Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pregnant Chudai

A woman gets more horny during pregnency. If proper precaution istaken any couple can enjoy till the date of delivery.I hope you shall like a story i had written about fucking of a pregnent woman.------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -

Neeta was pregnent again. she gave birth to twin boys two years they were planning for a baby girl.Neeta was in paradise, the twins were approaching their second birthday.Jai, her husband, had just been promoted area manager for the autoparts chain where he worked. Although it meant he would be away onthe road most of the week he would be home most weekends and the significant raise in salary would certainly help them step up to alarger house.their sexual life have come to stand still after two months of herpregnency. so she was now starving for man's dick for almost six months.Jai's boss, Jorawar Singh, was a witty older man who prided himselfin treating his employees as family. Jorawar had ensured each of hisemployees would hold shares in the company so as they may benefit along with him as the business prospered.Neeta tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle during her pregnancy toensure her baby a good start in life. Almost every day she wouldbundle the twins up and put them in their tandem stroller for their walk to the market near her house. The market was a good twenty-minute walk from her home and provided her with her daily exercise.Jai Diwan had met this Mumbaiya beauty Neeta, at the University wherethey were both studying Business Marketing. Neeta was the daughter of A Small Shopkeeper At Mumbai who had saved all his earnings to sendtheir only child to get a university education.It was love at first sight and a whirlwind courtship ensued with Jaiasking Neeta's father for her hand in marriage. It had been a storybook wedding complete with the small gathering offreinds and relatives at Mumbai.The newlyweds had enjoyed their honey moon at Shimla. Then theysettled at Kanpur where Jai was working. The couple had decided Neeta would be a stay-at home mother as Jaimade enough money for them to carry on.Neeta was always tastefully dressed with conservative outfits thatflattered her tall motherhood figure. She loved wearing saree and ocassionally salwar kameej. Now during prgnency she used to weargowns to be comfortable with her swollen belly.Neeta was surprised to hear Jorawar Singh's voice on the other end ofthe ringing phone when she picked it up. "Singh saheb, Jai is not here, he's out of town today." She greetedher husband's boss.Neeta had just got the twins down for their afternoon nap and wasplanning on a short lay down herself before they awoke. "I know, it's you I want to see." Jorawar answered.Neeta wondered why Jorawar would want to see her, she was notinvolved in the company's business at all?"Can I come over for a few minutes?" Jorawar asked. "Sure." Neeta said.She hung up the phone realizing she had lost the opportunity for anap and went to her bedroom to prepare for her visitor.Not planning on going out Neeta was dressed in the inner of a two piece mid thigh length silk gown, which was loose fitted and allowedher swollen belly and enlarged breasts the comfort of freedom. Sheslipped on the topper of the gown for modesty.Looking in the mirror brushing her hair she wondered what Jorawar wanted to see her about.Freshened up she went back downstairs to greet her company before hewoke up the sleeping twins.Neeta watched Jorawar's Honda City pull into their driveway and theskinny driver get out. She went to the door to open it before he rang the doorbell."Namastey Singh saheb!" she smiled holding the door open for him toenter.Jorawar returned her greeting and stepped into the house."You are looking beautiful." He said as his eyes scanned her body. Neeta blushed in embarrassment "thanks for the compliment"she showed him into the living room and requested him to be seated.he plunged into the cushion of sofa. once he was seated she went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water in a tray."Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?" she asked her visitor.When Jorawar accepted her offer for tea she went to the kitchen toprepare two cups of tea and put out a patter of cookies. "Did you want anything special?' Neeta asked from the kitchen."I just wanted to see you." Jorawar replied.Neeta returned to the living room carrying the tray with the tea,sugar and cookies. She set them on the centre table and preceded to fill the two cups with tea.She noticed Jorawar was staring at her, bent over her loose necklinehad fallen away from her body offering an excellent view of herpendulous naked breasts. Not wanting to draw attention to her indiscretion she continued pouring and Jorawar continued looking.Neeta started to get uncomfortable knowing Jorawar had ogled hernaked breasts. She hadn't intended to display them to him but heshould have been courteous enough not to stare at her slip. "I see you are coming along fine." Jorawar smiled."I am always busy looking after the twins." Neeta agreed."I think pregnant women are beautiful." Jorawar mentioned. "You wouldn't slip your gown off would you?"The boldness of him, asking her to disrobe in her own home. Sure shehad a gown on beneath the top but she knew it was not a concealingone, as she liked. Still she did not want to seem too prudish so unenthusiastically she slipped off her cover. Inner of the gown wasonly upto mid thigh length with sphagetti straps holding it on hershoulders.Although she still wore the gown she was naked beneath and felt exposed to her guest."May I feel the baby?" Jorawar said standing and approaching her.Neeta did not know what to say as Jorawar put his hand on her swollenbelly.Neeta felt the palm of Jorawar's hand placed flat on her stomach and begin to gently caress her. His hand was covering her navel butinstead of moving it upwards he was sliding it further down to thetop of her pubic hair. Only the thin layer of silk separated his handfrom her body. Neeta grabbed his wrist to prevent him from going down further."Oh yes, you feel so wonderful." He moaned.By the tone of Jorawar's voice Neeta knew he was getting aroused."Sir I don't think you should ..." she didn't get a chance to finish. Jorawar's hand forcefully traveled further down and clenched hercrotch through her gown. He was now holding the pregnant young wifeby her pussy."What are you doing sir!" Judy exclaimed. She could feel Jorawar's finger massaging her clitoris through thesilk and found the sensation pleasing.In spite of her protest she did not move away and Jorawar continuedto arouse her.Neeta knew she had paused too long and put her stamp of approval onJorawar's actions. His hand slid down to the hem of her gown andslowly lifted the smooth material.He now had access to her uncovered vagina and his fingers slipped inside of her. The wetness told him that she was starving for a bigtool for some time.With her pregnancy, the twins and Jai's new traveling position hersex life had been neglected. She had managed to relive herself occasionally with a brief session with her finger but mostly she wentwithout. Jorawar had pulled the trigger activating her frustration.With his fingers inside of her Jorawar's other hand slipped thespaghetti straps of her gown off her shoulders and allowed it to falllike a veil of silk removing his hand form her pussy so her gowncould drop to her ankles.Neeta now stood totally naked before her visitor. The visitor was not her boy freind. He was older to her by 20 years and Boss of herhusband.Jorawar's hands cupped her huge breasts as if he were weighing them.His mouth swallowed her left nipple as he gently squeezed her breast. Neeta had been leaking mother's milk already and now Jorawar was nursing of her lactating mounds. His free hand returned to her pussyand she moaned as he suckled and stimulated her."No, the twins will hear us!" Neeta objected as Jorawar lead her naked over to the couch.Her protest fell on deaf ears as Jorawar positioned her bent over theoverstuffed arm of the sofa. She felt him nuzzling his cockhead intoher waiting passage. She was wet enough so he slid into her with ease.Grasping her hips he began to slid his cock in and out of herneglected fuck hole."Oh god! no" she groaned as she rocked her cunt back onto his shaftso he reached further into her "you will harm the baby in my womb". Neeta hated herself for liking it. She was being raped in her ownhome and actively participating in her violation. She couldn't stopher cunt from fucking the intruder.It never ceased to amaze Jorawar how woman sexuality peaked when she was with child. Once she delivered her baby her natural instinctswould turn to nurturing but now her hormones transformed her into abitch in heat. He knew under any other circumstances the young wifewould resist his advances instead of welcoming him into her fuck hole.Neeta was rocking at an ever increasing tempo as his cock slid in andout of her, it was as if an inferno blazed inside of her and a cockwas the only thing that could extinguish it."Harder, harder!" she pleaded as she neared her orgasm. Jorawar began pounding her to bring her over the top. Firmly grippingher shoulders he drove his cock deep into her slamming her into thecouch."Oh yes, yes. I'm coming!" she groaned as her orgasm took her. Jorawar felt Neeta's cunt spasm on his cock as he spit his sperm intoher insatiable hole.Neeta's long awaited thirst of men's hot cum was outstanding and tohave sperm flowing into her deprived cavity was heavenly. She cried out her ecstasy awakening her sleeping boys.After her earth-shattering peak dropped she disengaged with Jorawar'scock and quickly slipped on her discarded gown and robe hurrying tosee to her crying babies. as she was going out of the room she heard him say, " I often saw youin Parties and wanted to fuck that little hole since the begining"Neeta brought the boys out to meet "Uncle Singh" who was to become a regular visitor.

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