Friday, June 14, 2013


At that moment Chris despised her friend, hated her for getting her into this loathsome situation. As always, it was Sandy who talked her into it. She leapt to her feet, backing away from the man cautiously, intent only on making it to the closed door a dozen feet away.
One of the men jumped and blocked the door. He grinned down at her. “Oh, no you don’t, bitch… you ain’t running out on us now. You’re paid for this… you’re a whore… a whore!” he spat. The words stung more than her ears, sluicing through the fogged stoniness of her brain. A whore. It’s true, she’d been hired to be a prostitute. All that jive about speaking French and Spanish… all of it was a set up.
She tried to struggle away, but his hand lashed out at her shoulder; she snapped away just as his finger snared the thin fabric of her blouse, ripping it down the middle as if it were paper. The garment fell away in tow tattered halves, exposing the white firmness of her breasts softly resting in the sheer cups of her bra. “No, please… let me go!”
Both of the men’s powerful arms suddenly snaked around her, and with one quick, deft move, he unhooked the three tiny hooks of her bra and yanked it away, throwing it halfway across the room in his frantic excitement. His eyes widened as he stared at the frightened blonde’s large, ripe breasts, two bulging, pink-tipped mounds just waiting for his lips. But this terrified young girl wasn’t for him now, she belonged to Neil. Almost reluctantly, he shoved her toward the other man.
“Come here!” he growled, and this time Chris knew there was no choice but to obey. Neil was watching eagerly, and he, too, had moved between her and the door, still stark naked, his arms folded across his huge chest. Chris took one half-step toward the door, trying to avoid him, and abruptly found herself in the frenzied, sex-hungry Mexican’s clutches. His fleshy lips locked hungrily on hers as his rough tongue darted between her teeth, hotly exploring the moist recesses of her mouth. Chris tried to pull away, to break away from his grip, but he held her tightly with his big hands clamped like vises on her forearms, pinching the muscles so painfully she could feel the circulation slowing in her hands and wrists. His warmly wet lips left her mouth and traced a line along the curve of her upturned chin, passionately, but gently, nibbling at the soft flesh of her neck before moving down along the smooth expanse of her chest. The horrified girl’s blood ran cold as Neil’s voraciously sucking lips neared the fleshy swell of her agitated breasts; another instant, and they were hotly clamped around the pinkish-brown halos of her nipples. Now his glistening tongue whirled around the hardening tips of her quivering breasts, and his sharp teeth nipped playfully at the swelling little nipples. Chris knew Sandy was watching, she knew her best friend was somewhere there in the darkness, watching as she was dragged into the lowest, vilest depths of humiliation and depravity. She was once again, the second time in less than 24 hours, being treated like a whore. But how unlike last night! Francois had been such a gentleman. Now she was nothing but a plaything for these vicious men, theirs to fondle, to caress. Theirs to empty their seething loads of sperm into, just a lust-receptacle for these… savages!
Chris was only slightly aware of being maneuvered toward the empty mattress. Now that she was standing, the effects of the drug seemed doubled, the room was spinning around a central axis, whirling in a dizzying kaleidoscope heightened by the flickering lights of the candles. Her calves backed against the edge of the mattress, and with a gentle push from Neil, she fell flat on her back across the mattress, her skirt bunching up around her slender young waist, her eyes had been closed; now she opened them wide in fear as she lost her balance and tumbled across the mattress. Neil seemed to tower over her like a giant — his chest a solid, dark wall of muscle now that he had taken off his shirt.
“Please don’t… please,” she whimpered futilely. She, herself, knew that her pleas and tears would be unheeded; nothing would stop this muscle-bound Mexican now!
He leaned forward and nibbled the soft, tender flesh of her inner thigh, teasing the skin playfully with sharp, nipping little bites all along the smooth nakedness of her upper leg. He started just above her dimpled knee and worked his way up, up, up… stopping just short of the flimsy panties at the intersection of her firm, fearfully trembling thighs. Chris tried to fight it — she wouldn’t give this vicious animal the satisfaction of seeing her respond to his lustful advances.
In spite of her good intentions, the girl had downed too much of that potent cocaine to remain totally in control of her body; she began to moan as his hot lips nibbled steadily in one spot, just inches away from the almost unguarded furrow of her young cunt. His hands slid easily over her tautly smooth belly and fastened on the jutting mounds of her softly ripe breasts. Squeezing with his open palms and pinching the tender flesh in ridges between his brown fingers which contrasted so sharply with her white skin and blonde hair.
Her mind was reeling! She’d been prepared for the worst… for agonizing pain, for abject humiliation and sordid degradation… the way it had been with Mark… but not this! His warm, sensuous seduction was something she had not anticipated! If only he weren’t so gentle, so skilled in his passionate probings of her naked body.
Of their own volition, Chris long legs slowly parted, opening up the moistly pink slit of her pussy, easily visible to the man’s view beneath the gauze-like material of her panties. It looked like a long-sought treasure to him, sparkling, gleaming ruby concealed up there between her wide spread thighs. “Do it, Neil,” one of the men in the background yelled. “She’s just asking for you to eat her pussy.” His remark was greeted with laughter, but the big brown man gave no indication of hearing it. His hotly voracious mouth moved closer to the forbidden orifice, his nose brushing the fragrant curls teasing out from under the legbands of her panties. By now, everyone, including Chris, knew his goal; the moistly throbbing cunt between her snow white thighs.
She jerked harshly as she felt another pair of hands touch her face and shoulders. Her eyes popped open… it was Sandy!
“Here, Chris, take another deep drag. It’ll loosen you up.” She held a brightly glowing joint between her fingers, and before the young blonde could answer, touched the cigarette to her lips. Chris inhaled, filling her lungs quickly with a slow powerful puff, then held it until her chest seemed about to explode. Sandy then disappeared again in the darkness around the mattress, but that didn’t matter. Chris could feel the potent drug rush straight to her brain; the flashing colors from outside suddenly intensified, burning brightly now like tinted floodlights shining into the smokey room, her hands had been by her side, but now they were moving of their own accord to the flat plane of her belly, just above the gentle mound of her pelvis with its thinly covered blonde pubic mound.
Abruptly, she pulled the crotchband of her panties aside and began rubbing herself tenderly, caressingly, her fevered young body responding now fully to the man’s carnal probings up between her long slender legs.
With surprising gentleness, Neil removed her hands and then brushed apart the softly curling pubic hair guarding her exposed pussy, using his thumbs to gently spread the heatedly moistened layers of pink flesh. He leaned forward at the same moment and without warning, clamped his hungry lips on the pearl-like bud of her clitoris. Chris’ whole body suddenly arched off the bed, shattered with a searing blast of animal desire that shot out her loins as his lips made their first hot contact with her naked pussy. Again, he began the tormenting nibbling of her clitoris, while, at the same time, his hands were hungrily ripping the soft flimsy crotchband of her panties all the way open.
“Oooohhh… please… ppplleease…” But her cry was more one of anguished helplessness than of pain or terror and, then as the panties were ripped in half, behind held together only by the elastic band around her waist, her hips began a wanton response of their own, grinding upward against his brown face as he chewed ravenously on her fevered cunt-lips. Chris was strapped in a swirling, soaring surging of drug-heightened rapture and wanton delight.
Neil’s quivering red tongue snaked into the hotly moist tunnel between her widespread legs, worming in between the soft warm walls, then licking along the wet furrow of her pussy until his tongue brushed electrically again over her throbbing clitoris. One brown hand was far up between the shadowy cleft of her whitely trembling buttocks, his fingers caressing the tight puckered ring of her anus, the other hand was climbing back up to the damp slit of her cunt and on reaching it, he slid his outstretched middle finger easily into the warm shelter of her violently trembling pussy, pushing back the tight fleshy walls that clamped so hotly around it.
“Christ, she’s got the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen man, it’s gonna be something else pumping my meat into this hot little bitch,” thought Neil.
He pulled his finger momentarily from her moistly heated tunnel and spread even wider the pink, ragged lips of her pussy, burying his face tighter against her writhing loins as his lips clenched tight around the pulsing nipple of he clitoris. His tongue licked hungrily at her wetly perfumed slit, lapping at her seeping cuntal juices and swallowing them down eagerly, relishing the young feminine taste of her naked pussy against his lips.
Chris opened her mouth as if to cry out, but only a mournful hoarse moan escaped her lips, a soulful whine from deep in her throat. She was frantically writhing now, quivering at his agonizing touch, slamming the whole of her lust heated loins up against the man’s face, grinding her fleshy pink pussy lips hard against his full lips.
Oh God, what’s happening to me? Have I turned into some kind of animal? Why can’t I make this all go away? Oh my God, I can’t stop myself… I can’t stop myself!
Her empty cunt was now aching with wild, insatiable passion… aching for the one thing that would answer the torturing, lustful desire that were fanning hotly in her naked belly… aching for the hard, soothing thrust of his cock… aching for his long, throbbing manhood buried deep in her burning hole. She had to have it, she had to have its rock-hard firmness rammed up inside her — there was no other way to quell this frenzied riot of savage passion burning out of control in her quivering belly.
Neil’s two strong hands suddenly gripped her ankles as she pulled away from her, and with one twist, he rolled her over on her belly, “Get up on your knees,” he commanded, and Chris obeyed. She would have done anything right now to get rid of that wanton desire rippling incessantly from her cunt. The mattress was soft, and it gave under her weight, but she gripped the edges securely, bracing herself as she rose to her knees and hands, her naked white buttocks waving like a red flag before the man on his knees behind her.
Sandy had dropped into the chair by the door, her naked legs dragged over the arm, and Jose was preparing to fuck her hungry waiting cunt, holding his huge throbbing cock with both hands as he guided it toward the waiting white girl’s wet, juicy sheath. Neither of them would have taken their eyes off the action on the other mattress for a second, but they had withstood the torturing flames of naked lust as long as they could stand it… there was no holding back now. Sandy cried out in pain and exaltation as the long glistening shaft eased between the pink flanges of her pussy, stretching the tender lips wide as the blood-filled head sank out of sight in the young woman’s cunt.
Fighting the pain, Sandy gripped the arm of the chair and shoved her ravenous pussy back up against the Mexican’s hard lunge; she gasped aloud as his thick cock sank six inches in her hotly stretched cunt pushing aside the soft moist walls like rippling waves as he burrowed deep into her open cuntal hole. He paused, then thrust the rest of his enormous fleshy rod up all the way to the hilt in her belly, ramming it into her so hard that tears filled her eyes from the painful agony. He’d waited too long already for this — there was no time now for building up slowly, he pumped into her like a stallion mounting a mare in heat, thrusting in hard and fast in a frantic rhythm that threatened to split her in half with its fury. He’d been led too far — the delicious thrill of having the beautiful bought girl sucking his cock — the wildly exciting lewd spectacle of her young friend’s naked pussy being cannibalized by his friend, Neil. Suddenly, the man’s head went back and a surprised, anguished shout came from his lungs… his brown, fleshy hose again spewed its load into the girl’s belly, only this time it pumped in staccato bursts into her hungry, receptive young cunt, filling it completely and oozing whitely out onto the arm of the chair. Sandy’s pussy-lips milked every drop of the hotly jerking sperm from the huge shaft, sucking the warm viscous liquid deep up into her hungrily absorbing young belly.
Neil had now crawled up behind the nakedly quivering blonde and grabbed the soft flesh of her buttocks, turning her wetly glistening cunt back up at an even more acute angle. Chris felt one hand slip away from her ass for an instant, and then it was spreading the soft pliable lips of her pussy. Neil looked down at his massively throbbing cock poised just an inch from the white girl’s hot little cunt. Then, never taking his eyes off his rigid staff, he watched as his painfully aching cock moved closer and closer to the moistly quivering opening.
Sandy, only partially recovered from her wild fucking session, had swung her long legs around and was sitting, enraptured, on the edge of the chair. Jose was sitting behind her unconsciously resting his mammoth cock on the girl’s bare white shoulder. An insistent oozing of semen dripped down onto her flesh, trickling in a lurid stream down to the upthrusting swell of her warm, naked breast.
Neil eased forward now onto the young body of the girl on her hands and knees, his eagerly pulsating cock first touching, then slowly slipping into her tight little pussy, parting the soft pubic fluff with the hard shaft of his mighty organ. He could feel the warm, resilient folds of her pussy close tightly over the bulbous head of his cock as he held it there, immobile, just barely in her clasping cunt, rocking it in and out, teasing her and intensifying the uncontrollable desire in her wantonly writhing body.
My God! What a tight pussy! He couldn’t believe how good it felt as his strong muscular walls wetly gripped his aching cock like a clenched fist, pulling him deeper and deeper into her hungrily sucking cuntal depths.
He kept his rigidly long cock there for several minutes, only an inch or two of it nestled in the moist tightness of her cuntal hole, rocking it in and out, driving the naked white girl on her hands and knees insane with his rhythmic, insistent strokes. The walls of her pussy seemed to have come alive; they were throbbing, pulsing, grabbing at this invading maleness desperately trying to pull its long length into her shamelessly aroused hole.
“Oh God, I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it! Fuck me, oh, please, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Chris suddenly groaned, her brain spinning wildly from the combined effects of the marijuana and the tormenting probes of his huge fleshy staff skewering into her from behind.
The young blonde’s lewd entreaty acted as a goad to the perspiring Mexican, and suddenly nothing counted except his pleasure-giving cock rammed up deep inside her starving hole. With a quick, smooth snap of his hips, Neil sent his long cock to the hilt in her cunt, slamming his loins forward until his balls slapped between her thighs. Chris screamed out, an animal cry of pleasure and pain, and then uttered a long, low moan of anguished relief as he began to thrust in and out with a pounding, savage rhythm, with each instroke ramming deeper and deeper in her wildly rippling belly. Her whole body jerked and squirmed in an obscene abandonment, a constant cry escaped from her half-open lips, her face contorted with primitive, savage lust as madly raging desires took over her body. Beads of perspiration ran down her smooth naked thighs and mingled with the rivulets of sweat the brown man was beginning to shed where their legs ground together.
“Oh yes, harder!” she yelled loudly. “Stick it in me hard and deep.”
The tortured girl was mindless of Jose and Sandy watching and had long since forgotten the other men. The brunette roommate was mesmerized at Chris’ sudden change from a nice girl to a wanton whore, and she could feel rebirth of sexual excitement in her own loins. Both she and Jose were standing now, close by the wildly pumping figures of the muscular Neil and the shamelessly aroused blonde.
“Harder, fuck harder,” Chris screamed again, her voice almost inarticulate through her lust-constricted throat.
Neil had never seen anything like it in his life. This little whore was so hot she was about to explode. God, they didn’t have whores like this in Mexico. “You asked for it, baby. Here it comes,” he groaned and grabbed the fleshy curve of her pelvis and yanked her back toward his loins, causing her to cry out shrilly as she was deeply and completely skewered now on his long, hard spear. He could feel the raw smooth flesh of her pussy tightly clenching and unclenching in time with his plundering thrusts, sucking hotly on the long brown length of his cock. The young girl’s breasts were mashed against the mattress, her buttocks waving obscenely in the air behind her, her eyes and nostrils flaring wide like those of a crazed animal.
Neil reached under her and lifted her bodily off the mattress as he pushed back hard against her, forcing every steel-hard inch of his shaft deeper and deeper up into her belly. Jose and Sandy drew even closer, only a few feet away now, and even the other men had moved up — including, though she didn’t know it, the latest addition to the spectators, Sandy. The hot eyes of their audience were wide with astonishment as they both watched the long glistening shaft of Neil’s huge cock slither in and out of the naked blonde’s tightly clenching pussy-lips, slipping out on the backstroke until only the lust-swollen tip remained encased in the hot, moist sheath, then ramming it home again, crashing hard into her belly as his sweat-matted pelvis ground tightly against the cleft of her nakedly squirming buttocks.
“Let her have it!” cried Jose caught up in the lascivious excitement of the moment, fighting the painful hardness welling in his loins as he stood, naked, by the bed. His arms was around Sandy’s slender waist, and she, too, seemed almost ready to go out of her mind herself as she watched the man’s hardened cock fuck in and out of her best friend’s cunt. Suddenly she yelled, “Fuck her good, Neil! Stick it all the way up. She loves it!”
Chris knew she was rapidly nearing the first orgasm she’d ever really had, and she wanted more, more! This was incredible… she’d never experienced anything like this in all her life! She was dazed by the flashing colors that seemed to explode across her brain, by the high-voltage blasts of electric passion shooting through her body like blast from a shotgun. Suddenly, this was the way she wanted it… wicked and perverted, the filthier and more lurid the better! “Oh! That’s it! Oh, yes, baby, fuck me!”
Her wildly gyrating buttocks swung from side to side in an uncontrollable savage passion as his powerful brown arms — muscles bunched and rippling under the tawny skin — pulled her writhing ass harder and harder against his nearly-bursting, lust-inflamed prick.
“Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaaa! I’m cumming,” Chris suddenly screamed. Neil didn’t slow his powerfully deep strokes for even a second; instead, he rammed each long probe to the hilt, straining his loins forward so that not even a millimeter was left outside the naked white girl’s sucking cunt. Her body arched, her nakedly gleaming white ass went high in the air as she pushed up and back against her brown lover. She shrieked like an animal gone mad as her orgasm continued to build in intensity. The impaled young girl convulsed, quivering all over as her orgasmic juices flooded his cock and testicles, flowing wetly out of her tightly clenched young cuntal lips down her smooth inner thighs.
Neil knew this was the end; he couldn’t hold back the painful tide in his loins any longer. His long fingers bit into the soft fleshy cheeks of her buttocks as he felt the pain intensify in his balls. His strokes grew more and more vicious, faster and faster… deeper and deeper.
“Ooooohhh… ooohhhhh… oooohhhh!” Chris punctuated his every thrust with a soulful cry, grinding her upturned ass back against his brown loins. Then, with a loud, relieved grunt, the wildly throbbing cock exploded inside the impaled hips of the wildly drugged young girl, filling her belly with his hot torrents of cum, shooting it far, far up into her open and receptive womb. Again and again and again his long, rigidly pulsating rod emptied itself with spasmodic jerks up into her wetly clasping and sucking hole. Then, after a seeming eternity… with a pained grunt, his already deflating cock slipped from her tightly clenching cuntal grip, and she fell forward on her face, still shivering and squirming lewdly from his frenzied assault… the only sound in the room was the gasing wheeze hissing out of Chris’ naked chest as she fought to regain her breath, and a low groan from the shamelessly aroused Sandy as her hand closed over the long, throbbing length of Jose’s cock and began to caress it lovingly.

A broad, revengeful smirk burst out over Margaret Sorenson’s tear-streaked face as she peered out from behind her living room lace curtain to see two squad cars pulling up to the curb outside of her apartment building. And perfect timing, too, for only five minutes before she’d watched, from her fire escape perch, Roger collecting the money from two Mexican men after the other men had left in a scurry, leaving behind them a lust-ridden scene of empty liquor bottles and stained mattresses. If her guess was right, Roger should be paying those two nymphomaniac whores about now, sneered Margaret, her arms crossed over her heaving bosom, heavy with sorrow and misgivings of an ended love affair.
She stepped back into the shadows and pulled her bathrobe tight around her body, a streak of the flooding street lights playing over her blonde hair. A deep, breathy sigh broke from her chest in a pained tingle of hate and love. It was over with now — the illusions, the hopes, the confusion of loving someone who never cared except for what he could get, she reassured herself. Sandor had never liked Roger anyway; he would turn over in his grave if he knew how she’d let her landlord control her life for the past month. Ordering her to… to have oral love with him, she remembered with a pang of self-loathing, and never returning the affection. And opening her mail, that had to be against the law, too.
The curtain dropped from her clutching fingers and the lonely widow padded for the kitchen for a glass of sherry.
Turning toward the shadows, she stared for a silent moment at the black box lurking in the darkness and reached down to turn the knob, a habit born of loneliness. No, she changed her mind. Johnny Carson was already over with, but there would always be tomorrow night and the night after that, and the night after that. There would be many tomorrows until she left for Sweden, she realized.
Roger would have used her until she was old and poor. It was better this way, she sighed, opening the cupboard door and reaching for the sherry bottle.
A scuffle in the street below and the angry murmur of a man in bonds made Margaret raise her head, set down the bottle and shuffle to the window. There below, in the street below she saw the police bodily throw a man into the backseat of the squad car, two young looking girls, one crying, the other stoic and stumbling, joined the other policeman in a waiting car.
Sardonically, Margaret raised her hand to salute the scene below, waving good-bye to the end of her troubles.
Three days later Chris O’Brien stood waiting and staring mesmerically at the Friday afternoon traffic snarling its way down Geary Street. She’d told the cab driver to pull up to the curb and honk, and hopefully he would have enough patience to do that. Her suitcases were too heavy to carry down the long hallways of the apartment building by herself, and she needed to save her strength for the plane ride back to Detroit.
The smile was gone from her young face, replaced with grim regret and adolescent look of a girl hungry for reassuring affection. After the past two days of hassling with the law, being thrown into the San Francisco County Jail with the whores, drug pushers, and child beaters, she would need some love from the people back in Detroit who loved her, even though she was a tempestuous girl, head strong and too wily for anyone to advise, yet too moral to play the evil games of the city and go unscathed.
But Sandy could do that. It didn’t seem to bother her when the police broke into Roger’s apartment after the orgy. Oh God, she swallowed hard, blinking back the tears at the remembrance of her wanton actions. She’d been a whore, nothing but a common tramp! Hopefully her parent’s would never find out about it.
Chris remembered the eery expression that had broken over Sandy’s pixie face when the two girls were hurdled out to the waiting squad cars. It was as if she were relieved; a child finally punished for stealing the cookies. That smile, that vacuous, expressionless smirk had made up Chris’ mind… this city living was not for her; she would rather forget her pride, her independent resolutions, and go back to start over — like Monopoly, you have to start at go; you can’t pick your spot on the board and think it home. It takes time to build up a comfortable lifestyle, and crime was not her hour glass.
Chris watched the yellow cab snaking and honking its way through the tight traffic, pulling up to the curb and honking. She thrust open the window and waved for the cab driver to come up to help her with her luggage.
In minutes the heavy door clicked shut behind her; the last time she would listen to that familiar click of the latch. It saddened her that Sandy was not there to hug her best friend good-bye, but maybe that was just as well. They hadn’t much in common anymore, and although Chris still dearly loved her friend as if she were a sister, they had clearly chosen separate paths. Sandy was probably standing at a bus stop somewhere in the city looking for tricks. Just as well, sighed Chris. It would keep her in clothes, dope, and kicks. That’s what mattered to Sandy — that and men. But she’d have plenty of them now — her fill. How many? Ten? Twenty a day?
Sure, she has a job, thought Chris ruefully, lifting her portfolio and setting in in the crackling plastic of the back seat, but what about her future? All that talent… wasted. All she has is a lifetime of remorse. That was nothing to be envious of.


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