Thursday, May 16, 2013


Leticia had found the firm right out of law school.
The  firm's strategy was simple. Focus on governments where corruption is most  rampant and the most dollars are at stake. Hire smart, capable and super hot women who were prepared to whore themselves out for money and power.
At  the top of the game the money was huge, the power was huge and the demands were  huge. So they had to be women who liked the work too. Who could reconcile their  abilities with their whorish desires.
Leticia had been identified at the  age of sixteen. The firm had waited patiently, as they do for all of their  prospects.....and provided a nudge if possible and required.
None was  required for her. She excelled in all fields academic, athletic and womanly. By  the time she was seventeen she was a modestly petite, curvy 36D Latina who could  make grown men bend to her will with a smile on their face. And by the time she  was seventeen it was clear she wanted them around and knew how to get what she  wanted....a cock tease gets a ride in a Ferrari......a mouth whore, three-way  girl got a Ferrari, if she knew her craft.
After extensive interviews and  with her stellar academic credentials, the slut test was all that remained. She  was invited to the senior partner's office. She was just like all of the  partners she could see - hot, overtly sexy and scary smart  When she got  there, the partner was still meeting with the assistant to the ambassador of  Congo. Predictably, the senior partner had to excuse herself briefly -- Leticia  was pretty fucking smart herself so she had some thoughts on where this was  going. She had a good feeling she was a shoe-in and was feeling like a member of  the firm.
As a dozen or so senior partners from the next room watched  through one-way glass, she almost immediately struck up a conversation with the  big black man in ceremonial robes. On script he worked his way up to ask if she  was the girl the senior partner had promised him...."you know the girl to do the  things my wife won't do. You are far more beautiful than I had dared  hope"
She replied "what is the purpose of your visit today with the  partner."
"We are selecting a law firm to represent us."
"If I am  your girl, will this firm get the business."
"I must  know for certain if you want to stuff your cock between these big luscious tits.  That is what you want, no?" She stood and peeled off her jacket to reveal a  tight white blouse and no bra containing a spectacular set of slightly coffee  coloured fuck muffins.
"Perhaps you are uncertain" as she unlatched and  unzipped her short skirt and let it fall to the ground.
Having removed  her panties before the interview she stood before him with nothing but 4"  strapped heels and a thin white button down shirt ending at her waist.
She opened her shirt top two more buttons, so that the shirt had  only two lower buttons left and was barely holding her spectacular deep  cleavage.
"OK Mr. Ambassador (they both knew he was an assistant and  neither minded)......I will count to three" as she moved closer and moved her  hands from her shirt to her hips, she thrusts her neatly trimmed pussy towards  his face.
"At the end of that count, if you give me an unequivocal  commitment to hire the firm I will get on my knees and suck on your cock until  it is hard and ready to bend me over this chair and fuck me in whatever hole you  want..... if not I'll get dressed."
"Well, I think I  can...."
"Good bye." As she bent to pick-up her skirt.
"No, no you  have it....anything you want."
"You hesitated.....that will cost you."  She unbuttoned her blouse, turned her ass to him and bent slightly at the waist  at looked back over her shoulder. "Lick clean my pussy and ass and we shall  start again."
This time he obliged. Falling over himself to bury his face  in nirvana, he almost tripped.
She dictated her terms.
"You shall  pay an hourly rate set by the senior partners. You shall give us all your  business, once per week you may have your way with me, you will lick my ass and  pussy from behind just like this whenever I ask."
He agreed of course in  between licks as he reveled in how luscious ass could taste when part of this  goddess.
Then just like that she changed her demeanour. She straightened  up turned to face him then squatted down. She looked up as she pulled open his  robe to reveal a 12" coke can fat cock.
"Mr. Ambassador, now that I am at  your service would it please you if I sucked your beautiful fat cock. And if I  do a good job will you please throw me up onto that desk and fuck me with that  monster cock."
She licked his big black balls while she stroked his huge  cock even larger.Then she nibbled on the head of his cock while cradling his  balls. Without her hands on his cock she slowly took it into her mouth. Even  with her throat as open as possible she couldn't quite get it all in.
"I  am sorry Mr. Ambassador I can't swallow your entire cock. I will work harder."
"No need bitch."
He threw her up onto the table and eased  his fat cock into her perfect wet snatch. As he felt nirvana wrap herself around  his fuck starved cock he knew that he was powerless to resist her.
As he  felt his cum heavy balls slap against her perfect tanned ass he looked at her  and said "you will be my bitch then?" almost unbelieving.
"Once a week  for three hours if you give the firm all your work and pay your bills on  time."
They both knew he was ready to cum. She slipped off the table and  swallowed his cock as she slid to her knees. She licked and stroked him,  squeezing hard briefly to keep him from cumming. Then as the pressure built up  inside him she released her grip and bobbed her beautiful lips up and down on  his fat cock while he blew his load of cum from months of frustration down the  cum hungry throat of this angel.
This treatment once a week rather than  frustration with his ugly wife? Oh this was in the budget for sure.
Oh  yeah....Leticia got the job.


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