Sunday, June 9, 2013


I want to share my first experience of lesbianism-cum- incest with my mom  We are four family members My father, my mother, my younger brother & my self. We live in a house of 600 sq. yards in posh locality of Rawalpindi
Cantt. My Mom measure 38-24-40 with hazlenut coloured eyes, long blonde hairs is 5'7"woman and no body can say that she has given birth to 2 children. She got married when she was 21 yrs(soon after her intermediate) and only 11 months after of her marriage I was born.
It all started 2 years ago when my father & brother were out of city. One afternoon when I came back from my college bit earlier than usual I opened the door with keys which were kept by me(we have a four pairs of keys each faimly member keep on set)
I thought that there was no body at home coz it there was a pin drop silence in the home. As soon as I entered in the passage which leads to my room(to get in my room I have to pass infront of my parents bed room) I listened to the vocie of my mother saying Oh Shabbo
(this is name of our maid) pls.meri choot ko apni zaban say choddo. I stopped at once coz it made me curious that what is going on.I pushed the door slowly without making nay noise to the extent that I can see inside & what I saw that my mom & maid were lying on the floor carpet
totally nude. Mom was palying with the boobs of our maid & she(maid)was lying on top of her palying with her boobs.I saw 2 nude women first time in my life which was sufficient to drive me sexually crazy.
My mom asked Shabbo to move her head towrds her legs and bring her Chhot towrad her face(a 69 position which was told my mom later on in an encounter with me).Both of them were licking each others CHOOTS.Shabbo making a halt and asked my mom BB Jee kya shahib key Lund say maza nahi aata, mujey to apney husband kay Lun say to maza aata hay aur aap ki choot say be maza milta hay magar main abb aap kay bina be nahin rah sakti but my mom didnt replied to her as she was buzzy in CAHTTING THE CHOOT of her maid.
All these sexy words & sence made me wet down between my thighs and I took my hand into my shalwar and started to rub my Choot and after few minutes later I went to my bedroom took off my uniform and stood naked in front of full mirror of my dressing room
and looked at my body keeping my both hands on my 36C boobs fondling my nipples slowly and gently.when I felt that my nipples are hard I kept my hand below ny boob lifting it up towards my mouth bringing my tounge out nad start licking my nipple while doing this I was rubbing my Choot with the other hand till my body relaxed. In the evening I came to my mom we had our evening tea and went out for some shopping after we came back home we sat in our TV Lounge to watch the TV but during this whole time my mind was making plan to get my mom attract towrad me in the way she can play with me like Shabbo. I asked my mom that I am not feeling easy in the dress which I was

wearing so I will be just back in few minutes after getting change.I changed my dress to a short & and a see thru top having a big neck so my calvage is visible(this kind of dress I use to put on when I am alone my house). When I came back my mom looked at me with broad eyes and told me that I am looking dam good in this dress and that she had never thought that her daughter is so beautiful.
These remraks of her gave me a bit courage to get my plan started.I sat beside her watching the TV.All of a suuden I felt that my mom is rubbing my back very gently.Sensing of goods are being delivered I moved further closeer to her in such a manner that I can feel is hot breath on my neck.Hand of my mom was now moving up and down on mu back and in the mean time I put my hand no my mamas,lap moving it slowly towrad her choot.She also flet if and opened her thighs a little bit more now it was out of my control and I took the other hand of mom and placed into the neck of my top slipping directly on to my left boob (as I was without bra) my mom stare at me and jsut gave me a smile and started kissing on my lips.I was also kssing her nad tried to put my tounge into her mouth and got a positive response for her side.
Our tongues met and we tasted each other.Now I was unable to control myself and asked her Pls.let me undress you and she says OK and stood from the sofa.i first took her shirt off & then unhokked her bra and now I bent

downwads to take her shalwar off in one go as she was wearing salwar having an elastic waist.I took off her shalwar and tried to stood up so she can undress me but she asked me not to stood up and I should first give kiss on her choot. Her choot was without any pubic hairs I start licking her till she becom wet the she asked me to stood up and she undressed me and started fondling my boobs,sucking my nipples and rubbimng mu choot with the pther hand. Both of us were now hot and wet and I asked her to something to get me relaxed.
She asked me that should she do the same which she was doning with Shabbo I innocently replied that I donht konow what she was doing with Shabbo and she said JAAN TUM NEY SUB KUCH DEKA HAY AUR MAIN NEY BE and I was sure that this will happen positvely today between us.I asked her that did she saw I am when I am watching and she said yes and told me not waste time in these aurguments. Both of us lying on the carpet noe in 69 postion and licking each others chuth.
My mom all of sudden stood up asking me to stay there and she will be back in few

minutes.She came back and I saw she was having something in his hand I asked her what is this,she told me that YEH HARD RUBBER KA LUND AHY BILKUL MARD KEY TAHRAN AUR
THUM IS KO MERI GANND MAIN DALNA.After this she gave it to me and I started to push that in her GAND.After 20 minutes she asked me to lick her choot and after 10 munites of licking my face was full of her creamy juice.
She then stood up & told me JANN AB DEK TERI MAMA KIS TERA TERI CHOOT KO MAZA DAYTE HAI and sarted to licking my choot.I was moaning with pleasure OH MA PLS MERI GAND MAIN LUND DO MAUJHEY BHOAT MAZA MIL RAH AHI and started fondling my breast.My mom stood up and asked me to keep wide open my legs and then again she burried her face in my choot she was licking superbly and then she put her Index finger in my choot nad slowly she started rubbing my CHOLA.I screamed with pleasure OH!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!MA
dont leave it pls.mujhhey chaodo and she started his motion faster & faster and all of a suden I had first CUM OF MY LIFE and felt so relaxed which was beyond my imagination. After this we both took shower in the same bath room during which we had iliite session of kissing & fondling of each others boobs. After shower we came back to watch the TV but it was of no interest so we started takling of sex. I asked my mom many things about sex during this conversation we once again felt horny and started palying with boobs of my mom.
She took me her arms and kissed me on my lips again & again.I put my hand on her choot and asked her do the same with this to me and all the fun started again till mid night. Before going to sleep I asked my mom that can I sleep with her tonight but she told me No and gave me a DVD and ask me to watch this and we will talk about this later tomorrow evening. What I saw on DVD and what I did after watching this is another story which I will give you later on. But is for sure to learn every thing at home mom is best.


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