Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My name is Katie and I have many stories to tell about my husband's fantasies. I am 24 years old and weight about 125lb My husband has always
said that I had a "walking wet dream" of a body. He had told me that for years, when we were dating and I was just 15 years old. When I walked into a room, wearing one of my short skirts, every guy in the place would get instantly hard. I just laughed and never really thought about it much.

After we were married a few months, when we made love my husband would ask me if I wondered what it would be like to have a strange man fuck me. I told him I didn't know and would probably never find out because I loved him and never wanted to cheat on him.

But my husband would keep talking about watching me with another studdly guy, (one with a giant cock) as we made love. He kept telling me that I should wear short skirts, all the time and thathe loved watching other men
oggeling my body. I did wear them most of the time anyway, so I was happy to comply with his wish.

One night, when we went out to dinner, I laughed at my husband and said that I hadn't realized how high the slit was in the skirt that I had on. It was new and I hadn't worn it before. It was split up the front and very tight so
left very little to the imagination.

There was this guy sitting across the room with his date and he kept staring at me. My husband noticed the guy looking at me and he told me to cross and uncross my legs a lot to let the guy get his jollies off watching.

I figured what the heck, why not, it wasn't hurting anything, so I did this for my husband for a little while. I even kind of enjoyed showing off to the kid because he seemed so excited by what I was doing. He was so into my little show that he was ignoring his date.

As we left, I smiled and winked at the guy and he smiled nervously back at me. His date didn't look too happy about things though.

When we got home my husband climbed on me as soon as we were in the door and gave me a really good fucking. He seemed bigger and harder than ever before and he was like a wild animal taking down its prey.

I asked him why he was acting like such a sex crazed animal and he responded that it was because of the teasing I had done at the club that night. It really turned him on to see me cause another guy to get a hard-on
(especially a young stud).

The more we talked about it, the more I started liking the idea. I mean what the heck, if he liked it so much and wanted me to cheat on him so bad, then why not?

The next Saturday night, my husband suggested we go to a local basketball game and he wanted me to wear a short skirt to show off my legs to the guys that would obviously be there.

I put on a skirt that came over half way down my thigh. I told my husband I wouldn't wear a mini, because it would be too obvious and I might get arrested for indecent exposure. But with this skirt I could hike it up a little if I wanted to show off. He agreed and we had a pretty good time.

And sure enough, as we left the game I could see a few hard-ons in the crowd of guys.

As we were getting in our car. Kevin, our 18 year old next door neighbor, yelled from the crowd and asked if we could give him and a friend, a ride home.

Before I could say a word, my husband yelled, "Sure, hop in." I couldn't help but notice they were checking my legs out. Strangely, I liked the attention and I'm positive my pervert husband did too because he put his hand on my skirt and slid it up to just below my panties so the guys could see him doing it. I was getting really wet knowing that they could see what
my husband was doing.

We let the first guy off at his house on the way, and as we did I made sure that he got a great view of my panties with the dome light on. I even thought I heard him sigh quietly.

Then as we drove into our driveway, my skirt had 'accidentally' ridden really high up my thighs. My husband pulled into the garage and jumped out and yelled that he had to piss really bad ran into the house.

Kevin came round the car and opened the door for me. As he did, I got out and on purpose brushed hand against his hard-on. It felt huge and he looked like he would jump right out of his skin. He just stood there and sort of pushed it against my hand. 

I stood there in the dim garage listing to the heat ticking off the car engine and stroked his dick through his jeans. Then I smiled at him and asked, "Boy you are hard, I wonder why?"

He didn't say a word, but to my utter surprise he slid both his hands down to my skirt's hemline and pulled it up and said, "Your legs have always turned me on," he went on to tell me boldly that I always make him hard and
that he has jacked off so many times thinking about fucking me that he had lost count.

Well, you can imagine my surprise. But taking it all in, I just smiled and kissed him and told him that my husband liked to watch me with other men and that if he wanted to stay and didn't mind that my husband was watching that
we might have some fun.

Kevin swallowed and nodded his head. I could tell that he was nervous, so I took the initiative and whispered, in his ear, "Then come on stud, lets get into my bed and show my husband how a real man fucks."

To my surprise he bent down and picked me up and carried me through the house to my bedroom. My husband stood in the doorway of the master bathroom and watched as Kevin laid me down and climbed on top of me.

At first I couldn't believe this was happening, but when Kevin shoved his hot hard horse cock up inside my dripping cunt and started pounding away I knew it was all real.

I looked over at my husband as Kevin plowed in and out of me. At first I was worried that he'd be mad, but he was still standing in the doorway but now his pants were down around his ankles and his was pumping his boner like mad watching this guy fuck his wife.

Kevin was a great fuck. To my surprise he lasted for almost 10 minutes before he blew his first load into me. Then to my delight he did it three
more times before I couldn't take it any more and begged him to let me rest.

Now a days Kevin and a few of his friends come over to be teased and then fucked by me, even when my husband isn't there watching us.

God, I'm glad my husband likes me to do this kind of thing.



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