Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Melinda Madison couldn’t believe how long her orgasm was lasting. Just when she thought the intensity of her orgasmic convulsions were bound to die down her beautiful twin sister did something that she had not expected.
Michele was flicking the tip of her tongue back and forth across Melinda’s love button as hard and fast as she possibly could when she puckered her lips.
Michele slowly wrapped her full, sensuous, pouting lips around her younger sister’s clitoris — and the surrounding flesh — and she began to suck with a smooth even draw.
Michele drew in her smooth peaches and cream cheeks with the vacuum she was creating in her oral cavity, and Melinda could feel her love button being tugged at the roots.
Melinda could feel her orgasmic spasms returning to full intensity, and she thought she was going to pass out from the pureness of her pleasure.
“I CAN’T!” Melinda screamed. “I CAN’T STOP COMING!” The shy girl’s face was still bright red with the flush of her emerging sexuality — and she was tossing her head from side to side with an increasing frenzy.
Michele kept the tip of her tongue busy at all times. She continued to flick back and forth across the ball of fiery flesh even as she sucked on the center of her sister’s womanly pleasure.
Michele flicked and sucked until Melinda’s orgasm was over. It wasn’t hard to tell when that was. Melinda had been pressing down against the bed as hard as she could with the back of her pretty head, her slim smooth shoulders, and the balls of her dainty feet. The whole time she was coming every muscle in her body was tensed and trembling, and it was clear that she was trying very hard to thrust her loins up in the air. She was prevented from doing this by her sister, who had her ass pinned to the bed — to avoid personal injury to her face from Melinda’s bucking pubic bone.
Melinda could feel all of her muscles relaxing at the same times and again the shy girl could feel the ecstasy of her orgasm being replaced by the warm contentment of her afterglow.
Michele was smart enough to know that Melinda’s clit was too sensitive for direct stimulation during those first moment of her post-come glow. She pulled her mouth away from Melinda’s clit the second she sensed the muscles in her thighs relaxing.
Michele could tell that her face was all wet and sticky from the cunt juices that had gushed out of Melinda’s pink slit during her awesome sexual climax.
Michele placed her chin on Melinda’s practically bald pubic mound and looked at her sister’s face between her heaving breasts. The youngest twin could feel her heartbeat slowly returning to normal. She could tell that her skin was once again drenched with the riot perspiration of her exertion. She struggled to catch her breath. Her nipples were still hard arid erect as her tits moved up and down with her rib-cage.
Michele smiled and ran the palms of her hands slowly up the front of Melinda’s body. She stroked her sister’s abdomen and then her belly. Finally, she moved her palms to Melinda’s huge firm tits!
Michele positioned her palms so that the throbbing nipples were precisely pressed against their centers, and opened her fingers as far as she could. She fondled the tits lovingly.
Melinda still had her eyes closed. She was very relaxed. She could tell that the wet spot she had made on the bedspread was a lot bigger than the one she had made when she masturbated earlier in the evening.
Melinda could feel her boobs being fondled. Michele was moving both of her breasts at the same time, in slow sensuous circles — first pushing the tits together so that they were flattened at the sides and the cleavage was long and deep between them, and then pulling them far apart.
“Did it feel as good as you thought it was going to,” Michele Madison asked her sister. She began to pinch lightly at Melinda’s throbbing nipples.
“Oh yes. You weren’t lying when you said it was going to feel better than when I touched myself,” Melinda said. She finally opened her eyes. She found that she had to blink three times sincerely to clear her vision. Although she had not been conscious of it, her baby blue eyes had welled with tears of happiness during her joyous pussy explosions.
Melinda lowered her head and gave her younger twin sister a sensuous smacking kiss with puckered puffy tingly lips, between her pubes and her belly button.
“You look kind of funny, though,” Melinda said. She moved her head a little to one side. Michele could see her sister baring her pearly white teeth as she smiled.
“What is so funny about the way I look?” Michele said. She tilted her head and arched a single golden eyebrow. Her brows furrowed a little bit.
“It’s your face. You are all wet and shiny from the juices I spritzed onto you,” Melinda said. She reached down and ran her fingers through Michele’s curly blonde hair. Both of the girls had hair so light that it bleached almost white in the summertime. They had the kind of skin that was so fair that they had to be careful about going into the sun early in the tanning season. Michele and Melinda could burn badly if they were not careful. Both of them had to burn and peel a couple of times before the tanning process would begin. It was too early in the spring for them to worry about that however. It would be at least three weeks before Michele and Melinda would have to worry about the tanning oil.
“If you were a nice sister, you would offer to lick my face clean,” Michele said. She lifted her chin a couple of inches off of her sister’s nearly bald pubic mound.
“Come here. It would be a pleasure. I have always wanted to know what my pussy juice tasted like,” Melinda said. “I know that anything that comes off of that pretty face of yours will be as sweet as candy.”
“You are going to get plenty of chances to taste cunt juices before the night is through,” Michele said. Her own pussy had turned into a swamp-zone while she was going down on Melinda.
“Oh, I know. I think it will be interesting to find out if our pussies taste the same. I mean — everything else about us is the same, right?”
“Yeah, physically.”
Michele crawled up on top of her sister, and they positioned themselves so they could touch with their nipples and their mouths at the same time. Melinda parted her lips and began to lick at her sister’s wet face enthusiastically. She did not stop licking until the only thing making Michele’s face wet and shiny was the hot spittle that spilled from Melinda’s pink taster. It didn’t take the shy twin very long at all to realize that she liked the taste of her cunt juice very much. She knew that the dool from her sister’s cunt was going to be just as delicious. Melinda was anxious to return the favor. Melinda was looking forward to getting her pretty face between her beautiful sister’s spread thighs.
Michele offered her own tongue and the cleansing process turned naturally into a soulful kiss. The girl’s embraced with both their arms and their legs. They pressed their firm tits together — like hot pillows — so that both sets of boobs were flattened at their tips. They kissed with their nipples.
They explored the insides of each other’s mouths thoroughly. They sucked each other’s tongue enthusiastically. They swapped spit eagerly. The kiss became wet and sloppy.
Michele could feel the sexual tension in her lower abdomen approaching the point where it was unbearable.
“I need your tongue in my cunt,” Michele said. Her voice was breathless. Michele found that she had to spit out the words in between gasps for air — as if they were so many watermelon seeds.
“Okie-dokie, Michele,” Melinda said cheerfully, and the two rolled together on the bed so that Melinda was on top. Melinda moved her hot mouth to the side of Michele’s neck. She kissed and licked up and down the neck. She even bared her teeth and gave the bolder twin a few love bites. Melinda flicked the tip of her tongue ever-so-lightly across Michele’s eyelids.
Melinda rolled off of Michele and remained on her belly. She licked and sucked at the nipples for a long time — but Michele stopped her when she tried to use her teeth. Michele was not into pain. Not at all.
Melinda flicked her tongue across both of the feminine erections.
She cupped her hands beneath her sister’s heaving tits.
She pushed them upward. Michele could lick her own nipples — but it was an uncomfortable strain on the back of her neck, so she stopped. Melinda pinched and pulled lightly at Michele’s nipples and showered those boobs with precious smacking kisses.
“I’m so hot. So fucking hot. I want you to stick your tongue as far as you can get it inside my pussy,” Michele said, her voice filled with moan.
“I’ll get there. Be patient,” Melinda said. The younger twin realized that her sister did not have a cherry to get in the way like she did.
She could stick her tongue — or even her fingers if she wanted to — deep inside Michele’s cunt, maybe even all the way to the mouth of her womb!!!
Melinda began to kiss her way down the front of Michele’s body. Michele’s tummy was flat, yet soft. Her bellybutton was dimpled. Her crotch was just as bald as her sister’s.
At that moment Michele could feel her clit throbbing very hard at the top of her poontang slash.
It seemed like she had been horny for hours. She had been horny for hours. She had gotten revved up over the boys showing up at the slumber party. Then there had been a big let down when the party got busted up and they all got sent home. Then she had gotten horny again when she heard her sister’s exclamations of self-induced physical pleasure from the livingroom. From that point on, things had only gotten worse. The little girl’s honey pot was boiling. She was seething with lust. Michele Madison oozed incestuous passion. She dripped with her sexuality. She parted her thighs as far as she could get them and worked her tummy muscles, subtly moving her loins up and down as she flexed the muscles in her round creamy buttocks.
Melinda moved so that she was in between her sister’s legs with her toes dangling off the foot of the bed pointing toward the floor of their bedroom.
Melinda could smell the rich funkiness of her sister’s private parts. She thought that it was fascinating to look at Michele’s cunt up close like that. Melinda knew that it was just as if she had a bird’s eye view of her own twat — something she had never had. Melinda had never taken a good look at her cunt. Because of her anatomy is was difficult. She would have needed a hand mirror — and she had never bothered. But she made plans to in the near future the second she got her first close-up glimpse of her sister’s dripping cooze. It was a lot more complicated that Melinda had envisioned it. There were many interesting folds of pink flesh for her to lick and suck — and Melinda could not wait to get started.
Melinda placed the fleshy parts of her fingertips on the outer lips of Michele’s pussy and slowly pulled them apart so the many pink folds of flesh would separate.
Melinda parted her lips and her teeth. She made her tongue pointy. She stuck her taster out as far as she could. Melinda placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the slit and hummed as she got her first full-blast taste of that yummy cunt flavor!
“That’s it, baby. Nice and slow. Nice and gentle. Make it last, sweet sister. Make it last for as long as you can,” Michele said with a wanton whimper.
“Ummmm mmmmmrnrn,” Melinda said softly as she began to flick the tip of her tongue up and down the pulled back outer lips of her sister’s pussy.
“Oh yes, make the feeling grow. I can feel it growing. It’s growing too fast! Take it easy! Go slow. Make the caress as subtle as you can at first,” Michele said with a deep sigh of delight.
Michele could feel her sister licking to the sides of her clit, and even on top of the clitoris foreskin — but Melinda, never allowed herself to make direct contact with Michele’s little man in the boat.
Melinda flicked her tongue over the outer edges of Michele’s curled back inner labia — the lips that surrounded her aching fuck hole — which protruded furthest from her womanly pink slash.
Melinda pushed those lips apart with her tongue tip.
She stiffened her taster and drove it inside the hole.
Melinda pushed her tongue as far in her sister as she could.
She turned her head a little to one side as she did this.
Melinda did not want to caress the clit with her nose.
The younger twin wiggled her tongue tip around playfully.
Michele began to whimper and whine with each rapid exhale.
Now Michele had beads of sweat forming across her brow.
Michele had her arms out to her sides. She was clutching the edges of the bed.
She gathered and held the bedspread as hard as she could.
Her grip was so tight that all of Michele’s knuckles had turned white.
Michele felt as if her love button would burst. Her hips moved up and down with a natural fuck motion. Michele found herself wishing that her sister had a cock. She told herself that they should play with her dildo after they were done eating each other. Michele had a vibrating dildo that was seven inches long and made of flesh-colored plastic. She masturbated with it all the time when Melinda was not around. Now that they were lovers it could be Melinda’s toy too — to use however she chose.
Melinda could tell by the way her sister was breathing that the older twin needed an orgasm very badly. Melinda explored all of the nooks and crannies of Michele’s pussy. She licked and caressed everything except the clit. She worked her middle finger in and out of Michele’s hungry fuck hole. Melinda loved the way that Michele’s internal womanly tissues felt against her probing finger. Michele could tense the muscles at the sides of her vulva and squeeze down on Melinda’s finger. Melinda could feel her sister’s pussy muscles tugging at her finger each time she withdrew. She pushed her finger in so deep that she found Michele’s cervix with the tip. Michele’s facial features began to contort as Melinda pressed firmly against that spot. She then ran her fingertip hard over the top wall of the fuck hole, until she was pressing against the base of Michele’s pubic bone. Michele was on the brink of orgasm. She could tell that the massive explosions between her parted thighs were going to begin the second Melinda placed her tongue on her thoroughly engorged love button.
Melinda pulled her finger all the way out of her sister’s pussy.
She pulled Michele’s clitoral foreskin upward.
The ball of fiery clit flesh was throbbing visibly.
The love button quivered.
It even looked urgent.
Michele could feel the center of her womanly pleasure demanding to be stroked. She could hardly breathe. She was drenched with sweat. She was squirming and making a fuss on the bed. Both the bedspread and the sheets beneath were damp with the hot perspiration that had dripped from the skin of both of the blonde twins.
Melinda blew cool air onto the clit through puckered lips.
Monica bucked as if she were trying to shuck her skin.
Her body was covered with a thick layer of gooseflesh.
Michele could feel a strange tingling at the nape of her neck.
She knew all the golden hairs there were standing on end.
She could feel her natural lubrication secreted in a steady flow.
Her cunt juices dribbled from her twat into her ass crack.
She clutched at the bedspread with her pink chubby toes.
Melinda once again stuck out her tongue and made it pointy.
She touched the tip of her tongue to the ball of fire gingerly.
Michele clenched her ass cheeks firmly and bucked upward.
The bold sister let out a shrill cry of pleasure at that moment.
Melinda pulled her tongue away as soon as contact had been made.
The younger girl did not give the orgasm a chance to begin.
She was making it last.
As per request.
Then she placed the tip of her tongue on the clit and left it there. She wrapped her arms around the tops of Michele’s thighs firmly. She dug her fingers into her flesh making the skin pucker. She pressed down very hard on the love button, and moved her head and shoulders with the bucking movement of Michele’s round creamy ass. Melinda began to roll the center of her sister’s womanly pleasure in a slow circle. Then in a fast circle. She could feel a little spurt of fluid coming from Michele’s urethra — the feminine ejaculation!! It struck Melinda on her curled lower lips and rolled hot onto her chin.
Just as Michele had done for her, Melinda waited until Michele’s orgasm was in full-gear and then wrapped her lips around her sister’s clit so she could suck and lick at the love button simultaneously.
“C CCC OOO OMM MM IIIINNNNGGGG!!!” Michele called out.
Melinda continued to suck, and lick until the come was over.
Michele held her arms up in the air as an invitation to hug.
The girls moved into each other’s arms and rolled from side to side.
Their lips were riveted, together in a passionate kiss.
Their humongous breasts were pressed flat against one another.
They could feel each other’s hard nipples throbbing.
They could hear each other’s heartbeats — slowing, slowing, slowing.
They rubbed their loins together in an incestuous grind.
The room smelled like an orgy. The air was stank with pussy.
But they didn’t care. They loved the sour odor of their sex play!
They fell silent.
Michele got off the bed.
“Where are you going?” Melinda asked. She felt sleepy.
The blonde’s eyelids were heavy. She felt sand in her eyes.
She knew that it would be easy to drift off right then and there.
“I’m not done with you,” Michele said with a giggle.
The bolder sister was not tired at all. She felt like playing all night.
Michele saw no reason why they couldn’t lust till dawn.
She had confidence that Melinda would get her second wind.
And she was right.
“I have something I want to show you,” Michele said.
Melinda propped her upper torso up on her elbows.
“It’s a toy for us to play, with,” Michele said.
Melinda furrowed her brow with curiosity. She had no idea what her sister was talking about. She figured that they were getting a little old to be playing with toys. After all, they had each other to play with.
Michele went to the closet door and opened it. She stood up on her toes and reached into the top shelf. The closet had one shelf for each girl and they had always respected each other’s privacy. Michele pulled down a shoe-box. The box was made of cardboard and had black lettering on it for the store it came from. Also written on the top of the box, in black magic-marker, was the word: “TOYS”.
“What is it?”
“You’ll see.”
“I can’t wait.”
Melinda sensed it was something naughty from the mischievous look Michele had in her eyes as she returned to the bed with the cardboard box clutched maternally to her bosom.
Michele sat on the edge of the bed and held the box so Melinda couldn’t see as she removed the box. Melinda sat up erect in the bed. The little girl felt like she would never want to cross her legs again. She wanted to keep her thighs parted for the rest of her life — so her cunt could breathe!
Melinda’s eyes were wide with interest. She didn’t feel sleepy anymore. Melinda felt her jaw drop as Michele turned and showed her the toy.
It was the dildo!
A fake cock!
With batteries to make it vibrate!
“Wow,” Melinda said. “I never saw anything like that before. What do you do with that thing?”
“I work it in and out of myself when I jack off. It feels yummy,” Michele said knowingly.
“The whole thing fits inside you?” Melinda asked innocently. It seemed awfully thick. Melinda couldn’t, imagine being — well — comfortable with a log like that inside her.
“Silly girl,” Michele said. “Your pussy is a lot more elastic than you think. There are some women who can take a whole man’s fist in their cunts.”
Melinda was astonished.
She didn’t believe it.
“It is true,” Michele said with a sincere nod. She turned the little dial at the base of the flesh-colored fake cock so Melinda could hear what it sounded like when it was vibrating.
“Have you ever taken a fist?” Melinda asked quietly.
“Not me. It seems to me like it would hurt like hell. You are the one who is into pain,” Michele said.
“To a degree,” Melinda added.
The thoughts of being fist-fucked made the shy girl a little nervous. What she liked least about the thought was the part of herself that liked it.
“Make me come with this,” Michele said.
She handed the dildo to her sister. Melinda gripped it in her right palm. She turned the dial at the base. It vibrated in her hand. It was stronger than she thought. It tickled her palm. She tried to imagine what that vibration would feel like when the fake cock was inside her — but she couldn’t. She would have to lose her cherry before she could get into dildos and stuff like that.
Michele got on her back in the center of the bed. The bedspread and sheets were still very damp from all of the sweat and cunt juice that had been spilled. But Michele didn’t care. She planned to make the bed even wetter in the very near future. Michele knew how much her cunt would gush when Melinda used that fake cock on her hungry pussy. Michele yearned to have her cunt filled with the vibrator. She knew that she would be able to come many times if Melinda operated the fake cock properly.
“Fuck me with it, please,” Michele said, her voice wanton.
Melinda smiled.
“My pleasure,” the shy girl said.
Melinda couldn’t remember when she had so much fun.
In the torture chamber of Madame Pain, the strawberry blonde dominatrix bitch was beginning to work her rubber gloved middle finger in and out of Harvey’s asshole.
She was in a particularly mean mood. She could feel his spasming sphincter muscle tensing and relaxing as she finger-fucked him slowly and steadily.
The cruel woman used the entire length of her finger.
She pulled her digit almost all the way out of his ass before she pushed it back in.
She could hear Harvey’s moans and groans getting louder.
This was just a gentle prelude to the pain to follow — and Harvey knew it. His moaning was partly because of the pleasure he felt, and partly because of the pain he anticipated.
Madame Pain finger-fucked faster as she proceeded.
She pulled and pushed at Harvey’s puckered bung-hole.
The strawberry blonde was, panting with mounting lust.
She could feel the ache in her pussy getting steadily worse.
Monica Madison placed her first two fingers close together.
She inserted them both into his anus simultaneously.
At this point the penetration began to get a little uncomfortable for the man. He could feel some of the puckers in his tight ring of sphincter muscle being smoothed as he was forced to stretch to take both fingers. She pushed those twin digits in and out of his ass, and deep into his bowels, as hard and fast as she could. Madame Pain laughed with sadism as she heard herself forcing gas out of his bowels humiliating Harvey by making him produce farting noises out of his straining rectum.
She added a third finger.
Harvey pulled his lips back tightly over his teeth.
The handsome slave’s face contorted with his pain.
She spread her three fingers to stretch his tube of muscle even more.
The muscular subservient struggled to relax his ass.
He tried to keep his pain to a minimum by loosening his sphincter.
But it was difficult — and he closed his eyes very tightly.
Harvey’s eyelids were wrinkled with his frenzy. Crow’s feet formed at the corners of his dark brown orbs. The evil dominatrix bitch pushed all three fingers as deep into his butt as she could. His gaping asshole struggled and strained to grip at all three of their third knuckles at the same time. But Madame Pain was not done. She always made Harvey take a little more up the butt than he had before. This time he was getting it all. The whole hand.
The fist!
The rubber-gloved fist right up the poop-chute! Madame Pain could feel her clit quivering and her inner pussy lips pulsating as she thought of it. She pressed all four of her fingers together as tightly as she could get them and worked them deep into his asshole — which was already stretched to capacity and threatening to tear.
“The fist, Harvey,” Madame Pain announced. Her voice was filled with pride.
GOD! NO!” Harvey protested. His voice was filled with terror.
His tight skin became drenched with the icy sweat of his panic.
“God isn’t here to help you,” Madame Pain said with a false sweetness.
Harvey whimpered pathetically. His dark eyes filled with tears.
He could feed the pressure behind his near-ebony orbs mounting.
Saltwater dripped from his tear ducts along the sides of his nose.
The tears fell bitterly onto the torture table beneath his contorting face.
He knew that trying to clench his ass closed would do him no good.
She would only beat him until he was forced to submit to her.
His best bet was still to relax his ass as much as he could.
But that was going to be hard — considering his terror.
“I am the only one here with you, Harvey, and I am not God. I am a messenger from Satan. I come from the fiery below. I am evil incarnate! I am the Mistress of Hell. I bring only pain and torment. I am the only one who can give you the abuse you truly need,” she said. She had four fingers inside his rectum and she pressed the tip of her thumb against the center of her palm. She stood with her feet a little more than shoulder-width apart on the carpeted floor of the black sound-proofed torture chamber. She planted her feet securely on her high heels. She bent a little at the knees. She straightened her right elbow and moved so that she could get the weight of her body behind the penetration effort. The strawberry blonde dominatrix bitch could tell that it was going to take a hell of a lot of brute force to get her fist inside Harvey’s ass — especially when his internal muscles were involuntarily battling the brutal anal violation every step of the way.
BUT YOU WILL TEAR ME APART!” Harvey called out.
His voice made him sound much younger than he really was.
Harvey was in his forties. He sounded fourteen. His voice cracked. Tears of fear, pain and despair streamed down his cheeks. His whiskered cheeks were stained by those droplets of bitter saltwater. Some of his tears made it to the corner of his mouth and onto his puffy tongue. They tasted awful. Even his tears were filled with the taste of his humiliation and degradation!
As Madame Pain began to push her hand inside, the man could feel the agony strike. He could hear his muscles tearing. He knew that the rubber glove was going to be covered with blood by the time she was through with his already ravaged nether eye.
But as the pain peaked — so did the man’s pleasure.
He could feel his hot sticky semen swirling impatiently around his swollen balls. He could feel a tickle of sexual anxiety forming at the base of his rock-hard dick.
The tip of his cock was pinned to his belly several inches above his belly button. He could tell that the woman was going to make him come with the extreme abuse. He knew that the tickle he felt at the base of his ten inch dong was only going to get worse until his sexual tension reached the point of saturation and his orgasm became inevitable.
There was a dull popping noise.
Harvey thought he would faint.
He saw flashes of light before his closed eyes. The torture chamber began to spin.
Madame Pain sighed.
She watched her hand disappear inside his ass. She began to close her fingers.
The strawberry blonde dominatrix began to make a fist.
Harvey felt his cock convulse. Madame Pain clenched her fist tightly — and twisted savagely.
Madame Pain could tell that the slave was shooting his wad. She could tell by the little Harvey Harris was making in the back of his throat that he had pumped his sperm onto his belly. She could feel his inner bowels convulsing against her tightly clenched gloved fist. She straightened her fingers and pulled the hand out of his hole. There wasn’t nearly as much blood as Harvey might have feared. His sphincter had torn in a couple of places — but no wounds had been opened deep inside him, as he had been afraid. Madame Pain pulled the rubber glove off in disgust and tossed it into the corner of the torture room where there was a working white porcelain sink.
She would clean it off later. She wiped her hands on a rag she found on the display table and glanced up for a moment at the grotesque ornaments decorating the ceiling of her torture chamber. She used the same rag to clean up Harvey’s ass. She didn’t think that any serious damage had been done. Once her hand was pulled out his asshole returned to its normal size — and once again looked like a pink asterisk covered with hair. As she tenderly wiped his ass he winced. His asshole was understandably sore. Madame Pain cleansed his anal passageway thoroughly, until all of the blood and bowel mucous had been wiped away. She threw the rag into the sink also and immediately released the teethed steel cuffs that stringently held the muscular subservient wrists and ankles in place.
Harvey thought that he would never be able to move again.
He was completely exhausted. Whipped. Beaten. He whimpered quietly.
“Roll over on your back,” Madame Pain said sternly.
This was no request.
This was an order.
She was not asking.
She was telling.
And she wasn’t about to take no for an answer.
But Harvey Harris, the rich business executive, did not move fast enough.
The muscular slave made the mistake of hesitation.
Hesitation infuriated the strawberry blonde bitch.
She raked her fingernails across the backs of his legs.
She drew blood on the sensitive skin behind his knees.
Harvey gathered up all of the energy he could muster.
He groaned with pain as he rolled over onto his back.
He opened his eyes and found himself looking at a skull.
He closed his eyes again. He could feel something trickling from his asshole. In a moment of raw horror, Harvey realized that this was blood he was feeling. He knew that the crack of his ass, and maybe even the cheeks, were going to be caked and crusty with dried blood by the time the dominatrix bitch had completed her torture session. His cock dwindled after his orgasm. Madame Pain could see the smeared come on his belly. As he rolled onto his back his cock moved from his abdomen to the inside of his thick thigh. She could see the blood pumping out of both the head and the shaft. It was clear that the man’s penis was well on its way to being flaccid. Madame Pain did not mind. She knew that this was temporary. She had tortured Harvey Harris enough to know that it wouldn’t take him very long to get another boner. She was glad that he had shot his wad during the brutal anal fist fuck. This meant that the muscular subservient would be able to fuck her for longer. He would be able to keep his cock hard for a long time the second time around. Monica Madison knew that the dark-haired man was going to make her come more times than she could count with that cock of his. She was very sure. The second he got onto his back Madame Pain ordered him to put his arms back over his head and part his thighs so that his feet were pointing toward the cuffs at the foot of the torture table. He did this without a peep of protest. His eyes were red and swollen from the tears he had spilled during the anal abuse. He was having trouble blinking. Every time the handsome business executive tried to close his eyes the insides of his eyelids felt as if they were made of sandpaper.
Madame Pain re-administered the cuffs that held his wrists and ankles in place. Just when Harvey began to get the sensation back in his toes and fingertips, Madame Pain made him numb once again. The handsome man looked at his mistress. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Harvey couldn’t think of another dominatrix he would rather be abused by. The man had been to quite a few professionals in his day — but he found that many of the women who proclaimed themselves to be torturers were actually street hookers who were willing to spank their kinky johns. Madame Pain was the only woman Harvey had ever found who did not fear the pain she caused. She plunged into her torture sessions with reckless abandon — as was evidenced by the savage manner in which she had thrust her fist into his bowels.
“You are worthless, slave,” Madame Pain said with a sneer.
She curled her upper lip as she spoke. Harvey paid strict attention.
He knew that the woman never repeated herself. He had to hear everything the first time.
“You are lower than my toilet. I don’t think you are worthy to be in the same room with my toilet,” Madame Pain said. She stood at the foot of the torture table with her feet a little more than shoulder-width apart on the carpet. She bent slightly at the knees. She held her hands on her hips. Her fingers were together and pointing downward toward the floor. Her elbows were cocked out to the side. She stood with her chin tilted upward. Her shoulders were back. Her flat tummy was sucked in. She puffed out her chest — so that her breasts rose even further than the black leather corset pushed them. Her lips were full, wanton. Harvey knew how horny his mistress was. He wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could. He wanted to make her come until she could come no more. She gave him exactly what he wanted, it only seemed fair to the handsome subservient that he do the same for her.
“I am too worthy. I swear I am,” Harvey said. “I am good enough to be your toilet. Please — just give me the opportunity. Pretty please.”
He begged.
She laughed.
He felt like crying.
She stroked her own nipples.
Madame Pain tossed back her head and moaned as she pinched the feminine erections at the tips of her huge tits. “Okay,” she said with a half-smile. “I will give you one chance. You had better be a good toilet, you piece of toe-jam maggot scum!”
Harvey loved the way she called him such inventive names.
Monica Madison had been drinking mixed drinks all evening.
Her bladder was very full. It felt as if it would burst.
The strawberry blonde climbed up onto the torture table.
The numbness in Harvey’s ass cheeks was starting to wear off.
He could feel how ravaged his buttock flesh was from the savage thrashing he had taken there earlier with Madame Pain’s riding crop.
She was on her knees.
She moved so that she was straddling his head.
Harvey was looking straight up into her pussy.
At least she blocked his view of the ceiling ornaments, he figured. He would rather look at a beautiful woman’s cunt than a smelly old shrunken head any day! Madame Pain hovered her cunt over Harvey’s face. She moved her knees as far apart on the torture table as she could. She reached down and began to stroke the insides of her thighs with the tips of her long, slightly curved, fingernails.
The strawberry blonde bitch stroked mostly between the tops of her black fishnet stockings and the super-swollen outer lips of her cunt.
The dominatrix bitch then pressed the fleshy part of her fingertips against her engorged outer labia and pulled them apart as far as she could, making a little gurgling sound of pleasure in the back of her throat. Harvey could see how aroused she was. Her inner cunt lips were throbbing visibly. It looked as if her nether mouth were trying to speak in vain. He could see her clit poking out from under its foreskin. It was throbbing so hard that he could see it clearly. He was thirsty. He wanted to be her toilet very badly. It was so humiliating. So very degrading. Harvey knew that he was going to love it. The woman opened her floodgates and began to urinate. She did not piss in a steady stream. She had a very talented and sexually experienced urethra. The woman could open and close the little piss hole directly below her clit at will. She made her piss come out of that hole in short, hot squirts, making her urination appear similar to a male ejaculation. Harvey could feel the ache returning to his balls even though it had only been a few minutes since he had shot his wad with her fist up his fanny.
The beautiful blonde woman pissed all over Harvey’s face, and she turned up one corner of her mouth into an inward smile of amusement as she saw her muscular subservient drop his jaw. Harvey allowed his mouth to fall gaping open. He looked like a newborn bird waiting to be fed predigested worms by his regurgitating mother.
Madame Pain redirected the aim of her golden shower.
She made her tiny squirts go between his bared teeth.
She could hear him gargling on her yellow tinkle.
It was a good thing that she did not piss in a steady stream.
If she had she would have surely drowned the man in piss.
His adam’s apple moved up and down very fast as he struggled to swallow.
His face was all wet and sticky with the pee that had missed his oral cavity.
He drank it all down.
Like a good slave.
Madame Pain sighed.
Her pee dribbled.
Her bladder was empty.
“So, if you are good enough to be my toilet, you bucket of pig snot, you are certainly good enough to be my toilet paper!” Madame Pain said with a sneer.
Harvey felt a warm spot in his tummy.
He could feel the blood pumping downward in his long body.
Harvey could tell that blood was heading for his groin.
The ache in his testicles was getting worse by the second.
His balls were swelling. Soon they would once again be as big as golf balls — to Madame Pain’s delight.
Monica Madison sat on her subservient’s face so he could lick away the excess pee between her inner cunt lips and around her urethra directly below her throbbing love button.
Harvey was smart enough to realize that he wasn’t supposed to stop licking that delicious cunt flesh when all of her tinkle had been cleansed away by his eager tongue. He wasn’t supposed to stop licking and sucking until he had driven his beautiful dominatrix into a shuddering climax!
“OH, you sleazy asshole, stick your tongue way up inside Madame Pain’s pussy,” Monica said with a sigh. She tossed back her head and closed her eyes. She could feel her face getting hot.
“Ummmphabub,” Harvey said. Whatever he had been trying to communicate was muffled by Madame Pain’s swollen poontang. He stuck his tongue out of his mouth as far as he could. He made the tip pointy and drove it hard between the woman’s curled back inner labia at the base of the slit. He found the mouth of her fuck hole and pierced it. But Madame Pain could tell that his tongue wasn’t going to get deep enough inside her pussy to satisfy her. She lifted herself off of his face for a moment. This offered Harvey an opportunity to take a deep, breath — something that had been difficult while she sat on his puss.
His face was getting even wetted with the natural lubrication that dribbled out of her cunt hole. He could feel a tugging at the roots of his tongue — near his thumping salivary gland — as he strained to get his tongue further out of his mouth. Madame Pain reached back and grabbed herself by the round smooth cheeks of her ass. She pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as she could and sat on his handsome face once again — this time positioning herself so he could rim her hot anus clean. He tongued her asshole enthusiastically — first flicking with the tip of his tongue and then licking across the nether eye with the flat broad part of his taster.
She then rocked back and forth.
She slid her crotch over his face.
He was forced to lick all the way from her asshole to her clit with each stroke. Madame Pain let out a sharp cry of pleasure each time his tongue touched her clit. She could feel the sexual tension in her loins getting worse by the second. Her hominess grew in leaps and bounds. Harvey worked his tongue deep into the snatch. He worked his tongue over her urethra as he licked her pussy from base to top. He got a yellow hair on his tongue which made him feel uncomfortable — but naturally there was nothing he could do about so he tried not to think about it.
The handsome slave could hear his mistress panting wildly.
Madame Pain’s lips quivered and pulled back over her teeth.
She clenched her back teeth together. Her face got redder.
The moans and groans that came with each of her rapid exhales were getting higher in pitch as the strawberry blonde approached her first come of the session. She stopped her back and forth rocking and strained to keep herself still. She wanted Harvey to pay exclusive attention to her clit. She needed an orgasm desperately. She wouldn’t even be able to think about anything else until she got her rocks off. She had been horny ever since Harvey showed up. She was pleased with herself for being so patient. She had waited a long time and had abused her slave a great deal before she paused for her own pleasure. Madame Pain knew that this was a sign of a damn fine dominatrix — which is what the — woman considered herself.
Harvey could feel the blood pumping into both the shaft and head of his cock with increasing rapidity. He could feel his dick start to throb in sync with his heartbeat. He could tell that it wouldn’t be very long at all before he had another full-fledged boner. He could feel the woman’s little man in the boat on the tip of his tongue. He licked at it eagerly and Madame Pain began to make sharp grunting noises.
Her face contorted.
Her teeth clenched harder.
The muscles at the sides of her face began to protrude.
Then Harvey flicked his tongue across her clit very hard.
Madame Pain could feel her cunt exploding into bliss!
“C-C-C-COMING! I’M COMING SO FUCKING HARD!” Madame Pain screamed. She tossed her head from side to side. Her pussy gushed onto Harvey’s face. He pinned her love button against the base of her pubic bone with the flat part of his tongue. He worked his taster hard from side to side so he would give the center of his mistress womanly pleasure maximum stimulation. She tensed every muscle in her body. She dripped sweat. Perspiration rolled off of her creased forehead into her green cat-like eyes. Harvey continued to lick at her little man in the boat until her come was completely over.
As she writhed in her bliss, the strawberry blonde was pressing her pussy against her handsome slave’s face so hard that he could hardly breathe at all. He managed to breathe exclusively through one nostril.
When the woman’s come was over she knelt up erect and pulled her pussy off of her slave’s face. He huffed and puffed to catch his lost breath.
Madame Pain could feel an intense afterglow filling her lower abdomen. But she knew that that warm contentment was not going to last for long. She knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before her glow disappeared and was replaced by rekindled lust. Harvey could no longer feel anything dribbling out of his ravaged asshole, but he didn’t know if that was because the flow of blood had stopped, or because he was too numb to feel anything at all between his whipped ass cheeks.
She climbed off the table.
Harvey’s cock had moved from his thigh back to his belly.
Madame Pain smiled when she looked at his masculine equipment.
His cock was once again a full ten inches long. She whimpered.
It was as thick as it could get. As thick as her wrist!
The head had returned to its deep purple color and the skin that covered his glans was stretched so thin that it looked as if the cap would explode if the slave got any homier.
The strawberry blonde looked at the little hole in the tip of that glans. It was opening and closing. The lips at the sides of his urethra appeared red and swollen. Even though it had not been very long since Harvey had dumped his wad, his huge scrotal sack still looked as if it were filled to the brim with his come.
The tip of his cock was resting on his belly well above his navel.
The tip was pointing at the subservient’s handsome face.
The entire length of the cock bounced up and down with anticipation.
Madame Pain could feel a new sexual anxiety growing inside her.
But this time her clit was no longer her desire’s focal point.
Her love button’s role as center of her feminine pleasure had been usurped. Temporarily — at least.
She could feel her craving centered around a magic spot deep inside her cunt — a spot on the upper wall of her inner vagina, between the base of her pubic bone and the dimpled mouth of her womb. There was a tremendous ache near her cervix. She knew that the handsome man would give her many deep vaginal orgasms when he rammed the humongous purple head of his pole of masculinity against that magic spot deep inside her tunnel of love!
Madame Pain did not stay off the table for long. She took the opportunity to caress his genitalia. She did this gently. She did not want to cause him any severe pain at that moment — for fear that it would make him lose his erection. Instead the woman worked her fingertips between the torture table and the base of his scrotal sack. She turned her wrist so that her palm and her fingertips were facing the ceiling of the dimly lit torture chamber. The strawberry blonde dominatrix bitch lifted his balls gently. She bobbed them up and down on her fingertips — as if she were trying to determine how much those twin swollen glands weighed. She caressed his nuts by wiggling her fingers. She then cupped her palms and opened her fingers as far as she could. She made a vain attempt to clutch the entire scrotum simultaneously. She lightly caressed the hypersensitive patch of skin between the base of his balls and the ravaged mucous membranes of his rectum. She squeezed his balls rhythmically and gently. The man moaned with pleasure. Harvey forgot about his whipped ass cheeks. He forgot about his sore asshole. He loved the woman very much. She was the only one who could make sexual pleasure so intense. She released her grip on his nuts and ran her fingertips lightly up and down the underside of his ten inch cock shaft — all the way from the base to the tip. She used her thumb to caress the supersensitive patch of skin just below the head of his cock on the underside of the fleshy patch near the ring of scar tissue where the glans split to make it resemble a ripe plum. Harvey closed his eyes tighter and allowed himself as sharp grunt of physical joy. Madame Pain had an urge to suck his cock.
But she didn’t do it.
She held herself back.
If she started to blow him, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to stop.
She didn’t want him to come in her mouth. Not at all. If that happened she would have to wait again for him to get hard. She had a game plan, for this boner, and it had to do with her eager, hungry, fuck hole.
Madame Pain, loved the way the dilated blue veins that ran near the surface on the underside of his throbbing dick felt as they pulsated against her arched fingertips.
She could wait no longer.
The glands inside her pussy were secreting a fresh flow of natural lubrication. The inside of her pussy was on fire with her desire for cock meat.
Her nipples were throbbing and were as hard as pebbles protruding from the tips of her large breasts. The woman could feel her clit return to its erect state.
She got up on the table.
This time she straddled his hips.
She placed one knee on either side of his slim loins.
She moved her knees as far apart as she could get them.
Madame Pain worked her fingers between his cock and his belly.
Once again the strawberry blonde had her palm turned upward.
She curled her fingers around the thick shaft of his dong.
Her fingers only barely made it all the way around his stem.
She lifted the cock away from his flat hard stomach slowly.
She could feel it pulsate against her palm and the insides of her curled fingers.
She squeezed firmly at his dick — just to make sure it was as hard and thick as it could be. The she moved the head of his lance to her pussy slit. She slid the tip up and down her cunt flesh. She covered his glans with her cunt juice. She knew that his cock would have to be nice and slippery for the fuck to be comfortable. He was very big. As experienced as she was, Madame Pain would still have to stretch to take all ten inches inside her hungry twat!
She rubbed his piss hole against her clit for a moment.
Then she moved the head down to the base of the slit.
She leaned forward a little, so the force of gravity was working in the same direction as her tits — making those huge breasts look larger than ever.
Her strawberry blonde hair was naturally as curly as her daughter’s — but she straightened it laboriously so it fell over her milky white shoulders in thick, graceful waves.
She positioned her hips so that his cock shaft was at the appropriate angle for deep vaginal penetration.
She felt as if she were straddling a skyscraper. She was going to lower herself to the sidewalk. Madame Pain concentrated for a moment in relaxing the muscles at the sides of her craving vulva. She knew that his cock was thick enough to rub directly against her clit as they fucked. She began to press down. Her lips quivered and she gurgled with delight as she felt her inner cunt lips stretch open. Her inner labia pulled tight. Then the head of his cock popped in. The lips at the mouth of her fuck hole were struggling to grip the ring of scar tissue at the base of his mushroom-shaped cock head.
“SO FUCKING GOOD!” she screamed.
His cock was too thick to plunge all the way into her at the same time. She moved her fingertips to the base of his cock shaft and lowered herself on his lance slowly. She could feel the tip of his dick working deeper into her poontang a fraction of an inch at a time.
HOT! HOT! HOT!” she cried. She could feel his urgently erect pole getting ever closer to the magic spot near her dimpled cervix. She could tell that she was going to have the first of many deep vaginal orgasms the second his dick made contact with that internal, feminine, secret magic spot.
As she leaned forward she could rub his penetrating cock shaft against her swollen clit — thus enhancing the pleasure she was already experiencing between her parted thighs.
She rammed down with her cunt as hard as she could. His cock head smacked her cervix. She screamed with pleasure as the waves of her orgasm spread in ever-growing concentric circles to fill her entire body.
UUUHHHGGGHHHH!!!” she hollered. Her cunt loosened. The rest of his dick slipped into her with ease. She could feel the side walls and back wall of her cunt being stretched tight by the length and girth of the muscular subservient’s ten inch phallus!
Harvey could feel the dominatrix bitch’s inner pussy flesh spasming and convulsing against his supersensitive cock shaft. He could feel the head of his dick lodged against the back wall of her hole. Madame Pain could feel that purple glans throbbing incredibly deep inside her — way up into her lower belly.
Harvey thought that Madame Pain had the most talented pussy he had ever plowed. The inside of her cunt felt as if it were filled with a thousand magic fingers.
And all of those fingers had been put there especially to give his dick pleasure. He could feel the head and shaft of his lance being stroked gloriously.
Harvey hoped that the woman would start her up and down fuck motion right away. He felt as if he were the sand on the beach and Madame Pain was the tide rolling in over him.
His breathing became shorter and faster. Madame Pain continued to press down with her loins even after his cock was all the way inside her hole.
She ground her pubic bone against his. Her gaping pussy lips gripped and tugged at the base of his pole. She gyrated her hips in a slow circle.
She could feel his massive rod stretching at the inner walls of her cunt and the inner lips of her pussy in every possible direction.
It seemed to the muscular slave like it took forever before the obviously superior woman began to pull upward with her lips. Her cunt felt like it was sucking his cock.
Madame Pain pulled upward until only the head of his purple dick was inside her. Her inner cunt lips were once again gripping at the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans.
She took a deep breath.
She filled her lungs.
Then she drove herself down on his rod as hard as she could. She took him all in one fell swoop. Her cunt went from completely empty to completely full.
Her eyes opened very wide — so that the whites were visible all the way around her cat-like green pupils. Her eyes felt like they were going to come popping right out of their sockets.
Madame Pain began to fuck her slave with a smooth steady motion.
She kept leaning forward so her clit would receive maximum stimulation.
She wanted her love button to feel battered as if it were a small punching bag being worked over by an especially talented boxer.
She steadily picked up the pace as she went along.
Madame Pain felt as if she were impaling herself on his rod.
Each time she slammed down against his loins she could feel great lightning bolts of pleasure shooting up her backbone to the base of her skull. Her eyes closed tightly.
She could tell that it wouldn’t be long before she would have her second deep vaginal come — and she could already tell it was going to be more intense than the first.
Harvey felt in control.
He could tell that he would be able to fuck or be fucked — for a long time before he would have to worry about ending the act by spilling his seed inside the mistress’ pussy.
Madame Pain soon began to snap off orgasms at an incredible rate.
Her climaxes came closer and closer together as she fucked faster.
She bounced up and down on his dick as hard and fast as she could.
Her pussy made a wet sucking sound as it was repeatedly pierced by his lance of rock-hard cock flesh. His tube steak found her core again and again it got to the point where Madame Pain could no longer count her orgasms. She didn’t care how many she had.
Numbers were unimportant as far as the strawberry blonde was concerned.
Besides, her orgasms came so close together that she was having trouble figuring out when one ended and the next one began. It felt more like she was having one continuous come than it did like she was having a series of shorter orgasms strung closely together — like kernels of popcorn on a string.
Neither of them had any idea of long the fuck lasted. It could have been five minutes. It could have been an hour. Their perceptions of time were seriously warped by the intensity of the sensations they shared.
Finally Madame Pain could tell they had reached the homestretch of the fuck. She could tell by the frenzied noises Harvey was making in her throat. The tickle of sexual anxiety had returned to the base of his dick. His come was once again swimming impatiently around his swollen testicles.
She could feel his cock get thicker and longer inside her.
She could tell he was about to spew his sweet spunk.
His cock spasmed.
Harvey let out a bellow of ecstasy. He sounded like an animal. Half-man, half-beast. He was a werewolf — howling in homage to the full moon.
Madame Pain snapped off her final come of the fuck at that moment.
This pleased her.
They came simultaneously. Harvey felt as if there were only one orgasm — and the two of them were sharing the bliss it provided.
Melinda Madison turned the vibrating dildo on and off a couple of times so she could hear the hum and feel the tingling against her palm and the insides of her fingers.
Her sister, Michele, was on her back with her knees up in the air and her thighs opened. Her knees were pointing at opposite walls of the bedroom.
“I want you to stick it all the way inside me,” Michele said. She could feel the ache in her pussy getting worse as she thought about the penetration.
“Would you like me to stick it in you hard or soft?” Melinda asked. The shy twin licked her full lips with the tip of her tongue to moisten them.
“I want you to stick it in me slowly — at first. After a while you can move it in and out as hard and fast as you want,” Michele said breathlessly. Michele closed her eyes gently and pressed the back of her head against the foam-rubber pillow.
“Do you want me to turn it on first?” Melinda asked. She lowered her head so that she was looking at the quivering flesh of her sister’s hot pussy. She could see the thick natural lubrications once again flowing out of the base of Michele’s slit down into the crack of her ass and onto the bedspread where a new wet spot was forming.
“I want you to leave it off. Get it all the way inside me first — and then turn it on full blast!!!” Michele said, her voice catching with her anticipation.
“Can do,” the shy twin said cheerfully, still holding the flesh-colored plastic fake prick clutched tightly in her tiny right hand.
The bold twin found it very difficult to keep her ass still. Her loins were on fire. There was a mounting pressure in her lower abdomen. Her clitoris was throbbing.
“Where did you get this thing anyway?” Melinda asked. She began to rub the tip of the dildo up and down the insides of her sisters thighs — all the way from her knees to the thoroughly engorged pink outer labia.
“I got it in a store in Syracuse,” Michele said. Her voice was low. No more than a whisper. Even though they were alone in the house Michele acted as if they had to keep quiet. They were keeping secrets.
“What kind of a store? I have been to a lot of stores in Syracuse and I never ever saw anything like this,” Melinda said. Michele moved the balls of her feet flat on the bedspread. She clutched at the covers with her curled toes.
“I got it at a health and beauty aid store,” Michele said. “They called it a marital aid, or a muscle relaxer, or something like that.”
“I guess they figured that it would be uncool to just come out and call it a dildo, huh?” Melinda said. The shape of the object betrayed its purpose. The only muscles that the fake cock was intended to relax were internal.
“Uh huh,” Michele said. It was clear from the older sister’s voice at that point that she was no longer in the mood for conversation. She needed the fake cock inside her — pronto.
Michele began to whimper and whine and Melinda understood. The shy girl placed the tip of the spurious phallus at the base of her sister’s cunt slit.
The tip was rather pointy. Melinda pushed the tip in between Michele’s slightly curled back inner labia. She pressed on the base. She pushed it in slowly.
Melinda’s eyes went wide with awe as the plastic vibrator slowly disappeared inside her loving sister’s hot poontang. It moved inside a fraction of an inch at a time.
All of Michele’s muscles stiffened as she felt the tip of the marital aid moving past the mouth of her womb — toward the back wall of her vagina.
Melinda kept pushing on the base of the fake dick until only the very end was sticking out of the hole — keeping the swollen inner cunt lips pried far apart.
Michele could feel the entire length of the dildo stretching at the side walls and the back wall of her pussy. Her breaths were very rapid and very short.
Michele could hear herself panting with her growing lust. She could tell that she was going to start coming the second her sister turned the vibrator on.
Melinda paused for a moment and turned the dial at the base of the fake cock. Michele screamed bloody murder with the fantastic pleasure this caused.
Michele could feel her pussy spasming immediately. She could feel her orgasmic convulsion spreading in ripples to fill her lower torso.
Melinda held the dildo deep inside Michele’s pussy with the tips of her arched fingers and licked her lips as Michele began to buck about wildly on the bed.
“Ccc-coo-OOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” Michele screamed at the top of her lungs. Her face turned red as a beet and she began to thrash her head from side to side.
Michele could feel tears welling rapidly in her baby blue eyes. She pressed her long, slightly curled, golden eyelashes against her high cheekbones.
Melinda gripped the base of the dildo and began to pull it out. She pulled the fake cock almost all the way out of her sister’s tight pussy.
Melinda stopped the withdrawl when only the very tip of the marital aid remained between her sister’s inner cunt lips at the base of her slit — at the mouth of her seething, drooling fuck hole.
Michele could feel herself coming again and again as her insides were stimulated magically by the plastic sex toy she had bought in Syracuse.
Melinda began to moved the rod in and out of the hole using a slow steady motion. Melinda picked up the pace and pressure of the penetration as she went along.
It wasn’t long before the little blonde was moving the dildo in and out of her twin’s cunt as hard and fast as she possibly could — much to Michele’s delight.
Michele could feel a fiery ball forming at the base of her skull. Her back teeth clenched. The muscles at the sides of her face protruded.
Her jaw ached. Her lips pulled back tight over her teeth so that her expression was half smile and half grimace. Her eyes were closed so tightly that her eyelids were wrinkled.
Melinda couldn’t help but notice that the tops of her sister’s shell-like ears turned redder than the rest of her face when she flushed with her acute hominess.
Michele also got especially red on the tip of her tiny button nose — and Melinda found herself wondering if her face looked the same way when she was writhing in ecstasy.
Michele came until she could come no more. She finally reached down and grabbed Melinda by the wrist firmly. Melinda stopped. She pulled the dildo out of the hole.
Melinda looked at the plastic cock and could see that it was all wet and shiny from the natural lubrication it had picked up inside Michele’s cooze.
Michele could feel a warm afterglow filling her abdomen. Melinda crawled on top of her sister. They pressed their breasts and their lips together simultaneously.
Melinda could feel her sister’s tongue deep inside her mouth. Melinda wrapped her full sensuous lips tightly around Michele’s probing taster.
Melinda began to suck lightly at Michele’s tongue, so that the bolder of the two teenage blondes could feel a pleasant tugging at her tongue’s roots.
Melinda set the dildo down on the edge of the bed. The girls rolled their tongues together for a long time. Both sets of lips were wet and slippery from shared spittle by the time the soulful, passionate, incestuous kiss was complete.
Michele ran the tips of her fingers up and down Melinda’s spine — all the way from the base of her skull to the soft spot at the top of the crack of her ass.
Melinda wished that she wasn’t a virgin. Her inner pussy ached horribly. She had an itch and there was no way for her to scratch it. She would have had to pop her own cherry to get at the spots that needed to be touched the most severely — spots that had never been touched before.
Melinda decided that she was bloody sick and tired of being a chaste teenager. She wanted to have lots of fun at sex play like her sister.
She certainly wanted to get rid of her hymen. As far as she could tell the cherry was only getting in her way. There was part of Melinda that wanted her sister to bust down her maidenhead with the dildo right then and there.
But there was an even bigger part of the shy little girl that wanted to have her cherry popped by a real live, throbbing cock. No substitutions!
“I have an idea,” Melinda said. She moved her mouth so that it was very close to her sister’s ear. She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across Michele’s earlobe. She explored the inside of that shell-like ear with the tip of her bold and curious taster. Michele shivered. She could feel the strange tingling at the back of her neck. She could tell that the little golden hairs back there were standing on end. She could feel her entire body become covered with a thick layer of gooseflesh.
“What?” Michele said. The girls moved so that they were both on their sides facing each other. They moved from side to side so that their nipples kissed.
“Let’s take a shower together!” Melinda said cheerfully. Her eyes lit up. Michele thought that it was a splendid idea and both girls got off the bed.
“We had better take the dildo to the john with us,” Michele mused. “I always like to wash it off in between playtimes, if you know what I mean.”
Melinda nodded that she understood. They didn’t bother to put any clothes on. They padded barefoot and naked out of the bathroom into the upstairs hall.
Michele set the base of the dildo on the corner of the tub so that the tip was pointing at the ceiling of the bathroom. She pushed the translucent shower curtain inside the white porcelain tub so that they wouldn’t flood out the john as they bathed each other sensuously.
“How do you like your showers?” Michele asked. She turned on the faucets and started the water. She turned the hot on all the way, and the cold just a little bit.
“Real steamy,” Melinda replied. “I like it just short of scalding.” It suddenly occurred to Melinda that she had to pee. She didn’t feel shy at all. She sat on the toilet.
Michele looked at her and winked. The older twin volunteered to wipe Melinda’s pussy gently with a ball of toilet paper once her precious leak was through.
Melinda thought that that was a very, sexy idea and leaned back against the tank and spread her legs after her swollen bladder had completely emptied.
Michele pulled off a strip of toilet tissue and placed it at the base of Melinda’s cunt slit. She ran it all the way to the top of the pussy.
Melinda could feel herself shiver and hear herself moan as her sister allowed the toilet paper to linger on her little man in the boat for a moment.
The water was very hot.
Steam rose.
The mirror on the medicine cabinet was quickly steamed over.
The same was true of the full-length mirror mounted on the back of the bathroom door. The girls stepped into the shower together. Michele placed her palms flat on the small of Melinda’s back.
Melinda placed her hands on the back of Michele’s neck. Their faces moved closer together as if they were moving in slow motion. They touched the tips of their tongues together a fraction of a second before their lips met. Their breasts were flattened against one another. Michele lowered her hands to the cheeks of Melinda’s ass. Melinda used the tips of her long red fingernails to lightly scratch her sister between her shoulder-blades.
Melinda could feel the muscles in her buttocks being kneaded sensuously by her sister’s fingers. Michele ran the middle finger of her right hand up and down the crack of Melinda’s ass.
The younger twin shuddered and purred like a feline every time her sister stroked her tight puckered sphincter with her curious fingertip.
They spent a long time in the shower together that night.
Their skin was all wrinkled from the water by the time they were done.
Melinda went down on Michele right there in the tub.
Michele placed her feet as far apart as she could inside the tub.
Michele pressed her anklebones against the sides of the white porcelain.
Melinda dropped to her knees in front of her sister and licked her cunt.
Melinda could feel the needles of spray on top of her head.
Michele placed her palms on top of Melinda’s head and ran her nails through the tight blonde curls until she was pressing against her sister’s pink scalp.
Melinda licked eagerly at the soaking wet delta of love.
Michele began to moan and groan. She gyrated her hips.
Michele arched her back sharply as her pleasure mounted.
She threw back her head and felt her jaw drop far.
Her mouth fell gaping open and her blue eyes closed tightly.
Melinda got her tongue as deep inside her sister’s cunt as she could.
Then she licked and sucked at her sister’s throbbing clit.
Michele could feel her umpteenth come of the night beginning.
Pussy juice gushed onto Melinda’s working face once again.
This time the natural lubrication was washed away immediately.
They switched positions and Michele ate Melinda’s cunt.
Only after they had both orgasmed did they get the soap. “I have a trick I want to show you,” Michele said.
“What is it?” Melinda queried, her voice filled with interest.
“It’s called the hide the soap trick,” Michele said.
Michele placed her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle.
“Now, where would you hide the soap?” Melinda asked.
The shy sister’s eyes were twinkling naughtily at that moment.
“In my pussy,” Michele said. She bent at the knees and parted her thighs.
Michele ran the slippery bar of soap up and down her pussy. She then squatted further and pushed the bar of soap — which was a large bar, relatively new, though the letters of the brand name had worn off — right up into her hole. It disappeared all the way inside. Melinda applauded merrily.
“See?” Michele said. “I hid the soap,” she giggled.
Melinda had a big grin on her face. She loved her sister very much.
Michele then clamped down on her inner cunt muscles and made the bar of soap shoot back out of the hole.
Melinda was envious.
This was just another sample of how limited her sexual potential was while she still possessed her maidenhead.
Michele and Melinda felt very sleepy after their shower.
They went downstairs and drank soda while watching TV.
But they soon became too sleepy to keep their eyes open.
Michele turned off the TV a little after two o’clock.
“Come on, angel. Time for beddie-bye,” Michele said.
She shook her snoozing double by the shoulder violently.
Neither girl had bothered to put on any clothes. Mommy wasn’t expected until the sun came up. She didn’t really work Friday night. It was more like she worked Saturday morning.
Melinda woke and took Michele’s hand. Michele pulled her to her feet.
Hand in hand, they climbed the stairs to their bedroom.
Melinda and Michele got into their own beds and fell fast asleep the second their heads hit the pillow — and neither woke until noon the next day.
“Have you got your homework done, young lady?” Monica Madison said sternly. It was Monday morning. Melinda had her books in her arms and was about to leave for school.
“Yes, Mommy,” Melinda said, without turning to look.
“You look into my eyes when you talk to me, missy!”
Melinda stopped in her tracks, sighed and turned to look at her cruel mother.
“Yes, Mommy,” Melinda said. She had her head tilted to one side.
“You give me another look like that and I’ll slap you right across your lip!” Monica said.
“Can I go now? I’ll be late for school,” Melinda whined.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get the hell out of here.” Monica turned her back on Melinda. The little girl left. She could only think of one thing. She had to get laid. She knew that Michele could find a guy any time she wanted to, so she saw no reason why she should have any difficulties. Still, it was going to be nerve-racking.
Michele came skipping down the stairs about thirty seconds behind her sister.
“Morning, Mommy. Gimme sugar,” Michele said. She kissed her mother on the cheek.
“Good morning, sweetheart,” Monica said. “Have fun at school today!”
“I will, Mommy. See ya!” Michele said and skipped out the door. “HEY, MINDY! WAIT UP!”
Melinda stopped in her tracks and waited for her sister to catch up with her. She told herself that she should have waited for her in the first place Melinda figured they would probably be hanging around with one another more often now that they were lovers.
“Why is Mommy so mean to me, Michele?” Melinda asked.
“Because she is jealous.”
“Sure. She wishes she could have your cheery outlook on life.”
“Bull poop!” Melinda said.
“It’s true.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“So don’t. Mommy is mean to almost every one. I can’t help if I’m her little baby. I am the exception, not the rule,” Michele said.
“I guess you are right,” Melinda said. “God, I’m horny.”
“You wanna cut school and make out in the woods?” Michele said.
“Uh uh,” Melinda replied. She shook her head from side to side.
“How come?” Michele asked. She didn’t seem too upset — just curious.
“I wanna find a boyfriend,” Melinda said. “Please don’t laugh.”
“I’m not laughing. I think it is a wonderful idea,” Michele said.
“I was hoping you might be able to help me,” Melinda said shyly.
“No sweat, sugar pie honey bunch. What would you like to know?”
“Which guys do you think would most want to go out with me?” Melinda asked. Her voice was low. They walked down the sidewalk shoulder to shoulder. Their heads were down.
“Any one you want?” Michele said. “The first rule you have to remember is: boys will do anything. Doesn’t make a difference. I suggest you stay away from guys with steady girlfriends or else you might get beaten up in the lavatory.”
“Oh, I know. I can really have anyone I want?” Melinda asked.
“Sure. No problem. Some guys are quicker,” Michele said.
“I don’t understand,” Melinda said. Her brow was furrowed.
“Like some guys are shy. Like you. They might not have much experience. It could take some tender loving care to get a guy like that out of his duds.”
“I see.”
“But the good looking jocks, for example, well, they are fucking all the time. Wink at one of them and he’ll be dragging you into the woods in a second. You just have to be calm. And blunt. Always be blunt. Do not beat around the bush. The guy will think he isn’t understanding you correctly if you are too subtle. I have always found that wanna fuck works, if you really have to say anything at all.”
“I can say wanna fuck wordlessly,” Melinda replied.
“Good girl. Do you have anyone in mind?” Michele queried.
“Uh huh,” Melinda said. Her eyes twinkled. She was sure.
“Don’t be a tease, Mindy! Tell me who!” Michele said.
“Bernard Shakey,” Melinda said. She looked at her toes as she walked.
“He’s an egghead. A good looking egghead — but shit. He might want to talk to you about science or something.”
“Biology, more than likely,” Melinda said with a giggle.
“Good luck,” Michele said. She draped her arm across her sister’s shoulder.
“Thanks, Michele. We can still fool around at home.”
“Cut that crap out. I know! Do you think I’m giving up boys?”
“Sorry. I think that my life is changing for the better.”
“It would certainly seem that way. I hope Bernard has a big one!”
“Not too big,” Melinda said.
Michele caught a note of worry in her sister’s voice.
Melinda did not see Bernard until two o’clock in the afternoon.
It was a bright sunshiny day. Spring was in full gear.
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky over the tiny town.
The sun beat down hotter than it had all year on Rushdale.
Melinda thought it was a perfect day to lose her virginity.
She sat next to Bernard in English class. While the teacher was talking she slipped the handsome boy a note.
Bernard was exactly six feet tall — although he was still growing. His hair was dark brown, almost black, and just as curly as Melinda’s. Bernard had broad shoulders and a slim middle. His legs were long. He had the long finely-toned muscles of a swimmer rather than the bulky muscles of a weightlifter. His eyes were large and very dark. His lips were full. Bernard’s jaw was square. He had a dimple in the middle of his chin. His complexion was olive. He tanned very dark in the summer. He was a genius. The smartest kid in the class. Melinda wanted some of his essential juices pumped into her pussy.
After checking Melinda’s note for grammar errors, Bernard wrote on the back, “ARE YOU WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE?”
Melinda had to think about this for a moment. Then it occurred to her. He thought that she was playing a game. He thought that she and her sister had switched for the day — something that they could probably do but had never even considered.
MINDY WANTS YOU,” the pretty little blonde wrote back.
Bernard grinned.
Melinda knew that it was going to be a long wait until last period.
Ninety minutes!
She knew that it would seem like a decade. Melinda squirmed.
Bernard and Melinda exchanged glances all during class.
The little girl could feel the blood pumping down in her body. She could feel both her inner and outer cunt lips swelling rapidly with the blood of her arousal.
She could feel a savage ache forming deep inside her pussy — at the spot she knew Bernard would soon be stroking with the head of his prick.
She could feel a mounting tension in her lower abdomen. It was a womanly lust. Melinda knew that she was about to graduate from being a little girl into being a woman.
The pretty little blonde knew that Bernard was going to tear a piece of her away. Forever. He was going to tear a piece from her that would never grow back!
And she didn’t care.
She held no nostalgia.
She yearned for womanhood.
She yearned for the bliss of vaginal penetration.
But the end of school finally came. When Melinda got to the bleachers she was pleased to find that handsome Bernard Shakey was already there and waiting for her. He was a crisp dresser. He was one of the few guys in her class that wore slacks rather than raggedy jeans.
“Wanna go someplace and fool around?” Melinda said.
She stood very close to him. There was no one else around. No one watching. She folded her fingers at the back of his neck. Bernard cleared his throat.
“This isn’t like you,” Bernard said. “You haven’t said ten words to me in your whole life and now you are all over me?”
“You don’t like it?”
“I love it. I just think that it is strange,” Bernard said.
“I guess I woke up,” Melinda said. She knew that she could be vague and he would still understand. After all he had an I.Q. of three zillion or something.
“I’m glad that you woke up and saw me,” Bernard said.
Melinda got up on her toes and Bernard stooped. They kissed.
Their tongues rolled together. He was so muscular. So taut. Melinda wanted to fuck him so bad she could taste it. She could feel her clit twitching like a finger on the trigger of a gun.
Melinda rubbed her crotch against the front of his thigh. Bernard rubbed back sensuously. The kiss ended. They were both breathless with passion. Melinda had never kissed a guy like that before.
“Where can we go?” Melinda asked. Her mouth was only a fraction of an inch from the side of the boy’s neck so he could feel her hot moist breath on his jugular vein. It warmed his whole body and he blustered his full lips a bit.
“I know a place.”
“The woods beside the north forty,” Bernard said. He took her hand. “Come on!” The north forty was the back field behind the high school building. When a guy fucked up in gym he had to run all the way around it. Most guys puked. Those that didn’t puke sometimes had to run it again — until they puked — and then they could stop.
Bernard was no jock. He liked to keep in shape and all. It was the jock mentality that he despised.
Melinda could feel her pussy getting wet as they walked toward the woods. She could tell that she was soaking the crotch of her panties.
She wore white bikini panties that day.
“Very symbolic,” Bernard would say when he saw them.
When they got into the woods they went directly to a private clearing, where the earth was dry and the grass was warm. It was too early in the year for mosquitoes to be a problem. Melinda wasted no time. She wanted to get out of her clothes as fast as she could. She had never seen an erect penis before. She was greatly looking forward to her first glimpse of Bernard’s cock. She could see a bulge forming in the crotch of his tight black slacks. Melinda began to unbutton her yellow blouse. She pulled the blouse out of her dark blue designer jeans. She had, naturally, worn her tightest pants that day Melinda pulled the front of her blouse open and Bernard’s eyes went wide when he looked at her tits. He thought that they were the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. The nipples were hard and erect. Melinda could feel the feminine erections at the tips of her firm boobs burning with a desire to be stroked, licked and sucked by the handsome dark haired boy.
Melinda pulled off her shirt and hung it on a nearby branch. Bernard likewise removed his shirt. Melinda was pleased to see that his chest was muscular and covered with a thick rug of fur. His belly was flat, hard and also quite hairy. The boy kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. Melinda did likewise. At the same time they reached for the top of their pants. Melinda unbuttoned the single button that held the top of her designer jeans closed and pulled down her fly. She hooked her thumbs under her pants and the elastic to her white panties at the same time. She could feel the wet crotch of her bikini underwear crawling up uncomfortably between the swollen outer lips of her seething poontang.
Then Bernard pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time.
Melinda gasped.
She couldn’t believe it.
He was huge.
A full nine inches of throbbing cock meat standing at attention if front of the boy’s slim loins. His cock was thick too, and Melinda could feel her palms begin to sweat as she thought about how far her virgin cunt was going to have to stretch to take that rod.
She looked at his balls, which dangled low beneath the base of his dick. Her mouth watered. They were nude. Melinda could see the entire length of Bernard’s dick bobbing up and down with anticipation.
The pretty little blonde could feel her natural lubrication rolling thickly and hotly down the insides of her smooth, milky white, thighs as she stood in the grass with her feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. The little girl could feel her clitoris twitching violently at the top of her quim slash. Her inner cunt lips were so swollen that Bernard could see them dangling. He couldn’t believe how bald her cunt was. He had never fucked Michele, so he didn’t know what to expect. She was practically bald down by her pussy. For some reason this made the ache in Bernard’s nuts get worse. His cock head snapped upward all of a sudden and slapped him in his belly.
Melinda dropped to her knees before him.
She licked his balls.
She sucked his testicles.
She drenched his wrinkled scrotal sack in spittle!
She licked his cock and thought about sucking it. But she sprawled on her back in the grass instead.
She didn’t want him to come in her mouth. She didn’t want to wait. The sooner he popped her cherry — the more the pretty little blonde was going to like it.
Melinda felt cunt juice dribbling from her twat’s base.
The crack of her ass was lubricated by the cooze honey.
Bernard could feel his purple glans throbbing very hard.
His urethra opening pulsated with the rapid beating of his heart.
The handsome boy could feel butterflies in his stomach.
This was to be only his third lover — and one of his previous lovers had been a one-night affair.


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