Sunday, June 9, 2013


I shared a few pics of mine some time back, hope u guys liked it. I am Ramesh from Hyderabad aged around 29 yrs, 6" ft in height, with an athletic body. I thought I will share a real experience on mine on this forum today.. hope you like it. I am not pulling  the story too long as I wanted to tell what happned in real life senario. this happened around 5-6 months back..I was going through orkut and found a profile and sent some scraps... she replied back with a scrap and this went on for few days.. then after couple of days she gave me her yahoo id and asked me to chat on IM. then we started chatting and in a couple of days we became very friendly. We shared our pics first and then started to see each other on cam.... we had normal chat everyday. Slowly we exchanged numbers and we used to talk every day. One day when she called me she sounded very sad and I enquired what happened, she said that her husband hit her badly and she is having some pain and cuts in her body, she also said that he has been beating her since 2  years and she is not in a position to tell this to anyone as her parents are not willing to listen anything about him.

I calmed her down and told her that everything will be alright, but she asked me if she can meet me somewhere.. So I told her that our first meeting should be in a public place and we met up that evening at a near-by restaurant for lunch. We had lunch and she shared a lot of things about her life and she also asked me everything about me as well.

We never had the thought of having sex together... but used to share our problems as good friends. until one day she was on the cam chatting with me and she was wearing a two piece nighty.. which was see through.. and I could see her milky white body thorough her nighty...

Ramesh: why r u in a nighty today??? and transperant too?? (which is very un-usual),
Neeta: Am i not beautiful??
Ramesh: yeah ur beautiful... :(
Neeta: why is that sad smiley for??
Ramesh: Hubby is very lucky to have a beautiful wife like u...
Neeta: hope he is lucky.. but he never treated me as a wife.
Ramesh: oh thats bad not to keep such a beautiful lady happy
Neeta: Leave that Ramesh.. tell me howz me??
Ramesh: Sexy and beautiful... your bra is covering ur beauty.
Neeta: what do u mean??
Ramesh: would u mind taking ur bra off??
Neeta: do u think I should take it off on cam??
Ramesh: Yes
Neeta: wait..:)
Ramesh: oops... wow Neeta u are beautiful, unlucky me
Neeta: why do u say ur self unlucky?
ramesh: I hope I had ur boobs in my hand, ur such a beautiful lady..
Neeta: badmash :),
Ramesh: kyun?
Neeta: agar chahiye tho bolta kyun hai??? karta kyun nahin??
Ramesh: Sach mai?
neeta: :)
Ramesh: thanks.. kaha milenge?
Neeta: Tum mere ghar aajao... pati office gaye hai aur beta school,
Neeta: koi nahin hai ghar par
Neeta: aur aate samay condoms lete hue aana
Ramesh: theek hai.

In no time I took permission from office and reached her house.. she opened the door and called me in.. she actually changed herself into a tight jeans and a lovely low cut top.. she was looking pretty.We spoke about sometime and then asked her..

Ramesh: Neeta kya tum sach mai mere saath karna chahti ho?
Neeta: Haan.. mai kai dino se sex nahin kari hoon
Neeta: Mera pati mujhe chodte hi nahin.. unka apne koi aur ladki ke saath sambandh hai.
Ramesh: I am sorry...

I got up sat close to her and started kissing her... she also responded well to my kiss, she said shall we move into the bedroom...  I said fine and I picked her up from the sofa and took her to the bedroom.. still kissing her .. I made her kneel on the bed and started kissing her on her lips and my hands were playing with her boobs... she was reciprocating well to my kisses... I slowly pulled her top and wow.. her milky boobs were bulging out of her bra.. and she was breathing heavily.. l saw her tight jeans and her belly.. it looked so beautiful and in shape... I didnt want to loose any more time.. I pushed her on bed and started kissing her on her belly.. then slowly moved towards her bra.. pulled it down and started sucking her nipples where were erected and tight by then. I started playing my tongue on her nipples and started to send shivers in her body.... then she pulled me up and started  kising me on my lips.. our tongue started playing with each other... I slowly opened her jeans button with one hand and put my hand in her panty.. it was moist, she spread her legs and gave way for my hand to  explore her hole properly... I kissed her for somemore time and then brought her to the edge of the bed and pulled her jeans and panty out and she was naked in front of me.. I slowly started kissing her feet and slowly moved towards her cunt... sitting on the floor... she started to enjoy my sucking.. I slowly inserted a finger into her cunt and it went in very smoothly.. I kept the kissing going and started to finger fuck her as well.. after 15-20 mins of sucking she pulled my head towards her cunt and jerked her body and she had a good orgasm... I continued licking and after 10 mins she asked me to stop. I got up and stood there.. she sat down on the edge of the bed and slowly un-zipped my pant and threw it.. then slowly started to play with my dick.. which was already bulged and ready to go... she sucked it for some time and said fuck me... I made her lie back and got on top of her in the missionary position and slowly put my dick on her hole and started pushing it in.. she gave a slight noise of pain.. but her pussy was moist and it went in slowly... then I increased the speed and started to fuck her in rhythm.. she was also pushing her ass back and supporting my strokes well.. after 15 mins of fucking in that position I asked her to get onto a doggy style.. which she did and then I stood on the floor and started fucking her...I was fucking her in full speed and she was also giving strokes back to me.. after around 10 mins of Fuck..I reached my peak and said I am cumming.. she asked me to keep doing as she was also about to cumm... and I was also wearing a condom and there was noting to worry... I kept fuckig her and after 2 mins I started to cum... but kept fucking her in the same position with full spped.. and she also started to cumm in no time.. and she fell on the bed.. I also fell on top of her and cuddled her in my arms and kissed her earlobles.. she turned back and kissed me back and thanked me for making her cumm twice in a span of 1hr...then she took my condom off started sucking my dick clean.

It was time for her kid to come back from school so i dressed up and went back to office.. This continued for 1 month.. but we stopped when her husband started to doubt her... and he changed the job and went to Mumbai.

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