Wednesday, June 12, 2013


From that point on Sally Symms stopped going out with other boys entirely. She was her Daddy’s little girl — one-hundred percent. She no longer had interest in other fellows. Daddy gave her all the sex she could possibly want. Sally was always sexually appeased.
For the rest of the summer Sally and MacIntyre fucked on a daily basis. Sally stopped sleeping in her own bedroom. She moved into the master bedroom with her father.
Just as the pretty little blonde girl had anticipated, her life changed considerably once she had become her father’s lover. She felt weird around her friends. Sally felt as if she were holding a deep, dark secret inside her all of the time. She felt as if she had a great weight on her shoulders. Sally knew that it would be a mistake to tell anyone — even her very best friend — who her new boyfriend was.
Sally Symms was always trying to think of new ways to please her Daddy. She learned all of his erogenous zones. She memorized them. Sally was always fixing her Daddy’s favorite meals — and she frequently served him breakfast in bed on weekends.
It was a Saturday morning late in August when MacIntyre Symms woke up early. He rolled over on his side so he could look at his beautiful naked daughter sleeping beside him.
He stretched his arms up over his head and balled his huge hands into tight fists. He could hear a cracking in the back of his neck as he stretched his long arms over his head as high as he could and arched his back. He closed his eyes and yawned. Sally rolled over onto her back — still asleep — so her loving father could see her huge milky tits.
MacIntyre had an idea. He wanted to do something with his little girl that he had never done before. He wanted to fuck her outside! He could see through the bedroom curtains — which were slightly parted — that it was going to be a beautiful day.
He could see that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and he had heard on the radio the previous evening that the temperature was going to stay in the low eighties, with low humidity.
It was going to be a perfect day for a picnic. When his stretching and his yawn were over MacIntyre slowly lowered his head so he could kiss the pretty blonde’s relaxed eyelids; Sally woke up immediately. She opened one eye sleepily. Her lips pulled back into a brilliant grin as she saw her loving father looking down at her.
“Good morning, Daddy. I sure did have fun last night fooling around with you,” Sally Symms said sleepily. She opened both eyes and held her arms upward. It was an invitation to hug — which MacIntyre, of course, accepted.
“Good morning, sweetheart. I came so hard last night I thought I would never be able to come again,” MacIntyre said with a shiver in his voice. He rolled his puffy lips over his beautiful daughter’s smooth cheeks — and then finally to her mouth. They pressed their lips together and soon were rolling their tongues together wetly.
“Let’s take a shower together, Daddy!” Sally said sweetly when the long sensuous incestuous embrace was complete. She sat up in the bed and tossed the sheet over her legs. She swung her shapely gams to one side — keeping her knees and ankles close together — and stood on the rug beside the large bed.
“I have an idea for something to do once we are done in the bathroom,” MacIntyre said. He stood also. Together they padded out of the master bedroom and into the hall.
“What did you have in mind, Daddy,” Sally Symms queried, as they entered the bathroom. MacIntyre pushed the shower curtain inside the tub and turned the shower on.
“I thought it would be nice if the two of us had a picnic today,” MacIntyre said. They both climbed under the shower together and began to lather each other up. Sally wondered if she would ever be able to take a shower again without thinking about the very first time her father fucked her in the asshole.
Sally was thrilled.
She clapped her hands together.
She threw her arms around Daddy’s neck.
She clung to him like an albatross.
He placed his hands on her waist.
Sally’s waist was so thin and her Daddy’s hands were so large, that he could almost make his long fingers go all the way around her middle.
“Where are we going to go?” Sally asked enthusiastically. She got up on her toes in the tub so she could kiss her father on his hot mouth.
“I thought we could go behind the George Bridge. No one ever goes back there anymore. We can be all alone. We can spread a blanket out on the ground and eat sandwiches…”
MacIntyre did not get a chance to finish.
“And we can eat each other too, huh, Daddy?” Sally Symms said. She could feel a burning in her hardening nipples as she pressed her humongous breasts flat against her Daddy’s muscular chest.
“Oh, yes. I was planning on doing a lot of that too. Maybe we can bring along a sixpack of beer and get a little drunk under the sun,” MacIntyre said. He turned up one corner of his mouth into a half-smile of inward amusement.
“Can we find a place where we can be close to Oatka Creek. There is white water around there. I would love to feel that cold water running over my naked body,” Sally said. She licked her pouting lips with the tip of her tongue to moisten them.
“We can go anyplace you want to, sweetheart,” MacIntyre said, running the smooth bar of soap over her delicious boobs. Sally shivered and felt the little golden hairs at the nape of her neck standing on end.
They quickly finished their shower and stepped out onto the bath mat. Each got their own fluffy white bath towel — which they used to dry the other.
“I guess it won’t be long before you have to go back to school,” MacIntyre said. He gave his daughter a friendly swat on her round fanny.
“Please. Daddy, don’t remind me,” Sally Symms said. Her nipples were burning with desire and she could feel the blood of her growing arousal pumping downward in her body. The pretty little blonde could tell that she would be seething with lust by the time she got out in the woods with her father.
“Aren’t you looking forward to starting your senior year? Usually you are bored to tears with vacation by the end of August,” MacIntyre said. He placed his hand on Sally’s ass and opened his fingers as far apart as he could.
“This summer has been special,” Sally said with a smile.
“Why is that, sweetheart?” MacIntyre asked in a whisper.
“Because of you, Daddy. I love you so much,” Sally said.
“You still have to go back to school,” MacIntyre said.
“I know,” Sally replied in a weak tiny voice. The little girl looked down at her chubby toes as she walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. “Let’s not talk about it. I’ll worry about going back to school when the time comes.”
Sally didn’t know how she would be able to face her friends on an every-day basis. The little girl knew that she would be constantly be blushing with her incestuous guilt.
Sally put on a pair of super-tight cut-off jeans. They were cut so short that the bottoms of her firm buttocks were visible. They fit snugly against her crotch.
On top Sally put on a white tee-shirt. Naturally she wore no bra. The dark outlines of her silver dollar sized rosebuds were clearly visible through the thin white material. The cotton was stretched tight in the front by her tits. There were little bumps in the cloth from her erect nipples. MacIntyre could feel a great ache in his balls. He tried to keep from getting an erection — but it was difficult. He could tell that he would have a throbbing boner by the time he got back in the woods with his sweet daughter.
It was Sally’s job to make the sandwiches. She made them on the kitchen table. She whistled a happy tune to herself. MacIntyre put a blanket in the back of the car and fetched a six-pack of beer out of the white refrigerator.
The handsome blonde man and the pretty little girl then got into the car together and drove to the little clearing beside the George Bridge. They were both wearing sneakers with no socks.
The George Bridge was a railroad bridge across the Oatka Creek that was never used anymore. Someone had painted the word, “GEORGE” in large white letters across the side of the bridge that faced the road.
That was how it got its name. No one knew who George was. Somewhere in the world there was a guy named George who had a bridge named after him.
MacIntyre parked the car so that it was hidden from the road by a patch of bushes. They were on the south end of town. They got out of the car and gathered their stuff. Then they marched into the woods. They traveled along the side of the creek until they came to a clearing. There was a grassy patch where the sun had made the bed of earth warm and dry. MacIntyre spread out the blanket and Sally immediately pulled her tee-shirt off. She got on the blanket on her back and folded her arms behind her head.
“I love the way the warm sunshine feels on my tits,” Sally said with a sigh. The little girl could feel her erect nipples getting hotter and harder as the fresh air struck them.
MacIntyre Symms pulled off a can of beer from its ring and put the others back in the bag. He then decided to put the beer in the creek so it would stay cold longer. He pulled the zip-top off of the beer and raised it to his lips. MacIntyre opened his throat to the lager and finished half the can in one fell swoop. MacIntyre sighed with pleasure as he lowered the can, and then put his hand over his mouth as he let out a wicked belch.
Sally could feel the natural lubrication start to flow inside her pussy. She could tell that her inner and outer cunt lips were fully engorged with the blood of her horniness.
The pretty little blonde quickly reached down and unbuttoned the single button at the top of her short shorts. She lifted her ass from the blanket and pulled her shorts and her panties off simultaneously — pointing her tiny pink toes. MacIntyre gazed upon his naked daughter. He could tell by her puffy lips and her heavy eyelids that she needed a good fuck. He could feel a pressure in his crotch.
MacIntyre could feel his trousers getting tighter by the second.
He finished his beer and took off all of his clothes as well. The man then got on his belly so that his head was between his daughter’s parted thighs. Sally strained to get her knees as far apart as she could. She had the balls of her feet flat on the blanket. She could feel the sunshine on her face, her belly, and her tits. She could feel the thick natural lubrication rolling out of the base of her poontang slit. MacIntyre moved his mouth so close to Sally’s cunt that the little girl could feel his hot moist breath. Sally could feel her love button swelling at that moment. The sexual tension in her lower belly was getting worse by the second. MacIntyre began to kiss, lick and bite tenderly at the insides of his little girl’s thighs. He hummed as he placed the tip of his tongue at the base of her pink twat. It was the first taste of cunt he had had that day — and it was the first time he had ever tasted her pussy outdoors. MacIntyre thought that making love with his pretty blonde daughter under the bright sunshine was a fresh kick, and he could feel his testicles swelling and starting to ache horribly. He was breathless. The man moved his fingertips to the outer lips of her cunt and pulled them apart. He used the flexible tip of his aroused taster to thoroughly explore the many swollen folds of flesh with Sally’s poontang. He licked at all of the nooks and crannies of her dripping quim.
“UG!” Sally said. She closed her eyes tightly. Her eyelids were wrinkled. She opened and closed her knees. She looked as if she were trying to fan the fire in her drooling crotch. MacIntyre began to suck his daughter’s cunt. He wanted to quaff deeply and savor the flavor of her natural lubrication. He pulled her clit’s foreskin upward with the tip of his left forefinger. He placed the tip of his tongue directly on the center of her womanly pleasure. At first he held his tongue very still. Then he began to roll her clit in a slow circle. Then he rolled her love button in a fast circle. Sally could feel her sexual anxiety growing in leaps and bounds. She could tell that her handsome father was not going to have to lick her in that manner for very long before she would burst into an incredible orgasm. She knew that it would be only the first of many sexual climaxes her loving Daddy would give her before their hot picnic was complete. MacIntyre began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth quickly and lightly across her little man in the boat and the little girl could feel the massive explosions of orgasmic pleasure starting between her parted legs at the top of her cunt slash.
CCCCOOOOMMMMIIHNNNNGGGG!!!!” Sally Symms cried out. The little blonde could feel her creamy skin getting slick with the hot perspiration of her exertion. She could feel herself tossing her head from side to side. She could feel her face getting hot. Sally could tell that her face was as red as a beet. The little girl could feel her button nose moving up and down rapidly. She could feel a vein throbbing at her right temple. She could tell that her beautiful facial features were beginning to contort with her ecstasy.
MacIntyre could feel a little squirt of fluid on his lower lip. The little girl had ejaculated on his face. The man was licking back and forth across the center of his little girl’s womanly pleasure as hard and fast as he could, and he wanted her come to be as harsh as possible. He wrapped his lips around her love button and the surrounding flesh so he could suck at her clit even as he licked it.
His face became soaking wet with her sticky juices.
Every muscle in the little girl’s body tensed with pleasure.
She quivered and made coughing grunting noises in her throat.
At first her back teeth were clenched tightly together.
Then her jaw dropped and her mouth fell gaping open.
Her thick tongue flicked in and out of her opened mouth.
The corners of her full pouting lips were pulled tight.
Her sense of time was of course distorted by her bliss.
She thought that her orgasm was lasting a very long time.
In reality, the whole come took a matter of a few seconds.
Sally could feel her come finally cease. Ail of her muscles relaxed.
She had been pushing down with the balls of her feet and the back of her head, arching her back and lifting her buttocks almost a full foot off the blanket.
Then it was over.
She collapsed on the blanket.
She continued to pant.
MacIntyre stopped eating her cunt. He pulled his mouth away.
He licked his lips.
The handsome man placed the tip of his chin on her nearly bald mound.
“So good,” Sally said with a sigh.
MacIntyre got up on his hands and knees. The head of his cock felt as if it would explode at any second. His thick purple glans repeatedly slapped him in the belly. The tip of his prick smacked him above the navel every time his heart beat — and that was frequently. He crawled beside his little girl. She remained on her back. The handsome blonde man rolled his fingertips over the little girl’s erect nipples. She could feel the intense ecstasy of her orgasmic convulsions being replaced by the super-warm contentment and relaxation of her afterglow. She looked at Daddy’s cock and gasped. She thought that the novelty of his prick would wear off. She was wrong. She still felt the same thrill she had always felt when she looked at her loving father’s boner. MacIntyre pinched a little at his daughter’s femine erections at the tips of her tits and then ran his hand slowly down the front of her body. MacIntyre ran the tip of his middle finger up and down her pussy slit for a while — all the way from the base to the clit. He placed the tip of his middle finger at the mouth of her fuck hole.
“Slip it inside me, Daddy. Stick your finger as deep inside my pussy as you can get it, Daddy,” Sally said. She whimpered pathetically as her father began to penetrate her cunt with his longest finger. MacIntyre turned his wrist so that his palm was toward the cloudless sky. It was not yet noon. He didn’t stop pushing his finger into her cooze until her swollen inner pussy lips were wrapped tightly around his third knuckle. He wiggled his finger around inside her. Sally could tell that his finger was neither long enough nor thick enough to satisfy her vaginal craving. That was a job for his cock. MacIntyre began to work the finger in and out of her pussy — fucking her with it. Sally could feel her afterglow fading. Just like always. It was less than a minute after her orgasm when Sally Symms could feel her horniness rekindling.
“How does that feel, my love,” MacIntyre said, moving his lips so that they were only a fraction of an inch away from her shell-like ear.
“Deeper, Daddy. Press inside deeper,” Sally said. MacIntyre lowered his face so he could see what he was doing. The sun was on her golden blonde pubies. They shone. The sunshine made her pussy lips look even pinker and wetter than they usually looked when she was acutely aroused.
MacIntyre knew that he could get no deeper with his fingers.
“I’m going to fuck you, Sally,” MacIntyre said firmly.
It was clear from the tone of the handsome blonde man’s voice that he was not in the mood to take no for an answer.
“Please, Daddy. I need your cock inside me so badly. I can’t think of anything but your cock. That is why I’m not looking forward to going back to school. I know that I won’t be able to, do anything but daydream about fucking you. I won’t be able to think about my classes at all. All I will be able to think about is how good it feels when you shove your ten inch dick all the way into my wanton love tunnel!”
“You will get back into the swing of things after a couple of days, my love. You can still sleep with me at night, you know.”
“I know. Still…” Sally stopped suddenly. She mused in silence. “Fuck me hard, Daddy. I don’t want to think about real life. I only want to think of the fantasy world — the world where you and I live. Where we are alone. Where there are just the two of us.”
MacIntyre rolled on top of the little girl and pressed down.
For a moment Sally Symms found it difficult to breathe.
The pretty little girl was crushed by her Daddy’s chest.
She could feel her huge white tits being pressed flat.
MacIntyre placed the palms of his hands on either side of Sally’s head.
He lifted his upper torso. He straightened his elbows.
Sally filled her lungs with air. She made a raspy noise.
She could feel his cock pinned between their tummies.
She could feel the thick pole throbbing against her abdomen.
This sensation made the ache in her sweet loins grow.
Sally could feel Daddy’s balls on her wet pussy flesh.
The sack was heavy. She could tell the balls were swollen.
Sally could feel her clitoris return to full engorgement.
Once again the love button felt like it wanted to pop from its nest.
Sally was taking very short breaths — very close together.
The pretty blonde sounded as if she were about to hyperventilate.
MacIntyre got up on his toes. His feet were off the blanket.
His toes were pressed into the warm dry grass beside them.
His heels were in the air. His toes arched. His elbows straightened.
He moved so that only Sally’s nipples were touching his chest.
And only the tip of his cock was touching her lower belly.
“I need you,” Sally said.
“I need you, too, baby.”
“Forever and ever?” Sally asked. There was worry in her voice. “Forever and ever,” MacIntyre said.
He reached back with his left hand and grabbed the base, of his pole.
He gripped his fingers tightly around the girth of his tool.
He gave that lance a firm squeeze and sighed with pleasure.
He loved the way the granite-like stem felt as it pulsated against his palm and the insides of his fingers.
Sally could feel her natural lubrication rolling out of the base of her pink poontang in a steady flow, getting into the crack of her ass and onto the blanket.
She wanted to thrust up and down with her loins and ass furiously — but the pretty little blonde struggled to keep her lower torso as still as possible. She wanted her Daddy to have an easy time getting into her. She could feel him running to tip of his cock up and down her slit slowly. She could feel her near-bursting love button being caressed by her handsome father’s quivering urethra. He massaged her clit with his piss hole. Then he used his right hand to guide the thick purple head of his cock down to her fuck hole. He tensed the muscles in his ass and moved his hips so that the shaft of his ten inch dick was at the appropriate angle for deep vaginal violation!
MacIntyre began to push down.
Sally relaxed the muscles at the sides of her vulva. At least she relaxed them as much as she could.
There was still a bit of a struggle to get his cock head in.
They had fucked many times since that first night when he caught her jacking-off.
But her cunt was just as tight as ever. She still had to stretch to take him. He was simply too large for her to take simply. There was always a lot of puffing and grunting during the initial penetration of each fuck — no matter if the fuck was in the cunt or the ass.
Sally opened.
MacIntyre took a deep breath.
He puffed out his chest.
Her cunt made a wet sucking sound as his glans disappeared inside. He kept pushing. He pressed his buttocks together. He pulled his facial features back into a grimace.
Sally could feel herself opening up for him slowly.
The tip of his dick moved in a fraction of an inch at a time.
Sally could feel a great burning near the mouth of her womb.
Her dimpled cervix craved a rough massage. It needed to be pounded repeatedly by her Daddy’s weapon.
It seemed like a long time before he got all the way in.
Sally’s muscles were tensed and trembling. Her toes were tightly curled under. The only time she felt like a complete person was when all ten inches of her Daddy’s cock were inside her — and she didn’t care which hole.
MacIntyre gyrated his hips in a slow sexy circle.
He stretched at her inner cunt lips and the inner walls of her cunt.
He rolled her foreskin over her clit with the top of his cock.
He would ride her pussy high for maximum clitoral stimulation. He began to withdraw patiently. He could feel himself tugging at her inner cunt lips as he pulled his dick almost all the way out of her hole. He paused and then rammed the whole thing back inside. Sally came.
The man began to fuck her with a smooth steady motion.
He drove lightning bolts of pleasure into her hole.
Sally could see the bombs bursting air. She could hear the fireworks like on the Fourth of July. The little girl could see a light show being performed on the insides of her tightly clenched eyelids. Once again the little girl’s face had become burning hot, and she could tell that she was as red as the local fire engine.
FUCK ME HARDER, DADDY! FUCK ME AS FAST AS YOU CAN, DADDY!!!” Sally screamed. She was once again tossing her head wildly from side to side. She could tell that he wouldn’t have to fuck her for much longer before she would have her second come of the fuck. The man quickly picked up the pace of his already savage fucking motions. Sally could feel her cunt gushing a plethora of lubrication. Her cunt was making loud sucking and bubbling noises as her muscular father worked his ten inch pole in and out of her delta. Her inner cunt lips were being pulled far out and pushed far back in by the motion of his lance. The man could feel the tickle of anticipation returning to his dick. He could feel the ache in his balls become unbearable. His scrotal sack waved back and forth in the air as he plowed his daughter’s cooze. Sally lifted her feet off the blanket and wrapped her legs around her Daddy’s lower torso. She scratched lightly at his tight skin between his rather pointy shoulder blades with the tips of her long red fingernails. She was making quite a fuss beneath him. She exploded into her second come and the man could feel her inner pussy walls gripping especially hard at his dong as she convulsed. The little girl was slapping upward with her tender loins every time her father rammed down with his slim yet powerful hips, and their bellies smacked together rhythmically to the beat of the incestuous act of acute passion.
Sally could hear her father’s moans and groans of pleasure getting louder with each cock stroke. She could hear his panting getting worse. She could tell that he was approaching orgasm. Sally could tell by those sounds that they had reached the homestretch of the fuck. She hugged at his humping hips as tightly as she could with the insides of her smooth creamy loins. Her face was soaking wet with her exertion. Strands of golden hair clung to her sticky cheeks. Her teeth were bared.
Sally could feel her orgasms getting closer and closer together as her father cranked up the pace of the fuck until he was moving all ten inches of his pole of manhood in and out of her dripping quim as hard and fast as he possibly could.
“I CAN’T! I CAN’T! I’M GONNA DIE! I CAN’T STOP COMING!!!” Sally screamed. She found herself wondering if it were possible to pass out. She had never pass out in the middle of a fuck before. She had come close.
Once again the little girl could feel the whole world spinning.
She felt as if she were drifting upward off the blanket.
She could no longer feel her body. She could only feel her cunt.
She could only feel her Daddy’s dick ramming deep into her belly.
She could only feel her clit being battered back and forth violently.
She could only feel herself snapping over orgasms at an extraordinary rate.
The little girl quickly lost count of her comes.
HARDER!” Sally screamed.
“So tight…” MacIntyre whimpered. He whined.
Then he rammed his cock all the way into her pussy. He could fuck her no longer. He had tried to delay his orgasm for as long as possible. He wanted to make Sally come as many times as he could. But no more. Now he had to come. He rubbed his pubic bone against her. He ground the top of the base of his prick against his little girl’s clit.
Sally could feel his cock getting longer and thicker at that moment. The little girl could feel him spasming at the stretched side walls and taut back wall of her pussy. She came for the last time.
She screamed out with her unadulterated ecstasy just as she felt the thick sticky fuck juice spitting out from the dilated piss hole in the center of her Daddy’s convulsing purple glans.
The little girl wailed with her bliss as she felt her loving father fill her stretched fuck hole with his slippery seed — his essential juices! She used the muscles inside her quim to suck his pole. She wanted to suck his balls dry. MacIntyre tensed and quivered, letting out the howl of a werewolf. Then his come was over. She jerked three times. He could no longer hold his elbows straight. He collapsed on top of her. They were both slick with hot perspiration. They panted against each other’s necks.
MacIntyre managed to lift his upper torso enough for Sally to breathe — but he made no move to pull his dick out of her hole. Sally could feel his prick getting smaller. The handsome man’s tool immediately lost its urgent rigidity after his come was complete. His cock was still hypersensitive, however. He was very aware of the last bit of thin dogwater drooling from between the puffy lips at his urethra.
Sally knew what she wanted to do.
She wanted to take advantage of the creek.
The water was shallow.
She could lie on her back on the pebbly bottom and still keep her face in the sunshine. She could position herself so the cold water would flow against her pussy flesh and her clit. It sounded marvelous.
She could feel her father’s cock reducing itself to semi-erect.
Then the man lifted up with his hips and the glans popped out.
He rolled over on his back beside her. She got up and grabbed a beer.
She already had the frosty can in her hand as she asked, “Is it okay if I have a beer. Daddy. The nifty fuck sure did make me thirsty.”
“Of course it’s okay. You are a woman now,” MacIntyre said. Sally pulled off the zip-top, being careful not to injure her nail. She put the zip-top in the brown paper bag after an initial temptation to litter. She raised the can of beer to her lips and quaffed deeply. Her throat muscles worked. She drained half of the can and then belched louder than she had ever heard herself belch before. She placed the beer can in the shade and waded into the creek.
The water was very cold on her toes and anklebones.
“What, are you doing?” MacIntyre asked. He grabbed his own beer, which was still nearby. He finished it quickly. He winced because it had started to get warm near the bottom.
“I want to get on my back and find out what it feels like when the current is flowing into my pussy,” Sally said. She shivered. The water was a lot colder than she thought it would be. The nights were starting to get chilly. Labor Day was not far.
MacIntyre moved to a sitting position so he could watch his pretty daughter. He opened himself another beer and sat in the sun. Sally got on her knees in the water. She could feel droplets of foam splashing up onto her thighs and cunt.
She realized how hot the flesh near her fuck hole was after the water hit it. The water felt a lot colder on her cunt than it did anywhere else on her body.
Sally sat back and sighed. She submerged her hot cunt.
She stretched her legs out in front of her. She faced the current.
Her back was to the mighty Genesee River — less than a mile away.
MacIntyre could feel his bladder filling. That always happened when he was drinking beer. It always happened soon after he had an orgasm, for that matter. He could tell that it wouldn’t be long before he had to take a wicked piss. He could feel the pressure in his bladder getting a little worse every time he sipped his beer. This made him wonder if the fluid actually went through his body that quickly. When MacIntyre had been a youth, and a hard drinking bachelor, he had often wondered if he could rig a quarter keg above a urinal so he could keep a steady stream of beer going all the way through his body. He wanted to see if he could achieve that drunken homeostasis. But he never did it. His buddies had always talked him out of it. They said he would drown. Sally leaned back in the creek so that the white water rolled over her shoulders and her neck.
She could feel the rushing water rolling over and between her breasts. They were hot also, Sally could tell.
Sally kept her button nose and puckered lips above water.
Her skin soon got used to the temperature of the water.
Sally could feel a deep relaxation filling her. The water moved inside her pussy a little, cleaning her out. Sally could feel her father’s sperm being washed away by the super-natural douche.
MacIntyre rose to his feet.
The water made him need to pee more.
But he didn’t want to sneak away into the bushes. Oh, no!
MacIntyre wanted to piss right on his daughter’s pretty face.
He took long strides toward the creek. Sally had her eyes closed.
MacIntyre quickly moved so that his feet were on either side of her chest.
He tickled a little at her armpits with his large toes.
Sally opened her eyes and looked up at her loving father.
“What are you going to do, Daddy?” Sally asked innocently.
“I am going to tinkle right on your face,” MacIntyre replied.
“You mean golden showers!!!” Sally screamed happily.
“How do you know about it?” MacIntyre queried, his hands on his hips.
“I read about it in one of your filthy magazines, Daddy,” Sally said.
She giggled with her spontaneous confession. MacIntyre smiled.
“You naughty girl. What did you think when you read about it?”
“I thought that it sounded yummy. Would it be okay if I drink some?”
“Not too much, my love. I don’t want you getting sick.”
“Okie-dokie, Daddy,” Sally said sweetly. “Open the ol’ flood-gates!!!”
And he did.
The piss felt very hot on her face compared to the cold creek water.
She lifted her head out of the water. She propped up her upper torso with her elbows. She beamed into her Daddy’s piss. She closed her eyes and smiled brilliantly.
She could feel the pee splashing against her forehead and then over her nose and her suddenly clenched eyelids. The man lowered the stream so that it struck his daughter’s mouth. He shivered. It always felt good to take a piss after drinking beer — but MacIntyre was finding this experience particularly sensual.
There would be nasty cleaning up to do. The creek water took care of that. Sally opened her mouth enthusiastically.
She wanted to drink.
She wanted to be fed.
No matter what fluid came out of Daddy’s cock, Sally knew that it had to be wonderful — like a fine imported wine, or the elixir of life itself.
The pee went in her mouth and she swallowed it eagerly.
But MacIntyre did not allow her to do this for long. He lowered the spray still more and more bathed her tits in yellow piss!
As they say, all good things have to come to an end.
And the same is true of incestuous golden showers at their hottest.
MacIntyre soon had no more pee to leak out. He shook his cock to get out the last few drops. Sally pressed against the pebbly bottom of the creek with the palms of her hands and the balls of her feet so the last few drops of golden urine would fall on her belly, between her bellybutton and her tiny yellow pubic patch.
“I want to suck you, Daddy,” Sally said licking her lips.
MacIntyre moved his large feet a little more than shoulder-width apart on the bottom of the creek. He bent a little at the knees and Sally moved so that she was kneeling before him. His back was to the current. She faced it.
His cock began to grow.
His balls began to ache.
MacIntyre began to pant.
Sally could feel the tingling return to her own pussy and her nipples.
“I need your mouth,” MacIntyre said with a sigh.
“How do you feel about my throat, Daddy?” Sally asked.
“I need your throat too,” MacIntyre said with a shiver.
The tip of his cock was defying the force of gravity.
His dick got a little larger with each beat of his heart.
Sally could see the glans growing hard before the shaft.
The head of his cock became a purple doorknob within seconds.
MacIntyre threw back his shoulders and sucked in his flat stomach.
He could feel his testicles swelling as incestuous lust rekindled.
The handsome blonde man soon had a ten inch boner standing at attention in front of his slim loins.


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