Thursday, May 16, 2013


My husband Steve and I have become close with Mike and Sara. They have been married just about as long as we have and we all feel very comfortable in our relationships. Since we've been friends for years we've kind of pushed the boundaries of the normal friendship thing. Hell, when you vacation together things happen. Before you get ahead of yourself, nothing that you are thinking about has happened but we've all seen each other in various stages of undress.
One of the things about being close with another couple is that in time we've all grown comfortable enough with each other to flirt a little. Mike might have groped me a time or two and I might have accidentally brushed my ass into his crotch but nothing too over the top.
When we get together we always have a good time. Now, I never really got the vibe from Sara that she was bi or would be open to sharing.
While I wouldn't consider myself bisexual, since I really don't have a burning desire to hop in bed with women, if things were to ever heat up between the Sara and me, it wouldn't be me stopping things. Of course the guys always drop not so subtle hints about us girls making out and that kind of stuff. So far we've always just played it off but over the past couple of months I find myself thinking about it more and more.
I've always loved her long athletic body even though she's very self-conscious about her smaller bust, not that full B cups are small. When I first met Sara she wouldn't ever consider wearing something low cut as she felt that would only draw attention to her smaller chest, but after having bought a Wonder Bra and some coaxing on my part. Sara is a new woman! I'm sure the guys have enjoyed watching Sara blossom into a more sexual creature. Don't get me wrong, this has helped fuel my sexuality also and together Sara and I have become a powerful sexual force!
Like most men, any time her husband and mine get together, all they want to talk about is us kissing or worse. Hell, I was game but wasn't sure Sara was. Still with all the teasing from the guys we never really pursued it. However, if I was to ever be with a woman or engage in some form of group sex it would be with Sara and her husband. I'm very envious of her body and I know both men love her big nipples. Sara tends to stay shaved all year while I get a little creative. A girl has to keep things fresh, right?
So even though there were a few nights where we both had too much wine and we would tease the guys by "fake kissing", we never were able to commit to actually engaging in a girl-on-girl session. During those wild nights, she hinted around that she wanted to but, when sober, she becomes all prim and proper as if having sex with me would be wrong.
A couple of nights, there have been moments that could have turned sexual. For instance, we often start off in the hot tub wearing a bikini but it doesn't take long for the guys to get our tops off. I'm not complaining; I do enjoy the attention.
There have been a few drunken times where I could swear she was hinting around at a girl-girl thing but, since she is my best friend, I didn't want to push things. I was always afraid that I was misreading her teasing and I didn't want to destroy our friendship. Sadly, we just "play kissed" and rubbed each others' boobies.
On two prior occasions, all four of us got naked but there was no sex whatsoever, that is until I was in bed with my husband and I was all over him. He never complained about it. I think he loved being used as my sex toy.
One of the things that always threw me for a loop was that, after Sara had a couple of drinks, she became quite grabby. She would always grab my ass or boobs and tell me she wished hers were like mine. On most occasions my husband would catch her and encourage her. I always enjoyed the way she touched me and Steve always enjoyed the after-effect of her teasing me.
Last weekend Sara made a comment about getting away for a "grown up" weekend. Within ten minutes all the details were worked out. Sara was ready to have a weekend without the kids, to kick back and sleep in. We all made arrangements for the kids to stay with someone else for the weekend.
We all drove together in their big ass SUV, made a couple of quick stops to pick up groceries and, of course, alcohol. Both Sara and I were wearing cute little sundresses. Around three in the afternoon on Friday, we arrived at the condo. As we pulled in, Mike and Steve said that they would run down and prep the boat for a sunset cruise or so that we could take it out tomorrow.
Sara and I popped a bottle of white wine open and started putting the groceries away. Sara disappeared for a few moments and reappeared wearing little "boy-short" bikini bottoms and a bikini top. She shot me a wicked smile, "I'm going comfy all weekend." She cupped her breasts, "and that means the girls are free this weekend."
Giggling. I mumbled, "I'm sure our guys will enjoy the view."
We both laughed.
I smiled while walking over to my room, "Thank god, I'm going to go change too."
I came back in wearing my little bikini and wrap covering my lower half. Sara came over, pulled the wrap off and said "Why do you cover up? You have a great body."
She ran her hand from my back downward and lightly across my ass, gave it a squeeze, then said, "I wish I had your boobs."
"Yeah right," I reached out and put my hands on her hips. "And I wish that I had your curves."
Before I knew it, the mood turned rather sexual. Her hands were on my boobs and, more importantly, she was teasing my nipples. This was different from our previous play as, clearly this time. she was trying to turn me on. I could see it in her eyes.
For the ten-thousand time I told her, "I wish I had your her body."
Sara smiled then pulled her bikini top to the side exposing her firm breasts, "My nipples are too big and I have a hard time concealing them. And from all my running, I think that my ass is too big." Sara turned around showing me her ass. I told her, "I love your breasts." She put it all away.
I smiled while teasing her nipples, "I would love to have your body and most women would kill for a body like yours."
She smiled, "Well Mike seems to like it".
"Yeah, and how many times has Steve tried to remove your top?"
We both laughed, knowing that our guys are pigs. We don't really mind as it feels good knowing how much your husband wants you. It's also kind of erotic watching my husband flirt with her. In a way it takes my breath away as it's so taboo. Personally, I think we all want to explore more but no one has the "balls" to make the first move out of fear of rejection or other uncomfortable ramifications. Since I presumed they would be back soon, I started to make a snack tray for when the guys returned.
As I worked on the snacks with my back to her, Sara reached under my arm and grabbed my left tit and said, "I still can't believe you want to get your nipples pierced. I love that! I mean it very erotic and all, but for the love of God that must hurt."
We talked about the proposed piercing for a few minutes and, as we spoke, she grabbed her own nipple a couple of times. I guess she didn't really grab it but rather teased it until her nipple was rock hard. Then she again pulled her bikini top to the side, "Well, I think my nipples would be perfect if I were to pierce them! But I don't have the nerve"
Watching her was having a major effect on my mood. As she played with her nipples, I was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation. Even though we didn't do anything, I was aroused. At this point I didn't care who took me to bed, Sara or my husband but I knew someone had to!
Just then our men pulled up in the car. Sara fixed the boys a margarita. The guys grilled steaks while we made some things to go with dinner.
As the night progressed, I knew it was only a matter of time until the guys would start pushing "the girls to get naked." This always seemed to happen when the four of us were together. Mike and my husband had pushed the "naked" issues for years, never getting more than a quick flash or one of us mooning them until last year when things started to heat up.
Watching everyone starting to relax put me in a good mood. This is what I needed: a weekend off with no stress or decisions to make.
It is hard to believe that a couple of years ago I was considered a conservative, almost prudish. I never considered flashing my breasts to anyone, but now it seemed like no big deal. As I thought they might, about halfway through the night Mike and Steve suggested we have a naked weekend and be naked whenever we were in the condo. Sara called them perverts and shot that idea down quickly. I said nothing about it.
Once we had settled in, there was a knock at the door. One of the guys had ordered a pizza. That was fine with me as I really didn't feel like cooking or going out. Mike paid for the pizza while Steve opened a bottle of wine. One of the nice things about having pizza for dinner is that not only is there no cooking, but cleanup is minimal.
We talked about old times, laughed, and made grand plans for our mini-vacation. We all were stressed out and wanted a weekend with out any depressing news and we all agreed the first person to turn the news on would have to deal with dire consequences.
Then my husband and hers disappeared; we both knew that they were up to something.
About ten minutes later they came out wearing nothing. We were cracking up, laughing as they tried to act like nothing was out of the norm. Even though I don't find a flaccid cock sexy, it was still funny and kind of sexy watching them walk around nude. Regardless of the state of the cock, having them nude didn't help my situation. I was horny and started to fear that they would pick up on my arousal.
Of course with the men completely nude, it was only a matter of seconds before they started to beg for us to strip. At first Sara said no way but she kept on looking at me. I wasn't sure if she was asking for permission or waiting for me to strip first.
The next move by the guys was to call us chicken and stuff. Funny how, even though we were far older, some men never leave grade school. Sara wasn't one to back down and every now and then she would cup her breasts and ask the guys if they wanted to see "the girls". I could see my husband starting to get an erection.
Since no one was leading the circus, I decided to throw caution to the wind by walking towards the hot tub. Before I was out of view, I tossed my bikini top at Mike knowing that would entice the others to follow me. This was the perfect weekend to advance or put things to bed, so to speak. We were not at our house and we were "kids free". I was ready to explore and since I was pretty comfortable with Sara, she was the perfect person to explore my bisexuality with.
It didn't take long before Mike and Steve joined me. I think both men were now beginning to sport erections although both were struggling not to get to full mast. Shame, as I do love seeing a nice hard cock.
Since the guys were nude and I was topless, I figured what the hell. With a quick flick of my wrist my bikini bottom was untied, and like any good wife I tossed it at my husband. Of course, being a lady I used my free hand and arm to keep myself covered. The night was still early and I didn't want the boys to crash and burn too soon.
While we were stripping, Sara kept reaching over and teasing my nipples right in front of the guys. At times I thought they were going to go crazy watching. Hell, I was going crazy from her teasing. She knew just how to touch my breasts and nipples and that made her a bitch for turning me on.
Sara again copped a feel in the hot tub while the guys watched. Steve looked like a kid in a candy store and I swear his eyes were about to pop out of his head. Speaking of his head, I'm sure the other one was rock hard by now although the bubbles were able to conceal the truth.
Finally I couldn't take any more, "If you touch me one more time, Sara, you better be ready to do me."
The guys got all quiet and I'm sure that they were praying that something was about to happen between us. Steve was pretty obvious about what he wanted since he kept on pressing himself into me. To be honest I wanted the same thing; I wanted sex, pure hot and raw sex. Don't touch me, just freaking do me! I need to cum, now! Don't stop till I cum. My mind was set and I had to finally have her.
Now, I was hoping something would finally happen!
The only concern would be the "day after effect". Would the guys be jealous? Would our friendship be harmed if we did a little "munchie-munchie"? I was sure the guys would love seeing us together and there were no worries about their feelings.
Then as quickly as it started, Sara said she was tired and ready for bed. I think she might have been a little embarrassed. Sara was the first to get up and leave the hot tub with her husband right behind her. I have to say that Mike had a very nice erection which made me feel pretty sexy knowing that he was just as hard as my husband. I wondered if he became hard while thinking about me.
They left and we sat there in the hot tub for a couple more minutes. "Sitting" really didn't describe what we were doing and would be the incorrect word choice as Steve was kissing me passionately. I was worried about Sara as her leaving was rather abrupt but Steve didn't give me any time to think about her as he was all over me.
I told him that I would be more comfortable in our room. So we dried off and headed to our room. Steve walked with confidence as he knew that I was about to rock his world. He also walked trying to show off his erection; as if I had forgotten that it was there.
"No baby, do me doggie style." I knew that Steve loved doing me doggie style and I really wanted to get off. Once on my hands and knees, I started teasing my clit. Oh, I was so wet.
My mind started to drift, would this be the weekend that things get sexual between all of us? Would Sara and I put on a show for the guys?
The bed moved as Steve lined himself up behind me. His cock touched my thighs but that didn't distract me from reaching my goal. I had to get off; I just had to cum! He found his target, then started to feed his cock into my awakening body. Now, I had something to wrap myself around. I didn't care about Steve's needs; all I cared about was my own orgasm.
Then, as Steve worked up a rhythm, part of me again wondered about Sara and what she was doing. While Steve moved his cock in and out of me, all I could think about was whether Sara was doing the same thing? Maybe she was also taking it doggie style? This was the first time in my life that I wondered if my friend was having sex. Yeah we all do it, but was she doing it right now? Was she on top or did she prefer to have Mike on top? Does she like going down on Mike? Does she let him cum in her mouth?
I wonder if she swallows. What guy doesn't love that? She can be pretty sexual and I get she loves it when Mike goes down on her; what woman doesn't love that?
Thinking about them, I got lost in my own world 'til my orgasm took control over my body. My pussy clamped down like a vice onto Mike's cock; oh, I mean Steve's cock. Maybe I could have both of them. My toes curled, thinking about both guys doing me; my being the center of attention with both of them making love to me over and over again.
Hearing Steve grunt and groan made me aware that he was cumming also. Until then, in a way I had totally forgotten about him. Sure I could feel him and knew that he was there but thinking about Sara and what she was doing was what really got me off. I mean more than the typical orgasm, this one was head tingling and toe curling. All during my release, I was screaming into my pillow. I'm typically not a screamer due to being a little too self-conscious most of the time.
Still on my hands and knees, I could feel Steve starting to run down my thighs. There was no way that I wanted to sleep in this mess, so off I went to the restroom. While cleaning myself, I couldn't help wondering if Steve was thinking the same thing that I was? What about Sara? I wondered if she was thinking about me, or if she got any for that matter...
Time will tell.later on...
The next morning I was a little slow in getting up. I didn't really sleep in but I wasn't sure what to expect so I just snuggled for a bit. I wondered how Sara would react after last night. I also wondered if Sara and Mike had heard me screaming while Steve enjoyed me from behind. There was nothing I could do about that even if they had. I realized I only had two options: First was staying in bed all day which really wasn't an option; second was to get off my ass and get going without being too concerned about Sara or what she and Mike had or hadn't heard. I elected option two.
What I found funny was that last night was the first time I really let go. Each of us had slept over at each other's house before and Steve and I had even had sex in their house but I had never been so vocal, before. I'm not sure why but last night something had gotten into me, I mean other than my husband. I wanted everyone to know that I was getting some and having a great time doing it. Today I was feeling a little embarrassed about my performance.
I went to the kitchen to find Sara standing by the coffee maker. She poured a cup of coffee but I wasn't sure if that was for me or not and so I waited for her to let me know.
She handed me the cup, "Here, you might need this. I know that I did after last night."
I smiled, "Thank you." The way that she spoke really didn't tell me how she was feeling or what she really meant. Was she talking about our playing in the hot tub or did she hear me with Steve last night?
"So, are you ready to spend the day on the water?"
Smiling, I looked for the guys, "You bet!"
Sara also smiled, "Great, I have a surprise for you."
"Oh you shouldn't have."
She winked, "Well maybe."
Now I had to know what she had for me, "What is it?"
"You have to wait."
"But I don't want to wait."
She turned me around and slapped my ass. Course Steve and Mike walked in just as she slapped my ass.
Steve cleared his throat, "Excuse me, should we leave you two alone?"
Mike put his hand on Steve's shoulder, "Or get the camera?"
I put my hands on my hips, then gave the boys a scolding look, "Oh, boys."
Steve came up to me and kissed my cheek, "So what would you girls like for lunch? We can make some sandwiches to eat on the boat or, if you like, we could stop by one of the restaurants?"
Next thing I knew Sara was frying up bacon and eggs. It was a good thing she did as I wasn't ready to start cooking. I tried to help out as much as possible; the guys set the table. This could work out. It would be nice to have this much help around the house. Oh well, that is for another story.
We all sat down to enjoy Sara's cooking. The guys told us their game plan. The best part of their planning was neither Sara nor I had to think, plan or do anything taxing. It was still very early after last evening.
The guys insisted that we bring the Jet Ski with us. Maybe it was my being in a lazy mood but I really didn't want to have to worry about the Jet Ski. Oh well, I knew that once I got on the ski all would be great it was just getting to that point that seemed overwhelming at the moment. The guys would tie the Jet Ski to the boat and take us out onto the water. Then, when they found their favorite cove, we would anchor and take turns riding the Jet Ski.
After breakfast, we all helped by packing food and drink for the day's adventure. The guys went to take some things down to the boat.
When the guys left. Sara went to her bedroom then came back with that look in her eye, telling me that she was up to some naughty fun. It was a nice look to see on her. My mind drifted back to last night with the image of her taking it doggie style. She grabbed my hand and told me that she had a surprise that wasn't just for me. That got my mind thinking! What was she up to?
She had something behind her back but I couldn't be sure what it was, "What the hell is that?" I finally asked
Only in the way Sara could, she gave me that "hello, dumb ass" look. "It's a bikini," she replied, quite innocently.
I held it up, "This is a bikini? Where is the rest of it?"
"Yeah, I got it from 'Wicked Weasel' just for you to wear for this weekend."
I give her my best sarcastic look, "Oh, my god, girl, I can't wear that! Hell, where is the rest of the bikini?
"Silly, it's a thong."
"No, its closer to dental floss!"
Sara reached over to touch my arm, "Oh, come on. Don't be that way."
"Are you wearing one?"
"Hell yes!" She lifted hers up. "I got us a couple of bikinis for this weekend and maybe a couple of other things, too."
"Sara, you do know the bikini is white, right?" Then it resonated what she had just said, "What do you mean by other things?
"Ah," she winked at me. "Of course silly, by what ever do you mean?" Other than that terse reply, Sara played coy with me, totally ignoring what I had just asked her.
"You are bad!"
"But fun!" she answered as she slapped my shoulder playfully.
Sara grabbed me and dragged me to her room, "Come on. Let's go change. I also got us come cover ups."
I have to say that this was a side of Sara that I had never seen before. We had seen each other in various stages of undress on many occasions but this was something different. Gone, was the little girl and in her place was this confident woman.
She had a very confident look in her eye and the way she walked around her bedroom told me that something was different. This wasn't my shy little friend. I asked, "Okay, where is my friend, Sara?"
She looked up at me with a confused look and answered, "I'm right here."
"No, really, where is she? The Sara I know would never wear a thong out in public. Hell, I don't even think Sara owns a thong."
"Oh, just relax." Sara took a deep breath. "It's just that, well I'm not getting any younger." Sara started to pace. "I want to have some fun before I'm too old. I'm not ready to settle down in a rocking chair. I want to give the young ones a run for their money!"
It was easy to see the internal struggle in the frown on Sara's face. While she appeared confident on the outside, I now understood my friend was clearly upset about getting older and worried that she would no longer be attractive. I walked over to her and gave her warm hug, I tried to calm her by saying, "Its okay honey, I understand."
"I've seen those girls' gone wild television commercials and sometimes I want to be one of those girls,"
continued Sara.
Trying to be the voice of mature reason, I responded, "Oh honey, you can have as much fun as they do without being so stupid. That guy is exploiting them and, like you said, they are just girls."
"What do you mean?"
I didn't want to deflate Sara as she needed a pick-me-up. "Well, they give it away for a tee shirt. We are women, smart, beautiful and sexy."
"You think I'm sexy?" Sara looked up at me.
"Yeah," I leaned forward and kissed her. "You are very sexy."
I felt Sara's lips open and I went with it. She needed comfort and to feel sexy. Hell, we all need that from time to time. Our tongues started to slowly dance together, her kiss being so soft and tender. For years I had wanted to do this but never had the indication that she wanted the same.
I wasn't sure where the kiss would lead or how far Sara wanted to take this, so I wasn't as aggressive as I wanted to be. Part of me wanted to pin her back on her bed and just "eat her for lunch" but I feared that might freak her out.
After a couple of minutes, Sara pulled away. "Thank you. I needed that." Sara stood up. "We better get ready before our guys leave with out us."
"Okay, Babe, where is my non-existent bikini?"
Sara gave me a hug then teased my nipples, "Here you go?"
"Bitch," I said as I playfully slapped her hand away from my chest.
Sara looked worried. "Honey, you can't tell the guys anything about our conversation and please don't tell them about the kiss, either."
"Don't worry, it's our little secret."
"I think I want us to be lovers and know that the guys dream about watching us make out, but I need to take this slowly. Okay?"
We hugged.
We quickly changed into the micro- bikinis while checking each other out. I wasn't sure that Sara would have admitted to ogling me though and I was left wondering where this was going. Sara had decided to have a little fun with our husbands and decided to let it all hang out, literally. Well, she would soon realize I was game and why not? Who the hell would see us but our own lovers?
Wearing basically next to nothing, I started to feel kind of naughty, no, aroused was a better description. The cover-up kept me well covered, kind of like a Christmas gift, but I was betting the boys would want to burrow under the wrapping to figure out what the gifts were.
We went out to join the guys who, of course, were totally clueless about what we were wearing. Oh, would they be in for a shock! I wondered if they would be excited or get upset with us for dressing in such a slutty way.
I decided I didn't care and that their reaction, if negative, wasn't my problem.
We walked down to the boat and the guys helped us get into the vessel. They were acting like cool, bad-ass boat captains but I didn't mind as there was nothing for me to think, do, or worry about. If they wanted to be in control of the piloting, it was fine with me. I just sat back and enjoyed the warm sun on my bare skin.
Once we got to the cove and anchored, Sara wanted to go for a ride on the Jet Ski and invited me along. I watched the guys secure the boat as Sara pulled the Jet Ski closer.
It was time for the show! Sara and I were more than ready. I quickly removed my cover-up and tossed it at Steve to get his attention. He just about flipped when he saw what I was wearing. Steve appeared speechless as he took in my scantily covered body. I felt kind of sad leaving Steve as he was completely in shock. I had never worn such a revealing bikini before and clearly Steve was impressed. I continued to enjoy his reaction as he watched Sara toss her cover-up into the boat as she jumped over to the Jet Ski. Since she wanted to drive, I got behind her. We cruised around for a while, riding the wakes from other boats.
Shortly, we came upon a boat full of younger guys and passed them by without incident other then their screaming "Show us your tits."
Yeah, like that never gets old! We ignored them and motored on. We laughed and asked each other why guys seem to think just by shouting, "Show us your tits" that we, all of a sudden, will get inspired to whip off our tops and show our breasts to the world?
After some time we turned around and headed back toward our men.
Sara yielded the driver's seat while she sat behind me. As we approached the boat of young guys again, Sara pulled my top up, exposing my boobs, then reached around and held onto them. The guys waved and yelled their approval as I sped by them, laughing and telling Sara to put my boobs away. She held them for a little bit, laughing at her prank, but finally put them away.
We made it back to the boat where our husbands were floating around listening to a ball game. Steve and I took a ride on the Jet Ski. We saw the boys Sara had exposed me to on their boat and they waved us over by yelling at us. My husband steered us closer to their boat. The boys were drinking and swimming. They told us they were having a huge party that night and where they were located. They invited us to their cottage later to have a beer. We tied up to their boat, sat and talked for a short period of time. I think Steve loved showing me off to the guys as I was way hotter then the girls in the boat. After a couple of minutes, Steve informed the guys that we needed to head back to our friends and off we went back to the boat where Mike and Sara were waiting. I was happy to leave as I wasn't that comfortable being around the guys in a thong that exposed so much skin.
When we arrived back at our boat, we realized Sara and Mike were skinny-dipping. Someone had tossed in a couple of lines and used floats to keep the lines from sinking. Steve tied the ski up to the boat and we jumped in to join Sara and Mike. Sara egged us on to strip and it seemed the perfect time to tease everyone. Slowly, I did a little striptease but, to me, it didn't last long enough. I was in the mood for dragging out the show but, hell, that little bikini of Sara's left no room for imagination. How long could I delay being nude when all I was wearing were little peaces of dental floss?
Everyone was swimming around naked, having a good time. Twice Mike swam up behind me and copped a feel on my tits and once he briefly touched my pussy. T o his surprise, I grabbed his cock under the water and said, "Hey, turnabout is fair play. "
I yelled to Sara that I was holding Mike's cock and she laughed and made a joke about it. Sara reached over and grabbed my husband's cock and yelled back. Mike's cock felt different than my husband's. Then it dawned on me that it had been a very long time since I had felt another man's cock. It seemed a bit odd that no one seemed to mind that I was holding Mike while Sara was holding my husband.
Suddenly, I felt Mike's cock come to life. Thank goodness we were in the water as I didn't want anyone to know how wet his growing erection made me. Since I was a young girl, I've always become very wet when feeling a cock becoming hard. I knew it was almost a Pavlovian type reaction. I do love that feeling of holding a man while his cock comes to full life. I'm not sure how to describe it but there is something very erotic and powerful feeling a cock reaching its full potential in my hand. Somehow I fought off the urge to jump on Mike's cock even though I didn't think the others would have minded.
Glancing over at Sara, I could tell that my husband was also growing hard. She had that look on her face that she was being naughty. The other thing the look on her face told me was that she was having fun and wasn't jealous about my interaction with Mike. Somewhat surprisingly, Steve didn't seem jealous of Mike and Mike wasn't jealous of Steve, either. I realized we girls were holding on to men who were mature enough to enjoy our pleasure!
I started to wonder if Steve was handling Sara the way that Mike was touching me. I wouldn't have minded except for the fact that I couldn't see their hands. How funny was that? My husband was playing with my best friend and the only thing that bothered me was that I wasn't able to watch them.
Maybe this is our appetizer but I didn't want to push too much since Sara had told me she was on shaky ground as it was. This way, she could fool around a little with my husband and let things happen, if at all, at her pace. I didn't mind sharing my husband with her and her husband seemed to be enjoying himself. Hopefully Sara and I could do some exploring of our own.
After an hour or so of teasing and toying, we decided to head back before the guys drank too much beer. Night was coming and I didn't want to sleep on the boat. In fact, I wanted to get some food in our bellies, take mental inventory, and hopefully play some more grown up games.
Okay, I will admit it, I wanted sex! I was more than ready to get some and, for the first time in my life, could almost understand what guys meant when they described "blue balls". My body was craving some attention. It was a good thing we stopped fooling around when we did because, if we had had a couple more minutes, I might have done something we all would have regretted. We all needed to agree if we were going to share our spouses instead of my acting selfish.
We all put our suits back on before getting into the boat. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone around to see all that flesh. Then again, who would have known we were fooling around with someone other than our own spouse?
Nothing more happened on that excursion. Sara did come up behind me, grabbed my boobs once, again told me she loved them and wished she had ones like mine but that really didn't amount to much at all.
We started heading back, never having even eaten lunch. Truthfully, I never even thought about lunch that trip. I guess the old saw is true that there is a sandwich in every beer.
Once back at the dock, the guys secured the boat while Sara and I gathered all our stuff. Off we went back to the condo.


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