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My name is Salma Hayat and I am 37 years old. I have a daughter named Maria Hayat who is seventeen years old and a son named Babar Hayat who is sixteen years old. I belong to a well to do family and my husband is a high ranking government official. When I first saw ISS website and came across so much of incest stories, whether true or fantasies, it created a stir down my spines. “Do so many people fantasize or practically have incest relationship” was my first question to myself. I had never thought of incest so widely spread or liked in modern day societies except in few families and that too practiced very secretively. Seeing so much of incest material available on various web portals, my hidden fears also gradually evaporated. Before that I had never thought of sharing my experiences with any one. My life had been full of such pleasures since my adolescence and even now I continue to have such relations and I adore it. Having gained some courage, I have decided to share some of my best experiences I had in my life and if appreciated by the readers I would continue to share the same. I would start from the first one when I was in my teens.
Apart from my parents, it was me and my brother who was a year younger than me living in a three room apartment. I was emotionally attached with my daddy whereas my brother was attached to mom. I always used to enjoy lying on daddy’s soft belly and would often do it whenever an opportunity existed, particularly after lunch when mom and dad used to have afternoon siesta. Mom had always been a hard sleeper and would sleep even under all the lights on and television playing at full volume. She would not wake up even if there was an earth quake or a blast nearby. By the time I reached 10th grade, I had developed fairly nice and attractive figures. Since I had a chubby body, my soft breasts had grown to the size of mangoes and my round and busty buttocks looked like the seductive buttocks of my mom. A few brown hairs had grown at the upper part of my pussy and in my armpits. I started feeling some harmonic changes in my body and whenever I touched my pussy while peeing or bathing, I felt like rubbing it. That always caused a sensation and a stir in my whole body.
It was during those days when all that started. My brother had gone for extra coaching class and I along with mom and daddy went to have the afternoon nap. After few minutes both of them went to deep slumber but I was still awake. While lying at daddy’s soft belly, I felt something plump touching my private parts (now I know why). It created a sensation in my whole body. Daddy was fast asleep at that time. I started moving my lower part up and down gently rubbing my pussy with daddy’s private organ and his cock started swelling and soon it became hard. The touch of his rock hard penis with my pussy felt so amazing that I started rubbing my pussy faster and faster. The sensation increased and reached the level of ecstasy. I felt my pussy throbbing with the heat of daddy’s erected cock. I was feeling my pussy dripping with sticky fluid when all of a sudden daddy woke up and threw me aside. “What the hell are you doing” he shouted at me and I started crying. Mom was perhaps still not fully asleep. “Why are you crying baby” she mumbled drowsily. “Mom; daddy is not letting me sleep at his belly” I complained. “Come on honey, let her sleep, she always likes to sleep on your belly” she uttered few words and was soon back to sleep.
I felt like a conqueror and looked at daddy with a winning smile. Daddy let me lie down at his belly. When daddy again went to sleep, I gently started rubbing my vagina against his crotch. But I was disappointed to see that daddy had pulled his penis down and pressed it between his legs. I missed the touch of his penis and after some times left and went to my bed room. I decided to take shower and removed my dressed. While standing in front of the mirror I had a look at my body. It looked like the body of a grown up woman. My waist at that time was 28, ass cheeks were 36 and breasts were 34. My tits were pink and protruding whereas my pussy lips were covered with thin bush of my brown pubic hair. I entered the bath room and started applying soap at my butts and pussy. After making a lot of foam, I started rubbing my pussy with my fingers. I was enthralled with the sensation and started gently pinching my pussy lips. I felt my tits and small clit getting hardened. It was my first solo experience. While rubbing my pussy hidden in the foam of soap, I started entering my middle finger inside my womb. The pleasure of rubbing my finger at the outer part of my labia and then entering my slippery finger inside my pussy was so enthralling that I felt like being in heavens. In the process I pressed my slippery finger deep inside my pussy not knowing the consequences. I felt as if a needle had pricked me deep inside as I had ruptured my hymen. But I was so deeply lost in the blissful world that I kept fingering my pussy continuously. It was only after I had shot my load and saw my pussy dripping with my juice; my eye caught a drop of blood on my inner thighs. I didn’t know why. It was only after few months when I came to know through my friends that how the virginity is lost.
I continued sleeping at daddy’s belly as and when I got an opportunity. However, most of time daddy would snub me and sometime he would advise me not sleep on his belly as I had grown up to a young lady. But mom would always snub daddy and tell him “Let her stretch out on your belly honey, she likes it from her childhood”. I had been promoted to 11th grade by then and my body had developed into a real sexy girl. I had always seen my mom revealing her torso and I adored her real big melons popping out from the top of her low neck shirts. She had gorgeous body with busty ass cheeks and flat tummy. She never hesitated undressing herself in front of me and I think I had seen her getting undressed even in front of my younger brother many a times, thinking him a child. I knew my brother was not that innocent as I had noticed him masturbating in the bed many a times. However, I never asked him about what he had been doing in the bed. I also liked mom’s way of revealing and started following her footsteps in revealing my assets. Mom always appreciated my gorgeous figures but daddy would sometimes ask me “Aren’t you wearing something very revealing baby which you shouldn’t have at this age”.

It wasn’t until during summer holidays in my 12th grade, when mom and little brother had to go to the States to see my grand parents. I could not go there because of my academy classes and daddy could not afford the leave from his office due to excessive commitments. I kept on sleeping on daddy’s firm and soft belly whenever he was at his bed but seeing my boldness and insistence, mostly he started to avoid sleeping during day time. A few days later my cousin Sobia had come to stay with us for a few days. She was a beautiful young lady and two years older than me. She preferred to stay with me in my room and at night we slept with arms entwined. I felt that she would never miss a chance to kiss me at my cheeks and sometimes even lightly kiss at my lips with her lips a bit wet. I liked it thinking that being my elder cousin sister she loved me a lot. It wasn’t until midnight when she started talking about sex and other dirty things. Since I was becoming familiar with this new phenomenon, I started taking interest. She told me every thing ranging from straight sex to gay sex, lesbian sex, oral insertions, mouth to pussy and blowjob etc. I became horny and felt my pussy dripping wet when all of a sudden she inserted her hand in my legs. I tried to squeeze my legs but she started rubbing my pussy lips mildly. It felt very nice and I gave in. after some time, she lifted my shirt up and started playing with my boobs and tits. I felt enthralled as my tits started getting hard. Her hands were still rubbing my pussy lips.

While rubbing my pussy and kneading my melons, she turned towards my face and planted a deep kiss at my lips. Her fleshy tongue soon found its way and entered my mouth. Initially I felt gagged but with her nice hand work at my pussy and tits, I started reciprocating and took her complete tongue in my mouth. We explored each other’s mouth for several minutes and swallowed each other’s saliva. She pulled my panties down and I willingly allowed her to have a feel of my pussy. She made her fingers wet with her saliva and slowly kept rubbing the outer part of my pussy. Seeing me moaning with light pleasure and ecstasy, she came between my legs and opened my pussy lips with her fingers. I saw her tongue leapt out of his mouth and without giving me a chance to think; she gave a mild stroke with the tip of her tongue around my pussy lips. That made me crazy as it was a new experience for me. She kept circling her tongue around my pussy and clit, while rubbing and squeezing the outer lips of my pussy with her finger and thumb.. After sometime, she entered her finger deep inside my love canal while grinding my pussy with her moist lips.
Soon I felt my pussy pulsating with thrill and amazing pleasure. She took my clit in her mouth and sucked it. I moved my thighs up with pleasure and she entered her finger deep inside my heavenly hole. I found myself in an amazingly blissful world. She was pumping my pussy with her finger moving in and out and with her increased speed, my whole body started jerking. I was breathing hard and was about to explode when she stopped. I was pleading her to continue with the magic she was doing but she taught me how to turn in 6/9. Soon we were in 6/9 with pussy to mouth positions. Initially I felt bad to taste some body’s pussy but I never wanted to miss the ride. I parted her pussy lips while placing at her mouth and started eating her pussy, the way she was eating mine. I was riding on her mouth with my pussy tightly pressed at her mouth. She had found a new partner as she told me later and we kept eating each other with passion and love. Her pussy lips were more parted than mine and I could easily enter my fingers along with my tongue in her love canal. She too entered her fingers deep inside my love canal and kept licking the outer part of my pussy until I felt a spasm in my body. My entire body was feeling jolts and I felt my pussy convulsing and throbbing.
I think we reached our climax together as we grabbed each other’s butts tightly and squirted in each other’s mouth. I pressed my ass against her mouth and came with full pressure squirting every drop of my juice in her mouth. She too came violently in my mouth and I saw her thick cum oozing out of her pussy and messing up with my mouth. I felt bad seeing her thick cum but she took my lips in her mouth and licked her juice back. In the meanwhile I also licked my juice from her mouth and the mixed taste of our juices was so nice that soon I learned how to eat and swallow the heavenly drink. After the love making she asked me how I lost my virginity and when I told her she laughed sarcastically. “Stupid, you should have given your virginity to some horny stud”. I felt embarrassed and told her that I didn’t have a boy friend and then I didn’t want to bring a bad name to my family.
“Come on my innocent baby sister. You know some people have sex with even their own family members” she said with a wicked smile while looking at my brother’s photograph with me. “You wanna have sex with my brother’ I asked her returning a cheeky smile. “Well I don’t mind that idea, but I was hinting at something else” she added. It was only after seven days of uninterrupted and regular lesbian love making between us and when she was about to leave next morning, she told me what she actually meant by having sex with family members. “Do you have the courage to do it with your brother? Have you done it, or ever thought of doing with him” I whispered in her ears while rubbing her pussy during that night. “Well one can do it with full protection and secrecy” she smiled and replied with a big kiss at my lips. Her brother (Hayat Khan) was four years older than me and two years older than her. I knew that our parents were keen to marry me and Hayat being my first cousin and we were also interested in each other. When she left next morning with her brother who had come to pick her up, I was thinking how lucky would be that girl who would get a chance to sleep with such a handsome man. I even thought of my cousin Sobia really enjoying the cock of her own brother and felt a sort of jealous as he was my would be hubby.

During these seven days I never slept at daddy’s belly and I am sure daddy must be happy and feeling relaxed that I had understood his advice about not sleeping at his belly. I remember daddy always had been kissing at my lips since I was baby and I always liked it. I too always kissed daddy at his lips with my wet lips and he often used to clean my saliva from her lips while smiling at my innocent movements. But for the past few months he had stopped kissing at my lips as well. That morning when Sobia left I dressed myself into mom’s mini skirt without wearing bras with her silky panties underneath. Although, I had fats around my thighs and my breasts were bigger than the girls of my age due to my chubby body, yet mom’s dress hardly fitted me. My melons were convincingly seductive and were trying to pounce out of mom’s skirt which had a wider neck making my breasts almost naked. Similarly although my ass cheeks were covered in mom’s silky panties yet I felt that mom’s panties could slip down with a slightest jerk or pull; being a little loose. I tried to pull and grip its stripe in the deep crack of my ass cheeks to avoid it slipping down my legs. I had often been wearing mom’s revealing dresses and she never objected rather adored it. Daddy as I have already said had many times mildly advised me to avoid wearing minis at that age. That day at lunch time when daddy saw me in that seductive dress didn’t say any thing. “How do I look in this robe daddy?) I asked daddy pulling my skirt down from its hem. My breasts became more pronounced and cleavage became clearly inviting. “Bought a new dress”? He asked me staring at my deep cleavage. “No daddy, it is mom’s dress” I lifted the hem of my frock and showed him my panties as well. “Looks great” He whistled staring between my fleshy legs. “Thanks lord” he was not annoyed.
That afternoon when daddy went to his bed room, I kept sitting in the lounge for few minutes and then moved to daddy’s room. He was covered in the blanket as room temperature was too low. I found him in deep slumber and increased the temperature of the air conditioner. Then I slowly lifted the blanket from one edge and slipped in quietly. I wasn’t feeling comfortable because of the blanket and slowly pulled it aside and found him without any shirt or vest. I slowly rode on him and lay myself on his belly as usual. Daddy mumbled something which he often used to whenever I lay on his belly. Finding him in deep sleep, I parted my legs, adjusted myself on his thighs and slept on his belly. I started rubbing my loins at his crotch gently. I felt a plump but a limp cock touching my legs. My goodness, it felt amazingly nice. I lifted my torso from his chest to reduce my weight and parted my legs a little more so as to adjust his plump meat between my legs. The touch of daddy’s cock with my pussy and inner part of legs was totally different today. I started rubbing my pussy in a gentle pace and I felt his cock becoming harder and harder. My pussy was now convulsing and I increased my rubbing speed. I felt a few drops of my juice dripping out of my already moist heavenly hole. Daddy’s shaft also turned hard like a rock, but it was tilted on one side. I was surprised to feel some wetness at my leg exactly at a place where I felt daddy’s penis was touching. I mustered some courage and put my hand inside the blanket to straighten his cock. When my hand touched his cock, it felt hot skin in my hand. “My goodness, daddy was naked. I pulled the blanket aside and saw his monster absolutely naked and tilted on one side. I was spellbound to see such an awesome cock first time in my life and that too naked and in my small hands. I tried to straighten it vertically to have a closer look and its round mushroom came very close to my mouth. I could see a drop of white cheesy cream at its mouth. He had recently shaved his pubic hair and his gorgeous shaft with neat and clean balls, was standing proudly in front of my mouth.
I looked into daddy’s eyes and found him sleep. Since few drops of his pre-cum were drooling out from the mouth of his cock. I wanted to taste daddy’s sperm and gently touched the mouth of his shaft with my tongue. Daddy was still sleeping. Seeing him in deep sleep, I felt relaxed and took a quarter of his shaft in my mouth and starting eating it passionately while mildly stroking the entire length of his shaft with my hands. I had gone so astray that I increased the speed of my blowjob without thinking that daddy might wake up. The same thing happened. When I looked towards daddy, he was awake and was looking towards me with surprise, but perhaps a pleasant one. I immediately left his penis and started looking down with embarrassment. “That’s what I wanted to avoid, my baby girl” daddy said in a clam voice. I was afraid that he would shout and mom was also not at home to protect me from his anger. But he was relaxed. He smiled, held my head from the back and pressed it against his shaft. “Continue and make your daddy happy” he said while giving his cock in my mouth. “Daddy would give you what you need my baby girl” daddy added while holding his penis in his hand and lovingly giving it in my warm mouth.
I couldn’t say a world as he pushed his cock in my mouth. Sobia had told me that eating a cock would be even better than eating a pussy and I thought she was absolutely right. Soon I could see the red veins of my daddy’s swollen shaft and his testicles. His cock was madly throbbing in my hands. Daddy was moaning with pleasure and ecstasy. I felt happy and proud of myself seeing my daddy being comforted in the absence of my hot mom. I knew daddy was missing mom’s pulsating pussy. I felt few drops of his cum dribbling in my mouth when he pulled his monster out of my mouth and made me position like a bitch. He came behind me and started licking my pussy. He continued fingering my love canal while licking my pussy petals. He was continuously applying his saliva to lubricate my pussy with his fingers. After about ten minutes or so when I was about to explode, he made me lie at my back facing up. He held my legs from the knees and opened them sufficiently. Staring at my convulsing and wet pussy he whistled with a smile “My goodness, I never thought my baby girl has developed into such seductive woman who can make any man leak in his undergarments and be ready for marrying you in minutes. I am proud of you my baby, I know you will not disappoint daddy today” he kept talking while rubbing my pussy. His long and hard shaft was pointing towards my heavens. I smiled wickedly looking at daddy’s gorgeous manhood which I needed desperately.
Daddy too didn’t disappoint me and gently inserted the head of his pulsating manhood in my throbbing womanhood. I watched the head of his penis entering my love canal. It looked so elegant that I wanted him to pull it once again from my pussy and give it in my mouth but I couldn’t express myself. “It may hurt you a little, my baby” Daddy said softly while pressing his dick very slowly in my heavens. I only smiled as I had already made my pussy a perfect love hole for the size of my daddy’s heavenly needs. Daddy gently pushed his cock and it slipped into my pussy conveniently. “Oh my lord, my baby, my sweet daughter, your pussy is so slippery, you have really pleased your loving daddy”. He kept mumbling while entering in his daughter’s forbidden love hole. He kept my legs parted while holding them from my knees so that he could see my convulsing pussy having the pleasure from the penis that had given me birth seventeen years before. He started pumping his love shaft in me, deep inside me with true passion and love. We were in eternity. It was an infinite love making, true and heavenly love making between a real father and real daughter. Soon we were in seventh heaven and we both were moaning gently. Gradually daddy started moaning loudly and I too started whimpering loudly with delight and pleasure, as I had learned how to enjoy more during last week with my cousin sister.
Daddy was now fucking me as he used to fuck mom. With his ever increasing speed and my pussy rocking up and down, we soon reached our climax. I squeezed my legs around daddy’s thighs and lifted my ass unintentionally compelling daddy to dig his manhood deep down his daughter’s love hole. Daddy too dug his penis deep down my pussy and I felt his testicles continuously bumping in my ass crack. I could not hold any more and cried loudly. “Dadddddddyyyyyyy, dadddyyyyy, I am exploding”” Ohhhhhhhhh, daddy. Your baby is cummmming” I kept moaning in ecstasy. “Squirt you load my sweet baby” daddy said while digging his manhood deep inside my womanhood and squishing my breasts with his mouth. I exploded and came so forcefully that my pussy became messy with my love juice. Daddy pulled his cock out of my pussy for squirting at my belly and then again inserted in my pussy. He dug his penis deep in my love hole, grabbed my breasts and squirted his love load in my pussy canal. “Don’t worry my daughter; I will give you pregnancy control tablets” he said while giving continuous twitches to his cock and I felt a stream of my daddy’s sperms entering deep down my tunnel. That was my first experience which later turned out be never-ending eternity. There was no looking back. That evening when after the dinner daddy called me while looking at my gorgeous melons “Hello baby, would you like to sleep at daddy’s belly even at night during your mom’s absence and felt delighted. I felt as if I had found my daddy’s real love. Next time I would come with another experience. Till that time enjoy the heavenly fruits of your loved ones.


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