Sunday, June 9, 2013


I stay at Mira Road in Mumbai, which is distant suburb of the city and I am 26 years of age working for a financial firm in the city. We never had a problem getting maid servants for household work since there were many of them in this place. So much so, that there was competition and quite a few of the women were left without work.
Two years ago when I moved in, I spread the word that a servant was required at my house, I got many ladies who were interested in coming and working. I was clear on one thing, that this female had to be working for me only. When I made this clear there were 3 servants left amongst the crowd that had applied, two of them were around 60. I chose one of them who looked sly enough and made the terms and conditions clear. I told her that she would have to be residing in the house and would have to take care of the house and its duties.
Initially, there was reluctance but later on she agreed when I offered a decent sum of money. Sheetal was short, dark brown in color, but had long hair upto the waist and decent sized boobs. She had pouted lips and was not married and aged around 24 years at that time. She was staying with her uncle's family and her aunt treated her very badly, which resulted in her accepting this position.
She looked very hot and I decided if I had to seduce her I had to do it on a weekend. I noticed that Sheetal had a habit of having a late evening bath in addition to a morning bath. One Saturday, I went to her room and waited till she finished her bath. She came out with a towel wrapped around her and feigned surprise upon seeing me. I caught hold of her and stripped the towel of her body.
Her body was beautiful and looked like it had been chiseled by a sculptor. It was hard to believe that she was a maid servant. I told her so and I could see a smile on her face. I kissed her deeply and she responded. I knew then that she was equally hungry for sex. I started putting my fingers inside her vagina. It was extremely hairy and very tight. I had thought that a female like her would have fucked many times. But my fingers indicated a hymen inside that was untouched. I removed the clips from her hair and let her hair fall down. I cupped her left breast and squeezed them. I could see that she was ripe, fertile and eager to be fucked. I could see her face tense as I moved the head of my erect tip on her cunt.
Then I started licking her down there and she came with a rush, spilling some of her liquids on my face. I stretched her legs; she then wrapped her legs around me and with her legs she started applying pressure on my rear to enter her. I thrust myself inside her and I could hear her moan and then shout as her hymen broke. Her blood came out in a rush and I withdrew out of her vagina with blood on my dick.
We both went and washed ourselves and then continued the act. I went inside Sheetal in slow strokes and then fast ones. Fluids were oozing continuously out of Sheetal's cunt. Finally, I came inside her. I knew there was a danger of her getting pregnant, but the thought did not cross my mind at that moment.
We had a shower and then slept the night together totally naked. I could smell her hair as I slept. In the morning, I fucked her again doggy style, her boobs were dangling when I caught her by her waist and went inside and out of her vagina. I finally collapsed on top of her. Sheetal embraced me very tightly and kissed me. I told Sheetal that she could stay with me as long as she wanted as my very own personal sex servant.
After that day Sheetal became a lot like my wife. She took care of the house, cleaned my stuff, utensils, clothes and even slept with me. Only thing she was better than a wife, since she never argued and was always willing to have sex whenever she wanted, and wit hout condoms. When her uncle and aunt tried to get her married off, she would not get any proposals since she was staying alone with a man.

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