Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The muscular blond man pulled on his little girl’s feminine erection until the skin all around it was taut.
He made a growling noise deep inside his throat, as if all of the civilized behavior had been sucked from him.
He tossed his head from side to side wildly. For a moment the little girl thought he would tear the nipple off.
But MacIntyre remained in control of himself — barely. He did not do the pretty little virgin serious harm.
He released her nipple. He was panting wildly. Sally’s request for pain had brought out his sadistic nature.
It was a part of him that he usually managed to internalize. But he couldn’t help but let it out with Sally.
His deep, craving, incestuous passion made the man’s animal instincts emerge full-force. Sally didn’t mind.
She had loved the pain. Her brain had translated it all into pleasure, just as she had anticipated.
MacIntyre began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth across the other hard feminine erection.
He repeated the whole process — from gentle licking to savage biting. Sally writhed in the throes of agony.
The pretty little virgin’s mind was completely boggled.
She was astounded at the intensity of her sensations.
She would have thought that such things were impossible.
She didn’t think a mortal being could know such wonderful joy.
Sally was still whimpering after MacIntyre released the second nipple.
She opened her eyes and jerked when she saw her nipples.
They had grown longer than she had ever seen them before.
An inch long.
Very swollen.
She felt dizzy.
MacIntyre began to kiss his way down the front of his writhing daughter’s body. Her skin was slick with sweat.
He loved the way her Sally, smooth skin felt on his tingling lips as he rubbed them against her soft flat belly.
He moved slowly toward the foot of the bed. His feet began to dangle off. He rolled on his stomach. His toes pointed downward.
MacIntyre could smell his daughter’s cunt. He sucked the scent of her delicious womanhood deep into his sinuses.
MacIntyre moved so that his head was between Sally’s parted thighs. He couldn’t believe how beautiful her cunt looked. He had never seen a pussy with such little hair. His mouth watered. The handsome man licked his lips. Sally raised her knees in the air. She parted her knees as far as she could get them. MacIntyre could see her natural lubrication drooling from the bottom of her poontang.
He thought that her cunt juice looked like melted pearls.
He placed his nose very close to her cunt so he could get a rich whiff of funky cooze. He sighed as he exhaled. The man began to kiss and lick at the insides of Sally’s creamy thighs, and it was next to impossible for the living doll to keep her ass still on the bed.
“Oh Daddy, you make me so horny.” Sally whimpered.
“You have the prettiest little pussy,” MacIntyre sighed.
“I’m glad you like it. It is all yours,” Sally said breathlessly.
“It smells wonderful,” MacIntyre said. Sally could feel his hot moist breath on her pussy flesh. She thought that her little man in the boat was going to come popping right out of her pussy at any second. Her clit’s foreskin was pushed upward naturally by the size of the erect love button.
“I’ll bet it tastes just as good,” Sally said. It was a not so subtle hint. MacIntyre was being a tease however, and he did not go for her cunt right away. He kissed and nipped with his teeth at the insides of her thighs. He placed both of his hands under her thighs and pushed upward. Sally found that she was forced to lift her feet off the bed. She rolled back onto her shoulders. She could tell that Daddy was going to give some good loving to her sweet fanny.
He used his strong thumbs to pry her ass cheeks open.
He placed his tongue tip at the top of the crack of her ass.
His chin was very close to the bed and he stuck out his tongue.
LICK MY ASSHOLE!” she screamed enthusiastically.
And he did.
He tongued her clean and all of her muscles tensed. MacIntyre had to hug her tightly to keep her from snapping her spine like a whip with the blissful rim job. At first MacIntyre traced the ring of sphincter muscle with just the tip of his tongue. He flicked back and forth across the hole for a couple of seconds. Her asshole was only an inch from the base of her pussy. He then licked across her asshole with the flat part of his tongue until all of the delicious anal flavor was gone. He had given rim jobs before. But this was the first time he had ever licked an asshole without having to worry about getting hairs on his tongue.
Her voice was very high-pitched. She wailed. Her face was red and drenched with sweat.
As she tossed her head from side to side her hair flew through the air and some of it stuck to her wet face. She had to bluster her lips to get a couple of hairs out of her mouth. Her cunt felt like it was going to gush. She could feel the burning getting worse in her asshole, along with the craving for deep penetration in her bowels. She wondered if her Daddy would be willing to fuck her in the ass after he fucked her pussy. She had no idea how many times a guy was supposed to be able to get it up in one evening. In the fiction she had read the men could get boners whenever they wanted to — but she suspected that this was not the way it was in real life. Still, the pretty little blonde couldn’t help but hope that her Daddy would have enough jam to bugger her deeply before the evening’s incestuous passion session was complete.
MacIntyre made his tongue stiff and pointy at the tip.
He placed his tongue directly on her quivering rectum.
He began to push forward, and Sally shuddered violently.
She could feel her nether eye stretching open to take the tongue.
She let out a harsh grunting sound — almost a cough.
His tongue pushed deep inside — past the tube of tight muscle.
The tip of his tongue found the softer, more elastic flesh of his pretty daughter’s inner bowels. He wiggled the tip of his tongue around playfully, exploring as deeply as he could. He moved his tongue back and forth, and fucked her with it. But Sally could tell that his tongue was neither long enough, nor thick enough, to satisfy her anal cravings. The itch was deep inside. She knew that only her Daddy’s ten inch lance of cock flesh could scratch that itch properly. The little girl could feel her cunt ache getting worse in leaps and bounds. Her whimpers became desperate and MacIntyre could tell that it was time to make her come. He had teased her for long enough. Besides, he was anxious to hear what his sweet daughter sounded like when she was battling in the throes of ecstasy. She had come when she masturbated, but she had been struggling to stifle her exclamations of bliss. That didn’t count. This time she would be able to scream bloody murder when MacIntyre pulled her trigger with the tip of his tongue and launched her into never-never land.
“MY CUNT!” she screamed.
“Yes, sweetheart,” MacIntyre said. He lowered her feet back to the bed on either side of him. If she closed her knees she would have hugged her Daddy’s ears with the insides of her thighs.
He placed his fingertips on her outer cunt lips. He pressed firmly and pulled the outer labia apart as far as he could. He stretched the cunt open until it looked like a slab of raw meat.
He could see all of the nooks and crannies of her pussy. The folds of flesh parted so he could see it all.
Even her inner cunt lips curled back a bit, and he could see her fuck hole oozing foamy juices.
MacIntyre placed the tip of his tongue on the patch of mucous membrane between Sally’s asshole and the base of her slit. He hummed happily to let his daughter know how good her cunt tasted.
He licked upward and Sally thought she was going to die from the intensity of the ripples of pleasure that spread to fill her womanly torso.
The man flicked the tip of his tongue up and down the stretched back outer lips of her quim — and even licked on either side of her clit. He flicked across the curled back edges of her inner lips. He worked the tip of his tongue between those lips and Sally let out a series of sharp grunting noises as she felt him massaging her urethra. He lowered his tongue to the mouth of her fuck hole and tried to push the stiff taster deep inside. But he quickly found her cherry, and pressed on it firmly. Any doubts the tall handsome blonde man might have had about his daughter’s chastity were dispelled by this. He pulled his tongue all the way out of her cunt. He took a deep breath and puckered his lips. He blew cool air onto her love button and Sally shivered and sobbed.
“Make me come,” she whimpered.
She begged for orgasm.
He placed the tip of his right forefinger at the very top of her slit. He pressed and pulled upward — totally removing the flesh sheath from her little man in the boat. He blew air directly onto her clit and Sally could feel her baby blue eyes welling with tears. She had never known such sexual anxiety before in her life. She could think of nothing but her clit!
MacIntyre placed the tip of his tongue on her clit.
Her electric pussy convulsions commenced immediately with the contact.
He moved his tongue tip ever so subtly — but Sally acute arousal amplified her sensation a million times, and it felt as if an atomic bomb were going off inside her loins.
“C-C-C-C-COMING!!!” Sally stammered in her heat.
Sally could feel the blasts of climactic ecstasy spreading to envelop her and she felt as if she were no longer on the bed but rather drifting upward, spiraling toward the ceiling, leaving this world, journeying into another dimension, visiting a world where time and space does not exist, trekking to a land where all that mattered was sensation.
The land of the sensates.
Her mouth fell gaping open and she made gagging noises.
Her eyes were clenched tight. Her eyelids were wrinkled.
Her face was reddened. Her features were badly contorted.
MacIntyre had to pin her hips down to the bed with strong arms.
Her bucking would have smashed his nose otherwise.
He started out licking her love button very gently and slowly.
But soon he was flicking back and forth across his daughter’s center of womanly pleasure as hard and fast as he possibly could. He battered at her clit as if it were a small punching bag being worked over by a talented boxer. He pressed her clit against the base of her pubic bone and moved his tongue from side to side.
Sally’s sense of time was so distorted that the orgasm felt like it went on for many minutes — when in reality the entire climax was over in fifteen seconds.
Just when Sally thought the spasms that ripped through her were bound to decrease in intensity, MacIntyre Symms did something that she had not expected.
He wrapped his lips around her clit and the surrounding flesh.
He began to suck her love button with a steady draw.
His cheeks hollowed. He continued to massage the ball of fiery flesh with his tongue tip. Sally wondered if it were possible to pass-out from pure pleasure.
He sucked and licked at her clit simultaneously.
He did this until her orgasm was over. She suddenly collapsed on the bed.
She struggled to catch her breath and listened to her heartbeat slowing to its normal pace. MacIntyre pulled his tongue and lips away from her pussy the second all of her muscles relaxed. He knew that she was too sensitive to be touched there during the first few moments of her post-orgasmic afterglow.
He rested his chin on her bald mound and smiled.
“Did that feel good, pumpkin?” the man asked.
He knew the answer before he asked the question.
“Oh Daddy, it was wonderful,” Sally said. Her voice was weak. Sleepy.
“Getting fucked feels even better than that,” he said.
“I find that really hard to believe, Daddy,” she said.
“It’s true. Fucking is our greatest joy,” MacIntyre said.
“I can’t imagine anything nicer than what just happened.”
“You won’t have to imagine much longer, sweetheart.”
“I’ll know?” Sally asked. She blinked away tears so she could focus her baby blue orbs properly.
“Don’t worry about it,” MacIntyre said. “You’ll know.”
Sally giggled.
“What’s so funny?” MacIntyre asked, tilting his head to one side.
“Your face,” Sally said. Her blue eyes had cleared and were twinkling.
“What about my face?” MacIntyre asked, his eyes wide.
“It’s all wet,” Sally said, laughing once again.
“And whose fault is that, young lady?” he asked.
“I’ll take full responsibility,” Sally exclaimed.
“Why don’t you lick my face clean pumpkin?” MacIntyre suggested.
“It would be an honor,” Sally said. He got up on his hands and knees.
Sally immediately looked under him to see his cock. It was still a full-fledged boner. She was still in awe of the length and girth of that cock.
“I’m scared, Daddy.”
“It will only hurt for a second,” MacIntyre said. He prayed he was right. He knew that there were genuine grounds for her fears. After all, he was much larger than her. He prayed that he would not hurt her severely. He wanted to open up a new world for her. He wanted to make her first fuck one that she would want to remember fondly for the rest of her life.
He placed the palms of his hands flat on the bed on either side of her pretty head. She looked up at him with complete trust on her face. He hoped that he would not let her down.
He got up on his toes. His cock was pinned between their loins.
Sally could feel her Daddy’s dick throbbing against her belly.
She could see how deep inside her the prick was going to go.
The base of his cock was near her clit. The tip frighteningly high up on her soft, flat tummy.
She could feel his balls against her hypersensitive cunt.
He lowered his face down to her and she immediately began to lick her cunt juices. It didn’t take her long to figure out that she loved the flavor of her own natural lubrication. She had never had the courage to lick her fingers after she masturbated.
She did not stop licking him until all of the cunt flavor was gone. This turned naturally into a soulful kiss. They explored the insides of each other’s mouths with their eager tongues. They licked each other’s teeth, gums, cheeks. They sucked each other’s tongues.
“Fuck me,” Sally said sweetly. “Pretty please!!”
MacIntyre could not turn down a precious request like that.
He supported the weight of his upper body exclusively with his left arm. He arched his back and lifted his loins away from his pretty daughter’s, so only the tip of his prick was touching her, about half way between her dimpled bellybutton and her incredibly tiny pubic patch. The man reached back with his right hand and grabbed the base of his cock in a huge tight fist. He gave his thick pole a couple of quick squeezes, just to make sure that he was as hard and thick as possible. He was satisfied with the experiment, and used the same hand to guide the tip of his prick. He rubbed his bulbous purple glans, slowly, patiently, up and down her cunt slit, all the way from the base to the love button. He rubbed his spasming piss hole against her swollen clitoris for a few moments — which the virgin thought felt very good. But she could tell that her clit was no longer the center of her womanly pleasure. That role had been usurped by a new magic spot — deep inside her pussy. She could tell that the spot was not far from her dimpled cervix, on the upper wall of her vagina. It was past her cherry, in a spot where she had never been touched before. She could tell that something wonderful was going to happen inside her when the head of his cock rammed against that spot. She could tell that she was going to have a deep-vaginal orgasm — which would be unlike any other climax she had ever experienced. As MacIntyre rubbed his glans up and down her quim he was lubricating himself. He wanted his cock head to be a slippery as possible before he tried to push it in her tight virgin hole. Finally he moved the head of his cock down to the base of her slit and he adjusted his hips so that shaft of his cock was at the appropriate angle for vaginal penetration. The handsome muscular man tensed the muscles in his ass cheeks. He pressed his buttocks together as tightly as he could. The world’s strongest man would not have been able to pry those ass cheeks apart with a crow bar at that moment. The blond man took a deep breath and began to push down with his hips.
Sally could feel the pressure on her pussy increasing.
She tried to relax the muscles at the sides of her vulva.
But this was almost impossible.
She was frightened as well as horny. She knew that there would be a horrible pain inside her pussy at any second.
Once the penetration began it all happened very quickly.
Sally’s inner cunt lips were forced to stretch further open at that moment than they had ever stretched before.
She could feel her nether mouth open till gaping. Her inner labia struggled to clutch the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans.
MacIntyre could feel the tip of his prick on her cherry.
He could tell that it would take brute force to break through.
He let out a grunt and stabbed downward with his spear.
Sally heard a ripping sound inside her. Her cunt was on fire with pain.
She felt as if she had been stabbed in the cunt by a red hot poker. Her cherry had popped like a cork out of a champagne bottle.
She screamed bloody murder. Drool rolled from one corner of her mouth.
Her eyes welled with fresh tears as she wept in her agony.
“Should I stop? Does it hurt too much?” MacIntyre queried.
It was clear from the tone of his voice that he was hoping the answer was no.
DEEPER!” she screamed.
She could already feel the intensity of the pain fading.
The little girl could tell that the worst was over.
Even though her cherry was gone it would still be no easy task to get all ten inches of that prick inside her tight pussy. Her inner cunt walls were shriveled and closed from lack of use. MacIntyre had to pry them open with the head of his cock. He would have to stretch both the back wall and the side wails to full capacity if he was going to achieve the complete vaginal penetration they both sought.
He pressed down very hard — and still the tip of his thick cock only moved inside his pretty daughter’s cunt a fraction of an inch at a time. Sally could feel the sharp pain of her cherry-popping turning into a dull ache — an ache that blended perfectly with the ache of desire she was experiencing.
Sally could feel the tip of his cock getting ever closer to the magic spot inside her. She could tell that her father was going to do more than touch her in places that she had never been touched.
Much more.
He was going to touch her in places that she didn’t even know she had.
Deep places.
Internal places.
Secret places.
Womanly places.
She yearned to be completely impaled on his awesome purple lance — like a butterfly on a pin on display under glass!
She could feel something wet and sticky mixing with her natural lubrication. She realized that this was her own blood — blood from her recently opened wound.
She could tell that her Daddy’s cock would be wearing a crimson coat by the time the incestuous hump was complete. The stain on the bedspread was going to be a different color than she had imagined.
Then the tip of his cock rammed into the magic spot at the top wail of her inner pussy near her dimpled cervix, and, just as anticipated, she burst into an orgasm that was different from any other she had ever had.
Her first deep-vaginal come!
She found that it was shorter and sharper than the clitoral orgasms she had had. And the best thing about it was she could tell it was only the first of many she would have during the course of her first lay.
As she came the muscles at the sides of her cunt relaxed.
She all but forgot about the agony she had been in only moments before.
MacIntyre found that he could slide his cock into her with greater rapidity.
Her rose blossom had become a full-fledged flower.
She began to press up with her loins — trying to help.
Sally lifted her feet up off of the bedspread and stuck her legs up in the air. For a moment her toes were pointed and her knees were straight so that she was making a perfect “vee” with her shapely gams. She hugged at the sides of her Daddy’s slim yet powerful hips with the insides of her smooth thighs.
Sally then turned her toes inward and bent at the knees so she could cross her ankles at the small of her Daddy’s humping back.
She draped her arms around his back and scratched him between the shoulder blades lightly with the tips of her long red nails.
She hugged him with her arms and her legs at the same time.
Sally could feel the head of his cock against the back wall of her cunt.
She continued to stretch. He continued to violate.
She couldn’t believe how stuffed she was with his tube steak.
Again the handsome blonde man stabbed down as hard as he could. Her inner lips gripped at the base of his cock. He was all the way in.
Sally could feel the tip of his pole throbbing deep inside her belly. She wanted him to start fucking right away.
Instead he continued to press down. His pubic bone was against her. His balls were in the cheeks of her ass. She hugged at his hips hard with her thighs. He moved his hips in a slow circle.
MacIntyre stretched the inner walls and the lips of her cunt in every possible direction with those hip movements.
“F-F-F-FUCK!” Sally begged.
His cock was so thick that it would rub back and forth across her clit once he began the old in and out!
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, MacIntyre began to pull up with his hips. He withdrew his cock.
He didn’t stop pulling out until once again only the head of his dick was inside her bleeding quim.
He looked down and saw the blood on his prick. This sight brought out his sadistic nature. He took a deep breath and rammed the entire length of his dick into her with a single stab.
Sally thought her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.
Her lungs emptied and she sounded asthmatic as she struggled to inhale again.
She had no idea that her pussy could go from empty to full so fast. She could tell that her Daddy wouldn’t have to do that too many times before she would have her second come of the fuck.
And she could already tell that the second one was going to be even more intense than the first.
MacIntyre began to fuck her with a smooth steady motion.
He used the entire length of his prick with every stroke.
Her inner lips were stretched out and pushed in grossly.
DADDY! IT FEELS SO GOOD!” Sally screamed out in bliss.
“Shhhhh, my love. Just ride with the pleasure,” he said.
Sally rammed up with her hips each time he rammed down with his.
Their loins slapped together rhythmically as they humped.
The little girl could feel her orgasms getting closer together.
It got to the point where she was having difficulty determining when one orgasm ended and the next one began. They ran together. It felt more like she was having one continuous mind-boggling orgasm than it felt like she was having a series of shorter climaxes strung closely together. The little girl could tell that those orgasm were not going to stop until her handsome father ended the act by spilling his seed deep inside her pussy — where she felt his spunk belonged!
She didn’t bother counting her orgasms after a point. She couldn’t think of numbers. She could only think of the awesome pleasure that was filling her clutching body.
The man could feel the tickle of anticipation getting steadily worse at the base of his cock. He could tell that he wouldn’t be able to fuck for much longer. He could tell by the acuteness of the arousal that he would soon pop his rocks. Sally could tell by the frustrated little sounds her handsome blonde father was making in the back of his throat that the fuck did not have long to last. MacIntyre shifted his hips into high-gear. He shifted his cock into overdrive. They wailed into the homestretch of their incestuous union, and their loins slapped together harder and faster than ever. Their sweat pooled and blended on Sally’s belly and breasts.
The little girl felt her Daddy ram his cock all the way into her. She could feel her inner cunt lips struggling to grip the base of his pole. She could feel the tip throbbing inside her belly. The back wall and side walls of her pussy were stretched tight. If his cock had been a millimeter thicker or longer the pretty little girl was sure than he would have torn her wide open internally with his tool.
“I-I-I-I-I CAN’T STOP COMING, DADDY!!!” the little girl screamed. She then let out a cry of joy that only the stray dogs who might have been wandering around the Caledonia neighborhood would have been able to hear it. The little girl could feel her father’s cock spasming inside her and this sensation triggered her final orgasm of the fuck. She was pleased by this a great deal. The pretty little blonde girl, loved the idea that she and her handsome Daddy were having their sexual climaxes simultaneously. Sally — being a romantic — began to feel that there was only one orgasm and the two of them were sharing it. They screamed together. Father and daughter sang a duet in homage to their shared bliss. He spat his huge wad of creamy come into her seething hole, bathing the internal walls of pink mucous membrane with spunk. They trembled together and clutched at one another as if the world were about to come to an end.
And then it was over.
MacIntyre fell limp on top of his exhausted little girl.
For a moment the full weight of his upper torso was on Sally’s chest — making it difficult for her to breathe. Her huge breasts were pressed flat against his muscular chest. Her nipples were still hard and erect.
Then MacIntyre managed to push down with the palms of his hand and arch his back a little. Sally could feel his cock losing its urgent rigidity within her. The back wall and side walls of her cunt were allowed to relax a little. Now the little girl felt as if she and her loving Daddy were sharing a common afterglow.
The handsome man could hear his racing heartbeat slowing to normal. He felt as if his comely little girl had sucked his balls dry with her tight pussy.
The muscular bone could feel the blood of his arousal pumping back out of his cock. He was getting softer and littler by the second. But he did not pull out.
He liked the way his cock felt inside his daughter’s cunt. His prick felt like it belonged where it was — being hugged by Sally’s internal parts.
The pretty little blonde found that she could contract her vaginal muscles now that he was smaller and playfully squeeze at his deflating phallus.
This brand of non-verbal communication couldn’t help but make the father and daughter love-making team feel more intimate than ever. They were very in love — in every possible way.
MacIntyre lowered his head and kissed his daughter gently on the tip of her button nose. She opened her eyes and looked into his. Her facial expression was filled with a genuine adoration. She wanted to be his sex slave. She would have done anything to please her loving Daddy at that moment — without regard to any personal discomfort the act might have caused.
Sally smiled and her eyes twinkled merrily. They were still a little red and swollen from the tears she had spilled when her cherry had popped.
Beautiful Sally Symms slowly uncrossed her ankles at the small of her father’s back and placed the balls of her feet flat on the bedspread on either side of MacIntyre’s knees.
Finally the man pulled up with his hips and his flaccid cock came popping out of her seething boiling mass of cunt flesh. He rolled over on his back beside her.
“You are all bloody,” Sally said.
“Who’s fault is that?”
“I’m not sure. But I’ll take the credit.”
“Maybe I should go take a bath,” MacIntyre said.
“I’ll give you a bath. With my tongue,” Sally exclaimed.
“You don’t have to do that, sweetheart,” MacIntyre said.
“It’s okay, Daddy. I want to lick the blood off,” she said.
“But why?” he asked. MacIntyre felt like a cigarette.
Sally rolled over on her side and rubbed her tits against him.
She moved her pouting lips very close to the side of his neck.
His face was still a little red from his recent exertion.
The skin all over his body was slick with perspiration.
“I just want to find out what it tastes like,” Sally said. She licked her lips lightly with the tip of her tongue to moisten them.
“I think you are cute,” MacIntyre said. Now his blue eyes were twinkling. He moved his right hand to her breasts so he could fondle them affectionately.
“And I think you are the most handsome man I have ever seen,” Sally said. She ran the tips of her long red fingernails over his muscular chest.
“I hope I didn’t hurt you too much when I popped your cherry,” MacIntyre said. He had the fingers on his right hand spread apart as far as he could get them.
“It only hurt at first, Daddy. After a while it started to feel really good,” Sally said. She ran her arched fingertips over his tiny male nipples.
“I told you, didn’t I? And wasn’t it better than when I ate your pussy?” MacIntyre asked. He pressed with his fingertips firmly. Her breast flesh puckered under the pressure a bit and the little girl moaned.
“You had better cut that out, Daddy, or you are going to make me horny all over again,” the pretty little blonde said with a charming giggle.
“And what would be wrong with that. If you are horny I will appease you. We have the rest of our lives to give each other pleasure,” MacIntyre said turning up one corner of his mouth.
“Ummmmmmmmmmm,” Sally said. She hummed with her pouting lips pressed firmly together. She could feel her hard nipple against the center of Daddy’s palm.
“Were you telling the truth when you said that you couldn’t stop coming?” MacIntyre asked. He began to move her breast in a slow sensuous circle. He could feel Sally’s mouth running up and down the side of his neck, behind his ear.
“Absolutely, Daddy!” Sally said enthusiastically, although her voice was no more than a whisper. “I must have come a zillion times while your cock was inside me.”
“I’m so pleased. I guess that means that you are going to want to do it again,” MacIntyre said. His chest moved up and down as he offered a laugh.
“I should say so. I want to do it again as soon as your cock gets hard again,” Sally said. She ran the tips of her fingernails down his flat hard stomach toward the top of his golden pubic patch. The little girl could see that the base of that yellow patch was stained also by the blood from her pussy wound.
“Oh Sally. This is like a dream conic true for me. It has been hard for me — living alone with you for all of these years. Wanting you, but afraid to touch you.”
“You don’t have to worry about that any more, Daddy. From now on we can have sex whenever you want it. If you feel the slightest bit horny, you just let me know,” Sally said. She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth rapidly across her loving father’s earlobe. The man moved his thumb and forefinger to her nipple and pinched it lightly. Sally whimpered and let out a deep sigh of pleasure.
“It feels so good touching you giving you pleasure,” MacIntyre said. He pinched her nipple more firmly and saw his lovely daughter jerk a little bit.
“There was one point, while you were fucking me, when I thought I would pass out — just because the pleasure you were giving me was too intense.”
“I guess you saw the fireworks then, huh, little girl?” MacIntyre asked. He could feel his cock sprawled limp on the top of his thick muscular thigh. His balls were no longer swollen. But he got the impression that he wasn’t going to have to wait for very long for his horniness to return. There was something about his sweaty naked daughter at his side that let MacIntyre know he wouldn’t have to wait for very long at all before his sexual arousal would be rekindled.
“Just like on the Fourth of July,” Sally said. She used the tip of her bold and curious tongue to explore the inside of her father’s ear. She pulled back out when she tasted something bitter and harsh to her tastebuds.
Sally then kissed lightly down the front of his body. She began a long journey with her tingling lips and slightly swollen tongue that wasn’t going to stop until she got to his blood-soaked prick. She kissed down the front of his throat. The pretty little girl flicked the tip of her tongue across MacIntyre’s Adam’s apple for a moment — which felt a lot better than the handsome blonde man thought it was going to. He could feel the palms of her sweet hands on his chest. The little girl parted her lips and stuck out her tongue so she could lick and suck at his tiny nipples — just as he had done for her. His muscles tensed and he fidgeted on the bed as she gave him pleasure. Sally was somewhat surprised to find out that a man’s nipples were just as sensitive as her own. She had always wondered why men had nipples in the first place. They didn’t seem to serve any purpose. She figured that if they were erogenous zones, well, that was a good enough reason for her. She sucked and licked at his nipples for a long time and noticed that they got harder and larger with the direct oral stimulation — just as her own would under the same conditions. She then kissed down the man’s belly. She could tell that she was getting more blood on the bedspread as she rolled onto her tummy — but she didn’t care. The damn bedspread was going to have to be washed anyway. It stopped mattering how dirty it got. She tried not to look at the stain she had made while she was getting laid however. She knew that it was all natural and stuff, but her stomach felt a little nervous when she looked at her own blood stain. She knew that that would not be a problem when she licked her father’s prick, however. Sally knew that anything that came off of Daddy’s tool would taste delicious to her.
Sally moved so that her legs dangled off the foot of the bed.
MacIntyre lifted his right leg high in the air for a moment.
Sally crawled underneath his thigh and he lowered the leg.
She had her face in between his legs. She was looking at his cock.
Her feet were pointing downward toward the floor of her bedroom.
She propped herself up a little on her elbows and blew cool air on MacIntyre’s cock and balls — which made the handsome man whimper with pleasure.
She then placed the tip of her fingers on the base of his balls and lifted them so she could get her tongue beneath them. Even when flaccid his cock was still a beautiful thing to behold. The little girl could see that the blood on his dick was concentrated most thickly in a ring around the base. She could see that that blood was already starting to dry and get crusty. It was turning a brownish color. She figured she had better hurry. Sally didn’t feel like getting anything in her mouth that she would have to chew. Some things were above and beyond the call of duty, as far as the little girl was concerned. Sally could feel a soreness in her ravaged cunt. She wanted to take a shower soon after she finished licking her Daddy’s dick. She wondered if she would make him hard by licking and sucking his cock. She hoped so. She wanted him to get another boner right away. Sally loved the way his dick looked best when it was fully engorged with blood and hungry to penetrate one of her hungry fuck holes.
Sally placed her tongue at the base of his scrotal sack.
She began to flick the tip back and forth lightly and quickly.
MacIntyre placed the balls of his feet flat on the bedspread.
The handsome blonde man lifted his knees high in the air.
He parted his knees as far as he could get them at that moment.
He closed his eyes and turned his mouth into a brilliant smile.
His pearly white teeth beamed at the ceiling of Sally’s bedroom.
Sally licked at the patch of skin between his balls and his anus.
The pretty little girl was eager and enthusiastic with her caresses.
She used the flat part of her tongue to broaden her tongue strokes.
MacIntyre pressed down with his feet and the back of his head.
The handsome man arched his back and lifted his ass from the bedspread.
Sally could tell that her fattier was yearning to be rimmed.
She used her delicate fingertips to pull his ass cheeks apart.
She pulled until the skin in the crack was taut and she could see her target.
His pink puckered rectum was ringed with short and curly hair.
The hair that grew around his asshole was just as blonde as the rest.
It was at that moment that MacIntyre Symms could feel the ache returning to his balls. He could feel his testicles begin to swell once again. Soon his scrotal sack would feel as if it were filled with a thousand bumble bees all poised to sting his glands simultaneously.
The handsome blonde man could feel his pretty daughter’s tongue tip at the top of the crack of his ass. She had her chin close to the bedspread. She began to flick back and forth wildly and quickly moved her eager taster to his asshole. He hummed with pleasure, pressing his lips together and closing his eyes more tightly. She ran the tip of her tongue in a small circle all around the ring of tight muscle there. She decided that she would treat his anus just like he had treated hers earlier. She flicked her tongue across the bunghole for a little while and then licked across the nether eye with the flat part of her tongue until all of the delicious anal flavor was gone.
“Oh, God, baby, it feels so good when you tongue my asshole. I can feel the pleasure shooting right into my cock!” MacIntyre said wailing in his bliss.
Sally made her tongue stiff and pointy at the tip so she could insert it inside the whole and explore her handsome father both internally and externally.
THAT’S IT, SWEETHEART!” MacIntyre screamed. “STICK YOUR TONGUE DEEP INSIDE MY ASSHOLE! AS DEEP AS YOU CAN!” His voice was shrill with his mounting passion.
Sally managed to push the tip of her tongue past the tight tube of sphincter muscle until she could feel herself licking at the softened tissues of her daddy’s bowels. She still had his balls lifted on her fingertips, and now she could feel his twin glands of manhood throbbing against her hand.
Sally worked her tongue in and out of his hole for a while.
MacIntyre reached down to hold his own ass cheeks apart.
Sally then pulled her tongue out of the hole and smacked her lips.
“Tastes great, Daddy,” Sally said, rolling her saliva in her mouth.
“I’m glad you like it, sweetheart,” MacIntyre replied.
Sally began to lick at his scrotum with her puffy tongue.
She drenched the wrinkled sack with her mouth water lovingly.
She could see the blood pumping back into his prick.
Sally’s eyes lit up. He was getting another boner!!!
Sally parted her lips and made her mouth cottony soft.
She wrapped her lips around her Daddy’s right nut gently.
SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!” MacIntyre screamed in a frenzy.
The handsome blonde man gyrated his hips violently.
Sally had to move her head and shoulders to keep her mouth where she wanted.
She drew in her cheeks with the vacuum she created in her oral cavity.
The pretty little blonde made wet sucking noises with her mouth.
She continued to flick her tongue tip across the swollen gland.
Daddy’s ass cheeks flexed as his come replenished rapidly.
His huge scrotum once again felt filled to the brim with semen.
He would have thought that he hadn’t come in years just then.
He couldn’t believe how intense the ache in his groin became.
He couldn’t even tell that Sally had fucked him only moments before.
Sally sucked on both of his balls for a very long time and his cock got a little bigger with each beat of his heart. She could see his prick move off of the top of his thigh to his belly. The growing dick sprawled on the handsome man’s rock hard stomach with the tip pointing toward his face. Sally could see that the thick purple head became engorged before the shaft. The purple glans was already looking like an edible mushroom before the stem began to thicken and harden. She could see the tip of his cock inching its way toward his chest. She knew that the tip would move well past his belly button before the engorgement was complete.
She placed her tongue at the base of his cock where the accumulation of blood was thickest. She had to flake the blood off with a stiff tongue tip — and just as she had figured, she didn’t find the flavor gross at all. She licked eagerly and didn’t stop until there wasn’t a trace of blood left. By this time the man was once again panting like a wild animal and his huge muscular chest was heaving up and down with his animalistic panting.
Sally then placed the tip of, her tongue on the underside of his prick at the base and began to flick her way toward the tip. She ran the palms of her hands over his loins, belly and chest, as her tongue moved a fraction of an inch toward his cock head. She found that Daddy was very sensitive just below the cock head — just as she had found with Marvin earlier in the evening. She wondered what Daddy would think if he knew that this was not the first blow job she had given. Would he be jealous? She couldn’t be sure. She knew one thing for sure. This was neither the time not the place to make any confessions.
Sally worked her fingers between MacIntyre’s flat tummy and the top of his cock with her wrist turned so that her palm was facing the ceiling of the bedroom. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the shaft of his cock. The little girl was not surprised to find that her fingers did not make it all the way around the shaft without the help of her slightly curled long red fingernails.
Sally then rolled her tongue lazily over the head of her Daddy’s cock, covering the entire glans with a thin film of her hot spittle. She playfully flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across his piss hole and this made the handsome blonde man bounce his ass up and down on the bed — jerking upward with his amazingly slim loins.
Sally could tell that she was going to have to open her mouth as far as she possibly could to get the head of Daddy’s awesome pole between her stretched lips. His cock was even thicker than Marvin’s and she could tell that the corners of her mouth would be pulled back as she tugged at his tool with her mouth.
Sally relaxed the muscles in her jaw as much as she could.
She allowed her mouth to drop so it was gaping open.
She could feel her jaw threatening to lock in the open position.
She moved the head of his cock to her mouth and slid her lips over the cap. MacIntyre let out a deep grunting noise of pleasure as his daughter began to suck him. His cock was once again ten inches long. The head was inside his pretty little girl’s mouth and she was sucking him lovingly.
He was on top of the world — he couldn’t get any higher.
He figured he had to be the luckiest guy in the world.
MacIntyre Symms was the happiest man on the face of the Earth.
Sally Symms couldn’t have been happier herself. It was her greatest fantasy. Just when she needed cock meat most her Daddy came along. She wanted him to fuck her in all three holes before the sex session was through. As she struggled to wrap her lips around the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans she wondered what she could do to maximize his pleasure. She knew. She would have to offer her throat to him. She remembered ramming Marvin’s cock into her gullet. She remembered how much it hurt. And Daddy’s cock was bigger. But she had to do it. She had to be a complete lover for her handsome Daddy. She had to offer herself completely. She had to prove herself worthy of being his slave. He didn’t have to worry. He had already proven himself worthy of being her master when he fucked her. Now it was the little girl’s turn to give absolute joy. She wanted to suck him with both her mouth and her gullet. The pretty little blonde relaxed the muscles in her throat as much as she could. She began to press down with her head and shoulders. She moved on the bed so she could straighten her neck and make the complete violation of her oral cavity as comfortable as possible for both of them. MacIntyre wanted to tell his pretty daughter that she didn’t have to do what she was doing. He could hear her making painful gagging noises as the humongous head of his prick moved into her throat. Sally could feel fresh tears welling in her baby blue eyes and she could tell that those orbs were once again becoming red and swollen. Just as she had felt when she took Marvin in her gullet, the pretty little blonde felt as if she had been stabbed in the throat with a red hot poker. But she tried as hard as she could not to think of her own personal discomfort.
Her lips slid down the shaft of his cock a fraction of an inch at a time. Sally told herself that she should pretend she was a sword-swallower in the circus.
Sally found her throat muscles relaxing — more out of trauma and fatigue than anything else, she decided.
She would have made a good sword-swallower, MacIntyre could tell.
She was determined to not stop pressing down, with her head and shoulders until her lips were wrapped around the base of his throbbing purple phallus.
MacIntyre could feel her gagging muscles on his cock.
His tool of manhood was stimulated by her sweet gullet.
Her throat walls were very tight and had to stretch to take him.
Every time she convulsed he moaned with deep pleasure.
The handsome man began to snap his hips upward with lust.
His incestuous desires enhanced his sadistic nature.
He wanted to ram his cock all the way into that sweet puss.
He didn’t want his daughter to give him a blow job.
MacIntyre Symms wanted to fuck his pretty daughter’s face.
Oh yes!
Finally Sally got the whole cock inside her. Her lips grabbed him at the hilt. She couldn’t believe how full of dick her throat was. It was awesome. Her whole head could feel the throbbing in his rigid prick.
She stopped gagging.
Sally pulled up on his dick until once again only the head was inside her sucking mouth. She was still sucking as hard as she possibly could. She cupped one hand under his balls and began to squeeze in sync with his racing heartbeat so she could simulate the natural throbbing he was feeling there with her fieni caress. The little girl could tell that it didn’t make any difference how far apart she stretched her slim fingers. She wasn’t going to be able to clutch the entire huge scrotal sack in the cupped palm of her tiny hand at one time no matter how much she stretched.
MacIntyre grunted.
The handsome blonde man could feel the sexual tension in his loins and groin growing in leaps and bounds and he moved his large hands to the top of pretty Sally’s head.
She made a muffled sound.
He worked his fingers through her golden locks until he was pressing his strong fingertips against her pink scalp. He worked his fingers a fraction of an inch at a time toward the base of her skull. He turned his wrists so that his palms were over his comely daughter’s shell like ears and perfect peaches and cream cheeks.
He held her tightly.
He gripped Sally’s head so hard that he held it immobile. From this point on the handsome man was going to do all of the work with his slim yet powerful hips.
He began to fuck.
He slid his dick in and out of Sally’s ravaged throat.
She sucked him with both her mouth and her hot gullet. She found that she could now control the muscles inside her gullet.
She could use those spasming muscles to give her Daddy pleasure — which, after all, was the whole idea!!!
MacIntyre could feel the trickle at the base of his cock returning.
He rammed his cock into her mouth harder than ever at that point.
He had to be careful not to smash her nose with his bucking pubic bone.
The little girl could feel her throat muscles relaxing completely.
She learned the joys of that womanly penetration with time.
Sally Symms forgot all about the pain she had felt seconds before.
Her tears stopped spilling and her eyes began to sparkle.
The man fucked her face faster and faster, harder and harder.
He could feel her tiny hand pulsing at his balls as he fucked.
He used the entire length of his lance with each fuck stroke.
He pulled his dick almost all the way out of her mouth each time.
And he always rammed it all the way in with each upward thrust.
He could feel his sexual anxiety reaching the saturation point.
He wanted to shoot his second wad right into her sweet mouth.
The handsome man could feel the tension reach the point of orgasmic inevitability.
Sally found herself wondering what her Daddy’s come would taste like.
Would it be the same as Marvin’s — or would it be different?
One thing was for sure.
The little girl was not going to have to wait long to find out.
She could feel his cock getting even thicker and harder.
The man trembled. All of his muscles tightened just then.
MacIntyre’s face was very red. He was slick with his sweat.
He loosened his grip on the sides of her head as he felt his internal volcano erupt. His lava was about to flow. Sally pulled up with her lips so that they were once again gripping at the ring of scar tissue at the base of his cock head.
The pretty little blonde teenager could feel her handsome father’s glans spasming against her sweet mouth.
The diminutive daughter could feel his convulsions against her lips, and the insides of her soft cheeks.
The little girl then felt her mouth filled with Daddy’s thick fuck juice, and she began to swallow the stuff.
CCCCOOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” MacIntyre called out in a fury. He was blowing his top. He could perceive the little spots of brilliant light flashing across the insides of his tightly clenched eyelids.
Sally was amazed at how sweet his semen was. It tasted like it had honey in it — or something like that.
She could feel the thick protein-filled cream rippling down her gullet toward a warm spot that was forming in the pit of her tummy.
She could feel his silver seed soothing the ravaged tissues of her throat, and she could tell that her throat was not going to be sore at all after she finished drinking it down.
Sally pulled her mouth off of the head of her father’s cock when his climax was complete and tenderly licked him clean. She pumped the shaft of his prick and squeezed his balls a couple of times, just to make sure that all of the come was out. Sure enough, a little more dribbled like dogwater out of his swollen urethra and she licked it away with the slight curled tip of her taster.
“Oooh, Daddy, that was yummy,” Sally said. She licked her lips sensuously with her tongue. She pulled her lips back so she could roll her tongue over her slight overbite. MacIntyre thought she was the sexiest creature on Earth.
“You took the whole cock in your throat,” MacIntyre said with astonishment. His eyes opened so wide that the whites were visible all the way around the sky-blue pupils.
“I know, Daddy. I have to admit that I feel a little proud of myself,” Sally said. She rested her tiny chin in the middle of her loving Daddy’s pubic patch. She smiled brilliantly at MacIntyre.
“And rightful you should,” MacIntyre said. “I have never been with a woman who could do that before. For a while I thought I was going to really hurt you.” His brow furrowed.
“Really. No one?”
Sally knew what that meant.
That meant no one — including her Mommy. The thought made her feel strange. She felt guilty. She didn’t know if she wanted to be a better lover for her father than her mother had been. It filled her with an odd guilt. And, for the first time since they had played naked together, Sally Symms was feeling her conscience gnawing at her. She managed to push her feelings into the back of her head after a few moments and returned to her cheery disposition.
“I feel like taking a shower,” Sally said sweetly, giving her father a tender smacking kiss with puckered lips between his navel and the top of his pubic patch.
Sally Symms then ran the tip of her tongue in a little circle around Daddy’s bellybutton. She dipped her tongue into the little hole. Sally pulled right back out again and crawled up on top of her father so their faces were close together. He was much bigger than her. She still felt very much like his little girl. Their relationship had just grown, that was all. Sally told herself that things hadn’t really changed that much. But deep down inside, Sally did not believe herself. She knew that somehow her life was never going to be the same now that she had felt her Daddy’s ten inch cock dancing around inside her wanton poontang.
“I think that is a splendid idea,” MacIntyre said. “Would you like to take a shower together?” His voice was hopeful.
“Of course, you silly goose,” Sally said sweetly. “What did you think I was talking about, Daddy? I don’t want to get very far away from you ever. I like being naked with you. I want to be naked with you forever and ever. I promise I will always be the best possible lover I can be. I’ll never ever say not tonight, I’ve got a headache. Never. I will always be there when you want, me. I promise.”
“You talk too much,” MacIntyre said. He caressed her cheeks lightly with his fingertips. He could see that there was a single tear resting on Sally’s right cheekbone, and he wiped it away lovingly with his thumb.
“Let’s go,” Sally said. She was anxious to bathe. She could feel her pussy lips, the crack of her ass, and the insides of her loins getting all crusty from the blood that had oozed from her pink slash following the popping of her cherry.
“Okie-dokie,” MacIntyre said, and they both got out of bed. Sally realized for the first time that she was going to have difficulty walking.
The pretty little blonde had been fucked so hard that she could not close her knees at all. She was forced to walk bow-legged as they went together to the bathroom. MacIntyre held her hand and felt sorry for her. He could tell that his pretty daughter was in pain — and he knew that he was responsible.
When they got to the bathroom Sally realized that she had to pee. She thought for a moment that she should ask her Daddy to step into the hall. But then she realized that she was being silly. She sat down on the toilet seat and leaned forward a little. Her large breasts looked larger as she bent forward at the waist. Sally winced. Her bladder was very full. Her urethra had been irritated by the fucking giving one an idea of how thick MacIntyre’s cock was. She could tell that taking a pee was going to be painful for a while. But the little girl could tell that no damage had been done to her cunt that would not heal quickly — and she figured that she hadn’t suffered through any pain that all girls don’t have to suffer through at one time or another.
MacIntyre looked at his sweet daughter adoringly as she tinkled. Her flood-gates opened and MacIntyre could hear her splash. She looked at him and winked naughtily. MacIntyre laughed.
“If you want I will wipe your little pussy for you when you are done,” MacIntyre said. He pronounced the word, “poo-say”. MacIntyre pushed the transluscent shower curtain inside the white porcelain tub and pulled it to one side so that he could turn on the shower.
“How do you like your shower?”
“What do you mean?”
“What temperature?”
“Steamy hot.”
“Good, me too.”
Sally told her Daddy when she was done peeing so he could wipe the excess urine away from her puffy bruised pussy lips for her. The man knew that he would have to treat her pussy very delicately. The man knew how sore his pretty daughter was down there between her shapely gams.
MacIntyre pulled off a good-sized wad of soft toilet tissue and rolled it up into a ball. Sally leaned back against the tank behind her and opened her thighs so her Daddy would be able to get at her moist cunt with maximum ease.
MacIntyre placed the ball of toilet paper at the base of her pussy and ran it all the way to the top of the slit, crossing both her urethra and her clitoris.
As the toilet tissue pressed against the mouth of her fuck hole, where Sally was sorest, she winced and felt her piss hole squirt a little urine. The pee got all over Daddy’s hand.
But he didn’t mind.
He thought it was cute.
OOOps,” Sally said.
“I guess you weren’t quite done,” MacIntyre said with a boyish giggle.
Daddy dropped the toilet paper into the toilet and Sally turned to flush it. She stood and they both got into the shower together. The water was very hot. Sally and MacIntyre could see the steam rising plentifully to the ceiling of the bathroom. The bathroom was large and was tiled in white. The tub and sink were porcelain. The faucets and the shower nozzle were chrome. They could tell that it wouldn’t be long before both the mirror above the medicine cabinet and the full length looking glass mounted on the back of the bathroom door would be totally fogged over.
The water pressure in Caledonia was always the finest kind.
The shower nozzle produced sharp needles of steamy spray.
Sally turned her back to the shower and allowed those needles to massage the muscles at the back of her neck and in her shoulders. Her hair looked a little darker than usual when it was soaking wet. Her hair clung to her cheeks, her shoulders and her breasts. It was perfectly straight when soaked. Sally bowed her head and sighed as the shower massaged the base of her skull.
MacIntyre picked up a brand new bar of white soap and rolled it around his palms for awhile to make all of his fingers slippery with the lather.
When Sally raised her head the man began to soap up her breasts. The nicest tits in the world. Unimaginably firm and large. He swooned as he kneaded her breast flesh lovingly with his lathered digits. He rolled his fingertips lightly over her nipples, which were once again pointing slightly upward and hard as pebbles.
MacIntyre pushed her soapy tits together until the cleavage between them was long and deep. He worked both of the breasts in slow sensuous circles at the same time.
Sally tossed back her head so that her blonde hair fell low down her back between her shoulder blades. She pulled her lips back over her teeth.
“Oh Daddy, that feels fantastic. The slipperier thing get the better they feel when they are touched,” Sally said. This was a concept that had just then occurred to the pretty sixteen year old.
“That’s right, sweetheart. I am going to soap up every square inch of you, so that your entire body is as slippery as your tits are now,” MacIntyre said. His voice was low and throaty.
Sally shivered.
The needles of spray struck her face.
MacIntyre tenderly lathered her shoulders and her arms.
He ran the soap lightly up and down the sides of her neck.
She turned her back to him so he could soap between her shoulder blades.
He lowered the soap sensuously to the top of her ass crack.
He ran the soap over the cheeks of her ass lightly and slowly.
Sally moved her feet a little farther apart in the tub.
She wanted to get her thighs as far apart as she could.
She moved so that her anklebones were pressed against the sides of the tub.
She could feel her buttocks and her cunt lips parting a little as she did this.
She could feel the steamy hot water rolling over her ravaged poontang.
Her pain was leaving.
She felt as if she would be as good as new by the time the shower was through. The little girl could feel her loving father kneading at the buttocks with the soap in one hand. He set the soap down in the soap-dish and began to fondle the cheeks of his daughter’s round creamy ass with both of his hands. Sally was making little whimpering noises. It felt very very good. She could feel her knees begin to tremble. She could feel the muscles in her legs getting weaker by the second.
She began to wonder how much longer her legs would be able to support the weight of her diminutive body. As it turned out her legs had a long row to hoe before they would be able to relax.
MacIntyre could feel the ache returning to his balls.
He could tell that the blood would soon pumping downward in his masculine form — toward his groin.
He pulled Sally’s ass cheeks apart as far as he could get them.
Sally could feel her asshole burning with desire.
The deep craving had returned to the sweet blonde’s bowels.
Now, more than ever, she wanted her Daddy’s dick deep up her butt.
Her fanny yearned.
Her ass was hungry.
Her itch was deep.
She needed that ten inch pole to satisfy her anal need!!!
“Daddy?” Sally said. Her voice quivered. She leaned forward at the waist. The little blonde girl pressed the palms of her hands against the white porcelain in front of her.
She spread her fingers apart and pressed hard with their tips. By the time her Daddy was done with her behind she would be pressing against that wall so hard that all of her knuckles would turn white.
Sally could feel her father running a soapy finger up and down the crack of her hairless ass sensuously, all the way from the top of the crack to the base of her pussy. MacIntyre gently washed her cunt lips, to get all of the blood away. He then splashed hot water up against her vagina to rinse all of the lather away. Sally wasn’t thinking at all of the soreness in her pussy by this time.
She could only think of the desire in her asshole!!!
“Yes, my love,” MacIntyre replied. He was noticing that she jerked and moaned every time he touched her asshole — as if she were trying to tell him something.
“I want you to fuck me in all three holes,” Sally said. She could see his finger once again moving patiently between her ass cheeks which he held apart with the firm fingers of his other hand.
“Well, let’s see. I have already fucked you in the pussy,” MacIntyre said. He allowed the tip of his middle finger to linger on her anus for a moment making all of Sally’s muscles tense involuntarily.
“Uh huh,” Sally said. She began to move her ass from side to side. Even though her ankle-bones were pressed against the sides of the white porcelain tub, she was keeping her knees locked in the straight position.
“And I have already fucked your mouth,” MacIntyre said. He pressed against a spot to one side of her asshole, making the flesh pucker under the pressure.
“Uh huh,” Sally said. Her voice was so deep with her animalistic, incestuous lust for sodomy that she sounded a great deal older than she really was.
“I guess that only leaves one hole, huh?” MacIntyre said.
“That’s right, Daddy,” Sally said. His tease was fun.
The pretty little blonde teenager giggled nervously.
“Your asshole!” Daddy said. He began to push his middle finger in.
That finger was covered with soap suds and very slippery.
He turned his wrist so the finger was at the right angle.
He quickly pushed his finger past the tight tube of sphincter muscle into the softer bowel flesh, and Sally trembled. She pushed back with her ass. She wanted him to stick his middle finger — his longest finger — as deep inside her butt as he could possible get it.
Deeper still.
He did not stop pushing his finger into her bung until he could feel her tight puckered asshole gripping at his third knuckle. Sally thought it felt wonderful. She had never had anything stuck up her ass before — except for Daddy’s tongue. The finger got much deeper than that. She could feel her loving father wiggling his finger around inside her. She had always wanted to do that to herself when she was masturbating, but she had been afraid that she would tear her soft internal tissues with her long red fingernail. But her Daddy’s fingernails were square and filed short. He could move his digit around inside her bowels as harshly as he wanted — and never once would he have to worry about scraping her with his fingernail. The muscular blonde man could feel a ringling on the insides of his thighs. He could feel the little girl’s asshole squeezing and throbbing against his finger. She was purring like a cat. She wanted his cock. She wanted all ten inches. The handsome man could feel the ache in his balls getting worse by the second. It was at that point that Sally’s Daddy could feel the blood start to pump into his prick. His cock began to get longer.
His testicles swelled.
Even though he had already been sucked off and had spilled his seed deep inside Sally’s virgin cunt, his scrotal sack still felt as if it were filled to the brim with his come. It had been a long time for MacIntyre. He was coming out of his sex drought gloriously. His passion felt insatiable. He was as horny as he was when he was eighteen and that was pretty damn horny!!!
Sally could feel her father begin to work his finger in and out of her asshole slowly. He was getting the inside soapy. He wanted everything to be very slippery when he buggered her. Sally knew that her asshole was going to be asked to open further than it had ever opened before. MacIntyre’s tool of manhood was a lot thicker than anything Sally had ever pushed out of her nether eye. That was for sure. The little blonde knew she would have remembered something like that. She was nervous. She knew that her asshole was even tighter than her cunt — and she remembered how much it had hurt when her Daddy had stuck his ten inch pole in that more elastic orifice. Now she once again feared that she had bitten off more than she could chew. The little girl could feel her heart pounding so hard it was threatening to beat right out of her chest. She could feel the sharp needles of shower spray striking between her shoulder blades. She pressed even harder against the white-tiled wall in front of her with her slim fingers and the palms of her hands. She could feel her Daddy’s cock firming up against the back of her legs. She could feel it getting larger and harder rapidly. Both Sally and MacIntyre knew at that point that it wouldn’t be more than a matter of seconds before his cock was hard enough to fuck once again. He knew that getting all ten inches of his pole up the little girl’s butt was going to be the toughest task he had faced thus far. It would be harder to achieve complete penetration than it had been with either her cunt or her throat.
MacIntyre pulled his finger completely out of her butt.
He sniffed his finger to savor the scent of her bowels.
“Wanna smell your ass?” he asked.
“Sure,” Sally said.
He held the violating finger under his daughter’s button nose.
She looked like a bunny as she sniffed tentatively at first.
But then her nostrils flared and she sucked the scent in deep.
The odor went into her sinuses and her lungs were filled with air.
Steamy air.
Her breasts hung low.
MacIntyre reached down between his legs and grabbed his cock in his clenched right fist. He squeezed it, his pumping working as a catalyst for his arousal. He was getting impatient. He only had to pump at his dick five or six times before his erection was urgently rigid and ready for deep anal plowing!
He used his left hand to pull her ass cheeks apart.
He parted the buttocks as far as he could get them.
Sally felt vulnerable. She trembled with dread and anticipation.
She told herself that the pain would be worthwhile. Once again her Daddy was knocking down the barrier between her and a new form of womanly pleasure. Sally wanted to learn everything in the world there was to know about sex in one night. She was an anxious nymphette. She knew that she would be able to think of nothing but sex for the rest of her life. She only wanted to be her Daddy’s little girl forever and ever. She would talk baby talk, and act nine. Just so Daddy would always know who the boss was. She wanted to be dominated. With this savage incestuous buggery she was about to receive her submissiveness would become unadulterated.
Daddy placed the tip of his prick at the top of her ass crack. He still had his long strong fingers gripped around the base of the thick shaft, his cock feeling hot and angry in his palm. The head of his cock was soapy, as was the crack of her butt. They both moaned with pleasure as he slid his pisshole up and down the crack, a couple of times touching the base of her pussy.
She jerked each time he touched her asshole with his cock head, and she let out a deep groan of anticipatory pleasure as he placed his throbbing purple glans directly against her trembling sphincter muscle and left it there.
He adjusted his hips.
He flexed his buttocks.
He bent slightly at the knees.
He began to push forward.
Sally could feel the pressure increasing on her asshole.
Her sense of time was distorted by her piqued desire.
Sally thought it took a very long time for the violation to begin.
The pretty little blonde thought she would never open up.
But once the penetration began — it all happened quickly.
She felt her asshole being pried open until it was gaping.
She thought the ring of muscle at her rectum would tear.
But once again the little girl was amazed at her own elasticity.
Sally could hear the head of his cock popping inside her.
Her jaw dropped and her mouth fell open. She grunted crudely.
“Yes?” MacIntyre asked.
GOD YES! DEEPER IN MY ASS!!!” Sally Symms screamed.
Once the head of his cock was inside her ass he released his grip on her ass cheek and the base of his cock.
He moved the palms of his hands to her soft underbelly at the base of her heaving rib-cage. He held her there firmly and used her body as leverage.
He pulled on her lower torso.
He pushed forward with his hips.
She was so tight he could not ram in quickly.
His cock tip inched toward her core.
Once again Sally thought about how deep inside her belly the tip of his cock was going to be when her asshole finally grabbed the base of his tool.
Sally could feel the tip of his purple pulsating lance getting ever-closer to the itch of desire deep inside her bowels. She didn’t know if it were possible to come inside her ass, but that was what it felt like was going to happen to her.
It did take a long time, but MacIntyre did finally get all ten inches of his tube steak inside his little girl’s tender nether eye.
The handsome man could feel the entire length of his cock being squeezed and tugged by the pretty blonde’s soft internal tissues.
MacIntyre could not believe that she had opened far enough to take him. He was starting to fully realize what a special lover little Sally was going to be.
Sally could feel the tip of his cock throbbing directly against the magic spot at her core. She could feel her bowels begin to convulse, filling her body with the trembles of orgasmic pleasure.
Sally could tell that this kind of come was different from the ones she had had either in her clitoris or deep inside her pink pussy slit.
She could feel the physical joy spreading outward from her abdomen, traveling all the way up to her scalp and down to her toes, which were clutching desperately at the white porcelain.
MacIntyre withdrew.
Her ass tugged and sucked.
He pulled almost all the way out.
He stopped when her sphincter was gripping the base of his glans.
MacIntyre paused at the top of his hip stroke and took a deep breath.
He filled his lungs completely with air and set his jaw.
The cheeks of his taut ass were tensed and pressed together.
He rammed forward with his powerful hips as hard as he could.
All ten inches of his cock meat entered her butt with that stab.
Sally made an ugly farting noise as gas was forced from her bowels.
She grunted, emptied her lungs, and drooled down her chin.
Her eyes opened so wide she thought they would pop out of her head.
The man began to fuck her ass slowly using all ten inches.
Sally’s usually beautiful facial features contorted with the ecstatic combination of pleasure and pain the deep incestuous buggery caused her.
FASTER!” she screamed.
MacIntyre picked up the pace.
HARDER!” Sally wailed.
MacIntyre slapped his loins, against her ass cheeks.
Sally could feel his balls against her pussy when his cock was deep up her split fanny.
The man could tell that he would be able to fuck for a long time.
It would be many minutes before he would have to worry about ending the act with the spilling of his seed.
He already had two orgasm under his belt.
He would be able to stay hard for a long time.
He released his grip on the little girl’s belly.
He ran his palms up the front of her shapely torso.
He cupped his huge palms under her dangling tits.
He could feel her nipples throbbing against his palms.
He opened his fingers and clutched the tits completely.
Sally saw stars each time he impaled her butt with his spear.
He fondled her tits and then pinched at her nipples.
Eventually he felt the tickle at the base of his cock.
He felt his come swimming impatiently around his balls.
MacIntyre could tell the sodomy was reaching its finale.
He released her nipples from between his thumbs and forefingers.
He ran his right for finger under her belly and through her pubies.
He went directly for the center of her womanly pleasure.
He found her love button and began to flick it very hard.
Sally could feel her pussy start to spasm almost immediately.
Then it felt as if she were coming in her ass and her cunt together.


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