Monday, June 24, 2013


We've been friends for years. We know most of each other's secrets, if not all. We've seen each other go through heartaches, and been there for each other.

But tonight felt different. We went out for dinner, had a few drinks and talked. Some serious stuff, but mostly just daily life, like always. It wasn't what we said that gave our time together a different mood. It was partly what wasn't said, and partly the way you looked at me. And I guess the way I looked at you. It was almost as though we saw something that we've either ignored all these years, or just really never saw before.
For me, I saw a man I felt I could trust with my life. Yes, you knew my secrets, and I knew I could trust you with them. This wasn't that kind of trust. This was, I could give you my heart, my love, even my life, and know you would always cherish it. That kind of trust is not something I give freely. And to suddenly have seen I could give it to you, that just blew me away!
Here we are, in a crowded restaurant, distractions everywhere, and I pick now to suddenly "see" you! Talk about timing! You ask how my food is. The steak is least I think it is. My taste buds shut off about the same time I realised my feelings for you are more than friendly. And about the time I saw that look in your eyes that said you might feel the same about me, well, that's when my heart began racing against my lungs to see who could be fastest! So here I sit, blood charging through my veins as my heart pounds in triple-time! My breathing is so fast and hard I'm near to hyperventilating! And I just know I've got a goofy grin plastered to my face. That or I've got such a look of shock it's bound to scare you off!
Long Island Iced Tea. You know, I've never had one. And even after just finishing one, with you watching me, I can honestly say I've still never had one. I have no idea what it looks like, or tastes like! All I see is you, all I feel is you watching my every move. French weakness! Well, at least they usually are my weakness. Tonight they could have been made of liver for all that I tasted them. My stomach says I ate, my mouth is more than willing to debate that. My mouth. It's very dry all of a sudden. As I lick my lips, I see that look in your eyes again. I see them watch as my tongue traces first my upper, then my lower lip. I try to swallow. Hard to do when your salivary glands seem to have gone on strike! I reach for my water and take a drink. Very cold, very refreshing, it helps for the moment.
As I look back at you, I smile shyly. Why am I shy? I wish I could say. As I gaze at you, I feel lost. It's like you aren't the man I've known all these years, and I'm confused. I know you are that same man, and that just confuses me more. Why didn't I see this man, the one who seems to have appeared out of nowhere, all these years? This sexy, caring man has been here all this time and I didn't see him?! Talk about blind!
After our meal, you pay the bill and we leave. As we get into your car, you tell me you aren't ready to drop me off yet. I smile. I'm not ready to leave you yet either. You ask if I'd like to go somewhere. I reply, anywhere, with you. We head back to your place.
As we enter the house, it's caped in darkness. Holding your hand, I follow you through the house to your room. A soft glow is created by the street light as it bends and reaches through your partially closed blinds. Entering your room behind you, I see the huge bed in the center. As you close the door, the click startles me. You come to me, slowly. Nearing me, you reach out a hand and run it through my hair. I close my eyes and marvel at the sensations that course through me. As your hand slides down, caressing my face, I turn into your palm and gently kiss it. Opening my eyes, I look up just as your face is nearing mine. Our combined breaths upon our faces are hot and quick. We touch our lips together, so slowly. Feather-light, soft, gentle, our first kiss feels almost sacred. Your hand still on my face, in my hair, you pull me closer and wrap your other arm around me. I oh-so-slowly slip my arms around you and lean into your body. Our next kiss, though just as soft, is deeper. It pulls at us, drawing our tongues and our emotions into each other.
As we drown in the flood of emotions rising around us, our kiss deepens, strengthens. Our hands are no longer content to remain in one place. They begin traveling, caressing, seeking out areas to touch and feel. My hands travel up and down along your spine, my nails gently grazing through your shirt. I feel you stiffen your back, tighten your arm around me, and grab at the hair wrapped around your fingers as you pull me deeper into our kiss. I gasp into you, my eyes pop open as all these sensations bombard me! Finally, we break the kiss. WOW! We both say it at exactly the same moment.
Being adults, and knowing exactly where we want this to go, we slowly remove our own clothes. I watch as you remove your shirt and I see that beautiful six-pack that I've long admired. I reach out to touch it, letting my fingers softly dance across your skin. I see your nipples tighten along with your muscles. My own nipples respond in kind. I step back and remove my blouse. I turn and ask you to remove my bra. You oblige, hands shaking. As my bra slides to the floor, I turn so you can see me. Full breasts, now released from their containment, nipples erect, pointing towards the reason for my arousal. You.
You inhale, smile and slowly bring your head towards a nipple to gently lick at it. I moan so softly, and wrap my hand in your hair, urging you on. Sensing my want, my need for more, you wrap your mouth around my nipple and begin to suckle, and lick, and even nip, with an urgency. You moan as I arch my back, driving my breast deeper towards you. I moan a complaint as you stop minutes later. You smile and begin your assault on my other breast. As I moan in pleasure, I feel the heat and moisture becoming more obvious between my legs. Minutes later, you leave my nipple and back away.
I watch as you remove your jeans and underwear in one swift movement. Before my eyes, your fully erect cock springs forth and seems to point at me, almost accusingly, as though saying I'm to blame for the state it's in now. I can't resist. As you stand before me, I am drawn towards that magnificent member. Slowly dropping to my knees, I all but crawl to you. Reaching you, I use my hands to caress your legs, your calves, knees, thighs, and even your smooth ass. After caressing you, I place one hand on your ass, and the other at the base of your cock. Looking up into your eyes, I open my mouth and let my tongue caress the head. I close my eyes as I hear you moan in pleasure. I lick up and down along the shaft, using my hand to position it. I lick and suck on your huge sac, eliciting more moans from you.
Finally, after minutes of "torturing" you, I open my mouth and take you. First just the head. I wrap my lips around you and create a strong suction. Then I begin sliding you deeper and deeper into me as I suck you towards my throat. I taste your precum on my tongue and eagerly swallow it. I feel your hand on the back of my head, your fingers weaving into my hair, holding it. I use my hand to help pump you as my mouth slips up and down your shaft. I use my other hand to massage your sac. I moan onto you, vibrating you. You moan in response and slowly pump into me. I feel you throb and pulse in my mouth. Just the thought of that muscle exploding it's treat down my throat has me aching with desire. I can smell my sex, I'm sure you can too. I continue giving you what I hope is the absolute best blow job you've ever had! All too soon for me, I hear you asking, nearly begging me to stop! You don't want to cum in my mouth. (you remember my telling you I hate the taste.) Smiling around your cock, I suck harder, the head bumping the back of my throat. I take you in as far as I can, hold you there and swallow, using my throat muscles to squeeze you. That's all it took! Practically roaring in pleasure, you shoot time and time again, unloading your precious cargo deep in my belly. I eagerly swallow, not wasting a single drop. I continue to suck until you are drained and no longer so hard. You've begun to relax.
Standing, I turn away from you and bend over to remove my pants. You come up behind me, grab my ass and squeeze. Spying my thong, you pull it tightly between my cheeks. You let go and reach around to grab my breasts and pinch my nipples. I moan as your cock is pressed into my ass and my nipples send pulses of pleasure to my pussy. I can feel my thong getting soaked. I remove it and you take it. As I stand, I turn to see you inhaling deeply at the crotch of my thong. Smiling I tell you that it's better at the source. You grin.
Dropping my thong, you walk over and help me onto the bed. Positioning me with my ass on the edge, you get on your knees on the floor in front of me. First you gently spread my shaved lips with your fingers and slowly lick them on the inside, avoiding my clit. As I squirm and moan, you place your tongue flat against my clit and lick slowly up towards my belly, wiggling your tongue. Next you lick at my opening, teasing me, then slowly dipping your tongue into me, pumping it. I'm writhing, moaning, I need more. You gently slip a finger into my hot slit, stretching me, pumping me, as your tongue works its magic on my clit. I feel the heat exploding out of me! My toes, my finger tips, my feet, my hands, and especially between my legs, are all radiating with heat. All too soon, I feel myself falling off the cliff, diving into the abyss of ultimate pleasure! I'm moaning, crying out your name, begging for more, pleading with you to stop! I feel my juices erupt from my center as you remove your fingers. I feel the heat of your tongue as you lap them up. I feel your lips upon me as you suck more juices from within me.
I'm drifting. Lost in the abyss. I don't ever want to return! Lazily I slide up on the bed to lay properly. You get in and cover us as you curl your body against mine and wrap your arms around me. That was Amazing! I press against you. I can feel the length of your manhood against me. I wonder if we're up for finishing what we've started? I reach my hand down and gently grasping you, I squeeze. You moan as you place a soft kiss upon my face. I release you. Turning into you, I look into your eyes. As you look back, our lips reach out, searching for a kiss, bringing our heads together. This kiss is deep, searching, and filled with passion. Our tongues dance around each other. Your hands are on my back, pulling me closer. Mine are softly dancing along your spine, hoping for another reaction. I'm not disappointed.
You moan into our kiss and deepen it, practically sticking your tongue down my throat. I feel one of your hands slip around and begin massaging my breast. Soon it's pulling, pinching and tweaking my nipple, sending pulses of heat to my recently pleasured pussy. Moans, cries for more, erupt from my lips, into yours! [Love Erotic Story? CLICK HERE] Breaking our kiss, I feel you move to get on top of me. Sliding over so I am directly under you, I reach for that amazing muscle and guide it to my slit. As you push forward, sliding into me, I feel you stretch me, fill me. I moan again. You are finally all the way in, your sac against my ass. You lean forward, lay upon me and kiss me. I wrap my legs around your waist, my feet on your ass, pushing you into me. I slip one arm around you so my fingers can dance around your back, my other hand is in your hair, on your neck. Your arms are on either side of mine, your hands in my hair as we kiss. Soon, our kiss ends. You look at me. We smile.
I feel you start to move slowly in and out of me. My insides feel every vein, every ridge of your muscle as it pumps me. My walls squeeze you, milking you, as though they are begging you to fill them with your seed. I lift my hips, meeting you thrust for thrust. Soon you move to a sitting position, and take my legs in your hands. Putting them on your shoulders, you begin to really dive deeper, harder, faster! As you pump into me I fall off that cliff once again, crying out your name! My walls clench and pulse as my body is taken over by orgasm after orgasm! You moan, you urge me on, telling me to cum for you, to keep cumming for you. What seems an eternity later, I feel you grow and pulse within me. I feel the throb as you stretch me wider. I moan in pleasure, begging you to fill me, beggin you to make me yours! Roaring, shouting my name, shouting your pleasure, you explode, filling me with your seed, the treasure I have long sought!
As you continue to throb, as my walls continue to milk you, you let my legs down and lay upon me again. Still deep within me, we snuggle and kiss. Minutes later, we "unplug" and lay next to each other, wrapped in each other, and our new found love.


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