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I know many of you are searching for that one story to help you through a lonely evening or an especially slow time in the office. While I hope I've done a good job to create a story, and some eroticism at the same time, would you mind taking just a few seconds to vote when you're finished reading? Voting helps me decide if I should post more chapters, or not. I appreciate comments, too, and I reply to all emails.This chapter sets the stage for the whole story series. For some, it may seem slow at first, but, to understand the following chapters, I highly suggest you read this one all the way through.My 19 year old daughter is an exhibitionist. Now, before you start to think I'm a bad parent for seeming to be proud of this, there are some things you need to know. Let me start there.Three years after my wife and I were married, she went to see a doctor to find out why she couldn't get pregnant. All her tests were fine so I was sent to have tests done, too. My test results came back with the answer. Apparently, I was what they called "Sperm Zero" or, functionally sterile being in the zero percent viable sperm category. Even though I could ejaculate normally, the sperm count was virtually non-existent. They put me on some medication, but, it only got me to the 2% range, and that wasn't near enough to conceive. We were told that without intervention, we would not have children.My wife was crushed while I felt guilty and inadequate as a man. We finally told our families. My family understood, but, I overheard her mother refer to me as being 'defective'. The hurt deepened and she and I started to grow apart.About six months later, a teenage girl living in our apartment complex became pregnant. Seeing her in the laundry room, my wife asked her if she was going to keep the baby. As a result of their conversation, we offered to fund a private adoption and take the baby after birth. We also offered an additional sum of money to get her started at the local junior college, and to our surprise she agreed to everything. She didn't want to keep the baby and didn't want to have an abortion, either. Our attorney suggested that we move out of the apartment into another apartment complex as soon as we could. Then arrange to move out of the area, preferably out of state actually, after the baby arrived as well as severe any ties we had to the girl or mutual friends. We took all the advice and once the baby was delivered we quickly moved to Sacramento, California where I took a civil service job. Crissy (short for Christina), was a beautiful child and perfect for us. We had never been happier and Crissy's presence in our life made all the hurt and past problems go away.When Crissy was turning 1, we took her to the doctor for her checkup and shots. During the checkup, we noticed that the doctor kept looking in Crissy's ears and making noises. In some cases, Crissy didn't respond to the noises. The doctor sent us to a Pediatric EENT, who, after a series of examinations, told us that Crissy had a significant hearing loss. Further tests showed that Crissy had some nerve damage and it was generally considered that this type of problem was not repairable. We were sent to a specialist, a surgeon, who told us this type of defect couldn't be fixed by surgery, either, and out best option would be to return to the EENT and follow his instructions.So, Crissy was fitted with infant hearing aids and we took some classes to help us understand what she could and couldn't hear. They suggested we start sign language and lip reading classes. I began them immediately. I also read everything I could find on deafness. I learned a lot, too. Deafness affects not only hearing, but the ability to speak. It has social and personality implications, too – many of them carrying the potential of long term emotional harm.My wife, on the other hand, was determined to help Crissy by ignoring the problem and eventually not even acknowledging that there was a problem. It became a huge barrier between us since I refused to sit back and not do everything possible to help Crissy out.Two years later, my wife divorced me and the court gave physical custody of Crissy to her. I was able to see Crissy on a regular basis, though. In fact, my wife was all too happy for me to come pick her up and keep her over the weekend. As Crissy grew up and we tried to 'mainstream' her into public schools, things got tougher. Crissy didn't pay attention and wasn't social with other kids. Her grades were poor and she was almost held back every year. They made fun of her hearing aids and called her "Robot Girl." At home, the relationship between Crissy and her mother was tense most of the time. A lot of yelling and ignoring each other. But, when Crissy came to see me, she was a different person. She was a lovable, kind, and respectful child. She was a perfect angel. We played sign language games, played lip reading games and grew closer with each visit. On the other hand, the relationship between my ex-wife and Crissy was getting worse each day. By the time Crissy was a teenager, she refused to wear her hearing aids at home so she could ignore her mother. She was rebellious and in constant trouble. Still, when she came to my house, she was always an angel. I did well in my job. Hell, that's all I had in my life except Crissy. One year I got an unusually large, rather embarrassing bonus. I immediately took Crissy to a hearing specialist in Philadelphia where she got fitted for some new hi-tech inner ear devices that worked wonders for Crissy. You should have seen her eyes light up when they put them in. She jumped up, stomped her feet, clapped her hands and ran to me and jumped into my arms. It was the happiest day in my life. The doctor and I sat back and smiled as she made little noises with the things in the doctor's office – banging them together, moving a chair, it was amazing to see her react to sound.We could now easily talk back and forth at a normal volume. Unfortunately, Crissy's voice hadn't developed well because she spent years unable to hear herself clearly, but, I could understand her just fine and we took to seeing movies, reading to each other and growing close. Soon, her speaking was much better and I could see her whole personality change. I even took her to a BSB concert where she got to experience live music for the first time.Crissy never had a circle of friends because most kids avoided her. She wasn't like them. She didn't talk like them and she didn't hear like them. All the way through high school, she never had a real date or was asked to a dance or a prom. She told me once that she didn't care about all of that, but, I didn't believe her. Her mother told me she heard her cry sometimes at night and it broke my heart. To make things worse, her mother was not offering her any sympathy and told her she needed to 'toughen up'. I was happy when she finally told me there was a boy that was showing some interest in her. It was her senior year. Her grades had picked up and she was maturing into a beautiful young lady. Her skin was perfectly clear and her hair was luxurious, thick and long. She started to dress more femininely and if you wouldn't have known she was almost deaf, you would have thought she was one of the most popular girls in school.After her high school graduation, she finally went out with Chad. He seemed like a good kid. When I met him, I asked him to be conscious and considerate of Crissy's condition. I was happy when he told me that he would. She came to see me one weekend and told me that things were starting to get serious with Chad and when I asked how serious, she told me not to worry saying "Daddy, I'm still a virgin."Although I wasn't trying to find that out, it was a relief to hear and I was happy she felt comfortable enough to tell me that. I tried to have a quick talk with her about STD's and being safe and using 'protection', but, she surprised me by saying that she knew everything about everything had been on birth control for two years already at the recommendation of her doctor. Apparently, birth control pills can help ease the pain and discomfort of severe menstrual cramping. I never knew that, but I definitely question the wisdom of giving sexually curious young girls birth control pills!The weekend before her 19th birthday, she was at my house and we were talking about Chad. "Daddy, I really like him," she said, "I really really like him."She confided in me that he was taking her someplace special for her birthday and hoped they would be able to find a place where they could be 'alone'. Crissy told me she was ready to be 'romantic' with Chad, and I could see a little sparkle in her eye. I knew she wasn't in 'real love' with Chad, but maybe this was a puppy-love kind of thing - part of growing up, and she was finally able to experience a male-female relationship. In as much as I wasn't thrilled to think about my daughter in the back seat of a car with her legs up while Chad pumped my little girl, I was happy that there was some romantic action in her life. She needed it and I had to just let things run it's course.She left to go home from my house around noon on Sunday, much earlier that she usually does. Normally, she would have dinner with me and then head back to her Mom's house around 9:00 PM. But, upon arriving home, she saw Chad's car in the driveway. What she found inside broke her into pieces and destroyed the relationship between her and her mother forever.She found them in her mother's room. She stood in the doorway, unseen, just long enough to figure out what was going on. Her mother was giving Chad a wild ride, doing the horizontal bop while young Chad was wildly pumping his dick in and out of her. She heard her mother say "She won't fuck you this good, Chad, she'll never fuck you like I do. Plus, she doesn't have any tits, she's as flat as a board and I know how much you like to titty fuck me. She won't suck you like I do, either, you know that.""Uh-huh, I know," he said, "She's a pathetic excuse for a female, but if I stop seeing her, I won't have any reason to be over here so much. I'll tell her soon, I promise I will."Crissy, arrived back at my house before 1:00 PM. Her face was red and she was sobbing harder than I had ever seen her cry. Her nose was running and she was screaming and cussing in a way I had never seen before. "Kissy, (my nickname for her) what the hell is going on?" I asked.In between sobs and screaming, she told me that she got home to find her mom and Chad in bed. "He was fucking her," she said, "and they were talking about me while they were doing it." She screamed and cussed so hard, I couldn't believe she was capable of this kind of anger. She threw her purse against the wall and kicked a chair so violently it made a hole in the wall. She was screaming at me telling me what she saw and heard."I can't believe it, I can't fucking believe it," she yelled. Still sobbing, "She told him I would never fuck him as good as she did and that I was flat as a board and didn't have any tits and that I wouldn't suck him."I went to hold her but she pushed me away screaming "Then that asshole says he was going to break up with me soon and that I was a pathetic excuse for a female.""How fucking long have they been doing this?" She yelled. She collapsed on the couch in my living room, sobbing and crying and swinging her fists back and forth. I went to her and tried to hug her but she was in such a state of rage that I didn't dare interrupt.I stood next to the couch and waited for a minute. I was about to say something when she looked at me, ran into my arms and cried "Daddy, what am I going to do? I'm not ever going back there again and I don't ever want to see that fucking bitch for as long as I live. She's not even my real mom – she's nothing to me – nothing!" I stood there and held her next to me and let her cry for a long time. She almost drenched my shirt with her tears she cried so much. "Kissy, you can stay here," I told her, "In fact, you can live here as long as you want to. You can move into the extra room, go to college and everything will be okay, I promise it will.""That fucking bitch," she yelled, "I hate her. I hate her." She started crying hard and I could see her anger was mounting again. "I can't believe she said those things about me.""Kissy, is there anything there you need?" I asked, but there was no answer from her – she was just shaking and sobbing. "Kissy, listen to me, is there anything there you need? I'll go get it right now. You can stay here and I'll go get anything you want and we can get through this. But, it's not going to get any better by yelling and screaming. You saw what you saw. You can't change that. All we can do it get through it."Her anger subsided a little and she looked up to me. "Fucking men! I hate them all." She said. I just looked at her still not believing my darling angel could talk like this. "Oh, Daddy," she started sobbing again, "not you, I didn't mean you.""I know, Honey. Trust me, most are assholes, that's for sure." I replied.That made Crissy laugh a little, but, she was still crying as I hugged her. "My CDs and my backpack. Makeup. Some stuff under the sink in the bathroom – the girl stuff there and my computer. Everything on my desk, and my jewelry box. That's all I want. She can keep everything else. I don't want anything she ever bought for me. She's a fucking bitch and I don't ever want to owe her anything!" she cried. "Kissy, I'll go get it all for you. You stay here and don't answer the phone," I told her, "come on, why don't you go lay down for a while until I get back?"I took her by the hand and walked her back to my bedroom and sat her on the bed. She laid down and I handed her a box of tissues, then kissed her, grabbed my keys and left the house.I stopped at the grocery store by my house and they gave me some boxes I could put Crissy's things in. Leaving the grocery store, I called my ex from my cell phone. She didn't pick up, probably still in bed – fucking with Chad, so I left a message."Hi, it's Bob. I'm on the way over. I'll be there in 10 minutes. I'll knock on the door one time and wait 1 minute for you to answer before I kick the door in." Then I hung up.As I pulled onto her street, I passed Chad's car, which was at the stop sign waiting to turn. He pretended not to see me, but, I flipped him off anyway just for good measure - the little asshole. I pulled into the drive and shut off my car. Grabbing a few of the empty boxes, I walked up to the door and knocked. I didn't have to wait more than 10 seconds before she opened the door. "What the hell's your problem?" She asked.I pushed my way through the door, almost knocking her over. "Hey," she yelled, "get out of my house!"I started to walk towards Crissy's room when she tried to yank my arm back saying "What the hell do you think you're doing?""I'm getting Crissy's things," I yelled. "Stay out of my way or you'll be sorry."I went into the bathroom first and completely cleaned out everything that was under the sink. Hot curlers. Pads. Curling iron. Makeup. Everything – it all went into the box. I started to walk into Crissy's room but she stopped me."This is too much, Bob. What's going on?" She asked. "Tell me or I'm calling the police.""Okay," I dropped the boxes and turned to look at her, then I continued.... "Cassy came home and saw you and dickwad fucking your brains out and talking about her while you two were fucking. You didn't even know she was here, did you? Good job, really great, fucking your own daughter's boyfriend and talking about her like that."Her face went white. She gasped and slumped against the wall. Me, I just picked up the boxes and went into Crissy's room and started looking for things she would want.I got all the things Crissy asked for and put it in the boxes. As I walked past my ex each time to take a box to the car, I didn't say a word and neither did she. I took a last look around the room and picked up a few things Crissy didn't mention, and told her I would be right back to get the computer.When I returned, she was sitting on Crissy's bed with a blank stare on her face. I started to unhook the computer and move all the pieces out into the hall. As I did, I spoke to her while I worked, "Call Chad and tell his sorry ass not to try to contact either Crissy or me. She doesn't want to see you or talk to you ever again. Those were her exact words. If you ever want to talk to me, call me at work. If you ever show up unexpectedly at my house, I'll be the one calling the police."She sat there silently as I moved the rest of the things out to my car. When I was done, I simply left. I had said my peace and left her to deal with the consequences of her selfish actions. When I arrived back at the house, I unloaded my car into the garage and quietly went inside so I didn't disturb Crissy's nap. But, once inside, I found her in the kitchen, cleaning up broken glass. There were two empty wine coolers on the counter and I could see from the glass she was cleaning up that she must have broken one, too. "I thought you were taking a nap?" I asked.She looked up at me with her red face and puffy eyes and I could see that she hadn't stopped crying yet. She stood up, looked down at the glass, looked back at me and then started to tear up again. Without saying a word she came to me, put her arms around me and I held her for a few more minutes until she was calm. "Looks like you got thirsty there, Kissy." I was trying to make a joke, but, a little concerned that she might have drank two wine coolers in the short time I was gone."It's all you had, Daddy," she said, "there wasn't anything else to drink. Besides, I think I deserved it. I'm sorry I broke one. Are you mad?""No," I replied, "I'm not mad, and I guess maybe we can bend the rules a little today with the wine coolers. It's not like you're drinking straight whiskey or anything like that. Is there one for me in the 'fridge?"I helped her clean up the spilled wine cooler and broken glass and reached into the refrigerator to get one for myself. I handed another one to her, too, saying "Take it slow, I don't want you passing out on me."We sat at the kitchen table. "Kissy," I said, "I know you're hurting pretty bad right now. You feel betrayed by people you thought loved you, I know that. And, I know you're angry right now. But, tomorrow is a new day and this will be behind you. Forget about asshole Chad. You're not the first girl to be cheated on and you won't be the last. Forget about Mom. She's not going to bother us. It's just me and you now – we have each other."We sat and talked for a long time that afternoon drinking wine coolers. When it started to get close to dinner time I realized I didn't have much in the house to eat, so we ordered some pizza and had a feast of double thick cheese and wine coolers.We ended up in the living room sitting on the couch after we ate. "Crissy, tomorrow, I'll take some time off and we'll go out to get you some bedroom furniture, and some clothes. We'll just shop till we drop and get you everything you need. We'll have to go to the grocery store, too, but, we can eat while we're shopping, so we'll do the grocery last."She started to get tired and laid her head down in my lap. Between the shock she had and the crying and the wine coolers, I knew she wasn't going to last too much longer. I was stroking her hair and her back when she asked "Daddy, why didn't you ever get remarried?"It was a fair question. "Well," I answered, "I dated a few times and had a few possibles along the way, but, once they found out I couldn't have kids, the all broke it off. I'm, you know, what's the word...... oh, yeah, I'm defective."Crissy laughed and she rolled back to look at me. When she did, the hand that was stroking her back fell squarely on her breast. I moved it away immediately and I don't think she thought anything of it since it was an accident, but, I felt a little guilty. I had just felt my daughter's breast."That makes two of us, Daddy, we're both defective." She said.After a minute, she started to sniff and cry softly. "I can't believe she said that about my boobs," Crissy sobbed, "just because she has big ones doesn't mean she has to make fun of mine.""Kissy," I said, having resumed my comforting stroking of her back, "You're a petite girl. You have a small frame. You're what, maybe five foot tall and a hundred pounds? What size do you wear?""32-AA, sometimes I don't even wear a bra. I don't have anything to put in one" she answered."No," I laughed, "Not that size, what's your dress size?""1, I guess.""Crissy, that's awful small, isn't it? I mean, that's like the size models wear and none of them are big-chested. It's just your build. Plus, you're going to find that plenty of men are more attracted to a small bust than a big one.""Really, Daddy?" she asked."Trust me, Kissy," I answered, "Later on, you'll be thankful for what you have. When the rest of the ladies your age get older, and their boobs are hanging down around their waist, you'll be the one with the perky set, bouncing around, poking out and turning heads."She started to laugh again so I kept on trying to tell her the advantages of petite boobs. "You can wear more flattering and sensual fashions, go bra-less just about anytime you want, and, they will be very sensitive to touch. You might not think that's important now, but, I promise you, one day it will be.""Daddy, are you one of those guys that's attracted to small ones?"Now it was my turn to say FUCK! I said it to myself, though. How was I going to answer her? The truth was, yes, I am one of those guys that prefers small chested women. But, was that too personal of a question for a small breasted daughter to ask her dad? "Kissy, as long as this doesn't go any further than us, I'll answer you. Okay?""Uh-huh." She answered."Honestly.......... the answer is yes. I've always found small breasts to be much more attractive and sensual. Plus, you don't have to search all over for them!" I said. She took my hand and held it in hers to her chest, just below her breasts. I was very aware of how close my hand was to her boobs, but, I made no effort move it."I don't know if you're lying or telling the truth, Daddy," she said, "But, thank you."I sat there for a minute realizing I must have said the right thing. When I looked down at her, I could see that her eyes were closed. Soon, her breathing slowed and her grip on my hand released. She was finally resting. She had such a horrible day and it was nice to see her get some relief from it. I let her lay like that for 20 or 30 minutes while I watched her sleep. My angel.I knew I had to get her to bed. With all the wine coolers she drank and all the crying, I wanted her to get a good night's sleep and be rested for a full day tomorrow. I tried to wiggle my hand away from where it was captured against her chest. As I did, she stretched her arms out and then tucked them under her head like a pillow. I waited another 10 minutes and then decided to carry her to the bed. I was trying to decide how to pick her up without waking her. Realizing I couldn't do it, I decided to wake her and then get her into the bedroom to lie down. I placed my hand on her side and lightly shook her while I called her name.There was no response. I put my hand on her again to shake her, but, stopped when I felt the side of her bra under my hand. Just then, 10 million thoughts ran through my head in that one instant. My hand was mere inches from her breast. Actually, if I just laid my fingers out, I would be touching the side of her bra cup. Before I could stop myself, I touched her. My hand moved to her breast and I cupped it in my hand. I felt my cock jump under her and increased the pressure slightly to see if I could feel her breast inside the bra. It felt like there was nothing there but material. She didn't stir, so I continued to feel her, now cupping and squeezing gently to find her flesh. Still nothing. My cock was getting hard and I felt her weight on it now. I considered putting my hand under shirt, but, convinced myself that was way too far out of bounds.Withdrawing my hand, I shook her shoulder and spoke a little louder saying "Kissy, come on let's get you in bed." When she didn't move, I did it again, only louder, and when she still didn't move, I shook her harder and spoke louder. She finally opened her eyes and I said "Kissy, come on, you're exhausted. You can sleep in my bed tonight. I'll sleep on the couch."She started to move, half asleep, so I helped her back to the bedroom. I pulled the sheets down and sat her on the bed and realized we had a problem. I went to my dresser and got her one of my undershirts. "Crissy, here....," handing her the undershirt, "you can sleep in this. Take your clothes off and I'll wash them up for you, along with the ones you had here this weekend, so you'll have some clothes to wear tomorrow." She nodded, barely able to stay awake.I started to leave the room, but, I turned around to tell her I would be back in a few minutes to get the clothes. Before I could finish talking, she had already pulled her t-shirt over her head and was sitting in her bra. I left the room and pulled the door almost closed behind me. I stood outside the door for a second, and knew I should leave, but, something held me there. Standing out side the door, I looked through to see her standing in her bra, pushing her jeans down her legs. Standing now in just her bra and panties, I took in the sight of my nearly naked daughter. She was breathtaking. Her smooth and flawless body, almost naked, was a wet dream waiting to happen. She turned a little toward the door and the whole vision went into slow motion as she reached behind for the clasp to her bra. As she undid it, her tiny breasts came into view. Unconsciously, I rubbed my crotch to soothe my aching rod, now straining against my pants. Her breasts were about the size of golf balls. The nipples took up at least half their size, or, I should say the nipples were half her breasts. They vibrated when she moved. Perfectly symmetrical and topped with pink nipples. I envisioned what they would feel like if I sucked them. I'm sure her whole breast would fit into my mouth. Then her hands went to her panties and she skimmed them down, leaving her completely naked just 10 feet from me. Her pubic hair was light brown and it was thick and overgrown. Even though I couldn't see anything more than a mass of hair, I knew I was looking at her pussy. It had been years since I saw my daughter naked and I felt both proud and excited to witness her like this. It was a sight to behold. Her slinky body just oozed beauty. I reached again for my cock, now intending to masturbate while I watched, but, she reached for the undershirt and put it on, shielding herself from my view. The undershirt came down to mid-thigh, longer than some of the skirts I have seen girls wear these days, so I just figured it was time to back off. I felt it was best to give her a few more minutes before I went in there so I headed back to the kitchen to get her some aspirin – maybe if she took some she might feel better in the morning. On my way, I saw her overnight bag she brought with her for the weekend and went to pick it up.Setting it on the kitchen table, I unzipped it and dumped everything out. There was a pair of shoes, some shorts, a pair of jeans, 2 bras and 2 panties. I reached for the bras first. Curiously, I noticed they surely were 32-AA, but they were seriously padded. Holding one up and looking at the curve and depth of the cup, it was almost all padding, with maybe enough capacity to hold a micro sized tit. I picked up her panties and immediately felt a crusty crotch. Looking inside, there was a white spot in the gusset of her panty. Shamelessly, I held the panties to my nose to smell her scent. If angels in heaven wore panties, they would smell like this, I though. It was a very light, but definite feminine smell. Remembering how she told me she was a virgin, I guess that was expected. But then, I know some things about the female body and I know the vagina constantly flushes itself, so I threw the virgin theory out and reached for the other pair of panties. This pair had a much stronger aroma and a much thicker residue. When I held it to my nose, there was no mistaking the fact that these were panties that had been next to a healthy young woman whose vagina that had been wet and excited. I wondered when she had worn them.I wanted to pull my cock out and jerk myself right there in the middle of the kitchen, but, decided against it in favor of going to get her other clothes and starting her jeans and shirts inside the washer. As I walked back into the bedroom, she was in the bed, covered by the sheet. Her eyes were closed and it looked like she was resting comfortably. I quietly picked up the clothes on the floor and turned to check her again. Kissing her lightly on the cheek, I whispered "Kissy, I love you."I turned off the light, left the room and closed the door over, leaving it open about 4 or 5 inches. Making my way into the kitchen, I put the new pile of clothes with the old ones and fished out the bra she had been wearing. I could still feel the warmth of her body in the cups of the bra. It was the same size, 32-AA but, this bra had even thicker cups. That's why I couldn't feel her tiny breasts when I touched her, I thought. I found her panties and these, too, had a good aroma in the crotch. But, knowing I had to get some wash started, I took her jeans and shirts down the hall, past the bedroom and into the laundry room to start the washer. I left her bras and panties on the kitchen table with the understanding I would come back to them and use them to get me off. Sick? Maybe – but, my cock was making these decisions now and I wasn't arguing.I loaded up the washer, added the soap and had just turned it on and shut the lid when I heard her yell my name. "Daddy! Daddy!"I ran into the bedroom, but she wasn't in the bed. The bathroom light was on and I figured she must have fallen or hurt herself. But, when I walked in, she was doubled over, looking like she was about to up-chuck into the toilet. Too many wine coolers, I thought.Having been in that same position many times before, I recognized the familiar spitting into the toilet and beads of sweat. Seeing that her hair was about to get into the toilet bowl, I knelt beside her and gathered her hair up into a pony tail and held it there as she started to get sick. Personally, I hate vomit. But, when it's your own child and you know they are hurting, you set it all aside and do what you have to do. When she stopped for a minute, I reached for some tissue and wiped her mouth while she drooled and spit into the toilet. She sat back and looked at me and started to say something, but I stopped her. "It's okay, Baby, Daddy's here." I said."Stay right there for a minute." I said. I knew I had a pony tail holder in one of the drawers in the bathroom – a hold over from a lady friend who spent the night with me once. I turned on the tap to let the water run, threw a wash cloth in the sink and opened the drawer to find the pony tail holder. Sure enough, it was right there and I grabbed it. Turning the tap off at the sink, I hit my knees and gathered all her hair up and fixed it into a pony tail for her. She sat there with her eyes closed, holding onto the toilet and it looked like she was ready to get sick again. "Is everything spinning?" I asked. She nodded. "Okay," I said, "Just stay where you are. Have you ever drunk this much before?" She shook her head to say 'NO'. "Well, this is one of the fringe benefits of alcohol," I told her, "when you drink too much, you get to visit the porcelain throne. It's the gift that keeps on giving, Crissy." That at least made her smile a little.As she sat there, I could see the outline of her tiny breasts against the undershirt. The nipples pointed prominently out and poked into the material. It hit me that she couldn't have any panties on and I looked down to her legs. The way the shirt fell covered her up, but not by much. If the shirt rose up by 3 or 4 inches, I would be able to see her pussy. Suddenly, she bent forward and started to get sick again. I held her shoulders, moving slightly to the side to help hold her up. Her arms were shaking and she was lurching forward into the mouth of the toilet, so I helped hold her up. In between heaves, as she bent over the toilet, I caught a peek at her breasts down the front of her shirt. The neck line fell away and I had a completely unobstructed view of her little puffies. They looked so young and fresh. They really were tiny little things, but, dainty and pointy. My cock was getting hard again, but, I sat there with her while she got sick, stealing peeks at her little titties when ever I could. I'm sure she didn't think about the way she was exposed, but I did, and even though I felt bad about the fact that she had to go through this, I was getting the chance to see real live tits – something I hadn't seen in a long time. Plus, there was going to be an added bonus – she had gotten sick on her shirt, meaning she would need to change it. Hopefully, she would let me change it leaving her completely naked right in front of me. That's what I call a good bonus.Soon, she started to get the dry heaves and I let her go for an instant to reach up and get the washcloth out of the sink. I squeezed it out and held her until she was done. As she sat back, I wiped her face with the cool washcloth. I wiped around her mouth and her neck, cooling her down as best as I could.Her knees had shifted apart some and I could now see a hint of her brown pubic hair peeking out from under her short shirt. Just another inch and I would be looking at her mound. My cock was going to explode, soon, I was sure of it. She sat still for a few minutes without getting sick and I asked her if she was better. She nodded 'yes' and I asked "Will you be okay for a second? You're going to have to change your shirt – that one's a little yucky now. I just want to go get another, okay?"She nodded again and I left her for a few moments. In my drawer, I took out a normal white undershirt with short sleeves, and, a sleeveless ribbed undershirt. The ribbed shirt is stretchy and shorter, but also thinner and lighter and has no sleeves.Coming back into the bathroom, I held up both shirts and asked her "Kissy, this is the kind of shirt you have on now and this one is sleeveless and will be cooler, but, it's a little bit shorter, too. Do you feel warm now?"I reached down to feel her forehead and she was very clammy and her skin was moist. "Hmm," I said, "I took some aspirin out for you earlier and then got distracted putting your shirts and jeans into the washer, let me go get them." I laid the shirts on the counter and went into the kitchen to get the aspirin I left there and a very small glass of water. Returning to the bathroom I handed her the aspirin and told her to take them now so the next morning would be a bit more bearable. "Don't drink too much of this water, Kissy," I said, "or, you might get sick again. Just enough to get the aspirin down."While she took the aspirin, I threw two more washcloths into the sick and turned on the cold water. Turning to her I asked "Feeling okay, Baby? Better now?"She was still sitting on the floor next to the toilet, but, her color was coming back and she opened her eyes. "The gift that keeps on giving? That sucks." she said. I laughed and she smiled.I ratted through the drawer in the bathroom and found a new toothbrush still in the wrapper and opened it. I put some toothpaste on the brush, got it wet and held it out to her. "Trust me," I said, "you'll hate yourself in the morning if you don't brush your teeth after getting sick like that."She pulled herself out of her sitting position, and as she lifted, her legs spread and I had a completely open view of her pussy. For an instant, I could see her lips barely separate and the pinkness of her virgin pussy. Even though she had a full bush of hair, I was easily able to see the pink. I didn't stare and I didn't act like I saw it, either. I'm not sure if she knew she had exposed her pussy to me, or not. I turned the water on for her and she started to brush her teeth. I pretended to be wringing out the washcloths next to her, but, looking in the mirror above the sink, I could see the outline of her breasts jiggling against the shirt she was wearing. As she moved the toothbrush, the little points seemed to move a tiny bit this way and that. Having seen them under her shirt and seeing the nipples on top of each of the little peaks, it was erotic as hell to watch. When she was done brushing her teeth, I picked up both shirts and said "Come on, let's get you changed and back to bed. Which shirt?" Looking at the shirts, she pointed to the sleeveless ribbed shirt. Inside my cock was jumping with joy but outside, I tried to handle this with poise and confidence. "Okay, arms up….. I need to put that one in the washer."She looked at me and lifted her eyebrows. "Come on, I've seen breasts before. Besides, I'm your Daddy. I used to change and bathe you, remember? I've seen it all already, you know."To my surprise, she raised her arms and as I reached for the hem of the t-shirt, my heart started to pound inside my chest, just like it did the first time I ever felt a girl's boob. I quickly pulled the shirt over her head. As the shirt covered her face, I looked down at her pussy and her breasts, seeing them now very clearly. The areolas were very pink, just the same color as her nipples, and compared to the size of the breast itself, they looked huge. Once I pulled the shirt over her head, she lowered her arms, and I reached for the sleeveless shirt. I fumbled with the shirt as she stood naked next to me. She didn't try to cover herself or move at all. I finally found the hem of the shirt, gathered it up, held it open and up for her. I couldn't stop my eyes as they drifted to her cute little breasts and beyond down to her pussy. Forgetting myself, I took a good long look. When I looked back up, I met her stare. "I'm sorry," I said, "Arms up." Crissy held her arms up and I lifted the shirt over her head and slid the shirt down her arms and over her. The shirt was tight on her and hugged her breasts. I could see the outline of her nipples just as if there was no shirt hiding them. The shirt only came down just past her waist, about to the top of her pubic patch. I reached over to the sink and took one of the washcloths and wiped her face down, all the time looking at her in the mirror. She never moved and never made an effort to cover her pussy.When I had wiped her face down, I looked her in the eyes and apologized saying "Crissy, I'm sorry I was staring. I couldn't help it. I can make all the excuses in the world but that won't change the fact that I was peeking at you and I feel bad about it now. Can you forgive me?""Daddy," she said, "I love you. I'm not mad…. Besides, you're my Daddy. I'm going to be living here now, so, let's just deal with it." Then she hugged me. Standing there with my half naked daughter in my arms, I restrained myself from grabbing her tender butt or reaching for her petite breasts, but, the thought flew through my mind, anyway. Shaking myself into reality, I said, "Let's get you to bed now." I turned to walk out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, but, she lingered in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror. "Can you get my brush out of my purse for me?" She asked."Sure," I answered from the bedroom, intentionally not going back in to look at her nakedness any more. Finding her purse, I pulled the hairbrush out of it and took it to her. Arriving back in the bathroom, she was bending over the sink, splashing water onto her face. Her bottom was stuck out and I knew that if I just moved behind her a little, I would be able to see her girlish pussy lips between her legs. I stood in the doorway and watched her, drinking in her beauty.When she finished rinsing her face, she turned to find a towel, never once trying to turn away from me or hide her pussy. She dried her face, hung up the towel and held out her hand. After a few seconds, I realized she was asking for the hairbrush and I handed it to her. Turning toward the mirror and brushing her hair, I watched her….. no, I stared at her. She must have caught me staring because she said "Flat as a board, right?""Kissy, you are a beautiful girl," I said, "I'm not just saying that because you're my daughter, either. I mean it, you are an absolute stone cold fox." She finished brushing her hair and turned directly toward me, tits poking out and her pussy on full display. I looked down at her pussy again, but, she covered it with her hands. "Stop it," she said, "You're embarrassing me."She walked past me and over to the bed. She sat down and swung her legs up, then pulled the sheets up over her hips. "Are you going to be okay this time?" I asked. "Yes, I feel better now." She replied. "Daddy, where are you going to sleep tonight?" she asked."I'll just crash on the couch, Baby," I answered, "I want to do your wash so you have some stuff to wear tomorrow. I'm going to be up for a while.""No," she said, "You can't do that. When you're ready, you can sleep in your own bed. I don't snore.""Oh, I don't know if that's such a good idea," I said, "I'm a grown man and…..""Daddy, quit being so paranoid. I just want to know you are close to me tonight, that's all."I looked at her face and there's no way I could deny her. "Okay, but it will be late. I want to get all the wash done first and that's at least two loads washed and dried." I said. She held her arms up to me like she used to do as a child when she was ready for her bedtime kiss. I leaned down to kiss her and she kissed me on the lips. The kiss lingered a little longer than a fatherly kiss and I started to feel subconscious about it and pulled away. "You've always been a good kisser, Daddy," she said, "Even mom used to say that."I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and playfully mussed her hair up like I used to do when she was a kid and then turned to leave. As I reached for the light switch she said "Thank you, Daddy. For everything. For getting my things and letting me stay here. I've always wanted this."As I turned out the light, I answered "Me too, Kissy, me, too."I pulled the bedroom door most of the way closed behind me and immediately reached into my jeans to adjust my throbbing cock. "Fuck! I could have come in my pants at least 20 times in there." I thought. I went to the 'fridge to get another wine cooler. Passing the kitchen table, I saw her bra and panties lying there waiting for their turn in the washer. I delayed the wine cooler and stopped at the table. After seeing her naked twice, seeing her petite puffy breasts down her shirt and then actually changing her shirt for her, my cock was ready for relief. I sat at the table and held her bras in my hand. I put them to my nose and smelled them. One of them smelled like her hair, maybe it was the soap or something else, but it smelled fascinating.I rubbed the inside of the bra cup on my face, knowing her breasts had been there. My cock was yearning for release, so, setting the bras aside, I unzipped and pulled my jeans and underwear down in one motion. Stepping out of the jeans and underwear, I reached for one of her panties and held it to my nose. I compared them all and found the one with the strongest scent. Sitting down, I leaned back in the chair and held the crotch of the panties against my nose. I began to stroke my cock, first slowly, then unable to wait, I began to stroke with more determination. I started to get close to cumming once and backed off so I could enjoy her panties a bit longer. I laid one of her bras out on the table, kind of like it would look if she would be wearing it, with the cups up. Below that, I laid out one of the pairs of panties with the crotch facing up, as if she was wearing those, too. Then I imaged her standing in front of me in them – her petite breasts safely held inside the bra and her virgin pussy protected by the panties. I closed my eyes and began to stroke myself again. Reaching back up to the table, I took another pair of her panties and wrapped them around my cock, growing even harder with the feel of the silky material sliding up and down my shaft. Finally, I picked up the best smelling pair and held them up to my nose and resumed masturbating. Opening up my eyes every now and then, I imaged her standing in front of me allowing me to look at her while I masturbated. The smell of her panties and the fantasy I was playing in my head worked it's magic and I was starting to feel myself getting close.I kept jacking, thinking about her sexy, virgin body, fully grown and ready for sex. I could almost see her in my mind as she slipped those panties down her legs, opening them up just for me, and begging me to take her maidenhead.I was jacking myself furiously now and when I knew I was about to shoot, I stood up, opened up the panties that were lying on the table so the crotch was showing and emptied my cock into the crotch of her panties. My cock seemed to cum and cum and cum. It was one of the strongest orgasms I ever had and I literally came buckets, shooting my hot sperm all over the table and soaking her panties. I sat down and contemplated what to do next. I wiped the white globs of my cum up with her panties and bras and pushed them to one side of the table. I heard the washer turn off, signaling the end of the first load. Reaching for my pants, I fished my underwear out of them and slipped them and the jeans on, grabbed her lingerie and headed to the laundry room to put the wet clothes into the dryer and start a load with her sperm soaked lingerie. Once the shirts and jeans were in the dryer and her lingerie was in the washer, I peeked into the bedroom to check on Crissy. She seemed to be sleeping soundly and I lingered there for a bit just to reassure myself that she was. Turning away to walk back into the kitchen, I started to feel remorseful for my actions tonight. Taking liberties with my daughter is something I had never done before, and although I knew I hadn't really done anything, I still felt bad that I was crossing lines which I hadn't crossed before. True, she wasn't my blood relative, but, I still couldn't get past my scheming to see her naked and to use her panties for the cheap jack-off thrill. I decided to wash the table down – sort of clean up the evidence of my lust, but once that was done, I still had some time to kill while the wet clothes dried and the washer did it's thing. I found myself thinking about my virgin daughter lying almost naked in my bed. I shrugged it off and waited for the wash to get done. When everything was finished, I folded all her clothes and left them neatly stacked on the kitchen table. It was late now and I knew I had to get some sleep.As I entered my bedroom, light from the hallway dimly illuminated the room. Looking over at Crissy, I could see that she was facing me, lying on her side, one leg pulled up and the sheet covering her was at her waist. If the sheet was just a little bit lower, I would have been able to get another peek between her legs. I started to move into the bathroom to brush my teeth, but I couldn't turn away and kept looking at the sheet covering her. She was asleep. Would she wake up if I moved the sheet lower? I made a decision to chance it and find out.All I needed to do was move that sheet just a few inches - and I saw a way to do it. I lifted the edge of the sheet as it fell over her bottom and pulled it very gently over her hips leaving the rest of the sheet in place. This left me an unobstructed view of the backside of her pussy between her legs. There wasn't enough light to see anything except a dark mass and I didn't want to turn the light on or move the sheet again. I tried every angle to get a better look, but, it wasn't going to work. Finally, I gave up and decided it was best if I didn't push my luck.After using the bathroom and brushing my teeth, I was about to leave the bathroom, but, then remembered I had put a small pen light in the drawer a few months ago in case the power ever went out while I was in the bathroom. I opened the drawer and there it was. I turned it on and it worked! Now I had a light I could shine between Crissy's legs.Wanting to play it safe, I planned my next moves and then left the bathroom to see what I could see with the pen light. I went to the opposite side of the bed and took off my shirt, jeans and underwear. I carefully slipped onto the bed, thinking how kinky it was to be sleeping in the same bed, both of us naked from the waist down. I lay still for a few minutes and then sat up carefully and leaned down close to her bottom. I turned the light on and pointed it between her legs. Under the light, I could see perfectly. A closer inspection showed that I could see the outline of her labia where the two lips met together, seeing just a hint of pink between her lips. I knew touching her was going too far and out of the question, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting to.I laid back and dropped the pen light by the side of the bed and tried to relax. My cock was hard again, despite the vigorous jacking I gave it earlier. I just couldn't believe the events that led me here to be lying next to her.The next morning, the alarm clock went off at 6:00 AM right on schedule. I didn't shut it off the night before because I wanted to get up before her and try to get into the office for a few minutes to take care of a few things so I could take a few days off to get her settled. When the alarm sounded, I really didn't notice or think about my morning hard-on as I bounded out of the bed and raced over to the desk to shut the alarm off. Turning around, I saw her squinting her eyes, having been woken up by the obnoxious sound. "I thought you weren't going to work today, Daddy?""I'm just going to go in for a few minutes and then make a quick stop at the store," I said, "you can stay in bed until I get back. I won't be gone long at all."I saw her look down at my crotch. In the instant it took me to remember I wasn't dressed, I was faced with the decision on what to do. My hard-on was starting to droop, but it was still sticking out. I decided to play it cool, act like it was no biggie – after all, that's the way she acted last night. I reached for my watch on the desk, allowing her to look at me for another moment only, then turned toward her again and said "I'm going to jump in the shower first."By the time I stepped into the shower, my cock was starting to get hard again. FUCK! My daughter saw my cock! And it was almost hard! She didn't look away and I didn't cover myself. What must she be thinking now?Lathering up in the shower, I started to stroke my cock. I shut my eyes and stroked myself to a strong orgasm shooting my cum into the shower wall. The events of the last 24 hours were, well, way beyond anything I could imagine and well beyond anything I could ever hope for. Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried off. I wrapped a towel around me and stepped out into the bedroom. She was still awake and sat up when I came out. "I thought you were gong to go back to sleep?" I asked."I made some coffee for you." She said, pointing to the desk where there were two steaming mugs of coffee sitting, then added "I think I needed some, too."I picked up one of the mugs and took a sip. "Damn, you're hired!" I told her.Walking over to my chest of drawers, I opened one of the drawers and pulled out some underwear and socks. A sudden feeling of anxiety filled me as I considered dressing while she watched or going back into the bathroom to dress. Waking over to the closet to look for a pull over shit and clean jeans, I threw the underwear and socks on the bed and said "Crissy, this is a little uncomfortable for me so I'm just going to say it……."She interrupted me saying "Do you want me to go out while you get dressed, Daddy?""Kissy, uh, actually, if we're going to be living together now, I think we both have to accept the fact that we might run into each other in our undies or undressed. Since we've already seen each other, uh, at this point, I don't see any reason to make a big deal out of it. I don't mind if you don't."She smiled. "Yeah," she said, "we're kind of even now, huh? You saw me and I saw you, so, no big deal from now on, right?""Okay," I said, "I think we're both old enough to handle it." With that, I pulled off the towel, threw it on the bed, held my arms out and let her look at me saying "See?"I didn't wait for her answer as I turned back to the closet to get the jeans and shirt. I fumbled through the hanging clothes trying to burn a little time so she could look at me. "You've got a cute butt, Daddy." She said.Imitating her from last night, I said "Stop it. You're embarrassing me.""No, Daddy, I'm not kidding," she said, "I consider myself an expert on boy's butts, and like…. you're a 10.""Well, I'm flattered," I said, pulling the jeans and shirt out of the closet, "it's been a long time since a cute chick has complimented my butt!"I picked up the underwear and socks and carried them back over to her side of the bed and laid all my clothes down next to her. I sat down facing her in the desk chair and reached for the socks. "Where are you going to shop?" she asked.Acting as if nothing was unusual, I sat in the chair completely naked as I told her I was going to stop at the grocery to get us some things for breakfast. When I pulled my leg up to put the first sock on I saw her glance at my cock, which was starting to grow again. I pretended to be concentrating on getting my socks on while we talked, and by the time the second sock was on, my cock was almost at full strength and I knew she had been looking at it the whole time. Still acting unconcerned, I stood up in front of her and reached for my underwear. My cock was rock hard as I bent to pull the jockey shorts up my legs. Her eyes were glued to my cock as I pulled the jockeys up over my hips.She was blushing when she looked up at me. "Hey, sorry." I said, kidding her "but, it's pretty normal in the morning for most guys."She looked away, knowing full well I was commenting on my erection saying "Stop it, you're embarrassing me, Daddy." We both chuckled as I finished dressing. Even though I had done my best to be nonchalant about my nakedness in front of her, my cock was straining in my pants.Finally, when I was dressed, I picked up my keys and leaned down to kiss her. "It's kind of fun having you here," I said, "…… the way, how are you feeling?"She told me she as feeling a lot better than she was last night. I told her to go back to sleep and that I would be home in a while. I was just going to run by the office for a few minutes, then over to the grocery store and I would be right home. I left the house feeling confident and good. I had seen her and she had seen me. No one freaked out and I was pretty turned on knowing she saw my hard cock. Maybe I would get to see more of her soon, but, I wasn't going to push that. I envisioned her lying on her back, pulling her virgin pussy lips apart so I could look inside her. That would be into the office at 7:15 AM and took care of things in less than 10 minutes. I was able to escape and be back in my car before anyone even knew I was there. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up what we needed for breakfast and was back at the house by 8:15. I tried to be quiet so Crissy wouldn't wake up.I peeked into the bedroom to see that Crissy was still nestled in the bed, curled up in a ball under the covers. It was kind of sweet seeing her like that and I recalled all the times I had seen her sleep the same way – granted she hadn't been in my bed, but it brought a deep sigh to me seeing her so lying there so serene.Making my way into the kitchen, I whipped up some bacon and eggs and set them in the oven to keep warm while I went to wake Crissy up. Arriving in the bedroom, I sat on the bed and watched her sleep. Looking down on the floor, I saw the shirt she was wearing when I left. Realizing she must now be naked under the covers, I smiled to myself knowing I might have another chance to see her tender body again. My cock began to grow at the thought of her nakedness rubbing against my sheets. I shook her arm saying, "Crissy... Crissy... time for breakfast."When she didn't wake up, my hand unconsciously moved to the sheet covering her and I pulled it down to her waist. I don't even know what I was thinking as I did it, but, once the sheet was down, I found myself taking in the beauty of her tiny breasts, watching them slightly rise and fall as she took each breath. I'm not sure how long I stared at her dainty breasts, but, when I finally pulled my stare away from her pristine nipples, I glanced up to her face to find her looking at me, smiling. FUCK! Busted again. "I'm sorry, Kissy," I said, "I, uh, don't know what to say... I was trying to wake you up for breakfast...""Daddy, it's okay. Really, I don't mind at all. They're small, huh?"She rolled over on her back and let me look at her. Her breasts flattened out and lying as she was, there was almost nothing to them, just a small mound where her nipples sat upon. She reached up to cup them, squeezing her flesh between her fingers and causing the nipples to rise up. I could have easily pulled my cock out and masturbated myself right then and there, squirting my cum all over her, but, after all, she was my daughter – even though she was naked and letting me look at her. "Honey," I said, "they are beautiful and, oh, so perfect. If I could, I would love to look at them all day."I can't believe I said that and blushed profusely. Snapping myself back to reality, I added, "Come on now, it's time to eat. We have a lot of things to do today and a lot of shopping to get done. We have to get you a bed and some furniture and some clothes. Come on... the day is wasting away."I got up to walk out of the room as she sat up. Her tiny breasts, now showing their form, caught my eye again. She raised her hands to cover them and said, "Stop it. You're embarrassing me." I got a little chuckle out of hearing her say that, knowing damn well that both of us had used the same line already several times in the last 24 hours. I look one last look at her breasts, smiled and then walked back into the kitchen.She appeared in the kitchen doorway a few minutes later in a pair of panties and the t-shirt which had been lying on the floor. As she stood across the kitchen from me, I could see a crease in her panties, as if she had run her finger between her pussy lips and then left the material of her panties bunched up between her labia just for my benefit. The material was stretched across her mound in the most alluring fashion, puffing out to show off her sex, and I took in the sight much longer than I should have. "Oh, that's a cute outfit," I said jokingly. She walked to me, put her arms around me and hugged me asking, "Daddy, when did you learn how to cook? I smell bacon.""Kissy, you would be surprised," I said, "I'm actually a pretty good cook, or, at least I think I am. I guess you'll find out, huh?"She sat down and I dished up the eggs, bacon, toast and juice and sat the plates down on the table. This was the exact same table I had squirted my cum all over when I sniffed her panties and jacked off last night. Her arms were even touching the part of the table where my sperm was smeared. I started to panic for an instant, wondering if I had cleaned the table well enough, or if she could see traces of my sperm in front of her. We ate our breakfast and chatted about her Mom, Chad, and all the things we had to do today. "Daddy," she said, "can we talk about the furniture thing?""Sure," I answered, "do you have something in mind that you want?""Well, sort of...," she said, "do you have an open mind this morning?" I nodded as I sipped my juice and ate my breakfast."So," she said, "I was thinking we could save the expense and the trouble of shopping and I could just sleep in your bed."I almost gagged on my eggs as she said it. "Kissy, do you have any idea what you're saying?" I asked."Sure," she replied, "we slept together last night, didn't we?""Come on, Kissy," I answered, "you know you were pretty drunk when I put you in my bed and if you wouldn't have pushed me to sleep there, I would have crashed on the couch, or something.""Daddy," she said, "it's no big deal, really. And besides, it was really nice to be close to you and, well, it just felt... you know... it just felt good.""Kissy, you need your own room, with your own bed and with your own stuff. A girl needs her private space...""Daddy, I don't want a private space," she said. "Look," I said, "let's talk about it later and I'll think about it." She smiled and looked at me like she knew she had won the argument. In my mind, I started to think about her being in my bed daily and what that would mean. My cock had already voted, raising itself to be counted and throbbing 'YES'.We finished our breakfast and as I started to clear the dishes from the table, she stood to gather up some things and together, we had everything picked up fairly quickly. "Come on," she said, "let's finish our coffee on the couch."Grabbing my hand, she pulled me into the living room and we sat down on the couch. She sat down a foot or two away, then she turned toward me, cocking one leg up, leaving me a fantastic view of her panty covered crotch completely open. Her mound, which I could clearly make out, was plainly visible underneath the thin panties. The way she sat left no question in my mind that she was allowing my stare and even if she wasn't inviting me to look, I couldn't have looked away. Just the sight of her sitting there with her legs so vividly open was pushing me to a point where I was going to forget she was my daughter. Instead, she was a cute young woman treating me to a glimpse of heaven."Daddy," she began, "please don't make me sleep by myself. I promise I won't be any trouble..."I heard her speak, but, my mind was still locked into the sight of her crotch. It's hard to describe, but, the faint outline of her lips pushing against the material were almost more than I could deal with. Just knowing her tender pussy was within arms reach created a vacuum in my brain and no other thoughts were registering. "Daddy?" she said, closing her legs. As I looked up at her she asked, "Did you even hear what I said?""No, Kissy," I answered, "I'm sorry, what were you saying?" I didn't even bother to apologize for staring this time"Come on, Daddy," she said, "there's no reason why we can't sleep in the same bed and you know it... I felt so warm and cared for last night next to you. Plus, I really have no one now – except you, and I think I'm all you have, too. There's no reason to make a big deal of this."I tried to explain to her that I was her Dad and just having her with me was going to be awesome enough as it was, but as I spoke, she opened her legs up again and my eyes were immediately drawn down to her crotch and I resumed my zombie-like stare, completely forgetting what I was saying. I happened to look up at her to see her just sitting there with her legs lewdly open, looking back at me."Oh, shit," I said, "I'm sorry. Damn! I didn't mean to...""Oh, Daddy, you're such a bullshitter. Why are you trying to make excuses for looking at me? I don't mind, in fact, I kinda like it – it's the first time someone I really cared for has paid any attention to me as woman. It makes me feel desirable, it's flattering and I take it as a compliment."I began to reflect back on the whole Chad situation, and I could understand her point of view. She had been rejected by her mother and by her so-called boyfriend. I started to speak, but, she interrupted me saying "I'm not a little girl anymore, you know? We're not really blood relatives and neither of us are with anyone..."So, there it was. The innuendo was lying there as thick as dense fog. I understood what she was alluding to, and surprisingly enough, I was beginning to be okay with it. In fact, I was more than okay with it – I wanted it. I was lusting after her. I wanted her. My mind started to race through all the possibilities and it led to one destination... I would end up fucking her and most likely, enjoying the hell out of it. Sensing my state, Crissy got up, swung herself over and sat in my lap like she used to do when she was a kid, snuggling into my chest and wiggling her butt down in my lap. Only now, she wasn't a kid and the wiggle of her bottom pressing down on my cock was more like foreplay. I knew damn well she could feel it through her thin panties, but, I did nothing to stop her. She put her arms around my neck, laid her head down my shoulder and I heard her sigh. As she laid there, I put my arms around her and held her, rubbing her back up and down as if I was consoling her. After a minute or two, she said "I need someone to love me and care about me as a woman, Daddy, I've never had that. You need the same thing, too, don't you?""Yes," I answered, "that would be nice.""We can have each other," she said, "I've never, you know, gone all the way, 'er, had sex with a man, and you could be my first..."She reached for my hand and brought it to her chest between her breasts, and holding it there, raised her head and looked me straight in the eye and said "can we just try it? Sleeping together?"Sometimes fate takes a hold of you and makes you do things that you don't expect. I didn't expect or plan to move my hand to feel her breast at that instant, but I did. Before I knew it, her head was back on my shoulder and I was feeling her up, her hand guiding mine gently from one breast to the other.I gently tweaked a nipple and I heard her breathe deeply and press my hand into her breast harder. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh," she moaned, "does that mean 'yes'?", she asked."Sure, Kissy, that means yes," I said, "we can sleep together." I didn't have to answer her implied question about having sex with her. Right now, I was so consumed with the feelings between us that it didn't even matter and I'm sure we both knew where this was heading."So, tell me," I asked, "what kind of experience do you have? I mean sexually speaking – what have you done?" There was a long silence between us and my hands were moving from breast to breast, feeling her and cupping the tiny orbs and touching her nipples. While I waited for her answer, I moved my hand to the bottom of her shirt and reached under it to find her breast again. As I touched her bare flesh, I felt her shudder and press herself against my hand."Tell me the truth, Kissy, will you do that," I asked, "will you tell me everything?""Uh huh," she said, "I will.""Okay, so let's start out like this," I said, "I want you to tell me the truth now, okay? How many guys have touched your breasts?""Three, Daddy," she said, "No, make that four now with you, and uh, one girl.""Who were they?""The first one was Doctor Ross. He's never touched them like this though... "Ross was the family doctor, actually Jim Ross was his name. Our insurance makes us have a primary care physician and we've always had Dr. Ross. He's an older guy – good doctor, too. I bet he loved seeing and touching Crissy's breasts. A twinge of jealously momentarily streaked through me, but, I forgot about it as she continued speaking."Then, the next one was my friend, Beth. Do you remember her, Daddy?" She asked."Uh-huh," I said, "you're still friends with her, right?""Yeah," she answered, "she's my best friend, Daddy. We do almost everything together.""So, when and how did all this happen?" I asked."It started about a year ago, it was the weekend after her 18th birthday, and we were going to spend all weekend together. She was staying over with me and we were getting ready for bed. She kept complaining that her boobs were sore from her period and I finally asked her if she needed them massaged, or something. I was just kidding, but, when she said yes and took off her top and came over to me, I didn't know what to do other than start massaging them for her. Then, she wanted to massage mine – what there is of them. By the end of the night, we were touching each other all over and kissing and, you know, other things."I was a little shocked, but, Crissy didn't seem to be embarrassed to talk about it, and I was really curious, so I asked her "Like what, tell me what you did with her. It's okay, just tell me everything.""You have to promise you won't say anything, Daddy." She asked, "she's my best friend and I don't want her to feel weird around you, okay?" "I'll never say a word or do anything to make you or her uncomfortable, Honey," I answered, "you have my word on that.""Well, she's been like my girlfriend, I guess. We hug and kiss, you know, and touch each other, you know, down there." She said."You mean her vagina? You've touched her vagina?" I asked."Uh-huh," she answered, "we've looked, touched and kissed each other there, too.""She's touched you here?" I asked, reaching down and placing my hand on the front of her panties. As I did, she moved her legs apart and I slipped my hand down between her legs and placed my fingers right in the middle of the gusset of her panties. Very gently, I pressed my fingers in, found her slit and started to slowly rub her up and down on top of her panties.She threw her head back onto my shoulder and gasped as I rubbed her sex. I could feel the warmth and moistness under her panties. As she spread her legs even wider, I looked down to watch my fingers as they found a deeper path into her slit and I started to rub with more pressure."Daddy, I've been waiting for you to touch me there for so long..." she moaned.She buried her head in my neck and started to nuzzle me. I could feel the warmth of her breath down my neck and I started to get goose bumps. Pressing in between her pussy lips, I asked my question again, saying "Has she touched you here? Did she lick and kiss your little vagina?""Yes." She moaned."Did she put her fingers inside you?" I asked."Uh-huh, as far as she could," she answered, "I told you I was a virgin, Daddy.""You mean you still have your cherry?" I asked."Uh-huh," she said, "but, not for long, I hope." Turning her head, she kissed me. There was some urgency in her mouth as she covered mine and slipped her tongue between my lips and eventually sucking my tongue into her mouth. "Daddy," she said, "I want you to be my first. I'm ready and I've been ready for a long time. I want you to take my cherry, Daddy. I've dreamed about it being slow and wonderful. You can have it anytime you want it, it's yours.""Oh, Kissy," I said, "I will, Honey, I will." Once I said that, she stood up, reached for my hand, pulled me up and led me back to my bedroom. She pulled her shirt off, leaving her panties in place and pulled me down on the bed with her. As I lay next to her, I began to feel and kiss her tiny breasts. As I did, I asked her to finish telling me about Beth.She told me that she and Beth were lovers and how they would give each other oral sex and how they would masturbate each other. Since Crissy was a virgin, Beth never tried to put anything inside Crissy's pussy, but they had done everything else two girls can do together. She was lying on her back with her legs spread. I was still feeling, licking and kissing all over her chest, moving on and off her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples - never leaving her untouched. I never looked up at her, but as I reached down with one hand to stroke her panty covered pussy, I asked her to tell me who else had touched her breasts."Then," she said, "Next was two guys at a party over the spring break at Beth's house – both on the same night. Everyone else was gone except these two along with Beth and I. They started asking us if we wanted to play strip poker, the kissing game, truth or dare – you know, stuff like that. Finally Beth told them we would get naked if they did first. I almost died when she said it. But, the next thing I knew, the boys were getting undressed and when they were naked, Beth looked at me and shrugged her shoulders."She went on to tell me that Beth started to strip, so she did, too. They boy's cocks got hard and Beth asked them to play with themselves. Pretty soon, all four of them were sitting on the floor watching each other masturbate. As she told me this story, I was sucking her puffy nipples and fingering her pussy through her panties. I could feel the slippery wetness of her vaginal secretions on the outside of her panties and I knew she was literally soaking through her panties. I could smell the aroma of her virgin pussy, too. The sweet musky smell was driving me crazy."Did you see the boys cum?" I asked.She spread her legs more and hunched herself down on my fingers. She was starting to breathe heavy and I could see the start of a red blush coming upon her chest. "Oh, that feels so good, Daddy," she said, "Ooooohhhhhhh.""Finish telling me about what you did with those boys, Honey," I said, "you just relax and tell me everything. I'll keep touching you. If you feel like you want to cum, just go ahead and let it go... Daddy's here."I knew she was building toward an orgasm. It was pretty obvious with the sexual blush taking over her chest and the way she was moving her hips under my touch, I knew it was just a matter of time. I kept stroking her pussy through her panties with one hand while I kissed and sucked her little titties. "Hmm, well," she continued, "we were all lying on the floor in kind of a circle, watching each other. One of the boys said that he was going to cum so all of us watched him. It was so cool to see the sperm shoot out of him. It was like a fountain and spewed all over his chest. Then Beth said she was going to cum and we all watched her. She pulled her knees way up to her chest and spread her legs wide so we could see. When she came, she squirted a little bit..." "Oh, Daddy!" She moaned, "Oh, oh, oh..."Her story has exciting both of us. I could tell by the way she was saying things and the way she was breathing that she was starting to go over the edge. I had finally found her clitoris beneath her panties and I was starting to concentrate on it, rubbing it up and down. The gusset of her panties had long since given way to my probing fingers and there was now a very wet panty groove shoved in between her lips. As my fingers traveled up and down that groove, I carried her wetness up to her clit where I concentrated for a minute and then moved back down to the opening of her of her vagina.Finally, her legs went stiff and she put her hand down on top of mine. I thought she was going to stop my touch, but, she just held her hand there, barely touching mine. She threw her head from side to side and let out a deep gasp. She was cuming – my baby girl was cuming under my touch. I hadn't even touched her pussy directly, all I had done was rub her on top of her panties. I knew I would have to make these panties mine now. After writhing in the ecstasy of her climax, she finally stopped my hand and tried to catch her breath, saying "Daddy, please stop for a minute – it's starting to tickle."I pulled my hand away and brought my fingers to my nose to smell her wetness. Unable to avoid it, I slipped my fingers into my mouth to taste her. The juice felt thick and heavy, but it was also fresh and sweet, too. 'So this is what a virgin tastes like', I thought. As she caught her breath, she looked over to me saying "That's the strongest one I've ever had - I feel like I'm drenched down there now. That was great, Daddy. Thank you." And, the crotch of her panties were drenched - she was sopping wet. I let her rest for a minute while I gently played with her nipples and rubbed her chest. I moved my hand to completely grasp one of her breasts and I squeezed. "Oooohhhh" she moaned and turned to kiss me deeply again. I broke off the kiss, telling her I wanted her to finish telling me about what happened with Beth, the boys and her."Daddy, do you want to, uh, get more comfortable? Can I see your cock again?" she asked.Without offering an answer, I kissed her cheek and stood up from the bed and took my shirt off. When I started to remove my pants, she lifted her hips from the bed and started to reach for the waistband of her panties to pull them off. "No," I told her, "Not yet. Leave them on a while longer. You just look so cute like that and I want to touch you a little more with your panties on, okay?"She gave me that little girl smile, and a cute nod, then she watched as I dropped my jeans and my underwear. My hard cock was pointing to the ceiling, like some kind of missile waiting for lift off. I flexed my muscles there and made it move up and down. "It likes you" I said.I moved onto the bed on my knees and scooted up next to her. She reached out and placed her little hand around my cock. I felt her grasp me tightly and then start to move her hand up and down. "Is this the first hard cock you've touched?" I asked.She nodded that it was. I let her feel me for a while and then lay down next to her. Her hand stayed on my cock. "Daddy," she asked, "are you going to let me make you cum, too?""Not yet, Kissy," I said, "I want you to finish telling me all about your sex life, then you can make me cum. I want you to tell me everything you've done, what turns you on and what you fantasize about."Still touching my cock, she asked "Okay, where was I?""You were saying Beth had just cum, I think." I replied. "Don't leave anything out, Honey. Daddy needs to hear it all.""Okay, Daddy," she said, "I'm going to tell you everything, I promise."She began her story again, saying that the other boy came shortly after Beth and describing in detail how he sat up when he came and how his cum shot up in the air and landed all over his hands and cock. Apparently, Beth went over to him and played with his cum, tracing the globs with her fingers and swirling it into little pools all over the young man.She said she was feeling self-conscious because she was the only one that hadn't cum. Beth told the boys that she was a virgin – not only that, but, a 'real virgin' with a cherry. "Daddy," she said, "both of the boys asked if they could look at my pussy, you know, real close. Beth told them it was alright and they moved between my legs and bent down. Beth told me to open myself up so they could see. I was so embarrassed, Daddy, but, I did it. They all leaned in, including Beth, to within a foot of my pussy. One of the boys said he could see my cherry. I looked at Beth, who looked at me and nodded her head. The first boy's dick was hard again and he started to stroke it while he looked at my pussy."As she was telling her story, she pulled her knees up to her chest and placed both hands in between her legs and started to touch herself on top of her panties, finding the same groove I had made earlier. "I pulled my legs up like this," she said, "and started to touch myself while they watched. I got so turned on letting them watch me touch myself, Daddy. I was really really wet, too. Beth told me to make myself cum. The boys were talking about how wet I was and that my pussy looked so small and tight. I kept touching my clit and letting my finger go in between my lips. They were all looking at me and when I saw the other boy's cock has hard again, too... that's when I came. I held my legs wide open for them to see me, and I pulled my lips apart so they could see inside, too"She told me they all watched in wonder as she came, exposing her virgin sex to their view. I asked her what she liked most about doing all of that with the boys and I just knew she was going to say watching them masturbate, but, her answer surprised me. "More than anything?" she said, "I think it was when they looked at me. That's what made me cum, Daddy, when I knew they were looking at my pussy and seeing me all exposed like that. I couldn't control myself - I wanted them to look, I think.""And they touched your breasts, too? I asked."Uh-huh," she told me, "I was laying there, resting and trying to catch my breath, when the rest of them started to get dressed, even Beth. They were all completely dressed before I knew it and when I got up to get my clothes on, one of the boys asked if they could feel my little boobies. Since I was still naked, I just stood there and let them. They took turns feeling me up for about 5 minutes each. I was still the only one naked and they were all looking at me. It really started to turn me on again.""The boys had to get home right away," she said, "so after they each had their chance to feel my boobs, they took off. After they left, Beth came over to me and started to touch my pussy, telling me how hot she had gotten when she was masturbating in front of them." "Beth told me she really enjoyed being naked," she said, "and then asked me if I saw the way the boys were staring at my pussy."Crissy told Beth that she enjoyed that part of it most of all, teasing them and letting them look at her. Beth even said that they should go out sometime with skirts on and no panties underneath and see if they can find someone to flash."So," I asked, "have you done that – flashed anyone.""Uh-huh, I guess so." She said meekly."Hmm, so, you're a flasher, huh? Did you have panties on when you did it?" I asked."You promise you won't get mad if I tell the truth, Daddy?" she asked."No, Kissy," I said, "I'm not going to get mad. Tell me what you've done.""I guess we've done a lot of flashing, Daddy." She confessed. "We go to the mall just about every Saturday. Sometimes we go to a fast food place – anywhere there might be a cute guy.""Do you wear panties when you do this?" I asked."Sometimes we do," she said, "if one of us has our period, then we do for sure.""But, sometimes you don't wear panties?" I asked."Uh-huh." She answered, nodding her head yes. "And, do you let people see your pussies?" I asked."Uh-huh." She answered, nodding her head again."Have you let someone see you guys completely naked doing this?" I then asked.Again, she nodded and told me that they did. For example, sometimes, they would go into a store and pretend to shop for clothes. Crissy would go into the dressing room and completely undress. Then Beth would find clothes for her to try on and bring them to the dressing room. Beth would open the door wide while Crissy was naked inside the small dressing room. They had to learn how to plan their timing so Beth would open the door at the right time for some guy walking by, or, waiting for someone else could see.Other times, they would go into a shoe store and pretend to shop for shoes and let the salesman look up their skirts. There was one shoe store that had a cute guy working there almost every Saturday. They would go in together and he would always help them. They never bought anything, but the guy was always eager to help. 'No shit' I thought.Then she told me how they always started or ended their Saturday mall trips at one of the local fast food places. They would find a seat across from a cute guy or a group of guys and casually open their legs, letting them look. They would sit and talk for 30 or 40 minutes letting them look and drool. But, what they really liked was going to the 'Wet Days' store. They only sold swimming stuff there – swim suits, wet suits, diving gear –anything to do with swimming. The dressing rooms were all against one wall. They were small and lined with mirrors. The doors opened out into the store, so with some practice, they learned how to expose each other like pros. They both even masturbated a few times while someone watched them. There was one sales guy who was there late on Saturday, sometimes by himself when it was close to closing time. More than once, they went in there, got naked and let him peek in the door while they played with their pussies for him. They were never caught doing any of this. I'm sure no guy in his right mind would complain about two cute girls showing off like this."Crissy," I said, "do you know how dangerous that kind of thing is? If you would have been caught by security or done it in front of the wrong person, you could have been arrested or stalked, maybe even attacked!""Daddy, we're always very very careful." She said, "and we've never had a problem."With a very stern and serious face, I told her she shouldn't do it any more, then after a short pause, I smiled and added "Not without me there, anyways.""Oh, Daddy, that would be great!" She said. "Can Beth come, too?""Maybe," I answered, "let's see how this works a few times and see how it goes first."I could sense the excitement in her voice as she told me how it made her feel when she was seen naked by someone, and how sexy she felt doing it and how horny she was after exposing herself. She was almost giddy. She told me she and Beth always ended their fun time in each others arms, making each other cum and fantasizing about what they had done and what they were going to do the next time. When she finished I made her promise not to go out with Beth anymore until I was comfortable with it. Finally, under some pressure, I agreed to take her out on Saturday so she could show me what she does and how she does it. While she was telling me all of this, my cock strained. I would touch her pussy through her panties and she would touch or stroke my cock. I even stroked myself a few times, too. There was some pre-cum starting to leak from my cock and she was very interested in it. I told her that it was really my own lubrication, much like hers, getting me ready to have sex, or at least ejaculate. Rubbing her finger on the top of my cock to pick up some of the pre-cum, and then moving it to her lips, she said "It tastes kind of sweet.""It's not sperm, Kissy," I said, "Sperm tastes different.""How do you know what sperm tastes like, Daddy?" she asked. Before I could answer, she smiled and said "I'm just kidding, you don't have to answer that."I felt relieved that she let me off the hook not knowing how I would explain myself. The truth being that her Mother used to suck me off and then kiss me, something I initially disliked, but finally grew to enjoy before our divorce."Well, maybe we can save that conversation for another time, Honey." I said, "I can't believe I'm even saying this, but, there's certain things your Mom and I used to do that would explain how I know that."Again, her warm lips pressed to mine and we kissed and hugged for a long time. When we broke the kiss, I asked her who else had seen her breasts, pussy or completely naked."I've let some of the guys at school have a peek or two," she said, "but I always made it seem like it was an accident and I never let on that I knew.""Anyone else?" I asked."Beth's Dad, I guess." She replied."Beth's Dad?" I asked in a surprised voice."Well," she said, "Beth has a swimming pool so whenever I go over there, we always leave the door to her room open a little while we change in and out of our swimming suits. We both like teasing him and we can always tell when he's there watching us. He's harmless, Daddy, and he's never seen us do anything except change our clothes, so, don't worry about that.""Okay, but, when Beth comes over here, do I get to see her naked?" I asked. "Oh, she'll like that, I'm sure." She said."So, anything else you need to tell me about your sex life or things you've done?" I asked.She answered "No, but, do you think I'm a total nasty slut now, Daddy?""Of course not, Kissy. But, from now on, I don't want you to do any of that without me. I promise I'll give you all the attention you need and I'll make it interesting, exciting and maybe, if you're good... I'll even surprise you with something especially outlandish from time to time. Agreed?""Oh, yes!" She screamed. As she stroked my cock, I thought about what it was going to be like living with my exhibitionist daughter. How far would she go? How far would I go?

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