxed after her orgasm.
Melinda’s chubby pink toes were clutching desperately at the top balls of her feet as she lifted her legs.
The pretty little blonde straightened her legs and pointed her toes at the sky. She squeezed at the sides of Bernard’s tensed hips with the insides of her thighs.
She turned her feet inward and crossed her ankles at the small of her back. Her knees were pointing in opposite directions, and her thighs were as far apart as she could get them.
Melinda wrapped her arms around his strong back. She scratched lightly at the tight skin between Bernard’s rather pointy shoulder-blades. In this manner the pretty little blonde hugged her first man with her arms and her legs at the same time.
Melinda could feel the boy’s cock against the back wall of her pussy. There were still several inches of cock at the base left to be pushed inside.
Melinda could not believe how stuffed with cock meat she felt. She thought that her insides would burst and she would bleed to death at any second.
The pretty little blonde found that her pussy was a lot more elastic than she thought it would be — just like her sister Michele had said it would be.
The head of his cock found her core.
She felt thoroughly pierced!
She felt like a butterfly on a pin on display under glass.
His cock head throbbed incredibly deep inside her belly.
She could feel the entire length of his rod pulsating against the taut walls of her womanly internal flesh.
Bernard Shakey had done more than touch Melinda in places that she had never been touched before.
Oh yes.
Much more.
Bernard had touched the pretty little blonde in places she didn’t even know she had. Deep places. Internal places.
Secret places.
Feminine places.
Places so deep inside Melinda’s body that the little girl would have thought that they couldn’t be reached from the outside. She was filled to the brim with twitching tube steak!
“Fuck me,” she said.
Her voice was filled with urgency. She needed it bad.
Melinda Madison wanted to be fucked until she could hardly walk!
Melinda’s inner cunt lips gaped and gripped at the base of Bernard’s lance. He was all the way in. Melinda thought that he would start his in-and-out fuck motion right away.
Bernard continued to press down with his hips. He ground his pubic bone against her. He rubbed the top of his cock base against her engorged little man in the boat.
He gyrated his hips. He stretched the inner walls and inner lips of Melinda’s cunt in every possible direction. Melinda made pathetic whimpering noises. Again she begged him with her eyes.
He had mercy on her. He began to fuck. He felt more in control than ever. He loved the way her tits felt against his chest. He loved the way her shapely legs felt as they gripped him. He loved the sensations her long red fingernails caused as they scratched lightly at his back and the back of his neck.
He knew he wouldn’t be able to fuck for very long.
It had been a long time since the handsome boy had gotten laid.
It was still difficult to score at sixteen in Rushdale.
It didn’t help that he had a reputation as an egghead.
No matter how normal he acted he was still an oddball.
But not with Melinda. Melinda didn’t care about the power of his mind.
She only cared about the power of the stiff meat Bernard carried around with him between his thighs.
Bernard pulled his dick out of her pussy very slowly.
He could feel the girth of the pole tugging the inner labia.
Melinda’s inner cunt lips were stretched far out as he withdrew.
Bernard pulled his cock almost all the way out of the quim.
Only the head of his cock remained inside her cunt. Her lips gripped the base of his glans. He paused, took a deep breath, and rammed down as hard as he could. The little girl could feel her pussy hole going from completely empty to completely full in one fell swoop. Melinda could feel a great rush of pleasure rip through her diminutive torso. She could tell that the handsome boy was not going to have to do that too many times before she would have her second orgasm of the fuck.
Bernard heard her grunt.
She emptied her lungs.
Her face was very red.
He could tell that he would soon shoot his wad — so he gave it everything he had.
The handsome boy began to fuck that tight bleeding twat as hard and fast as he could.
Bernard could feel his sadistic nature emerging. He didn’t care how much he hurt the girl. He wanted to drive himself to an awesome climax.
The handsome teenager could feel the tickle of sexual anxiety forming at the base of his prick. He knew they were in the homestretch of the animalistic hump.
Her cunt made squishy splashing noises as he rammed it.
Melinda thrust upward with her hips each time the boy slammed downward with his nine inch pole of masculinity. Their loins slapped together rhythmically. They were slick with sweat. They moaned and groaned together. Melinda exploded into her second orgasm, and she was pleased to find that it was even longer and more intense than her first.
After several more strokes Bernard could feel his sexual tension reach the saturation point. All of his muscles tensed and he shivered violently.
The handsome boy slammed the entire length of his cock into the little girl’s cunt. This made Melinda come for the third — and best — time. They came simultaneously. — She could feel his cock head and stem spasming against the stretched internal walls of her needy womanhood, and this triggered her own convulsions. They sang a duet. Both screamed with bliss. Melinda could feel the boy’s huge cock getting even thicker and longer as the lava began to spurt from the tip.
He bathed her inner pussy with his hot sticky semen.
Bernard filled Melinda’s poontang with his fuck cream.
His silver seed shot out of his gaping piss hole plentifully.
Melinda discovered that she could use her internal cunt muscles.
She contracted the muscles and tugged on his dick as hard as she could.
Bernard felt as if he were being sucked off by cunt flesh.
She was going to suck his balls dry with her hungry pussy.
He had scratched her internal itch — the itch that had been plaguing her for so long. Now she was a real woman.
Her cunt was no longer a rosebud.
It was a full-fledged flower.
She could feel his cock lose its urgent rigidity.
Bernard’s penis softened within her spongy hole.
He lowered his face. They kissed passionately — wetly.
They tongued each other’s gums and teeth. They stimulated each other’s saliva glands. They swapped spit. They quaffed cheerfully of each other’s hot spittle. They drank from each other’s sensuous mouths. Bernard pulled out and rolled onto his back.
His semi-erect cock slouched on his thigh.
Melinda winced when she looked at his groin. As expected, his diminishing lance was wearing a crimson coat — blood from her popped cherry. The flow of blood inside the little girl had stopped, but, there was dried blood on her pubes, the insides of her thighs and down in the crack of her ass.
“We made a mess,” Melinda said with a giggle.
“I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly,” Bernard said.
“Oh, Bernard, it was perfect,” Melinda said. “A real manly fuck,” she beamed. She was very happy. A brand new world had been opened up for her by his stiff dick.
She stretched her arms up over her head — toward the sky.
She arched her back languorously — feeling very adult.
“I have a handkerchief to clean up,” Bernard said. He stood and went to his clothes which were hung over a nearby tree branch.
He was thinking of more practical matters.
He handed the handkerchief to Melinda and she frowned. She had been hoping that he would mop her pussy for her. With his hominess, Bernard’s romantic self had left.
She wiped the blood off as much as she could and handed the hanky back to the boy, who used it to clean his cock. Melinda noticed that the blood had clustered most thickly at the base of his dick — in a ring.
They got dressed.
Melinda felt strange. Bernard was actually very cold when he wasn’t hot. Melinda almost smiled at her unintentional humor. But she was glad that her cherry was gone. Now she and Michele could play all of the same games when they got it on at night.
“So how was it?” Michele Madison asked her sister eagerly.
“Very nice,” Melinda said. Her blue eyes were twinkling.
The corners of Melinda’s mouth insisted on turning upward.
“Sounds like it was more than nice. Did you come?”
“Three times.”
“Was he big?”
“About nine inches.”
“How long did he keep it up.”
“I have no idea. Long enough. Not too long,” Melinda said.
“Honey, there is no such thing as too long,” Michele replied.
“There is when you are bleeding,” Melinda added, raising her right eyebrow into a golden arch.
“Poor, Mindy,” Michele said with a pout. “Did it hurt bad?”
“Only for a second,” the little girl said. Her cheeks were rosy.
“Much blood?”
“Some. Not too bad. The pleasure was good more than the pain was bad — if you know what I mean.”
“Uh huh,” Michele said. They were in their bedroom. Both sat on Melinda’s bed, very close to one another. “I guess you won’t be horny tonight, huh?”
“The hell I won’t,” Melinda said. She kissed her sister on the lips. It had just turned dark. They figured they had four of five hours of privacy ahead of them.
They were wrong.
Little did the pair know that Monica Madison had gotten half way to her “office” in Syracuse when she decided to take the night off. She had had a rough week, and she decided that it would be nice to spend a quiet evening at home watching television or catching up on her reading. She made a U-turn and headed back for her home in Rushdale.
Melinda and Michele flicked the tips of their tongues together. Then they rolled them together in a wet, internal swordfight.
“I need a bath before we fool around,” Melinda said.
“I’ll draw you a tub,” Michele said, caressing her cheek.
“Scrub my back?” Melinda asked mischievously with a wink.
Melinda took off all of her clothes and followed Michele into the bathroom.
Michele filled the white porcelain tub half full of hot water. Melinda stepped into it slowly — dipping an experimental big toe before taking the plunge. She sat down in the tub slowly — knowing that the water was going to feel hotter on her cunt than anywhere else on her body — with the possible exception of her nipples, but they were the last to get wet.
Michele got naked too — just so her clothes wouldn’t get wet in case there was some impromptu splashing.
Melinda sprawled on her back in the tub. Her eyes closed. Her breasts were buoys.
Michele grabbed the white bar of soap and began to lather Melinda’s breasts. She stroked the nipples.
Melinda knew that Michele had more raw sensuality in her little finger than Bernard had in his whole body. He hadn’t even touched her tits — except for smashing them flat against her chest — which didn’t give the pretty little blonde extraordinary pleasure.
Melinda could feel her sister’s hand working down the front of her body. Melinda lifted her feet out of the water and placed them on the white tiled wall near the chrome faucets. Her toes pressed very hard against the wall. Michele ran her fingers gingerly down between Melinda’s legs. Melinda winced as her sister first touched her pussy. But the warm water quickly soothed the flesh, and Melinda could feel an ache of desire forming there. She could tell that her cunt was swelling. She imagined she was lubricating herself, but there was no way of knowing for sure while she was in the tub.
Melinda heard herself start to moan. Michele used plenty of soap and washed Melinda’s crotch. She was clean as a whistle by the time Michele put the bar of soap back in its dish at the side of the tub.
She plunged her right hand back under the water. Michele lightly stroked up and down Melinda’s swelling slit. She pushed a couple fingers in between the little girl’s inner cunt lips at the base of the slit. Michele had never been able to stick her fingers inside Melinda before. She began to penetrate.
“Oh yeah, sweety! Stick your fingers all the way in,” Melinda said. Her niece was filled with unadulterated joy.
The girls were having so much fun playing in the tub that they did not hear their mother’s car pull into the front driveway. They didn’t hear as she opened the front door and stepped into the livingroom downstairs.
FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS!!!” Melinda screamed out at the top of her lungs. She splashed water out of the tub as she began to buck up and down with her hips.
That was all Monica Madison needed to hear.
She knew what was happening.
Her daughters were playing their sinful game. And they would have to be punished. Monica was not going to play favorites now. They would both be punished.
She ran up the stairs three at a time. Her mind snapped. She confused Monica with Madame Pain. They became one. She confused being a mother with being a professional dominatrix bitch.
Monica Madison’s face was beet red with her ire as she burst into the steamy bathroom. Melinda was in the middle of an orgasm. Water was being splashed all over the bathroom floor. Michele was working three stiff fingers in and out of her sister’s poontang as hard and fast as she could, using her thumb to directly stimulate Melinda’s lobe button simultaneously.
Melinda was screaming bloody murder in her ecstasy, and it took both of the girls a few seconds to realize that they were in very deep trouble. Once Melinda saw her Mommy standing in the doorway the convulsions stopped. She fell still in the tub. Michele looked back over her shoulder. Her jaw dropped. Michele sheepishly pulled her fingers out of Melinda’s cunt. They could both feel the blood draining from their heads. Melinda and Michele could feel themselves turning as white as ghosts. Melinda could feel her heartbeat begin to race with her extraordinary terror. She could feel ants crawling around inside her tummy. Her skin was slick with a cold sweat.
Monica screamed at the top of her lung. Her jaw was set. She was grinding her teeth. Michele could tell that she wasn’t going to get off easy this time. The bolder sister knew that she was going to be punished just as severely as Melinda.
“I’m sorry, Mommy,” Michele managed to say. Her voice was pathetically weak. She shut up as Monica slapped her twice across the face as hard as she could. Michele was slapped once on either cheek. Once with the palm of Mommy’s hand and once with the knuckles. Michele was dazed by the blow and found herself sitting on the bathroom floor seeing stars before her eyes.
“Shut up, cunt. You two wanna play sex games. I’ll show you sex games. Now you are going to find out what Mommy really does when she goes to work.”
“You mean you aren’t a waitress?” Melinda heard herself say. She winced. She had not intended to speak.
“Stupid, pussy! No! I never waited on a table in my life, cunt. I give men pain. I am a dominatrix! A common hooker — with a specialty. There. Think about it. Now you know. And I will cause you pain too.”
Melinda could feel tears of fear and despair welling in her eyes. The tears soon rolled from the ducts at the corners of her baby blues down her cheeks and the sides of her button nose.
“Now get out of the tub and get dry. We are going to go into the master bedroom now. Oh yes, we are going to find out who the mistress is around here. I will be your sex mistress. You, I am afraid, will be no more than my sniveling slaves by the time I am through.”
The girls knew that she could do it if she wanted to.
And all appearances said that she wanted to a lot. The girls’ minds were blown. They were trying to adjust to their mother’s occupation and obey her orders at the same time.
Everything was happening too damn fast for them to understand.
Melinda could feel her mind racing in a thousand different directions at the same time — never able to cling to a single thought for more than a fraction of a second.
She stepped out of the tub. Monica backed up into the hall. The girls dried off very fast in the bathroom and followed their crazed mother sheepishly into the master bedroom.
Melinda could feel her knees shaking. She could feel her leg muscles getting weaker by the second. The muscles in her thighs felt as if they were made of jelly. Melinda was not at all sure how long her legs would be able to support the weight of her body. She had nothing to worry about. She would be prone soon enough.
“You!” Monica pointed at Michele. “Sit on the desk chair.”
“Yes, Mommy,” Michele said with her eyes lowered.
The little girl did her best to sound subservient. Michele’s mind was filled with hatred for her mother. Mommy had been lying to her for years. She was a cruel bitch.
YOU! GET ON THE BED ON YOUR BELLY!” Monica screamed at Melinda.
Melinda sniffled away her tears and got on the huge double bed.
“Stretch your arms out straight in front of you.” Monica said.
Melinda could tell that there was no point in struggling.
Monica was going to get her way one way or another, Melinda knew.
Melinda figured her best bet was to be cooperative.
Melinda prayed that the whole thing would be over quickly.
The pretty little blonde stretched her arms. Her breasts were against the bed.
Her ass cheeks stuck up in the air — so round, cute and vulnerable.
Monica licked her lips in anticipation as she gazed upon Melinda’s wet ass.
Melinda heard her mother rummaging in her bottom dresser drawer.
The strawberry blonde dominatrix bitch produced four pieces of rope.
She quickly tied Melinda’s wrists to the bars in the headboard.
Monica tied the knots as tightly as she could get them.
Melinda could tell that her mother had gone completely insane.
It was clear that the bitch had no concern for her pain.
In fact, the strawberry blonde relished Melinda’s discomfort.
Melinda could feel the ropes biting into her wrists.
She could tell that the circulation of blood had been interrupted.
Melinda could tell her fingertips were turning a deep purple color.
The little blonde began to feel pins and needles in her fingers.
She noticed that her knuckles were becoming increasingly stiff.
She knew that it wouldn’t be long before her fingers were immobile.
In a few minutes both of her hands would be completely numb.
When Monica finished tying the hands she moved to the foot of the bed.
She grabbed both of Melinda’s trim ankles at the same time.
She pulled the ankles as far apart as she could get them.
Monica could see Melinda’s buttocks and pussy lips part in the process.
Melinda’s slim white thighs were opened past a ninety degree angle.
Her feet were pointed toward the bedposts at the foot of the bed.
Monica hurriedly tied Melinda ankles in place — just as stringently.
Melinda felt the pins and needles in her toes. She knew without looking that her toes — usually so pink — were turning purple from the bondage. Melinda could tell that there would be rings around her wrists and ankles that would last long after the bondage was removed.
If it was removed.
Melinda couldn’t be sure it would. For all she knew her mother was about to torture her to death. The mere thought made the pretty little blonde weep with hopelessness and despair. The bedspread got wet from saltwater beneath her shiny face.
Her eyes were red and swollen. The insides of her eyelids felt as if they were made of sandpaper every time the little girl blinked.
Monica had no more rope.
But she found some copper wire — which she used to bind Michele’s ankles together. Michele’s wrists were bound together behind the desk chair.
Then Monica went to her closet and fetched a riding crop. She always kept some tools of pain around the house — just in case they might come in handy at some time or another.
“This is what happens to little girls who play diddley with their sisters!” Monica cried. Her face was very red. She was grinding her back teeth together nervously.
She raised her right arm over her head slowly.
Then she brought that arm down as hard as she could.
The riding crop came down across Melinda’s sweet buttocks.
The pretty little blonde howled with the pain this caused.
Monica hit her again just as hard. Her ass cheeks burned. They turned a fiery red. Monica was not going to stop until those twin globes of delicious ass flesh were striped with angry red welts.
As the whipping continued Melinda could feel the pain change.
At first the blows stung horribly — as if she were getting stung in the ass by humongous hornets.
But then the sharpness of the pain left.
Her ass cheeks numbed from the abuse.
They ached — warmly. It started to feel good. Her dominatrix bitch Mommy was teaching her once and for all how delicate and precious the line between agony and ecstasy was.
Melinda heard her screams of pain transforming into moans of pleasure.
“You like it?” Monica said with an evil hiss — like a snake.
“Yes. Mommy,” Melinda said.
“Then I will stop,” Monica said. “We will have to think of another way to torture you.”
Monica tossed the riding crop to one side. It struck the rug near the foot of the huge double bed and scuttled into the corner near the base of her dresser.
Monica Madison decided that it was high time she got out of her clothes. Whipping sweet Melinda’s butt had made her very horny. Her cunt was getting wet and swollen.
The strawberry blonde dominatrix bitch could feel her nipples getting hard and erect. The same was true of her little man in the boat at the top of her pussy slit.
Monica removed her shirt. Michele watched with great interest. Michele had never seen her Mommy without any clothes on before. She looked forward to seeing her mother nude with an odd anticipation.
Michele could see how large and hard her mother’s nipples were the second she pulled her blouse open. Monica — like her daughters — wore no bra.
Monica kicked off the high heels and removed her skirt. She slipped off her stockings and her panties — which had a wet spot in the crotch — so that she was completely naked.
“I have to think of something to do with you,” Monica said to Melinda, placing a crooked forefinger on her chin and furrowing her brow with thought.
Then Monica snapped her fingers.
“I have it,” she said.
“What are you going to do, Mommy?” Melinda asked.
“I am going to give you the reaming of your life,” Monica said.
Melinda did not know what the word reaming meant. Monica sensed her confusion.
“Dumb cunt, I am going to fuck your ass,” Monica said.
The dominatrix bitch returned to the bottom drawer of her dresser.
She parted her knees as she squatted to rummage around.
Michele could see her Mommy’s pink pussy. She could tell that her mother was very horny. It was plain to see that the strawberry blonde’s cunt was wet and swollen. The inner pussy lips dangled low from her crotch as she squatted.
Monica found what she was looking for.
“Ahhhhhh, Big Mike,” Monica said with a sigh of pleasure.
Big Mike was a dildo. A big fucking dildo! Humongous!
Big Mike was made out of hard black rubber. He was nine inches long.
It was the thickest dildo Monica had. The ebony pole was as thick as Harvey Harris’ dick, Monica’s muscular slave.
Attached to the base of the dildo was an elastic strap. Monica could put the straps over her hips and the tops of her thighs and wear Big Mike like a real cock.
The fake prick had little rubber pimples — like those you might find on the surface of a ping-pong paddle — on its base. If Monica positioned the spurious phallus properly she could rub her clit against those bumps as she fucked — and make herself come!
Monica did not put the dildo on right away.
She moved to the head of the bed and held it in front of Melinda’s face.
“This is going up your asshole,” Monica said cruelly.
The dominatrix bitch curled her upper lip into a sneer.
“It’s too big, Mommy!” Melinda said her voice quivering.
The little girl was on the verge of panic. She was drenched with icy sweat.
Melinda found it very difficult to breathe. Her racing heart filled her chest — leaving no room for her lungs.
“It will tear me apart!” Melinda screamed. Fresh tears welled in the pretty little blonde’s large baby blue eyes.


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