Friday, June 14, 2013


Clay Marsdale arrived home after just having beaten the pants off one of his new pros. The competitive older man was ecstatic when he could still slaughter a much younger man on the courts. He’d done everything else now in life and tennis had become his passion. He parked his Mercedes in the large garage and went directly to his screening room. Clay was a gadget fanatic and his newest craze was having all matter of video equipment. He had a screening room size video screen and his camcorder was used for more than just playing back the mistakes of tennis students at the clinic.
Anxiously, he took the cartridge out and put it in the machine and with a couple of adjustments the image slowly materialized on the giant screen. There was a knock on the door.
“Clay, darling, are you here?” Nina asked softly.
“Yes, baby, hang on for a second.”
The tape was wound into the machine now and the figures were clearly visible and identifiable. He opened the door to admit his wife.
Nina was carrying a shaker of martinis and two glasses. Clay gratefully accepted one from her and kissed his wife full on the lips. He could smell the alcohol on her breath and he knew that she had quite a headstart on him.
“Just what the doctor ordered,” he said looking over her trim figure. She was clad in a pair of French cut beige gabardine pants and a pure silk beige silk shirt tied under her breasts and left unbuttoned sufficiently to reveal the cleavage fully exposed and the upper surfaces of her upthrusting breasts swelling out provocatively. There was no underwear line visible under the blouse or the slacks.
The wealthy man sipped appreciatively at the martini, as he gazed at his exotic wife, a slightly suggestive leer beginning to form around his mouth.
“Dry enough for you, darling?” she asked.
“Terrific, just like you.” He reached out a hand to her and cupped a breast in his strong fingers. It was as he had hoped. She was not wearing a bra under her shirt. He felt the beginnings of arousal.
“Did you miss your little wife, Clay?” She pulled away from him and modeled the outfit she was wearing, striking an obscene pose at the end of the demonstration, her hips pulled forward, her arms back, causing her breasts to strain for release from her blouse. Then she undulated her hips, sensually, suggestively, performing a sexually exciting dance just for him.
“Did I…? Christ, do you want me to fuck you right here in the screening room?” His eyes were glazing over with lust.
“Actually I prefer the bearskin in the living room… but I’m not particular, darling,” she teased.
Nina took a sip from her martini and suddenly she noticed that there was something on the screen. “Well, Fellini, what do we have here?” she asked him.
“Oh, these are my new stars,” he said. “You know how I like my little cinema verite.”
Nina laughed and walked closer to the giant screen. “Why, Clay this is really exceptional. Who’s the woman?”
“She’s working part-time in the pro shop. She’s David Dunn’s wife. Her name’s Sally. Sweet little Sally.”
“Sally the sweet little cocksucker,” Nina corrected and just look at that hunk of meat she’s got in her mouth. “Isn’t that Eddie Frampton she’s sucking off?” she asked a salacious grin curling around the comers of her lips.
“That’s him. The whole package.”
Nina continued watching the action on the screen. “Baby, is he hung, to say the least.”
Clay Marsdale looked at his wife, shrewdly. “You like that piece of meat, huh, baby?”
“And how. I’m getting wet just looking at it,” the Oriental woman said lewdly.
“I thought you would,” he said very sure of himself. “How’d you like to sample it?”
“No samples. I want the full meal!” she exclaimed.
“All right, my darling, he’s all yours. I’m going to have them over Saturday night for cocktails.”
Nina was not at all surprised. “Them?” she asked. “You’re not going to invite them?”
“Of course, them. It’s a package deal, darling. I don’t want one without the other.”
“You don’t know her too well, do you?” Nina asked her voice pointedly sarcastic.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“We had a little talk this afternoon and apparently little Ms. Mary Mormon thinks fucking is disgusting or against nature or something. She’s really a Goddamn little prude. Getting her to swap, Clay, is going to be a major undertaking.”
“I dare say I can warm her up a little. I probably have a lot more experience than that stud husband of hers.”
“I’m sure you can, dear,” Nina said distractedly. “I’m going to make another shaker of martinis and then I want to see what a stud I’m married to. Don’t go away, lover.” Nina left the screening room swishing her hips at him, provocatively.
He gave her a playful slap on the ass, grabbing at the firm flesh for good measure. “Oh, does my little wife, want to indulge in unnatural behavior this evening?”
“Bet your ass, I do,” she said closing the door.
Clay waited a few minutes and when Nina didn’t return he knew that she was probably playing one of her little games where she wanted him to go in search of her.
The wealthy husband chuckled to himself. This is what kept life interesting, exciting and adventurous. He never knew where Nina would choose to have their little sexual bouts. Clay had had hundreds of women in his lifetime but had always become bored after a while with each but with Nina there was no possibility of boredom. It was almost as if the Oriental woman had been schooled in the ways of delighting a man and indeed she had in her native Taiwan.
Clay eagerly began walking from room to room in the well-equipped mansion. At last, he heard music in the large room where they usually entertained. The room was done in Italian provincial and as he entered he saw the lights had been dimmed and at first he didn’t see his small wife. Usually they chose to hear classical music in this room because it seemed to go with the mood and decoration of the room but tonight Nina had put on a grinding disco record and when he caught sight of her his heart began to beat harder.
In the middle of the room was an imported Italian marble fountain around which were placed statues caned by a master carver from Florence. The statues were in the style of the “David” and all the genitals were executed to scale. Nina was entwined with the white marble statue and she was doing a quick bumping dance, rubbing her female loins, obscenely, against the cold lifelike genitals of the statue.
“So, you’re two-timing me, again!” he said jovially.
“The martini shaker is on the table. Pour them will you darling?” she asked her voice low and throaty.
He went over and poured the fresh drinks, taking a seat to watch his wife’s lewd entertainment.
From experience she knew that she had his full attention now and suddenly she leaped on top of their heavy glass coffee table where she threw herself with abandon into a wild lewdly exciting dance, her hips moving in circles and the muscles of her belly rippling and undulating in time to the driving disco beat.
Marsdale watched his tiny Oriental wife with fascination. She was a superb dancer and he marveled at her muscular control, the sensuousness of her movements and her projected sexuality that never failed to arouse him. She had kept up with her dancing even after their marriage.
He felt the familiar crawling, tensing sensation in his scrotum and the rush of throbbingly hot blood into his penis, as it began to rise to erection under his tennis gear that he had not changed yet since his arrival home. He wanted to rip off his sports clothes, grab her and lay her on the glass coffee table, but he had found long ago that it was better to play her game.
When she was ready she would let him know. He must wait for her, and he had learned to wait, to reap the benefits of the waiting in heightened enjoyment for both of them.
She ended her dance and Nina Marsdale slid lithely from the glass topped table, casting about an eye for her drink. And then she came to him. Insinuating her narrow hips between his legs, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him, long, hard and deep, using her tongue to probe and titillate. After some moments, she broke the hiss and trailed her tongue across his jowls to his ear. Her tongue lashed out, the tip of it drilling into his ear and running in little circles around it.
She whispered, “My darling, Clay.”
The older man set his drink down on the bar and reached for her, grabbing a churning buttock in each hand, he pulled, roughly, to his hardening prick, letting her feel the warmth and stiffness of him.
“Jesus Christ! Nina, you’re hotter than a Taiwan firecracker tonight. I can’t wait!”
Nina twisted from his grasp and twirled across the floor to a new record from the stereo; then, as she came back to the glass table, she continued her dance for a few moments, before sinking slowly to her knees; finally, she lay prone, posing prettily, upon the glass table top with the inlaid Italian mirrors around it.
“Pass me my drink, Clay, darling, I’m starting to fade.”
He handed her the martini. She sipped from it, her lovely slanted eyes smoldering, smokily, at him over the brim of the small glass. She smiled an inscrutable little smile at him.
“What are you waiting for husband, dear?”
With a little smile she rolled to her stomach on the mirrored table, sipping again from her martini.
Clay drained his glass and set it down on the bar. He came off his seat and he came to her running a hand along the smooth contours of her back and bottom. His cock was rock hard, throbbingly alert and ready, and he tried to slip his hand under the waistband of her slacks.
“Not so fast, big boy,” she said teasingly, as she rolled over onto her back.
Clay leaned over her and kissed her hard with his lips and tongue, thrusting deeply into her mouth, sucking the sweet nectar of her. His hands were busy with the buttons of her silk blouse, and the magnificent mounds of firm, full flesh came bursting from their confinement, proudly peaked when he had unbuttoned the last button.
Quickly, he glued his mouth to one nipple, sucking and nipping it to erection, causing her to moan in throaty pleasure, as he massaged the other breast with his hand, kneading the silky, smoothness of them and teasing the pink-hued nipple between his thumb and finger.
At this point, his hand left her breast, and went in search of other things, down across her belly, smoothing down the swell of her gently rounded hip and back to the inside of her thigh to the soft, inner juncture, where he allowed his hand to roam around the fleecy softness of her gently squirming pubic mound. Then, his hand dipped between her thighs, as she parted them for him, allowing him full access to the tight, elastic nether ring of her cunt.
He insinuated his middle finger into the crease, forcing the cloth of her pants into the moist, vaginal opening.
Clay broke the kiss, went around to the end of the table, grabbed his wife by the ankles and heaved her toward him until her buttocks were even with the mirrors of the table. He pulled at her zipper and gave her slacks a hard yank down over her hips, smoothly, suddenly, exposing her warm, slightly throbbing cunt to him, its darkly hair-lined slit staring up at him with moist, viscous droplets of libidinous liquid glistening along the furrow.
Marsdale’s head came down, and he clamped his lips to her cunt, his tongue coming out to find the warm lips of her womanhood, as Nina moaned in ecstatic pleasure above him. He probed into the vaginal canal, tasting the pungency of her, and the moisture of his mouth mingled with the love droplets she emitted there.
The sensations he generated in her loins raced through her like heat lightning. His tongue seared her with its snake-like searchings, and she moved her pelvis upward to his face, draping her legs over his shoulders to afford her more comfort and her husband easier access to the searing seat of her passion.
Clay licked and sucked, his tongue lashing up and down the slit, making plunging forays into the moist channel; finally, discovering the clitoris rising from its soft, hair-lined slit, erupting into hardened erection, pulsating warmly as his tongue circled it, tantalizing it, urging it on to even greater sensation producing, nerve-tingling sexuality.
She reached for his head, grasping the short, bristly scruff and pulled him in closer to her moving her hips in circles under his insistent mouth and tongue, opening her thighs to him, wantonly, invitingly, urging him on to greater enhancement and the more inventive manipulations of his tongue in her cunt.
The husband of the Oriental beauty had just begun to think that he could wait no longer to bury his throbbing cock in her, when he felt her move under him, trying to sit up, as she pushed his head away from her.
She hissed at him, the words coming as naturally to her as the act itself. “Come on Clay. Fuck me now. Shove your fat cock in my cunt and make me scream! Now!”
In a moment he had flung off his tennis whites as she reached down to him, taking his huge cock in her hands, retracting the foreskin smoothly and guiding the red, hooked knob of it to the cunt lips below, and he came into her with a rush, the head entering her vaginal hole with a wetly sliding action, the thick shaft being absorbed entirely, as he thrust up into her with an animal-like lunge.
“Babeeeeeeeeeeee… babeeeeeeeeeeee!” she groaned as his great cannon was buried in her soft femaleness, the hardness of it ramming into her, deeply to the very core of her existence.
The moist jungle heat of her captured him, enveloped him, as he went into her, the exquisite folds of her cuntal channel clamping around him and he could feel the inner muscles of her vagina caressing his prick, milking it, the sensations torturing him, as he held the length of it in her, not moving yet and his whole being was there in his cock, inside her soft, smooth-walled passage.
Clay began to fuck into her with short, quick thrusts, upward into her pussy, standing there, between her legs, using the strength of his back and powerful legs to ram his huge member home into her tender and softly clasping cunt.
“Harder! Clay, do it faster, harder, deeper. Fuck me and make me feel it!” she gasped out to him.
His huge, blood-engorged member began to drive deeper and longer into her, its breadth pulling the soft, ragged edge of her furrow out with it on each outstroke, revealing the moist, pink lining of her pussy; then, on the plunging instroke, all of it was rammed back into her again.
The tiny Oriental wife could feel the giant staff of him rampaging into her generating her desire, and she could not get enough of him, as she incessantly urged him on with groans of pleasure, interspersed with her specific groaned out demands. Sometimes she chanted in rhythm of their thrashing bodies, her pelvis moving in opposition to him, wildly, in uncontrolled passion.
“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder. Harder,” she screamed in a frantic need to be stuffed to the hilt with his cock.
Marsdale ground into his tiny wife, flexing his knees to gain more leverage and strength, as her buttocks squirmed, uncontrollably on the glass-topped table, reflecting her tiny puckered asshole back at him, her pelvis arching upward to take all of this thick cock into her.
“Cock! Cock! More cock!” she began to chant.
Then she began to moan with abandon, in ceaseless agony of delayed orgasm, as his giant cudgel pounded straight into her. Finally, she realized that they needed to be in a different position, so that he could get all of his length into her. She needed it to be deep, hard and punishing to bring her to the climax she so desired for future sanity.
Nina moaned in frustration, “Get on top of me on the table. I can’t get enough of your cock,” she demanded.
Her husband clambered to the cold glass table top and went straight into her again as she pulled her legs up, flexing them up to her chest, her breasts being smashed flat, when he came down on her, pinning her to the mirrored table like a butterfly specimen. He rammed his great prick all the way home in her cunt, his balls slapping against the tiny brown ring of her anus below.
“Clay! I can’t cum like this! Shove your finger in my asshole. Make me cum, darling! Oh hurry! I want you in my asshole, too! Hurry, my darling! Fill me!”
Her husband became all the more inflamed as she kept asking him, urging him and demanding of him, rising to meeting his pistoning cock in her loins. He reached under her, watching the reflection of him lifting her buttocks, easily, driving his prick rhythmically into the moistness of her ever-demanding cunt. He located the crevice of her ass in the mirror and stretched it wide with his hands, searching for that softly pliant nether ring.
Now, he located it with his middle finger and lewdly slipped the tip of it into her wildly flexing rectum, working it in, gradually, until he felt the muscle ring give a little. He pushed harder and the elastic flesh of her anus relaxed, his finger going in to the first knuckle. He felt the shock of it in her body as she recoiled instinctively, screwing her buttocks down and back, away from that punishing digit penetrating into her tight asshole.
“Come on, Clay. Push it in all the way! Right up my ass!” she screamed.
Obediently, he jabbed his finger into her, all the way to the palm of his hand, reaching up into the sponginess of her rectum, burying it in her without mercy.
“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! It hurts! Aaaaahhh! Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh! I luv it! Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screeched.
The compactly built Oriental wife screwed her ass back against his finger, and he moved it in her, twirling it around in the flesh depths of her back passage. He could feel his prick through the thin wall of tissue separating her vagina from her anal passage as his fat, hardened rod of flesh moved in and out of her. Now, he began to move his finger in time to his cock, skewering her with both punishing instruments, reveling in the ecstasy of the dual ravishment.
Nina mewled, gurgled, moaned and groaned with passion, the sounds coming from deep in her throat, interspersed with sharp gasps of pleasure as he pistoned, smoothly, in and out of her cunt and wildly clenching tiny asshole simultaneously.
Clay knew that she was nearing her climax, as she continued to mouth obscenities, driving him onward to greater effort, his own passion rising and spiraling toward the summit and a final thrusting, jabbing, spewing ejaculation. His cock became even harder and stiffer, growing to full blood-engorged erection, and he was painfully aware of the dammed up flood waiting to be released.
She was wild, delirious and uncontrolled as she came nearer and nearer to her moment, that time of exquisite rapture.
“Oh fuck it! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder… oh, fuck… fuck meeeeeeeeeee!” she chanted in wild abandon, increasing the speed, demanding her rightfully due orgasm, and she began the rushing, spiraling, giddy flight to the heights, where she felt as though she were a parachutist bailing out of a speeding airplane at fifteen thousand feet, and she was falling free, spinning free in a fall through space, the earth rushing up to meet her in climax; then gently, the brightly-hued umbrella of the parachute exploded over her head and floated her gently back to earth. It was as in a dream that she heard herself.
“I’m cuuuuuuu mmmmmmm iiiiiii nnnnnnn ggggggg… aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
As Nina screamed with the pleasure of her orgasm, Clay was spurred on to his own. He was in her, moving faster and faster, longer and harder and his hardened cock was like a machine, the piston of him moving in her with short, powerful strokes. He felt the load begin in his balls, pumping through the length of his penis, spewing in jerking jets of white viscous sperm far up into her cunt; while the spasms of pleasure shot through him in mind-shattering, body-reeling waves of sensuality. His cock continued to jump as he collapsed atop her with a huge groan of satiation.
“Jesus Christ!” he groaned. “I’m still cumming… I’m uuuu nnnnn gggg hhh… ccc uuuu mmmmm iiii ninnnn ggggggg!”
In a few moments he rolled from atop her, his now flaccid prick pulling from her with a liquid, sucking sound, trailing a string of semen, as he crawled lazing from the discomfort of the glass table top where he had been able to see everything reflected back.
He went over to the bar and poured two fresh martinis, bringing one to his wife, who, meanwhile had slipped off the table and was now reclining on the brocaded sofa. A vision of golden Oriental loveliness against the whiteness of the rich fabric made his cock begin to pound once more.
As he stretched out beside her, handing her a drink, she said, “You know I had a long talk with Alyce Frampton this afternoon, dear.”
Marsdale was immediately interested. “And what did my nosy little wife find out?”
Nina inhaled deeply from her cigarette before she answered, “You just can’t credit it, Clay, but that ravishingly beautiful girl has never had a decent fuck in her life. She doesn’t get off on sex at all. I guess she’s only been married a few months but it appears that husband of hers doesn’t know what to do with that big hunk of meat of his.”
“Well, I dare say, we can rectify that,” he said leeringly, reaching out for his wife’s pubic mound, still moist from the pleasant departure of a few moments before.
Obscenely, Nina Marsdale opened her thighs wide to his exploring fingers, at the same time taking a large swallow of her martini.
Then, she said dreamily, “I’d like to teach that husband of hers a few things… oh, that hunk of meat, Clay! It’s too wonderful! Can we go back and look at that videotape you made?”
“Sure, darling, just promise me you won’t leave your old daddy for one of those newer models.”
“Never,” she said, giving him a long lingering kiss.
Then, his rummaging fingers had found the bud of her clitoris, and he pressed the button of her sex, the explosion of sensation in her causing her to clamp her thighs tightly together, clamping his hand closely against her, heightening her pleasure. Then, her pelvis began to move in tiny circles of fully re-awakening desire.
“Oh, Clay, there will never be anyone else like you,” she squealed, as she flung herself atop him, pinning his body to the couch, her lips and mouth avid upon him.
Alyce Frampton could not imagine how it was possible that Eddie could be staying out so late with two men discussing their backhands. Usually, he shunned going out after hours with his students at the tennis clinic and this evening it just didn’t make any sense that he would be out past midnight. She tried to wait up for him as she had read several articles on sexual techniques in marriage and she was eager to show her husband of three months that she was not an uptight little prude, but a loving responsive wife, willing to take pleasure and give pleasure.
Finally, disappointed and worried about the future of her marriage, she had gone to bed; however, she could not sleep. Her mind churned her thoughts into a morass of doubts and suspicions that threatened to drag her into the depths of despair.
The more the young blonde wife tossed and turned and craved for the dark curtain of sleep to spread across the window of her mind, the more alert she became. After what seemed like hours, she resorted to her medicine cabinet’s treasures where she took a sleeping pill. Long before her adulterous husband returned she was dead to the world in her narcotic induced sleep. Eddie was glad to see that she was asleep and he did not try to rouse her.

Another young wife, however, had had a much more exciting evening. Sally Dunn who was in reality “the couple of guys for backhand makeup lessons and drinks afterwards” had gone to the tennis club at closing time where she had met Alyce’s husband, Eddie. The two adulterers had coupled almost immediately, frantically, tearing at each other’s clothing, exposing the softness and the hardness of flesh and blending them quickly in the headlong pursuit of their carnal desires.
The infinite desperation of their later lovemaking left them both sexually satiated and tingling with delirious mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. Then they had slept nude upon the sofa in the lobby of the darkened tennis club, and when they had awakened it was already two o’clock in the morning.
“Suffering Christ!” he exclaimed, looking at his digital watch. “It’s two o’clock!”
Sally unconcerned crept closer into his arms, snuggling against him and reaching down between them to caress his flaccid cock, in an attempt to arouse him once more.
“Kiss me,” she murmured low and throaty.
Briefly, Eddie kissed her with cool lips, breaking away before tongues were entwined to say, “Sally, for God’s sake! We’ve got to get out of here. What would your husband say and my wife is going to kill me.”
Dreamily Sally offered, “Oh, David’s not expecting me. He’s playing in that tournament so I told him I was going to stay with my sister. The time’s not important to me.”
“Well, why the hell didn’t you tell me before,” he said in a slightly irritated fashion. “We could have gone to a motel or something and I would have made up an excuse for Alyce.”
Sally Dunn merely ignored his annoyance. She wasn’t interested in a petty lecture. There was a big cock at her disposal and she wanted more of it and she would not be detoured from her destination. The pert brunette rolled over on top of him and ground her pelvis down on him, forcing his limp prick to lie in the furrow of her cock-hungry, insatiable cunt while she moved her hips lewdly, demandingly; meanwhile, using her lips and mouth on his body.
As man of the world he pretended to be, Eddie was not in fact that knowledgeable when it came to sex. He would not have believed that he was capable of another sexual bout so soon, but his immense cock began to engorge with blood, rising jerkingly into the moistness of her well-educated pussy-lips.
As soon as she felt the first throbbing of his erection, she slid off him, gripped his big cock in her hands, milking the foreskin back and sucked him to hardened readiness, flopping to her back to take him into her with her legs pulled up to her chest and reveling in the gigantic hunk of pulsating flesh he was sinking into her cunt.
Then, he went into her with a rush with long, slow and deliberate strokes, his ejaculation and climax delayed, he brought her to orgasm until finally she was completely spent, satiated from the unending pleasure of it.
Sally lay on her back, unable to gather the strength to ease him, bring him completion, and he was frantic, fucking into her unresponding cunt, unable to cum again he was so uptight.
Pulling out of her, he knelt over her lips, forcing her to take his aching cock into her mouth. She nibbled on it, finally taking all of him to suck while he moved his pelvis in a motion over her face, forcing her to take even more of him on each downstroke, making her gag as it drove to the back of her throat, her lips turning in as she absorbed him without complaint; while, on the outstroke, her lips pulled out, the pink, inner parts of her mouth showing.
It was hard work, but finally the boiling sperm came hosing through the length of him, spewing the viscous, white semen thickly into her mouth. She kept swallowing until all of the sticky cum was siphoned from his jerking cock and was consumed. Then, he rolled heavily to his side and slept beside her.
The next time they awakened it was 3AM and they dressed themselves hurriedly in silent exhaustion; both of them totally sexually spent.

Alyce Frampton got up the next day with a sleeping pill hangover and the fervent hope that her husband would have some explanation for his errant ways.
No such explanation was forthcoming. Eddie slept until almost noon as his first group would not start until one o’clock and didn’t even so much as mention the lateness of his arrival home the previous evening.
Alyce tried to be as pleasant as possible under the circumstances but her husband seemed to be ignoring her.
When finally, he picked up one of his new fiberglass racquets and threw a white sweater over his shoulders and abstractly waved good-bye without kissing her, she feared the worst. It was the first time in the three months since they had been married that he had failed to kiss her good-bye and to the already fearful, suspicious wife it was almost a sign that it was all over.
The gnawing question in her mind surfaced suddenly, punching her in the gut with its intensity. What if Eddie’s already found another woman? Someone to do all those horrible perverted things with…
Alyce didn’t know that she was the third of three wives that evening in what was turning into a little circle. Unfortunately, she was the only one out of the three, Nina Marsdale, Sally Dunn had both had a wildly satisfying bout of sexual ecstasy. Alyce didn’t know that she was the only one hanging out there in sexual frustration she only knew that something was dreadfully wrong and she wanted the score to change.


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