Friday, June 14, 2013


Fred, Karen's gay brother came home from college to visit the family for a few days. Fred is a very well toned 5'7", 160-pound young men of 20 years. He has blond hair, a smooth hairless body and a true bubble butt. Fred is a gymnast and figure skater, which is why he stays in such great shape.
He was sunning by their pool in the backyard when Walt showed up. Fred told Walt that Karen was still looking at colleges with her friends. What Fred didn't know was that Walt had really come over to fuck his mother again. Fred invited Walt to hang out with him and use the pool and Walt accepted. The conversation was mostly about college and then Fred steered it toward sex. He inquired about Karen and asked if they were having sex. Walt told Fred about how far Karen had come in her sexuality.
Fred surprised and somewhat shocked said, "Holy cow, my little sister, wow!"
Walt and Fred swam around for a while and then hit the Jacuzzi.
Fred told Walt he was gay and Walt said he knew because Karen had told him. Walt was curious about when Fred determined he was gay and how did he learn. Fred told him that it happened at a skating camp one year and related the whole story. Fred had always had an interest in figure skating and he convinced his parents to allow him to attend this training camp. The two instructors were twins and former competitive figure skaters themselves.
During one of the training sessions Fred could just not do anything right and the instructors were on his case. He let his temper get the better of him and he lashed out at them, they sent him to the dorm and said they would deal with him later. That evening he was summoned to the twin's quarters for reprimand. The twins told Fred he had two choices he could either accept his punishment or he could leave the camp right then. He agreed to accept his punishment. The twins told him to drop his pants and lean over the bunk, which he did reluctantly and was embarrassed.
"My what a lovely ass he has a real bubble butt", Josh said to his brother Brad.
"Yes it is lovely and it is almost a shame that we have to spank it", Brad replied.
But spank it they did not real hard but hard enough to redden his ass cheeks. Fred's eyes watered a little from the slight pain but they did not mistreat him.
"You took your spanking very well Fred and now we will give you something to ease the sting", Brad said.
The twins were on either side of him and began to rub his ass with lotion. They were very gentle and soon had Fred feeling relaxed. They began to play with his asshole and one of them inserted a finger in his ass. Fred felt the finger searching for his prostate and was confused by his feeling so good.
"It looks like he is enjoying this", said Josh as he glanced at Fred's erection.
Fred was surprised to see that he had a hard on without having touched his cock.
"Maybe he would like something a little bigger in his ass Josh", Brad hinted.
Josh said, "Sure why not".
Josh then placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Fred's asshole. Fred just realized that the twins had dropped their pants and were sporting very impressive erections.
Josh added more lotion to Fred's asshole, covered his own cock with lotion and then spit on it making it very slick. Fred grunted as Josh eased his cock into Fred's asshole and Brad moved to the front and waved his cock in Fred's face.
"Here take this in your mouth and it will take your mind off the discomfort in your ass", Brad offered.
Fred allowed Brad's cock to enter his mouth and followed Brad's instructions to suck his cock. Fred's ass was opening up and he could feel Josh all the way in his ass with Josh's balls banging against his scrotum.
"We are going to cum in your mouth and your asshole and I want you to swallow all the cum in your mouth", Brad said.
Fred could feel their cocks swell just before they came in his holes. Fred felt his own cock shoot cum across the floor without anyone touching it. Fred was the most turned on ever in his life.
"Based on that pool of jizm I would say that you enjoyed yourself Fred," said Josh as he switched places with Brad.
Josh and Brad took turns with Fred's ass and mouth with both of them cumming twice in his asshole and mouth. Fred came a couple more times as well, whoever fucked his ass gave him a reach around hand job. The twins told Fred that he was to return each night for repeat sessions and he would be allowed to stay in camp. None of the following sessions included any spankings, just sucking and fucking.
Fred's roommate Brian was curious about Fred's departure each night and kept pressing Fred about what he was doing. Fred made Brian swear to secrecy and then told him what had been going on in the twins quarters. Brian could not believe what Fred told him about his sexual escapades with the twins.
"Wow", Brain exclaimed, "Would you do that to me, I mean would you suck my cock"?
"Only if you suck mine too", Fred replied.
"Okay if you show me what to do", Brian said excitedly.
Both boys stripped and Fred lowered his head to engulf Brian's cock. Fred had learned to suck cock deeply and to swirl his tongue around the shaft in his mouth. Brian was going crazy and did not last long at all.
"I'm cumming, holy shit", he yelled as he filled Fred's mouth with his dick juice.
Fred sucked it all up and swallowed every drop as he learned from the twins.
"That was incredible" Brian said.
"Your turn", smiled Fred as he also was about to receive his first blowjob.
Brian tried hard to mimic Fred's actions and took very well to sucking cock. Fred to this point had only received hand jobs and was on the verge of cumming quickly. Brian was startled when the first jet of cum hit the back of his throat. He reacted by backing off and letting Fred's cock slip from his mouth only to have the second shot of cum splash of his face and the subsequent spurts hit his chest.
They both laughed at Brian's surprise and Fred said, "You'll get used to it and then you will be able to keep a cock in your mouth when it's shooting".
Brian was rock hard again and asked, "What now"?
"You can fuck me in the ass this time", replied Fred.
Fred got on all fours and reached back and lubricated his asshole. He handed to lotion to Brian and told him to put it on his cock as well. Brian rapidly lubed up his cock as he was excited with the thought of fucking Fred in the ass. He slid his cock into Fred's asshole which went in with ease. Brian established a rhythm fucking Fred's ass and he stroked his beautiful hairless ass cheeks. Brian loved watching his cock slide in and out of Fred' shapely ass as he fucked him with long deep strokes. Brian could feel another orgasm building and he held on to Fred's hips as he filled his asshole with gobs of cum.
The two boys collapsed on the bunk and lay still until Brian's cock softened and slipped from Fred's ass with a trail of cum close behind. Fred lay next to Brian and began to play with Brian's ass. He lovingly stroked it and toyed with his asshole. Fred rubbed lotion on Brian's ass and then began to probe his virgin asshole with his finger. Fred used plenty of lotion and then added a second finger. Fred knelt behind Brian and pulled his hips up until his ass was in the air. Fred covered his cock with lotion and then saliva just as Josh had done the first time Fred was butt fucked. He eased his cock into Brian and began to slowly fuck him. Brian took to the ass fucking immediately and was soon pleading with Fred to fuck him.
"Oh yeah fuck me, fuck me fill my ass up. Give it to me give me your cum", Brain yelled.
Fred was thrilled to be on the giving side of a good ass fucking for the first time and he came like never before. Fred was so excited that his cock stayed hard and he continued to fuck Brian until he came again.
"Nice show boys, now both of you get your asses over to our quarters", Josh said having caught them red handed.
That night the twins fucked the shit out of Brian and Fred and from that night on Brian and Fred were both at the twins quarters for fuck and suck sessions. They were put through a variety of positions with the twins, often Fred and Brian lay on their sides in a 69 position sucking each other's cock while Brad and Josh fucked them in the ass. Fred's favorite position of all time was when Brian was on his back with his legs up and Fred was in Brian's ass, Josh in Fred's ass and Brad's cock was in Fred's mouth. Fred was fucking, sucking and getting fucked at the same time. Brian was jerking himself off as he licked Brad's asshole. Fred felt Josh cumming in his ass which triggered his ejaculation into Brian's asshole and Brad shot in his mouth at the same time.
That camp was the orientation into gay life for Brian and Fred and they have remained gay friends and lovers ever since. Brian was off to a different college but they would have sex with each other when they home at the same time.
Walt was amazed by the story as well as turned on and the bulge in his swimsuit displayed his arousal.
"Holy shit Walt your cock is going to jump out of your bathing suit, can I see it", asked Fred?
Walt figured why not and lowered his trunks.
When Walt dropped his bathing suit, Fred gasped at the size of it. He had seen hung guys at school but never had the opportunity have sex with them. Fred held the impressive organ in his hand and lightly stroked Walt's balls with the other. Walt's full 9" was fully erect in no time and Fred lowered his mouth taking his cock in as far as he could. Fred had never had a cock this big in his mouth and he continued to test his gag line to see how much he could swallow.
Walt told Fred that he was about to come and Fred just sucked harder. Walt blasted the back of Fred's throat with a barrage of cum and Fred worked hard swallowing all of it. Fred kept Walt's cock in his mouth to keep him erect. Walt had no trouble keeping his erection, since Fred was an excellent cocksucker. Fred lifted his mouth off of Walt's cock and asked Walt to fuck him.
Fred took off his bathing suit and his 6" erect dick wavered in the air. He knelt on a lounge cushion from one of the chairs and raised his ass in the air. Walt looked at him in this position and decided that he looked just like a girl with his smooth hairless body and his great looking bubble butt. Fred was reaching back and lubing his asshole with lotion as Walt applied a generous amount of lotion to his cock. Walt then spit on his dick making very slippery and eased into Fred's asshole.
Walt was gentle with him allowing Fred to adjust to the size of his cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in Fred's ass and fucked him royally. Walt held on to the pretty twin cheeks of Fred's ass as he fucked him thoroughly. Fred couldn't believe how full he felt with this enormous dick in his ass. Fred felt Walt tense and then fill his ass with cum. Walt continued to fuck Fred's ass and the jizm backed out of his ass and ran down over Fred's balls. Fred fired a blast of cum onto the pool deck without ever even touching his own cock.
Walt eased his softening cock out of Fred's ass and Fred turned around to take it in his mouth and suck him dry and clean. Walt was amused at how everyone in this family loved to suck his cock after he came in their ass. They both relaxed in the Jacuzzi for a while and Fred got Walt to agree to fuck him some more before he went back to college. Walt excused himself to use the bathroom and entered the house.
As Walt entered the house he spotted Helen by the window with her hands in her panties frantically rubbing her pussy.
"You really like to watch, don't you?" Walt asked.
Helen was startled, as she didn't see him come in. She panicked and ran upstairs. Walt went back out to the pool and told a naked Fred that his mother was home.
"Holy shit, put your clothes on", Fred said as he jumped up to retrieve his bathing suit.
That night they all had pizza and beer and Fred then invited Walt to stay over after Helen went to bed. Walt fucked Fred's ass two more times that night and they ended up with Fred sucking Walt's cock as they fell asleep. Fred was in for two more days of fucking and sucking before he returned to college. Walt was impressed with the beautiful curvy asses possessed by this family and he loved fucking all of them. Too bad Helen didn't have more children, he thought.


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