Monday, June 3, 2013


A large stretch limo awaited the precocious, thirteen year-old party girls’ exit from the nightclub, each of them on the arms of the big black NBA stars. The young models rubbed their near bare breasts against the mens’ arms as they flitted their lithe, and almost obscenely clad bodies to the open limo door. As they entered, Susan happily swung her tight ass in the clinging, black hot-shorts, with the zipper that ran all the way between her legs, as the untanned tips of her pert tits shown through her gauzy midi-blouse. Lisa flashed the little bare slit between her legs when her tiny skirt rode up her slender thighs and delectable asscheeks as she bent to enter the limousine. The onlookers tried not to stare, but as with anyone, they had a terrible time looking anywhere but at the irresistibly lewd, young models’ hard bodies.
The big, hulking athletes slid in close behind the vivacious girls.
“So, studs, what did you have in mind?” Lisa smiled coquettishly up at Eddie as she lay back on the padded black-leather recliner with one leg extended to the floor and the other pulled up to expose her luscious thigh flesh and beyond.
“Well, how would you beautiful girls like a glass of wine over at our hotel?” Eddie asked as he perused the pubescent beauty beside him.
“Sounds great,” both of the girls cooed.
The driver was instructed to the big black guys’ hotel — the Stouffer Inn. As the car moved away, Eddie put his arm around Lisa’s shoulder and then ran his hand down her back to cup one of her pert, little ass mounds, only partially covered by the simply nasty, black mini.
Lisa cooed, “Oh, God that feels good,” as she felt his huge hand cup the entire cheek of her impeccable rounded ass. She felt a wave of lust envelope her body as she look down at his black hand contrasting with her golden tan. Knowing that she had no panties on added to the prurient thrill. Her clit stiffened delectably and she poked her tongue out and circled it around her pink lips, signaling to the black stud her sexual excitement.
With a flick of his hand Eddie had slid his hand up under the hem of the skirt and pushed it up a bit. Now Lisa’s mini-dress was practically up around her wasp-like waist.
“Now I like a girl that doesn’t wear panties,” he guffawed. “Christ, Raulo, look at this. This is given me some serious hard-on shit. This is some serious high-class cunt! No offense intended,” Eddie exclaimed looking down at the Lolitaesque figure of the little promiscuous thirteen year-old girl-model, her slim arms extended up and around her astonishingly beautiful head in a classic model pose.
His hands swept up and down her thighs as Lisa slowly spread them so he could access the itchy slit between them. As Eddie reclined beside her, she reached up, stretched her arms around his neck and shoulders, and pulled his huge head down and lewdly kissed him open-mouthed.
When his large Negroid lips touched her little candy-pink ones, she she felt overwhelmed by his masculine presence. She grasped his hand and flagrantly moved it down her gaunt body, over her hard-nippled jutting breasts, over her hard, flat tummy, and between her spread legs. She hissed into his mouth: “Oh fuuuuuck. Rub my clit, stud!” She then wantonly folded back her curvaceous thighs so he could more easily rub her little panty-less slit. She hissed and trembled as the single, black digit placed directly on her pink clit brought her almost immediately to a cum. She trembled as she thrust her hips and trembled.
“You know, big black guys like you really do it for me, but Christ. You’re so fucking big, you’ve got to be careful! OK? Now you won’t think any less of me if I fuck you now instead of waiting till we get to the hotel, will you?” she giggled. She then reached up under her navel-high blouse and squeezed her own bra-less nipples all the while running her wisp of a tongue over her pouting lips and looking Eddie shamelessly in the eve.
“Anything you say little white girl,” Eddie replied as he quickly shucked his slacks and shirt. His cock was fully erected and he was excited to the bursting point. Once naked he immediately positioned himself between Lisa’s spread, naked leg flesh, ran his huge hands over her gauze covered teen cleavage, massaging the pert, hard-nippled tittie flesh with his big black hands. He bent his head down and sucked the pink nipples through the see-through halter. Lisa ground her lithe chest against his lips, cradling his head, as he slobbered on her tits. Pulling himself up, he then ran his hands down her nubile body to her narrow hips.
With both of his huge hands on her hips, he could reach with his thumbs around to her moist slit and spread it. He took a position above the young beauty and attempted to align his pulsing, black dick at the opening to her groove without using either hand. Lisa immediately pivoted her narrow hips back even further and spread her legs wider. She then aided him by grasping the mammoth appendage and rubbing it up and down her fleshy, little pink slit, testing her capacity to take the throbbing, hard club. Between his own pre-cum and her moist hole, there was enough lubrication for them to attempt to stick the thing up into the pink place between her legs. Besides, the sperm pumped into her from the earlier menage a trios in the limousine still lingered in the horny girl’s sex-holes, so she had little trouble accommodating the large black prong. He positioned the tip of the cock against the moist warmth of the little thirteen year old slut’s cunt-slit and pushed.
“Aw fuck, you little fuckin’ bitch. That feels so motherfucking good,” he hissed looking into her heavy-lidded light-blue eyes, as his cock-crown wedged into her moist hole. Slowly he worked his large cock up the compact pelvis of the white girl, her face a lurid sneer of carnal, sexual ecstasy.
“You’re one hot little slut aren’t you. You’ve got one hungry little animal cunt on you, don’t you. No offense intended,” he grinned.
She pulled his head down to her ear and in an agitated whisper murmured: “Fuck that big, black dick up my little, slut-bitch cunt-hole, you big nigger stud, you,” and she grabbed his ass-cheeks and pulled him up into her cunt as hard as she could. “No offense intended,” she giggled.
As the girl pulled his cock home, Eddie bottomed out in the beautiful white girls’ hairless hole. He knew she had been fucked only an hour earlier. He had seen her with two men between her legs in the limousine! The thought that his large fuck-tool was wallowing in the juice some other man squirted in there accentuated the lewdness of their fornication. He pronged her repeatedly trying not to shoot too soon. Lisa slithered her probing tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it as she flicked it in and out, in and out — in a simulation of what his cock was doing in her tight cunt-slit below.
The heat of the situation — the sordid dialogue, the sheer beauty of the girl’s face and body, and her outrageous promiscuity — spurred him to a level of lust he had never before reached. Then he was fucking her as hard as she had ever before been fucked. His tool touched places deep inside her fuck-hole never before touched as her slit tightened again and again in time to her orgasms.
As Eddie peaked, he jerked his tool from her tight, clenching snatch and started pounding himself as he aimed at Lisa’s gorgeous face. She quickly lifted her head and took the tip of his gargantuan dick between her pouting lips. She sucked and flicked her tongue all around his swelling glans as he stroked himself off into her sensual mouth-hole. Torrents of jizm squirted into her. He bellowed his orgiastic bliss as he popped his huge load into the little thirteen year-old model’s mouth. Lisa collected his load in her mouth and after he finished, she pushed it out and over her pink lips with her tongue. It dribbled over her elegant chin and down onto her sharp nipples poking through the gauze halter. She looked like the most beautiful child-whore on earth!
Lisa giggled and rubbed the cum into her tits as she circled her lips with her tongue to lap up the remainder.
“Jesus Christ, Raulo! I just came harder than I ever came before in my whole life,” he confessed to his buddy on the other side of the car. He then leaned over the girl, his face directly over hers, and flicked his tongue down and into her panting mouth. Lisa flicked her tongue out also and the pink tasters, one large and thick, and one small, thin and pointy, writhed in post-orgasmic bliss.
Eddie rolled off the slutty model, and across the limousine, in the dim light, he could see his buddy, Raulo, was also doing well with the other little, horny, teenage super-model. “Christ!” he thought, “How did we get girls like this to fuck us? The guys on the team’ll never believe this!”
Raulo had undone the zipper on Susan’s tight, suede hot-shorts. The zipper was unusual in that it ran down her flat tummy, over the high, prominent pelvic bone, then it ran between her legs over her sex opening and up between her small, round asscheeks. The zipper didn’t go as high as the waist, so although it was undone, the hot-shorts clung to Susan’s phenomenal body. Further, the zipper was made of high-test plastic, so any flesh rubbing against it was not scratched. Susan liked the design because it allowed for quick couplings without the need to wear a skirt and it showed off her ass to great advantage.
Susan’s body was reclined but her head was propped up by the back of the seat so she could see the action in the little gap between her hot-shorts that accessed all the important places like her itchy cunt-slit and her asshole. She noticed that the hot-shorts, even when unzipped, clung to her opulent ass, and her thin, tan thighs, with her nude, hairless crotch exposed in between. Raulo was kneeling before her, and had two big fingers stuck up her tight front-hole. Susan was hungrily kissing the guy and bouncing her tight ass up and down on the long digits.
“Oh, oh, oh, fuuuuck those fingers into me!!” she cried in her high, teenaged voice, her supple, spread legs kicking and bobbing as she bucked her incredibly tight ass on the black, leather seat as the limousine cruised the dark streets of Barbados — fleeting light from streetlights was the only illumination on the copulating couple.
Raulo moved his head from her wet lips down to mouth the pointy nipples of her abundant breasts that shown below her short top he had pushed up earlier.
“Oh God. Lick em. Lick em!” she squealed.
Susan had spent quite some time in the sun before arriving in Barbados and had well-defined suntan lines on both her breasts and also below running along the crease between her legs and ass-cheeks. Raulo was enjoying sucking on the lewd, pink nipples that poked from the incredible breasts. He found the contrast between the suntan and the white area around her pink nipples erotic.
Eddie and Lisa, momentarily satisfied, watched the other couple. Lisa asked Eddie to turn on a light so they could better see them. Eddie said, “I have an idea. I’ve got some flashlights we can point at them.” He handed a small, gold penlight to Lisa and got one for himself. They flicked them on and pointed them at the lascivious couple and giggled playfully.
Raulo and Susan were temporarily startled, but then went back to their foreplay. “That puts a little light on the situation,” Raulo joked between sucks on the thirteen year-old’s ample tit flesh. Lisa’s light was focused where his lips met Lisa’s nipple. Eddie’s was below where Raulo was sawing his fingers in and out of Susan’s cunt-hole. The penlight’s beams on the writhing couple created a pornographic, surrealistic tableau that quickly re-invigorated the just-spent couple.
Raulo and Susan both felt like they were on display in some prurient fish tank with two lecherous observers. It served to heighten the promiscuous, amoral nature of the coupling, two people, one thirteen, white and scintillatingly beautiful, the other twenty-six, black and an exceptional physical specimen, who met only minutes ago, were primed to experience fantastic, if absolutely carnal, sex.
Lisa and Eddie continued to shine the lights, moving them from place to place on the lewd couple, while they started to rub each other again. Then Lisa got up and moved over to the other couple. She leaned over Susan’s face and frenched her sensual lips vigorously while Raulo continued to lick, suck and titillate her round, giggling breasts. Lisa moved her head down to Susan’s tits and joined him, their tongues dueling over Susan’s nipple while Raulo continued to saw his fingers in and out of Susan’s slot between her widely splayed legs.
Lisa then reached over and grasped the front of Raulo’s tented pants, unzipped them and carefully extracted his huge member. She gripped it firmly, stroked its length, and bent and took its tip into her mouth. Raulo, in turn, grasped Lisa’s thin, provocative thigh and slid his black hand along it up under her short skirt (it had fallen down after her sexing with Eddie). Eddie’s penlight was focused directly on Lisa’s thighs while his best friend moved his hand up to feel the young, lithe super-model’s slit he had just so vigorously fucked. Raulo stuck his middle finger up the tantalizingly light orifice and watched the sumptuous glow cross Lisa’s angelic face.
Since Susan had not had sex in the limousine on the way over to the club, Lisa had an idea. She would surprise Susan with a double treat.
“Raulo, I’ve got a good idea. Sit down here and Susan get up for a minute.” Both complied. After Raulo was sitting, Lisa had Susan straddle Raulo’s legs, facing away from him. Susan sat with her thin, tan legs splayed outside of Raulo’s, her opulent ass-cheeks nestling against his lower stomach muscles. Raulo’s cock was sticking up between Susan’s legs so it looked like Susan had a big black cock. They giggled at the sight and then Lisa lowered her pretty, wet lips to the tip of the black rod and sucked and stroked it while Raulo groaned. At the same time Susan rubbed her slut-groove along its prodigious length. Eddie, still sitting on the other side of the limousine, had his penlight focused on the carnal scene while he stroked on his own re-erected big timber. The penlight reflected lewdly off the spit-slickened length of his buddy’s throbbing boner.
Lisa continued jacking-off Raulo with her petite, child-like hand, but lifted her head and leaned over Susan’s shoulder to Raulo’s face. She kissed him with open-mouthed passion, then whispered in his ear: “How would you like to slide this huge fucker up this little thirteen year-old whore’s asshole?”
“I think I could handle that!” he replied pulling her mouth back to his and sticking his tongue between the beautiful girl’s lustful lips, lust inspired by her query. She sucked his tongue while continuing to jack him.
Lisa then frenched Susan again and whispered into her ear: “How would you like to get double-fucked by both of these big, fuckin nigger studs?” she asked.
“Ohhh yeah. I’m all go, honey. You know how horny it made me to see you get double fucked by Maitlan and Steve,” she replied with her long, tan arms around Lisa’s shoulders as they wrestled their tongues together in lusty passion.
Lisa again lowered her lips to Raulo’s dick, sucked momentarily, and then she spit some saliva onto her fingers and reached under past Susan’s hairless slit and rubbed the spit on her tiny asshole, all the time frenching her lewdly.
“Oh, baby, your little hole is so tight. I hope his big ole’ prick will fit in there.” She then wedged her middle finger up the blonde’s asshole while she voluptuously sucked on her tongue at the same time.
“OK, honey, lift up your little ass.” She gave Raulo’s cock one last suck and then aligned it with Susan’s spit-slicked, finger-fucked asshole. She rubbed the stiff cock back and forth, finding the best angle for penetration, and then left the couple to their own devices. Susan’s asshole slowly opened up to accommodate the impossibly big intruder, and bit-by-bit she rode it down. Lisa gave Raulo’s dick a few last licks as it was sinking between Susan’s little asscheeks and helped him spread her hole around his prong.
“Oh, Christ. That fucking dick is ripping my asshole! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.” Susan bleated. Lisa noticed how lovely Susan looked — an expression of animal carnality on her face, her curvaceous, thin legs splayed and straining, a small separation between the two halves of Susan’s hot-shorts, allowing Raulo’s cock to slide up her tiny anus. Then Lisa knelt back down and concentrated her efforts on tonguing Susan’s clit and cunt-slot, getting her ready for Eddie to complete the fleshy double-fuck.
“C’mere stud,” she said, turning to Eddie. Eddie was right there and Lisa turned, wrapped her slender arms around his thick neck, nestled her stiff pink nipples against his black muscled chest and frenched him for a moment.
“Ya wanna double-fuck this nasty, little bitch, baby?” she giggled as she reached down and jacked his revived whanger. Eddie had no objection and Lisa bent to give his stiffie a good suck before he ran it up the delicious looking girl splayed before him, her asshole impaled on his best friend’s cock.
Lisa lined up his cock with Susan’s slit, rubbed it deliciously up and down her pink, slut-groove, and said, “Stick it up her, stud,” and she sucked his cock and licked Susan’s little slit one more time. She watched him while he moistened his huge cockhead in Susan’s heated, moist slot. After locking his cockhead into place in the little slit, right below her stretched ass opening, he slid neatly right up the excruciatingly tight channel to the root of his long pole. All three moaned in unison as Eddie’s large prong thrust up the cunt between the thirteen year-old girl’s legs. Raulo could feel the crown of Eddie’s cock through the thin membrane between Susan’s asshole and cunt. It ran along the length of his cock as his buddy slid up the girl’s tight slit right to the top of her uterus. It almost made him come to feel his buddy’s cock sticking up into the same girl as his — especially a girl like this.
His cock firmly seated, Eddie wallowed in Susan’s warmth while he lifted her by her curvy ass and bounced her up and down on his and his buddy’s lusty prongs.
“Oh, honey. That’s it. That’s it. Oh, fuck their so big. Drill me, baby, drill me.” Susan was almost senseless and out-of-her-head with the animal pleasure she was suffering. She wrapped her beautiful arms around Eddie’s huge torso and her tan, opulent tits pressed against his pecks as she tongue-fucked the Negro stud in front of her. He had pulled up her see-through midi-blouse and was pinching, twisting, sucking and licking her erect nipples. The contrast between her golden, tan body and his black body made her little clit sing at the top of her tightly stretched slit.
Susan took to double-fucking easily, probably because she was introduced to it at such a young age by one of her mother’s boyfriends and the boy next door. They couldn’t resist her even though she was only ten at the time, she certainty didn’t look like you average ten year-old.
“Oh, fuck! This is awesome! I can’t believe I’ve got both of your huge, fuckin’ dicks up me!” She leaned forward and placed her open mouth on Eddie’s. That position also gave her a good position from which she could, with Raulo’s help, lever her ass up and down on the two black cocks sticking up into her concupiscent body.
Lisa went back to sucking on Raulo’s lips and tongue while he moaned huskily and levered his stiff dick up into the other thirteen year-old slut’s asshole who sat splayed across his legs. While Lisa continued her oral ministrations, she reached down and jacked on the part of Raulo’s huge prong that would not fit into her young girlfriend’s asshole. Raulo in turn reached his hand over to caress the back of Lisa’s incredibly curvaceous thigh and ran it up the back of the girl’s super-short slut-skirt. He grasped her little-girl-slut asscheek and poked his finger up her tight asshole. So her he was, he thought to himself, his cock up one gorgeous babe and his finger up another. “Ain’t life sweet!” he thought.
“Oh, fuck, stud! That’s it finger-fuck my asshole! Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah!” Lisa exclaimed wholeheartedly as she spread her legs and rode the big digit squirming in and out of her tight cleft in a horny fit of lust.
Raulo looked down at his huge, black dick sawing in and out of the nasty, nubile model’s tight ass. The hole was nestled between the most beautifully rounded little, tan asscheeks he had ever seen. Running over the widely stretched asshole and up her ass-crack was a thin, white strip of untanned flesh where the little tease wore her thong while sunning. The strip got a little wider as it approached her waist, and turned into two lines as it gracefully circled her waist in a French-cut style.
Whenever a man saw Susan in her thong, he could not resist looking at her incredibly curvaceous ass. Susan was well aware of the immense power she had over men and was enjoying its effect on these privileged studs now plowing their huge cocks in and out of her two hairless neither holes.
Meanwhile, Susan was in heaven. Having two huge, black sports stars simultaneously fucking both of her holes was like no other fuck she had ever had. She was in a place between the ultimate pleasure of impending orgasm and the feeling of being impaled on two mammoth pokers digging in and out of her guts. She had already had several small comes, the studs could tell by the way her holes tightened upon their lust-filled prongs. Now she understood the expression. The difference between pleasure and pain is a fine line.
She was grinding her nude, tight holes against the stiff prongs as hard as she could. The guys continued to lever into the beautiful pubescent until the ends of their swollen dicks poked into the beautiful, little fucking-slut’s guts and they couldn’t get in any further. The experience of fucking one of the most luscious girls in the world made the cum boil in the guy’s swinging balls.
They changed the rhythm of fucking the girl from each stroking into her at the same time, to a syncopation, where they bounced the 100 lb. 5’10”, thirteen year-old super-model back and forth between themselves. As she felt the cock stuck up her asshole withdraw, the cock in her cunt plunged in to the hilt. As the cock in her cunt withdrew, the cock in her asshole plunged in to the hilt. They were fucking her cumming and going!
Each of the men could feel the other’s cock thrusting in and out of the adjacent channel. Knowing that this delicious, white piece-of-ass was getting pronged by another man at the very same time made the fuck that much more carnal to each of the big black studs.
Susan stopped sucking Eddie’s tongue and looked down between their bodies. The zipper on her skin-tight hot-shorts which previously ran from her waist in front, down between her legs and up her ass-cheeks, was all the way unzipped and yet clung to her thighs, asscheeks and waist accentuating her thin, supple body. In fact Susan was wearing everything she had on when she met the studs in the disco; only one zipper had been undone. Whenever any of the sex partners wanted to stroke her tit-flesh they would simply lift her short, thin midi-blouse up from her waist and squeeze the amazingly firm, rounded tits with their upthrust, pointy nipples.
Raulo reached around from behind to turn Susan’s head and pull her back to him so he could face-fuck her erotic mouth with his large tongue. Then Raulo lowered his hand to Susan’s cunt-slit where his buddy was sawing his throbbing prong in and out of the young supermodel-slut. He rubbed her clit rapidly sending her into another hard cum. Her body palpitated and sagged against Raulo as he continued to deeply french her while rubbing her clit-bud.
Then Raulo did something he could only explain by the extremely promiscuous nature of the sexual atmosphere. He had inadvertently touched his buddy’s cock while rubbing Susan’s clit, and he kind of liked the feeling. So he wrapped his hand around the part of his buddy’s cock that wouldn’t fit into the slut on his lap. Eddie didn’t seem to mind and in fact encouraged him by leaning forward and sticking his tongue into the fray of Raulo’s and Susan’s tongues. Finally, Lisa joined them, still with Raulo’s finger jammed up her rear channel, and they had a lewd four-way french mouth-fuck.
Susan hadn’t met these studs but 45 minutes ago, and now, to her pleasure, the two, huge Negroes had their cocks in both her moist holes and were playing Ping-Pong with her awesome body. Oh, it made her clit stiff when she thought about how promiscuous and slutty she was. She thought about how much she loved to fuck and felt so lucky that she could seemingly have sex with any man she wanted.
The Negroes — their names slipped her mind — had seen Lisa getting double-fucked by the two white men through the window of the limousine earlier in the evening. That must have made them very horny, to follow them to the disco where they met. Fortunately for them, Susan and Lisa loved to fuck many blacks. They provoked such an animal response in the lascivious trollops. It was probably the lure of the forbidden made their little model-slits moist and wanting something stiff in them when they got around big black studs.
Eddie looked down and could see his cock sticking into her cunt between the unzipped shorts. He could also see the strip of untanned flesh that ran over her now plugged slit, where she wore her tiny bikini bottom. And now his buddy had his hand wrapped around his dick too, helping him get ready to cum in this incredible thirteen year-old slut. He thought it added a certain hedonistic element to the sex so he decided to do the same for Raulo.
It was too much for the two men. They were synchronized in their movements when they both planted their poles one last time into the sweet morsel. Their stiff dicks swelled to their maximum size, their swinging nuts drew up tight and they squirted jet after jet into the succulent little model-whore’s stretched holes. They bellowed their pleasure over and over again as they had the cum of their lives.
“Oh fuck!” all three moaned in unison as they prepared to “dismount”. They all laughed when they realized they had all said the same thing at the same time. Finally the stud’s spent dicks were released from Susan’s tight, but stretched holes.
“That’s what it’s all about!” she giggled, her twin holes streaming out the torrents cum the Negroes had just shot up her. It flowed into puddles on the carpet of the limousine.
Yes, Susan and all her lewd and promiscuous model friends could look forward to a marvelous careers. And hey if that didn’t work out at least they could count on getting well fucked!


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