Wednesday, June 12, 2013


When Sally went back to school in the first week of September she found that things were not nearly as bad as she had feared. School gave her a lot of things to think about and she found that it was easier to keep her mind off of Daddy than it had been when she had nothing to do all day but sprawl around the house waiting for the handsome man to come home from work.
She kept telling herself that she had to keep her guard up. She was afraid that the boys would be able to tell that she was no longer a virgin. Once a girl was broken in boys were a lot more aggressive. She wondered if her incestuous carnal knowledge showed on her face or in her walk.
Sally was so busy worrying about boys that it never would have occurred to her in a million years that she would be seduced by a woman. Sally had never given much thought to having a lesbian affair. She had always assumed that she was exclusively boy crazy — especially Daddy crazy.
But that was before Sally Symms met Miss Meyers — her new English teacher. Miss Meyers — whose first name was Linda — was working her first real job. She had just graduated from teachers college. She was a lesbian, and the second she saw all of the lovely nymphets running around the halls of the high school she knew that it wouldn’t be very long before she would have to seduce one.
Of all of the girls that Linda Meyers desired, she thought that Sally was the foxiest of all. Sally had her for English Poetry. It was only a week into the fall semester when Miss Meyers made her move.
“Yes. Miss Meyers?”
“May I see you after class?”
“Of course, Miss Meyers. Has there been something wrong with my work?”
“On, no, my dear, nothing like that,” Linda said.
The beautiful English teacher winked at the little girl.
Sally thought that was odd. It was almost as if the teacher were flirting with her. Sally had still not caught on.
When the classroom had cleared Sally remained. It was Friday afternoon. The class was held last period. Everyone would be leaving the building — busy to begin their weekend.
Sally sat in the front row, with her shapely legs crossed.
She was wearing tight jeans and a tight sweater. The teacher was seething with lust. “I think you are a very beautiful little girl,” Linda said.
An invisible light bulb went on over Sally’s head.
She had heard this line before — from Marvin Madison for example.
She knew what it meant. What surprised Sally most was that she didn’t mind. She began to think of her English teacher as a sexual animal. Linda had pitch black hair that had been cut short into a pixie. The beautiful poetry teacher had bangs that fell downy onto her forehead. Linda’s eyes were almond-shaped and exotic. There was something vaguely foreign about the teacher’s appearance. Sally could see that the woman’s eyes were so dark brown that they appeared black. Her skin had an olive complexion. She had a marvelous body. Her breasts were not as large as Sally’s but they were firm, round, ripe, and high on her chest. Linda had her perfect hourglass figure crammed into a tight red dress. The dress was cut low in the front, in a vee, so her cleavage was visible. The dress was slit up the sides so she flashed her smooth thighs every time she took a step. She wore high heels with open toes. Her toes were forced to arch as her heels were propped high in the air.
Sally could tell that the teacher was nervous. She decided to relieve the tension. She thought that it would be fun to fool around with the teacher. It wasn’t like she was cheating on Daddy. He couldn’t compete with a woman. Sally tilted her head a little to one side so her long blonde hair fell over one shoulder and one breast. The little girl raised her right eyebrow into an arch.
“Would you like me to lock the door, Miss Meyers, or do you want to take me to your apartment?” Sally said.
Linda sighed and asked the little girl to call her by her first name.
“I thought you would have an open mind,” Linda said with a smile. Her clit throbbed. The teacher began to make a wet spot in the crotch of her pink panties.
“Well, I never did it with a woman before. But I guess it would be nice. You are going to have to tell me what to do,” Sally said. She marched to the classroom door and locked the door. On the weekend the only people left in the building would be drunken janitors. They did not have to worry about being caught. Sally also turned off the overhead lights and closed the blinds. Linda was a couple of inches taller than Sally. They met standing up at the front of the classroom. They kissed passionately and rubbed their breasts together. Sally loved the sensation. It was different from kissing a man. Softer — more delicate. Sally could feel the ache in her loins revving up. Her inner and outer cunt lips swelled and her cunt began to get wet.
Sally was suddenly very curious about the woman. She wanted to taste her cunt. She wanted to know what it was like to eat pussy. She wanted to give Linda the same thrill that Daddy gave her when he kissed her quim.
“I want to give you head,” Sally said when the kiss was through.
Linda sat on her desk, pushing some papers out of the way.
Without removing her high heels, Linda tugged off her panties.
She pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist. She placed her feet on the edge of the desk and leaned back. Linda opened her legs and Sally dropped to her knees next to the teacher’s desk so she could see the treasures that lie between those opened thighs. Sally was surprised to find that the teacher’s cunt looked much different from her own. Linda’s outer cunt lips, and the outer edges of her inner lips, were dark — the color of cocoa. But inside the dripping poontang Sally found that the flesh was just as pink as her own. She could see the natural lubrication drooling out of the foxy English teacher’s cooze.
Sally could see that the woman had a lot more hair down between her legs than she did. Linda had a thick ebony inverted triangle of short and curly pubic hair above her pussy, and the hair was thick along the sides of her vulva as well.
Sally could see that there was thick hair coming out of the crack of Linda’s ass too. That hair seemed to be clustered mist thickly around the woman’s tight puckered asshole.
Sally kissed between the tops of Linda’s stockings and the outer lips of her engorged pussy slit.
The pretty little blonde did not fool around. She got her nose right up against the woman’s cunt and filled her sinuses with the funky scent. Sally sighed as she exhaled.
The little girl placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the woman’s slit and licked upward, touching the clitoris momentarily. Sally couldn’t help but notice that the black haired woman’s pink love button was a great deal larger than her own. Linda’s clit looked more like the head on a baby boy’s cock when it was fully engorged. Sally could feel her mouth watering as she looked at it.
She placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the slit and worked it between the curled back inner labia. Sally stiffened her tongue and pushed the taster deep into the delta of love.
Sally knew at that point that the woman had been fucked at one time or another. Her cherry was long gone. What Sally didn’t know was that the woman had never been penetrated in her entire life by a real penis. Her cherry had been broken years before by a vibrating dildo. Sometimes, during sex play, Linda had her female lovers strap on a huge dildo and fuck her — either in the pussy or the asshole. Linda liked both.
Sally pulled the woman’s clit upward.
She began to tongue the love button.
She played with the little man in the boat naughtily.
She was tender, sensuous — yet mischievous at the same time.
She quickly brought the black haired teacher to the edge of bliss.
Linda Meyers found herself hovering on the brink of ecstasy.
And Sally skillfully held her there. For a long time.
Then Sally flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across the love button as fast and hard as she could. The woman suppressed her scream of absolute physical pleasure. Sally could feel cunt juice splashing in her face for the first time in her life. She wrapped that precious pouting mouth around Linda’s huge clitoris and began to suck as she licked, just so the woman’s convulsions of ecstasy would be as intense as possible.
Linda shivered and whined until her orgasm was through.
Sally pulled her face out of the soaking wet cunt and stopped licking.
Sally stood and leaned over the woman. They pressed their lips together.
Linda massaged Sally’s tits under her tee-shirt lovingly.
Sally could feel her nipples being pinched and tugged by arched fingers.
Linda’s fingernails were almost as long as her own, Sally found.
Linda had to arch her fingers back as she pinched — so the nails would not get in the way. Instead of red nail polish, like Sally wore, Linda painted her nails with a clear paint.
Like a varnish.
“Pull down your pants,” Linda said breathlessly. They switched positions.
Sally quickly tugged down her jeans and panties at the same time.
They were so tight that she had to wiggle her ass sexily.
Linda had already dropped to her knees and was licking her lips in anticipation.
Sally sighed as her wet panties tugged out from between her swollen outer labia. She could feel her thick hot natural lubrication begin to roll down the insides of her thighs. She could tell that the crack of her ass was being lubricated as well. Sally hopped up on the desk and spread her legs. She could feel the beautiful black haired English teacher’s hot breath on her pussy.
“Forgive me, Daddy,” Sally said to herself silently.
Linda began to lick and suck at Sally’s sweet thighs.
Sally moved so that her weight was on the small of her back.
The little blonde lewdly reached down and grabbed her buttocks.
The little girl pulled her ass cheeks grossly apart.
It was a not-so-subtle hint. The black haired woman understood.
Linda placed the tip of her tongue at the top of Sally’s ass crack.
She flicked the tip of her taster rapidly back and forth.
Linda lifted her head until she was licking Sally’s steamy bung!
She licked the asshole clean. Sally whimpered. Linda could taste cunt juice mixed in with the little girl’s delicious anal flavor.
After Linda stiffened her tongue and reamed Sally’s ass as deeply as she could with it, she pulled her tongue away from the nether eye so she could concentrate her attention on Sally’s practically bald twat!
Sally’s pussy was caressed enthusiastically by the flat part of the beautiful woman’s curious tongue.
The pretty little blonde whimpered and writhed on the desk, straining to get her thighs even further apart.
Linda sucked and licked with joy — eventually getting to the nymphet’s clit. Sally came within seconds of direct contact with her center of womanly pleasure.
The little girl wailed through her orgasm. When it was over her teacher began to act very nervous.
“You and I had better leave the building separately,” Linda said. She put her wet panties back on.
They left right away. Sally felt dazed and confused.
Her mind was racing in a thousand different directions at the same time.
She went straight home.
Sally charged into her house and headed for the stairs. She went straight to her room and waited.
When Daddy came home she still had thought of nothing to tell him. Her affections had been alienated.
She decided to keep it a secret.
She took a long bath so she wouldn’t have the smell of her English teacher’s pussy on her and went downstairs to watch some television. When MacIntyre came home he kissed Sally smack on the mouth.
“Did anything interesting happen to you today?” MacIntyre asked. Sally hated to lie.
But she had no choice.
“No, nothing special,” Sally said. “Let’s fuck!”

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